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isolation of obligate anaerobic bacteria from bovine abscesses in sites other than the liver.a survey in japan showed that of 2036 slaughtered cattle 58(3%) had abscesses in sites other than the liver. in 21 of the affected animals the lesions were pulmonary and in 32 abdominal (excluding hepatic); in five animals the lesions were found elsewhere (muscle 2, skin 2, bone 1). nineteen (33%) of the 58 cattle also had abscesses in the liver. obligate anaerobes alone were isolated from 17(29%) of the affected animals (fusobacterium necrophorum 14, bacteroides spp. 2, peptostreptococcus anaer ...19846389873
peptostreptococcal empyema in akinetic mutism.peptostreptococcal empyema occurred in a 54-year-old man who had suffered from diabetes mellitus and had been in akinetic mutism. ultrasonic tomogram was useful to detect the space of empyema and to identify the decrease in volume of the empyema space with treatment.19846492491
experimental otitis media in guinea pigs. serum antibody response to bacteroides fragilis, propionibacterium acnes and peptostreptococcus anaerobius upon challenge.the production of antibodies in serum was studied after inoculation of bacteroides fragilis, propionibacterium acnes or peptostreptococcus anaerobius into the middle ear of guinea pigs. inoculation of b. fragilis resulted in igg and igm serum antibodies at an early stage of the infection, while iga antibodies were seldom detected and at a later stage. in contrast, inoculation of p. acnes or p. anaerobius induced no serum antibody response. of these three species b. fragilis induced the most inte ...19846598260
induction in rats of serum agglutinins to eubacterium, peptostreptococcus and coprococcus species by the faecal flora from patients with crohn's disease and healthy subjects.sera from patients with crohn's disease more often than those from other subjects contain agglutinins against anaerobic coccoid rods, identified as peptostreptococcus productus, eubacterium contortum (two strains) and coprococcus comes. the presence of antigens of the four coccoid rods in faeces of patients with crohn's disease and healthy subjects was investigated by inoculation of rats with faecal suspensions. antigens of the coccoid rods were detected in faeces from both patients with crohn's ...19846501880
intestinal water-soluble mucins in germfree, exgermfree and conventional animals.water-soluble intestinal mucins were investigated in germfree (gf), exgermfree (exg) and conventional (conv) rats and in gf and conv mice. after agar gel electrophoresis, all gf animals had similar specific band patterns demonstrated by pas and toluidine blue. these patterns, never seen in conv animals, disappeared in gf animals infected either with intestinal contents from conv rats or mono-infected with a mucin converting microorganism, labelled peptostreptococcus n. the intestinal microflora ...19846516849
in vitro susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria to ciprofloxacin (bay o 9867).about 80% of 70 clinical isolates of bacteroides fragilis were inhibited by 4 micrograms of ciprofloxacin (bay o 9867) per ml. the 90% mic of ciprofloxacin was 8 micrograms/ml for other bacteroides species, 2 micrograms/ml for peptococcus species, 8 micrograms/ml for peptostreptococcus species, and 16 micrograms/ml for clostridium and eubacterium species.19846517561
[anaerobic microflora of the contents of the upper maxillary sinuses in patients with chronic sinusitis]. 19846401097
anaerobic oral and dental infection.anaerobes make up a significant part of the oral and dental indigenous and pathogenic flora. their role in periodontal disease, root canal infections, infections of the hard and soft oral tissue, as well as their importance as foci for disseminated infectious disease is well established. despite the ubiquitous involvement of bacteria, significant progress in our understanding of specific microbial etiologies has occurred only in the past decade. estimates of the number of species recovered from ...19846372018
role of anaerobic bacteria in bite-wound infections.the etiologic agents usually involved in wound infections due to human or animal bites are the aerobic skin flora of the victim, e.g., staphylococcus aureus, and/or the aerobic oral flora of the biter, e.g., pasteurella multocida. while anaerobic bacteria are predominant in the normal oral flora of humans and animals, their importance in the pathogenesis of bite-wound infections has not been stressed. most investigators in this field have either not cultured these wounds for anaerobic bacteria o ...19846372026
ceftriaxone: therapeutic results in various infections and kinetic studies.ceftriaxone (ro 13-9904, rocephin) was given to 67 patients suffering from 74 various infections. patients had infections of the urinary tract (36), soft tissue phlegmon (12), infections of the respiratory tract (13), osteomyelitis (7), abscesses (5) and meningitis (1). infecting organisms were e. coli (26), proteus spp. (20), p. aeruginosa (7), h. influenzae (6), enterobacter spp. (6), k. pneumoniae (3), c. freundii (2), s. marcescens (1), s. aureus (4), s. pneumoniae (2), peptostreptococcus sp ...19846329238
[growth of anaerobes of the upper small intestine using the glovebox technic].with 80 patients a microecologic analysis of the duodenal flora has been performed. due to the optimal cultivation technique with the glove-box more frequently as supposed till now, anaerobes with partial high numbers could be detected, and classified to different types of dysbiosis. a striking role among the isolated and classified gram-positive roots play the genera eubacterium, propionibacterium, actinomyces, and bifidobacterium. peptococcus and peptostreptococcus are to be found frequently, ...19846387500
radiological case of the month. anaerobic pyopneumopericardium. 19846741898
b-lymphocyte blastogenesis in response to periodontitis-associated bacteria. kinetics and proportion of total response.a role for activated b-lymphocytes in mediating the initiation and/or progression of periodontal diseases has been proposed in previous work. the present study was conducted to: (1) assess the proportion of total lymphocyte blastogenic response to selected oral bacteria which is composed of t-cell and b-cell activation, respectively, and (2) to determine whether different kinetic patterns exist for the t-cell vs. the b-cell responses to these bacteria. using lymphocyte rosetting and culturing te ...19846610740
microorganisms isolated from infected aural fistulas.aural fistula is a congenital deformity of the external ear relatively common in orientals and rare in caucasians. suppuration tends to occur, and chemotherapy rather than surgical drainage should be attempted. however, the lack of information concerning infected aural fistulas has made appropriate chemotherapy difficult. microorganisms isolated from 13 cases of infected aural fistulas were studied from january 1981 to december 1982. six species and 22 strains were isolated; nonsporeforming facu ...19846492970
[recently detected organisms from oral infectious diseases and their antimicrobial sensitivity]. 19846597502
osteomyelitis in dogs and cats caused by anaerobic bacteria.localised osteomyelitis was diagnosed in 2 dogs and 2 cats. the disease was caused by fight wounds in 3 cases. radiographic examination demonstrated a circumscribed zone of cortical bone lysis, sequestra and periosteal new bone. each case was treated surgically by sequestrectomy and debridement. infection was due mainly to anaerobic bacteria. the pathogenic bacteria isolated from the lesions of dogs were actinomyces viscosus, fusobacterium nucleatum and bacteroides spp, and from the lesions in c ...19846732670
surgical management of piriform sinus fistula.four cases of acute cervical abscess resulting from infection through the left piriform sinus fistula are described. the fistula seems to be related to the cause of infection in many of previously reported cases of acute suppurative thyroiditis or "recurrent lateral cervical fistula." complete removal of the fistula is essential to a permanent cure, and the guide of a fogarty catheter through the fistula is useful at operation for patients with repeated infection.19846465693
a kinetic study of the oxidative deamination of l-glutamate by peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus glutamate dehydrogenase using a variety of coenzymes.the nad+-specific glutamate dehydrogenase from peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus follows michaelis-menten kinetics in contrast to the enzyme from several other sources, and thus gives linear double-reciprocal plots of initial-rate data. the initial-rate parameters have been determined for this bacterial dehyrogenase in the direction of oxidative deamination. the use of alternative coenzymes leads to some conclusions about the order of substrate addition. an investigation of the ph dependence o ...19846148240
bactericidal and cytotoxic effects of hypothiocyanite-hydrogen peroxide mixtures.lactoperoxidase catalyzes the oxidation of thiocyanate by hydrogen peroxide into hypothiocyanite, a reaction which can protect bacterial and mammalian cells from killing by hydrogen peroxide. the present study demonstrates, however, that lactoperoxidase in the presence of thiocyanate can actually potentiate the bactericidal and cytotoxic effects of hydrogen peroxide under specific conditions, such as when hydrogen peroxide is present in the reaction mixtures in excess of thiocyanate. the toxic a ...19846724690
anaerobic bacteria isolated from foot infections in diabetic patients: in vitro susceptibility to nine antibiotics.twenty-nine isolates of anaerobic bacteria from foot infections in diabetic patients were tested, using the agar dilution method, for in vitro susceptibility to nine antimicrobial agents. imipenem and metronidazole showed excellent activity; clindamycin and chloramphenicol were next in terms of efficacy. cefoxitin and moxalactam demonstrated good activity, although three isolates of the bacteroides fragilis group were resistant to moxalactam. penicillin g, cefotaxime, and cefoperazone showed poo ...19846467279
agglutinins to anaerobic bacteria in crohn's disease and in indian patients with diarrhoea.agglutinins to certain species of eubacterium and peptostreptococcus have been reported in sera from a high proportion of patients with crohn's disease. because this might be a non-specific finding common to patients with diarrhoea associated with damaged intestinal mucosa, we have compared the incidence of such agglutinins in patients with crohn's disease with that seen in patients in north-east india with acute or chronic diarrhoea. the incidence of agglutinins in crohn's disease was 44%, comp ...19846708086
pathogenicity of anaerobic gram-positive cocci.the pathogenicity of 20 strains of facultative or anaerobic gram-positive cocci (agpc) was investigated by injecting them alone or mixed with other flora into mice, utilizing the subcutaneous abscess model. abscesses induced by a mixture of two organisms were uniformly larger than those induced by single organisms. the relationships among seven agpc strains, eight aerobes, and two bacteroides spp. were determined by treating the infected animals with antibiotics and observing the effect of thera ...19846746091
rapidly cavitating nodules in a young man. 19854042712
enzymatic reduction of sennidin and sennoside in peptostreptococcus intermedius.peptostreptococcus intermedius, one of the dominant bacteria of human intestine, reduced sennidin and sennoside to rheinanthrone and 8-glucosyl-rheinanthrone, respectively, and these reduction rates were stimulated by the addition of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (reduced form) (nadh), flavin adenine dinucleotide (fad) and glucose. the reduction was accelerated by removing oxygen from the incubation tubes, which indicates the inhibition of the reduction by o2. thus, for the maximal activity, ...19853841560
in vitro activity of cefbuperazone, a new cephamycin, against anaerobic bacteria.the 90% mic of cefbuperazone (bmy 25182) was 32 micrograms/ml for bacteroides fragilis and bacteroides spp., 128 micrograms/ml for fusobacterium and clostridium spp., 64 micrograms/ml for eubacterium and peptococcus spp., 8 micrograms/ml for actinomyces spp., and 32 micrograms/ml for peptostreptococcus spp. the level of activity of cefbuperazone was higher against b. fragilis and lower against anaerobic cocci than those of related cephalosporins, i.e., cefoxitin, cefoperazone, cefotaxime, ceftiz ...19854004195
qualitative and quantitative changes of the vaginal microbial flora during the menstrual cycle.knowledge of the normal vaginal microbial flora is essential in understanding the etiology of female genital tract infections. this study was done to investigate both qualitative and quantitative differences that occur during the menstrual cycle. we studied 34 reproductive age women longitudinally. quantitative cultures were obtained during menses and following the cessation of menses. a greater variety of organisms were found during menstruation. the effect was not selective with respect to aer ...19854051082
[a case of preputial calculi].a case of a 73-year-old patient with preputial calculi is presented. the patient visited our hospital complaining of consciousness loss. it was impossible to place a catheter because of complete phimosis. palpatory examination suggested the presence of stones in preputial cavity. dorsal incision was made. after pus discharge nine small stones were extirpated. ammonium hydrogen urate (96%) and calcium phosphate (4%) were found in these stones with infrared spectroscopic analysis. bacteriodes ureo ...19854013948
change in the volatile fatty acids content of laboratory stored sterilized and non-sterilized swine wastes.the influence of urine and microbial activity was studied as possible factors leading to the generation of volatile fatty acids in non-sterilized stored swine wastes. urine was found to promote the generation of the volatile acids. the microbial origin of the volatile acids in the wastes was ascertained by the growth of an anaerobic bacterial strain (peptostreptococcus anaerobius). significant generation and transformation of these acids was observed in sterilized swine waste samples stored unde ...19854033458
[etiology of bacterial vaginosis (non-specific vaginitis)].56 women who were diagnosed bioclinically as having a bacterial vaginal infection were studied, as were 35 women as a control group. the study was a semi-quantitative analysis of the vaginal bacterial flora, both aerobic and anaerobic. it shows that gardnerella vaginalis and anaerobic bacteria such as peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, bacteroïdes, veillonella and mobiluncus were associated in a statistically significant way with bacterial vaginitis. on the other hand lactobacilli were less freque ...19854078248
[fundamental and clinical studies of cefpiramide in the field of obstetrics and gynecology].fundamental and clinical studies of cefpiramide (cpm, sm-1652) a new semisynthetic cephalosporin were carried out in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. the results were obtained as follows: in vitro antibacterial activity of cpm against recent 255 clinical isolates was compared with those of cefazolin (cez), cefmetazole (cmz) and cefoperazone (cpz). cpm showed strong antibacterial activity against staphylococcus, k. pneumoniae, peptococcus and peptostreptococcus. however the minimum inhibit ...19854079009
[fundamental and clinical studies of cefpiramide in the field of obstetrics and gynecology].cefpiramide (cpm, sm-1652), a new cephem antibiotic, was fundamentally and clinically studied. the following results were obtained. serum and internal genital tissue levels of cpm were measured following intravenous drip infusion of 1 g. high serum levels of 30 micrograms/ml and tissue levels of more than 4 micrograms/g were at least maintained for 8 hours. favourable transfer of cpm into the pelvic dead space exudate was observed. the exudate level was 7.25 micrograms/ml on average even at 8 ho ...19854079011
[non-puerperal mastitis. etiology, clinical aspects and therapy].non-puerperal mastitis was diagnosed in 79 patients (aged 12-77 years) over the years 1974-1984. malignant neoplasm was not present. bacterial infection in the region of the areola was the most frequent finding (40%), followed by abacterial inflammation without involvement of the nipples (29%). the other cases, bacterial or nonbacterial, occurred at different sites. the histological picture or clinical features of an increased secretory activity of the mammary gland (galactorrhoea, mastodynia) i ...19854038482
[comparative study in vitro on the activity of 7 antibiotics against anaerobic bacteria from hospital isolates].one hundred and ninety-four anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical sources were tested by agar dilution technique against seven antimicrobial agents. a comparison with international literature, generally used for selecting appropriate antimicrobial drug showed concordant patterns of susceptibility in the case of cocci gram-positive, clostridia, fusobacterium and other species of bacteroides excluded b. fragilis group. for these strains we did not found any particular problem in the choice of ...19854074510
[hyperbaric oxygen therapy of anaerobic brain abscesses following tonsillectomy].this study describes the clinical course of a 31 year old woman who developed multiple anaerobic brain abscesses six days after tonsillectomy, followed by hemoparesis and dysarthria. in spite of craniotomy, repeated punctures and drainage of pus and high dose local and systemic antibiotics, there was an obvious deterioration in the patient's condition. hyperbaric oxygen therapy was tried as a last resort. the patient improved quickly, and six months after the tonsillectomy seems to be neurologic ...19853980250
purification and characterization of hyaluronidase from oral peptostreptococcus species.hyaluronidase was purified to apparent homogeneity from the spent medium of peptostreptococcus sp. strain 84h14s. the enzyme was purified 310-fold by ethanol precipitation, gel chromatography, and cation-exchange chromatography with a recovery of 42% of the original activity in the culture medium. the molecular weight of the purified enzyme was estimated to be 160,000 by gel filtration with sephacryl s-300. like bacterial mucopolysaccharidases of other sources, the enzyme carried out an eliminat ...19853881352
serum antibody reactive with predominant organisms in the subgingival flora of young adults with generalized severe the present study we sought to determine whether serum antibody was present against microorganisms which predominate in the subgingival flora of young adults with generalized severe periodontitis (sp). subjects with sp were often seropositive for eubacterium brachy, fusobacterium nucleatum e3c22, and peptostreptococcus micros, whereas subjects with juvenile periodontitis (jp) and subjects with healthy periodontium (hp) were not. both sp and jp subjects were more frequently seropositive for ba ...19853988337
changes in prevalence and susceptibility of obligate anaerobes in clinical veterinary practice.of 3,133 clinical specimens obtained from domestic animals, 26% contained species of bacteria that were obligate anaerobes. members of the genera bacteroides, fusobacterium, and peptostreptococcus accounted for 77% of the isolates. on the average, 2 species of obligate anaerobes were found in each specimen, usually admixed with facultatively anaerobic bacteria. of those specimens containing an obligate anaerobe, 20% contained one isolate that was resistant to penicillin, ampicillin, and cephalot ...19853997623
anaerobic bacteria in urine before and after prostatic massage of infertile the present study 25 infertile men delivered urine before and after prostatic massage. expressed prostatic secretion (eps) was obtained from 11 men. aerobic and anaerobic bacterial analyses showed that a total of 33 isolates was found in samples of urine voided before massage as compared to 59 isolates after massage of the prostate. there was an increase in the number of anaerobes whereas there was no change in the number of aerobes. the occurrence of eps did not influence the number of aerob ...19854000063
a sodium ion gradient as energy source for peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus.the determination of enzymatic activities in cell-free extracts of acidaminococcus fermentans and peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus led to a refined scheme for the pathway of glutamate fermentation via (r)-2-hydroxyglutarate to acetate and butyrate. from the ratio of these products the amount of atp generated by substrate level phosphorylation was calculated. growth experiments with the organisms including clostridium symbiosum and clostridium tetanomorphum indicated that a sodium gradient con ...19854037980
anaerobic infections. part i. 19853862516
antibiotic susceptibilities of periodontal bacteria. in vitro susceptibilities to eight antimicrobial vitro susceptibilities of 369 to 966 bacterial isolates from periodontal lesions to eight antibiotics were determined by agar dilution technique as a means of determining which antimicrobial agents were inhibitory for bacteria frequently associated with destructive periodontal diseases. although most bacteria were relatively susceptible to the penicillins, greater activity was generally noted with amoxicillin than with either penicillin or ampicillin with the exception of selenomonas sputigen ...19853866054
a microaerophilic coccus in pyogenic infections of ruminants.pyogenic infections of cattle, sheep and goats were examined for the presence of a gram positive bacterium that has been designated "microaerophilic coccus" by other workers. the bacterium was found to be involved in a range of disease processes, including foot and soft tissue abscesses, mastitis, pericarditis and pyometra in cattle, joint and foot abscesses in sheep and foot abscesses in goats. the characteristic feature of the bacterium was its satellitic growth around colonies of other organi ...19853888166
peritonsillar abscess: bacteriological evaluation.the pus from a series of 41 peritonsillar abscesses was examined bacteriologically. in the majority of the abscesses a mixed bacterial flora was found. the specimens yielded 0-7 different bacterial species per abscess (mean 3.0). one species alone was isolated only in five cases (12.5%). both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria were isolated from the specimens of 25 patients (61%), only anaerobes from two specimens (4.9%), and only facultative bacteria from 12 specimens (29%). beta haemolytic strepto ...19853891156
comparison of the pras ii, an-ident, and rapid-ana systems for identification of anaerobic bacteria.two rapid systems for the identification of anaerobes were compared to a conventional growth system aided by a computer. the rapid systems (an-ident and rapid-ana) are non-growth-dependent micromethods that identify anaerobes in 4 h by the action of various constitutive enzymes on chromogenic substrates. the organisms tested were 98 anaerobes, most of which were clinical isolates. the an-ident system identified 76 of these to species level and 86 to genus level; the rapid-ana system correctly id ...19853894412
moxalactam versus clindamycin plus tobramycin in the treatment of obstetric and gynecologic infections.the clinical efficacy of moxalactam versus clindamycin/tobramycin was evaluated in a comparative, randomized, prospective study. sixty patients were treated: 30 with moxalactam and 30 with clindamycin/tobramycin. there were 15 cases of tuboovarian abscess, 36 cases of severe pelvic inflammatory disease with peritonitis, eight cases of endomyometritis, and one wound abscess. aerobic and anaerobic cultures from the sites of infection yielded 441 microorganisms from 53 patients; an average of 8.3 b ...19853895947
anaerobic peptostreptococcal keratitis. 19853895968
evaluation of the rapid-ana system for identification of anaerobic bacteria of veterinary origin.this study evaluated the ability of the rapid-ana system (innovative diagnostic systems, inc., atlanta, ga.) to accurately identify a spectrum of freshly isolated veterinary anaerobes. a total of 183 isolates were tested and included 7 actinomyces spp., 53 bacteroides spp., 32 clostridium spp., 2 eubacterium spp., 65 fusobacterium spp., 1 peptococcus spp., 22 peptostreptococcus spp., and 1 propionibacterium spp. all isolates were initially identified by conventional biochemical testing and gas-l ...19853905854
the classification and identification of the anaerobic gram-positive cocci.the approved lists of bacterial names (1980) includes the following peptococcus and peptostreptococcus species pathogenic for man: peptococcus magnus, p. prevotii, p. asaccharolyticus, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, p. micros and p. productus. a presumptive identification of these species can be made on the basis of cellular morphology, susceptibility to novobiocin, characterization of metabolic end products, fermentation of glucose and lactose, and production of indol. capnophilic and microaero ...19853906854
respiratory infections: clinical evaluation.a review of clinical studies of piperacillin shows that it is valuable for the treatment of respiratory infections due to enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas sp, anaerobes, and mixed flora including anaerobes. various studies of a total of 420 patients treated with piperacillin for lower respiratory tract infections found that 97% of the patients were cured or markedly improved. piperacillin has also been found as effective as combination therapy (gentamicin or tobramycin plus carbenicillin or ticar ...19853907845
effect of aspoxicillin on anaerobic bacteria.aspoxicillin (aspc), a semisynthetic penicillin has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activities against gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobic bacteria. its in vitro antibacterial activity was less than those of cefoxitin against peptostreptococcus and veillonella, but was significantly high against bacteroides fragilis, one of the most clinically important anaerobe. the therapeutic and/or protective effect of aspc in experimental subcutaneous abscess or experimental intraabdominal mixed inf ...19853850132
survival analysis of periodontal sites before and after periodontal therapy.periodontal diseases appear to progress with bursts of destructive activity at individual sites. one effect of treatment might be to diminish the frequency of such bursts. survival analysis was employed to seek such effects on the periodontal sites of 16 individuals with prior evidence of destructive periodontal disease. the subjects were monitored at bi-monthly intervals and actively breaking down sites were detected using attachment level measurements and the tolerance method of analysis. when ...19853860518
in vitro activity of ceftazidime in combination with other antibiotics.189 bacterial strains were investigated for their in vitro sensitivity against ceftazidime (alone and in combination with another antibiotic). moreover, the possibility to prevent development of secondary bacterial resistance as observed in subcultures at subinhibitory antibiotic concentrations, was studied using specific antibiotic combinations. of 115 staphylococcal strains (91 strains of staphylococcus aureus, 24 strains of staphylococcus epidermidis), 2% were sensitive, 82% were moderately s ...19853930407
[studies of isolated organisms from otorhinolaryngological infections and their susceptibilities to macrolide antibiotics].to study current situation of pathogenic bacteria and their drug resistance to macrolide antibiotics in the otorhinolaryngological infections, 609 strains diagnosed as pathogen derived from 463 patients were collected from cohospitals or institutions during the period of 1980-1983. the results obtained were as follows: gram-positive cocci (gpc) was dominant (410 strains) and major species were s. aureus (135 strains), s. pneumoniae (81 strains), s. epidermidis (68 strains) and s. pyogenes (65 st ...19853930804
anaerobic infections of burns.from august 1980 to june 1982, 102 burn wound specimens taken from 34 patients were studied for anaerobic cultures. fifteen instances (14.7 per cent) from 8 patients were positive and altogether 12 species were found. the predominant anaerobes were bacteroides melaninogenicus, peptococcus, bacteroides fragilis, and other strains of bacteroides and peptostreptococcus. they were mostly discovered in electric burn wounds and burn wounds affecting the perianal and oral areas. wounds with anaerobic i ...19853886089
imipenem/cilastatin in the treatment of obstetric and gynecologic infections: a review of worldwide experience.worldwide experience with imipenem/cilastatin in the treatment of 72 patients with a variety of obstetric and gynecologic infections is reviewed. clinical cure or improvement occurred in 97% of 72 assessable patients. the most common etiologic pathogens were escherichia coli, group b streptococci, neisseria gonorrhoeae, staphylococcus epidermidis, enterococci, bacteroides bivius, bacteroides species, bacteroides fragilis, and peptostreptococcus. of the recovered pathogens, 99.5% were susceptible ...19853901216
[bacteriological study of cefminox in the field of obstetrics and gynecology].cefminox (cmnx, mt-141), a new cephem antibiotic, was determined of its antibacterial activity against 304 clinical isolates with following results. cmnx was inferior to cez or cmz in the activity against 78 isolates of staphylococcus sp., but it was superior to these antibiotics in the activity against 104 isolates of e. coli. against 53 isolates of bacteroides sp., cmnx showed higher activity than cez or cmz. in the activity against 69 isolates of peptococcus sp. and peptostreptococcus sp., cm ...19853930791
analysis of gram-positive anaerobic cocci in oral, fecal and vaginal flora. 19854043069
comparative clinical evaluation of imipenem/cilastatin vs. cefotaxime in treatment of severe bacterial patients with severe bacterial infections caused by organisms susceptible to imipenem and cefotaxime were given either imipenem/cilastatin sodium (mk0787/mk0791) or cefotaxime as a part of a multiclinic randomized study to evaluate the effectiveness, safety, and tolerability of imipenem/cilastatin. clinical diagnoses included bacteremia, urinary tract infection, osteomyelitis, mediastinitis, lower respiratory tract infection, and soft tissue infection. efficacy was evaluated for 10 patient ...19853901208
mutagenic activation of biliary metabolites of 1-nitropyrene by intestinal investigate the modifying role of intestinal microflora in the metabolism of chemical carcinogens in vivo, we subjected bile from fischer rats treated per os with chemical carcinogens and related compounds to a mutagenicity assay in the presence and absence of a cell-free extract from human feces. a mixture of the bile sample and potassium phosphate buffer was incubated in the presence or absence of human cell-free fecal extract and then further incubated with a bacterial suspension of salmon ...19853982438
antimicrobial susceptibilities of anaerobic bacteria isolated from female genital tract infections.certain species or subspecies of anaerobic bacteria are isolated with higher frequency from female genital tract infections than from other anatomic sites. to gain susceptibility data more specific to the treatment of these infections, nine antimicrobial agents were tested by an agar dilution technique against 230 anaerobic bacteria isolated solely from obstetric and gynecological infections. these genital isolates were, in general, very susceptible to imipenem (most active, inhibiting all gram- ...19853994347
beta-glucuronidase activities of intestinal bacteria determined both in vitro and in vivo in gnotobiotic rats.the beta-glucuronidase activities of bacterial strains isolated from the rat intestinal tract were studied both in vitro in culture media and in vivo in the intestinal contents of gnotobiotic rats. only 50 of 407 strains tested were found to be positive in vitro. they belonged to the three genera clostridium, peptostreptococcus, and staphylococcus. the in vitro-negative strains were also negative in vivo. the beta-glucuronidase activities of the beta-glucuronidase activities of the positive stra ...19853994372
predominant obligate anaerobes in human carious dentin.with the adoption of an anaerobic glove box system, we isolated and identified the predominant micro-organisms in lesions of carious dentin from four permanent third molars. the overwhelming majority of the micro-organisms isolated from both shallow and deep layers of carious dentin were obligate anaerobes, suggesting that conditions in the dentin were strictly anaerobic. the predominant obligate anaerobes were gram-positive rods which were identified as members of the following genera: propioni ...19853861648
comparative evaluation of three identification systems for anaerobes.the accuracy of two new 4-h identification systems for anaerobes, the an-ident (analytab products, plainview, n.y.) and the rapid ana (innovative diagnostic systems, inc., atlanta, ga.) was compared with that of the api 20a system (analytab products). a total of 132 clinical isolates were tested in each of the three systems. the overall accuracies at the genus and species level for the three systems were: api 20a, 68.9 and 56.8%, respectively; an-ident, 90.2 and 73.5%; and rapid ana, 93.9 and 81 ...19852862161
in vitro effects of sulphasalazine, azodisal sodium, and their metabolites on clostridium difficile and some other faecal bacteria.the effects of sulphasalazine (sasp), azodisal sodium (ads), and their metabolites were tested in vitro on aerobic and anaerobic faecal bacterial strains. sulphapyridine (sp) had a mild to moderate effect on escherichia coli and streptococcus faecalis. sasp also had a growth-inhibitory effect on strep. faecalis. the other substances had no effect on the aerobic strains. sasp, sp, 5-aminosalicylic acid, and, to a certain extent, n-acetyl-5-aminosalicylic acid exerted a growth-inhibitory effect on ...19852862692
comparative in-vitro activity of sch 34343 and other antimicrobial agents against anaerobic bacteria.the activity of sch 34343 was determined against 575 strains of anaerobic bacteria by an agar-dilution method. its activity was compared with that of benzylpenicillin, piperacillin, cefoxitin, imipenem, clindamycin, metronidazole, chloramphenicol, vancomycin, fusidic acid and bacitracin. sch 34343 and imipenem were the most active agents tested. based on these results, sch 34343 appears to be a promising antimicrobial agent for anaerobic infections and warrants further clinical investigations.19852863246
bactericidal effects of photoradiation therapy with hematoporphyrin derivative.hematoporphyrin derivative (hpd) localizes selectively in malignant and rapidly metabolizing tissues and undergoes a cytotoxic reaction when exposed to light of a specific wavelength. hpd has been studied extensively with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of tumors but not with regard to bactericidal activity. this investigation assessed the effect of light-activated hpd on various microorganisms, on human polymorphonuclear leukocytes, and on the interactions of polymorphonuclear leukocytes ...19853155547
effect of sodium polyanetholesulfonate and gelatin on the recovery of gardnerella vaginalis from blood culture media.sodium polyanetholesulfonate (sps) is used as a routine supplement to blood culture media to enhance recovery of microorganisms, but it inhibits the growth of peptostreptococcus anaerobius, neisseria meningitidis, neisseria gonorrhoeae, and streptobacillus moniliformis. comparative clinical blood culture studies at the university of colorado hospital suggested that sps also inhibits the growth of gardnerella vaginalis. we inoculated 16 blood culture isolates of g. vaginalis into 11 blood culture ...19852987298
influence of dietary fiber on the intestinal environment. 19853001739
[a comparative study of the various organisms causing salpingitis and their potential presence in iud wearers].a prospective study was undertaken to compare the enbdometrial and vaginal bacteria of a continuous series of 283 patients who had iuds removed between june 1, 1979 and june 1, 1983, by the same clinician. measures were taken to avoid contamination of the iud upon removal by the vaginal bacteria, but as a practical matter it was impossible to avoid all contact. the iuds involved were multiload copper 250 or 375, gyne t and t 200, nova t, and dimelys. the number of positive cultures from the ...198512339972
[fundamental and clinical studies of imipenem and imipenem/cilastatin sodium in the field of obstetrics and gynecology].fundamental and clinical studies of imipenem (mk-0787), a new type of carbapenem antibiotic, and mk-0787 combined with cilastatin sodium (mk-0791), a renal dipeptidase inhibitor, were carried out. the results obtained were as follows: mk-0787 500 mg alone or mk-0787 500 mg with mk-0791 500 mg was administered by intravenous drip infusion over 30 minutes. plasma levels of the drug were similar either following the administration of 500 mg of mk-0787 alone or 500 mg of mk-0787 with 500 mg of mk-07 ...19863463787
pseudofolliculitis barbae with keloids.pseudofolliculitis barbae is a common cutaneous infection occurring in the bearded area of the face of black men. the infection is caused by ingrown hairs that produce an inflammatory foreign body reaction characterized by papules and pustules at the point of hair penetration that may result in permanent scarring, usually in grooved patterns, and occasionally in keloids. the purpose of this article is to describe the successful treatment of a patient with pseudofolliculitis with keloids that was ...19863540094
efficacy of sulbactam plus ampicillin in gynecologic infections.the efficacy of sulbactam plus ampicillin in the treatment of various gynecologic infections was evaluated in 24 women (median age, 35 years). ten women had pelvic cellulitis plus vaginal cuff abscess; six, pyeloperitonitis; three, vaginal cuff abscess; three, surgical wound sepsis; one, tubo-ovarian abscess; and one, endometritis. surgical procedures preceding infection included abdominal hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, ectopic pregnancy, correction of cystocele, and uterine dilatation and ...19863026007
[strict anaeroba in the endodontic region]. 19863506338
anaerobic bacteria in dentoalveolar abscesses.the present study was initiated to determine the bacteriology of 40 orofacial abscesses of dental origin in patients who had taken antibiotics for several days. bacteria were isolated from all but 2 specimens. aerobic or facultative anaerobic bacteria were isolated in 21 cases, obligate anaerobic bacteria in 17 cases, whereas in 11 cases, polymicrobial growth was revealed. the average number of bacterial species was 2.1 per specimen. gram positive aerobic micro-organisms predominated, namely, st ...19863088157
long-term management of patients who have had urinary diversions into colon.thirty-four patients with urinary-colonic diversions have been followed up for 13 to 41 years (mean 20.3). the commonest long-term complication was hyperchloraemic acidosis (50%). the most serious was neoplasm at the anastomotic site: benign lesions occurred in three patients and carcinomas in two (15%). staining for sialomucins in colonic biopsies adjacent to the anastomoses was positive in 17 of 19 patients. it has been suggested that this represents a pre-malignant change. analysis of faecal ...19863099879
[bacterial infection agents in hospitalized patients].during six months the pattern of microbial isolates has been analysed from 1492 urinary tract infections, from 1445 wound infections, from 451 bronchial secretions, from 3067 blood cultures, from 116 peritoneal swabs and from 39 cerebrospinal fluids. all the specimens investigated were taken from patients of surgical, neurosurgical, internal wards and two intensive care units. in total, the most frequent isolates were grampositive microorganisms like staphylococus aureus, straphylococcus epiderm ...19863107262
the significance of clostridial isolates in intra-abdominal order to evaluate the significance of clostridial species in intra-abdominal infections, the bacteriology records of three hospitals were reviewed during a period of five years. included in this report were 41 patients from whom clostridial species were recovered from specimens of free peritoneal fluid, abscess cavities or bile. seven patients died for a mortality rate of 17.1 per cent. most patients had polymicrobial infections of which clostridial organisms were one of the several anaerobes ...19862876527
pathogenicity of clostridium species with other bacteria in mixed infections.the relationship of clostridial isolates with other bacteria in mixed infections was studied by means of a subcutaneous abscess model in mice. we used 26 isolates of seven clostridial species, two bacteroides spp., eight gram-positive facultative or anaerobic cocci and three enteric gram-negative aerobic rods. abscesses were induced by all seven clostridium perfringens and three c. butyricum isolates and by some of the others. selective antimicrobial therapy experiments showed that enteric gram- ...19862878957
[in vitro effect of piperacillin, amoxicillin, cefoxitin and metronidazole against obligate anaerobic bacteria].the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) of piperacillin and three other antibiotics (amoxicillin, cefoxitin, metronidazole) against 165 strains of obligate anaerobes isolated in hospitals in 1985 and 1986 were determined by the wilkins-chalgren agar medium dilution method. among the 67 strains of bacteroides fragilis, 98.5% were sensitive to piperacillin (mic less than or equal to 128 mg/l), 100% were sensitive to metronidazole (mic less than or equal to 4 mg/l), 11.9% were resistant to cefo ...19862949268
sulbactam/ampicillin versus metronidazole/gentamicin in the treatment of severe pelvic infections.the clinical efficacy and safety of sulbactam/ampicillin versus metronidazole/gentamicin were compared in 39 patients with severe pelvic infections. 30 patients had severe acute pelvic inflammatory disease with peritonitis, 3 tubo-ovarian abscesses, 4 endomyometritis, and 2 posthysterectomy pelvic cellulitis. aerobic and anaerobic cultures from the sites of infection yielded 259 micro-organisms from 38 patients; an average of 6.8 bacteria per infection (3.9 anaerobes and 2.9 aerobes). the most f ...19863013566
[2 cases of pneumonia with empyema caused by anaerobic micro-organisms in childhood]. 19863826924
[changes in pathogenic microbes in infectious diseases--infections in otorhinolaryngologic diseases]. 19863761585
[the role of intrauterine contraceptive devices in the development of inflammatory processes in the small pelvis].the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) attributable to iud use has been increasing, especially after the removal of the dalkon shield from the market, but this relationship has not been settled conclusively. in recent decades pid included a variety of infections, but lately the definition of pid has meant acute ascending infections of the female genital tract. its most common risk factors include promiscuity of iud use, although this can be reduced to one fourth by regular checkups ...19863763205
comparative activity of sch 34343 against anaerobic bacteria.the in vitro activity of sch 34343 was compared with that of imipenem, clindamycin, cefoxitin, and metronidazole against 78 strains of anaerobic bacteria in the presence and absence of blood. wilkins-chalgren agar was used. sch 34343 and imipenem were the most active agents, inhibiting all strains at less than or equal to 8 micrograms/ml. the addition of blood had little effect on the activity of any of the agents. seven strains were unable to grow on wilkins-chalgren agar. even with the additio ...19863698546
[study of concentrations of clindamycin phosphate in bone marrow blood and tissue].clindamycin phosphate (cldm) was administered to 33 surgical cases in orthopedics to treat or prevent infection (600 mg in 15 cases and 1,200 mg in 18 cases by intravenous drip infusion over 60 minutes) and the concentrations of cldm in the bone marrow blood and tissue of the operative field as well as in venous blood were determined with the cup plate method of bioassay by collecting specimens immediately after completion of infusion or 30 or 60 minutes later. the concentration of cldm in bone ...19863702055
immunochemical characterization of the cell surface carbohydrate antigens of peptostreptococcus anaerobius.two carbohydrate antigens were isolated from the cell surface of peptostreptococcus anaerobius. one, extracted from purified cell walls with naoh, contained glucose and phosphorus, with traces of galactosamine and glucosamine. serological activity was detected by a 'dot blot' procedure. the second antigen, extracted from cell membranes with phenol and purified by chromatography on sepharose 6b and an immunoadsorbent column, contained glucose, glycerol phosphate, phosphorus and fatty acids. antig ...19863711862
microbiologic analyses of nasal polyp tissue.nasal polyps from 40 patients were cultured within 2 1/2 hours after surgical removal to determine whether microorganisms were present. the first 20 polyps were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasmas, and mycobacteria. of these 20 polyps, eight were sterile by all tests, one grew cryptococcus albidus, one grew sporobolomyces, one had large numbers of peptostreptococcus micros and propionibacterium acnes, greater than 10(6) colony-forming units per gram (cfu/gm), ...19863722630
[a case of peptostreptococcal meningitis associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hematoma].a very rare case of peptostreptococcal meningitis associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hematoma was reported. a 25-year-old man was admitted to st. mary's hospital on november 6, 1984 with a few day's history of headache and low grade fever. on admission, he had high grade fever (39.2 degrees c) and tachycardia (110/min). there were no neurological deficits other than neck stiffness and kernig's sign. the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) which was obtained through lumbar puncture showed ...19863741708
[meningitis and brain abscess caused by anaerobic bacteria in an infant]. 19863765691
[effect of metronidazole on the course of experimental anaerobic streptococcal pneumonia].the effect of metronidazole in experimental anaerobic pneumonia in guinea pigs infected with peptostreptococci has been studied. in the untreated animals the prolonged pathological process in the lungs is mainly associated with the suppression of the functional state of the thymus-dependent link of the immune system. metronidazole suppresses anaerobic flora, stimulates local immune reaction and arrests the development of inflammatory changes in the lungs. the drug eliminates the unbalance in som ...19863765970
diabetic foot infections. bacteriologic analysis.diabetic patients with foot infections were prospectively evaluated over a two-year period. cultures from reliable specimens avoiding contamination with foot ulcers were obtained in 54 infectious episodes. staphylococcus species, enterococcus species, corynebacterium species, and various species of enterobacteriaceae were commonly isolated. common anaerobic isolates included peptostreptococcus magnus, peptostreptococcus prevotii, and bacteroides species. results of cultures from 94 unreliable sp ...19863767539
[studies of the sensitivity of absolute anaerobes to antibiotics and metronidazole (determination of minimal inhibitory concentrations-mic)]. 19863776192
isolation and characterization of a mucin-degrading strain of peptostreptococcus from rat intestinal tract.a mucin-degrading microorganism was isolated from the intestinal tract by serial sectioning from the serosal side of the caecum wall from a conventional rat. the ability of degrading the intestinal water-soluble mucin was present both in vivo after monocontamination of germ-free rats and in vitro, when adding the microbe to mucin medium. the morphology, gram-positive cocci single or in short chains and the very weak biochemical activities allow us to place this strain in the species peptostrepto ...19863788570
mutagenic activation of biliary metabolites of benzo(a)pyrene by beta-glucuronidase-positive bacteria in human faeces.human faeces hydrolysed synthetic beta-d-glucuronides of both p-nitrophenol and phenolphthalein. the origin of this activity in faeces was localised in the bacterial pellet fraction after centrifugation. ninety-seven bacterial strains with beta-glucuronidase activity isolated from fresh human faeces were identified as species of bacteroides, peptostreptococcus, fusobacterium, propionibacterium, clostridium, eubacterium and bifidobacterium. they were classified into two groups according to their ...19863795254
in vitro activity of flurithromycin, a novel macrolide antibiotic.flurithromycin is an (8,s)-8-fluoroerythromycin isolated from the fermentation broth of streptomyces erythraeus atcc 31772, a blocked mutant of a strain producer of erythromycin. its in vitro antibacterial activity has been determined on recent clinical isolates of respiratory pathogens. the range of mic for streptococcus pneumoniae and streptococcus beta-haemolyticus group a is from 0.0015 to 0.006 microgram/ml, for haemophilus influenzae from 0.012 to 0.4 microgram/ml, for staphylococcus aureu ...19863487389
[in vitro susceptibilities of brl 25000 (clavulanic acid-amoxicillin) against causative organisms in the field of obstetrics and gynecology].the in vitro susceptibilities of various causative organisms recently isolated from patients with genital infections to brl 25000 (a formulation with 2 parts of amoxicillin and 1 part of potassium clavulanate), amoxicillin (ampc), cefaclor (ccl), cephalexin (cex), cefadroxil (cdx) and cefroxadine (cxd) were determined. beta-lactamase-producing strains were detected by the nitrocefin disc method. frequencies of isolation of beta-lactamase producing strains of e. coli, k. pneumoniae and b. fragili ...19863488425
is ciprofloxacin active against clinically important anaerobes?the comparative activity of ciprofloxacin against 272 clinical isolates and reference strains of anaerobes was determined by an agar dilution method. the majority of strains of bacteroides fragilis and clostridia were resistant (mic greater than 2 mg/l). the effect of ph, inoculum size and medium composition was also studied; the activity of ciprofloxacin was decreased at acid ph and by increasing inoculum size but was unaffected by the composition of the test media. ciprofloxacin should not be ...19862941400
increased resistance towards two systemic experimental infections by tetrachlorodecaoxygen anion complex. possible implications of cellular and humoral immunity.the tetrachlorodecaoxygen anion complex (tcdo, oxoferin) given intravenously 1 h after intravenous infection of mice with candida albicans increased the host's resistance gradually in doses up to 3.1 mumol/kg body weight (b.w.). above this level, the stimulatory effect decreased, turning to an inhibition at a dose of 18.6 mumol/kg b.w. tcdo. repeated applications of the optimum single dose had no cumulative effect. in experimental infections with the strictly anaerobic peptostreptococcus interme ...19863566839
gastric acidity: an important factor regulating the composition of the bacterial flora in the small intestine.the role of gastric acidity in regulating the bacterium composition in the small intestine was studied. gastric acidity was determined with the kay test. intestinal juice obtained by a probe was examined for the presence and number of microorganisms. parallel with the increase in gastric acidity, the number of bacteria in the jejunal juice generally decreased. their composition also varied: in anacid patients e. coli predominated whereas in those with free hydrochloric acid, streptococcus alpha ...19863601581
[anaerobic bacteria in various infections and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns].in this study we have examined antibiotic susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria isolated from various samples of 75 patients. anaerobic bacteria from 22 (29.3%) patients, and only aerobic bacteria from 29 (38.7%) patients have been isolated; there has been no growth in cultures from 24 (32%) patients. of 75 isolates from 51 patients 38 (50.6%) are anaerobic and 37 (49.4%) are aerobic bacteria. following anaerobic bacteria have been isolated: peptostreptococcus (13), peptococcus (5), microaerophil ...19863657617
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