dried blood spot screening for cystic fibrosis. 197992637
cholinergic nerves in blood vessels of the female reproductive system.cholinergic innervation of the blood vessels of the female reproductive system was investigated in human by the cholinesterase method. the following results were obtained: 1. the uterine and vaginal arteries are provided with a rich cholinergic innervation. 2. the ovarian, tubaric and ovarian-uterine artery are poorly innervated. 3. the ovarian and uterine vein are not provided with a cholinergic innervation.1979120093
microvessel reactions and nad-nadh changes in cat brain cortex during cortical stimulation under normo- and hypercapnic conditions. 1977202240
substrate specificity and reaction mechanism of putrescine oxidase.putrescine oxidase [ec] of micrococcus rubens oxidizes many kinds of synthetic polyamines: triamines (spermidine types), tetramines (spermine types), and n-substituted putrescines. polyamines possessing terminal 4-aminobutylimino groups in their structures were more active as substrates. putreanine was oxidized at a rate comparable to that of putrescine, and was converted to 1-pyrroline and beta=alanine. activities and km values for polyamines were affected by the substituent attached to ...1979479133
[melanin and melanosomes occurring in the central nervous system in comparison to their extracerebral manifestations and to synthetic melanin derived from dopamine and serotonin (author's transl)]. 1979525259
specific antibodies to the n-termini of the interpeptide bridges of peptidoglycan.the synthetic peptides gly5-epsilon-ahx and l-ala3-epsilon-ahx, with structural similarity to the interpeptide bridge peptides of staphylococci or micrococci, respectively, were convalently linked to human serum albumin via their carboxylgroups. antisera to these synthetic peptidyl-protein antigens contained fairly high amounts of antibodies with specificity to the n-terminal parts of the peptide chains attached to the carrier proteins. antisera to (gly5-epsilon-ahx)20-albumin gave, without exce ...1978697508
interconversion of large packets and small groups of cells of micrococcus rubens: dependence upon magnesium and phosphate.micrococcus rubens, a gram-positive occus, usually forms large, cubic packets of more than 500 cells that are regularly arranged in three-dimensional cell groups. in medium with extremely low concentration of mg2+ and phosphate, in which the cells can only grow on a agar surface, it formed small groups of 2 to 20 cells. irregularly arraged cell groups of intermediated size were obtained in culture media containing intermediated concentrations of mg2+ and phosphate. mutants that formed irregular ...1977845123
minimal requirements in defined media for improved growth of some radio-resistant pink tetracocci.defined media permitting extensive growth of representative pink radio-resistant tetracocci (micrococcus radiodurans, micrococcus roseus, and micrococcus radiophilus) and two controls (an ultraviolet-sensitive mutant of m. radiodurans and micrococcus luteus) are described. availability of fe (especially fe3+) proved essential for good growth, as evidenced by (i) favorable effects of hydroxamic acids, e.g., salicylhydroxamic acid, and (ii) the growth promotion by hemin when joined with elevated c ...1977879774
[polyamines in representative taxa of coryneform and other bacteria].the composition of polyamines is studied for the first time in representatives of the genus micrococcus and taxon "conglomeratus", strains staphylococcus aureus ccm 209, deinococcus erythromyxa ccm 706 as well as of erwinia carotovora atcc 15713 polyamines, which are not extracted by perchloric acid. considerable amounts of spermine and rarely of spermidine are revealed in cells of gram positive microorganisms, that differs them from gram negative bacteria possessing high concentrations of putre ...19902115965
specific antibodies reveal ordered and cell-cycle-related use of histone-h4 acetylation sites in mammalian cells.antibodies specific for the acetylated forms of histone h4 (h4) were produced in rabbits with a synthetic peptide corresponding to the 18 n-terminal residues of tetra-acetylated h4 (i.e. with acetyllysine at positions 5, 8, 12 and 16). specificity was determined by inhibition assays using four additional peptides, each acetylated at only a single site. using an antiserum (r6) specific for the acetylation site at lys-5 we have estimated the proportion of lys-5 sites acetylated in the mono-, di- a ...19892917555
potentiation of cholinergic tone by pyridostigmine bromide re-instates and potentiates the growth hormone responsiveness to intermittent administration of growth hormone-releasing factor in is known that in normal subjects repeated administration of the growth hormone-releasing factor (grf) induces a state of partial refractoriness of the somatotropes to grf. studies were conducted to verify whether the cholinergic system plays a role in the mechanism(s) underlying the reduced gh responsiveness to the neuropeptide. in five healthy men, the gh response to three consecutive injections of grf (50 micrograms iv), administered at 2 h intervals, was considerably blunted after the seco ...19863020850
experimental infection of sheep and goats with muellerius capillaris (protostrongylidae, nematoda). 19883188728
growth-enhancing effects of culture filtrates of sputum isolates on the l-forms of haemophilus influenzae.the growth-enhancing effects of culture filtrates of respiratory pathogenic bacteria, including haemophilus influenzae, as well as normal floral bacteria other than neisseria perflava and branhamella catarrhalis on l-forms of h. influenzae were examined in vitro, using five species of major respiratory pathogenic bacteria and seven species of normal floral bacteria commonly isolated from the sputum of patients with chronic respiratory tract infections. the growth-enhancing factor(s) was present ...19863490016
a novel glycosphingolipid that may participate in embryo inversion in volvox carteri.mouse monoclonal antibody 4-i-244 detects a developmentally regulated antigen in embryos of volvox carteri and inhibits specifically the morphogenetic process of inversion (the process by which the embryo turns inside out). antigen 4-i-244 was chemically characterized as a complex phytosphingolipid containing the neutral sugars xylose, galactose, and glucose as well as inositol and phosphate.19863524860
comparative evaluation of the immediate and sustained antibacterial action of two regimens, based on triclosan- and chlorhexidine-containing handwash preparations, on volunteers.the degerming effect of a 3 min handwash with 2% triclosan, or 4% chlorhexidine, in detergent and enhanced efficacy of either antiseptic in isopropyl alcohol, was evaluated in volunteers. handwashing with either antiseptic preparation reduced the normal flora by a factor of 10; alcohol rubbing by approximately a factor of 1000. both regimens eliminated micrococcus roseus, artificially inoculated before every procedure. the sustained action of the same detergent preparations was further studied i ...19873595750
detection of messenger rna in routinely processed tissue sections with biotinylated oligonucleotide situ hybridization (ish) with a radioactively 35s-labeled probe and a biotinylated oligonucleotide probe for human calcitonin was used to analyze eight cases of medullary thyroid carcinoma (mtc) in paraffin sections. three of these cases were also studied with frozen tissue sections. the biotinylated probe readily detected calcitonin messenger rna (mrna) in routinely processed formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section within 24 hours. northern hybridization and other control studies dem ...19892756933
hiv-2 in west africa in 1966. 19892566074
photokilling of micrococcus roseus. 1977594175
mineralocorticoid potentiation of isoproterenol-induced myocardial injury: ultrastructural equivalent. 1979522137
affinity chromatography of putrescine oxidase from micrococcus rubens and spermidine dehydrogenase from serratia marcescens.putrescine oxidase [ec], putrescine : oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating) (flavin-containing), from micrococcus rubens and spermidine dehydrogenase from serratia marcescens were adsorbed on amine-sepharose 4b in which one of the terminal amino groups of diamine or triamine was covalently bound to sepharose 4b leaving the other terminal amino group(s) free. the affinities of these enzymes for the amine-sepharose 4b increased on increasing the chain length of the methylene groups in the im ...1979376502
[effect of para-chlorophenylalanine and 5-hydroxytryptophan on the caudate nucleus in cats].in unrestrained cats parachlorophenylalanine, an inhibitor of serotonin synthesis, increased the thresholds of the contraversive reaction and arrest reaction accompanied by spindle-waves in the sensory-motor cortex in the stimulation of the rostro-ventral areas of the caudate nucleus. the reactions evoked from the dorso-medial areas of the head and the body of the nucleus changed differently. on the contrary, 5-hydroxytryptophane, serotonin precursor, increased most of the indices of the caudate ...1978149572
demonstration of sensory innervation of rat tongue with anterogradely transported horseradish peroxidase.wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase injected into the petrosal ganglion in rats was transported to the posterior tongue in the glossopharyngeal nerve. labelled fibers innervated the ipsilateral foliate papilla only, but both ipsi-and contralateral sides of the single circumvallate papilla. somatosensory fibers in the posterior tongue also were labelled. label crossed transcellularly from the afferent fibers into taste bud cells. use of this method provides more detailed knowledge of sen ...19863697712
a rapid enzymatic assay for total blood polyamines.we have designed a rapid, reliable enzymatic assay for total blood polyamines, as based on the combination of substrate specificity of polyamine oxidase (pao) from aspergillus terreus and putrescine oxidase (puo) from micrococcus rubens. quinone dye, derived from hydrogen peroxide generated in the oxidation reaction, is measured spectrophotometrically at 555 nm, and total amounts of putrescine (put), cadaverine (cad), spermidine (spd), and spermine (spm) can be readily determined. the minimum de ...19873652436
the action of cyanogen bromide on rabbit igg molecules of allotypes a11 and a12. 19704097709
genetic factors in toxicology: implications for toxicological screening.methods of assessing the toxicity of xenobiotics have improved substantially during the last decade. however, as compounds become generally safer, the problem of individual variation in response assumes increasing relative importance. environmental factors such as age, health and nutritional status, and interactions with other xenobiotics account for some of this variation, but genetic differences between individuals and races have important implications. in a few cases, mendelian loci which con ...19873311639
what is your diagnosis? 19674226521
morphological evidence of innervation of taste buds of rat fungiform papillae after acute x-ray acute dose of 2000 roentgens (r) of x-ray was delivered to the head and neck area of sprague-dawley rats. groups of rats were sacrificed at 0, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 30 days after x-ray irradiation. both general nerve staining and localization of cholinergic nerves by special staining of fungiform papillae were performed. no apparent change in number and distribution of nerve fibres were observed light microscopically within the fungiform papillae containing normal, degenerating and regenerating ta ...19873270572
immunogenic activity of gonococcal protein i in mice with three different lipoidal adjuvants delivered in liposomes and in complexes.for several reasons the major outer membrane protein from neisseria gonorrhoeae (gonococcal protein [pi]) is an attractive component for a gonococcal vaccine. this paper describes the influence of two different physical forms of pi on its immunogenic activity. to this end pi was delivered in liposomes and in protein-detergent complexes. in both forms pi was present in a multimeric form. the liposomes were composed of phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol. the effect of dicetylphosphate as a negati ...19863095239
[early stages of tumors in the central nervous system. experimental morphological studies]. 19704330640
determination of the gene sequence of poliovirus with examination of the virus-specific polypeptides formed after the addition of pactamycin, an inhibitor of protein chain initiation, to infected cells, it has been possible to tentatively locate the virus coat proteins at the amino terminus of the large, virus-specific protein precursor, and, therefore, to assign the coat protein cistron to the 5' end of the rna.19714330946
putrescine oxidase from micrococcus rubens. purification and properties of the enzyme. 19724341347
[neurovascular contacts of the eminentia medialis of the neurohypophysis]. 19694394445
changes in renal functions during beta-blocker carazolol administration in acute heat-stressed pigs. 19872890402
digoxin concentrations in the serum and myocardium of digitalised patients. 19734519126
increased motivation in rats with ventromedial hypothalamic lesions. 19734579432
tannin is the major agent present in cotton mill dust responsible for human platelet 5-hydroxytryptamine secretion and thromboxane formation. 19862875226
remedy for unsuccessful urethrostomy. 19734692301
the major carotenoid pigment of a psychrotrophic micrococcus roseus strain: purification, structure, and interaction with synthetic membranes.the major carotenoid pigment of a psychrotrophic micrococcus roseus strain was purified to homogeneity from methanol extracts of dried cells by reverse-phase liquid chromatography and was designated p-3. on the basis of the uv-visible, infrared, mass, and 1h nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of p-3, it was identified as bisdehydro-beta-carotene-2-carboxylic acid. the pigment interacted with synthetic membranes of phosphatidylcholine and dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine and stabilized the membran ...19911744046
isolation and characterization of pigmentation mutants of micrococcus roseus. 19744837578
action of light on micrococcus roseus. 19744837579
mechanism of action of putrescine oxidase. binding characteristics of the active site of putrescine oxidase from micrococcus rubens.putrescine oxidase (ec, putrescine: oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating) (flavin containing), has been found to form complexes with a variety of amines. with few exceptions these compounds competitively inhibit putrescine oxidation and also perturb the visible absorption spectrum of the enzyme (i.e., the spectrum due to fad). inhibition constants are reported for a number of amines; the presence of a cationic amino group in the inhibitors appears to be the structural feature essential fo ...19761260033
bacteriological and radiographic features of lung infection by opportunist mycobacteris: a review. 19714938218
deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of micrococcus roseus. 19695310445
isolation and identification of echinenone from micrococcus orange carotenoid from micrococcus roseus was purified by solvent partitioning followed by column and thin-layer chromatography. absorption spectra, chromatographic mobility, and partition coefficient suggested that the pigment was echinenone (4-keto-beta-carotene). reduction yielded a pigment with the spectral and polar properties of isocryptoxanthin (4-hydroxy-beta-carotene), the expected product. the orange pigment and its reduction product co-chromatographed with the respective authentic ...19705473895
biosynthesis of the peptidoglycan of bacterial cell walls. vi. incorporation of l-threonine into interpeptide bridges in micrococcus roseus. 19685638591
cohabitation, convergence, and environmental covariances.temporal variation in traits has long been a central theme in epidemiology. however, human geneticists have largely avoided this topic. recently, several authors have shown how temporal variation in relative-to-relative covariances can be accommodated within the framework of variance components analysis. the present paper attempts to clarify the mathematics implicit in their approach. a stochastic mechanism is discussed that causes covariances to converge or diverge exponentially fast as relativ ...19863728567
a defined medium for growth and pigment synthesis of micrococcus roseus. 19665923140
effects of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide on bacterial growth.the effects of low concentrations of nitric oxide (no) and nitrogen dioxide (no2) on actively dividing cultures of staphylococcus aureus, micrococcus luteus, micrococcus roseus, serratia marcescens, bacillus subtilis, bacillus circulans, bacillus megaterium, and bacillus cereus were studied. fresh cultures of each organism were incubated for 24 h at 25 degrees c on both nutrient agar and mineral salts glucose agar plates under atmospheres containing various low concentrations of no in air (0 to ...19836351744
an enzymatic differential assay for urinary diamines, spermidine, and spermine.subsequent to the hydrolysis of urinary conjugated amines by heating with hydrochloric acid, free amines were isolated by cation-exchange chromatography. spd and spm in an aliquot of amine extract were first oxidized by pao from penicillium chrysogenum, producing put and hydrogen peroxide. dias, which consist of the initially present dias plus put produced by pao, were subsequently oxidized by puo from micrococcus rubens, producing hydrogen peroxide. in an another aliquot of the amine extract di ...19853980559
[partial splenic resections and nd-yag laser].eleven partial splenectomies are performed in pigs. simultaneous section and hemostasis are obtained with continuous 80 w power shoot. there is no hemorrhagic or septic complication and normal splenic weight is recovered in 5 months. platelets elevation observed in post-operative. platelets elevation observed in post-operative period returns to normal rate between 20th and 30th day. acute cellular damage of cut splenic edge does not exceed 3 mm in thickness. semi-thick and electron microscopic e ...19853997982
polyunsaturated fatty acids augment free radical generation in tumor cells in vitro.polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufas) have been shown to inhibit both normal and tumor cell growth in vitro. as pufas are known to induce a respiratory burst and free radical generation in polymorphonuclear leukocytes and since free radicals are toxic to cells, we investigated the effect of pufas on a measure of free radical generation (nitroblue tetrazolium reduction) in normal human fibroblasts and breast cancer cells in vitro. results suggested that linoleate (la), gamma-linolenate (gla), arach ...19873593336
the possible pitfalls of the measurement of intracellular calcium concentration of lymphocytes with the fluorescent indicator quin2.the measurement of intracellular calcium concentration of small cells became feasible and relatively easily accomplishable following the development of the fluorescent calcium chelating dye, quin2, by r. y. tsien and his co-workers. the present paper gives an experimental survey of the major possible pitfalls of the method such as: 1) the improper choosing of the concentration of quin2/am, 2) the misinterpretation of the calibration procedure, 3) the accidental heavy metal traces in the medium, ...19873500116
further studies regarding the structure activity relationships of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists.1. the ortho (m66,527) and para (m66,368) analogues of 1-t-butylamino-3-(methoxyphenoxy)-2-propanol and para substituted tertiary butylphenoxy-1-n-isopropylamine-3 propanol-2 oxalate acid (l8429) were tested in dogs for their beta-adrenoceptor blocking activity.2. m66,527, which contains a methoxy group in the ortho position of the benzene ring, was found to be comparable to propranolol in blocking cardiac and peripheral vascular responses to isoprenaline. like propranolol, m66,527 was more pote ...19734150921
pelczaria aurantia gen. nov., sp. nov., a newly described orange-colored organism from a goldfish aquarium, isolated on barbital medium, was found to be a gram-positive coccus which divided in alternating planes, often appearing as a doublet or as a tetrad with adjacent sides flattened. it grew well, although slowly, on rich solid medium (lb agar) and in liquid brain-heart infusion at room temperature (ca. 22 degrees c); growth was slower and less extensive at 30 degrees c or 37 degrees c. no growth was seen at 4-5 degrees c or at 42 degrees c. it withstands brief ...19938379810
[problems of onychomycoses caused by aspergilli]. 19694243438
a protein binding assay for adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate.a simple and sensitive assay for adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate (camp) has been developed that is based on competition for protein binding of the nucleotide, presumably to a camp-dependent protein kinase. the nucleotide-protein complex is adsorbed on a cellulose ester filter. assay conditions are such that a binding constant approaching 10(-9) m is obtained, and the assay is thus sensitive to 0.05-0.10 pmol of camp.19704318781
rat catcher's warfarin treatment associated with rectal haemorrhage. 19883147777
effects of anesthesia on the peripheral circulation. 19694399334
[search for bacterial contamination of the aqueous humor during cataract surgery with and without local antibiotic prophylaxis].bacterial contamination of anterior chamber at the end of cataract surgery, was compared between two techniques: extracapsular extraction and phacoemulsification. the effectiveness of preoperative antibiotic eyedrops using norfloxacine 0.3% (chibroxine) was also evaluated.19958745762
adrenergic receptors: possible mechanism of inverse regulation of alpha- and beta-receptors.many physiologic and pathologic conditions, including bronchial asthma, are associated with inverse changes in alpha- and beta-receptor-mediated responses in various tissues. the direction of the change elicited by a given stimulus is tissue specific, as exemplified by the actions of thyroid hormones: in the rat heart, hypothyroidism reduces beta- and increases alpha-receptor responses, whereas in the rat liver it has the opposite effects. a similar increase in beta- and decrease in alpha-recept ...19852991359
in-vitro release of [14c]glutamate from dentate gyrus is modulated by gaba.the effect of gaba (10(-3) and 10(-4) m) on the release of preloaded [14c]glutamate from slices of rat dentate gyrus, in response to k+ stimulation, was studied in ca2+-free and normal krebs solutions. release in ca2+-free solution was significantly enhanced, but there was no change in release in normal krebs solution. these results imply that ca2+-dependent (presumably neuronal) release of glutamate from the dentate gyrus is depressed by gaba, while non-neuronal ca2+-independent release is enha ...19862872320
significance of the dog as 'second animal species' in toxicity testing for establishing the lowest 'no-toxic-effect level'.the toxicity data of 66 compounds adequately tested in the rat (as 'prime animal species') and in the dog (as 'second animal species') were studied to find out for how many of these compounds the study in dogs led to a lower 'no-toxic-effect level' (ntel) than that found in the rat. from a quantitative point of view such information would contribute to a better insight into the desirability of toxicity studies in dogs, because acceptable daily intakes and permissible exposure levels in man are g ...19863760453
phylogenetic diversity of the deinococci as determined by 16s ribosomal dna sequence comparison.16s ribosomal dna (rdna) sequences were determined for the five species of the genus deinococcus (deinococcus erythromyxa, deinococcus proteolyticus, deinococcus radiodurans, deinococcus radiophilus, and deinococcus radiopugnans) and the single species of the genus. deinobacter (deinobacter grandis). with the exception of deinococcus erythromyxa, the deinococci form a coherent phylogenetic cluster which is related to the thermus-meiothermus lineage. an analysis of the 16s rdna sequence of deinoc ...19979103641
a comparative study of the allergenicity of quaternary ammonium compounds in guinea-pigs. 19863815891
effect of synexin on aggregation and fusion of chromaffin granule ghosts at ph 6.fusion of chromaffin granule ghosts was induced by synexin at ph 6, 37 degrees c, in the presence of 10(-7) m ca2+. to study the kinetics and extent of this fusion process we employed two assays that monitored continuously mixing of aqueous contents or membrane mixing by fluorescence intensity increases. in both assays chromaffin granule ghosts were either labeled on the membrane or in the included aqueous phase. the ratios of blank to labeled chromaffin granule ghosts were varied from 1 to 10. ...19872443172
action of visible light on enzymes in cell envelopes of micrococcus roseus. 19751208657
5-oxo-l-prolinase from rat kidney. 19853911006
properties of a mutant lactose carrier of escherichia coli with a cys148----ser148 substitution.the cysteine residue at position 148 in the lactose carrier protein of escherichia coli has been replaced by serine using oligonucleotide-directed, site-specific mutagenesis of the lac y gene. the mutant carrier is incorporated into the cytoplasmic membrane to the same extent as the wild-type carrier, confers a lactose-positive phenotype on cells, and actively transports lactose and other galactosides. however, the maximum rate of transport for several substrates is reduced by a factor of 6-10 w ...19853922794
idiopathic haemochromatosis and eye symptoms. a case report.a 61-year-old man with idiopathic haemochromatosis and eye symptoms is described. the examination showed microaneurysms scattered over the bulbar conjunctiva, and some discrete pigmentations in the superficial tissue in the perilimbal area. each cornea revealed a light brown, ellipsoid opacity with the longest diameter horizontally, seemingly being located in the corneal epithelium and/or the anterior part of the stroma. a corneal biopsy was examined by light and electron microscopy. two differe ...19853923775
molecular properties of succinate dehydrogenase isolated from micrococcus luteus (lysodeikticus).succinate dehydrogenase (ec of micrococcus luteus was selectively precipitated from triton x-100-solubilized membranes by using specific antiserum. the precipitated enzyme contained equimolar amounts of four polypeptides with apparent molecular weights of 72,000, 30,000, 17,000, and 15,000. the 72,000 polypeptide possessed a covalently bound flavin prosthetic group and appeared to be strongly antigenic as judged by immunoprinting experiments. low-temperature absorption spectroscopy rev ...19836402500
inhibition of carotenoid synthesis in micrococcus roseus.micrococcus roseus forms bicyclic keto-carotenoids. the effects of nicotine, piperonyl butoxide, and 2-(4-chlorophenylthio)-triethylamine hydrochloride (cpta) were studied with regard to their ability to selectively inhibit carotenogenesis in the organism. nicotine caused accumulation of beta-zeacarotene; piperonyl butoxide caused accumulation of phytoene and traces of phytofluene, zeta-carotene, and beta-zeacarotene. in both cases canthaxanthin biosynthesis was inhibited. cpta inhibited canthax ...19817237286
the effect of heat upon the interaction between aminoglycosides and semi-synthetic penicillins in human serum: a consideration for hiv infectious serum.we conducted 2 experiments to study the effect of heat on the interaction between aminoglycosides and semi-synthetic penicillins in human serum. in one experiment, human serum spiked with either gentamicin or tobramycin at a concentration of 4.7 mg/l plus carbenicillin, ticarcillin, piperacillin, mezlocillin, or azlocillin at concentrations of either 50 mg/l or 150 mg/l was subjected to a 30-min, 56 degrees c waterbath incubation. in the second experiment, randomly selected sera from patients re ...19873649918
proteolytic and lipolytic activities of micrococcus roseus (65), halomonas elongata (16) and vibrio sp. (168) isolated from danish bacon curing brines.viable cells, cell free extracts and extracellular concentrates of micrococcus roseus (65), halomonas elongata (16) and vibrio sp. (168) isolated from danish bacon curing brines were examined for lipase, esterase, proteinase and aminopeptidase activities on natural and synthetic substrates. micrococcus roseus (65) produced one intracellular esterase with affinity for short chain esters, and two intracellular aminopeptidases with affinity for nonpolar amino acids and l-arginine, respectively. one ...19948074966
putrescine oxidase of micrococcus rubens: primary structure and escherichia coli.the flavin adenine dinucleotide (fad)-containing putrescine oxidase of micrococcus rubens catalyses the oxidative deamination of putrescine. the amino acid sequences of the nh2-termini of the mature enzyme and lysyl-endopeptidase-generated fragments were determined for preparation of synthetic oligonucleotides as hybridization probes for cloning. a 4.4 kb bamhi fragment which contained dna sequences hybridizing to the probes was cloned in puc19 in escherichia coli. the nucleotide sequence togeth ...19938473854
biodegradation of a synthetic lubricant by micrococcus roseus.a bacterium that was able to utilize emkarate 1550 (e1550), a synthetic lubricant ester, as the sole source of carbon was isolated. the isolate was tentatively identified as micrococcus roseus. the components of the e1550 ester, octanoate, decanoate, and 1,1,1-tris(hydroxymethyl)propane (tmp), were detected in the culture medium of cells growing on the ester. the tmp tertiary alcohol accumulated during growth and was not utilized by this isolate. the detection of the components of the ester in t ...19938476283
enzymatic deacylation of s35-benzylpenicillin.pruess, david l. (university of wisconsin, madison), and marvin j. johnson. enzymatic deacylation of s(35)-benzylpenicillin. j. bacteriol. 90:380-383. 1965.-s(35)-benzylpenicillin, penicilloic acid, and penilloic acid were deacylated by cell suspensions of escherichia coli and micrococcus roseus. both cultures deacylated penicillin most rapidly and penilloic acid least rapidly. the deacylase activity of m. roseus against penicilloic acid was cell-bound, probably requiring a metal ion for activit ...196514329451
catheter-related bacteremia due to kocuria rosea in a patient undergoing peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.micrococcus species may cause intracranial abscesses, meningitis, pneumonia, and septic arthritis in immunosuppressed or immunocompetent hosts. in addition, strains identified as micrococcus spp. have been reported recently in infections associated with indwelling intravenous lines, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis fluids, ventricular shunts and prosthetic valves.200415615593
low-molecular-weight thiols in streptomycetes and their potential role as antioxidants.the intracellular low-molecular-weight thiols present in five gram-positive streptomyces species and one flavobacterium species were analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography after fluorescence labeling with monobromobimane. bacteria were chosen to include penicillin and cephalosporin beta-lactam producers and nonproducers. no significant amount of glutathione was found in any of the streptomycetes. major intracellular thiols in all strains examined were cysteine, coenzyme a, sulfide, t ...19938478335
isolation and characterization of microorganisms from instruments used by pedicurists operating within lagos metropolis, nigeria.eight bacterial and five fungal species were isolated from swab samples taken from instruments used by pedicurists operating at three different sites in lagos, nigeria. the bacterial isolates included micrococcus luteus, micrococcus roseus, staphylococcus epidermidis, staphylococcus aureus, hafnia spp, shigella spp, bacillus subtilis and bacillus spp. the five fungal isolates were identified as aspergillus niger, aspergillus flavus, mucor spp, trichophyton spp and candida albicans. the presence ...200415816270
physicochemical factors influencing growth and pigment synthesis by micrococcus roseus. 19665969333
effects of isoflurane on myocardial metabolism during postischaemic reperfusion in the experiments on isolated rat heart lung preparation, the effects of isoflurane on myocardial metabolism during postischaemic reperfusion were evaluated with intramyocardial high energy phosphates, lactate and glycogen. hearts were perfused for 10 min initially and made globally ischaemic for 8 min in ischaemic groups. afterwards, they were reperfused for 12 min. isoflurane was administered from 5 min after the start of perfusion to the end of reperfusion. there was no significant difference in ...19883364145
the major carotenoid pigment of a psychrotrophic micrococcus roseus strain: fluorescence properties of the pigment and its binding to membranes.the fluorescence excitation and emission spectra are reported for p-3 (bis-dehydro-b-carotene-2-carboxylic acid), the major carotenoid pigment of psychrotrophic m. roseus. the excitation spectrum and the absorption spectrum showed good agreement with respect to the position of their peak maxima. the study also demonstrates that p-3 binds to liposomes prepared from synthetic lipids (pc, dopg, or cl) or the total lipids of a mutant colourless m. roseus. binding of p-3 to the membranes was accompan ...19968607832
in vivo characteristics and localisation of carotenoid pigments in psychrotrophic and mesophilic micrococcus roseus using photoacoustic spectroscopy.photoacoustic spectra of cells of m. roseus were recorded to study the in vivo characteristics and localisation of the carotenoid pigments in these cells. the pa spectra indicated that both the psychrotrophic and mesophilic strains had similar chromophores. the cis carotenoids were prominent in the psychrotrophic m.roseus whereas shorter polyenes were more prominent in mesophilic m.roseus. further, depth profiling photoacoustic studies revealed that in both the strains of m.roseus the bulk of th ...19968858129
three-dimensional reconstruction of the basket cell of the human motor cortex. 19744821063
micrococcus rubens migula 1900. 194316560653
isolation of transducing particles of phi-80 bacteriophage that carry different regions of the escherichia coli has been possible to mate two strains harboring f-prime (f') factors and to isolate from such matings rare recombinants that behave as though the two episomes had fused. thus, two genes not previously linked may be brought into close proximity. an f' factor carrying the attachment site for varphi80 was fused with one carrying the met-ppc-arg region of the chromosome. lysogenization of such a strain, followed by induction, led to the isolation of varphi80arg(+) and varphi80met(+) transducing p ...19714927673
isolation and characterization of carotenoid pigments of micrococcus addition to canthaxanthin, seven pigment fractions were isolated from micrococcus roseus. they were purified by solvent partitioning and by column and thin-layer chromatography. visible absorption spectra, chromatographic behavior, and partition coefficients of the pigments and derivatives prepared from the pigments were used in characterizing them. both alpha- and beta-carotene derivatives were present. the structure of one pigment was suggested as phoenicoxanthin (3-hydroxy-4,4'-diketo-beta ...19685663569
response surface methodology for the optimization of keratinase production in culture medium containing feathers produced by kocuria rosea.a 43-fold increase in keratinase production by kocuria rosea was achieved in batch fermentation using response surface methodology. factorial designs were used to select the components of a culture medium that showed a significant effect on keratinase production. an orthogonal-central composite experimental design was performed, with only two (feathers and magnesium) from nine initial compounds being further analyzed by response surface methodology. an optimum keratinase production of 14 886.9 u ...200616699569
cytogenetic study in six spanish patients with burkitt's lymphoma.a cytogenetic study carried out on affected tissues of six children with burkitt's lymphoma revealed five cases with a typical translocation (8q-; 14q+) and one with a variant t(2p-; 8q+). additional cytogenetic variations were present in three cases. one had two acrocentric marker chromosomes comprised of material from chromosome #1 (1q21----q44) translocated to the y gonosome. the other two cases had a cytogenetic alteration of chromosome #12. cytogenetic studies carried out systematically in ...19853967210
culturable airborne bacteria in outdoor environments in beijing,china.airborne bacteria are important biological components of bioaerosol and play an important role in ecosystem. bacteria at a high concentration in the atmosphere can result in biological air pollution and all kinds of diseases. in this study, a systematical survey on the culturable airborne bacteria was carried out for 1 year at three sites in beijing urban area. results showed that concentrations of culturable bacteria ranged from 71 colony forming units (cfu)/m(3) to 22,100 cfu/m(3), and the mea ...200717308950
medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria.this study represents a comprehensive analysis and scientific validation of our ancient knowledge about the effect of ethnopharmacological aspects of natural products' smoke for therapy and health care on airborne bacterial composition and dynamics, using the biolog microplate panels and microlog database. we have observed that 1h treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs (havan sámagri=material used in oblation to fire all over india) ...200717913417
essential oil constituents and in vitro antimicrobial activity of decalepis hamiltonii roots against foodborne pathogens.hydrodistillation of decalepis hamiltonii roots yielded an essential oil (0.33% v/w) that contained 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzaldehyde (37.45%), 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde (31.01%), 4-o-methylresorcylaldehyde (9.12%), benzyl alcohol (3.16%), and alpha-atlantone (2.06%) as major constituents, with aromatic aldehydes constituting the main fraction of this root's essential oil. the oil was tested for its antimicrobial activity against foodborne pathogens responsible for food spoilage and human pathologies ...200212009977
gamma irradiation and cellular damage in kocuria rosea: investigation by one- and two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy.fourier transform infrared (ft-ir) spectroscopy was used to investigate the radiation-induced effects on kocuria rosea. bacterial suspensions at the stationary phase were exposed to increasing doses of gamma radiation. in the region 1350-840cm(-1), assigned to phosphodiester backbone, nucleic acids, and sugar rings, the radical damaging effects were dose-dependent, with the first threshold at 2.75kgy and the second at 13.75kgy inducing more striking spectral variations. postirradiation reincubat ...200212464274
identification of lactic acid bacteria and gram-positive catalase-positive cocci isolated from naturally fermented sausage (sucuk).the aim of the study was to identify lactic acid bacteria and gram-positive catalase-positive cocci isolated from turkish dry fermented sausage (sucuk) produced by 7 different manufacturers without using starter culture. a total of 129 isolates of lactic acid bacteria were identified phenotypically. lactobacillus plantarum was the dominant species (45.7%) followed by l. curvatus (10.9%) and l. fermentum (9.3%). pediococcus isolates were identified as p. pentosaceus and p. acidilactici. all the i ...200819019118
kocuria polaris sp. nov., an orange-pigmented psychrophilic bacterium isolated from an antarctic cyanobacterial mat sample.strain cms 76ort, an orange-pigmented bacterium, was isolated from a cyanobacterial mat sample from a pond located in mcmurdo dry valley, antarctica. on the basis of chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic properties, strain cms 76ort was identified as a member of the genus kocuria. it exhibited a 16s rdna similarity of 99.8% and dna-dna similarity of 71% with kocuria rosea (atcc 186t). phenotypic traits confirmed that strain cms 78ort and k. rosea were well differentiated. furthermore, strain cms 76ort ...200312656171
[peritonitis due to kocuria rosea in a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis case].micrococcus strains which are the normal flora members of skin, mucosa and oropharynx, may lead to infections associated with intravenous catheter, chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, venticular shunt and prosthetic valve. in this paper, a case of peritonitis due to kocuria rosea of micrococcea family, in a patient undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (capd), was presented. fiftysix years old female patient was admitted to the hospital by complaints of abdominal pain, nausea ...200919621623
taxonomic dissection of the genus micrococcus: kocuria gen. nov., nesterenkonia gen. nov., kytococcus gen. nov., dermacoccus gen. nov., and micrococcus cohn 1872 gen. emend.the results of a phylogenetic and chemotaxonomic analysis of the genus micrococcus indicated that it is significantly heterogeneous. except for micrococcus lylae, no species groups phylogenetically with the type species of the genus, micrococcus luteus. the other members of the genus form three separate phylogenetic lines which on the basis of chemotaxonomic properties can be assigned to four genera. these genera are the genus kocuria gen. nov. for micrococcus roseus, micrococcus varians, and mi ...19957547287
antibacterial activity of oregano (origanum vulgare linn.) against gram positive bacteria.the present investigation is focused on antibacterial potential of infusion, decoction and essential oil of oregano (origanum vulgare) against 111 gram-positive bacterial isolates belonging to 23 different species related to 3 genera. infusion and essential oil exhibited antibacterial activity against staphylococcus saprophyticus, s. aureus, micrococcus roseus, m. kristinae, m. nishinomiyaensis, m. lylae, m. luteus, m. sedentarius, m. varians, bacillus megaterium, b. thuringiensis, b. alvei, b. ...200919783523
the use of chromogenic bacteria as coloured substitutes for pathogens: a simple strategy during design and development of a new method for sample the present study, chromogenic (red) bacteria were used to simulate actual target bacteria during set-up and optimization of an isolation process of bacteria, designed for food samples. isolation of bacteria from food in the context of molecular biological detection of food pathogens is a multistep process. development of such a separation method requires continuous monitoring of the location of the presumable targets in the sample tubes. therefore, red-coloured pigmented bacteria were used a ...201019874486
[oxidation of several organic acids by micrococcus rubens]. 195813595812
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