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optimum therapy for acute pelvic inflammatory disease.neisseria gonorrhoeae is responsible for about one-third to one-half of cases of acute pelvic inflammatory disease (pid), although there is considerable geographical variation. chlamydia trachomatis is also an important aetiological agent, and is currently isolated 4 times more commonly from the cervix than the gonococcus. however, it is now clear that acute pid is polymicrobial in aetiology. even when n. gonorrhoeae and/or c. trachomatis are isolated from the endocervix, anaerobes such as bacte ...19902190794
susceptibility of oral bacteria to phenoxyethanol and phenoxyethanol/chlorhexidine combinations.a total of 57 bacterial strains (26 different species) which may be isolated from subgingival plaque were tested for their in vitro susceptibility to phenoxycthanol, a commonly-used antiseptic and preservative. ninety-five percent of the strains, including those associated with chronic inflammatory periodontal disease, were susceptible to concentrations of phenoxyethanol used topically (2% w/v). phenoxyethanol at a concentration of 1% (w/v) was also found that to have a rapid bactericidal effect ...19902202809
molecular fingerprinting of isolates of the genus peptostreptococcus using rrna genes from escherichia coli and p. anaerobius.restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) of rrna genes were evaluated as a tool for intra- and interspecies differentiation of peptostreptococcus isolates. rflps from a collection of 20 clinical isolates and five atcc strains representing five peptostreptococcus spp. (p. anaerobius, p. asaccharolyticus, p. magnus, p. micros and p. prevotii) were obtained by hybridization of southern blots of hindiii- or ecori-digested genomic dna with three probes: probe a, a 0.98 kb hindiii fragment wi ...19911717639
aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of acute suppurative parotitis.aspirates of pus from acute suppurative parotitis were studied for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. bacterial growth was present in 23 specimens. a total of 36 bacterial isolates (20 anaerobic and 16 aerobic and facultative) were recovered, accounting for 1.6 isolates per specimen (0.9 anaerobic and 0.7 aerobic and facultative). anaerobic bacteria only were present in 10 (43%) patients, aerobic and facultatives in 10 (43%), and mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora in 3 (13%). single bacterial isolat ...19911992268
aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of peritonsillar abscess.thirty-four aspirates of pus from peritonsillar abscesses that were studied for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria showed bacterial growth. a total 107 bacterial isolates (58 anaerobic and 49 aerobic and facultative) were recovered, accounting for 3.1 isolates per specimen (1.7 anaerobic and 1.4 aerobic and facultatives). anaerobic bacteria only were present in 6 (18%) patients, aerobic and facultatives in 2 (6%), and mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora in 26 (76%). single bacterial isolates were reco ...19912000017
microbiological study of hiv-related periodontitis.the subgingival microbiota in 14 persons with hiv-periodontitis was examined. subgingival plaque samples were collected with paper points, transported in vmga iii, and plated on anaerobic enriched brucella blood agar and various selective media. hiv-periodontitis sites revealed actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, wolinella recta, peptostreptococcus micros, and bacteroides intermedius, each averaging 7% to 16% of the cultivable subgingival flora in positive patients. high levels of spirochetes ...19912002434
metabolism of 1,4-dinitro-2-methylpyrrole, a mutagen formed by a sorbic acid-nitrite reaction, by intestinal bacteria.1,4-dinitro-2-methylpyrrole (dnmp), a mutagenic product formed by the interaction of two common food additives, sorbic acid and sodium nitrite, was transformed to 1-nitro-2-methyl-4-aminopyrrole (nmap) by human fecal mixtures and various intestinal bacterial strains. under anaerobic conditions the cell suspensions of actinomyces, bacteroides, clostridium, eubacterium, fusobacterium, and peptostreptococcus spp. demonstrated the nitroreduction activity. under aerobic conditions, only actinomyces a ...19912022195
microbiological studies of decubitus ulcers in children.specimens from 58 children with decubitus ulcers were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. aerobic bacteria only were present in 29 (50%) ulcers, anaerobic bacteria only were recovered in 5 (9%), and mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora were present in 24 (41%). a total of 132 isolates (79 aerobes, 53 anaerobes) were recovered, an average of 2.3 isolates per specimen (1.4 aerobes, 0.9 anaerobes). the smallest number of isolates was recovered in ulcers of the skull (1.7 per site), and the hi ...19912023086
toothbrushing and transient bacteremia in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.this study was made to determine whether and to what extent bacteremia occurred after toothbrushing in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances. twenty patients were selected, all with negative history of heart or hematologic disorders. these patients had not taken antibiotics or had a history of a cold in the previous 30 days. blood samples of 20 ml were drawn before and 5 minutes after brushing. the immune status of the patients was tested by measurement of isohemaggluti ...19912028936
oral associated bacterial infection in horses: studies on the normal anaerobic flora from the pharyngeal tonsillar surface and its association with lower respiratory tract and paraoral infections.two hundred and seventy bacterial isolates were obtained from the pharyngeal tonsillar surface of 12 normal horses and 98 obligatory anaerobic bacteria were characterised. of these, 57 isolates belonging to 7 genera (peptostreptococcus (1); eubacterium (9); clostridium (6); veillonella (6); megasphera (1); bacteroides (28); fusobacterium (6)) were identified, and 16 of these were identified to species level (p. anaerobius (1); e. fossor (9); c. villosum (1); b. fragilis (1); b. tectum (2); b. he ...19912031304
adhesion of 1-carbon utilizing bacteria to polymeric surfaces. 19912037198
[antibacterial activity of ciprofloxacin against fresh clinical isolates from superficial suppurative foci].the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of 5 drugs (ciprofloxacin (cpfx), and 4 drugs used as standard) were determined to investigate antibacterial potencies of cpfx against bacterial strains isolated in 1989 from superficial suppurative foci. the clinical isolates tested included 375 strains from 11 aerobic bacterial species, and 50 strains from 2 anerobic bacterial genera (group) for a total of 425 isolates. interpreting mic level distributions of these drugs as the expression of antibac ...19912041153
vaginal bacteroides species are associated with an increased rate of preterm delivery among women in preterm labor.the relationship of high concentrations of vaginal microorganisms with an increased rate of preterm delivery (less than or equal to 34 weeks) among women in preterm labor was evaluated. quantitative vaginal cultures were obtained from 211 women in preterm labor between gestational ages of 22 and 34 completed weeks. preterm delivery occurred in 139 (66%). the rate of preterm delivery was determined by cox proportional hazards models. women with greater than 10(7) cfu/ml of vaginal fluid of facult ...19912056221
the differentiation of asaccharolytic anaerobic gram-positive cocci by protein electrophoresis.conventional biochemical and antibiotic sensitivity tests were used to allocate 87 clinical isolates of anaerobic gram-positive cocci to currently recognised species, in comparison with type and other authentic reference strains. whole-cell protein electrophoresis was then performed with extracts of each strain. allowing for difficulties of standardisation, it was possible to allocate most of the organisms to species-related groups on the basis of protein patterns. organisms identified conventio ...19912056518
pyoderma caused by peptostreptococcus tetradius in a pup.pyoderma caused by peptostreptococcus tetradius in a pup was successfully treated with cefadroxil. although this bacterium is rarely found in veterinary medicine, it is a known pathogen in human beings and should be considered as a potential causative agent in pyodermas in which anaerobes are suspected.19912061185
severe anaerobic necrotizing pneumonia complicated by pyopneumothorax and anaerobic monoarthritis due to peptostreptococcus magnus.a rare case of a severe anaerobic necrotizing pneumonia complicated by pyopneumothorax and monoarthritis due to anaerobic peptostreptococcus magnus is described in a 20-year-old soldier. the patient's immunological status was normal. there were no predisposing underlying factors, and he was treated successfully without any residual damage. to our knowledge, a similar case has never been reported in the literature.19911745861
bacterial vaginosis.bacterial vaginosis (bv) is the most common of the vaginitides affecting women of reproductive age. it appears to be due to an alteration in the vaginal ecology by which lactobacillus spp., the predominant organisms in the healthy vagina, are replaced by a mixed flora including prevotella bivia, prevotella disiens, porphyromonas spp., mobiluncus spp., and peptostreptococcus spp. all of these organisms except mobiluncus spp. are also members of the endogenous vaginal flora. while evidence from tr ...19911747864
the microflora of periodontal sites showing active destructive progression.20 adult periodontitis (ap) subjects were examined every 2 to 4 months and microbiological samples were collected and cultured when 2 mm or more loss of attachment (active sites) was detected by 2 examiners. similar sites in which no progressive destruction was observed (control sites) also were sampled in the same subjects. by lambda-analysis, there was no statistically significant difference in floras of active (42 sites from 12 subjects) and control (36 sites from 12 subjects) sites or betwee ...19911752997
[chronic conjunctivitis caused by oral anaerobic germs].a patient with chronic, unilateral conjunctivitis is presented. the predominant bacterial flora consisted mainly of prevotella intermedia (formerly bacteroides intermedius) and peptostreptococcus micros. restriction endonuclease fingerprinting of genomic dna demonstrated that p. intermedia most probably originated from the oral cavity. in the oral cavity this species was recovered from the dorsum of the tongue, the tonsillar area and the periodontal pockets. topical treatment with various antibi ...19911758517
[a classic case of ludwig's angina].the aa. have the chance to review the etiology, the clinic and the management of this risky process, through a characteristic ludwig's angina of their own practice. a middle age man carrying an odontogenic inflammation developed a spreading infection into the deep neck tissues. the problem was successfully resolved with antibiotherapy and surgical drainage.19911781512
[analysis of 98 cases of thoracic empyema].ninety-eight cases of empyema thoracis admitted to juntendo university hospital between 1979 and 1990 were reviewed. males accounted for 78 cases and females 20 cases. thirteen pediatric patients ranged in age from 17 days to 4 years, while the 85 adult cases ranged from 16 to 89 years (mean: 58.4 years). the mortality rate increased with age. fifty-three cases of community-acquired empyema thoracis consisted of 24 with no underlying disease (including 13 pediatric cases), and 29 with diabetes m ...19911783810
[bacteriological examination of infections in the field of oral surgery].etiology of bacterial infections in the field of oral surgery was studied. a total of 270 samples collected from patients with encapsulated abscess in their oral cavities was examined and bacteria were isolated from the 244 samples (90.4%). the following results were found; 1) organisms more than one from one sample were frequently isolated from cases with parodontitis, pericoronitis and gnathitis. isolation of anaerobic bacteria was common (54.2%). 2) streptococcus milleri and streptococcus san ...19911791332
comparative in vitro activity of cefpodoxime against anaerobes other than bacteroides assess the in vitro activity of cefpodoxime against anaerobic respiratory tract and oropharyngeal pathogens 77 strains belonging to 18 gram-negative and 7 gram-positive species were studied by means of agar dilution tests. for comparison cefuroxime, amoxicillin, amoxicillin + clavulanic acid and clindamycin were also tested. cefpodoxime was found to be active at concentrations of less than or equal to 0.125 mg/l against prevotella oralis, prevotella buccalis, prevotella bivia, porphyromonas a ...19911800380
normal vaginal aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora of the rhesus macaque (macaca mulatta).the most common bacterial species isolated from the vaginas of 37 healthy rhesus macaques were streptococcus viridans, coagulase negative staphylococcus, mobiluncus curtisii ss. curtisii, corynebacterium renale-like organisms, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, gardnerella-like organisms, and other corynebacterium species. the vaginal flora of the rhesus macaque differs from that previously reported for five other primate species. a two-year retrospective review of clinical cases of vaginitis and me ...19911803013
[effects of antibiotics and anti-bacterial components of preparations for local treatment of suppurative wounds on pathogens of odonto- genic infections].the results of identification and sensitivity assay of 156 strains of pathogens causing odontogenic infections are presented. in the sensitivity assay antibacterial drugs were used. 42.3 percent of the strains were obligate anaerobes belonging to bacteroides, fusobacterium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, veillonella and actinomyces. significant differences in the microbial sensitivity to the drugs used for general and local therapy were detected. there was observed high sensitivity of the obli ...19911805697
bacteria in the apical 5 mm of infected root canals.ten freshly extracted teeth which had carious pulpal exposures and periapical lesions contiguous with the root apex were placed inside an anaerobic chamber and the apical 5 mm of the root canals cultured. in addition to anaerobic incubation, duplicate cultures were incubated aerobically. fifty strains of bacteria from the 10 root canals were isolated and identified. the most prominent bacteria cultured from the 10 root canals were actinomyces, lactobacillus, black-pigmented bacteroides, peptostr ...19911809801
formation of nitrogen-containing metabolites from geniposide and gardenoside by human intestinal bacteria.during the course of our studies on the metabolism of iridoid glycosides by human intestinal bacteria, we found that geniposide (1) and gardenoside (4) were transformed to new nitrogen-containing compounds, genipinine (3) and gardenine (6), respectively, along with the known aglycones. although the amounts of new metabolites were somewhat lower than those of the aglycones, they were quantitatively analyzed by means of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (lc/ms). of 25 strains of human intest ...19911818345
predominant cultivable flora in pericoronitis.the predominant cultivable flora in pericoronitis was investigated by culturing pus from affected sites in 20 patients. twenty colonies were picked at random from non-selective plates and identified using conventional biochemical and physiological tests, analysis of metabolic end-products by gas chromatography and protein profile analysis. the most frequently isolated organisms were prevotella (bacteroides) intermedia, peptostreptococcus micros, veillonella species, fusobacterium nucleatum and s ...19911820571
microbial risk indicators for periodontal attachment loss. 19911831856
clinical and microbiological findings on newly inserted hydroxyapatite-coated and pure titanium human dental implants.the clinical and microbiologic features of 30 hydroxyapatite-coated root-form endosseous dental implants (tri-stage) were compared to 10 similar pure titanium implants without hydroxyapatite coatings. in 7 of 9 partially edentulous patients studied, pure titanium fixtures were placed adjacent to hydroxyapatite-coated implants. implants in the maxilla were submerged beneath mucosal tissues after implant placement for a minimum of 6 months, and in the mandible for at least 4 months. all patients w ...19911843465
microbial differences in 2 clinically distinct types of failures of osseointegrated implants.the microflora associated with osseointegrated implants suspected of failing from infection or trauma were evaluated. of 75 patients examined, 11 demonstrated failing fixtures. 22 of 48 fixtures failed in 6 fully edentulous patients and 10 of 34 failed in 5 partially edentulous patients. the etiology of failure was attributed to infection if there was bleeding, suppuration, pain, high plaque and gingival indices and granulomatous tissue upon surgical removal. traumatic etiology was suspected in ...19911843467
anaerobic pathogenesis: collagenase production by peptostreptococcus magnus and its relationship to site of infection.fifty isolates of peptostreptococcus magnus from intraabdominal sepsis, nonpuerperal breast abscess, and diabetic foot infections were examined for collagenase activity using bovine type i collagen. collagenase production was detected in a higher percentage of strains from nonpuerperal breast and diabetic foot specimens (p less than .001). this enzyme may be responsible for p. magnus playing a more central role in the pathogenesis of nonpuerperal breast abscess and diabetic foot disease than in ...19911850443
bacteriological investigations of clinical mastitis in heifers in sweden.bacterial analyses were carried out of 2069 udder secretions, isolated from 1481 heifers with mastitis in eight veterinary districts in sweden. streptococci, e.g. streptococcus dysgalactiae and str. uberis, dominated the bacterial flora, being isolated from 34.4 and 19.5% respectively of heifers with clinical mastitis occurring from puberty up to 14 d post partum. bacterial species generally regarded as important pathogens in the summer mastitis complex, e.g. actinomyces pyogenes, stuart-schwan ...19911856352
nosocomial infections of ocular conjunctiva in newborns delivered by cesarian section.colonization of the ocular conjunctiva in newborns delivered by cesarian section occurs usually within the first day of life. we have studied the flora of the ocular conjunctiva at birth, from 19 newborns delivered by cesarian section, coming from two different maternity hospitals. ocular conjunctiva cultures yielded the main predominant flora in both maternity hospitals considered. the most common genus of this flora are: staphylococcus, corynebacterium and propionibacterium acnes. peptostrepto ...19911870845
[clinical study on cefteram pivoxil in asymptomatic bacteriospermia].in order to understand the clinical efficacy of cefteram pivoxil (cftm) in the treatment of asymptomatic bacteriospermia, the following studies were performed. 1. concentrations of cftm in the semen after oral administration of 200 mg to normal healthy adults (n = 5) reached a maximum level of 0.66 +/- 0.04 microgram/ml in 5 hours after the administration, then decreased rapidly, and averaged 0.15 +/- 0.03 micrograms at 7 hours after administration. 2. activities of cftm, cefaclor (ccl) and lome ...19911880933
[randomized study of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid versus amoxicillin-metronidazole combinations in pyogenic infections of dental origin].thirty patients, without any valve defect, cardiac malformation or previous antibiotic administration and presenting dental infections, have been treated either with amoxycillin-clavulanic acid or amoxycillin and metronidazole. aerobic and anaerobic bacteria have been isolated. these infections were due to mixed flora. nearly one half of anaerobes were peptostreptococcus, s. milleri and s. sanguis being predominant among aerobes. the species identified were those found in the mouth in the absenc ...19911881695
[diagnosis of contact mediastinitis in necrotic phlegmons of the neck]. 19911882299
the importance of positive bacterial cultures of specimens obtained during clean orthopaedic operations.microbiological cultures of specimens of tissue and of fluids from the wound in forty patients who had had consecutive clean, elective orthopaedic operations (excluding total joint replacements) and had not received antibiotics preoperatively were analyzed. of the forty patients, twenty-three (58 per cent) had a positive culture on at least one of the media that were used and seventeen (43 per cent) had negative cultures. of the forty specimens that were obtained from swabbing of the wound, eigh ...19911890121
chronic conjunctivitis caused by oral anaerobes and effectively treated with systemic metronidazole plus this study, we report on a case of refractory, unilateral anaerobic conjunctivitis. the predominant anaerobic flora consisted of prevotella intermedia (formerly bacteroides intermedius) and peptostreptococcus micros. by using the technique of restriction endonuclease fingerprinting of genomic dna, it was shown that the p. intermedia likely originated from the oral cavity. topically applied antibiotics had failed to suppress the infection in the past. successful treatment was achieved after sy ...19911890173
purification and characterization of nadp(+)-dependent 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase from peptostreptococcus productus marburg.the 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase of heterotrophically grown peptostreptococcus productus marburg was purified to apparent homogeneity. the purified enzyme catalyzed the reversible oxidation of methylenetetrahydrofolate with nadp+ as the electron acceptor at a specific activity of 627 u/mg of protein. the km values for methylenetetrahydrofolate and for nadp+ were 27 and 113 microm, respectively. the enzyme, which lacked 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase activity, was in ...19911899860
microbial aspects of failing osseointegrated dental implants in humans.the subgingival microflora of 18 failing implants were examined for pathogenic periodontal microorganisms. peptostreptococcus micros was recovered from 6 failing implants, wolinella recta from 6, fusobacterium species from 5, candida albicans from 5, and bacteroides intermedius from 4. enteric rods or pseudomonads constituted a significant part of the microflora in 5 failing implants. actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, nonpigmented bacteroides species, capnocytophage species, and staphylococc ...19911906537
[hemolytic jaundice in anaerobic bacteremia. a report of a case resolved surgically].the authors report a case of haemolytic jaundice caused by anaerobic bacteria arising from an abdominal abscess. this is undoubtedly a rare pathology but, when occurring, the resolution may be achieved by surgical therapy.19911911074
suitability of the broth-disk elution test for evaluating susceptibility of obligate anaerobes to trimethoprim-sulfonamides.species of anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical veterinary specimens were tested for susceptibility to trimethoprim-sulfonamides by the broth-disk elution technique. three different media were used for each organism: prereduced anaerobically sterilized (pras) brain-heart infusion broth (bhi), thioglycollate broth, and a semidefined pras medium. susceptibility results from these media were compared with those determined by interpreting the minimal inhibitory concentration obtained using an a ...19911911991
bacteriologic monitoring of periodontal diseases: cultural, enzymatic, immunologic, and nucleic acid studies.evidence supporting the bacteriologic etiology of periodontal diseases has led investigators to monitor the microbiologic species associated with each disease. the type of study performed has evolved at different levels over the years and is predominantly influenced by available technologies. as the technology has advanced, so too have attempts at monitoring specific microorganisms. the ultimate goal in most research efforts on clinical bacteriologic monitoring of the periodontal diseases has be ...19911912631
protein-kinase-c-independent activation of arachidonate release and prostaglandin e2 formation in macrophages interacting with certain bacteria.certain bacterial species, of which we selected fusobacterium nucleatum, gardnerella vaginalis, peptostreptococcus anaerobius and propionibacterium acnes, were found to induce release of arachidonic acid in a dose- and time-dependent manner in mouse macrophages. the release of arachidonic acid showed a characteristic lag period of approximately 10 min and was accompanied by selective transformation into prostaglandin e2. bacteria killed by various methods caused a similar response, indicating th ...19911915341
selection, expression, and nucleotide sequencing of the glutamate dehydrogenase gene of peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus.the gene for the catabolic nad-linked glutamate dehydrogenase of peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus was cloned by selection of escherichia coli for complementation of a biosynthetic defect. cloned fragments containing the gene and the p. asaccharolyticus transcription and translation signals are very highly expressed in e. coli. the nucleotide sequence of the cloned gene was determined. it codes for a polypeptide of 421 amino acids, the sequence of which is similar to those of the nadp-acceptin ...19911917850
[clinical evaluation of imipenem/cilastatin sodium in the internal medicine].fifty-two patients with moderate or severe infections associated with internal medicine were treated with imipenem/cilastatin sodium (ipm/cs) and the efficacy and the safety of this drug were evaluated. there were 20 patients with pneumonia, 10 with acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory tract infections, 9 with sepsis, 2 with pyothorax, 3 with intraabdominal infection, 2 with urinary tract infection, 1 with pulmonary abscess, 1 with infective endocarditis, 4 with fever of unknown origin. for ...19911920813
tetracycline resistance in peptostreptococcus species.of 15 peptostreptococcus sp. strains isolated between 1975 and 1984, 13 hybridized with the tet k, tet m, or tet o determinant. a donor peptostreptococcus anaerobius strain carrying the three determinants could transfer tet m to p. anaerobius and fusobacterium nucleatum recipients but not to an enterococcus faecalis recipient, while neither tet k nor tet o was transferred.19911929341
reactivity of igg from explant cultures of periapical lesions with implicated microorganisms.the presence of igg in periapical inflammatory lesions suggests that immune responses participate in the disease process. the purpose of this investigation was to study the reactivity of igg from the supernatant fluids of explant cultures of periapical lesions with microorganisms implicated in infections of endodontic origin. ninety periapical lesions that had been contiguous with the apex of a root were removed and maintained in explant cultures. a dot-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (dot-eli ...19911940739
specificity of antibodies present in human periapical lesions.various classes of immunoglobulins have been found in human periapical lesions. the specificity of secreted antibodies against antigens egressing from the root canal system has yet to be thoroughly investigated. the purpose of this study was to test the specificity of antibodies present in human periapical lesions. human periapical biopsies were removed and cultured as organ culture explants. antibodies present in the lesions were extracted in the cell culture fluids. a modified enzyme-linked im ...19911940740
microbiologic causes and neonatal outcomes associated with chorioamnion infection.chorioamnion infection is associated with histologic chorioamnionitis and prematurity, but the specific chorioamnion microorganisms associated with histologic chorioamnionitis, prematurity, and poor neonatal outcome have not been identified. bacteria were recovered from the chorioamnion cultures of 32% of 112 placentas delivered at less than or equal to 34 weeks' gestation and from 19% of 156 placentas delivered at greater than 34 weeks' gestation (odds ratio 2.1; 95% confidence interval 1.1 to ...19911951562
effects of propicillin on mixed continuous cultures of periodontal bacteria.experiments were designed to test the antibiotic (1-phenoxypropyl)penicillin (propicillin) against a complex microflora of periodontal bacteria. this was accomplished by using a continuously growing mixed culture that was obtained by enrichment of periodontal plaque in human serum. peptostreptococcus species, prevotella intermedia, lactobacillus, catenaforme, and streptococcus species were dominant members of the enrichment culture. none of the strains isolated from the enrichment culture exhibi ...19911952836
[antibacterial activities of ofloxacin against recent isolates from patients with community-acquired infections].in order to survey antibacterial activities of ofloxacin (oflx) against 1,440 bacterial strains isolated from patients with community-acquired infections in 1987 and 1990, minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of the drug as well as those of other new quinolones and oral cephems were determined. the following conclusions were reached. 1. comparison of the mic distribution for strains isolated in 1987 with those in 1990 suggested a tendency toward an increase in the frequency of oflx-resistant ...19911960856
defective neutrophil function in an insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients. a case report.the objective of this study was to evaluate the polymorphonuclear leukocyte (pmn) function in a poorly controlled adult insulin-dependent diabetic patient (iddm) with severe recurrent periodontitis, while describing the microbiological and clinical findings. chemotaxis, superoxide production, and phagocytosis and killing of porphyromonas (bacteroides) gingivalis by the iddm pmn were evaluated 1 week before treatment relative to a healthy, matched control. these analyses revealed a significant (p ...19911651389
[strict anaerobic bacteria: comparative study of various beta-lactam antibiotics in combination with tazobactam or sulbactam].the minimal inhibitory concentrations of piperacillin (pip) or cefotaxime (ctx) alone or in combination with tazobactam (taz) were determined against 168 anaerobes. all the strains were inhibited by pip + taz, but certain strains resistant to ctx + taz were found among b. fragilis, eubacterium and peptostreptococcus. the second investigations included 30 strains of bacteroides fragilis. concentrations of 2, 4 and 8 mg/l of taz and sulbactam (sul) were combined with piperacillin or cefotaxime. th ...19911652729
subgingival microflora of advanced periodontitis in the dominican republic.a study of the predominant subgingival microflora was carried out in 24 periodontitis patients, 18 to 60 years of age, in santo domingo, dominican republic. paper point sampling, transport in vmga iii, and conventional microbiological techniques were utilized. direct microscopic examination revealed that cocci and nonmotile organisms made up 85% of the total organisms and spirochetes as little as 3%. nonselective culturing showed gram-negative organisms to constitute 53% of total isolates. fusob ...19911658290
relation of baseline microbial parameters to future periodontal attachment loss.the relationship between the level of subgingival species at baseline and subsequent attachment loss in a subject was examined. 38 subjects (14-71 years) with prior evidence of periodontal destruction were monitored 2x for pocket depth and attachment level at 6 sites per tooth at baseline and 2 months. a subject was considered to exhibit new attachment loss if 1 or more sites increased 3 mm or more in attachment level in 2 months. subgingival plaque samples were taken at the baseline visit from ...19911661304
in-vitro activity of temafloxacin against anaerobic bacteria: a comparative study.the antimicrobial activity of temafloxacin for 328 anaerobic bacteria was determined and compared to that of cefotetan, cefoxitin, ciprofloxacin and metronidazole. the wadsworth agar dilution technique using brucella-lysed sheep blood agar was used throughout. at the recommended breakpoint concentration 4 mg/l, temafloxacin inhibited 60/62 (97%) of the isolates of bacteroides fragilis and 82/87 (94%) of the isolates of other species of the b. fragilis group. ninety-six percent of the 24 isolates ...19911664827
[anaerobes in infected canals: a preliminary study].anaerobes of 17 infected canals with periapical periodontitis were studied. most of root flora were not only anaerobes but also aerobes. anaerobes were predominant in chronic periapical periodontitis. major anaerobes isolated from canals were peptostreptococcus, b. melaninogenicus and b. oralis. the chi-square results indicated that the peptostreptococcus were significantly related to apical radiolucency and b. melaninogenicus were significantly related to percussion or foul smell. animal experi ...19911674465
percutaneous drainage of lung abscess in a malnourished child. 19911676504
purification and properties of an iron-sulfur-containing and pyridoxal-phosphate-independent l-serine dehydratase from peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus.l-serine dehydratase with a specific activity of 15 nkat/mg protein was present in the anaerobic eubacterium peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus grown either on l-glutamate or l-serine. the enzyme was highly specific for l-serine with the lowest km = 0.8 mm ever reported for an l-serine dehydratase. l-threonine (km = 22 mm) was the only other substrate. v/km for l-serine was 500 times higher than that for l-threonine. l-cysteine was the best inhibitor (ki = 0.3 mm, competitive towards l-serine). ...19912065681
cos degradation by selected co-utilizing bacteria. scientific note. 19911929384
[2 cases of rhinogenic intracranial complications with normal rhinoscopy].two cases of non-postoperative rhinogenic intracranial complications are reported: patient 1 was a 25-year-old female with meningitis and right orbital phlegmon, and patient 2 was a 21-year-old male with a brain abscess. main symptoms in these patients were meningeal signs and high fever, and intranasal findings were normal in both patients. the diagnosis was not made until computed tomography revealed paranasal abnormalities. soon after surgical intervention and treatment with large doses of an ...19911896694
antibiosis between bacteria isolated from the vagina of women with and without signs of bacterial vaginosis.lactobacilli from women with and without bacterial vaginosis (bv) were tested for h2o2 production. thirty-seven (79%) of the 47 strains of lactobacilli isolated from the women without bv produced h2o2, while only nine (23%) of the 39 strains of lactobacilli obtained from women with bv did so. five of 20 h2o2-producing and two of 26 non-producing strains of lactobacillus exhibited antibiosis against four of 12 strains of peptostreptococci and two of 10 strains of mobiluncus spp. none of a further ...19911859646
native valve infective endocarditis in adults--analysis of 32 consecutive cases over a ten-year period from 1980 to 1989.thirty-two patients with native valve infective endocarditis who presented over a 10-year period at our hospital were analyzed retrospectively. the presenting symptom was a persistent fever in 22 patients. in 30 patients, the new york heart association functional class was less than ii before the development of endocarditis. blood cultures were positive on all occasions in 24 out of 29 culture-positive patients. all of the viridans streptococci, accounting for 79% of the isolated pathogens, were ...19911829492
[empyema due to an anaerobic streptococcus in childhood].anaerobic infections are quite rare in pediatric age, being that, they affect only neonates and immunodepressed patients. we think to be somewhat interesting to describe the case of our patient, a 9 year old boy, unaffected by any predisposing factor, came under our observation because of a severe respiratory distress. he showed evident clinical and radiological signs of pleural effusion in the right lung, together with a gas coil in the upper field and a left mediastinal shifting. a thoracentes ...19911806927
chronic prosthetic vascular graft infection visualized with technetium-99m-hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime-labeled leukocytes.technetium-99m-hmpao labeled leukocytes demonstrated chronic femoro-femoral prosthetic vascular graft infection several times during an 18-mo period in a 77-yr-old man. the intensity and distribution of the uptake in the graft were fluctuating in different imaging occasions possibly indicating the strength and location of the infection. gallium-67-citrate imaging showed negative results twice. the reason for negative 67ga results remained obscure. the infected graft was removed and the patient d ...19912066799
the laboratory identification of gram-positive anaerobic cocci.a collection of 256 clinical strains and 40 reference strains of gram-positive anaerobic cocci (gpac) was studied, to characterise the recognised species more fully and to define groups of strains which might correspond to previously undescribed species. the methods used were: gas-liquid chromatography (glc) for the detection of volatile fatty acids (vfas); determination of the pre-formed enzyme profile with a commercially available kit, atb 32a; microscopic appearance; colonial morphology; and ...19912030504
the partial amino acid sequence of the nad(+)-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of clostridium symbiosum: implications for the evolution and structural basis of coenzyme specificity.the amino acid sequence is reported for cnbr and tryptic peptide fragments of the nad(+)-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of clostridium symbiosum. together with the n-terminal sequence, these make up about 75% of the total sequence. the sequence shows extensive similarity with that of the nadp(+)-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of escherichia coli (52% identical residues out of the 332 compared) allowing confident placing of the peptide fragments within the overall sequence. this demonstrate ...19911954226
[acute subdural empyema due to peptostreptococcus].a very rare case of acute subdural empyema due to peptostreptococcus was reported. a 11-year-old-girl was admitted to our hospital with high grade fever, unconsciousness and rt hemiparesis. ct scans showed the mass effect caused by the subdural empyema over the left frontotemporal region. subdural empyema was evacuated by the craniotomy. peptostreptococcus was found in the pus obtained during the operation. however, ct scans 10 days after the operation revealed another subdural empyema in the le ...19911681835
contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of sub- and epidural empyemas.contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images (mri) of three patients with subdural (sde) and two with epidural empyemas (ede) were reviewed. in each case, the capsule of the lesion demonstrated enhancement, and distinction between capsule and contents was obvious on contrast-enhanced images. in sde, contrast-enhanced images clearly depicted thickening of the neighbouring dura mater and a co-existent brain abscess. in ede, part of the displaced dura mater did not enhance, which facilitated differe ...19921359449
protein l from peptostreptococcus magnus binds to the kappa light chain variable domain.protein l is an immunoglobulin light chain-binding protein expressed by some strains of the anaerobic bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus. the major variable region subgroups of human kappa and lambda light chains were tested for protein l binding; v kappa i, v kappa iii, and v kappa iv bound protein l, whereas no binding occurred with proteins of the v kappa ii subgroup or with any lambda light chain subgroups. studies of the protein l binding capacity of naturally occurring vl fragment ...19921733930
spontaneous contrast echoes in pericardial effusion: sign of gas-producing infection. 19921636601
protein lg: a hybrid molecule with unique immunoglobulin binding properties.immunoglobulin (ig)-binding bacterial proteins have attracted theoretical interest for their role in molecular host-parasite interactions, and they are widely used as tools in immunology, biochemistry, medicine, and biotechnology. protein l of the anaerobic bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus binds ig light chains, whereas streptococcal protein g has affinity for the constant (fc) region of igg. in this report, ig binding parts of protein l and protein g were combined to form a hybrid mo ...19921460053
bacteriology of periodontal disease.the microbial flora associated with the periodontal tissues in health and disease is extremely complex, and much research is being directed toward identifying those species that may be etiologic agents or that can be used as prognostic indicators. recent work has resulted in changes in the taxonomic position of several periodontal species and the recognition that several others, particularly species of eubacterium and peptostreptococcus, as well as a novel oral spirochete, may be important in di ...19921392003
diagnosis and management of anaerobic infections of the head and neck.anaerobic bacteria are important pathogens in head and neck infections such as chronic otitis media, chronic sinusitis, chronic mastoiditis, head and neck abscesses, cervical adenitis, parotitis, and postoperative infection. bacteroides sp (bacteroides melaninogenicus group, bacteroides oralis, and bacteroides fragilis group), peptostreptococcus sp, and fusobacterium sp predominate. the observed recent increase in the number of beta-lactamase-producing strains of bacteroides sp isolated in head ...19921728904
changes in the microbial flora of airline headset devices after their use.the bacterial flora of 20 headset devices were evaluated before and after they were worn for 1 hour. bacteria were recovered from all headsets, and their number increased from a mean (+/- standard deviation) of 60 +/- 5 organisms per device to 650 +/- 51 organisms per device (p less than .001). the predominant organisms recovered were staphylococcus spp, streptococcus spp, propionibacterium spp, and peptostreptococcus spp. this study demonstrates the presence of potential pathogens in headset de ...19921731163
multicentre study on antibiotic susceptibilities of anaerobic bacteria to cefoperazone-sulbactam and other antimicrobial agents.the antibiotic susceptibilities of 241 anaerobic bacteria recovered from six geographic sites in north america were tested by agar dilution to cefoperazone-sulbactam and other drugs. of the 189 bacteroides fragilis group isolates, only one was resistant to cefoperazone-sulbactam (0.5%) or ampicillin-sulbactam (0.5%), and none was resistant to ticarcillin-clavulanate or chloramphenicol. no resistance to cefoperazone-sulbactam was observed among the other bacteroides spp., clostridium spp., or pep ...19921737725
the relationship of hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli to bacterial vaginosis and genital microflora in pregnant women.lactobacilli provide an important microbial defense against genital colonization by pathogens. the role of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) in the control of genital microflora was explored in a cross-sectional study of 275 women in the second trimester of pregnancy. vaginal cultures were obtained for detection of h2o2-positive and h2o2-negative lactobacilli and other members of the genital microflora. compared with women with h2o2-negative lactobacilli, women colonized by h2o2-positive lactobacilli wer ...19921738516
[gynecologic and obstetric infections caused by aerobic bacteria].the anaerobic bacteria (ab) are between the most numerous microorganisms (mo) that constitute the flora of the female genital tract, so they can participate in the etiology of obstetric and gynecologic infections (ogi). the objective of this study was to investigate the frequency of ab isolations and the clinical characteristics of the anaerobic infections (ai) in patients of the national institute of perinatology, from january 1st, 1988 to may 31, 1991. ab were isolated from 117 patients who de ...19921618410
structure of peptostreptococcal protein l and identification of a repeated immunoglobulin light chain-binding domain.the gene for protein l, an immunoglobulin (ig) light chain-binding protein expressed by some strains of the anaerobic bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus, was cloned and sequenced. the gene translates into a protein of 719 amino acid residues. following a signal sequence of 18 amino acids and a nh2-terminal region ("a") of 79 residues, the molecule contains five homologous "b" repeats of 72-76 amino acids each. further, toward the cooh terminus, two additional repeats ("c") were found. t ...19921618782
[antibacterial activity of rokitamycin against fresh clinical isolates].we obtained bacterial strains which were clinically isolated and identified from outpatients with various infections in medical institutions throughout japan. possible antibacterial activities of rokitamycin (rkm) were examined against these isolates. minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) were determined through a comparative study with reference drugs. the results of the study are summarized as follows. 1. resistance patterns of 400 isolates which were highly resistant to macrolides (mls) wi ...19921289579
resistance of anaerobic bacteria to antimicrobial agents in a consequence of antibiotic consumption, the entire microbial ecosystem attached to man is evolving towards resistance. in spain, penicillin resistance (mic > 0.5 mg/l) is found in about 10% of peptostreptococcus, clostridium perfringens and eubacterium, and in 50% of veillonella. cefoxitin resistance ( > 2 mg/l) is present in 10 to 20% of peptostreptococcus and clostridium, and in 50% of eubacterium; 21% of bacteroides (fragilis group) strains are resistant to 16 mg/l. a very low rate of imi ...19921295754
the relationship between clinical symptoms and anaerobic bacteria from infected root canals.the purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between the composition of bacterial flora from infected root canals and clinical symptoms. the materials evaluated consisted of 28 teeth from 25 patients with apical periodontitis. eubacterium were found to be significantly related to acute or chronic clinical symptoms and peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, and porphyromonas gingivalis to subacute clinical symptoms. we suggested that peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, eubacterium, porphyr ...19921298793
infection and labor. vii. microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity in spontaneous rupture of membranes at term.the purpose of this study was to determine the frequency, microbiologic characteristics, and clinical significance of microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity in women with premature rupture of membranes at term.19921301006
in vitro activities of three of the newer quinolones against anaerobic bacteria.the antimicrobial activities of three new quinolone compounds, sparfloxacin, temafloxacin, and win 57273, against anaerobic bacteria were determined in three separate studies. the wadsworth agar dilution technique using brucella-laked blood agar was used throughout. the activities of other antimicrobial agents, including ciprofloxacin, imipenem, chloramphenicol, metronidazole, cefotetan, cefoxitin, and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, were also determined. the breakpoints of the new quinolones were ...19921317149
the use of dna probes to examine the distribution of subgingival species in subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction.the present investigation examined the distribution of 14 subgingival species at a total of 2299 sites in 90 subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction. subgingival plaque samples taken from the mesial aspect of each tooth were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated on non selective media. after anaerobic incubation, colonies were lifted to nylon filters and specific species detected using digoxygenin-labeled whole chromosomal dna probes. the mean total viable count for all s ...19921318331
subgingival temperature (iii). relation to microbial counts.the present investigation examined the relationship of selected bacterial species and subgingival temperature. 35 subjects were measured at 6 sites per tooth for clinical parameters and subgingival temperature. measurements were repeated for 21 subjects at 2 month intervals providing a total of 66 subjects visits. at each visit, subgingival plaque samples were taken from the mesial aspect of each tooth and anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated on non-selective media. after anaerobic incuba ...19921321846
e-test: a new technique for antimicrobial susceptibility testing for periodontal microorganisms.the purpose of the study was to validate the epsilometer test (e-test) method for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of selected periodontopathic microorganisms using the agar dilution method as a standard. the e-test has been developed to provide a direct quantification of antimicrobial susceptibility of microorganisms. the device consists of a predefined, continuous, and exponential gradient of antibiotic concentrations immobilized along a rectangular plastic test strip. after 48 hours incub ...19921324301
antimicrobial activity of du-6859, a new potent fluoroquinolone, against clinical isolates.du-6859, (-)-7-[(7s)-amino-5-azaspiro(2,4)heptan-5-yl]-8-chloro-6- fluoro-1-[(1r,2r)-cis-2-fluoro-1-cyclopropyl]-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinol one-3- carboxylic acid, is a new fluoroquinolone with antibacterial activity which is significantly better than those of currently available quinolones. the mics for 90% of methicillin-susceptible and -resistant staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus epidermidis clinical isolates (mic90s) were 0.1, 3.13, 0.1, and 0.39 microgram/ml, respectively. mic50s of du- ...19921324647
comparative in-vitro activity of azithromycin, macrolides (erythromycin, clarithromycin and spiramycin) and streptogramin rp 59500 against oral organisms.the in-vitro activities of azithromycin, clarithromycin, spiramycin and rp 59500 were compared with erythromycin against a wide range of oral organisms which have been implicated in oral infections and/or endocarditis (clindamycin was included for oral streptococci). all compounds tested showed good activity against many of these organisms, although some variation was observed with different species. clarithromycin was the most active of the antibiotics tested against gram-positive anaerobes, in ...19921331019
antibacterial efficacy of root canal medicaments.the antibacterial efficacy of four endodontic medicaments was studied in vitro. calcium hydroxide (calacept), camphorated parachlorophenol (cpcp), cresophene, and 2% iodine-potassium iodide (iki) were tested against four anaerobic microorganisms, streptococcus mutans, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, porphyromonus gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum, for 10 or 15 min. iki was effective only against f. nucleatum and p. gingivalis, and the others were effective against all four microorganisms.19921337555
the acute phase of experimental infection with trypanosoma cruzi is more severe in mice monoassociated with strict anaerobic bacteria.1. the influence of some components of the normal human intestinal flora on the acute phase of experimental infection with strain cl of trypanosoma cruzi was studied in 30-day-old germ-free or gnotobiotic cfw (lob) mice monoassociated with bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus sp or clostridium sp by intragastric inoculation of 10(6) bacteria 10 days before the intraperitoneal infection with 5 x 10(3) trypomastigotes/g body weight. 2. significantly earlier parasitemia peak and mortality were ...19921342224
summer mastitis in heifers: studies on the seasonal occurrence of actinomyces pyogenes, peptostreptococcus indolicus and bacteroidaceae in clinically healthy cattle in denmark.with the aim of investigating the seasonal occurrence of actinomyces pyogenes, peptostreptococcus indolicus, bacteroides melaninogenicus ss. levii and fusobacterium necrophorum, and thus the potential for development of summer mastitis, clinically healthy danish holstein-friesian heifers due to calve in the autumn were sampled from the teat tip, the conjunctiva and the oral cavity at 2-6 week intervals from 1979 to 1981. the overall isolation rates of f. necrophorum, p. indolicus and b. melanino ...19921348381
periodontal bone loss in mice induced by different periodontopathic organisms.periodontal bone loss in mice orally inoculated with peptostreptococcus anaerobius, pept. magnus and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans was compared to that in sham-inoculated mice. six-to-8-week-old balb/c mice were inoculated with 1 x 10(5), 1 x 10(7) or 1 x 10(9) colony-forming units (c.f.u.) of bacteria in 50 microliters of medium. ten mice received each concentration of bacteria and 10 sham-inoculated mice acted as controls. five mice from each of the groups were killed 6 weeks after inoc ...19921353347
immunoglobulins in milk from cows immunized with oral strains of actinomyces, prevotella, porphyromonas, and fusobacterium.immunization of pregnant cows with bacteria leads to the presence of high concentrations of specific antibodies in colostrum and milk. a total of 14 cows was immunized with single strains of heat-killed oral bacteria or pools of strains of actinomyces, porphyromonas, prevotella, and fusobacterium. two cows were treated with adjuvant alone. the mean percentages of igg1, igg2, igm, and iga in all of the milks were 83.8, 3.8, 9.3, and 3.1, respectively. elisa and whole cell agglutination assays dem ...19921354674
comparative bacteriological studies on summer mastitis in grazing cattle and pyogenes mastitis in stabled cattle in denmark.a total of 143 secretions from clinical cases of summer mastitis (sm) in grazing cattle and from 89 cases of pyogenes mastitis (pm) in stabled cattle were examined bacteriologically. the typical bacteriological finding was a mixed flora in which the predominant organisms were actinomyces pyogenes (sm-70%, pm-85%), peptostreptococcus indolicus (54%, 54%), a microaerophilic coccus (stuart-schwan coccus) (26%, 25%), fusobacterium necrophorum biovar b (22%, 12%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (20%, 9% ...19921355316
heterogeneity of surfaces of subgingival bacteria as detected by zeta potential measurements.porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (a.a.) are gram-negative bacteria which are implicated in various forms of periodontal disease. the gram-positive peptostreptococcus micros may also play an important role. for investigation of the possible adhesion and colonization mechanisms of these organisms, the charge properties of the outermost layers of bacterial cell surfaces were studied through the measurement of zeta potentials at various ph val ...19921357016
microbiologic and pathologic aspects of pulpal and periapical disease.the greatest cause of endodontic and periapical pathosis is microbial infection of the pulp. most odontogenic infections are of a polymicrobial nature. with advances in anaerobic isolation and culturing techniques, much has been learned about the presence of pathogenic organisms such as porphyromonas and prevotella species (formerly classified as black-pigmented bacteroides species) in infected root canals. this review provides a summary of recent developments in endodontic microbiology, virulen ...19921381632
three new species of the genus peptostreptococcus isolated from humans: peptostreptococcus vaginalis sp. nov., peptostreptococcus lacrimalis sp. nov., and peptostreptococcus lactolyticus sp. nov.we describe three new species of the genus peptostreptococcus which were isolated from human specimens and were tentatively identified as peptostreptococcus prevotii. these three organisms were not homologous with previously described type strains of the genus peptostreptococcus. a total of 12 strains that were identified biochemically as p. prevotii were divided into five independent dna similarity groups; 10 of these strains were divided into three similarity groups which exhibited significant ...19921390111
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