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identification and structure of a novel flavin prosthetic group associated with reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase from peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 19734147162
evidence that apo-reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase and apo-electron-transferring flavoprotein from peptostreptococcus elsdenii are identical. 19744151307
[experiences with freter's anaerobic chamber in the clinical laboratory]. 19744154683
micro-organisms from necrotic pulp of traumatized teeth. 19744155793
[susceptibility of non-sporing anaerobes of the genera bacteroides, fusobacterium, sphaerophorus, peptococcus, and peptostreptococcus to clindamycin (author's transl)]. 19744155889
[bacteriological investigations on reptiles and amphibians (author's transl)]. 19744155899
effect of antibiotics on some rumen and intestinal bacteria. 19664162813
microbial flora found in the products of conception in spontaneous abortions. 19744203014
stomach fermentation in east african colobus monkeys in their natural state.the microbial fermentation in the stomachs of two monkeys, colobus polykomos, collected in kenya, was studied. the gas accumulated within the stomach contained h(2) but no ch(4). volatile fatty acid concentrations were high, but accumulated acid prevented determination of the fermentation rate in untreated, incubated stomach contents. upon addition of bicarbonate, a very rapid rate could be demonstrated. some d- and l-lactate were in the stomach contents. starchy seeds or fruits rather than leav ...19744207763
n-terminal amino acid sequences of azotobacter vinelandii and rhodospirillum rubrum flavodoxins. 19744212186
isolation of ureolytic peptostreptococcus productus from feces using defined medium; failure of common urease tests.colony counts of fecal samples from three persons, obtained by using a chemically defined anaerobic roll-tube medium (containing glucose, maltose, glycerol, minerals, hemin, b-vitamins, methionine, volatile fatty acids, sulfide, bicarbonate, agar, carbon dioxide (gas phase), and 1 mm nh(4) (+) as main nitrogen source), averaged 60% of the 8.8 x 10(10) bacteria per g obtained when 0.2% trypticase and 0.05% yeast extract were added to the otherwise identical medium. when 0.2% vitamin-free casitone ...19744213672
synergistic necrotizing myositis complicating vascular injury. 19744214303
[changes of susceptibility of anaerobes to various antibiotics (author's transl)]. 19744215896
nutritional features and ecology of predominant anaerobic bacteria of the intestinal tract. 19744217101
establishment of a limited rumen flora in gnotobiotic lambs fed on a roughage diet. 19744217352
[subphrenic abscess due to peptostreptococcus]. 19744219409
[on the chemical composition of the cell wall of streptococci. 3. the amino acid sequence of a glycine-containing murein from peptostreptococcus evolutus (prevot) smith]. 19684236672
anaerobic bacteria in routine urine hundred and fifty-eight anaerobic organisms from 147 patients were isolated from 15,250 consecutive clean mid-stream or catheter urine specimens. the pathogenicity of the anaerobic genera commonly isolated from urine is reviewed and discussed. failure to establish anaerobic isolates as pathogens and a paucity of reported cases proving anaerobic bacteria as significant causes of urinary tract infection permitted discontinuation of anaerobic culture as part of the routine screening procedure f ...19664288917
spectrophotometric titration of ferredoxins and chromatium high potential iron protein with sodium dithionite. 19694306283
isolation of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens. 19704314713
[antibacterial activity of lividomycin against anaerobes]. 19724353340
[antibacterial activities of lincomycin and clindamycin against anerobic bacteria]. 19734354698
electron-nuclear double resonance study of flavodoxin from peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 19734357453
bactericidal activity of aerobic and anaerobic polymorphonuclear neutrophils.human polymorphonuclear neutrophils (pmn) were made anaerobic by nitrogen washout (oxygen saturation <1%, eh < -42 mv at ph 7.0), and the ability of the cells to kill bacteria was assayed and compared to the bactericidal activity of aerobic pmn. anaerobic pmn were able to kill staphylococcus epidermidis, enterococcus, viridans streptococci, pseudomonas aeruginosa, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, bacteroides fragilis, clostridium perfringens, and peptococcus magnus normally. organisms that were no ...19744361295
phosphatase activity of anaerobic organisms.anaerobic organisms were tested for phosphatase activity in different ph ranges. several groups of organisms displayed characteristic patterns. bacteroides fragilis, b. melaninogenicus, and b. ruminicola produced phosphatase with strongest activity at ph 8.6. fusobacterium mortiferum was the only species of this genus to show strong hydrolysis. the enzyme was active in both acid and alkaline ranges. the activity of gram-positive organisms was variable, the most active groups being clostridium pe ...19744363556
purification and properties of electron-transferring flavoprotein from peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 19744364030
extracellular deoxyribonuclease production by anaerobic bacteria.the production of extracellular deoxyribonuclease was examined with anaerobic organisms isolated from clinical specimens. nuclease activity was extraordinarily common. all strains of fusobacterium, including eight species, as well as bacteroides fragilis and b. melaninogenicus, displayed enzyme activity. whereas the gram-positive bacteria were generally less productive, all strains of clostridium perfringens, peptostreptococcus intermedius, and p. anaerobius specifically produced deoxyribonuclea ...19744364608
effect of culture medium and carbon dioxide concentration on growth of anaerobic bacteria commonly encountered in clinical specimens.representative strains of anaerobic bacteria from human infections were used to evaluate broth media, gas mixtures, and inocula for use in developing a procedure for performing minimal inhibitory concentration antimicrobic susceptibility tests. nine commercially available media, including two that were chemically defined, were tested. tests were performed in atmospheres with carbon dioxide concentrations between 2.5 and 10% and also in the gaspak system (bbl) that had a disposable hydrogen-carbo ...19744364610
identification and properties of new flavins in electron-transferring flavoprotein from peptostreptococcus elsdenii and pig-liver glycolate oxidase. 19744365840
the isolation of anaerobic bacteria from wound swabs.the isolation of anaerobic bacteria from routine wound swabs by three procedures was evaluated. recovery of anaerobic organisms was doubled by immediate incubation of seeded plates, and the recovery could be further dramatically improved by the use of prereduced media, in conjunction with an anaerobic chamber. recommendations for the treatment of swabs and cultures for anaerobic investigation are made.19744371159
enzymatic studies of pure cultures of rumen microorganisms.joyner, a. e., jr. (university of california, davis), and r. l. baldwin. enzymatic studies of pure cultures of rumen microorganisms. j. bacteriol. 92:1321-1330. 1966.-the activities of enzymes representing the major pathways of carbohydrate metabolism and anaerobic electron transport in cell-free extracts of whole rumen contents have been reported. the effects of diet upon the activities of several enzymes suggested that enzymatic measurements might prove useful for the study of rumen metabolism ...19664380801
oxidation-reduction properties of flavodoxin from peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 19694388813
complex formation between ferredoxin triphosphopyridine nucleotide reductase and electron transfer proteins. 19694388814
[sensitivity test of clinical isolates to fusidic acid]. 19714397858
mycotic aneurysms. 19744479737
dependence of the proton magnetic resonance spectra on the oxidation state of flavodoxin from clostridium mp and from peptostreptococcus elsdenii.the broadening of protein nuclear magnetic resonances in the spectra of the semiquinone forms of flavodoxins derived from clostridium mp and peptostreptococcus elsdenii relative to the resonances in the oxidized and reduced forms is highly selective. spectra from both species of flavodoxin indicate that conformational differences between the oxidized and fully reduced states are minor and, consequently, the broadening in the semiquinone form is ascribed to the paramagnetic effect of the flavin f ...19734519623
anaerobic bacteria in oral infections. 19744528419
the effects of preoperative rinsing with cetylpyridinium chloride on bacteremia associated with the surgical removal of impacted third molars. 19744528780
[treatment of bacteroides infections with lincomycin]. 19734543418
anaerobic bacteria in the urinary tract. 19724550334
fermentation of isolated pectin and pectin from intact forages by pure cultures of rumen bacteria.studies on the rate and extent of galacturonic acid and isolated pectin digestion were carried out with nine strains of rumen bacteria (butyrivibrio fibrisolvens h10b and d16f, bacteroides ruminicola 23 and d31d, lachnospira multiparus d15d, peptostreptococcus sp. d43e, b. succinogenes a3c, ruminococcus flavefaciens b34b, and r. albus 7). only three strains, 23, d16f, and d31d, utilized galacturonic acid as a sole energy source, whereas all strains except a3c and h10b degraded (solubilized) and ...19724552890
ruminal bacterial degradation of benzo(b)-thien-4-yl methylcarbamate (mobam) and effect of mobam on ruminal bacteria.mixtures of ruminal bacteria degraded benzo(b)thien-4-yl methylcarbamate (mobam) to 4-hydroxybenzothiophene, co(2), and polar product(s). the metabolite, 4-hydroxybenzothiophene, was identified (after acetylation) by comparative infrared and mass spectrometry with an authentic sample. carbon dioxide and polar product(s) were produced by degradation of the methylcarbamate moiety. ten previously characterized strains of ruminal bacteria with diverse physiological capabilities did not degrade mobam ...19724553142
clinical and bacteriologic studies of anaerobic gram-positive cocci. 19724553535
some properties of the nonsporing anaerobes from poultry caeca. 19724558952
use of syringe methods for anaerobiosis. 19724565348
effect of a partially chemically defined diet on normal human fecal flora. 19724565355
comparison of three blood culture media for recovery of anaerobic bacteria.comparison of an anaerobic brain heart infusion broth with tryptic soy broth and thioglycollate medium failed to demonstrate significant differences in isolation rates of anaerobic bacteria from blood.19734568891
comparison of methods for isolation of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens.five different anaerobic culture methods and several different media were compared for their ability to recover anaerobes from clinical specimens. specimens were obtained from patients with documented infections, avoiding contamination with normal flora, and immediately placed in an anaerobic transporter. each specimen was cultured by all methods and on all the various media. the comparative data indicate that anaerobic jars (gaspak and evacuation-replacement types) are just as effective in the ...19734568893
anaerobic infections of the female genital tract: bacteriologic and therapeutic aspects.33 women with severe infection of the genital tract were studied using fastidious anaerobic techniques. the women, admitted to the department of obstetrics and gynecology at cook county hospital were referred to the infectious disease service for the following: pelvic abscesses (13), tubo-ovarian abscesses (3), endometritis following dilatation and currettage (2), sepsis associated with incomplete abortion (7), puerperal sepsis (5), vaginal abscess (1), vulval abscess (1), and bartholin's glan ...19734586019
puerperal infectious morbidity: a two-year review. 19734586021
phosphatidylserine and its plasmalogen analogue as major lipid constituents in megasphaera elsdenii. 19734590915
predominant gram-positive bacteria in human feces: numbers, variety, and persistence.the predominant gram-positive bacteria in 47 fecal specimens from 10 healthy men were studied by microscopic and cultural counts, by the characterization and tentative identification of isolates, and by the use of fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc)-conjugated globulins prepared using some of the isolates. gram-positive bacteria averaged 10(10.5+/-0.4(sd)/g (wet weight) of feces with significant variation from host to host. characterization of 865 isolates, all strict anaerobes and carbohydrate fe ...19744595760
isolation, culture characteristics, and identification of anaerobic bacteria from the chicken cecum.studies on the anaerobic cecal microflora of the 5-week-old chicken were made to determine a suitable roll-tube medium for enumeration and isolation of the bacterial population, to determine effects of medium components on recovery of total anaerobes, and to identify the predominant bacterial groups. the total number of microorganisms in cecal contents determined by direct microscope cell counts varied (among six samples) from 3.83 x 10(10) to 7.64 x 10(10) per g. comparison of different nonsele ...19744596749
isolation and indentification of anaerobic bacteria in the clinical laboratory. a 2-year experience. 19744597783
bacteremia after tooth extractions studied with the aid of prereduced anaerobically sterilized culture media.both prereduced molten agar and broth and aerobic molten agar and broth were inoculated with blood samples collected from patients with periodontitis, but in otherwise good health, both before and after extraction of two or more teeth. postoperative blood samples from 23 of 25 patients sampled yielded anaerobic and facultative species. colony counts from nine samples yielded from less than 1 to over 100 colonies per ml of blood. organisms detected were species belonging to the genera bacteroides ...19744598226
sodium polyanethol sulfonate sensitivity of anaerobic cocci.growth of peptostreptococcus anaerobius was shown to be totally inhibited by sodium polyanethol sulfonate (sps). other anaerobic cocci grew in the presence of sps although some strains of peptococcus prevotii and peptococcus magnus showed delayed growth. a sps disk assay for the presumptive identification of p. anaerobius is described.19744598436
clindamycin in pure and mixed anaerobic infections. 19744600682
the bacteriology of intra-abdominal infections. 19744605216
anterior cervical infections: complications of transtracheal aspirations. 19744606222
studies on the cecal microflora of commercial broiler chickens.a study was made of the cecal microflora isolated from broilers (5-week-old) reared under typical commercial husbandry conditions. three hundred and twenty-five bacterial strains (randomly isolated from colonies representing 49 to 81% of the microscopic count) were isolated from cecal digesta of six animals on a rumen fluid roll tube medium (m98-5). seventy-seven percent of these strains consisted of strict anaerobes: gram-negative, pleomorphic cocci (5.2%), peptostreptococcus (1.5%), gram-posit ...19744608322
[infections with anaerobic streptococci (peptostreptococcus) in animals]. 19724622113
studies of flavin-protein interaction in flavoproteins using protein fluorescence and circular dichroism. 19724622437
sterility of the aqueous humor following cataract surgery. 19724624766
efficiency of a transport medium for the recovery of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria from applicator swabs.the survival of four aerobic and four anaerobic pathogens was evaluated quantitatively on cotton swabs and calcium alginate swabs stored in dry tubes as compared with swabs stored in amies transport medium without charcoal. survival of the pathogens was markedly improved when stored in amies transport medium, although there was considerable loss of viability after a few hours of storage.19724626907
physiological characteristics of rumen microbes and relation to diet and fermentation patterns. 19724628391
a prospective study of infections in penetrating abdominal trauma. 19724639751
flavine-protein interactions in flavoenzymes. temperature-jump and stopped-flow studies of flavine analog binding to the apoprotein of azotobacter flavodoxin. 19724655252
flavine-protein interactions in flavoenzymes. thermodynamics and kinetics of reduction of azotobacter flavodoxin. 19724655253
anaerobic empyema thoracis. the role of anaerobes in 226 cases of culture-proven empyemas. 19734699957
the primary structure of peptostreptococcus elsdenii flavodoxin. 19734711610
effect of acetohydroxamic acid on growth and volatile fatty acid production by rumen bacteria. 19734734379
studies on the kinetics and mechanism of reduction of flavodoxin from peptostreptococcus elsdenii by sodium dithionite. 19734743900
anaerobic microflora of the cervix in healthy women. 19734758303
liver abscess production by non-spore-forming anaerobic bacteria in a mouse model.a model anaerobic infection consisting of progressive intrahepatic abscesses was produced in mice by injection of single and combined species of non-spore-forming anaerobic bacteria.19744816634
childhood cervical lymphadenitis: a reappraisal. 19744826618
parenteral clindamycin therapy for severe anaerobic infections. 19744833936
correction of the amino acid sequence of peptostreptococcus elsdenii flavodoxin. 19744843143
significance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from the urinary tract. i. clinical studies. 19744843341
tryptophan biosynthesis from indole-3-acetic acid by anaerobic bacteria from the rumen.microbes in ruminal contents incorporated (14)c into cells when they were incubated in vitro in the presence of [(14)c]carboxyl-labeled indole-3-acetic acid (iaa). most of the cellular (14)c was found to be in tryptophan from the protein fractions of the cells. pure cultures of several important ruminal species did not incorporate labeled iaa, but all four strains of ruminococcus albus tested utilized iaa for tryptophan synthesis. r. albus did not incorporate (14)c into tryptophan during growth ...19744855566
a study of cultures of rumen anaerobic bacteria in the presence of excess riboflavine (vitamin b2). 19694901038
the isolation and properties of the predominant anaerobic bacteria in the caeca of chickens and turkeys. 19704920052
the microflora of the pig stomach and its possible relationship to ulceration of the pars oesophagea. 19704920613
phenylethyl alcohol agar medium for isolation of anaerobic bacteria. 19704927090
[anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical material and simple identification methods]. 19714945450
adjunctive use of antibiotics in traumatic dental procedures. 19684972570
purification and characterization of flavodoxin from peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 19694976788
anaerobic bacteremia. 19725073944
establishment of a limited rumen microflora in gnotobiotic lambs. 19715097763
chromatography of proteins on diethylaminoethyl-cellulose in concentrated ammonium sulfate. 19715104715
the biosynthesis of valine from isobutyrate by peptostreptococcus elsdenii and bacteroides ruminicola.1. growing cultures of peptostreptococcus elsdenii and bacteroides ruminicola incorporate (14)c from [1-(14)c]isobutyrate into the valine of cell protein. with p. elsdenii some of the (14)c is also incorporated into leucine. 2. crude cell-free extracts of both organisms in the presence of glutamine, carbon dioxide and suitable sources of energy and electrons incorporate (14)c from [1-(14)c]isobutyrate into valine but not into leucine. 3. with extracts of p. elsdenii treated with deae-cellulose t ...19715119780
amino acid sequence of the peptostreptococcus elsdenii flavodoxin. 19715125231
amino- and carboxyl-terminal amino acid sequences of the peptostreptococcus eisdenii and clostridium pasteurianum flavodoxins. 19715126921
the purification and properties of butyryl-coenzyme a dehydrogenase from peptostreptococcus elsdenii.butyryl-coa dehydrogenase prepared by a simple procedure from peptostreptococcus elsdenii has a molecular weight of approx. 150000. the enzyme has fad as its prosthetic group. the amino acid analysis is reported. this enzyme, like most of the corresponding mammalian ones, is green. the absorption band at 710nm can be abolished irreversibly by dithionite reduction and air reoxidation; it can be abolished reversibly by phenylmercuric acetate or potassium bromide. the enzyme as isolated appears to ...19715145910
green butyryl-coenzyme a dehydrogenase. an enzyme-acyl-coenzyme a complex.1. butyryl-coa dehydrogenase from peptostreptococcus elsdenii forms very tightly bound complexes with various acyl-coa compounds. spectra in some cases merely show resolution of the 450nm band, but those with acetoacetyl-, pent-2-enoyl- and 4-methylpent-2-enoyl-coa show long-wavelength bands similar to the 710nm band of native enzyme. these complexes are formed instantaneously by the yellow form of the enzyme and much more slowly by the green form. 2. an acid extract of the green enzyme reconver ...19715145911
[anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical material]. 19715167891
[present status of isolation of anaerobic bacteria from clinical material]. 19715167892
[significance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from the urinary tract]. 19715167893
[anaerobic bacteria isolated from otorhinolaryngologic infections]. 19715167895
[case of anaerobic bacterial meningitis in a newborn infant diagnosed at autopsy]. 19715170139
antibiotic disc susceptibility tests for rapid presumptive identification of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli.a method for identification of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli is described. based on differences in susceptibility to paper discs containing 10 mug of colistin, 60 mug of erythromycin, 1,000 mug of kanamycin, 1,000 mug of neomycin, 2 units of penicillin, and 15 mug of rifampin, these bacteria may be placed into five groups. other tests such as colony morphology, production of pigment, growth in bile, esculin hydrolysis, and reaction on egg yolk-agar may be used for further identification. the s ...19715204230
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