properties of limulus amebocyte lysate and the turbidimetric assay for the quantitative determination of gram negative bacterial endotoxin. 1979116245
[examinations on the behaviour of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria on aluminium foil (author's transl)].the survival times of staph. aureus, strept. faecalis, e. coli, klebs. pneumoniae, ser. marcescens and p. aeruginosa were found out on aluminium foil. it was examined whether there exists a dependence on the initial colony count and in mixed cultures a mutual influence of the several species of bacteria. the longest survival times were found among the grampositive cocci. ser. marcescens and klebs. pneumoniae could no more be indicated after 19 days in case of initial colony count of log 7.0/cm2; ...1979116442
effect of growth rate on lipid and lipoteichoic acid composition in streptococcus faecium.the lipid composition of streptococcus faecium (s. faecalis atcc 9790) was analyzed at various growth rates. diphosphatidylglycerol and the non-ionic lipid fraction containing diacylglycerols and neutral glycolipids appeared to accumulate relative to cellular mass as the culture mass doubling time increased from 30 to 80 min. within the same range of doubling times the non-ionic lipid fraction appeared to become substantially enriched with diacylglycerols. all lipid species and cellular lipoteic ...1979116686
structure and properties of the putrescine carbamoyltransferase of streptococcus faecalis.ornithine and putrescine carbamoyltransferases from streptococcus faecalis atcc11700 have been purified and their structural properties compared. the molecular weight of native ornithine carbamoyltransferase, measured by molecular sieving, is 250 000. it is composed of six apparently identical subunits with a molecular weight of 39 000, as determined by cross-linking with the bifunctional reagent glutaraldehyde followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecylsulfa ...1979116850
aeration sensitizes streptococcus faecalis to hydroxyurea.hydroxyurea in up to 60 mm concentration did not inhibit growth or dna synthesis in nonaerated cultures of streptococcus faecalis atcc 8043. in contrast, in cultures aerated by shaking already 1 mm hydroxyurea decreased the rate of net dna synthesis and in higher concentrations of the drug the growth of the total cell mass also slowed down and the number of cells per chain increased from 1-2 to 10. the differential rate of dna synthesis, but not the growth of the total cell mass, could be restor ...1979116943
action and interaction of penicillin and gentamicin on enterococci.the action and interaction of benzylpenicillin and gentamicin on streptococcus faecalis was studied using mainly turbidimetric methods. the minimum antibacterial concentration (mac) of each antibiotic lay considerably below the conventionally determined minimum inhibitory concentration, and levels of the two agents exceeding the mac were necessary in order to obtain a synergic interaction. evidence was obtained that gentamicin interfered with bacterial lysis induced by penicillin, and this sugge ...1979117025
oropharyngeal microflora in aboriginal and non-aboriginal australian children. an indicator of environmental contamination.faecal microorganisms, not normally resident in the oropharynx, were isolated much more often from aboriginal than non-aboriginal australian children. this is almost certainly due to differences in standards of hygiene and living in these two groups, and is an important factor in contributing to the common and serious problem of gastrointestinal infections in young aborigines. in the non-aboriginal group, the isolations of faecal organisms were much more common from infants and from children und ...1979117289
[effect of microorganisms on survival of trichomonas vaginalis in physiological fluid]. 1979117638
intestinal microflora: elimination of germfree characteristics by components of the normal microbial flora. 1979117972
the distribution of isoprenoid quinones in streptococci of serological groups d and n.the isoprenoid quinone contents of streptococci of serological groups d and n were investigated. streptococcus faecalis, s. faecalis subsp. liquefaciens and s. faecalis subsp. zymogenes strains contained demethylmenaquinones with nine isoprene units as their major isoprenologues. menaquinones with eight isoprene units predominated in s. faecium subsp. casseliflavus and s. faecium subsp. mobilis whereas menaquinones with nine isoprene units constituted the major components in strains of s. cremor ...1979118232
rural water quality control measures: an experience in the malumfashi district of northern nigeria. 1979118477
[phagocytic ability of trichomonas vaginalis donné]. 1979118590
high-level, plasmid-borne resistance to gentamicin in streptococcus faecalis subsp. zymogenes.each of three isolates of streptococcus faecalis subsp. zymogenes harbored three r plasmids and a hemolysin-bacteriocin plasmid. the plasmids carried by one of these strains were physically characterized after their conjugative transfer. in each strain one of the plasmids carried genetic markers for resistance to gentamicin, kanamycin, sisomicin, netilmicin, and tobramycin.1979118707
the role of liver passage for conversion of pteroylmonoglutamate and pteroyltriglutamate to active folate an attempt to clarify the possible site of conversion of folates to active methylated coenzyme forms mono- and triglutamate was injected rapidly into the portal vein of dogs. samples of blood were removed at various intervals from catheters placed in the portal vein, the hepatic vein and the femoral artery for assay carried out both with l. casei, s. faecalis and liquid scintillating counting. unreduced monoglutamates were extracted in the liver, immediately converted to methyltetrahydrofolat ...1979118944
in vitro and in vivo laboratory studies on three hydroxyiminophenylacetyl cephalosporins with particular reference to sk&f 80303, an unusually long-acting cephalosporin.three cephalosporins with 7-(2-hydroxyiminophenylacetamido) side chains (sk&f 79433, 80000 and 80303), differing in their 3-substituents, exhibited similar broad-spectrum antibacterial activity in vitro against strains of staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis and various gram-negative bacilli. all three were active in vivo (s.c., mouse) against s. aureus, escherichia coli or klebsiella pneumoniae, but they differed significantly in serum pharmacokinetic profiles. sk&f 80303 produced high ...1979118958
the presence of antibody-coated anaerobic bacteria in asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy.quantitative anaerobic culture of urine samples obtained from 593 pregnant women by suprapubic bladder aspiration was performed to establish the involvement of anaerobic bacteria in asymptomatic urinary tract infections. the fluorescent antibody (fa) test was applied to the sediments of bladder aspirates to determine the site of infection. anaerobic bacteriuria (greater than or equal to 10(4) microorganisms/ml of urine) was found in 34 patients, of whom five were fa-positive. these anaerobes wer ...1979118996
lipoquinones of some spore-forming rods, lactic-acid bacteria and actinomycetes.the respiratory quinones of 73 strains of gram-positive bacteria including spore-forming rods, lactic-acid bacteria and actinomyctes were examined. menaquinones with seven isoprenoid units (mk-7) were the main quinone type found in representatives of the genus bacillus and in sporolactobacillus inulinus. however, a strain of b. thuringiensis produced mk-8 in addition to mk-7, and strains of b. lentus and b. pantothenticus appeared to produce mk-9 and mk-8, respectively, with no mk-7. in the clos ...1979119033
[drug resistance of bacteria isolated from patients with chronic nonspecific broncho-pulmonary diseases]. 1979119214
chemiluminescence from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells: reducing potential and oxygen requirements. 1979119237
[development of enterococci and coli bacteria in bulgarian yogurt].the effect of lactic acid fermentation in bulgarian yoghourt was studied by the development and decline of hygiene level indicating microorganisms--enterococci and coli-bacteriae. it was established that for the first 6 h after production of bulgarian yoghourt, the quantity of enterococci (str. faecalis, resp. str. faecium) increases 5--6 times on the average, after the 12th hour it begins slowly to decrease and the number is reduced two times during storage for 7 days at 7--10 degrees c tempera ...1979119346
kinetic studies on enzymatic acetylation of chloramphenicol in streptococcus faecalis.the kinetics of chloramphenicol (cp) acetylation by cp acetyltransferase from streptococcus faecalis was studied. cp was shown to be acetylated enzymatically to its 3-o-acetyl derivative (3-accp) in the presence of acetyl coenzyme a, after which 3-accp was converted nonenzymatically to its 1-o-acetyl isomer, 1-o-acetyl cp (1-accp). at equilibrium, the 1-accp and 3-accp were present in a 1:4 ratio. subsequently the diacetylated product, 1,3-o-o-diacetyl cp [1,3-(ac)2cp], was enzymatically produce ...1979119483
effects of cerulenin on antibiotic-induced lysis of streptococcus faecalis (s. faecium).addition of the antibiotic cerulenin to cultures lowered the minimal effective concentration of penicillin g or methicillin required to produce bacterial lysis and killing. this effect was most pronounced at subinhibitory antibiotic concentrations. cerulenin had no significant effects on lysis or killing induced in the presence of d-cycloserine, fosfomycin, bacitracin, or vancomycin.1979119485
paper chromatography-enzyme spray technique for the detection of sugar nucleotides with galactose and n-acetyl-galactosamine residues. 1979119791
gut flora of galleria mellonella suppressing ingested bacteria. 1979119813
antagonistic effects of bacillus natto and streptococcus faecalis on growth of candida albicans.the growth-inhibitory effects of bacillus natto and streptococcus faecalis on canida albicans were investigated. when inoculated into the filtrate of a long-term culture of b. natto strain bn (bn), a stock culture of c. albicans rimd 0301020 lost its viability completely, whereas c. albicans rimd 0301011, a fresh isolate from a clinical source, did not. in continuous flow (cf) culture the growth of both strains of c. albicans was suppressed by mixed cultivation with bn. on the other hand, in cla ...1979119897
[association of streptococcus d endocarditis with digestive cancer. critical remarks on the concept of "port of entry"]. 1979119947
experimental endocarditis in rabbits. 3. significance of the proteolytic capacity of the infecting strains of streptococcus faecalis.insertion of a polyethylene catheter into the left ventricle of the heart was used for regular establishment of sterile endocarditis, and bacterial endocarditis was established by injection of approximately 10(8) streptococcus faecalis into the blood stream at the same time as removal of the catheter which had been in place for 3 days. 100 out of 102 rabbits died spontaneously of bacterial endocarditis. evidence is produced that the host-parasite interaction is influenced by the proteolytic prop ...1979120105
the occurrence of candida albicans in lake ontario bathing beaches.there are inherent weaknesses associated with currently used bacterial fecal pollution indicator systems. fecal pollution indicator data would be more meaningful if supplemented with information relating to the occurrence of pathogens in recreational water. through surveys of four bathing beaches on lake ontario, it was established that the opportunistically pathogenic yeast candida albicans occurs in near shore waters. the beaches surveyed could be differentiated on the basis of bacterial fecal ...1979120220
development of a selective medium for the isolation of clostridium sporogenes and related organisms. 1979120359
[evaluation of the viral contamination of the sea water after the emission of an effluent into the sea (author's transl)].research of virus in the sea water has been made by the concentrated method of adsorption-elution on glass powder. --this method has enabled us to strike the balance on the concentration of virus in the sea water, from the emission to the bank. the frequency of isolation of virus in the bathing zone considered as healthy is very high. the concentration of virus is practically constant in the length of an axis, 200 m distant in comparison with the bank.--the increase of particles of virus in the ...1979120651
[examinations on the behaviour of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria in aqua bidest and tap-water at different initial colony counts and different temperatures (author's transl)].experiments were done about the behaviour of 5 different strains of staph. aureus, strept. faecalis, e. coli, ser. marcescens and p. aeruginosa in aqua bidest and sterile tap water at 20 degrees c, 30 degrees c and 40 degrees c. the behaviour of 3 different initial colony counts in each case was examined. colony forming units (cfu) were evaluated at the beginning and after 1, 2, 4, 6 and 24 h. cfu were reduced at staph. aureus and e. coli in aqua bidest and tap water not earlier than after 4 h, ...1979120654
[crossed resistance to aminoglycoside antibiotics in streptococcus faecalis]. 1979120957
[preliminary note on the study of seawater pollution of the saharan coast of tunisia].the study to an analyse of 726 samples of sea water, taken monthly (1977-1978) at 23 stations. at the basis of the data concerning the npp of total coliformas, 75,5% of the samples point out a clean water for the bathing place, 11,04% = "acceptable" and 9,96% = "dirty". considering the data about the mpp of fecal coliformas and of fecal streptocques, the sanitary state is reported in 94,23% "clean for the bathing place", 1,77% "acceptable" and 4% dirty.1979121049
microbiological assay for antifolate using folic acid assay method. 1979121102
influence of lipids from listeria monocytogenes on the course of infections due to some gram-positive bacteria in mice.the influence of lipids from listeria monocytogenes on the course of infections due to some gram-positive cocci streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus faecalis and staphylococcus aureus and l. monocytogenes was studied in white mice. varying doses of the lipid preparation were administered before infection. mortality of the animals and rate of elimination of the bacteria from the organs and blood circulation were recorded. in appropriate doses, the lipids markedly enhanced resistance to the afore ...1979121229
disinfection of sewage by ultraviolet irradiation.disinfection of sewage from an activated sludge process, and of sewage from an activated sludge process followed by chemical precipitation, has given very high killing rates for the indicator organisms examined. for coliforms, escherichia coli and faecal streptococci, a killing rate of more than 999.99% was usually obtained, and the residual number of microorganisms in the irradiated sewage was very low. the killing rate increased with the irradiation dosage, depending on the intensity of the ir ...1979121372
[factors influencing the growth and survival in vittel mineral water of various bacteria of intestinal origin and of a strain of pseudomonas fluorescens]. 1979121453
the effect of prophylactic tinidazole on the anaerobic vaginal flora in patients undergoing gynaecological surgery.the effects of prophylactic tinidazole on the vaginal carrier state of anaerobic bacteria and the development of postoperative infections were studied in 50 patients undergoing gynaecological surgery. the results are based on a double-blind trial, using tinidazole (fasigyn; pfizer) and placebo. although no postoperative infections other than urinary tract infections were observed in our series, this study shows conclusively that the isolation of anerobic bacteria from the vagina decreased marked ...1979121639
trout mortalities as a result of streptococcus infection.excessive mortalities were experienced in the bigger rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri) at an efficiently managed trout farm. all tests for known toxins in the feed and water proved to be negative. a faecal streptococcus which belongs to the lancefield group d but which could not be identified as belonging to any of the recognized species within this group, was isolated from the spleens, livers and kidneys of affected fish. pathogenicity studies with this organism proved it to be highly fatal to tr ...1979121769
bacteraemia and upper gastrointestinal fibre-endoscopy. 1979121891
the steady state kinetics of tyrosine decarboxylase from streptococcus faecalis.the present study has explained the general reaction mechanism of the bacterial tyrosine decarboxylase. the rate equation for this mechanism has been presented. the steady state kinetics of tyrosine decarboxylase, as for tyrosine transaminase, have shown that the apoenzyme can bind not only the coenzyme, but also the non-enzymatically formed schiff base between the coenzyme and the substrate. our data then have confirmed the importance of the non-enzymatically formed schiff base in the b6-depend ...1979121930
[clinical applications of sisomicin and netilmicin. previous and current state of microbiological results]. 1979122080
[microbiological quality of frozen vegetable foods. ii. indicator microorganisms]. 1979122280
analysis of plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid in a cariogenic strain of streptococcus faecalis: an approach to identifying genetic determinants on cryptic plasmids.streptococcus faecalis strains nd539 and og1 have been previously shown to be cariogenic in gnotobiotic animals. deoxyribonucleic acid analyses have revealed the presence of a single 26-megadalton plasmid designated pam539 in the former strain, whereas the latter strain was found to be plasmid-free. by gene transfer experiments, it was possible to construct isogenic pairs of strains that differed only with regard to the presence or absence of pam539. comparative studies of isogenic pairs showed ...1977122512
characterization of plasmids determining hemolysin and bacteriocin production in streptococcus faecalis 5952.two plasmids designated pob1 and pob2 were isolated from streptococcus faecalis strain 5952 and found to have molecular weights of approximately 46 x 10(6) and 28 x 10(6), respectively. pob1 was found to determine hemolytic activity and was transmissible, whereas pob2 appeared to determine a bacteriocin that is specifically inhibitory to s. faecalis strains harboring the 26-megadalton plasmid pam539.1977122514
penicillin-netilmicin synergism against streptococcus faecalis.the combination of penicillin plus netilmicin was synergistic in vitro against 28 strains of streptococcus faecalis and compared favorably with penicillin in combination with gentamicin. similarly, penicillin plus netilmicin was as effective as penicillin plus gentamicin in the therapy of 67 rabbits with enterococcal endocarditis produced with a streptomycin-susceptible (s) or a streptomycin-resistant (r) strain of s. faecalis. after 5 days of infection, control rabbits had bacterial titers of 1 ...1978122522
penicillin and netilmicin in treatment of experimental enterococcal endocarditis.successful therapy of enterococcal endocarditis requires the use of a combination of penicillin plus an aminoglycoside. the effectiveness of penicillin (pen), streptomycin (str), and netilmicin (net), a new aminoglycoside, alone and in combination, were studied in vitro and in the treatment of left-sided enterococcal endocarditis in rabbits. in vitro pen+str or net resulted in a more rapid and more complete bactericidal effect than pen, str, or net alone against a str-susceptible strain of enter ...1978122526
solubilization of bacterial membrane proteins using alkyl glucosides and dioctanoyl phosphatidylcholine.the non-ionic detergent octyl glucoside solubilizes a substantial amount of streptococcus faecalis membrane protein without loss of the monitored enzyme activities. a secondary detergent, dioctanoyl phophatidycholine, appears to increase the yield of solubilized material. in addition, the effect of ionic strength indicates that it may be possible to selectively extract groups of membrane proteins by their characteristic solubility at different ionic strengths. the solubilized membrane-associated ...1975123771
membrane atpase of proteus l-forms. solubilization and molecular properties.the mg2+ -dependent atpase (ec 3.6.i.3) of proteus l-form membrane has been solubilized according to various procedures (tris - hcl shock-wash with or without mg2+, edta, triton x-100). the best results were obtained by the same 33mm tris-hcl (ph 7.5) shock-wash without mg2+ used for atpase of protoplasts from streptococcus faecalis. the solubilized enzyme after 105 000 times g centrifugation was purified on acrylamide/agarose. the molecular weight was established to be 360 000 by gel filtration ...1975123772
interaction of bacterial cell wall polymers and rat macrophages.processing of group a and group d streptococcal cell wall was measured after phagocytosis by normal rat peritoneal cells in tissue culture. group a cell wall was practically non-biodegradable in contrast to group d, which was over 80% degraded by 4-8 days in culture. there was no difference in elimination or degradation of mucopeptide or polysaccharide of group a cell walls. neither antiserum or sensitized lymphocytes affected persistence. macrophages from fisher rats (susceptible to group a cel ...1975126561
the suitability for rats of an intestinal microflora of mice tested under practice circumstances. 1975126608
studies of substructure and tightly bound nucleotide in bacterial membrane atpase.highly purified preparations of streptococcus faecalis atpase contain a similar but inactive protein detected by prolonged polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the inactive protein appears to arise by proteolytic cleavage of the major subunits in the enzyme. by use of a new technique, subunit analysis in sds gels was performed on the enzyme band and the inactive protein band excised from a polyacrylamide gel after electrophoresis. the results indicated that the atpase has the composition alpha3be ...1975127088
role of mg2+ ions in the subunit structure and membrane binding properties of bacterial energy transducing atpase. 1976131554
alkyl streptozotocin analogues with improved biological activities.alkyl 16alpha- and -beta-glycosides of a series of n3-alkyl homologues of streptozotocin were synthesized from glucosamine hydrochloride. these compounds, when tested against ascites sarcoma 180, ehrlich ascites carcinoma, or leukemia l1210, exhibited potent antitumor activities, and antibacterial and diabetogenic activities were eliminated. furthermore, the acute toxicities of these compounds were lower than that of streptozotocin. the methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, and n-butyl glycosides of streptoz ...1976133244
chymotryptic conversion of bacterial membrane atpase to an active form with modified alpha chains and defective membrane binding properties. 1976136983
[energization of membrane vesicles from the cells of glycolyzing bacterium streptococcus faecalis].membrane fractions were isolated from streptococcus faecalis cells of a glycolyzing microorganism, devoid of the respiratory chain, using the methods of osmotic shock of the protoplasts, ultrasonic treatment of the cells and ultrasonic treatment of the protoplasts. all fractions possessed the atpase activity, the highest activity being observed in the fraction isolated by ultrasonication of the protoplasts. all preparations were estimated with respect to the presence of vesicles, formed by the " ...1976141304
[enterococcal l-tirosine decarboxylase (author's transl)]. 1977141343
inhibition of streptococcal adenosine triphosphatase by fluoride. 1977142783
[osmotic activity and ionic permeability of membrane vesicles from streptococcus faecalis and micrococcus lysodeikticus cells].membrane fractions containing osmotically active vesicles with sufficiently low membrane permeability for k+, na+ and cl- ions typical for the intact cell membrane were isolated from the cells of the glycolyzing bacterium streptococcus faecalis. in their osmotic properties and ionic permeability the membrane fractions of s. faecalis were found similar to those of the respiring bacterium micrococcus lysodeikticus, which are capable of the energy-dependent potassium transport. it may be thus assum ...1977145881
isolation and characterization of a potassium specific ionophore from streptococcus faecalis.the synthesis of a potassium and rubidium specific ionophore by streptococcus faecalis has been proved, using bilayer measurements. the characteristics of this substance agree with the ones, published for free mobile carriers, such as valinomycin and the macrotetrolides.1977146354
accessibility of the alpha chains in membrane-bound and solubilized bacterial atpase to chymotryptic cleavage. 1978149539
[enterococcal flora of some species of synanthropic flies].the study of enterococcal species present in 16 species of synanthropic flies revealed the predominance of str. faecalis and its variants, a high percentage of fly populations being infected. the spectrum of enterococci was proved to depend on the living conditions of the flies. the percentage of musca domestica with the infected digestive tract was found to vary with changes in the age composition of the fly population.1979155964
chemotherapeutic nitroheterocycles. 18. 2-(5-nitro-2-imidazolylmethylene)-1-indanones, -1-tetralones, and -acetophenones substituted by aminoalkoxy groups.2-(5-nitro-2-imidazolylmethylene)-1-indanones, -1-tetralones, and -acetophenones substituted by aminoalkoxy groups and related compounds (41-69, table ii) were synthesized and their antimicrobial activities were evaluated (table iii). some of these compounds (e.g. 47, 52, and 59) suprisingly exhibited a broad antibacterial spectrum including proteus species and pseudomonas aeruginosa. extraordinary antitrichomonal activities could also be observed in vitro (mic of compound 59, 0.0004 pg/ml) and ...1975166185
[studies to the in-vitro-effectiveness of spectacillin (author's transl)].in this study the sensibility of important disease germs of a clinical and an ambulatory test material has been investigated to the substances "epicillin" and "ampicillin". thereby could be found that 67% (43%) of the e. coli and 55% (36%) of the proteus type, as well as 96% (96%) of the enterococcus type of the ambulatory (clinical) test material were sensitive to epicillin and ampicillin. staphylococcus not producing penicillinase, were well-sensitive, while staphylococcus producing penicillin ...1975166291
[experimental investigations concerning spectrum, serum concentration, and excretion of spectacillin (author's transl)].by means of the diffusion test, the range of action of the ampicillin successive preparation spectacillin was determined using 12 000 pathological germs freshly isolated from in-patients. the result was a range of action similar to that of ampicillin. a comparison, however, is only possible in case the test platelets (without over-dosage) are each charged with exactly, e.g., 25 gamma. the analyses of serum concentrations have shown that spectacillin is satisfactorily absorbed after oral as well ...1975166292
reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide peroxidase. intermediates formed on reduction of the enzyme with dithionite or reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide.dpnh peroxidase is a flavin adenine dinucleotide-containing flavoprotein. anaerobic titration of enzyme with dithionite has shown that the active site of the enzyme contains 2 mol of flavin and in addition 1 mol of a non-flavin electron acceptor that is tentatively identified as a disulfide group. thus complete reduction of the enzyme requires 3 mol of dithionite per mole of active site. the first mole of dithionite reduces the non-flavin acceptor; complex formation between the reduced acceptor ...1975166990
aerosol polymyxin and pneumonia in seriously ill patients.pneumonia caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa occurs frequently in critically ill patients and is associated with a mortality rate of 70 per cent. an aerosol of polymyxin b was administered (2.5 mg per kilogram per day) to the upper airways of 292 patients in a respiratory-surgical intensive-care unit during a seven-month period, in an attempt to prevent ps. aeruginosa pneumonia. although only one of the patients studied acquired pneumonia due to ps. aeruginosa, 10 others acquired pneumonia caused ...1975168487
survival of human enteric and other sewage microorganisms under simulated deep-sea conditions.the survival of pure cultures of escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, clostridium perfringens, and vibrio parahaemolyticus under simulated deep-sea conditions of low temperature (4 c), seawater, and hydrostatic pressures ranging from 1 to 1,000 atm was determined over a period exceeding 300 h. the viability of e. coli and total aerobic bacteria in seawater-diluted raw sewage subjected to these deep-sea conditions was also measured. there was a greater survival of both e. coli and s. faecali ...1975169733
bacterial growth in seafoood on restaurant premises.operational guidelines for a chain of the newer type of seafood restaurants and take-out stores were derived from plots of bacteriological and trimethylamine changes during the preparation and storage of cod fillets, shrimp, and clams. if fish is to be defrosted at room temperature it should be washed and portioned within 14 h. subsequent storage at 5 degrees c should not exceed 72 h and once removed from the refrigerator it should be fried within 3 h. new stores should consider improved methods ...1975172207
bacterial food-poisoning. 1975173111
specificity in enzyme inhibition. 3. synthesis of 5-substituted 2,2-dimethyl-4-imidazolidinones as inhibitors of tyrosine decarboxylase and histidine decarboxylase.2,2-dimethyl-4-imidazolidinone derivatives of the alpha-amino acids dl-phenylglycine (1), dl-phenylalanine (2), l-tyrosine (3), l-histidine (4), and l-tryptophan (5) were prepared in order to assess their specificity in inhibiting amino acid decarboxylases. treatment of th alpha-aminonitriles with acetone in the presence of base and heat or treatment of the alpha-amino amides with acetone gave the title compounds in 48-85% yield. the compounds afforded moderate ability to inhibit the decarboxyla ...1976173851
in vitro bacteriological evaluation of the effectiveness of antimicrobial irrigating solutions.nineteen strains of pathogenic aerobic bacteria were exposed for fifteen seconds in vitro to varying concentrations of five antibiotics and of polyvinyl povidone iodine in saline solution. the presence of human plasma in the solution (30 per cent by volume) did not affect bacterial sensitivity to the antibiotics. most of the bacteria were sensitive to the solutions during that brief exposure. bacteria which were more sensitive by disc sensitivity tests were more sensitive to the solutions. polyv ...1976175069
antibacterial activity of oxidized regenerated has been demonstrated that oxidized regenerated cellulose promptly and markedly reduces the bacterial census of ten different strains of common pathogens when exposed to them in vitro. this was not true of two other hemostatic agents tested, namely, absorbable gelatin sponge and topical thrombin. wounds in guinea pigs in which oxidized regenerated cellulose was placed and infected with one of three pathogens had healing per primum in 39 of 40 instances. in similar control wounds and incisions ...1976176740
[the effect of standardised sodium hypochlorite solution on bacteria pathogenic for the urinary tract (author's transl)].stable sodium hypochlorite solution shows excellent disinfectant properties, even in higher dilution. parallel to clinical tests in vitro experiments were made to show the changes of morphology of bacteria pathogenic for the urinary tract by scanning microscope. two hours after incubation of the bacteria with sodium hypochlorite solution containing 40 mg available chlorine/1 severe damages of the bacterial morphology up to complete destruction were evident in all cases. gram-negative rod-shaped ...1976176759
[bacteriological studies on alimentary egg paste. hygienic and sanitary aspects of the problem]. 1975179481
distribution of cytochrome-like respiration in streptococci.the electron transport systems of 134 strains of streptococci were studied after aerobic growth on glucose in the presence of haematin, by examining the inhibition of electron transport as well as the cellular site of nadh oxidation. each strain was placed into one of three possible groups: cytochrome-like nadh oxidase; flavin-like nadh oxidase; or no nadh oxidase. most (88%) of the strains of streptococcus faecalis and its variants liquefaciens and zymogenes and a few strains of s. lactis and i ...1976180234
[hygienic evaluation of the finding of the causative agents of food poisoning in food products]. 1975180687
vancomycin. 1976183412
[researches on the water quality of the river po and its tributaries between cremona and casalmaggiore. i. materials and methods (author's transl)].during 1971 a research program about the status of pollution of the river po and its tributaries was started by six institutes of hygiene altogether (turin, pavia, milan, parma, modena and ferrara universities) with the institute for water research of c.n.r. and hydrographic office of magistracy of the po. the role of the parma university hygiene institute was to study the water qualities of the river po between cremona and casalmaggiore and of two right side tributaries, arda-ongina and taro. t ...1976189776
[microbial resistance to formaldehyde. i. comparative quantitative studies in some selected species of vegetative bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, bacteriophages and viruses].the resistence of different microorganisms to formaldehyde was determined. as test objects served gram-negative and gram-positive vegetative germs (klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella paratyphi-b, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis), bacterial spores (bacillus cereus, bacillus pumilus, bacillus stearothermophilus, bacillus subtilis), fungi (aspergillus niger, candida albicans), bacteriophages (escherichia coli phages, t1, t2, t3), and viruses (adenovirus, poliomy ...1976190825
role of anaerobic bacteria in spontaneous peritonitis of cirrhosis: report of two cases and review of the literature.the role of anaerobic or microaerophillic bacteria in spontaneous peritonitis of cirrhosis has not been clearly defined. among 126 cases recorded in the literature, in only eight (6 per cent), including the two reported here, was bacterascites associated with anaerobic or microaerophilic bacteria. clinical features in these cases were indistinguishable from those associated with aerobic bacteria. however, polymicrobial bacterascites occurred in four of eight cases associated with anaerobes, as c ...1977190883
[effect of polymyxin m on intestinal microorganisms of gnotobiotic chicks].the effect of polymyxin m on the microflora artifically introduced into the digestive tract of gnotobiotic chickens was studied. it was found that polymyxin m caused dysbacteriosis in the digestive tract. reduction of the impaired biocenosis after discontinuation of polymyxin use was rapid and practically complete.1977190946
pivmecillinam in urinary tract infections: a correlation of urinary bactericidal activity with clinical efficacy. 1977193813
an antiviral subtance extracted from streptococcus faecalis. 1977197425
[viability of enteroviruses in water in the presence of representative bacterial microflora and bacteriophages]. 1977197753
dpnh peroxidase: effector activities of dpn. 1977199166
hemiacetal bond-formation during periodate oxidation of a heteroglycan of d-glucose and d-galactose. 1977199351
anaerobes in human biliary tracts.during a 2-year period, 1,892 patients underwent biliary tract surgery at the mayo clinic. both aerobic and anaerobic cultures of bile were performed in 371 of these patients. sixty-nine percent of the cultures were positive, and 41% (117) of these grew anaerobes, although they were present in pure culture only twice. mixed cultures most commonly contained four different organisms (three aerobes and one anaerobe). bacteroides fragilis was the single most commonly isolated anaerobe and ranked fou ...1977200634
inhibition of protein synthesis in streptococcus faecalis by ochratoxin a.a non-competitive inhibition of binding of camp to bovine protein kinase by ochratoxin a (ota) is shown. preliminary evidence of a protein kinase in streptococcus faecalis is presented. the camp stimulation of this kinase is also inhibited by ota. at the lowest ota concentrations, rna and protein synthesis are inhibited in s. faecalis. the inhibition of rna synthesis is secondary, as in the presence of chloramphenicol no inhibition occurs for 10 min after the addition of ota. the synthesis but n ...1978205331
superoxide dismutase and oxygen metabolism in streptococcus faecalis and comparisons with other organisms.streptococcus faecalis contains a single superoxide dismutase that has been purified to homogeneity with a 55% yield. this enzyme has a molecular weight of 45,000 and is composed of two subunits of equal size. it contains 1.3 atoms of manganese per molecule. its amino acid composition was determined and is compared with that for the superoxide dismutases from escherichia coli, streptococcus mutans, and mycobacterium lepraemurium. when used as an antigen in rabbits, the s. faecalis enzyme elicite ...1978206536
nucleoside 5'-monophosphate analogues. synthesis of 5'-sulfamino-5'-deoxynucleosides.the synthesis of two new nucleotide analogues is described. 5'-sulfamino-5'-deoxyadenosine (1) was prepared by reaction of 5'-amino-5'-deoxyadenosine with (ch3)3n.203, and 5'-sulfamino-5'-deoxythymidine (2) was prepared from 5'-amino-5'-deoxythymidine by a similar reaction. the 5'-sulfamino nucleosides are shown to be quite stable to hydrolysis in acidic or basic aqueous solution tests show that these compounds do not inhibit the growth of escherichia coli or l1210 cells at concentrations less t ...1978209190
monensin, eimeria tenella infection, and effects on the bacterial populations in the ceca of gnotobiotic chickens.bacteria-free chicks in separate plastic film isolators were inoculated orally with single species of bacteria. within an isolator, half the birds were fed unmedicated feed and half received feed containing 100 ppm monensin. with clostridium perfringens as the established species of monoflora, bacterial counts from the duodenum were 10(4) times lower and counts from the ceca were three times lower in monensin-fed birds compared to unmedicated birds. infection with eimeria tenella stimulated an e ...1978209434
antibiotic irrigation and catheter-associated urinary-tract investigate the efficacy of antibiotic irrigation in preventing catheter-associated urinarytract infection, we carried out a randomized controlled trial of a neomycin-polymyxin irrigant administered through closed urinary catheters. eighteen of 98 (18 per cent) of the patients not given irrigation became infected, as compared with 14 of 89 (16 per cent) of those given irrigation, yielding a mean daily incidence of 5 per cent in each group. the distribution of organisms and their antibiotic se ...1978210379
superoxide dismutases: defence against endogenous superoxide radical.attempts to measure the rate of o2- production, in whole cells or in intact subcellular organelles, are frustrated by the endogenous superoxide dismutase (sod). streptococcus faecalis contains a single manganese-sod which was isolated and used as an antigen in the rabbit. a precipitating and inhibiting antibody was obtained and used to suppress the sod in crude lysates of s. faecalis. it allowed the demonstration that 17% of the total oxygen uptake by such lysates, in the presence of nadh, was a ...1978225147
calcification of selected strains of streptococci. 1979226568
microbial oxidation of protoporhydrinogen, an intermediate in heme and chlorphyll biosynthesis. 1979228599
the antibody-enzyme analogy. comparison of enzymes and antibodies specific for phosphopyridoxyltyrosine.reduced schiff base compounds of pyridoxal-p and tyrosine, which were used to induce specific antibodies described in the preceding article (v. raso and b. d. stolar, biochemistry, 1975), caused active site-directed inhibition of tyrosine transaminase and tyrosine decarboxylase. the antibodies, studied as analogs of enzymes, were able to bind an unsaturated schiff base catalytic intermediate, as shown by equilibrium dialysis and absorbance difference spectroscopy. schiff base formation can proce ...1975234248
transport and metabolism of folates by bacteria.transport of labeled folic acid (pteglu), pteroylpolyglutamates (pteglu3-5), 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-methyl-h4pteglu), and methotrexate in late-log phase cells of lactobacillus casei was active, and subject to inhibition by unlabeled pteroylmonoglutamates, pteroylpolyglutamates, and iodoacetate, but not glutamate or glutamate dipeptides. pteroylpolyglutamates were transported without prior hydrolysis and shared a common uptake system with pteroylmonoglutamates. the affinity and maximum velo ...1975234963
impedance monitoring of bacterial activity.bacterial activity and growth were monitored by following the changes of electrical impedance of cultures in liquid media. the signal is expressed automatically as a curve similar to grwoth curves produced by other methods. the technique offers a new, rapid and sensitive means of detecting active micro-organisms and is potentially the basis of rapid automated systems in this field. the impedance changes indicate that the micro-organisms metabolise substrates of low conductivity into products of ...1975236390
6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase from streptococcus faecalis. 1975236442
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