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prevalence and genetic diversity of enterococcus faecalis isolates from mineral water and spring water in china.enterococcus faecalis is an important opportunistic pathogen which is frequently detected in mineral water and spring water for human consumption and causes human urinary tract infections, endocarditis and neonatal sepsis. the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence, virulence genes, antimicrobial resistance and genetic diversity of e. faecalis from mineral water and spring water in china. of 314 water samples collected from january 2013 to january 2014, 48 samples (15.3%) were contami ...201728670302
determining the optimal dose of 1940-nm thulium fiber laser for assisting the endodontic treatment.insufficient cleaning, the complex anatomy of the root canal system, inaccessible accessory canals, and inadequate penetration of irrigants through dentinal tubules minimizes the success of the conventional endodontic treatment. laser-assisted endodontic treatment enhances the quality of conventional treatment, but each laser wavelength has its own its own limitations. the optimal parameters for the antibacterial efficiency of a new wavelength, 1940-nm thulium fiber laser, were firstly investiga ...201728669067
urinary tract infections after kidney transplantation: a risk factor analysis of 417 patients.background the aim of this study was to evaluate the number of urinary tract infections (uti) that occur after kidney transplantation (kt) and to identify possible risk factors for development of a uti. material and methods we retrospectively analyzed all kts performed between january 2012 and december 2013 in the erasmus university medical center, rotterdam. uti was scored if: (1) a patient had a urine culture with no more than 2 species of microorganisms, (2) at least 1 of which was a bacteriu ...201728663538
altered antibacterial activity of curcumin in the presence of serum albumin, plasma and whole blood.antibacterial effect is one of the major therapeutic activities of plant-derived curcumin. this work evaluated the effect of serum albumin, human plasma, and whole blood on the in vitro activity of curcumin against eight clinical bacterial isolates by standard broth microdilution and plate-counting methods. toxicological effects of curcumin towards human red blood cells (rbcs) and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) were also investigated. curcumin exhibited weak activity against gram-neg ...201728649069
[mitral valve endocarditis diagnosed after panophthalmitis with enterococcus faecalis].an 86-year-old man underwent cataract surgery on the left eye, but suddenly he lost his vision three days after surgery. topical treatments for panophthalmitis were started according to international guidelines. later, a broad-range polymerase chain reaction showed enterococcus faecalis in corpus vitreum, and iv antiobiotic treatment was initiated. to exclude endocarditis an echocardiography was performed, and this showed mitral regurgitation with a small mobile vegetation. uncertainty concernin ...201728648168
antibacterial effect of genetically-engineered bacteriophage ϕef11/ϕfl1c(δ36)p(nisa) on dentin infected with antibiotic-resistant enterococcus faecalis.enterococcus faecalis is a gram-positive facultative anaerobic bacterium, which is present in 30-89% of teeth with postendodontic treatment failures. e. faecalis is capable of penetrating dentinal tubules and surviving as a monoculture after conventional endodontic therapy, indicating that it is resistant to commonly used endodontic disinfection protocols. different e. faecalis strains have shown resistance to several antibiotics, and have been associated with both dental pathology and systemic ...201728646693
phtβ-promoted mobilization of non-conjugative resistance plasmids from enterococcus faecium to enterococcus analyse the recombination events associated with conjugal mobilization of two multiresistance plasmids, prum17i48 and plag (formerly named pdo1-like), from enterococcus faecium 17i48 to enterococcus faecalis jh2-2.201728645197
methacrylate-based root canal sealer containing chlorexidine and α-tricalcium phosphate.the aim of this study was to develop and to characterize a methacrylate-based root canal sealer containing chlorhexidine (chx) and α-tricalcium phosphate (α-tcp). experimental dual cure methacrylate-based sealer was produced containing 0, 2.5, or 5 wt% of chx and 0, 25, or 50 wt% of α-tcp. experimental sealers were evaluated based on flow, film thickness, radiopacity, degree of conversion (dc), degradation in water, ph and antibacterial activity. flow ranged from 15.09 ± 0.11 to 17.47 ± 0.42 mm. ...201728644564
exploiting crispr-cas to manipulate enterococcus faecalis populations.crispr-cas provides a barrier to horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes. it was previously observed that functional crispr-cas systems are absent from multidrug-resistant (mdr) enterococcus faecalis, which only possess an orphan crispr locus, termed crispr2, lacking cas genes. here, we investigate how the interplay between crispr-cas genome defense and antibiotic selection for mobile genetic elements shapes in vitro e. faecalis populations. we demonstrate that crispr2 can be reactivated for gen ...201728644125
physicochemical characterization and antibacterial activity of rajata bhasma and silver nanoparticle.bhasma, an ayurvedic metallo-mineral preparation, is claimed to be biologically produced nanoparticles. rajata (silver) is a noble metal known for its antimicrobial activity. rajata bhasma (rb) is expected to be composed of nanoparticles. with all these facts in place, this study was conducted to evaluate rb for the presence of silver nanoparticle (snp) and its antimicrobial effect.201728827959
safety evaluation of enterocin producer enterococcus sp. strains isolated from traditional turkish cheeses.the purpose of this study was to determine the antimicrobial activity and occurrence of bacteriocin structural genes in enterococcus spp. isolated from different cheeses and also investigate some of their virulence factors. enterococcus strains were isolated from 33 different cheeses. enterococcus faecium (6 strains) and enterococcus faecalis (5 strains) enterocin-producing strains were identified by 16s rdna analyses. structural genes enta, entb, entp and entx were detected in some isolates. mu ...201728735309
isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from traditional pickles of himachal pradesh, india.a total of 15 isolates of lactic acid bacteria (lab) were isolated from traditional pickles of rural and urban areas of himachal pradesh. these isolates were identified as enterococcus faecalis (7), lactobacillus plantarum (3), pediococcus pentosaceus (2), leuconostoc mesenteroides (1), lactococcus lactis (1) and enterococcus sp. (1) on the basis of morphological, biochemical and 16s rdna sequence analysis. all the labs produced exopolysaccharides, have antibiotic susceptibility, and possess act ...201728720951
inactivation of bacterial biofilms by visible light-activated unmodified zno nanorods.various zinc oxide (zno) nanostructures are widely used for photocatalytic antibacterial applications. since zno possess a wide bandgap, it is believed that only uv light may efficiently assist bacterial inactivation and diverse crystal lattice modifications should be applied in order to narrow the bandgap for efficient visible light absorption. in this work we show that even unmodified zno nanorods grown by aqueous chemical growth technique were found to possess intrinsic defects which can be a ...201728628486
characterization of high exopolysaccharide-producing lactobacillus strains isolated from mustard pickles for potential probiotic applications.the aim of this study was to characterize high exopolysaccharide (eps)-producing lactic acid bacteria (lab) isolated from mustard pickles in taiwan for potential probiotic applications. among 39 collected lab strains, four most productive eps-producing strains were selected for further analysis. comparative analyses of 16s rdna genes rpoa and phes sequences demonstrated that these strains were members of lactobacillus plantarum-group (lpg). ncd 2, nld 4, slc 13, and nld 16 showed survival rates ...201728617525
seven new lignan glycosides from the branches of alangium kurzii craib var. new lignan glycosides (1-3, 8-10, and 14) and 17 known compounds were isolated from the branches of alangium kurzii craib var. laxifolium. their structures were established by spectroscopic analysis and circular dichroism (cd) and x-ray analysis. the isolated compounds were evaluated for their antibacterial activities against staphylococcus aureus ci1011, streptococcus suis ci1608, salmonella gallinarum ci0912, enterococcus faecalis ci1304, aeromonas hydrophila ci1008, escherichia coli ci1 ...201728733150
honeybee (apis mellifera)-associated bacterial community affected by american foulbrood: detection of paenibacillus larvae via microbiome analysis.honeybee (apis mellifera l.) workers act as passive vectors of paenibacillus larvae spores, which cause the quarantine disease american foulbrood (afb). we assessed the relative proportions of p. larvae within the honeybee microbiome using metabarcoding analysis of the 16 s rrna gene. the microbiome was analyzed in workers outside of the afb zone (control - afb0), in workers from asymptomatic colonies in an afb apiary (afb1), and in workers from colonies exhibiting clinical afb symptoms (afb2). ...201728698604
vancomycin-resistant enterococci with vana gene in treated municipal wastewater and their association with human hospital strains.vancomycin-resistant enterococci (vre) are pathogens of increasing medical importance. in brno, czech republic, we collected 37 samples from the effluent of a wastewater treatment plant (wwtp), 21 surface swabs from hospital settings, and 59 fecal samples from hospitalized patients and staff. moreover, we collected 284 gull cloacal swabs from the colony situated 35km downstream the wwtp. samples were cultured selectively. enterococci were identified using maldi-tof ms, phenotypically tested for ...201728763660
the potential of alcohol release doorplates to reduce surface contamination during hand contact.optimal hand hygiene may be compromised by contact with contaminated environmental surfaces.201728760635
inhibition of clostridium difficile in mice using a mixture of potential probiotic strains enterococcus faecalis nm815, e. faecalis nm915, and e. faecium nm1015: novel candidates to control c. difficile infection (cdi).this study is aimed at the isolation, identification, and characterization of potential probiotic strains capable of inhibiting clostridium difficile in vitro and in vivo. twenty isolates were isolated from infant fecal samples and screened against c. difficile using their cell-free supernatant. only three isolates showed maximum inhibition from 56.05 to 60.60%, thus they were characterized for probiotic properties and safety. the results obtained approved their tolerance to the gastrointestinal ...201728497217
eco-friendly fabrication of ag nanostructures using the seed extract of pedalium murex, an ancient indian medicinal plant: histopathological effects on the zika virus vector aedes aegypti and inhibition of biofilm-forming pathogenic bacteria.the control of zika virus mosquito vectors and well as the development of drugs in the fight against biofilm-forming microbial pathogens, are timely and important challenges in current bionanoscience. here we focused on the eco-friendly fabrication of ag nanostructures using the seed extract of pedalium murex, an ancient indian medicinal plant. initial confirmation of ag nanoparticles (agnps) production was showed by a color change from transparent to dark brown. the uv-visible spectrum (476nm), ...201728772238
microbial analysis of root canal and periradicular lesion associated to teeth with endodontic failure.the quantification of ten microorganisms at the root ends and in the surrounding periradicular lesions was performed. thirty 3 mm samples root ends and 30 samples of the surrounding chronic periapical infection were collected during apical microsurgery. samples were triturated, and the bacterial dna was obtained. the bacterial quantification was performed by using the sybr green system. at least one microorganism was detected in all patients. in both the root end and periapical samples, fusobact ...201728666877
antibiotic activity of emerimicin iv isolated from emericellopsis minima from talcahuano bay, chile.due to the increasing emergence of resistance of bacterial pathogens to current antibiotics, we have examined the marine fungi present in sea sediments obtained 200 m offshore to discover new antibacterial compounds active against multidrug-resistant bacteria. one strain, identified as emericellopsis minima, was isolated from sediments of talcahuano bay (chile). from the liquid culture of e. minima, we isolated emerimicin iv, a unique fungal peptaibol that exhibited antibacterial activity. the s ...201728669240
conjugal transfer of aac(6')ie-aph(2″)ia gene from native species and mechanism of regulation and cross resistance in enterococcus faecalis mcc3063 by real time-pcr.high level aminoglycoside resistance (hlar) in the lactic acid bacteria (lab) derived from food animals is detrimental. the aim of this study was to investigate the localization and conjugal transfer of aminoglycoside resistance genes, aac(6')ie-aph(2″)ia and aph(3')iiia in different enterococcus species. the cross resistance patterns in enterococcus faecalis mcc3063 to clinically important aminoglycosides by real time pcr were also studied. southern hybridization experiments revealed the presen ...201728774859
bloodstream infections caused by enterococcus spp: a 10-year retrospective analysis at a tertiary hospital in order to discover the risk factors for 30-day mortality in bloodstream infections (bsi) caused by enterococcus spp. strains, we explored the clinical and therapeutic profile of patients with enterococcus spp. bsi and the characteristics of this condition. a total of 64 patients with bsi caused by enterococcus spp. who were treated in our hospital between 2006 and 2015 were included in the study. the clinical features of patients, microbiology, and 30-day mortality were collected from the elec ...201728397040
the individual contribution of starter and non-starter lactic acid bacteria to the volatile organic compound composition of caciocavallo palermitano cheese.the contribution of two starter (lactobacillus delbrueckii and streptococcus thermophilus) and nine non-starter (enterococcus casselliflavus, enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus durans, enterococcus gallinarum, lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus rhamnosus, pediococcus acidilactici and pediococcus pentosaceus) species of lactic acid bacteria (lab) to the volatile organic compounds (vocs) of caciocavallo palermitano cheese was investigated. the strains used in this study w ...201728783535
diversity of antagonistic bacteria isolated from medicinal plant peganum harmala l.the antimicrobial activity of plant extract of peganum harmala, a medicinal plant has been studied already. however, knowledge about bacterial diversity associated with different parts of host plant antagonistic to different human pathogenic bacteria is limited. in this study, bacteria were isolated from root, leaf and fruit of plant. among 188 bacterial isolates isolated from different parts of the plant only 24 were found to be active against different pathogenic bacteria i.e. escherichia coli ...201728855824
effect of conventional irrigation and photoactivated disinfection on enterococcus faecalis in root canals: an in vitro study.a study was done to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of sodium hypochlorite (naocl) and photoactivated disinfection (pad) on enterococcus faecalis.201728855761
enhancing antibacterial effect of sodium hypochlorite by low electric current-assisted sonic agitation.this research focused on the effects of low electric current (μe)-assisted sonic agitation of sodium hypochlorite on enterococcus faecalis infected human root dentin.201728854274
discovery of phylloseptins that defense against gram-positive bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of the non-small cell lung cancer cell line, from the skin secretions of phyllomedusa frogs.the growing occurrence of bacterial resistance to conventional antibiotics has called for the development of new classes of antimicrobial agents. antimicrobial peptides (amps) with broad antimicrobial spectrum derived from frog skin secretions have been demonstrated to be promising candidates for new antibiotic development. a proven rich source of these compounds are the skin secretions of the frogs in the phyllomedusa genus. in this study, two novel phylloseptin peptides-phylloseptin-pta and ph ...201728850103
infectious endocarditis from enterococcus faecalis associated with tubular adenoma of the sigmoid colon.enterococcus faecalis (e. faecalis), a constituent of the gut microbiota, can be associated with both colonic lesions and endocarditis. since this microorganism is one of the endocarditis etiological agents, there is a need for greater study in regard to the association with endocarditis and colonic lesions.201728848681
molecular determinants of the matrix thickening of a dual-species pseudomonas aeruginosa and enterococcus faecalis biofilm.biofilms are microbial communities that inhabit various surfaces and are surrounded by extracellular matrices (ecms). clinical microbiologists have shown that the majority of chronic infections are caused by biofilms, after introduction of the first biofilm infection model by j.w. costerton and his colleagues (1). however, treatments for chronic biofilm infections are still limited to surgical removal of the infected sites. pseudomonas aeruginosa and enterococcus faecalis are two frequently iden ...201728842537
how proteases from enterococcus faecalis contribute to its resistance to short α-helical antimicrobial peptides.hyl-20 (gilsslwkklkkiiak-nh2) is an analogue of a natural antimicrobial peptide (amp) previously isolated from the venom of wild bee. we examined its antimicrobial activity against three strains of enterococcus faecalis while focusing on its susceptibility to proteolytic degradation by two known proteases-gelatinase (gele) and serine protease (spre)-which are secreted by these bacterial strains. we found that hyl-20 was primarily deamidated at its c-terminal which made the peptide susceptible to ...201728830077
small alarmone synthetases as novel bacterial rna-binding proteins.the alarmone nucleotides guanosine pentaphosphate (pppgpp) and tetraphosphate (ppgpp), collectively referred to as (p)ppgpp, are key regulators of bacterial growth, stress adaptation, antibiotic tolerance and pathogenicity. we have recently shown that the small alarmone synthetase (sas) relq from the gram-positive pathogen enterococcus faecalis has an rna-binding activity (beljantseva et al. 2017). relq's activities as an enzyme and as a rna-binding protein are mutually incompatible: binding of ...201728820325
[elimination of entercoccus faecalis with different disinfection methods in root canals in vitro].to compare the elimination effect against e.faecalis in root canals with different methods.201728815239
antibacterial properties of nonwoven wound dressings coated with manuka honey or methylglyoxal.manuka honey (mh) is used as an antibacterial agent in bioactive wound dressings via direct impregnation onto a suitable substrate. mh provides unique antibacterial activity when compared with conventional honeys, owing partly to one of its constituents, methylglyoxal (mgo). aiming to investigate an antibiotic-free antimicrobial strategy, we studied the antibacterial activity of both mh and mgo (at equivalent mgo concentrations) when applied as a physical coating to a nonwoven fabric wound dress ...201728813014
in vitro antiplasmodial activity and prophylactic potentials of extract and fractions of trema orientalis (linn.) stem bark.trema orientalis (t. orientalis linn) has been used in the management of malaria in the western part of nigeria and despite its application in ethnomedicine, there is dearth of scientific evidence to justify the acclaimed prophylactic antimalarial usage of the plant. the aim of this study is to assess the in vitro antiplasmodial cell-free assay and chemopreventive efficacy of the methanol extract of the stem bark of t. orientalis and its fractions as a prophylactic regimen for malaria prevention ...201728810849
growth- and stress-induced pasta kinase phosphorylation in enterococcus faecalis.transmembrane ser/thr kinases containing extracellular pasta domains are ubiquitous among actinobacteria and firmicutes. such pasta kinases regulate critical processes including antibiotic resistance, cell division, toxin production, virulence, and are essential for viability in certain organisms. based on in vitro studies with purified extra- and intracellular fragments of pasta kinases, a model for signaling has been proposed, in which the extracellular pasta domains bind as-yet-undefined liga ...201728808126
genomic insights into the pathogenicity and environmental adaptability of enterococcus hirae r17 isolated from pork offered for retail sale.genetic information about enterococcus hirae is limited, a feature that has compromised our understanding of these clinically challenging bacteria. in this study, comparative analysis was performed of e. hirae r17, a daptomycin-resistant strain isolated from pork purchased from a retail market in beijing, china, and three other enterococcal genomes (enterococcus faecium do, enterococcus faecalis v583, and e. hirae atcc(™) 9790). some 1,412 genes were identified that represented the core genome t ...201728799224
methyl propiolate and 3-butynone: starting points for synthesis of amphiphilic 1,2,3-triazole peptidomimetics for antimicrobial evaluation.a library of 29 small 1,4-substituted 1,2,3-triazoles was prepared for studies of antimicrobial activity. the pharmacophore model investigated with these substrates was based on small peptidomimetics of antimicrobial peptides and antimicrobials isolated from marine organisms from sub-arctic regions. using methyl 1,2,3-triazole-carboxylates and 1,2,3-triazole methyl ketones prepared through "click" chemistry we were able to synthesize the different cationic amphiphiles through three steps or less ...201728797773
media from macrophages co-incubated with enterococcus faecalis induces epithelial cell monolayer reassembly and altered cell morphology.signal exchange between intestinal epithelial cells, microbes and local immune cells is an important mechanism of intestinal homeostasis. given that intestinal macrophages are in close proximity to both the intestinal epithelium and the microbiota, their pathologic interactions may result in epithelial damage. the present study demonstrates that co-incubation of murine macrophages with e. faecalis strains producing gelatinase (gele) and serine protease (spre) leads to resultant condition media ( ...201728793333
anti-enterococcal activities of pentacyclic triterpenes.asiatic (aa) and ursolic (ua) acids are widely studied phytochemicals, but their antimicrobial properties are still poorly understood. therefore our research has focused on their activity against uropathogenic enterococcus faecalis strains.201728791824
characterization of the tertiary structure of the peptidoglycan of enterococcus faecalis.solid-state nmr spectra of whole cells and isolated cell walls of enterococcus faecalis grown in media containing combinations of (13)c and (15)n specific labels in d- and l-alanine and l-lysine (in the presence of an alanine racemase inhibitor alaphosphin) have been used to determine the composition and architecture of the cell-wall peptidoglycan. the compositional variables include the concentrations of (i) peptidoglycan stems without bridges, (ii) d-alanylated wall teichoic acid, (iii) cross- ...201728784459
coupling metagenomics with cultivation to select host-specific probiotic microorganisms for subtropical demonstrate a non-empirical workflow to select host-specific probiotics for aquaculture industry.201728783248
septic episodes in a premature infant after in utero exposure to rituximab.rituximab is an increasingly used immunotherapeutic agent for women of reproductive age for treatment of autoimmune diseases, leukemias, and lymphomas. rituximab is a chimeric monoclonal antibody that targets b-cell surface antigen cd20 and can cross the placenta. current evidence of the impact of this medication on the developing fetus is limited, but there is little to suggest that fetal exposure to this medication places an infant at increased risk of immunosuppression and subsequent infectio ...201728768852
microbial load in septic and aseptic procedure rooms.highly effective measures to prevent surgical wound infections have been established over the last two decades. we studied whether the strict separation of septic and aseptic procedure rooms is still necessary.201728764834
fabrication and appraisal of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) - moxifloxacin nanoparticles using vitamin e-tpgs: a potential intracanal drug delivery agent.nanotechnology is gaining momentum in the search for ideal biomaterials by dental researchers. the expansible nature of endodontology deems exploration, learning and scrutinizing newer avenues which have the potential to be applied and investigated. the popularity of polymers as drug delivery vehicles has opened avenues for their application in the root canal system. this study utilized application of biodegradable polymers as potential drug delivery vehicles against enterococcus faecalis, one o ...201728764283
revisiting nitrofurantoin for vancomycin resistant enterococci.enterococcal infection has emerged as a major therapeutic challenge. emergence of high level aminoglycoside resistance (hlar) and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (vre) has further limited the drug therapy in enterococcal infections. however, nitrofuratoin being an old drug reported to have less resistance in comparison to the other classes of antimicrobial agents.201728764160
additive effect of photoactivated disinfection on the antibacterial activity of qmix 2in1 against 6-week enterococcus faecalis biofilms: an in vitro study.evaluation of the additive effect of photodynamic therapy (pdt) on the antibacterial activity of 2.5% sodium hypochlorite (naocl) and qmix against 6-week enterococcus faecalis biofilms contaminated root canals.201728761252
first case of multidrug-resistant enterococcus faecalis isolated from herding horse in xinjiang, western china. 201728760414
in vitro synergistic activities of cefazolin and nisin a against mastitis pathogens.first-generation cephalosporins such as cefazolin (cez) have been widely used for mastitis treatment in dairy cattle. however, the use of antibiotics results in the presence of antibiotic residues in milk, which is used for human consumption. nisin a, a bacteriocin produced by lactococcus lactis, has been used as a broad-spectrum food preservative for over 50 years. therefore, a combination of cez and nisin a might provide an extended activity spectrum against mastitis pathogens and reduce the a ...201728757508
efficacy of photon-induced photoacoustic streaming in the reduction of enterococcus faecalis within the root canal: different settings and different sodium hypochlorite concentrations.the purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of laser-activated irrigation by photon-induced photoacoustic streaming (pips) in the reduction of enterococcus faecalis in root canal disinfection, varying laser energy output, and sodium hypochlorite (naocl) concentration. for effective removal of the smear layer, the sequence and resting time of the final irrigation steps were modified compared with the standard pips protocol.201728756961
draft genome sequence of enterococcus faecalis dd14, a bacteriocinogenic lactic acid bacterium with anti-clostridium activity.we report the draft genome sequence of enterococcus faecalis dd14, a strain isolated from meconium of a healthy newborn at roubaix hospital (france). the strain displayed antagonism against a set of gram-positive bacteria through concomitant production of lactic acid and bacteriocin. the genome has a size of 2,893,365 bp and a 37.3% g+c ratio and is predicted to contain at least 2,755 coding sequences and 62 rnas.201728751398
photodynamic therapy with high-power led mediated by erythrosine eliminates enterococcus faecalis in planktonic forms.the failure of endodontic treatment is linked to the presence of microorganisms, particularly enterococcus faecalis, in the root canals. this study evaluated the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy (pdt) using erythrosine irradiated by a high-power curing light on a planktonic suspension culture of e. faecalis.201728750753
buwchitin: a ruminal peptide with antimicrobial potential against enterococcus faecalis.antimicrobial peptides (amps) are gaining popularity as alternatives for treatment of bacterial infections and recent advances in omics technologies provide new platforms for amp discovery. we sought to determine the antibacterial activity of a novel antimicrobial peptide, buwchitin, against enterococcus faecalis. buwchitin was identified from a rumen bacterial metagenome library, cloned, expressed and purified. the antimicrobial activity of the recombinant peptide was assessed using a broth mic ...201728748180
assessment of facultative anaerobes from the root canals of deciduous molars: an in vivo study.background. the current research aimed to assess the prevalence of facultative anaerobes isolated from the root canals of deciduous molars. methods. the present research enrolled 60 children in the 6‒9-year age group based on clinical and radiographic findings. under aseptic conditions, access cavities were prepared followed by collection of samples from infected root canals with the help of sterile paper points. the samples thus obtained were subjected for microbial assay. results. it was found ...201728748050
effect of different mixing methods on the bacterial microleakage of white portland cement and white mineral trioxide aggregate.background. of this study was to investigate the effect of different mixing methods (ultrasonic, amalgamator, and conventional) on the bacterial microleakage of white portland cement (wpc) and white mta (tooth-colored formula, dentsply, tulsa dental, tulsa, ok). methods. a hundred human single-rooted permanent teeth were decoronated to obtain 14 mm of root length in all the samples. the root canals were cleaned, shaped and obturated. three millimeters of each root apex were cut off and randomly ...201728748048
determination of disk diffusion and mic quality control ranges for nafithromycin (wck 4873), a new lactone-ketolide.disk diffusion and mic quality control (qc) ranges were determined for nafithromycin, a new lactone-ketolide, following completion of a nine-laboratory, clinical and laboratory standards institute (clsi) m23-defined tier 2 study. five qc strains consistent with the spectrum of activity of nafithromycin were tested: staphylococcus aureus atcc 25923 (disk only), s. aureus atcc 29213 (broth only), enterococcus faecalis atcc 29212 (broth only), streptococcus pneumoniae atcc 49619 (disk and broth), a ...201728747372
bacterial size matters: multiple mechanisms controlling septum cleavage and diplococcus formation are critical for the virulence of the opportunistic pathogen enterococcus faecalis.enterococcus faecalis is an opportunistic pathogen frequently isolated in clinical settings. this organism is intrinsically resistant to several clinically relevant antibiotics and can transfer resistance to other pathogens. although e. faecalis has emerged as a major nosocomial pathogen, the mechanisms underlying the virulence of this organism remain elusive. we studied the regulation of daughter cell separation during growth and explored the impact of this process on pathogenesis. we demonstra ...201728742152
characterization of enterococcus faecalis isolates by chicken embryo lethality assay and eric-pcr.enterococcus faecalis is the major causative agent of amyloid arthropathy in chickens. given the difficulty of estimating the risk from field strains, the embryo lethality assay (ela) is proposed in this study as a model to predict the virulence of 68 avian e. faecalis strains. additionally, enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus polymerase chain reaction (eric-pcr) was used to characterize the genetic diversity of the e. faecalis strains. the ela was performed 10 times with subsets of ...201728737107
genetic diversity and antimicrobial resistance profile of enterococcus faecalis isolated from broilers with vertebral osteomyelitis in southeast brazil.vertebral osteomyelitis (vo) is a worldwide emerging disease that affects broilers. recently, the isolation of enterococcus faecalis in cases of the disease has been described. this study aimed at determining the genetic diversity and antimicrobial resistance profile of 12 enterococcus faecalis strains isolated from broilers with vo. strains were isolated from nine flocks from six farms in a high-density poultry production area in southeast brazil and were evaluated using multilocus sequence typ ...201728737063
the usefulness of biosynthetic vascular graft omniflow ii and autologous veins for the treatment of massive infection of dacron vascular graft with enterococcus faecalis hlar.infections of vascular grafts are the most severe complications in vascular surgery. we present the case of a 73-year-old male with infection of a dacron prosthesis with a strain of enterococcus faecalis. the patient was treated with replacement of a full prosthesis with a combined graft constructed from biosynthetic vascular graft omniflow and autologous veins. this graft is recommended for implantation in patients with a higher risk of infection. our case is one of the first reported usage of ...201728735332
activity of dalbavancin tested against gram-positive clinical isolates causing skin and skin structure infections in paediatric patients from us hospitals (2014 - 2015).this study provides an in vitro analysis of dalbavancin activity against isolates causing skin and skin structure infections (sssis) in children.201728735053
telavancin activity in vitro tested against a worldwide collection of gram-positive clinical isolates (2014).telavancin activity was measured against gram-positive pathogens collected worldwide during 2014 using the revised broth microdilution testing method. the results were compared with previous reports.201728735051
in vitro stepwise selection of reduced susceptibility to lipoglycopeptides in enterococci.the propensity of oritavancin to select for stably elevated oritavancin minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) was studied by serial passaging of strains in broth containing oritavancin for 20days. seven clinical strains of enterococcus faecalis and e. faecium were studied; they included vancomycin-susceptible and both vana and vanb vancomycin-resistant isolates. stepwise oritavancin selection yielded stably elevated oritavancin mics in six of the seven strains, with mic increases ranging from ...201728733126
hypochlorite solution for root canal irrigation that lacks a chlorinated odor.this is an in vitro study to develop a formulation of a hypochlorite solution for root canal irrigation that lacks a chlorinated odor. the antibacterial effect, tissue dissolution efficacy, and the cytotoxicity of the solution were assessed in cell culture and were compared with those of commercial sodium hypochlorite (naocl) solutions.201728729797
in vitro activity of telavancin against clinically important gram-positive pathogens from 69 u.s. medical centers (2015): potency analysis by u.s. census divisions.a total of 8,072 gram-positive isolates collected from 69 medical centers among all 9 u.s. census divisions during the 2015 sentry antimicrobial surveillance program were included. telavancin had minimal inhibitory concentration (mic)50 and mic90 values of 0.03/0.06 μg/ml, respectively, against methicillin-susceptible (mssa) and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa). similar activity was also observed among coagulase-negative staphylococci (mic50/90, 0.03/0.06 μg/ml; 100.0% inhibite ...201728727951
soymilk fermentation by enterococcus faecalis vb43 leads to reduction in the immunoreactivity of allergenic proteins β-conglycinin (7s) and glycinin (11s).food allergies represent a serious problem affecting human health and soy proteins rank among the most allergenic proteins from food origin. the proteolytic enzymes produced by lactic acid bacteria (lab) can hydrolyse the major allergens present in soybean, reducing their immunoreactivity. many studies have reported the ability of lab to ferment soy-based products; while the majority of them focus on the improvement of the sensory characteristics and functionality of soy proteins, a lack of info ...201728726509
synthesis and antimicrobial activity of chiral quaternary n-spiro ammonium bromides with 3',4'-dihydro-1'h-spiro[isoindoline-2,2'-isoquinoline] skeleton.a new class of highly functionalized tetrahydroisoquinolines with a quaternary carbon stereocenter was synthesized starting from an easily accessible l-tartaric acid. nine strains of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus mutans, streptococcus salivarius, bacillus subtilis, enterococcus faecalis, moraxella catarrhalis, escherichia coli, campylobacter jejuni) were used for the determination of minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) and minimal bactericidal concentr ...201728740363
a prospective randomised trial of isolated pathogens of surgical site infections (ssi).every surgical wound is colonized by bacteria, but only a small percentage displays symptoms of infection. the distribution of pathogens isolated in surgical site infections has not significantly changed over the last decades. staph. aureus, coag(-) staphylococci, enterococcus spp and e. coli are the main strains appearing. in addition, a continuously rising proportion of surgical site infections caused by resistant bacterial species (mrsa, c. albicans) has been reported.201728761643
implementation of the new virtuo blood culture system: evaluation and comparison to the 3d system using simulated blood evaluate the performances of the newly approved bact/alert virtuo blood culture system for the recovery of bloodstream pathogens and compare it to the bact/alert 3d system.201728583022
comparative antimicrobial efficacy of selected root canal irrigants on commonly isolated microorganisms in endodontic infection.this study aims to evaluate and compare the antimicrobial efficacy of three selected root canal irrigants (biopure mtad, metronidazole, aztreonam) against microbes commonly isolated from polymicrobial microbiota of root canal infection.201728435359
azathioprine, mercaptopurine, and 5-aminosalicylic acid affect the growth of ibd-associated campylobacter species and other enteric microbes.campylobacter concisus is a bacterium that is associated with inflammatory bowel disease (ibd). immunosuppressive drugs including azathioprine (aza) and mercaptopurine (mp), and anti-inflammatory drug such as 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-asa) are commonly used to treat patients with ibd. this study aimed to examine the effects of aza, mp, and 5-asa on the growth of ibd-associated bacterial species and to identify bacterial enzymes involved in immunosuppressive drug metabolism. a total of 15 bacteria ...201728424670
efficacy and safety of probiotic-supplemented triple therapy for eradication of helicobacter pylori in children: a systematic review and network meta-analysis.the aim of this study was to identify the best probiotic supplementation in triple therapy for pediatric population with helicobacter pylori infection.201728681177
[bifidobacterium scardovii isolated from 2 consecutive urine samples].bifidobacterium scardovii species consists of facultative anaerobic gram-positive rods whose growth is stimulated by co2 and anaerobiosis. exceptionally it has been associated with infections in humans. an elderly male patient with a urinary tract infection due to b. scardovii and enterococcus faecalis is presented here; both microorganisms were isolated from two consecutive urine samples. the bacillus did not grow on standard media, but on chocolate agar incubated in co2 and on supplemented bru ...201728734711
in vitro evaluation of cytotoxic, anti-proliferative, anti-oxidant, apoptotic, and anti-microbial activities of cladonia pocillum.the aim of this study was to investigate the anti-proliferative, apoptotic, cytotoxic, and anti-oxidant effects of extracts from the lichen cladonia pocillumon human breast cancer cells (mcf-7), and to characterize the anti-microbial features.  mcf-7 cells were treated with methanolic c. pocillum extract for 24h. the cytotoxicity of the extract was tested with mtt. moreover, its anti-proliferative effects were examined with immunocytochemical method. apoptosis and biochemical parameters were det ...201728838343
investigation of effect of 1,8-cineole on antimicrobial activity of chlorhexidine gluconate.chlorhexidine belongs to a group of medicines called antiseptic antibacterial agents. chlorhexidine is commonly used for the care and clean off the skin, hands, and wounds. in recent years, medicinal and aromatic plants have been used for prevention of disease, maintaining health, and improving disease in traditional and modern medicine as a medicament. according to recent research, cineole is the isolated active agent of eucalyptus oil and possesses antimicrobial activity. it was demonstrated t ...201728827963
proinflammatory mg-63 cells response infection with enterococcus faecalis cps2 evaluated by the expression of tlr-2, il-1β, and inos mrna.we have previously demonstrated that unencapsulated enterococcus faecalis cps2 inhibits biofilm formation of candida albicans, a fungus commonly found with e. faecalis in periapical lesion. in this study, we compared encapsulated and unencapsulated e. faecalis cps2 strains relationship with osteoblastic (mg-63) cells, whereas e. faecalis atcc 29212 were used as a reference strain.201728800779
antibacterial and antifungal activity of endodontic intracanal medications.the sterilization of the entire root canal system represents the main goal of every endodontist, given the fact that the control of the microbial flora is the key point of every root canal treatment. the diversity of microorganisms found inside the root canal and also the resistance of some bacterial species to intracanal medications led to a continuous development of new endodontic products. the present study focuses on the comparison of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of different ...201728781531
antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activity of host defense peptides, clavanins and ll-37, in vitro: an endodontic perspective.endodontic treatment is mainly based on root canal disinfection and its failure may be motivated by microbial resistance. endodontic therapy can be benefitted by host defense peptides (hdps), which are multifunctional molecules that act against persistent infection and inflammation. this study aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial, cytotoxic and immunomodulatory activity of several hdps, namely clavanin a, clavanin a modified (mo) and ll-37, compared to intracanal medication ca(oh)2. hdps and ca(o ...201728712894
thymus vulgaris l. extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects in the absence of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity.this study evaluated the biological effects of the t. vulgaris l. extract., such as antimicrobial activity on planktonic cultures and mono- and polymicrobial biofilms, cytotoxicity, anti-inflammatory activity and genotoxicity.201728683409
comparison of the antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hydroxide and photodynamic therapy against enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans in teeth with periapical lesions; an in vivo study.introduction: elimination of pathological microflora of root canal systems is a major goal in endodontic treatment. this study aimed to compare the antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hydroxide as an intracanal medication and antibacterial photodynamic therapy (apdt) against enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans in teeth with periapical (pa) lesions. methods: this in vivo study was conducted on 20 patients with single-rooted mandibular premolar with previously failed endodontic treatment. thi ...201728652899
in vitro evaluation of antimicrobial activity of alimentary canal extracts from the red palm weevil, rhynchophorus ferrugineus olivier larvae.the invasive red palm weevil, rhynchophorus ferrugineus olivier (coleoptera: curculionidae), is considered one of the world's most devastating insect pests to palm trees. it was observed that larvae of this pest are able to inhibit microbial growth on the rearing media when they start feeding and this observation has led us to study the effect of red palm weevils on various microbial species. the antimicrobial effect of extracts from different parts of the alimentary canal on gram positive bacte ...201728612029
formulation and evaluation of sol-gel drug delivery system for intracanal ph sensitive controlled delivery of chlorhexidine.persistence of viable micro-organisms even after thorough chemomechanical debridement has been cited as a major cause for endodontic failure. chlorhexidine is a drug, which has shown marked efficacy against enterococcus faecalis and candida spp., which are mostly accounted for endodontic failure and it has demonstrated high degree of substantivity to dentin by adsorption. another issue with chlorhexidine and other intracanal medicaments is the excessive or premature peaking of the drug leading t ...201728571266
antimicrobial and anti-biofilm properties of polypropylene meshes coated with metal-containing dlc thin films.a promising strategy to reduce nosocomial infections related to prosthetic meshes is the prevention of microbial colonization. to this aim, prosthetic meshes coated with antimicrobial thin films are proposed. commercial polypropylene meshes were coated with metal-containing diamond-like carbon (me-dlc) thin films by the magnetron sputtering technique. several dissimilar metals (silver, cobalt, indium, tungsten, tin, aluminum, chromium, zinc, manganese, tantalum, and titanium) were tested and com ...201728560581
application of hyperosmotic nanoemulsions in wound healing: partial thickness injury model in swine.objective: in this work, we introduce a novel hyperosmotic nanoemulsion (hne) topical agent for use in wound healing. these topical emulsion complexes combine a lipophilic thymol nanoemulsion with a hyperosmotic saccharide matrix. this combination has been previously shown to possess synergistic antimicrobial activity against a host of common and drug-resistant pathogens in vitro. approach: in this study, we present additional data to assess the safety and efficacy of these emulsions in a partia ...201728507786
microbiological analysis of acute infections of the nail fold on the basis of bait thread acute infection of the nail fold, called paronychia, is a common clinical problem. the basis for the implementation of the treatment is the result of microbiological examination. due to the rapid and painful course of infection, usually an empirical antimicrobial treatment prior to obtaining microbiological test results is introduced.201728507488
comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of triple antibiotic paste, calcium hydroxide, and a proton pump inhibitor against resistant root canal pathogens.the objective of this study is to compare the antimicrobial efficacy of triple antibiotic paste (tap) and a proton pump inhibitor (ppi) (omeprazole) in combination with calcium hydroxide (ch) against enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans.201728435366
efficacy of three different lasers on eradication of enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans biofilms in root canal system.the objective was to compare the efficacy of three different lasers in disinfection of root canals inoculated with enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans biofilms.201728426292
antimicrobial photodynamic therapy against endodontic enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans mono and mixed biofilms in the presence of photosensitizers: a comparative study with classical endodontic irrigants.endodontic biofilms eradication from the infected root canal system remains as the primary focus in endodontic field. in this study, it was assessed the efficacy of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (apdt) with the zn(ii)chlorin e6 methyl ester (zn(ii)e6me) activated by red light against monospecies and mixed biofilms of enterococcus faecalis and candida albicans. the results were compared with the ones obtained with rose bengal (rb), toluidine blue-o (tbo), the synthetic tetracationic porphyri ...201728424663
antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities of mta supplemented with bismuth lipophilic nanoparticles.the objective of this work was to determine the antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties of mineral trioxide aggregate (mta) supplemented with bismuth lipophilic nanoparticles (bisbal nps). the antimicrobial activity of the composite mta-bisbal nps was determined by the disk diffusion assay, while antibiofilm activity was analyzed by fluorescence microscopy. the cytotoxicity of mta-bisbal nps was determined on human gingival fibroblasts by optical microscopy and crystal violet staining. mta-bisb ...201728420830
nitric oxide charged catheters as a potential strategy for prevention of hospital acquired infections.catheter-associated hospital-acquired infections (hai's) are caused by biofilm-forming bacteria. using a novel approach, we generated anti-infective barrier on catheters by charging them with nitric oxide (no), a naturally-produced gas molecule. no is slowly released from the catheter upon contact with physiological fluids, and prevents bacterial colonization and biofilm formation onto catheter surfaces.201728410367
enterococcus faecalis bacteriocin entv inhibits hyphal morphogenesis, biofilm formation, and virulence of candida albicans.enterococcus faecalis, a gram-positive bacterium, and candida albicans, a fungus, occupy overlapping niches as ubiquitous constituents of the gastrointestinal and oral microbiome. both species also are among the most important and problematic, opportunistic nosocomial pathogens. surprisingly, these two species antagonize each other's virulence in both nematode infection and in vitro biofilm models. we report here the identification of the e. faecalis bacteriocin, entv, produced from the entv (ef ...201728396417
[distribution and drug resistance of pathogens at hematology department of jiangsu province from 2014 to 2015: results from a multicenter, retrospective study].objective: to describe the distribution and drug resistance of pathogens at hematology department of jiangsu province from 2014 to 2015 to provide reference for empirical anti-infection treatment. methods: pathogens were from hematology department of 26 tertiary hospitals in jiangsu province from 2014 to 2015. antimicrobial susceptibility testing was carried out according to a unified protocol using kirby-bauer method or agar dilution method. collection of drug susceptibility results and corresp ...201728810329
efficacy of radiant catalytic ionization to reduce bacterial populations in air and on different surfaces.air contamination by biological agents is often observed in medical or veterinary facilities and industrial plants. bioaerosols may sediment and pose the surface contamination. microorganisms present on them may become a source of infections among humans and food contamination. this study determined the use of oxidative gases, including ozone and peroxide, generated by the radiant catalytic ionization (rci) cell for the inactivation of acinetobacter baumannii, escherichia coli, enterococcus faec ...201728803189
antimicrobial activities of widely consumed herbal teas, alone or in combination with antibiotics: an in vitro study.because of increasing antibiotic resistance, herbal teas are the most popular natural alternatives for the treatment of infectious diseases, and are currently gaining more importance. we examined the antimicrobial activities of 31 herbal teas both alone and in combination with antibiotics or antifungals against some standard and clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa, acinetobacter baumannii, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterococcus faecalis, methicillin susceptible/resistant s ...201728761777
antimicrobial susceptibility among gram-positive and gram-negative organisms collected from the latin american region between 2004 and 2015 as part of the tigecycline evaluation and surveillance trial.the in vitro activity of tigecycline and comparator agents was evaluated against gram-positive and gram-negative isolates collected in latin american centers between 2004 and 2015 as part of the tigecycline evaluation and surveillance trial (t.e.s.t.) global surveillance study.201728701170
investigation and analysis of the characteristics and drug sensitivity of bacteria in skin ulcer ulcer is a common type of disease affecting patients' health and quality of life, and bacterial infection increases the difficulty of its management.201728689800
patterns of multi-drug resistant bacteria at first culture from patients admitted to a third level university hospital in calabria from 2011 to 2014: implications for empirical therapy and infection control.surveillance of antimicrobial drug resistance is fundamental to guide empirical treatment. however, the european antimicrobial resistance surveillance network provides a general picture, which might not be applicable to clinical settings that are excluded from this survey. we evaluated resistance patterns of eskape isolates over a four-year period in a third level university hospital in the province of catanzaro (southern italy). in this retrospective study, we evaluated the frequency of eskape ...201728603227
evaluation of the in vitro antimicrobial activity of selected saudi scorpion venoms tested against multidrug-resistant micro-organisms.scorpion venoms are a rich source of bioactive peptides with promising clinical value that may lead to the discovery and development of new drugs. the present study was designed to evaluate the in vitro antimicrobial activities of the venoms extracted from three medically important saudi scorpions (androctonus crassicauda, androctonus bicolor and leiurus quinquestriatus).201728587870
antimicrobial efficacy of triple antibiotic-eluting polymer nanofibers against multispecies biofilm.the elimination of microbial flora in cases of immature permanent teeth with necrotic pulp is both key and a challenging goal for the long-term success of regenerative therapy. recent research has focused on the development of cell-friendly intracanal drug delivery systems. this in vitro study aimed to investigate the antimicrobial action of 3-dimensional (3d) tubular-shaped triple antibiotic-eluting nanofibrous constructs against a multispecies biofilm on human dentin. polydioxanone polymer sol ...201728778504
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