[studies on the growth requirements of enterococci (author's transl)].the growth requirements of biochemically defined strains of the enterococcus species streptococcus faecium, s. faecalis, s. faecalis var. zymogenes and s. faecalis var. liquefaciens were compared. arginine, glutamic acid, histidine, leucine, methionine and valine were essential and isoleucine, tryptophan, adenine and uracil were stimulatory to growth for all testes strains. variation in the specific requirements occur for alanine, glycine, and serine representing strains differences. threonine w ...1975816110
sepsis of urological origin: microbiological aspects. 1976816246
persistence of human enteric bacteria in the canadian north. 1976816448
laser differential light-scattering bioassay for methotrexate (nsc-740).a new bioassay method utilizing laser light scattering from suspensions of drug-sensitive bacteria has been developed for the estimation of antitumor drugs in biologic samples. changes in the light-scattering patterns of antibiotic-treated bacteria have recently been shown to provide a rapid and accurate indication of antibiotic sensitivity. similar considerations for several antitumor drugs have shown the method capable of assaying 0.1 ml with drug concentrations as low as a few nanograms of dr ...1976816466
inhibition of wall autolysis in streptococcus faecalis by lipoteichoic acid and lipids.fully acylated lipoteichoic acid (lta) isolated from streptococcus faecalis atcc9790 (s. faecium) inhibited autolysis of walls from the same organism at concentrations (1.0 to 1.5 nmol of lta per mg of wall) comparable to those found in intact cells. partially deacylated lta isolated from s. faecalis or chemically deacylated lta failed to inhibit significantly in the same concentration range. beef heart cardiolipin and commercially obtained dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl glycerol were also found to in ...1976816773
specificity of bacterial ribosomes and messenger ribonucleic acids in protein synthesis reactions in vitro.ribosomes from two gram-negative bacteria translated f2 rna, t4 early mrna, mrna from three gran-negative bacteria, and mrna from six gram-positive bacteria; ribosomes from three gram-positive bacteria translated mrna from the gram-positive strains, but did not translate the other mrnas. ribosomes from the gram-negative bacterium escherichia coli translated synthetic poly(u,g) but ribosomes from the gram-positive bacterium clostridium pasteurianum translated poly(u,g) very poorly, mrna from gram ...1976816792
conformation differences in bacterial ribosomal rna's in non-denaturing conditions. 1976817211
[studies on the antimicrobial properties of some bulgarian essential oils]. 1975817513
studies on the antimicrobial activity of amniotic fluid.sixty-one amniotic fluid samples from women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy were examined for antimicrobial activity. seventy per cent of the fluids were found to be active. the factor or factors responsible for this activity were present in low concentrations. the presence of spermine in the fluids accounted for some of the antimicrobial activity.1976817602
streptococci isolated from bovine intramammary infections.streptococcal isolates from 71 dairy herds considered free of streptococcus agalactiae were compared with isolates from 1 herd used in bovine mastitis research over a 12-year period. the incidence of streptococci was as follows: streptococcus uberis, 56.5%; enterococci, 24.2%; streptococcus dysgalactiae, 9.0%; streptococcus bovis, 5.1%; unclassified streptococci, 3.1%; streptococcus agalactiae, 1.5%; and lancefield group g streptococci, 0.7%. the incidence for these streptococci in the 2 groups ...1976817626
[effect of levomycetin on the microflora artificially introduced into the intestines of gnotobiotic chicks].levomycetin effect on the microflora introduced into the intestine of abiotic chickens was studied. levomycetin in a dose of 4 mg perosone chicken for 5 days provided a decrease in the number of bifidobacteria, lactobacteria, escherichia and enterococci by 100 to 10000 times and an increase in the number of candida or disbacteriosis in the intestine. the highest effect was observed with respect to multiplication of lactobacteria. this impaired the ecological quantitative ratio between the microo ...1975817647
an improved procedure for the assay of available lysine and methionine in feedstuffs using tetrahymena pyriformis w.1. a study was made of the assay of available lysine and available methionine using tetrahymena pyriformis w, as applied to a variety of protein-rich feedstuffs. 2. results were strongly influenced by the conditions under which the analyses were done. with most of the test samples predigestion with papain caused a large increase in the values obtained. 3. an improved assay procedure was developed which included enzymic predigestion of the test samples, "all-in" sterilization of the medium consti ...1976817733
urinary pathogens in the male.evidence is presented that the pathogens causing urinary infection in boys differ significantly from those causing infection in girls and in adult males. studies of the prepuce floria in boys known to have had urinary infection and in matched controls suggest that the focus of infection is in the preputial sac or urethra rather than the bowel as in girls. it is suggested that the difference in infecting organisms in boys and in adult males may be related to prostatic secretion.1975817760
acromegaly, the systolic click syndrome, and group d streptococcal endocarditis.a syndrome consisting of an apical systolic click and late systolic murmur appeared over a period of three months in a patient with acromegaly. levels of growth hormone were highest during this interval. as a result of group d streptococcal endocarditis three months later, the patient sustained cerebral embolism and acquired free mitral regurgitation from ruptured chordae tendineae. during follow-up over 18 months, neither the level of growth hormone nor the degree of mitral regurgitation change ...1976817874
bacteremias associated with routine hemorrhoidectomies. 1976817876
[interpretation of the structure of the hydrophobic region of biological membranes]. 1976817884
turbidimetric and diffusion assay of bacitracin in feeds.a manual turbidimetric method for determining zinc or methylene disalicylate bacitracin in feeds was developed. when zinc ions (10-4m) were added to the medium and the phosphate ion concentration in standard solutions was decreased to 1%, the median response of streptococcus faecalis was about 0.038 unit. feeds analyzed by the turbidimetric assay should be prewashed with petroleum ether and extracted with pyridine as in 42.204. zinc bacitracin standards added to swine and broiler rations were re ...1976818070
nonspecific complement activation by streptococcal structures. i. re-evaluation of hla cytotoxicity inhibition.a number of experiments have suggested that there is an antigenic relationship between the hla complex and streptococcal bacterial structures. using inhibition of cytotoxicity of hla antisera as our assay system, it was demonstrated that the inhibitory effect on hla cytotoxicity by streptococcal antigens is, in reality, due to activation and consumption of components of the alternate complement pathway. in addition, antisera prepared against streptococcal membrane antigens had no cytotoxic effec ...1976818334
nonspecific complement activation by streptococcal structures. ii. properdin-independent initiation of the alternate pathway.complement consumption by isolated membranes and walls from group a streptococci and various other gram-positive microbes has been tested. these microbial structures were found to activate the alternate complement pathway. however, unlike endotoxin, inulin, or other plant polysaccharides, activation of complement by our material was found to bypass properdin. the activating factor(s) also differs from cobra venom in its/their requirement for factor d. preliminary experiments suggest this factor ...1976818335
quantitative structure-activity relationships. 2. a mixed approach, based on hansch and free-wilson analysis.based on the theoretical and numerical equivalence of hansch's linear multiple regression model and the modified free-wilson model a mixed approach is developed. the mixed approach is a combination of both models which makes use of the advantages of each model and widens the applicability of hansch and free-wilson analysis. the free-wilson approach now is applicable also in the case of parabolic dependence of biological activity on a particular physical property, e.g., log p or pi. a rational ex ...1976818381
plasmid-determined tetracycline resistance in streptococcus faecalis: tandemly repeated resistance determinants in amplified forms of pamalpha1 dna. 1976818395
bacterial endocarditis in pregnancy: successful surgical correction.bacterial endocarditis, an extremely rare and serious complication during pregnancy, is almost always fatal to the fetus. this paper describes successful aortic valve replacement in a woman who was 22 weeks' pregnant. she had acute bacterial endocarditis with aortic insufficiency and severe congestive heart failure. at term, she was delivered of a live infant. we believe this is the first case of a fetus surviving such a complication.1976818452
[energy-dependent accumulation of an artificial dibenzyldimethylammonium cation by gamma-irradiated cells]. 1976818676
[fecal streptococci as indicators of fecal water contamination. i. quantitative comparison of the occurrence of coliform bacteria and streptococcus faecalis in human feces]. 1976818697
route of infection in extrahepatic biliary tract disease. i: experimental evidence against an entero-hepatico-biliary cycle of bacteria.e. coli and strep. faecalis inoculated intravenously in normal rabbits produced initial concentrations of 10(6) bacteria per ml blood. culture of common duct bile collected continously via a catheter in the common duct, and of gallbladder bile aspirated by puncture, failed to demonstrate a passage of bacteria from blood to bile. sterile common duct bile and gallbladder bile in the presence of high counts of viable bacteria in blood, gallbladder wall and liver tissue demonstrated that the intact ...1976818701
evaluation of pfizer selective enterococcus and kf media for recovery of fecal streptococci from water by membrane selective enterococcus (pse) and kf agars were compared for their recovery of fecal streptococci from sewage effluent on membrane filters. the results showed that pse agar is highly selective for the enterococci. the tan color resulting from esculin hydrolysis, which was not always visible on the surfaces of the colonies, is not considered a necessary differential characteristic on pse agar since more than 90% of all colonies recovered on membrane filters were confirmed as fecal streptoco ...1976818956
concentrations of nitrifying bacteria in sewages, effluents, and a receiving stream and resistance of these organisms to chlorination.estimates of nh4+-and no2-oxidizers in samples from four activated sludge plants treating mainly domestic sewage were obtained using a most-probable-number (mpn) technique. ranges of concentrations per milliliter of each, respectively, were 1,010 to 3,880 and 79 to 145 in settled sewages, 32 to 7,420 and 2 to 1,010 in secondary effluents, and less than 0.1 to 622 and 0.1 to 70 in chlorinated secondary effluents. the results of this field study indicated that nitrifiers were more resistant to chl ...1976818958
mutants of streptococcus faecalis concerning pyruvate dehydrogenation. 1976819303
antibiotic synergism in enterococcal endocarditis.the recognition of enterococci highly resistant to streptomycin (s) raises questions concerning the choice of aminoglycoside in treatment of enterococcal endocarditis. left-sided endocarditis was induced in rabbits with an s-sensitive enterococcus, strain 1 (inhibited by 125 mug per milliliter s), and an s-resistant enterococcus, strain 2 (resistant to 7,500 mug per milliliter s). treatment was initiated 6 hours, 24 hours, or 3 days after infection with procaine penicillin (p) alone, p plus s, p ...1976819602
iodmetric and spectrophotometric assays for cephradine after its hydrolysis with a beta-lactamase.iodmetric and spectrophotometric methods were developed for the analysis of the new antibiotic cephradine. the procedures are modifications of known methods but are novel in employing a specific beta-lactamase for hydrolysis of the beta-lactam ring of the cephalosporin molecule. the iodometric method is rapid, precise, and accurate, but it requires fairly large amounts of cephradine. the spectrophotometric method, using differential uv absorption at 260 nm, is more rapid and more sensitive than ...1976819645
[staphylococci, fecal streptococci and coliform bacteria in the water of indoor swimming pools in selected polish cities]. 1976819985
effects of penicillin and lysozyme on the immunofluorescent and precipitin reactivity of group d streptococci.damage to the cell wall by growth in the presence of penicillin or by treatment with lysozyme enhanced the immunofluorescent (fluorescent antibody, fa) reactivity to group d streptococci. the optimum concentration and time of treatment with lysozyme varied inversely with the initial fa reactivity of the strain. speciation of the organisms by a series of biochemical and physiologic tests suggested that the differences in initial fa reactivity were species-related. thus, s. faecalis strains were t ...1976820185
bacteriological quality assessment of fresh marketed lettuce and and twenty samples of lettuce and 89 samples of fennel purchased from five retail outlets in the city of bari (italy) from october 1973 through september 1975 were examined for viable aerobic bacteria (ab), total coliforms (tc), fecal coliforms (fc), fecal streptococci (fs), and salmonellae. comparative tests indicated that the results of bacteriological analysis of wash water from either vegetable by a membrane filter technique compared favorably with those of conventional cultural ...1976820256
survival of bacteria in seawater using a diffusion chamber apparatus in situ.a microbiological survival chamber for in situ environmental studies involving microorganisms of public health significance was developed. the autoclavable chamber was provided with a supportive base for proper flow orientation and a battery-powered stirring mechanism for continuous internal agitation. the performance of the chamber and its ancillary units was evaluated in estuarine waters by diffusion studies and survival tests with eight species of bacteria isolated from environmental sources. ...1976820259
anti-glycosyl antibodies: preparation and characterization of rabbit anti-galactose and anti-lactose antibodies. 1976820339
a hitherto unknown streptococcal antigen and its probable relation to acute poststreptococcal the initial phase of acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (agn), antigenic sites not covered by specific antibody can be demonstrated in the glomeruli. these sites are on the endothelial side of the glomerular basement membrane and in the mesangial matrix. the antigen is contained in a water-soluble fraction of nephritogenic streptococci. it can be highly purified by column chromatography or acrylamide electrophoresis. this antigen against which the patient develops specific antibodies ...1976820502
recovery of tellurite resistance by heat injured streptococcus faecalis. 1976820834
folate analogues altered in the c9-n10 bridge region. 10-oxafolic acid and 10-oxaaminopterin.the unambiguous synthesis of two folate analogues, in which the 10-amino group of folic acid was replaced with oxygen, is described. the synthetic sequence employed commercially available methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and n-(2,3-epoxypropyl)phthalimide as starting materials. the use of cesium bicarbonate as a coreactant in the nucleophilic displacement reaction between bromo ketone 3 and the nucleophile 4 was found to be unique in character. the aminoacetonyl oxime 7 obtained by the hydrazinolysis of ...1976820858
microbiological assay of tryptophan in proteins. 1976821060
letter: chemical radiosensitization and quality of cellular damage in bacteria exposed to gamma rays. 1976821094
[find of enterococci in sour cream and butter].studied was the enterococcus count in cream intended for the production of butter. it was found that in about 33 per cent of the cream samples the enterococcus titer varies within the 0.1+range, and in 66 per cent it is 0.01, up to and below 0.0001. it was likewise established that after the churning process is over and after the washing of the butter product more than 90 per cent of the enterococcus microflora has passed into the buttermilk and the waste water. the enterococcus count in the but ...1976821210
group d enterococcal meningitis. clinical and therapeutic considerations with report of three cases and review of the literature.three patients with meningitis due to the lancefield group d enterococci are described and the pertinent literature is reviewed. anatomic central nervous system (cns) defects, prior neurologic or neurosurgical interventions, group d enterococcal endocarditis, and urinary tract infection appear to be important predisposing factors. of note is the frequent lack of cellular response in the spinal fluid to enterococci. the mortality of this infection is high (33%) and is probably dictated as much by ...1976821410
comparison of chemical and microbiological methods in the estimation of methionine in cowpea (vigna unguiculata) seeds.1. meals were prepared from the seeds of fifteen varieties of cowpea (vigna unguiculata), one of lima bean (phaseolus lunatus) and one of yam bean (sphenostylis stenocarpa), and their methionine content was determined by six different methods. 2. total methionine content was determined by two chemical methods (ion-exchange chromatography and a colorimetric procedure) and by two microbiological methods. the 'available' methionine content was determined by microbiological assay with streptococcus ...1976821514
bacterial mesosomes. real structures or artifacts?the ultrastructural study of membrane organization in gram-positive bacteria related to the oso4 fixation conditions revealed that large, complex mesosomes are observed only when the bacteria are subjected to an initial fixation with 0.1%oso4 in the culture broth, as in the prefixation step of the ryter-kellenberger procedure. evidence was obtained suggesting that the large mesosomes are produced by this prefization. the kinetic study of the membrane morphological alterations occurring during th ...1976821538
pyelonephritis. xix. immunization against enterococcal pyelonephritis.a study has been done of immunization against streptococcus faecalis pyelonephritis in the rat. intravenous, subcutaneous, and bladder immunizations were tested with intravenous and retrograde challenge. logarithmic and stationary growth phase organisms were used separately for both immunization and challenge. the only instance of significant, but incomplete, protection was in animals immunized subcutaneously or intravenously and challenged intravenously with log phase organisms. no correlation ...1976821898
the aerobic flora of the perivaginal area: its relation to contraception and deodorant sprays. 1976821908
three-dimensional reconstruction of whole cells of streptococcus faecalis from thin sections of cells.a new ultrastructural technique has been developed to study the geometry of cell wall assembly in streptococcus faecalis, which is believed to occur between pairs of raised bands located on the organism's surface. three-dimensional reconstructions of these new regions of envelope growth are produced from the mathematical rotation (around a central axis) of various measurements taken from central, longitudinal thin sections of cells. these reconstructions can be used to calculate the surface area ...1976821927
study of cycle of cell wall assembly in streptococcus faecalis by three-dimensional reconstructions of thin sections of cells.a new ultrastructural method was used to study rounds of envelope synthesis that occur in streptococcus faecalis in "growth zones" found between pairs of naturally occurring surface markers. the technique consists of producing three-dimensional reconstructions of these growth zones from the mathematical rotation, about a central axis, of measurements taken from central, longitudinal thin sections of cells. a cycle of exponential-phase envelope growth was then simulated by arranging a series of t ...1976821928
autolytic formation of protoplasts (autoplasts) of streptococcus faecalis; location of active and latent autolysin.over 80% of the active and porteinase-activatable, latent forms of the autolytic n-acetylmuramide glycanhydrolase of streptococcus faecalis atcc 9790 were released to the supernatant buffer during the autolytic formation of protoplasts (autoplasts) in the presence of absence of trypsin. autolysin activity was not found in association with released mesosomal vesicles and had little affinity for binding to membranes or to the outer surface of the wall. isolated walls were able to bind over four ti ...1976821932
organization of mesosomes in fixed and unfixed cells.after the addition of glutaraldehyde (ga) to cells incubated at 3 or 37 degrees c, mesosomes were observed with increasing frequencies in freeze fractures of cells. these increases were related to the kinetics with which ga cross-linked adjacent amino acids. upon the addition of ga, mesosomes were first observed in the periphery of freeze-fractured cells usually attached to septal membranes. however, the time, while the septal attachment sites were maintained, the "bodies" of the mesosomes were ...1976821934
effect of lipoteichoic acid and lipids on lysis of intact cells of streptococcus faecalis.autolysis of intact cells of streptococcus faecalis was inhibited to a greater extent by phospholipids than by lipoteichoic acid, suggesting a possible difference in the accessibility of native autolysin to these substances.1976821938
rapid specific identification of group d streptococci by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.clinical isolates of group d streptococci have been examined by counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) to determine if this method might be of value in the rapid identification of the members of this group. group d organisms identified by classical biochemical and serologic procedures were inoculated into todd hewitt broth and incubated at 37 degrees c. after 4 hours of incubation, free group d streptococcal antigen was detected in broth cultures from 70 of 70 group d enterococcal strains. precipiti ...1976822109
[indwelling catheter after laparotomy with special reference to retrograde urinary tract infections (author transl)]. 1976822188
[contributions of studies on experimental pyelonephritis to the problems of human urinary tract infections]. 1976822604
[further study of the antibody adsorption test for the purpose of increasing the specificity of listeriosis serodiagnosis].in testing the specificity of interaction in the agglutination reaction with listeria antigens of 191 sera of healthy persons with the aid of adsorption with staphylococcus, enterococcus and listeria a positive result was obtained in 56.5% of cases (108 sera); the higher the serum titres--the more of them reacted specifically (31.7% at the 1 : 40 titre; 83.3--100% at the 1 : 160--1 : 320 titres).1976822660
the epidemiology of nosocomial enterococcal urinary tract infection.enterococci are the most frequent cause of urinary tract infections (utis) in our hospital, which is comprised primarily of elderly male patients. thirty of 34 utls, associated with enterococci in a three-month study, were preceded by urinary tract instrumentation and not related to antecedent antibiotic therapy. although most utls were polymicrobic and clinically asymptomatic, monomicrobic septicemia with enterococci did occur and in one patient polymicrobic bacteremia was observed. extensive e ...1976822713
the effect of prophylactic ampicillin on pelvic infection following vaginal hundred patients undergoing vaginal hysterectomy at the university of kentucky medical center were given prophylactic ampicillin and compared to one hundred control patients. the use of prophylactic ampicillin caused significant reduction in both postoperative pelvic infection and hospital stay. however, two patients in the prophylactic antibiotic group later required readmission for infections resistant to ampicillin. prophylactic antibiotics are beneficial in vaginal hysterectomy, but care ...1976822722
synthesis of schiff bases of benzofuran with potential biological activity.reduction of 5-methoxy-6-formyl(ia)- and 5-formyl-6-methoxy-2,3-diphenylbenzofuran (iva) yielded 6- and 5-methyl derivatives ib and ivb, respectively. oxidation, hydrolysis and demethylation of ib and ivb gave 2,2-dihydroxy-4-methyl-)iic)-and2,4-dihydroxy-5-methylbenzofuran )vc). the carboxamides ie and ive were obtained from the oximes ic and ivc via the cyano derivatives id and ivd. by condensation of the aldehydes if, ivf and vii with primary amines the corresponding schiff bases (iiia--c, vi ...1976822854
cation exchange in cell walls of gram-positive bacteria.the relative affinities of various cations for anionic sites in isolated, bacterial cell walls were assessed by means of a technique involving displacement of one cation by another. the affinity series determined was h+ greater than la3+ greater than cd2+ greater than sr2+ greater than ca2+ greater than mg2+ greater than k+ greater than na+ greater than li+. high affinity was correlated with low mobility of the bound ions in an electric field. the net cation-exchange capacities of walls isolated ...1976822931
monomer addition as a mechanism of forming peptide cross-links in the cell-wall peptidoglycan of streptococcus faecalis atcc 9790.the relative amounts of radioactively labelled disaccharide-peptide monomers and peptide-cross-linked dimers and trimers found in the peptidoglycan of streptococcus faecalis atcc 9790 were compared to the relative amounts to be expected from two different polymerization mechanisms (random condensation and monomer addition). data from continuously-labeled, exponentially-growing cells are consistent with a monomer addition cross-linking process, not with a random condensation cross-linking mechani ...1976823022
use of droplet plating method and cystine-lactose-lactng electrolyte-deficient medium in routine quantitative urine culturing procedure.droplet plating of 0.01 ml of 10(-2) dilutions of mixed sonically treated urines onto cystine-lactose electrolyte-deficient agar permits formation of discrete, easily counted colonies within a small circumscribed area without interference by proteus overswarm. each colony is considered as arising from a single viable cell. the single dilution permits precise reproducible quantitation of urine bacteria population within the range 10(4) to 10(6) cells/ml of sample. droplet-plated counts were found ...1976823176
protein quality of precipitate from waste effluent of potato chip processing measured by biological methods. 1976823188
sequence characterization of 5s ribosomal rna from eight gram positive procaryotes.the available comparative data on procaryotic 5s rrna was extended through sequencing studies of eight gram positive procaryotes. complete nucleotide sequences were presented for 5s rrna from bacillus subtilis, b. firmus, b. pasteurii, b. brevis, lactobacillus brevis and streptococcus faecalis. in addition, 5s rrna oligonucleotide catalogs and partial sequence data were provided for b. cereus and sporosarcina ureae. these sequences and catalogs were discussed in terms of known features of procar ...1976823342
microorganisms responsible for controlling the populations of escherichia coli and enterococcus and the consistency of cecal contents in the chicken.a study was made to clarify what kinds of intestinal organisms might be responsible for controlling the populations of escherichia coli and streptococcus faecalis var. liquefaciens in the cecum and the consistency of the cecal of chickens. germ-free chickens were inoculated orally with various mixtures of bacterial cultures alone or in combination, different dilutions of the cecal contents of chickens, different dilutions of the cecal contents treated by healing or with chloroform, the supernata ...1976823354
home urine cultures by the dip-strip method: results in 289 cultures.bacteriuria screening on 289 children was performed by their parents by means of a self-administered dip-strip culture which was inoculated, incubated, and interpreted in the home. simultaneous pour-plate quantitative cultures and laboratory-tested dip-strip cultures were done on the same urine specimen which had been tested at home. the dip-strip culture was reliable (89%) in detecting significant bacteriuria with home administration and interpretation. only 1.6% false-positive results occurred ...1976823523
[dose-response relationship between the number of microorganisms and their radiation resistance]. 1976823596
aetiological factors in pelvic inflammatory disease in urban blacks in rhodesia.pelvic inflammatory disease is the main reason for the admission of patients to the gynaecological unit at harari hospital. some epidemiological and microbiological aspects of the disease have been studied. gonococcus was isolated infrequently from inpatients, but there appears to be a pool of potential pathogens, both aerobic and anaerobic, which are able to invade the upper genital tract under certain circumstances. mycoplasmas were isolated from a high percentage of patients.1976823654
infective endocarditis following human-to-human enterococcal transmission: a complication of intravenous narcotic abuse.two heroin addicts, husband and wife, who shared injection paraphernalia extensively, developed enterococcal endocarditis within six weeks of one another. the etiologic organisms were of the same subspecies and had identical antibiotic susceptibilities and biochemical profiles. the clinical, epidemiologic, and bacteriologic data strongly suggest human-to-human transmission of the pathogen.1976823882
[microbial flora of varicose extremities (author's transl)]. 1976824058
treatment of bacterial endocarditis 1976. 1976824117
microbiological studies on some bladder irrigation fluids.a 1.5% glycine solution has recently been introduced as a bladder irrigation fluid. in this study, glycine solution was compared with two other recognised bladder irrigants (chlorhexidine and noxythiolin) for its inhibitory activity against common urinary tract pathogens. glycine solution supported the growth of nearly 50% of the bacterial strains tested whereas chlorhexidine and noxythiolin were completely inhibitory. in quantitative studies with selected strains it was found that growth could ...1976824207
transformation of streptococcus sanguis challis by plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid from streptococcus faecalis.plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) from streptococcus faecalis, strain ds5, was transferred to the challis strain of streptococcus sanguis by transformation. two antibiotic resistance markers carried by the beta plasmid from strain ds5, erythromycin and lincomycin, were transferred to s. sanguis at a maximum frequency of 1.8 x 10-5/colony-forming unit. approximately 70% of the covalently closed circular dna isolated from transformant cultures by dye buoyant density gradients was shown to be hyb ...1976824275
antagonistic action of streptococcus salivarius and streptococcus faecalis to mycobacterium tuberculosis.streptococcus salivarius and streptococcus faecalis were found to inhibit the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis on löwenstein-jensen and middlebrook 7h11 agars, but not on the latter medium when antibacterial drugs were added. s. faecalis was found to be more inhibitory than s. salivarius to 15 strains of m. tuberculosis. s. salivarius produced little or no inhibition of growth of runyon group iii organisms but was very antagonistic to runyon group i mycobacteria.1976824304
[evaluation of therapeutical effect of resistant enterococcus (entomol preparation) by double blind method]. 1976824380
inhibition of streptococcus faecalis by long chain aliphatic monoamines: quantitative structure-activity studies.primary, secondary, and tertiary long chain aliphatic amines were synthesized, and their activity against streptococcus faecalis was determined. quantitative structure-activity analyses were carried out based on the hansch extrathermodynamic model, using partition coefficients, cmc's, quantum mechanical charges on the amine nitrogen, and the taft steric parameter. the best correlations were obtained with the cmc. steric properties of the ammonium head become important for tertiary amines. the st ...1976824436
susceptibility of streptococcus faecalis to 32 antimicrobial agents. comparison of patterns in poland and federal republic of germany.two hundred and twenty strains of streptococcus faecalis (103 isolated in poland and 117 in federal republic of germany), were tested for antibiotic-susceptibility to 32 antimicrobial agents by agar dilution technique. most effective in vitro appeared ampicillin, penicillin g, and a combination (1:1) of penicillin and streptomycin. partly effective were also macrolide antibiotics, trimethoprim + sulfamethoxazole and five tetracyclines. other antibiotics, including five cephalosporin derivatives, ...1976824894
[microflora of spiruline preparations].a study, by direct microscopic examination and cultures, shows that the microflore which accompanies the spirulines preparations, varies as the origin and the technologie treatment quality. the main species are bacillacees; then, come faecal streptococcus which are the best contaminations indicators; enterobacteries, yeasts, moulds spores, are exceptional. dry products as getting old, entail a great decrease of all the species, the anaerobies being more resistant.1975825001
synergism of cefazolin-gentamicin against enterococci.a miniaturized technique for detecting antibiotic synergy by using microliter volumes was perfected. with this microtiter serial dilution method, the effect of the previously untried combination of cefazolin and gentamicin on 10 strains of enterococci was evaluated. at clinically achievable concentrations, the combination of cefazolin and gentamicin was found to be synergistic against all 10 strains when the data were plotted in the form of an isobologram. these results were compared with the co ...1976825022
virus and bacteria removal from wastewater by land treatment.secondary sewage effluent and renovated water from four wells at the flushing meadows wastewater renovation project near phoenix, arizona, in operation since 1967, were assayed approximately every 2 months in 1974 for viruses and enteric bacteria during flooding periods. no viruses of salmonella sp. were detected in any renovated well water samples, and the numbers of fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci, and total bacteria were decreased by about 99.9% in the renovated well waters after the wast ...1976825040
fecal indicator bacteria persistence under natural conditions in an ice-covered coliform (tc), fecal coliform (fc), and fecal streptococcus (fs) survival characteristics, under natural conditions at 0 degrees c in an ice-covered river, were examined during february and march 1975. the membrane filter (mf) technique was used throughout the study, and the multiple-tube (mpn) method was used in parallel on three preselected days for comparative recovery of these bacteria. survival was studied at seven sample stations downstream from all domestic pollution sources in a 31 ...1976825042
purification and properties of citrate lyase from streptococcus faecalis. 1976825122
a unifying concept for the active site region in aspartate transcarbamylase.recent investigations on the aspartate transcarbamylases (carbamoylphosphate:l-aspartate carbamoyltransferase, ec of escherichia coli and streptococcus faecalis indicate that there is a site on each enzyme, apart from the active site, at which anions can bind. it is suggested in this paper that the location of such an anion binding site on the e. coli enzyme may be directly adjacent to the part of the active site at which carbamyl phosphate binds. this hypothesis is based on data demons ...1976825145
[effect of contamination of germ-free guinea pigs by individual representatives of the intestinal microflora on antibody and complement concentrations].on the 3rd day after birth germ-free guinea pigs were contaminated with one of the following representatives of normal intestinal microbial flora: bac. mesentericus, bac. subtilis, s. albus, and s. faecalis. in the animals aged two weeks a study was made of the level of antibodies against the microorganisms used for monocontamination, and also to the e. coli o55 pathogenic for guinea pigs; the complement content in the serum was examined as well. bac. mesentericus and bac. subtilis contamination ...1976825158
prosthetic endocarditis treated with ampicillin and gentamicin in a penicillin-hypersensitive patient. 1976825181
[metabolism of bile salts in chronic unspecific intestinal diseases with bacterial colonization]. 1976825364
[problems in the testing of enterococcal resistance to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole]. 1976825424
selective adsorption of heterophile polyglycerophosphate antigen from antigen extracts of streptococcus mutans and other gram-positive saline extracts of streptococcus mutans have been shown to contain antigenic substances which occasionally react nonspecifically with some antisera against whole cells of various serological groups and types of streptococci. chromatography of the extract of s. mutans strain mt703 (serotype e) on a diethylaminoethyl-sephadex a-25 column gave two principal antigens. one antigen was eluted without adsorption to the resin and was identified as the serotype-specific polysaccharide. the other anti ...1976825468
effect of serum on phospholipids of l-forms of streptococcus faecalis.changes in the phospholipids of the membrane of l-forms of streptococcus faecalis were studied after exposure to normal human serum. the phospholipids were labeled by incubating the l forms with [14c]palmitate. after the reaction of the l-forms with normal human serum, the percentage of total lipid radioactivity decreased in phospholipids and increased in free fatty acids, indicating phospholipase activity. similar changes were seen on reacting normal human serum with autoclaved l-forms. sonicat ...1976825471
an evaluation of commercial thiosulphate citrate bile salt sucrose agar (tcbs). 1976825501
the aerobic bacterial flora of the anal sac of the red fox. 1976825502
rubella hemagglutination-inhibition test: false-positive reactions in sera contaminated with bacteria.we have shown that bacterial contamination of sera can have a marked influence on the results of the rubella hemagglutination-inhibition (hi) test. in addition to increasing the levels of nonspecific agglutinins, a number of common bacterial species tested had a significant effect on the hi titers. when sera free from rubella-specific antibodies were contaminated with bacillus subtilis or pseudomonas fluorescens, hi titers ranged from 16 to 128 (expressed as the reciprocal of the highest serum d ...1976825529
a rapid, simple method for demonstrating synergy of amikacin and penicillin against various microorganisms.a simple disk diffusion technique with use of triple-layer agar and enzymatic inactivation of penicillin demonstrated synergy between penicillins and aminoglycosides. the method was applied to measurement of the synergistic activity of amikacin and penicillin g against a strain of streptococcus faecalis sensitive to both drugs, amikacin and ampicillin against a strain of s. faecalis sensitive to amplicillin but resistant to amikacin, and amikacin and carbenicillin against a strain of proteus mir ...1976825586
a study of complications in preterm deliveries after prolonged premature rupture of the membranes.the risk of infection for mother and baby after spontaneous rupture of the membranes was evaluated in a prospective study of 24 patients with ruptured membranes before the 36th week of pregnancy. the mean length of pregnancy after rupture was 10 days and 2 hours. only patients harboring group b streptococci or e. coli in the urogenital tract were treated with antibiotics (during delivery). with the exception of 1 woman, all patients harbored one or more pathogens in the urogenital tract. four mo ...1976825795
proteolytic activity of streptococcus mutans (gs-5).the potential proteolytic ability of cariogenic streptococci was assessed in a strain of streptococcus mutans (gs-5). blood-borne s. mutans from rats infected by mouth with gs-5 were cultured, and sterile rat tail tendons were placed on these cultured bacterial colonies. the collagenolytic ability of these organisms was examined under the scanning electron microscope and by testing for reduced tensile strength of the collagen fibers. these experiments showed that gs-5 cariogenic streptococcus ca ...1976825802
the microbiologic approach in endodontics.the results of an investigation of the microbiologic flora of gangrenous teeth are presented. the rationale of the concept of the microbiologic approach is discussed. a possible explanation for the small differences in the success of endodontically treated teeth obturated after positive and negative bacteriologic cultures is suggested.1976825803
paper point transfer of minimal numbers of microorganisms from a prepared canal in vitro.a strain of str. faecalis resistant to 2 mg./c.c. streptomycin was developed, and serial dilutions of known quantities of the organism were introduced into prepared root canals of extracted teeth. the canals were cultured with sterile dry paper points, incubated in tubes of thioglycollate media containing 2 mg./c.c. streptomycin at 37 degrees c. these tubes were checked for growth at 24-hour intervals for 7 days. some tubes yielded growth on the first day, while those with greater dilutions of s ...1976825804
[the effect of modifications of the "penam" part of penicillin o]. 1976826035
aquatic indicator bacteria in the high alpine zone.selected waters from the high alpine zone within grand teton national park, wyoming, were analyzed for populations of indicator bacteria during the past three summers to determine the influence of various factors on the quality of these waters. in general the water quality was not significantly influenced by the presence or absence of human visitors but rather by the nature of the biological community through which the streams flowed. a minority of the coliforms that were recovered from all of t ...1976826218
[study on the antibacterial activity of penicillins and cephalosporines in urine (author's transl)].minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) for penicillin (pen), ampicillin (amp), cephalothin (cef), cefazolin (cez), carbenicillin (car) and ticarcillin (tic) were determined against strep. faecalis, e. coli, k. pneumoniae, prot. mirabilis and ps. aeruginosa in sensitivity test broth (stb) and human urine. marked differences were seen in mic between these two media, especially against p. mirabilis strains tested. against e. coli the mic of amp, cef and cez were similar or slightly lower in urine ...1976826261
[biochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of the membranes of streptococcus faecalis].it is demonstrated by thin-section that s. faecalis cells (strain bkm-b6) have no inner membranes, and their plasma membranes do not show any invagination into the cytoplasm. it is established that b and a fracture faces of the membranes in the intact bacteria, protoplasts, osmotic shock and sonicated membrane fractions contain uniformly distributed particles with a density of 200--400 and 4000--5000 particles/mu m2, respectively. washing of the osmotic shock membrane fraction with a buffer solu ...1976826284
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