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the causative agents in infective endocarditis: a systematic review comprising 33,214 cases.infective endocarditis (ie) incidence remains high with considerable fatality rates; guidelines for prophylaxis against ie are currently under review in some settings which highlights the importance of maintaining up-to-date epidemiological estimates about the most common microbial causes. the objective of this systematic review, following prisma guidelines, was to identify the most common microbial causes of ie in recent years. medline was searched from january 1, 2003 to march 31, 2013 for all ...201627170145
effect of stage of lactation on the immune competence of goat mammary gland.the present research was undertaken to evaluate the effect of stage of lactation on immune competence of the goat mammary gland. the prevalence and etiology of intramammary infections and cytokine pattern were studied in individual caprine milk during lactation. a total of 1,200 caprine milk samples were collected during early, mid, and late lactation (less than 40 d, from 110 to 130 d, and more than 200 d in lactation, respectively) and analyzed for milk quality, bacterial cell load, and cytoki ...201626947302
familial adenomatous polyposis manifesting as lactococcus endocarditis: a case report and review of the association of lactococcus with underlying gastrointestinal disease.a 45-year-old male with a prosthetic aortic valve presented to the hospital with several months of generalized malaise. on admission, he was noted to have anemia of unclear etiology and subsequently became febrile with multiple blood cultures growing lactococcus garvieae. inpatient workup was concerning for infectious endocarditis (ie) secondary to lactococcus. the patient was discharged home with appropriate antimicrobial therapy; however, he was readmitted for persistent, symptomatic anemia an ...201627818810
[presence of streptococcus bovis in urine samples from patients experiencing symptoms of urinary tract].given the relevance of proper clinical validation of streptococcus bovis, we here consider revising its presence in urine samples in order to determine its relative frequency and the pattern of antibiotic susceptibility. the susceptibility to antibiotics of 91 isolates of s. bovis from urine samples was retrospectively reviewed over a period of 4 years (2012-2015). the mean age of patients was 55 years, 81% of whom were women and 37.4% were hospitalized patients suffering from urological disease ...201627838157
significant correlation between the infant gut microbiome and rotavirus vaccine response in rural ghana.rotavirus (rv) is the leading cause of diarrhea-related death in children worldwide and 95% of rv-associated deaths occur in africa and asia where rv vaccines (rvvs) have lower efficacy. we hypothesize that differences in intestinal microbiome composition correlate with the decreased rvv efficacy observed in poor settings.201727803175
streptococcus bovis new taxonomy: does subspecies distinction matter?bacteremia with streptococcus bovis/equinus complex strains is associated with hepatobiliary disease, colorectal lesions (cl), and infective endocarditis (ie). this study addressed the clinical significance of subspecies distinction of previously designated s. bovis blood culture isolates according to the updated nomenclature. during 2002-2013, all blood culture isolates previously designated as s. bovis were recultured and identified using 16s rrna gene sequencing and maldi-tof (bruker biotyper ...201727796646
african fermented dairy products - overview of predominant technologically important microorganisms focusing on african streptococcus infantarius variants and potential future applications for enhanced food safety and security.milk is a major source of nutrients, but can also be a vehicle for zoonotic foodborne diseases, especially when raw milk is consumed. in africa, poor processing and storage conditions contribute to contamination, outgrowth and transmission of pathogens, which lead to spoilage, reduced food safety and security. fermentation helps mitigate the impact of poor handling and storage conditions by enhancing shelf life and food safety. traditionally-fermented sour milk products are culturally accepted a ...201728364623
potential influence of dairy propionibacteria on the growth and acid metabolism of streptococcus bovis and megasphaera elsdenii.ruminal acidosis is a prevalent disorder among dairy cows and feedlot cattle, which can significantly impair their health and productivity. this study, involving seven different strains of dairy propionibacteria, represents an in vitro investigation of the feasibility of using these organisms as direct-fed microbials to control lactic acid acumulation in the rumen. interactions between the propionibacteria, streptococcus bovis and megasphaera elsdenii were evaluated in terms of effects on lactic ...201727824275
antiprotozoal effect of saponins in the rumen can be enhanced by chemical modifications in their structure.the antiprotozoal effect of saponins is transitory, as when saponins are deglycosylated to the sapogenin by rumen microorganisms they become inactive. we postulated that the substitution of the sugar moiety of the saponin with small polar residues would produce sapogen-like analogs which might be resistant to degradation in the rumen as they would not be enzymatically cleaved, allowing the antiprotozoal effect to persist over time. in this study, we used an acute assay based on the ability of pr ...201728382023
isolation of streptococci from a fatal case of myocarditis in a captive brown bear (ursus arctos).a 10-yr-old, male brown bear ( ursus arctos ) from bursa zoo in turkey died without any apparent signs. severe purulent pericarditis and myocarditis with mild ascites, lung edema, and moderate liver congestion were observed during necropsy. microscopically, there were severe neutrophilic infiltrations in the myocardium and thoracic lymph nodes. a member of the streptococcus bovis - streptococcus equinus complex (sbsec) was isolated and identified phenotypically.201728363068
species identification of streptococcus bovis group isolates causing bacteremia: a comparison of two maldi-tof ms systems.this study compared two maldi-tof ms systems (biotyper and vitek ms) on clinical streptococcus bovis group isolates (n=66). the vitek ms gave fewer misidentifications and a higher rate of correct identifications than the biotyper. only the identification of s. lutetiensis by the vitek ms was reliable. additional optimization of the available system databases is needed.201728262370
effect of biochanin a on corn grain (zea mays) fermentation by bovine rumen amylolytic bacteria.the objective was to determine the effect of biochanin a (bca), an isoflavone produced by red clover (trifolium pratense l.), on corn fermentation by rumen micro-organisms.201728055130
effect of sugarcane fiber digestibility, conservation method and concentrate level on the ruminal ecosystem of beef cattle.the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of sugarcane neutral detergent fiber digestibility (ndfd), conservation method, and concentrate level on the ruminal microbial population of steers. eight ruminal-cannulated nellore steers were distributed in two contemporary 4 × 4 latin square design with a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement of treatments. experiment 1: diets were formulated with 60% of concentrate level, and two sugarcane genotypes (high or low ndfd) either freshly cut or as silage ...201728265975
effects of the dose and viability of saccharomyces cerevisiae. 1. diversity of ruminal microbes as analyzed by illumina miseq sequencing and quantitative pcr.this study was conducted to examine effects of the dose and viability of supplemental saccharomyces cerevisiae on the ruminal fermentation and bacteria population and the performance of lactating dairy cows. four ruminally cannulated lactating cows averaging 284±18d in milk were assigned to 4 treatments arranged in a 4×4 latin square design with four 21-d periods. cows were fed a total mixed ration containing 41.7% corn silage, 12.1% brewer's grains, and 46.2% concentrate on a dry matter basis. ...201727837973
two cases of proteinase 3-anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (pr3-anca)-related nephritis in infectious endocarditis.we herein report two cases of proteinase 3-anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (pr3-anca)-related nephritis in infectious endocarditis. in both cases, the patients were middle-aged men with proteinuria and hematuria, hypoalbuminemia, decreased kidney function, anemia, elevated c-reactive protein (crp) levels, and pr3-anca positivity. each had bacteremia, due to enterococcus faecium in one and streptococcus bovis in the other. one patient received aortic valve replacement therapy for aortic regu ...201727904114
relationship between enterococcus faecalis infective endocarditis and colorectal neoplasm: preliminary results from a cohort of 154 patients.the association between streptococcus bovis group infective endocarditis and colorectal neoplasm (crn) is well-known. however, no studies have assessed the association between enterococcus faecalis infective endocarditis (efie) and crn. we aimed to determine whether the prevalence of crn is higher in patients with efie and an unclear source of infection than in patients with efie and a known source of infection or in the general population.201727916708
colorectal neoplasm in cases of clostridium septicum and streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus bacteraemia.bacteremia with clostridium septicum (cs) and streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus (sgg) have both been associated with colorectal neoplasms (crn) and colonoscopic examination is advised, however the differences and similarities in colorectal findings are not well known.201728236516
[significance of bacteria detection with filter paper method on diagnosis of diabetic foot wound infection].objective: to evaluate the significance of bacteria detection with filter paper method on diagnosis of diabetic foot wound infection. methods: eighteen patients with diabetic foot ulcer conforming to the study criteria were hospitalized in liyuan hospital affiliated to tongji medical college of huazhong university of science and technology from july 2014 to july 2015. diabetic foot ulcer wounds were classified according to the university of texas diabetic foot classification (hereinafter referre ...201728219141
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