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a case of acute endocarditis caused by micrococcus zymogenes (nov. spec.), with a description of the microorganism.from a case of acute endocarditis of the aortic and mitral valves with infarctions m the spleen and kidneys a micrococcus was twice isolated in pure culture from the blood during life and was demonstrated after death both microscopically and in pure culture in large numbers in the valvular vegetations, the infarctions and other parts. no other species of microorganism was found. this micrococcus is very small, occurs mainly in pairs, sometimes in short chains, stains by gram's method, grows in s ...189919866921
an unusual organism (micrococcus zymogenes) in a case of malignant endocarditis. 191219976274
a study of micrococcus zymogenes. 192816559342
streptococci in infectious (atrophic) arthritis and rheumatic fever.the question of the relationship of streptococci to the etiology of infectious arthritis and of rheumatic fever is of the utmost importance. if a streptococcus or group of streptococci could be shown to be associated see pdf for structure with either disease, some form of specific treatment might be available. the possibility of primary streptococcic infection as the cause of rheumatic fever, and, to a less extent, of acute infectious arthritis would seem to be a reasonable conjecture because of ...193019869811
the action of aldehydes on certain cultures of streptococcus liquefaciens in milk. 193616559903
the production of amines by bacteria: the production of tyramine by streptococcus faecalis. 194016747228
the production of amines by bacteria: the production of putrescine from l(+)-arginine by bacterium coli in symbiosis with streptococcus faecalis. 194016747229
the serological grouping of streptococcus lactis (group n) and its relationship to streptococcus faecalis. 194320475672
studies on bacterial amino-acid decarboxylases: 2. l(-)-tyrosine decarboxylase from streptococcus faecalis. 194416747786
the identification of "streptococcus lactis r" as a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 194416560875
the oxidation of glycerol by streptococcus faecalis. 194516560928
the response of lactobacillus casei and streptococcus faecalis to vitamin bc and vitamin bc conjugate. 194620985636
a heat-labile stimulatory factor for streptococcus faecalis r. 194620985651
the influence of a strepogenin concentrate on the metabolism of glutamic acid by streptococcus faecalis. 194621001226
the amino acid requirements of streptococcus faecalis and the use of this organism for the determination of threonine in natural products. 194621010894
the activity of lactobacillus casei factor, folic acid, and vitamin bc for streptococcus faecalis and lactobacillus casei. 194621023647
the assimilation of amino-acids by bacteria; the passage of certain amino-acids across the cell wall and their concentration in the internal environment of streptococcus faecalis. 194720238537
the assimilation of amino-acids by bacteria; the action of tyrocidin and some detergent substances in releasing amino-acids from the internal environment of streptococcus faecalis. 194720238538
an outbreak of acute mastitis due to streptococcus faecalis. 194720249480
the vitamin b6 group; an improved method for assay of vitamin b6 with streptococcus faecalis. 194720259096
growth inhibition of bacteria by synthetic pterins: studies with streptococcus faecalis, lactobacillus casei, and lactobacillus arabinosus. 194720259102
comparative distribution of a stimulatory factor for streptococcus faecalis r and the monkey antianemia factor. 194720287920
studies on the function of pteroylglutamic acid in streptococcus faecalis. 194720343622
pyruvic acid metabolism: a factor required for oxidation by streptococcus faecalis. 194816561598
streptococcus faecalis in e. histolytica infections. 194818867711
the decarboxylation of l-phenylalanine by streptococcus faecalis r. 194818871240
pyruvic acid metabolism; a factor required for oxidation by streptococcus faecalis. 194818887828
streptococcus faecalis reaction occurring during streptomycin therapy. 194918109440
the serine requirement of streptococcus faecalis r as a function of the basal medium. 194918112085
caronamide and penicillin in subacute bacterial endocarditis due to streptococcus faecalis. 194918124577
the assay of folic acid with streptococcus faecalis nctc 6459. 194918124899
the use of the tyrosine apodecarboxylase of streptococcus faecalis r for the estimation of codecarboxylase. 194918132130
the substrate specificity of the tyrosine decarboxylase of streptococcus faecalis. 194918151006
the substrate specificity of the tyrosine decarboxylase of streptococcus faecalis. 194916748530
the use of the tyrosine apodecarboxylase of streptococcus faecalis r for the estimation of codecarboxylase. 194916748564
the assimilation of amino-acids by bacteria. 9. the passage of lysine across the cell wall of streptococcus faecalis. 195016748644
the vitamin requirements for glycerol oxidation by streptococcus faecalis. 195015436427
tuberculous meningitis complicated by pyogenic meningitis caused by streptococcus faecalis. 195014771455
speculations on the mechanism of cure of bacterial endocarditis. 195014774129
a study of the simultaneous occurrence of enterococci, lactobacilli, and yeasts in saliva from human beings. 195014774472
influence of the pyruvate oxidation factor on the oxidative metabolism of glucose by streptococcus faecalis. 195014784471
the intestinal content in pernicious anemia of factors for the growth of streptococcus faecalis and lactobacillus leichmannii. 195014791581
the aspartic-glutamic acids ratio in the metabolism of streptococcus fecalis. i. the role of glutamic acid and biotin in synthesis of aspartic acid. 195014801567
the interrelationship of alanine and vitamin b6 with two strains of streptococcus faecalis. 195014856784
pyruvic acid metabolism. ii. an acetoinforming enzyme system in streptococcus faecalis. 195114861180
[septic canaliculitis due to an enterococcus streptococcus faecalis; treatment with massive doses of penicillin]. 195114881962
observations on the synthesis and destruction of tyrosine by streptococcus faecalis r. 195114886031
further mineral requirements of streptococcus faecalis. 195114888651
development of resistance to 4-amino-n10-methyl pteroylglutamic acid (amethopterin) by streptococcus faecalis. 195114892004
the role of riboflavin in the formation and disposal of hydrogen peroxide by streptococcus faecalis. 195114897842
the effect of lanthanum on growth and metabolism of streptococcus faecalis r. 195114907665
studies on purine and pyrimidine requirements of a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 195114912011
the assimilation of amino-acids by bacteria; action of inhibitors on the accumulation of free glutamic acid in staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus faecalis. 195114820858
an adaptive peroxidation by streptococcus faecalis. 195114824073
d-alanine formation; a racemase in streptococcus faecalis. 195114841188
utilization of pteroylglutamic acid antagonists for growth by a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 195213047374
peptides and bacterial growth. iii. utilization of tyrosine and tyrosine peptides by streptococcus faecalis. 195212981112
the arginine dihydrolase system of streptococcus faecalis. i. identification of citrulline as an intermediate. 195212999796
the arginine dihydrolase system of streptococcus faecalis. ii. properties of arginine desimidase. 195212999797
studies on the inhibition of growth of streptococcus faecalis by sodium propionate. 195212999845
the occurrence of growth factors for lactobacillus leichmannii; streptococcus faecalis and leuconostoc citrovorum in the tissues of pernicious anaemia patients and controls. 195213018163
effect of arginine and growth and formation of arginine dihydrolase in streptococcus faecalis. 195213037761
[enterococci, d-streptococci and streptococcus faecalis]. 195214942459
studies of the bacterial cell wall. iii. preliminary investigation of the chemical constitution of the cell wall of streptococcus faecalis. 195214953928
the activities of some 2 : 4-diaminopteridines and sulphathiazole against streptococcus faecalis and staphylococcus aureus. 195214904914
primary enterococcic (streptococcus faecalis) meningitis; cure effected with combined penicillin and streptomycin therapy. 195214897707
the nucleic acid fractions of a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 195313044901
hydrolysis of arginine by soluble enzymes of streptococcus faecalis. 195313031623
the heat resistance of streptococcus faecalis. 195313035028
citrulline breakdown by a cell-free extract of streptococcus faecalis. 195313035056
development of resistance to 2, 4-diamino-5(3'4'-dichlorphenyl)-6-methylpyrimidine (sk5265) by streptococcus faecalis. 195313047456
an improved method of analysis for glycine using streptococcus faecalis. 195313051198
studies on the enzymatic formation of citrovorum factor by streptococcus faecalis. 195313061431
resistance to folic acid analogues in a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 195313064243
interrelationship between thioctic acid, l-lyxoflavin, and riboflavin in streptococcus faecalis. 195313069425
some factors affecting the nutritional requirements of streptococcus faecalis. 195313069438
the oxidation and per-oxidation of dpnh2 in extracts of streptococcus faecalis, 10c1. 195313092993
the arginine dihydrolase system of streptococcus faecalis. iii. the decomposition of citruline. 195313117847
enumeration of streptococcus faecalis, with particular reference to polluted waters. 195313118147
improved methods for determining the most probable number of bacterium coli and of streptococcus faecalis. 195313118148
chemical and biological studies on 1,2-dihydro-s-triazines. iv. activity in pteroylglutamic acid-streptococcus faecalis no. 8043 systems. 195313120872
chemical and biological studies on 1,2-dihydro-s-triazines. vi. development of resistance by streptococcus faecalis no. 8043. 195313120874
acquired arteriovenous fistulas complicated by endarteritis, and endocarditis lenta due to streptococcus faecalis. 195413133072
growth response of streptococcus faecalis to the stereoisomers of methionine and some derivatives. 195413159294
formation of d-methionine from 1-by streptococcus faecalis. 195413159295
studies on the mechanism of resistance to folic acid analogues in a strain of streptococcus faecalis. 195413163059
the binding of penicillin in relation to its cytotoxic action. ii. the reactivity with penicillin of resistant variants of streptococci, pneumococci, and staphylococci.1. in a previous study, the differing sensitivity of bacterial strains as they occur in nature appeared to be correlated with their correspondingly differing reactivity with penicillin. presumably, the over-all reactivity of the cell with penicillin paralleled that of the vulnerable cell component(s). however, when penicillin-resistant variants of these strains (streptococcus pyogenes, micrococcus pyogenes, diplococcus pneumoniae, and streptococcus faecalis) were produced by serial passage throu ...195413163342
effect of 5-bromouracil on utilization of thymidine by streptococcus faecalis. 195413167139
the flavin requirement for dpnh-menadione reductase in streptococcus faecalis. 195413198958
effect of manganese and other factors on early autolysis of cultures of streptococcus faecalis. 195413201535
amino acid metabolic studies. vi. aspartic acid-lysine interrelations in streptococcus faecalis (6057). 195413208282
the anaerobic interconversion of ornithine and citrulline by streptococcus faecalis. 195413208640
the synthesis of serine and leuconostoc citrovorum factor by cell suspensions of streptococcus faecalis r. 195413208641
amino acid metabolic studies. vii. the utilization of amino acids by streptococcus faecalis under serine imbalance. 195413221545
[a case of endocarditis lenta caused by streptococcus faecalis]. 195414366288
biological activities of 6-mercaptopurine: effects on streptococcus faecalis. 195414350526
diacetyl oxidation by streptococcus faecalis, a lipoic acid dependent reaction. 195513233166
inhibition studies with pyrimidines on streptococcus faecalis r. 195513233233
the identification and classification of streptococcus faecalis and some associated streptococci. 195513259200
lipoic acid activation of the alpha-ketobutyrate oxidation system in cell-free extracts of streptococcus faecalis. 195513276384
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