kocuria varians infection associated with brain abscess: a case report.kocuria, established by stackebrandt et al., previously was classified into micrococcus. only two species, k. rosea and k. kristinae are reported to be associated as pathogenic and found with catheter-related bacteremia and acute cholecystitis.201020423506
salt-dependent thermo-reversible α-amylase: cloning and characterization of halophilic α-amylase from moderately halophilic bacterium, kocuria varians.a moderately halophilic bacterium, kocuria varians, was found to produce active α-amylase (k. varians α-amylase (kva)). we have observed at least six different forms of α-amylase secreted by this bacterium into the culture medium. characterization of these kva forms and cloning of the corresponding gene revealed that kva comprises pre-pro-precursor form of α-amylase catalytic domain followed by the tandem repeats, which show high similarity to each other and to the starch binding domain (sbd) of ...201020871989
interactions between lactobacillus sakei and cnc (staphylococcus xylosus and kocuria varians) and their influence on proteolytic evaluate interactions between lactobacillus sakei and coagulase negative cocci (cnc) (staphylococcus xylosus and kocuria varians) and to investigate the influence of these interactions on their own proteolytic activity.201020875035
volatile and biogenic amines, microbiological counts, and bacterial amino acid decarboxylase activity throughout the salt-ripening process of anchovies (engraulis encrasicholus).chemical and microbiological parameters were studied during the industrial production of salt-ripened anchovies (engraulis encrasicholus). gradual acidification and increases in the proteolysis index and in total volatile basic nitrogen were observed. at the end of the maturing process, the values reached ph 5.55 +/- 0.03, 21.33 +/- 5.82%, and 44.06 +/- 12.47 mg/ 100 g, respectively. in the three studied anchovy batches, the biogenic amines tyramine, histamine, putrescine, cadaverine, and agmati ...200521132979
halophilic characterization of starch-binding domain from kocuria varians α-amylase.the tandem starch-binding domains (kvsbd) located at carboxy-terminal region of halophilic α-amylase from moderate halophile, kocuria varians, were expressed in e. coli with amino-terminal hexa-his-tag and purified to homogeneity. the recombinant kvsbd showed binding activity to raw starch granules at low to high salt concentrations. the binding activity of kvsbd to starch was fully reversible after heat-treatment at 85°c. circular dichroism and thermal scanning experiments indicated that kvsbd ...201222020156
effect of chitosan in meat preservation.the effect of chitosan in meat preservation, including microbiological, chemical, sensory and color qualities, was examined. in liquid medium, chitosan (0·01%) inhibited the growth of some spoilage bacteria such as bacillus subtilis ifo 3025, escherichia coli rb, pseudomonas fragi ifo 3458 and staphylococcus aureus iam 1011. at higher concentrations (0·1 and 1·0%) it inhibited the growth of the meat starter cultures, lactobacillus plantarium iam 1216, pediococcus pentosaceus iam 12296 and microc ...199422059662
metabolism of nitrate in fermented meats: the characteristic feature of a specific group of fermented foods.within the universe of food fermentation processes the multi-purpose use of nitrate and/or nitrite is a unique characteristic of meat fermentations. these curing agents play a decisive role in obtaining the specific sensory properties, stability and hygienic safety of products such as fermented sausages, ham and, more recently, emulsion type of sausages. the use of nitrate is the traditional method in curing processes and requires its reduction to reactive nitrite. thus, nitrate reduction is the ...201222202868
behaviour of the constitutive biota of two types of spanish dry-sausages ripened in a pilot-scale chamber.the behaviour of the constitutive biota in eighty four samples belonging to two different types of spanish dry-cured sausages during the ripening process in a pilot-scale chamber was investigated. samples were analyzed in three stages during production: fresh product, first drying stage and finished product. lactic acid bacteria (lab) and coagulase-negative cocci (cnc) were identified by the api system. in general, evolution of lab and cnc during the ripening process of spanish dry-cured sausage ...200622062067
analysis of biogenic amines in northern and southern european sausages and role of flora in amine production.the biogenic amine contents, microbial counts and flora producing amines were investigated in four types of fermented sausages. southern type european sausages (italian and belgian) showed higher tyramine and phenylethylamine values than northern type ones (norwegian and belgian). the spontaneous non-starter lactic acid bacteria could be responsible for the production of these amines in the italian products, and the cocci gram positive in the belgian south ones. the norwegian sausages showed the ...200222064002
tyramine degradation by micrococci during ripening of fermented sausage.the ability of tyramine oxidase exhibiting strains of micrococcus varians to degrade tyramine in vivo during sausage fermentation was investigated. fermented sausage was produced with a tyramine forming strain of lactobacillus curvatus which acquired a final tyramine concentration of 190ppm. the addition of either one of two strains of m. varians exhibiting a potential to oxidise tyramine decreased the amount of tyramine formed to 160 and 150ppm, respectively. no effect on growth of l. curvatus ...199822060579
Isolation and characterization of aerobic culturable arsenic-resistant bacteria from surfacewater and groundwater of Rautahat District, Nepal.Arsenic (As) contamination of groundwater is a serious Environmental Health Management issue of drinking water sources especially in Terai region of Nepal. Many studies have reported that due to natural abundance of arsenic in the environment, various bacteria have developed different resistance mechanisms for arsenic compound. In this study, the culturable arsenic-resistant bacteria indigenous to surfacewater as well as groundwater from Rautahat District of Nepal were randomly isolated by stand ...201121868146
staphylococcal growth and enterotoxin production in the presence of meat cultures (non lab).the effect of meat cultures (non lactic acid bacteria) on the growth and production of enterotoxins and thermonuclease by staphylococcus aureus was studied. micrococcus varians did not affect growth nor the synthesis of metabolites. levels of enterotoxins a, b and d produced by the respective s. aureus strains were reduced by s. xylosus, s. saprophyticus and s. carnosus. the two latter species prevented production of enterotoxin c(1) and s. xylosus markedly reduced the amount produced. the three ...199622060592
comparison of aerosol and bioaerosol collection on air filters.air filters efficiency is usually determined by non-biological test aerosols, such as potassium chloride particles, arizona dust or di-ethyl-hexyl-sebacate (dehs) oily liquid. this research was undertaken to asses, if application of non-biological aerosols reflects air filters capacity to collect particles of biological origin. the collection efficiency for non-biological aerosol was tested with the palas set and iso fine test dust. flow rate during the filtration process was 720 l/h, and partic ...201122523449
urinary glycosaminoglycans in patients with progressive myoclonus epilepsy.urinary gags analysis in progressive myoclonus epilepsy (pme) showed an accumulation of uronic acid in the fraction eluted by 1 m nacl and 3 m nacl. as analogous changes were found in other myoclonic and epileptic patients receiving large doses of anticonvulsant drugs, these alterations in the gag urinary pattern were not considered a primary disturbance of pme.200090138
[the etio-epigenetic nosographic system as an illustration of multiaxial diagnosis in psychiatry].basing on earlier work done by essen-möller in sweden, leme lopez in brazil, and tadeusz bilikiewicz in poland, a survey is presented of the development of the concepts known an etioepigenetic psychiatric nosography. the significance of these systems in the classification of mental disorders is illustrated by examples. the etioepigenetic system involves three axes of development methods of the complex structure of the psyche. the first axis embraoes the genotypic period, the second the effects o ...20123328207
complications of intracranial bypass for vertebrobasilar insufficiency.the authors' initial experience with intracranial revascularization of vertebrobasilar insufficiency, reported previously, fortunately yielded reasonably good results with high patency rates but in some cases there were significant, albeit temporary, complications. since that time, major brain-stem strokes have occurred in two patients following superficial temporal to superior cerebellar artery bypass procedures. this occurrence has caused the authors to reassess their experience with this proc ...20082643687
cloverleaf skull. 20154669244
use of computerized data listings and activity profiles of genetic and related effects in the review of 195 listings of data from short-term tests for genetic and related effects (activity profile listings) were prepared for 195 compounds that included for each compound, the test system (identified by a three-letter code word), qualitative results and the lowest effective dose (led) or highest ineffective dose (hid) tested. a corresponding bar or line graph (activity profile) was also generated, in which test systems are displayed along the x-axis and the led or hid values along the ...20123367921
[lev konstantinovich lozina-lozinskiĭ (on his 70th birthday)]. 20144254649
[ultrasonic localization for closed renal biopsy]. 2004520913
cerebral vascular malformations: applications of magnetic resonance imaging to differential diagnosis.twelve patients with cerebral vascular malformations (5 cavernous angiomas, 1 thrombosed arteriovenous malformation, and 6 venous angiomas) were studied with magnetic resonance (mr) imaging. all lesions were clearly depicted. characteristic mr findings were obtained mainly on t2-weighted images: a markedly low intensity area was always seen. the margins of arteriovenous malformation (avm) and venous angioma were irregular while those of cavernous angioma were smooth in all planes on t2-weighted ...20092797424
effect of fusaric acid (a dopamine beta-hydroxylase inhibitor) on phaeochromocytoma.fusaric acid, an inhibitor of dopamine beta-hydroxylase, which converts dopamine to noradrenaline, lowered the blood pressure and induced a subjective improvement in patients with phaeochromocytoma. these effects may be due either to an impairment of catecholamine biosynthesis or to a direct action on the blood vessels. the use of this drug in the treatment of patients with inoperable malignant phaeochromocytoma or neuroblastoma may improve symptoms and prolong survival.20133987067
[lithobezoar as a cause of stomach ulcer]. 20144068526
[antitumor activity of mixed cis-complexes of platinum(ii) with ammonia and cycloalkylamines]. 20144039648
water intoxication following moderate-dose intravenous cyclophosphamide.moderate-dose (15 to 20 mg/kg) bolus intravenous (iv) cyclophosphamide is increasingly being employed for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. high-dose (30 to 50 mg/kg) iv cyclophosphamide, which is used in transplantation and oncology, may cause water intolerance and water intoxication. described herein is the first patient, to our knowledge, to develop water intoxication following administration of moderate-dose iv cyclophosphamide. a water challenge test demonstrated the absence of an under ...20143977522
[secretory function of the stomach and significance of the acid-peptic factor in peptic ulcer (literature review)]. 20164943938
acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in bone-cyst fluid.the acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in fluid aspirated from solitary bone cysts in six patients was measured, and large increases in the concentration of acid phosphatase were found. in some cases this increase was reflected in venous blood concentrations. the significance of these findings for the pathogenesis and the management of solitary bone cyst is discussed.20123339054
[synthetic sexual attractants of lobesia botrana (schiff) (lepidoptera tortricidae), a predator of grapevines]. 20144218971
[pulmonary findings in collagen diseases with special reference to thoracic radiography]. 20154397695
[pathogen content of air in clean rooms--origin, methods of determination and definition]. 20154556743
the role of magnesium in protein-energy malnutrition.the present study was aiming to explore further the variations in the levels of mg in both serum and csf of pem children, hoping a better understanding revealed decreased values of both blood serum and csf levels of mg in pem children which denote some abnormalities in brain metabolism. such abnormalities add further support for assumption of the link between dietary insufficiency and subnormal mental performance in pem.199898923
the penetration of cephalothin into synovial and other body fluids. 20164973975
proceedings: 'bonneau report raises question of health research in quebec'. 20154415217
[bedside nursing. continued nursing of a patient at the terminal stage of brain tumor undergoing repeated hospitalization]. 1998106155
[the use of beta-galactosidase in technology of food preparation (author's transl)]. 199999769
[surgery in patients with obstructive jaundice caused by carcinoma (author's transl)].malignant disease obstructing the bile ducts is diagnosed in most cases at a time, when radical surgery is not possibly any more. diagnostic procedures applied up to now are not suited for early diagnosis. 5 years survival rates of patients with carcinoma of the bile ducts are maximally 6%, in patients with carcinoma of the papilla 36%. in the department of surgery of the münster university, 126 such patients have been treated in the recent time; in 104 cases jaundice was apparent clinically. ra ...199991075
poland's syndrome. 200092137
modification of serum albumin during phototherapy of jaundiced newborn babies. 200193201
[symposium on major histocompatibility antigens (hla) and diseases. (3) hla types in rheumatic disease (author's transl)]. 200193137
acquisition of increased hormone sensitivity during in vitro adipocyte development.murine 3t3-l1 fibroblasts enter a differentiation program subsequent to prolonged maintenance in the confluent state and develop into adipocytes. the hormone sensitivity of adenylate cyclase and the physiological responsiveness to insulin were compared in 3t3-l1 preadipocytes and adipocytes. the following observations, comprising several distinct categories of hormone responsiveness, were made. (a) (2.5 micronm) isoproterenol stimulated adenylate cyclase 15-fold in adipocyte homogenates, but onl ...2003193837
irreversible total blindness in multiple sclerosis. 20071874612
n2o. 20113187076
endoscopic transvesical lower ureterolithotomy. 20133716059
interaction of the 43k protein with components of torpedo postsynaptic membranes.interactions of the major mr 43 000 peripheral membrane protein (43k protein) with components of torpedo postsynaptic membranes have been examined. treatment of membranes with copper o-phenanthroline promotes the polymerization of 43k protein to dimers and higher oligomers. these high molecular weight forms of 43k protein can be converted to monomers by reduction with dithiothreitol and do not contain any of the other major proteins found in these membranes, including the subunits of the acetylc ...20143978083
morrill wyman and the aspiration of acute pleural effusions, 1850. a letter from new england. 20154561702
[experience in organizing medical care for the victims of the accident at the chernobyl atomic electric power station at a specialized hospital].organization of health care for victims of radiation accidents requires well-adjusted organizational activities, including an inpatient clinic with well-equipped reception, dosimetric, karyological and bacteriological laboratories, an intensive care department, a surgical (burn) department, a blood transfusion laboratory and equipment for plasmapheresis and hemosorption. therapy of such patients should be developed along the following lines: 1) prevention and therapy of infectious complications: ...20082266831
sclerosing peritonitis with gross peritoneal calcification: a case report.we report the case of a patient on dialysis for 13 years, including continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (capd) for 11 years, who developed sclerosing peritonitis with gross peritoneal calcification. the patient first presented with abdominal pain in january 1990, when peritoneal calcification was detected for the first time. her symptoms settled spontaneously and 1 year later she presented with acute peritonitis and adynamic ileus. the peritonitis settled with antibiotics and tenchkoff cat ...20061462995
extended clinical use of the argon laser for cutaneous lesions.a safe, easy, and effective outpatient modality for the treatment of various cutaneous lesions such as hemangiomas and decorative tattoos has long been sought. the argon laser has proved satisfactory for such treatment of port-wine hemangiomas, capillary/cavernous hemangiomas, telangiectasia, and decorative tattoos as well as a variety of cutaneous pigmented lesions. the intense laser light is attracted and absorbed by pigmented skin lesions producing heat that selectively destroys the intraderm ...2003156518
[food ingestion in ruminants: modalities and associated phenomena].this paper synthesizes the literature on modalities of food intake in ruminants and their main associated phenomena. firstly, circadian distribution of feeding and ruminating activities has been examined. ruminants spend a large part of their time chewing. their meals have been described in detail; changes in rates of intake, time spent eating, the effect of restricting the amount fed or the period of feed accessibility have been discussed. when food is distributed, the animals have a "long" mea ...20103550977
hospital matrons--unlimited hours--appeal judgment of the industrial court. 20164973939
rough justice. 20102918913
the results of reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle.eighty-one reconstructions of the lateral ligaments of the ankle were carried out at our clinics between 1967 and 1983. three methods were used and 53 patients were followed up. the only two poor results followed infection after dural reconstruction. peroneus brevis reconstruction, dural reconstruction and ligament advancement all had good results in over 80% of the patients. there was restriction of supination and an increase of osteoarthritis after the peroneus brevis reconstruction operations ...20123372102
[drug addiction behavior in its relationship with suicidal behavior]. 20051233895
hypoglycemia induced by co-trimoxazole in aids. 20113147758
jakob erdheim. eminent pathologist of vienna. 20123318534
south american trypanosomiasis (chagas' disease). 20144206894
serum enzymes and prognosis in cerebral infarction. 20164778616
it's time to manage your time.a simple, three-part process is described for the working nurse to identify the activities of each day, order the activities by importance, and then redesign their work day for better time management. the article also describes how to be sure that the employer's values are in sync with the nurse's.20071828679
a political profile of the american speech-language-hearing association. 20113907644
a political profile of the american speech-language-hearing association. 20113907644
dosimetry at interfaces. theoretical analysis and measurements by means of thermoluminescent lif at plane interfaces between a low z-material and al, cu, sn or pb irradiated with 100 to 200 kv roentgen radiation. 20144519462
dosimetry at interfaces. theoretical analysis and measurements by means of thermoluminescent lif at plane interfaces between a low z-material and al, cu, sn or pb irradiated with 100 to 200 kv roentgen radiation. 20144519462
[study of osteochondrosis]. 20155023269
[use of the "delphi" method in predicting the overall morbidity of the population]. 20154490520
the "germ of laziness" in the south, 1900-1915: charles wardell stiles and the progressive paradox. 20164932199
[post-infarct dissecting hematoma of the left ventricle as a cause of acute subvalvular mitral incompetence]. 20164820484
a death at home. 20164816608
assessment of microbial diversity in biofilms recovered from endotracheal tubes using culture dependent and independent approaches.ventilator-associated pneumonia (vap) is a common nosocomial infection in mechanically ventilated patients. biofilm formation is one of the mechanisms through which the endotracheal tube (et) facilitates bacterial contamination of the lower airways. in the present study, we analyzed the composition of the et biofilm flora by means of culture dependent and culture independent (16 s rrna gene clone libraries and pyrosequencing) approaches. overall, the microbial diversity was high and members of d ...201222693635
biodegradation of naphthalene and anthracene by chemo-tactically active rhizobacteria of populus deltoides.several naphthalene and anthracene degrading bacteria were isolated from rhizosphere of populus deltoides, which were growing in non-contaminated soil. among these, four isolates, i.e. kurthia sp., micrococcus varians, deinococcus radiodurans and bacillus circulans utilized chrysene, benzene, toluene and xylene, in addition to anthracene and naphthalene. kurthia sp and b. circulans showed positive chemotactic response for naphthalene and anthracene. the mean growth rate constant (k) of isolates ...201024031572
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from aviation fuel spill site at ibeno, nigeria.polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (pah)-degrading bacteria were isolated from aviation fuel contaminated soil at inua eyet ikot in ibeno, nigeria. pah-degrading bacteria in the contaminated soil were isolated by enrichment culture technique. isolates with high pah degrading potential characterized by their extensive growth on pah-supplemented minimal salt medium were screened for their naphthalene, phenanthrene and chrysene degradability. the screening medium which contained selected pahs as the s ...201222456728
conjunctival flora of clinically normal and diseased turtles and captive breed turtles and tortoises conjunctival disease is common. our aim was to investigate the bacterial and fungal flora present in the eyes of healthy and pathological chelonians and to compare findings in turtles with those in tortoises.201525889261
semen collection methods affect the bacterial composition of post-thawed semen of silver barb (barbodes gonionotus).biosafety issue associated with the risk of pathogenic contamination of cryopreserved semen is a common concern because of associated declines in sperm quality, storage period and disease transmission. this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of methods of semen collection on sperm quality and bacterial composition of post-thawed semen of silver barb (barbodes gonionotus). semen collection methods consisted of four treatments: (1) hand-stripping of abdomen without rinsing of urogenital a ...201626778122
effect of seed pelleting with biocontrol agents on growth and colonisation of roots of mungbean by root-infecting fungi.mungbean (vigna radiata (l.) wilczek) is a leguminous pulse crop that is a major source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. root-infecting fungi produce severe plant diseases like root rot, charcoal rot, damping-off and stem rot. the soil-borne pathogens can be controlled by chemicals, but these chemicals have several negative effects. use of microbial antagonist such as fungi and bacteria is a safe, effective and eco-friendly method for the control of many soil-borne pathogens. biological contr ...201626619828
degradation of delor 103, a technical mixture of polychlorinated biphenyls, by selected bacteria.ability to utilize a technical mixture of polychlorinated biphenyls (pcb), delor 103, as the sole carbon source, has been tested in 14 bacterial strains. for the five best growing strains (alcaligenes latus, alcalgenes eutrophus, comamonas testosteroni, micrococcus varians and pseudomonas putida), the dependence of the degradation of individual pcb congeners on the number of chlorine substituents is discussed.199324420291
effects of salt and ligand concentrations on the thermal unfolding and refolding of halophilic starch-binding domain from kocuria varians α-amylase.the starch binding domain of α-amlylase from moderate halophile was expressed in e. coli with his tag (his- sbd12) and characterized for its halophilic properties. his-sbd12 was stable up to 35°c and showed binding activity, although at reduced level, to amylose even in the absence of nacl. both nacl and specific ligands exhibited insignificant influence on the secondary structure of his-sbd12, but showed significant stabilization effects against thermal unfolding concentration-dependently, show ...201222409499
distinct characteristics of single starch-binding domain sbd1 derived from tandem domains sbd1-sbd2 of halophilic kocuria varians alpha-amylase.kocuria varians alpha-amylase contains tandem starch-binding domains sbd1-sbd2 (sbd12) that possess typical halophilic characteristics. recombinant tandem domains sbd12 and single domain sbd1, both with amino-terminal hexa-his tag, were expressed in and purified to homogeneity from escherichia coli. the circular dichroism (cd) spectrum of his-sbd12 was characterized by a positive peak at 233 nm ascribed to the aromatic stacking. although the signal occurred in the far uv region, it is an indicat ...201222388479
peripherally inserted central catheter-related bloodstream infection caused by kocuria marina in an elderly man.kocuria species are gram-positive, aerobic cocci, and members of the micrcoccaceae family that are known to be opportunistic pathogens. although there have been sporadic reports of infections caused by kocuria species, little is known regarding their human pathogenicity and clinical characteristics.201728102479
effect of starter cultures and packaging methods on amino acid profile and eating quality characteristics of pork ham.wet cured pork hams were inoculated with a mixed starter cultures comprising of lactobacillus acidophilus and micrococcus varians m483 at the dose level of 106 cfu/g and the un inoculated hams served as controls. the amino acid profile of hams of the treated and the control groups stored at 4oc under map and vp and evaluated on 60th day of storage revealed that treated hams liberated higher concentration of free amino acids except for proline and methionine which were found in higher concentrati ...201526243961
effect of starter culture and turmeric on physico-chemical quality of carabeef pastirma.carabeef samples were sliced, pressed, cured and divided into 6 groups. starter cultures (micrococcus varians m483 (mv), staphylococcus carnosus (sc), lactobacillus sakei (ls), m. varians m483+ lb. sakei and staph. carnosus + lb. sakei) were inoculated at the dose of 10(6)-0(7)cfu/g and stored at 10 ± 1°c for 7 days. uninoculated samples were maintained as control. samples were then divided into 2 treatment groups. samples of treatment 1 (t1) were smeared with a paste of turmeric followed by app ...201023572607
purification and partial identification of bacteriocin isk-1, a new lantibiotic produced by pediococcus sp. isk-1.bacteriocin isk-1 is a proteinaceous inhibitory substance produced by pediococcus sp. isk-1 isolated from well-aged nukadoko. bacteriocin isk-1 was purified by acid treatment, ammonium sulfate precipitation, cation-exchange chromatography, and reversed-phase hplc from the culture supernatant of pediococcus sp. isk-1. purification of bacteriocin isk-1 resulted in a 30-fold increase in the specific activity and the recovery was 17%. molecular mass of bacteriocin isk-1 measured by fast atom bombard ...199827392396
recovering traditional raw-milk tetilla cheese flavour and sensory attributes by using kocuria varians and yarrowia lipolytica adjunct cultures.the rationale of the present study was to evaluate the potential of microbial adjunct cultures including kocuria varians and/or yarrowia lipolytica strains in the recovery of the typical sensory profile of traditional (raw-milk) tetilla cheese. four batches of tetilla cheese, a short ripened cows' milk cheese produced in galicia (nw spain), were made in duplicate from pasteurized milk inoculated with different microbial cultures. a control batch was manufactured by adding a mesophilic commercial ...201728384620
genome sequence of kocuria varians g6 isolated from a slaughterhouse in denmark.we report here the first draft genome sequence ofkocuria variansg6, which was isolated from a meat chopper at a small slaughterhouse in denmark. the 2.90-mb genome sequence consists of 95 contigs and contains 2,518 predicted protein-coding genes.201627034480
ability of kocuria varians lth 1540 to degrade putrescine: identification and characterization of a novel amine oxidase.this work describes the identification and characterization of an amine oxidase from kocuria varians lth 1540 (syn. micrococcus varians) primarily acting on putrescine. data from maldi-tof ms/ms and the identification of δ(1)-pyrroline as degradation product from putrescine indicate that the enzyme is a flavin-dependent putrescine oxidase (puo). properties of partially purified enzyme have been determined. the enzyme oxidizes diamines, putrescine and cadaverine, and, to a lesser extent, polyamin ...201525817823
catheter-related bacteremia caused by kocuria salsicia: the first case.we report the first case of catheter-related bacteremia caused by kocuria salsicia in a patient with short bowel syndrome. the pathogen was initially identified as kocuria varians by a vitek 2-based assessment, but its 16s rrna gene sequence showed 100% similarity to k. salsicia. the patient was successfully treated with vancomycin and removal of the catheter.201525497673
structure of starch binding domains of halophilic alpha-amylase at low ph.the solubility and structural properties of halophilic proteins are ascribed to their abundant acidic residues, resulting in large net negative charges at neutral ph. this study examined the effects of low ph, i.e., reduction of net negative charges on the structural properties of starch binding domain (sbd) of halophilic kocuria varians α-amylase. titration to ph 2.1 caused loss of 233 nm peak characteristic of aromatic interactions present in the native sbd at neutral ph and resulted in the sp ...201323033857
catheter-related relapsing peritonitis due to kocuria varians in a patient undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. 201222806295
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