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the distribution of folates in rabbit tissues during phenylhydrazine-induced haemolysis. 19694978549
studies in urinary tract infections. ii. urinary tract infection due to coagulase-negative staphylococci. 19694980006
[sensitivity of microorganisms to growth factors. i. determination of folic acid with streptococcus faecalis and composition of the basal media]. 19694980091
[carbenicillin. experimental studies on the antibacterial activity and clinical pharmacology]. 19694980237
[significance of deposit ratio and deposit amount in the examination of sterility. 1]. 19694980336
ethanol utilization by steptococcus faecalis. 19694980386
metabolism of s-adenosylmethionine in germinating pea seeds: turnover and possible relationships between recycling of sulfur and transmethylation reactions. 19694980589
counting and assessing the size of bacteria with an automatic particle counter. 19694980862
the antagonism of enterococci on other bacteria in canned hams. 19694980892
plonephritis. 8. bacterial interference in mixed infections in the rat kidney. 19694980959
plate assay methods for amino acids. 8. tryptophan. 19694980993
dilatometric study of streptococcal growth and metabolism. 19694981164
incidence of neonatal urinary tract infection. 19694981204
[relations between chemical constitution and antimicrobial effect in beta-aminoketones. 8. cytostatics]. 19694981207
[antibacterial effect of gentamicin in the scope of routine antibiogramms]. 19694981208
[studies with nitrofurantoin: bacteriological studies with microorganisms causing urinary tract infections]. 19694981210
jaundice associated with bacteremia. 19694981285
antibiotic msd-819. preparation and properties of biologically active derivatives. 19694981312
effects of dietary methionine and vitamin b12 deficiency on folate metabolism. 19694981420
biological activity of furanoses. i. tetrafuranosyl adenines. 19694981623
[oral administration of cephalosporin c: its clinical evaluation with double blind method]. 19694981631
studies on the intestinal flora. ii. bacterial flora of the small intestine in patients with gastrointestinal disorders.the type and distribution of bacteria in the jejunal juice of patients with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions that might affect the small intestinal flora were examined. bacterial colonization of the jejunum defined, in this context, as the occurrence of a bile salttolerant flora consisting of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria qualitatively resembling that of faeces, was observed only in patients with some form of blind loop. prominent among the bacteria isolated from these colonized ju ...19694981709
[effect of some constituents of culture media on the growth of microorganisms used for microbiological assays of folic acid. ii. effect of vitamins, mineral constituents and tween 80 in culture media on the growth of streptococcus faecalis atcc 8043]. 19694981808
sewage sludge conditioning and disinfection by gamma irradiation. 19694981881
characteristics of two lysine-independent strains of streptococcus faecalis. 19694981919
cutaneous diphtheria: a laboratory note. 19694982015
relationship between the latent form and the active form of the autolytic enzyme of streptococcus faecalis.a 10-hr starvation of streptococcus faecalis atcc 9790 for the amino acids methionine and threonine results in cells which are resistant to autolysis and which contain greatly reduced quantities of both active and latent (proteinase activable) forms of the autolytic enzyme (an n-acetyl-muramide glycanhydrolase). cell walls were isolated from cells harvested at various times during the recovery from such starvation and were assayed for active and latent forms of the autolysin. within 10 min of re ...19694982195
[gas gangrene]. 19694982369
maintenance of venous polyethylene catheters to reduce risk of infection. 19694982399
accumulation of inhibitors of protein synthesis after valine starvation. ii. effect on polyphenylalanine synthesis and the binding of phenylalanyl transfer rna. 19694982421
[pollution of the surface waters of the upper adriatic]. 19694982463
effect of carbon dioxide on the aspartic acid requirement for proteinase biosynthesis by streptococcus faecalis var. liquefaciens.non-proliferating cells of streptococcus faecalis var. liquefaciens required aspartic acid for proteinase biosynthesis in the absence of co(2) but not in the presence of co(2).19694982668
[new synthesized antibacterial and antimycotic effective substance n4,n4-decamethylene-bis-(4-aminoquinaldinium)-n,n-dehydroacetate]. 19694982782
growth of streptococcus faecalus in dense culture. 19694982878
requirement for coenzyme a in the phosphoroclastic reaction of anaerobic bacteria.various bacteria which degrade pyruvate by the phosphoroclastic reaction were examined with respect to the role of coenzyme a (coa) in this reaction. the strictly anaerobic bacteria, which cleave pyruvate by the phosphoroclastic reaction characteristic of clostridia, required catalytic levels of coa for the co(2)-pyruvate exchange and acetoin-forming portions of the phosphoroclastic reaction. these reactions were reversibly inhibited by the coa analogue, desulfo-coa. in contrast, using cell-free ...19694982893
protein synthesis in cell-free extracts of streptococcus faecalis.if a cell-free extract of streptococcus faecalis is fractionated by way of a 10 to 70% sucrose gradient, at least three areas are found capable of protein synthesis having a density greater than can be accounted for by association of individual ribosomes. these areas represent distinct "polysome" peaks rather than random distribution of polymers of varied length. they appear to be membrane subunits. in addition there is a further particle with a density of about 150s, incapable of protein synthe ...19694982894
[mechanism of action of mitomycin c on genetic transformation of hemolytic streptococci]. 19694982962
[n,n'-dibenzylethylenediamine salt of alpha-aminobenzylpenicillin (ampicillin) with prolonged effect]. 19694982963
folate derivatives in healthy and rust-infected primary leaves of wheat. 19694983293
[effect of some constituents of the medium on the growth of microorganisms used for microbiological assays of folic acid. i. effects of amino acid composition of the medium on the growth of streptococcus faecalis atcc 8043]. 19694979500
chloramphenicol and neomycin in combination. 19694979616
[sensitivity of staphylococci and enterococci to staphylomycin with special consideration of urine-bacteria]. 19694979617
mannitol absorption and metabolism in man. 19694979740
the solid-phase synthesis of polyglutamates of folic acid. 19694979755
potentiation of cell growth inhibition by furanosides. 19694979172
increase in plasma folate levels of rabbits after phenylhydrazine-hemolysis. 19694979249
[gentamycin]. 19694979307
bacterial endocarditis: current concepts. 19694979321
low temperature dry heat sterilization. 19694979368
deoxyribonucleic acid base compositions of selected mycoplasmas and l-phase variants.deoxyribonucleic acid base compositions were determined for 25 mycoplasma strains and 6 l-phase variant strains. values obtained correlated well with the results of other investigators.19694979445
[microbial abscess of the liver. apropos of 16 further cases]. 19694973877
[comparative microbiological study of some polysynthetic penicillins]. 19694976742
[comparative study of dna of resistant and sensitive to antibiotic combination hemolytic streptococci]. 19694976745
[study of sensitivity of clinical strains of microorganisms to ampicillin and other broad spectrum antibiotics]. 19694976747
[serological typing of enterococci isolated from food products]. 19694976765
biochemical studies on the developing thoracic muscles of the tobacco horn worm. i. amino acid incorporation into mitochondria. 19694976786
the antibacterial properties of urine. 19694976941
the clinical use of nalidixic acid. a review and some observations. 19694976942
a study of folate absorption and metabolism in man utilizing carbon-14--labeled polyglutamates synthesized by the solid phase method.the absorption and metabolism of synthetic polyglutamates of folic acid have been compared with free pteroylglutamic acid in four subjects having chronic lymphatic leukemia and one with hodgkin's granuloma. pteroylpolyglutamates containing either three or seven glutamate residues were prepared by the solid-phase method permitting placement of carbon-14 labels in either the pteridine ring or in a selected glutamate unit of the gamma peptide chain. complete dissociation was observed between biolog ...19694977032
apparatus for preparation of bacterial extracellular enzymes.a method is described for the growth of bacteria within dialysis tubing to yield extracellular enzymes, or, possibly, other nondialyzable extracellular products, in concentrated form.19694977224
malate utilization by a group d streptococcus. ii. evidence for allosteric inhibition of an inducible malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating) by atp and glycolytic intermediate products. 19694977226
a rapid quantitative determination of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates based on the enzymatic synthesis of dna. 19694975704
molar growth yield of streptococcus faecalis on pyruvate.y(pyruvate) was 17.3, similar to y(arginine), for streptococcus faecalis 6783 grown statically in a complex medium in 1 atm of air.19694975751
deoxyribonucleic acid sequence losses in a stable streptococcal l form.a portion of the deoxyribonucleic acid sequences present in streptococcus faecalis were absent in its stable l form. the remaining sequences were common to both forms.19694975754
procedure for evaluating the effects of 2,450-megahertz microwaves upon streptococcus faecalis and saccharomyces cerevisiae.modifications of a commercial 2,450-megahertz microwave oven were made so that 6 ml of microbial suspension could be exposed to the microwave field for various periods of time. the microorganisms were contained in the central tube of a modified liebig condenser positioned in the approximate geometric center of the oven cavity. kerosene at -25 c was circulated through the jacket of the condenser during microwave exposure permitting microwaves to reach the microbial suspension. flow rates of the k ...19694975450
intracellular killing of bacteria. 19694974162
studies on the biologic activity and mode of action of 7-deazainosine. 19694974300
role of pyruvate metabolism in the growth of streptococcus faecalis in the presence of propionate.the growth of streptococcus faecalis is inhibited by propionate, and the inhibition is reversed by lipoic acid or acetate. a study of the role of pyruvate oxidation in s. faecalis showed that propionate inhibited the lipoic acid-dependent aerobic oxidation of pyruvate in resting cells. pyruvate dehydrogenation with neotetrazolium as a hydrogen acceptor in cell-free extracts also required lipoic acid and was markedly inhibited by propionyl phosphate as well as sodium propionate. some lipid substa ...19694974385
dependence of protease secretion by streptococcus faecalis var. liquefaciens on arginine and its possible relation to site of synthesis.washed cells of streptococcus faecalis var. liquefaciens, when harvested from media that supported protease biosynthesis, continued to release this extracellular enzyme in phosphate buffer. the addition of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) halted the secretion. if zinc ions were added to the edta-treated cells before 45 to 60 min had elapsed, a fraction of the anticipated enzyme activity was observed. after 60 min, arginine and phosphate, in addition to zinc, were necessary for the demonstr ...19694974395
cephalothin and cephaloridine: comparative pharmacodynamics in chronic uremia. 19694974464
trimethoprim in the treatment of urinary infections in hospital.success in the cure of urinary infections of hospital patients was compared for five-day courses of sulphamethoxazole alone, sulphamethoxazole plus one-tenth its weight of trimethoprim, and sulphamethoxazole plus one-fifth its weight of trimethoprim (septrin). the cure rates were 65%, 84%, and 92% respectively. fifty-four per cent. of 111 patients had urinary tract abnormalities. forty-three per cent. of the causative organisms were sulphonamide-resistant in vitro. there were no major side-effec ...19694974510
6-oxa isosteres of uracil and thymine. 19694973986
pyridoxal phosphate. i. phosphonic acid analogs of pyridoxal phosphate. synthesis via wittig reactions and enzymic evaluation. 19694973988
esophagopleural fistula. a rare postpneumonectomy complication. 19694974076
microbiological plate assay methods for free amino acid levels in blood. 19694975048
occurrence of false-positive most probable number tests for fecal streptococci in marine the use of the most probable number technique with azide dextrose and ethyl violet azide broths for enterococci, the common occurrence of false-positive tests was noted when marine and estuarine waters were sampled. organisms isolated included a marine bacterium, gram-positive and gram-negative nonmarine bacteria, and yeasts. all cultures were capable of growth in azide-dextrose, ethyl violet-azide, and kf broths. representative isolates grew in media containing 0.08% nan(3). the tentatively ...19694983956
[new tetrahydro-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thiones with antimycotic, antibacterial and anthelmintic effect]. 19694984062
salmonella suppression by known populations of bacteria in flies.survivorship of salmonella typhimurium, streptococcus faecalis, proteus mirabilis, and pseudomonas aeruginosa was studied in dibiotic and tribiotic interactions in vitro and in various regions of the digestive tract of the blow fly, calliphora vicina. in dibiotic interactions, salmonella typhimurium dominated streptococcus faecalis and was dominated by p. mirabilis, but in neither case was it eliminated from the larval gut. in tribiotic interactions, there was synergic suppression and a definite ...19694984172
[antibiotic resistance of bacteria in surgical infections between 1960 and 1965 in our field]. 19694984300
antimicrobial effects of anacardiac acids. 19694984318
studies on the mode of action of some cephalosporin derivatives. 19694984333
[precise increase in the sensitivity of streptococcus faecalis to folic acid in the presence of acetate buffer. applcation to microbiologic determination of folic acid]. 19694979064
[clinical-pharmacological studies with gentamycin]. 19694983523
[fluorometric method for determining folic acid in food products]. 19694983743
streptococcal taxonomy. 19694983575
susceptibility of group d streptococcus (enterococcus) to 21 antibiotics in vitro, with special reference to species differences. 19694984452
[cell wall composition of listeria monocytogenes and erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae]. 19694984411
possible association of a polysaccharide and an antibiotic with the disease cycle of cephalosporium stripe. 19694985016
[studies on the use of cephalexin in children]. 19694985337
[antibifidus streptococci. 2. bacteriological study on antibifidus streptococci]. 19694985564
[experimental pyelonephritis. i. complement and antibody titer in non-obstructive enterococcal pyelonephritis]. 19694986539
[the occurrence of enterococci in food]. 19694989342
[utilization of rare ketoses by some bacteria and yeasts]. 19694989349
[bacteriological and pharmacokinetic properties of new oral cephalosporin compounds]. 19694986146
[stimulation of antibodies to pathogenic microorganisms in animals by immunizing them with saprophytes]. 19694986751
[relationship between chemical constitution and antimicrobial action. 21. preparation of various acyl- and arylisothiocyanates and their fungistatic and bacteriostatic characteristics]. 19694987141
[residual bactericidal activity of several disinfectants used for disinfecting the hands]. 19694992760
[on the effect of germs in the small intestine. in vitro effect on saccharase and leucine aminopeptidase]. 19694993633
[pollution of sea water in the upper adriatic. 3. study of the lagoon of venice and of the adjacent portion of the sea]. 19694993761
[bacteriological studies of raw and whipped cream on sale in naples]. 19694993762
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