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antibacterial activity, computational analysis and host toxicity study of thymol-sulfonamide conjugates.methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) and vancomycin resistant enterococcus faecalis (vre) are notorious pathogenic multidrug resistant (mdr) bacteria in both hospital and community sectors, and today the first antibacterial drug sulfamethoxazole is ineffective. the monoterpene phenol, thymol was conjugated with seven sulfa drug derivatives individually, adopting the dye-azo synthesis protocol, and conjugates were characterized using spectral analysis techniques such as, uv, ftir, m ...201728107695
comparative efficacies of daptomycin, vancomycin, and linezolid in experimental enterococcal peritonitis.enterococci have become increasingly important pathogens for nosocomial infection (e.g. bacteremia, intra-abdominal infection, endocarditis, etc.), related to their intrinsic resistance to many antibiotics. although the in vitro susceptibility of daptomycin (dap) against enterococci is well established, the food and drug administration has only approved its use for complicated skin and skin structure infections induced by enterococcus faecalis. in this study we evaluated the potential therapeuti ...201728108098
postmortem in vitro ethanol production-it could be more common than we think!the blood alcohol concentration (bac) is the most frequent determination in a forensic toxicology laboratory. despite its apparent simplicity, the results interpretation can be complex and always have relevant social and legal implications, particularly in postmortem analysis. in the present report we describe the case of a 55-year-old male with an apparent natural death by myocardial infarction, whose initial bac was 0.18g/l but, in repeated determinations prompted by discrepancies observed in ...201728108144
the use of bacteriophages to biocontrol oral biofilms.infections induced by oral biofilms include caries, as well as periodontal, and peri-implant disease, and may influence quality of life, systemic health, and expenditure. as bacterial biofilms are highly resistant and resilient to conventional antibacterial therapy, it has been difficult to combat these infections. an innovative alternative to the biocontrol of oral biofilms could be to use bacteriophages or phages, the viruses of bacteria, which are specific, non-toxic, self-proliferating, and ...201728108235
purification, characterization and functional analysis of the immune molecule lectin from the haemolymph of blue swimmer crab portunus pelagicus and their antibiofilm properties.the present study reveals purification and characterization of immune molecule lectin from the haemolymph of blue swimmer crab portunus pelagicus (pp-lec). the pp-lec was purified by affinity chromatography with mannose coupled sepharose cl-4b column and it exhibits single band with a molecular weight of 155 kda in sds-page. the surface morphology of purified pp-lec displays the homogeneous nature of protein. a distinct peak with a retention time of 3.3 min was appeared in high performance liqui ...201728110033
catheter-associated urinary tract infection (cauti) after term cesarean delivery: incidence and risk factors at a multi-center academic institution.the purpose of this study is to identify the rate of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (cauti) after cesarean delivery (cd) and to determine if any factors increase risk of infection.201728114875
antimicrobial activity of kefir against various food pathogens and spoilage bacteria.kefir is a unique fermented dairy product produced by a mixture of lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, and yeast. here, we compared the antimicrobial spectra of four types of kefirs (a, l, m, and s) fermented for 24, 36, 48, or 72 h against eight food-borne pathogens. bacillus cereus, staphylococcus aureus, listeria monocytogenes, enterococcus faecalis, escherichia coli, salmonella enteritidis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and cronobacter sakazakii were used as test strains, and antibacterial ...201628115890
growth, biogenic amine production and tyrdc transcription of enterococcus faecalis in synthetic medium containing defined amino acid concentrations.the tyraminogenic potential of the strains enterococcus faecalis ef37 and atcc 29212 was investigated in a synthetic medium containing defined amounts of tyrosine and phenylalanine at different temperatures.201728117533
a comparison of antibacterial and antibiofilm efficacy of phenothiazinium dyes between gram positive and gram negative bacterial biofilm.antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (apdt) is a process that generates reactive oxygen species (ros) in presence of photosensitizer, visible light and oxygen which destroys the bacterial cells. we investigated the photoinactivation efficiency of phenothiazinium dyes and the effect of ros generation on gram positive and gram negative bacterial cell as well as on biofilm.201728119141
effect of preoperative biliary drainage on bacterial flora in bile of patients with periampullary cancer.patients with obstructive jaundice due to periampullary tumours may undergo preoperative biliary drainage (pbd). the effect of pbd on the microbiome of the biliary system and on postoperative outcome remains unclear.201728121036
antimicrobial activity of endodontic medicaments and vehicles using agar well diffusion method on facultative and obligate anaerobes.the aim of this study was to determine the relative antimicrobial effectiveness of these endodontic medicaments and various vehicles using an agar well diffusion assay.201728127166
[update on antibiotic resistance in gram-positive bacteria].antimicrobial resistance among gram-positive bacteria, especially in staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus faecium, enterococcus faecalis, and streptococcus pneumoniae, is a serious threat to public health. these microorganisms have multiple resistance mechanisms to agents currently used in clinical practice. many of these resistance mechanisms are common to all 4 of these bacterial species, but other mechanisms seem to be more specific. the prevalence and dissemination of these mechanisms varies ...201728129816
diversity of enterococcus faecalis genotypes from multiple oral sites associated with endodontic failure using repetitive sequence-based polymerase chain reaction and arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction.the aim of this study was to evaluate the diversity and similarity of enterococcus faecalis genotype isolates from multiple oral sites using repetitive sequence-based polymerase chain reaction and arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction (ap-pcr).201728131414
[profile of bacterial resistance in pediatric urinary tract infections in 2014].in pediatric units, bacteria-producing extended-spectrum-betalactamase (esbl) have an increasing prevalence among bacteria causing febrile urinary tract infections (utis). the purpose of this study was to evaluate the epidemiology of bacteria resistance patterns observed in utis, in order to assess the current antibiotic treatment protocols. this study is based upon a single-center retrospective chart review of the cytobacteriological urine cultures performed in utis between 1 january and 31 dec ...201728131557
retrospective comparative analysis of cardiovascular implantable electronic device infections with and without the use of antibacterial envelopes.cardiovascular implantable electronic device (cied) infections are associated with morbidity and mortality. peri-operative systemic intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis reduces the rate of cied infections. aigisrx, a polymer envelope implanted with the cied, releases minocycline and rifampin, and has been introduced to reduce infections.201728131641
sealing efficacy of mineral trioxide aggregate with and without nanosilver for root end filling: an in vitro bacterial leakage study.various materials have been added to mineral trioxide aggregate to enhance its properties. this study was aimed to compare the sealing efficacy of mta with and without nanosilver using bacterial leakage approach.201728149459
readmission rate and causes at 90-day after radical cystectomy in patients on early recovery after surgery protocol.background: radical cystectomy (rc) is associated with high risk of early and late perioperative complications, and readmissions. the enhanced recovery after surgery (eras) protocol has been applied to rc showing decreased hospital stay without increased morbidity. objective: to evaluate the specific causes of hospital readmissions in rc patients treated before and after adoption of an eras protocol at our institution. methods: we retrospectively evaluated the outcome of 207 rc patients on eras ...201728149935
d-amino acids reduce enterococcus faecalis biofilms in vitro and in the presence of antimicrobials used for root canal treatment.enterococcus faecalis is the most frequent species present in post-treatment disease and plays a significant role in persistent periapical infections following root canal treatment. its ability to persist in stressful environments is inter alia, due to its ability to form biofilms. the presence of certain d-amino acids (daas) has previously been shown to reduce formation of bacillus subtilis biofilms. the aims of this investigation were to determine if daas disrupt biofilms in early and late gro ...201728151960
prevalence of antibacterial resistant bacterial contaminants from mobile phones of hospital phones contaminated with bacteria may act as fomites. antibiotic resistant bacterial contamination of mobile phones of inpatients was studied. one hundred and six samples were collected from mobile phones of patients admitted in various hospitals in jazan province of saudi arabia. eighty-nine (83.9%) out of 106 mobile phones were found to be contaminated with bacteria. fifty-two (49.0%) coagulase-negative staphylococcus, 12 (11.3%) staphylococcus aureus, 7 (6.6%) enterobacter cloacae, 3 ( ...201428156258
synthesis of novel pyrazinamide derivatives based on 3-chloropyrazine-2-carboxamide and their antimicrobial evaluation.aminodehalogenation of 3-chloropyrazine-2-carboxamide with variously substituted benzylamines yielded a series of fifteen 3-benzylaminopyrazine-2-carboxamides. four compounds possessed in vitro whole cell activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv that was at least equivalent to that of the standard pyrazinamide. mic values ranged from 6 to 42 μm. the best mic (6 μm) was displayed by 3-[(4-methylbenzyl)amino]pyrazine-2-carboxamide (8) that also showed low cytotoxicity in the hepg2 cell li ...201728157178
synthesis, surfactant properties and antimicrobial activities of methyl glycopyranoside ethers.a series of amphiphilic methyl glucopyranoside ethers incorporating various alkyl chain lengths has been synthesized from commercially available methyl glucopyranosides following an acetalisation/hydrogenolysis sequence. the amphiphilic properties of ethers and acetal intermediates were evaluated. both families exhibit excellent surfactant properties with a maximum efficiency obtained for compounds bearing a linear dodecyl chain (cmc = 0.012 mm, γsat. = 30 mn m(-1)). antimicrobial activity studi ...201728157594
in vitro activity of oritavancin against gram-positive pathogens isolated in canadian hospital laboratories from 2011 to 2015.gram-positive bacterial pathogens isolated from patient specimens submitted to 15 canadian hospital laboratories from 2011 to 2015 were tested in the coordinating laboratory for susceptibility to oritavancin and comparative antimicrobial agents using the clinical and laboratory standards institute m07-a10 (2015) broth microdilution method. oritavancin's in vitro activity was equivalent to, or more potent than, vancomycin, daptomycin, linezolid, and tigecycline against methicillin-susceptible sta ...201728159446
cold atmospheric pressure plasma elimination of clinically important single- and mixed-species biofilms.mixed-species biofilms reflect the natural environment of many pathogens in clinical settings and are highly resistant to disinfection methods. an indirect cold atmospheric-pressure air-plasma system was evaluated under two different discharge conditions for its ability to kill representative gram-positive (staphylococcus aureus) and gram-negative (pseudomonas aeruginosa) pathogens. plasma treatment of individual 24-h-old biofilms and mixed-species biofilms that contained additional species (ent ...201728161488
epidihydropinidine, the main piperidine alkaloid compound of norway spruce (picea abies) shows promising antibacterial and anti-candida activity.this study reports for the first time promising antibacterial and antifungal effects of epidihydropinidine, the major piperidine alkaloid in the needles and bark of norway spruce, picea abies (l.) karsten. epidihydropinidine was growth inhibitory against all bacterial and fungal strains used in our investigation, showing the lowest mic value of 5.37μg/ml against pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterococcus faecalis, candida glabrata and c. albicans. epidihydropinidine was nearly three times more active ...201728163074
screening for antibacterial and antibiofilm activities in astragalus a search for finding novel therapeutic agents, extracts from an endemic lebanese plant, astragalus angulosus, were evaluated for their potential in-vitro antibacterial and antibiofilm activities against three gram-positive bacterial strains; staphylococcus epidermidis (cip444), staphylococcus aureus (atcc25923), and enterococcus faecalis (atcc29212); in addition to two gram-negative strains, escherichia coli (atcc35218) and pseudomonas aeruginosa (atcc27853).201728163960
microbial shifts in the porcine distal gut in response to diets supplemented with enterococcus faecalis as alternatives to antibiotics.gut microbiota plays an important role in host health and nutrient digestion of animals. probiotics have become one of effective alternatives to antibiotics enhancing animal health and performance through modulating gut microbiota. previously, our research demonstrated that dietary enterococcus faecalis uc-100 substituting antibiotics enhanced growth and health of weaned pigs. to investigate the alterations of microbiota in the distal gut of pigs fed e. faecalis uc-100 substituting antibiotics, ...201728165001
antimicrobial efficacy of probiotic-containing toothpastes: an in vitro evaluation.aim to evaluate, in vitro antimicrobial ability of two probiotic toothpastes (one containing lactobacillus paracasei, other containing lactobacillus acidophilus) and one toothpaste without probiotic separately, and in a combination with two different mouthrinses (one containing essential oils and the other containing hexitidine). methods antimicrobial susceptibility was checked by using the ditch method and clinical laboratory standard institute (clsi) guidelines. two different toothpastes with ...201728165440
nipple shields in transaxillary breast augmentation.infection after breast augmentation occurs in 1.1% to 2.5% of patients. bacterial contamination of the implants could explain some complications of breast implant surgery, including infection, capsular contracture and even anaplastic large cell lymphoma. because of the evidence of bacterial spread from the nipple, nipple shields have been proposed as a routine maneuver to avoid contamination of the implants.201728166134
combination of ceftriaxone and ampicillin for the treatment of enterococcal endocarditis.the aim of this systematic review is to review all human trials assessing the efficacy and safety of ampicillin and ceftriaxone for enterococcal endocarditis and to discuss the clinical implications of the findings.201728166656
enterocin as-48 as evidence for the use of bacteriocins as new leishmanicidal agents.we report the feasibility of enterocin as-48, a circular cationic peptide produced by enterococcus faecalis, as a new leishmanicidal agent. as-48 is lethal to leishmania promastigotes as well as to axenic and intracellular amastigotes at low micromolar concentrations, with scarce cytotoxicity to macrophages. as-48 induced a fast bioenergetic collapse of l. donovani promastigotes but only a partial permeation of their plasma membrane with limited entrance of vital dyes, even at concentrations bey ...201728167557
prevalence of high-level gentamicin-resistant enterococcus faecalis and enterococcus faecium in an iranian hospital.this study was designed to determine the molecular characteristics and antimicrobial resistance of enterococcal strains isolated from patients admitted to an iranian hospital. enterococcal strains were isolated from the burn patients. all strains were screened for genes encoding resistance to aminoglycoside [aac(6')-ie-aph(2'')-ia, aph (3'), ant (4')], resistance to vancomycin (vana, vanb), resistance to tetracycline (tetk, tetl, tetm, teto), and resistance to erythromycin (erma, ermb, ermc) by ...201628167856
high frequency of vancomycin resistant enterococcus faecalis in children: an alarming concern.enterococcus spp. is considered as important etiological agents of nosocomial infections. however, a little is known about the epidemiology of vancomycin resistant enterococcus faecalis (vref). the aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of vref and detecting of two prevalent resistance genes (vana, vanb) at children medical center hospital, an iranian referral pediatric hospital.201628167857
yeasts harbored by vespine wasps in the pacific northwest.the ecological role of social wasps has been extensively studied, but little is known about symbiotic relationships of these wasps with microbes. recently, it was shown that vespid wasps in europe carry yeasts, predominantly saccharomyces cerevisiae, in their gastrointestinal (gi) tract. interestingly, this niche allowed for sexual recombination of yeasts to occur and the formation of novel hybrid species. our goals were 1) to survey the gi tract of eusocial wasps in the pacific northwest for th ...201728169397
branimycins b and c, antibiotics produced by the abyssal actinobacterium pseudonocardia carboxydivorans m-227.two new antibiotics, branimycins b (2) and c (3), were produced by fermentation of the abyssal actinobacterium pseudonocardia carboxydivorans m-227, isolated from deep seawater of the avilés submarine canyon. their structures were elucidated by hrms and nmr analyses. these compounds exhibit antibacterial activities against a panel of gram-positive bacteria, including corynebacterium urealyticum, clostridium perfringens, and micrococcus luteus, and against the gram-negative bacterium neisseria me ...201728169531
characterization of enterococcus faecalis isolated from the cloaca of "fancy breeds" and confined chickens.the aim was to investigate the intestinal community of e. faecalis from healthy confined non-industrialized chicken.201728177186
correlation between infective factors and antibiotic resistance in enterococci clinical isolates in west of iran.the present study was done to scrutinize the possible relation between infective genes and antimicrobial resistance in enterococcus faecalis and enterococcus faecium. considering the fact that the presence of recognized infective determinants among clinical isolates may promote the emergence of infections and persistence of enterococci in hospital settings, which can lead to an increase in antimicrobial resistance. 175 e. faecalis and 67 e. faecium isolated from clinical specimens were used. the ...201728184339
effectiveness of repeated photodynamic therapy in the elimination of intracanal enterococcus faecalis biofilm: an in vitro study.the study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy in the elimination of intracanal enterococcus faecalis biofilm and to analyse how a repeated light irradiation, replenishment of oxygen and photosensitiser affect the results of the photodynamic disinfecting protocol. after chemomechanical preparation, 46 single-rooted human teeth were infected with a clinical strain of e. faecalis and incubated for a week in microaerobic conditions. the experimental procedures included gro ...201728185089
combined chemical and physical transformation method with rbcl and sepiolite for the transformation of various bacterial species.dna transformation that delivers plasmid dnas into bacterial cells is fundamental in genetic manipulation to engineer and study bacteria. developed transformation methods to date are optimized to specific bacterial species for high efficiency. thus, there is always a demand for simple and species-independent transformation methods. we herein describe the development of a chemico-physical transformation method that combines a rubidium chloride (rbcl)-based chemical method and sepiolite-based phys ...201728185866
evaluation of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy using indocyanine green and near-infrared diode laser against enterococcus faecalis in infected human root canals.photodynamic therapy (pdt) is considered a promising adjunct to the currently available endodontic disinfection techniques leading to more effective reduction of intracanal bacteria. the present ex vivo study aimed to assess the antimicrobial effect of pdt using indocyanine green (icg) as photosensitizer and a near-infrared (nir) diode laser in root canals of human teeth infected with enterococcus faecalis.201728186464
synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of cationic low molecular weight amphipathic 1,2,3-triazoles.a library of 28 small cationic 1,4-substituted 1,2,3-triazoles was prepared for studies of antimicrobial activity. the structures addressed the pharmacophore model of small antimicrobial peptides and an amphipathic motif found in marine antimicrobials. eight compounds showed promising antimicrobial activity, of which the most potent compound 10b displayed minimum inhibitory concentrations of 4-8μg/ml against streptococcus agalacticae, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia co ...201728189422
is there a place for corticosteroids in the therapy of infective endocarditis? report of a case and review. 201728189738
analysis of the expression of nlrp3 and aim2 in periapical lesions with apical periodontitis and microbial analysis outside the apical segment of detect the distribution and expression levels of the nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like receptor protein 3 (nlrp3) and the absent in melanoma 2 (aim2) inflammasomes in periapical lesions and to analyse the possible microbial stimuli outside of teeth.201728193569
antibacterial effect of urushiol on e. faecalis as a root canal irrigant.the purpose of this study was to compare the antibacterial activity of urushiol against enterococcus faecalis (e. faecalis) to that of naocl.201728194365
linezolid-resistant enterococci in polish hospitals: species, clonality and determinants of linezolid resistance.the significant increase of the linezolid-resistant enterococci (lre) has been observed in polish hospitals since 2012 and our study aimed at elucidating the possible reasons for this phenomenon. polish lre isolates were analysed by multilocus-sequence typing (mlst) and multiple locus variable-number tandem repeat (vntr) analysis (mlva), polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) to establish clonal relatedness and mechanism of linezolid resistanc ...201728197728
effects of lactobacillus casei and enterococcus faecalis on growth performance, immune function and gut microbiota of suckling piglets.this study was carried out to investigate the effects of orally administrated lactobacillus casei and enterococcus faecalis on performance, immune function and gut microbiota of suckling piglets. neonatal piglets (n = 120) were randomly assigned to 4 groups, with 30 suckling piglets in each group. the piglets were from 15 litters, one male and one female piglet were selected for each group in each litter. the control group was administrated with normal saline, the other groups with l. casei or e ...201728201936
diffusible substances from lactic acid bacterial cultures exert strong inhibitory effects on listeria monocytogenes and salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis in a co-culture infections cause huge economic and human life losses. listeria monocytogenes and salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis are among the top ranking pathogens causing such losses. control of such infections is hampered by persistent contamination of foods and food-processing environments, resistance of pathogens to sanitizing agents, existence of heterogeneous populations of pathogens (including culturable and viable but non-culturable cells) within the same food items, and inability to ...201728202007
some technological properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from dahi and datshi, naturally fermented milk products of bhutan.dahi and datshi are common naturally fermented milk (nfm) products of bhutan. population of lactic acid bacteria (lab) in dahi (ph 3.7) and datshi (ph 5.2) was 1.4 × 10(7) and 3.9 × 10(8) cfu/ml, respectively. based on 16s rrna gene sequencing isolates of lab from dahi and datshi were identified as enterococcus faecalis, e. faecium, lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis. lab strains were tested for some technological properties. all lab strains except e. faecalis ch2:17 caused coagulation of milk at ...201728203227
cationic net charge and counter ion type as antimicrobial activity determinant factors of short get a better insight into the antimicrobial potency of short cationic lipopeptides, 35 new entities were synthesized using solid phase peptide strategy. all newly obtained lipopeptides were designed to be positively charged from +1 to +4. this was achieved by introducing basic amino acid - lysine - into the lipopeptide structure and had a hydrophobic fatty acid chain attached. lipopeptides were subjected to microbiological tests using reference strains of gram-negative bacteria: escherichia c ...201728203232
early in vitro development of daptomycin non-susceptibility in high-level aminoglycoside-resistant enterococcus faecalis predicts the efficacy of the combination of high-dose daptomycin plus ampicillin in an in vivo model of experimental endocarditis. 201728204495
multidrug-resistant enterococcal infections: new compounds, novel antimicrobial therapies?over the past two decades infections due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria have escalated world-wide, affecting patient morbidity, mortality, and health care costs. among these bacteria, enterococcus faecium and enterococcus faecalis represent opportunistic nosocomial pathogens that cause difficult-to-treat infections because of intrinsic and acquired resistance to a plethora of antibiotics. in recent years, a number of novel antimicrobial compound classes have been discovered and developed that ...201728209400
antimicrobial susceptibility patterns: a three-year surveillance study in a rehabilitation analyze the susceptibility patterns in a rehabilitation center.201628210371
root canal irrigation: chemical agents and plant extracts against enterococcus faecalis.there are various microorganisms related to intra and extra-radicular infections and many of these are involved in persistent infections. bacterial elimination from the root canal is achieved by means of the mechanical action of instruments and irrigation as well as the antibacterial effects of the irrigating solutions. enterococcus faecalis can frequently be isolated from root canals in cases of failed root canal treatments. antimicrobial agents have often been developed and optimized for their ...201628217184
conjugative type iv secretion in gram-positive pathogens: trag, a lytic transglycosylase and endopeptidase, interacts with translocation channel protein tram.conjugative transfer plays a major role in the transmission of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. pip501 is a gram-positive conjugative model plasmid with the broadest transfer host-range known so far and is frequently found in enterococcus faecalis and enterococcus faecium clinical isolates. the pip501 type iv secretion system is encoded by 15 transfer genes. in this work, we focus on the virb1-like protein trag, a modular peptidoglycan metabolizing enzyme, and the virb8-homolog tram, a potenti ...201728219792
technological properties and biogenic amines production by bacteriocinogenic lactococci and enterococci strains isolated from raw goat's milk.technological properties and biogenic amine production were analyzed in 56 bacteriocinogenic lactococci and enterococci strains isolated from raw goat's milk. fifteen lactococci strains were able to reduce milk ph to 5.3 or lower after 6 h, while enterococci strains were initially slow in producing acids. lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis glc06 and three strains of enterococcus faecalis (gen20, gen22, and gen23) presented high proteolytic activity. l. lactis subsp. lactis glc06 and e. faecalis ge ...201728221886
comparison of methods for identifying causative bacterial microorganisms in presumed acute endophthalmitis: conventional culture, blood culture, and pcr.identification of bacterial pathogens in endophthalmitis is important to inform antibiotic selection and treatment decisions. hemoculture bottles and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) analysis have been proposed to offer good detection sensitivity. this study compared the sensitivity and accuracy of a blood culture system, a pcr approach, and conventional culture methods for identification of causative bacteria in cases of acute endophthalmitis.201728222703
novel bioactive root canal sealer to inhibit endodontic multispecies biofilms with remineralizing calcium phosphate ions.the objectives of this study were to: (1) develop a bioactive endodontic sealer via dimethylaminohexadecyl methacrylate (dmahdm), 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (mpc) and nanoparticles of amorphous calcium phosphate (nacp) for the first time; and (2) evaluate inhibition of early-stage and mature multispecies endodontic biofilm, bond strength to root canal dentine, and calcium (ca) and phosphate (p) ion release.201728223198
requirement of the crors two-component system for resistance to cell-wall-targeting antimicrobials in enterococcus faecium.enterococci are serious opportunistic pathogens that are resistant to many cell-wall-targeting antibiotics. the crors two-component signaling system responds to antibiotic-mediated cell-wall stress and is critical for resistance to cell-wall-targeting antibiotics in enterococcus faecalis here, we identify and characterize an orthologous two-component system found in enterococcus faecium that is functionally equivalent to the crors system of e. faecalis deletion of crors in e. faecium resulted in ...201728223383
genotypic characterization of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus spp. in tertiary center, iran.enterococci infection rate, mortality and morbidity has been increased in recent decades accompanied by progressive emerging antimicrobial resistance. vancomycin-resistant enterococci (vre), important pathogen in hospitalized patients, have distinct antibiotic susceptibility to glycopeptides that varied genetically and can influence in choosing therapeutic agents. in this study, we aimed to determine the patterns of antimicrobial resistance according to the genotypic variations in vres.201728228089
antibacterial efficacy of several intracanal medicaments for endodontic therapy.the antibacterial efficacy of intracanal medicaments for 2 and 7 days, in open apex root canals contaminated with enterococcus faecalis biofilms was compared. one hundred and thirty-eight standardized uniradicular human roots were inoculated with e. faecalis. colony forming units (cfu) were recorded before and after medication. samples were divided in two (2/7 days), and subdivided (n=8/group): triple antibiotic paste (tap); double antibiotic paste (dap); dental base paste (dbp), consisting of c ...201728228624
development of a rapid identification method for the differentiation of enterococcus species using a species-specific multiplex pcr based on comparative genomics.enterococci are lactic acid bacteria that are commonly found in food and in animal gut. since 16 s ribosomal rna (rrna) sequences, genetic markers for bacterial identification, are similar among several enterococcus species, it is very difficult to determine the correct species based on only 16 s rrna sequences. therefore, we developed a rapid method for the identification of different enterococcus species using comparative genomics. we compared 38 genomes of 13 enterococcus species retrieved fr ...201728229213
evaluation of the amoxicillin concentrations in amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord blood and maternal serum two hours after intravenous administration.the aims of this study were to evaluate amoxicillin concentrations in amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord blood and maternal blood two hours after intravenous administration to assess obstetric and non-obstetric factors that could have influences on the penetration of the antibiotic into the examined tissues and to analyze the sensitivity to amoxicillin of the most common pathogens isolated from the genital tract.201628231686
efficacy of rifampicin combination therapy for the treatment of enterococcal infections assessed in vivo using a galleria mellonella infection model.enterococci are a leading cause of healthcare-associated infection worldwide and display increasing levels of resistance to many of the commonly used antimicrobials, making treatment of their infections challenging. combinations of antibiotics are occasionally employed to treat serious infections, allowing for the possibility of synergistic killing. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of different antibacterial combinations against enterococcal isolates using an in vitro approach a ...201728235571
n-acetylcysteine inhibits growth, adhesion and biofilm formation of gram-positive skin pathogens.n-acetylcysteine (nac) is a non-antibiotic drug with antimicrobial properties against biofilm phenotypes of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. our aim was to assess the effects of nac on the growth of gram-positive human skin and mucous membrane pathogens in the planktonic and biofilm phases. the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of nac against enterococcus faecalis, corynebacterium ammoniagenes, mycobacterium smegmatis, propionibacterium acnes, staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidi ...201728237766
genetic diversity and antibiotic resistance of enterococcus faecalis isolates from traditional korean fermented soybean foods.eighty-five enterococcus faecalis isolates collected from animals (40 isolates), meju (korean fermented soybean product; 27 isolates), humans (10 isolates), and various environmental samples (eight isolates) were subjected to multilocus sequence typing (mlst) to identify genetic differences between samples of different origins. mlst analysis resulted in 44 sequence types (sts), and the eburst algorithm clustered the sts into 21 clonal complexes (ccs) and 17 singletons. the predominant sts, st695 ...201728237994
loop-mediated isothermal amplification label-based gold nanoparticles lateral flow biosensor for detection of enterococcus faecalis and staphylococcus aureus.the report describes a simple, rapid and sensitive assay for visual and multiplex detection of enterococcus faecalis and staphylococcus aureus based on multiple loop-mediated isothermal amplification (mlamp) and lateral flow biosensor (lfb). detection and differentiation of the ef0027 gene (e. faecalis-specific gene) and nuc gene (s. aureus-specific gene) were determined using fluorescein (fitc)-and digoxin-modified primers in the mlamp process. in the presence of biotin- and fitc-/digoxin-modif ...201728239371
the antibacterial activity of extracts of nine plant species with good activity against escherichia coli against five other bacteria and cytotoxicity of extracts.the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria stems from a number of factors, including inappropriate use of antibiotics in human and animal health and their prolonged use as growth promoters at sub-clinical doses in poultry and livestock production. we were interested in investigating plants that could be useful in protecting humans or animals against diarrhoea. we decided to work on extracts of nine plant species with good activity against escherichia coli based on earlier work in the phyto ...201728241818
survival of vaginal microorganisms in three commercially available transport systems.transport systems are used to collect and maintain the viability of microorganisms. two amies media based transport systems, bd cultureswab™ maxv(+) amies medium without charcoal (maxv(+)) and fisherfinest(®) with amies gel transport medium without charcoal (fisherfinest(®)) were compared to a cary-blair media based transport system, starswab(®) anaerobic transport system (starswab(®)), for their capacity to maintain the viability of 17 clinical microorganisms commonly isolated from the vagina ( ...201728242337
adjuvant antibiotic activity of acidic sophorolipids with potential for facilitating wound healing.the sophorolipid class of biosurfactants are finding increasing use in personal care as well as pharmaceutical products and have the potential to disrupt biofilm formation and inhibit growth in a variety of clinically relevant organisms. in order to investigate potential biomedical applications of sophorolipids derived from non-pathogenic organisms, we fractionated and purified glycolipid biosurfactant sophorolipids produced by the yeast starmerella bombicola, which yielded both acidic c 18-1 ac ...201728242666
enterococcus faecalis uses a pts permease and a host colonization-related abc transporter for maltodextrin uptake.maltodextrin is a mixture of maltooligosaccharides, which are produced by the degradation of starch or glycogen. they are mostly composed of α-1,4- and some α-1,6- linked glucose residues. genes presumed to code for the enterococcus faecalis maltodextrin transporter were induced during enterococcal infection. we therefore carried out a detailed study of maltodextrin transport in this organism. depending on their length (3 to 7 glucose residues), e. faecalis takes up maltodextrins either via malt ...201728242718
confocal laser scanning, scanning electron, and transmission electron microscopy investigation of enterococcus faecalis biofilm degradation using passive and active sodium hypochlorite irrigation within a simulated root canal model.root canal irrigation is an important adjunct to control microbial infection. the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of 2.5% (wt/vol) sodium hypochlorite (naocl) agitation on the removal, killing, and degradation of enterococcus faecalis biofilm. a total of 45 root canal models were manufactured using 3d printing with each model comprising an 18 mm length simulated root canal of apical size 30 and taper 0.06. e. faecalis biofilms were grown on the apical 3 mm of the models for 10 da ...201728244230
evaluation of dental adhesive systems incorporating an antibacterial monomer eugenyl methacrylate (egma) for endodontic restorations.the purpose of this study was to incorporate egma, an antibacterial monomer into two commercial dental adhesive systems for their application in endodontic restoration with the aim to disinfect the root canal space before curing and to inhibit bacterial growth on their surfaces after being cured.201728245928
discovery of substituted oxadiazoles as a novel scaffold for dna gyrase inhibitors.dna gyrase and topoisomerase iv are type iia topoisomerases that are essential bacterial enzymes required to oversee the topological state of dna during transcription and replication processes. their atpase domains, gyrb and pare, respectively, are recognized as viable targets for small molecule inhibitors, however, no synthetic or natural product gyrb/pare inhibitors have so far reached the clinic for use as novel antibacterial agents, except for novobiocin which was withdrawn from the market. ...201728246042
the evaluation of cultivable microbiota profile in patients with secondary endodontic infection before and after photo-activated disinfection.secondary/persistent endodontic infection can be the outcome of failure of endodontic treatment. photo-activated disinfection (pad) can be a useful adjunct to mechanical and antimicrobial agents in eliminating endopathogenic microorganisms. in this study, we evaluated the effect of pad on diversity and count of microbiota related to secondary/persistent endodontic infections.201728249746
[effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate modification on the bonding stability of an etch-and-rinse adhesive to intraradicular dentin].objective: to evaluate the effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (egcg) modification on the bonding stability of an etch-and-rinse adhesive to intraradicular dentin, and to find a new strategy to improve the stability of bonding interface. methods: egcg was incorporated into single bond 2 (sb2) with the concentration of 200 mg/l and 400 mg/l respectively to fabricated experimental adhesives group a and group b, while single bond 2 without egcg was used as control group. laser scanning confocal m ...201728253588
genetic diversity of enterococcus faecalis isolated from environmental, animal and clinical sources in malaysia.enterococcus faecalis ranks as one of the leading causes of nosocomial infections. a strong epidemiological link has been reported between e. faecalis inhabiting animals and environmental sources. this study investigates the genetic diversity, antibiotic resistance and virulence determinants in e. faecalis from three sources in malaysia. a total of 250 e. faecalis isolates were obtained consisting of 120 isolates from farm animals, 100 isolates from water sources and 30 isolates from hospitalize ...201728254461
antimicrobial efficacy of mixtures of nanosilver and zinc oxide eugenol against enterococcus faecalis.this study aimed to assess the antimicrobial efficacy of 0, 0.5, 2, and 5 wt% nanosilver in conjunction with zinc oxide eugenol (zoe) against enterococcus faecalis.201728258260
evaluation of 4% sodium hypochlorite in eliminating enterococcus faecalis from the root canal when used with three irrigation methods: an in vitro study.endodontic treatment removes all pathogens, such as enterococcus faecalis from pulp and root canals. the aim of this study is to assess the usefulness of sodium hypo-chlorite (naocl) in removing e. faecalis from the root canal used with three different irrigation methods.201728258267
additive and reducing effects between calcium hydroxide and current irrigation solutions.microorganisms should be considered to have the major role in starting and perpetuation of pulpo-periapical diseases. using intracanal medicaments is necessary to gain a bacteria-free environment in the canal system. calcium hydroxide (abbreviated as ca(oh)2), which is the most commonly used medicament in endodontic therapy, has been shown to be effective against primary sources of infection; however, its effectiveness against some microorganisms, such as candida albicans and enterococcus faecal ...201728258273
beneficial and safety properties of a corynebacterium vitaeruminis strain isolated from the cow rumen.corynebacterium vitaeruminis mru4 was isolated from the cow rumen and was differentiated from other isolates by rep-pcr and rapd and identified by 16s rrna sequencing. this strain presented higher survival rates for low ph and bile salts treatments, and it was able to survive and multiply in simulated gastric and intestinal environments. c. vitaeruminis mru4 had a 53.2% auto-aggregation rate, 42.4% co-aggregation rate with listeria monocytogenes scott a, 41.6% co-aggregation rate with enterococc ...201728258546
antibacterial efficacy of octenisept, alexidine, chlorhexidine, and sodium hypochlorite against enterococcus faecalis biofilms.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the antibacterial effectiveness of octenisept (oct; schülke & mayr gmbh, norderstedt, germany), 1% alexidine (alx) (santa cruz biotechnology, inc, santa cruz, ca), and 2% chlorhexidine (chx) against enterococcus faecalis biofilm using confocal laser scanning microscopy.201728258812
fever and prodromal infections in anti-glomerular basement membrane disease.anti-glomerular basement membrane (gbm) disease is an autoimmune disorder with rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis and alveolar hemorrhage. fever symptom and prodromal infections have been reported in many cases, but still not been elucidated.201728261931
susceptibility to disinfectants in antimicrobial-resistant and -susceptible isolates of escherichia coli, enterococcus faecalis and enterococcus faecium from poultry - esbl / ampc-phenotype of escherichia coli is not associated with resistance to a quaternary ammonium compound, ddac.the spread of bacteria that are simultaneously resistant to disinfectants and antimicrobials would constitute an unsettling scenario. in order to explore an association between antimicrobial resistance and reduced susceptibility to biocides / microbicides like disinfectants in agriculture, we investigated escherichia (e.) coli (n = 438) and enterococci (n = 120) isolated from six different flocks of the same poultry farm with known history of antimicrobial treatment.201728261951
effectiveness of persea major kopp (lauraceae) extract against enterococcus faecalis: a preliminary in vitro study.persea major kopp (lauraceae) is a plant with wound healing, antibacterial, and analgesic properties. the aim of this study was to assess the in vitro antibacterial activity of the concentrated crude extract (cce) and ethyl acetate fraction (eaf) of this plant against enterococcus faecalis and compare it with calcium hydroxide [ca(oh)2] paste and 2% chlorhexidine digluconate (chx).201728264708
comparative genomics of enterococcus spp. isolated from bovine feces.enterococcus is ubiquitous in nature and is a commensal of both the bovine and human gastrointestinal (gi) tract. it is also associated with clinical infections in humans. subtherapeutic administration of antibiotics to cattle selects for antibiotic resistant enterococci in the bovine gi tract. antibiotic resistance genes (args) may be present in enterococci following antibiotic use in cattle. if located on mobile genetic elements (mges) their dissemination between enterococcus species and to pa ...201728270110
identification of the cfr methyltransferase gene in enterococcus faecalis isolated from swine: first report in brazil. 201728274847
[histological evaluations on periapical tissues after irradiation by erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser in labradors dogs].to investigate the thermal effects on periapical tissues of labrador dogs after intra-canal irradiation by erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (er:yag) laser at different powers based on the antibacterial experiment of enterococcus faecalis and escherichia coli in root canals with an isthmus, to assess the histological changes, and to prove the safety for clinical applications.201628275785
effect of photodynamic therapy in combination with various irrigation protocols on an endodontic multispecies biofilm ex analyse the antibacterial effect of photodynamic therapy (pdt) in combination with various irrigation protocols on a multispecies biofilm in root canals ex vivo.201728276583
ultraviolet (uv)-reflective paint with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (uvgi) improves decontamination of nosocomial bacteria on hospital room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (uvgi) generator (the torch™, clordisys solutions, inc.) was used to compare the disinfection of surface coupons (plastic from a bedrail, stainless steel, and chrome-plated light switch cover) in a hospital room with walls coated with ultraviolet (uv)-reflective paint (lumacept) or standard paint. each surface coupon was inoculated with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) or vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecalis (vre), placed at 6 differe ...201728278065
chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of tamarix balansae j. gay aerial parts.a previously undescribed phenolic sulphate ester, potassium 34-dihydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid methyl ester-5-sulphate (1), along with nine known flavonoids, kaempferol-3-o-potassium sulphate-4',7-dimethyl ether (2), kaempferol-4',7-dimethyl ether (3), rhamnocitrin-3-o-potassium sulphate (4), rhamnocitrin (5), kaempferol (6), quercetin (7), afzelin (8), quercetin-3-o-α-l-rhamnopyranoside (9) and luteolin-3'-o-potassium sulphate (10) were isolated from the aerial parts of tamarix balansae. struct ...201728281364
molecular viability testing of uv-inactivated bacteria.the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) is effective at detecting bacterial dna in samples, but it is unable to differentiate viable bacteria from inactivated cells or free dna fragments. new pcr-based analytical strategies have been developed to address this limitation. molecular viability testing (mvt) correlates bacterial viability with the ability to rapidly synthesize species-specific ribosomal rna precursor (pre-rrna) in response to brief nutritional stimulation. previous studies demonstrated ...201728283525
detection of novel oxazolidinone and phenicol resistance gene optra in enterococcal isolates from food animals and animal carcasses.altogether 7720 enterococcus faecalis and 3939 e. faecium isolated from food animals and animal carcasses during 2003-2014 in korea were investigated to determine if linezolid-resistant (lr) enterococci (≥8μg/ml) are present. overall, 12 e. faecalis and 27 e. faecium recovered from chickens (n=32), pigs (n=6), and cattle (n=1) were resistant to linezolid and were further characterized using molecular methods most lr isolates were also resistant to chloramphenicol (97.44%) and florfenicol (92.31% ...201728284617
fosfomycin and comparator activity against select enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas, and enterococcus urinary tract infection isolates from the united states in 2012.fosfomycin is a broad-spectrum cell wall active agent that inhibits the mura enzyme involved in peptidoglycan synthesis and is fda-approved for treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (utis) caused by escherichia coli and enterococcus faecalis in women. data regarding the susceptibility of recent uti isolates to fosfomycin are limited.201728285420
maldi-tof mass spectrometry as a useful tool for identification of enterococcus spp. from wild birds and differentiation of closely related species.the aim of this study was to explore the accuracy and feasibility of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) in identifying bacteria from environmental sources, as compared to rpoa gene sequencing, and to evaluate the occurrence of bacteria of the genus enterococcus in wild birds. in addition, a phyloproteomic analysis of certain enterococcus species with spectral relationships was performed. the enterococci were isolated from 25 species of wil ...201728285496
antimicrobial properties of copper nanoparticles and amino acid chelated copper nanoparticles produced by using a soya extract.this paper reports a comparison of the antibacterial properties of copper-amino acids chelates and copper nanoparticles against escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and enterococcus faecalis. these copper-amino acids chelates were synthesized by using a soybean aqueous extract and copper nanoparticles were produced using as a starting material the copper-amino acids chelates species. the antibacterial activity of the samples was evaluated by using the standard microdilution method (clsi m100 ...201728286459
sonication of arthroplasty implants improves accuracy of periprosthetic joint infection cultures.there is evidence that sonication of explanted prosthetic hip and knee arthroplasty components with culture of the sonication fluid may enhance diagnostic sensitivity. previous studies on the use of implant sonicate cultures have evaluated diagnostic thresholds but did not elaborate on the clinical importance of positive implant sonicate cultures in the setting of presumed aseptic revisions and did not utilize consensus statements on periprosthetic joint infection (pji) diagnosis when defining t ...201728290115
evaluating the effect of peptoid lipophilicity on antimicrobial potency, cytotoxicity, and combinatorial library design.growing prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections necessitates novel antimicrobials, which could be rapidly identified from combinatorial libraries. we report the use of the peptoid library agar diffusion (plad) assay to screen peptoid libraries against the eskape pathogens, including the optimization of assay conditions for each pathogen. work presented here focuses on the tailoring of combinatorial peptoid library design through a detailed study of how peptoid lipophilicity relat ...201728291947
effect of united states buckwheat honey on antibiotic-resistant hospital acquired pathogens.due to an upsurge in antibiotic-resistant infections and lack of therapeutic options, new approaches are needed for treatment. honey may be one such potential therapeutic option. we investigated the susceptibility of hospital acquired pathogens to four honeys from wisconsin, united states, and then determined if the antibacterial effect of each honey against these pathogens is primarily due to the high sugar content.201628292167
successful salvage treatment of native valve enterococcus faecalis infective endocarditis with telavancin: two case reports.infective endocarditis (ie) one-year mortality rates approach 40%. here, we report two native valve enterococcus faecalis ie cases in patients successfully treated with telavancin. an 88-year-old with mitral valve endocarditis and a penicillin allergy, initially treated with intravenous vancomycin, was switched to telavancin. a 69-year-old, who previously received amoxicillin and intravenous vancomycin for presumed enterococcal bacteraemia, was diagnosed with dual valve endocarditis for which he ...201728293958
the impact of a 940 nm diode laser with radial firing tip and bare end fiber tip on enterococcus faecalis in the root canal wall dentin of bovine teeth: an in vitro study.this in vitro study aimed to compare the bactericidal effect of two different laser delivery systems, a radial firing tip (rft) and bare end fiber tip (bft) used with the 940 nm diode laser on enterococcus faecalis inoculated onto bovine radicular dentin.201728294701
purulent pericarditis as a complication of bacteraemic enterococcus faecalis urinary tract infection.purulent pericarditis is a rare clinical entity in the modern antibiotic era. the most common portal of entry is thought to be direct extension from a primary lung source and is usually caused by staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae or haemophilus influenzae we report the case of a man aged 69 years who presented with purulent pericarditis due to enterococcus faecalis likely caused by haematogenous spread from a urinary tract source. urgent pericardiocentesis was vital and restored hi ...201728298381
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