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normal ocular features, conjunctival microflora and intraocular pressure in the canadian beaver (castor canadensis).the aim of the study was to assess the ocular features, normal conjunctival bacterial and fungal flora, and intraocular pressure (iop) in the canadian beaver (castor canadensis).200314641823
la, ptb, and pab proteins bind to the 3(') untranslated region of norwalk virus genomic rna.noroviruses are human enteric caliciviruses for which no cell culture is available. consequently, the mechanisms and factors involved in their replication have been difficult to study. in an attempt to analyze the cis- and trans-acting factors that could have a role in nv replication, the 3(')-untranslated region of the genome was studied. use of zuker's mfold-2 software predicted that nv 3(')utr contains a stem-loop structure of 47 nts. proteins from hela cell extracts, such as la and ptb, form ...200314623338
clinical presentation and bacteriologic analysis of infected human bites in patients presenting to emergency departments.previous studies of infected human bites have been limited by small numbers of patients and suboptimal microbiologic methodology. we conducted a multicenter prospective study of 50 patients with infected human bites. seventy percent of the patients and assailants were young adult men. fifty-six percent of injuries were clenched-fist injuries and 44% were occlusional bites. most injuries were to the hands. fifty-four percent of patients were hospitalized. the median number of isolates per wound c ...200314614671
bacteriologic findings in patients with chronic sinusitis.we studied the bacteriology of maxillary sinus aspirates obtained from patients diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. we recovered 659 strains from 510 aspirates; of these, 572 (86.8%) were aerobes and 87 (13.2%) were anaerobes. aerobes only were recovered from 310 of the 510 specimens (60.8%) and anaerobes only from 31 (6.1%). among the 572 aerobic bacteria, the most prevalent organisms were streptococcus viridans (158 strains [27.6%]), streptococcus pneumoniae (67 [11.7%]), corynebacterium species ...200314606178
microbiology and management of endodontic infections in children.the first step in the origination of caries is the formation of a dental plaque. dental caries can lead to destruction of enamel and dentin resulting in bacterial invasion of the pulp. invasion of the pulp and the periapical areas can promote the development of dento-alveolar abscess and spread of the infection to other anatomical areas. several oral acid producing aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, including streptococcus mutans, lactobacillus acidophilus, and actinomyces viscosus, are capable of ...200314604136
planning of empirical antibiotic therapy for women with pelvic inflammatory diseases: a geographical area-specific study.elaboration of an empiric antibiotic regimen for women with pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) for a geographical area in eastern hungary.200314597249
infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in a diabetic patient undergoing chronic hemodialysis.hemophagocytic syndrome (hps) is an uncommon but severe illness associated with a variety of infections, malignant tumors, and autoimmune diseases. we report a case of infection-associated hps in a patient receiving chronic hemodialysis. peptostreptococcus-induced sepsis and abscess formation in the left iliopsoas muscle led to the onset of infection-associated hps in this patient. the patient had diabetes mellitus and end-stage renal disease, and it is likely that immunological dysfunctions fro ...200314586736
distribution of periodontal pathogens in korean aggressive periodontitis.microbial associations in aggressive periodontitis versus different ethnic origins are substantially unknown. we undertook this study to determine the prevalence of seven putative periodontopathogens in korean patients and to evaluate microbial differences in localized and generalized aggressive periodontitis patients.200314584866
importance of sequence specificity for predicting protein folding pathways: perturbed gaussian chain model.recent experimental and theoretical studies suggest that rates and pathways of protein folding are largely decided by topology of the native structures, at least for small proteins. however, some exceptions are known; for example, protein l and protein g have the same topology, but exhibit different characteristics of the tse. thus, folding pathways of some proteins are critically affected by detailed information on amino acid sequences. to investigate the sequence specificity, we calculate fold ...200314579353
[the presence of bacteria and yeast like fungi in specimens from surgical patients].the aim of this study was to determine the incidence of candida spp. strains in specimens obtained from surgically treated patients as well as to analyze the accompanying bacterial flora, both aerobic and anaerobic. the material came from two groups of patients. in the first group consisting of patients operated for colon and rectum carcinoma, the samples included peritoneal fluid, colon or rectum bioptates, pus, blood, and wound swabs. in the other group, biopsy material and smears from post op ...200314577199
[anaerobic bacteria in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (bal) after thoracic surgery].purpose of this study was to find out what kind of anaerobic bacteria were in lower respiratory tract and how often they were present there considering patients after thoracic surgery. also, what is susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics. research covered 30 patients after operation. material for research was bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) taken during bronchoscopy. collected sample was cultivated in anaerobic and aerobic conditions. anaerobic bacteria were found in 28 samples (93%). totally th ...200314577197
ct of a ruptured pyomyoma. 200314573437
fermentation of five sucrose isomers by human dental plaque bacteria.sucrose has five structural isomers: palatinose, trehalulose, turanose, maltulose and leucrose. although these isomers have been reported to be noncariogenic disaccharides, which cannot be utilized by mutans streptococci, there is no information about their fermentability by other bacteria in dental plaque. the purpose of the present study was to examine whether these isomers were fermented by predominant bacteria in human dental plaque. clinical bacterial isolates obtained from dental plaque fr ...200314571118
fusobacterial brain abscess: a review of five cases and an analysis of possible pathogenesis.the cases of five patients with fusobacterial brain abscess are presented. the authors discuss their attempt to determine the pathogenesis.200314567605
[yearly changes in antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates between 1996 and 2001--i. gram-positive bacteria].the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates obtained between 1996 and 2001 were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, carbapenems, and penicillins. a total of 1,274 strains in 15 species of gram-positive bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected from january to december, and consisted of methicillin-susceptible staphylococcus aureus (mssa), methicillin-resistant sta ...200314567254
microbial dynamics of purulent nasopharyngitis in children.this review presents the microbiological dynamic and therapeutic options in the management of purulent nasopharyngitis (npt). the nasopharynx (np) of healthy children is generally colonized by relatively non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic organisms, some of, which possess the ability to interfere with the growth of potential pathogens. conversely, carriage of potential respiratory aerobic pathogen such as streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis, as well as so ...200314550957
[megaesophagus microbiota and carcinogenesis].the risk of development of spin cell carcinoma of the esophagus is 33 times higher in patients with chagasic achalasia. it is possible that the production of n-nitroso compounds in the esophageal lumen by of bacterial action in the stasis liquid that reduce nitrates from diet into nitrites may play a role in this process.200314534659
ocular infections due to anaerobic bacteria.the increased recovery of anaerobic bacteria in clinical infection has led to greater appreciation of these organisms in ocular infections. in studies that employed adequate method for recovery of anaerobes they were isolated from about a third of patients with conjunctivitis, half of the time in pure culture. the predominant recovered anaerobes were clostridium spp., gram-negative anaerobic bacilli, and peptostreptococcus spp. anaerobic bacteria were also recovered from patients who wore contac ...200114531629
[brain abscesses after extracranial infections of the head and neck area].the authors report on 20 immunocompetent patients with brain abscess after 12 cases of middle ear, seven tooth and a single frontal sinus infection. the clinical aspects, hematochemical and microbiological data, the role of imaging diagnostics (ct, mr) and the type of treatment are analysed. neurosurgery was performed on 17 patients (85%), eight of whom subsequently underwent evacuation of the primary source of infection (four mastoidectomies, two timpanoplasties, two tooth extractions). mastoid ...200314523535
biological characteristics of an obligate anaerobic amylolytic coccus. 196014435124
lactate metabolism by peptostreptococcus elsdenii: evidence for lactyl coenzyme a dehydrase. 196514292829
electron transport in peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 196414269334
use of phenethyl alcohol in media for isolation of anaerobic bacteria. 196414240975
establishment of human indigenous bacteria in germ-free mice.gibbons, r. j. (forsyth dental center and harvard school of dental medicine, boston, mass.), s. s. socransky, and b. kapsimalis. establishment of human indigenous bacteria in germ-free mice. j. bacteriol. 88:1316-1323. 1964.-thirteen strains of bacteria indigenous to the gingival crevice area of man were tested for their ability to establish as monocontaminants in germ-free mice. three facultative organisms, streptococcus mitis, staphylococcus albus, and a "diphtheroid," established, as well as ...196414234787
studies of the predominant cultivable microbiota of dental plaque. 196414170653
the gingival crevice microbiota in five preschool children. 196414126698
[about the systematic classification of peptostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314089092
[acetate kinase in cell free extracts of pepostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314089091
[contribution to the study of the biosynthesis of fatty acids. ii. fermentation of lactic acid c-2 by peptostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314079882
role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen.valentine, r. c. (university of illinois, urbana) and r. s. wolfe. role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen. j. bacteriol. 85:1114-1120. 1963.-the metabolism of molecular hydrogen by clostridium pasteurianum, micrococcus lactilyticus (veillonella alcalescens), and several other anaerobic bacteria was studied. oxidation of hydrogen, using several electron-accepting substrates including triphosphopyridine nucleotide, uric acid, xanthine, nitrite, and hydroxylamine, required ferre ...196314044002
some nutritional characteristics of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria.bryant, m. p. (u.s. department of agriculture, beltsville, md.) and i. m. robinson. some nutritional characteristics of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria. j. bacteriol. 84:605-614. 1962.-the effect of enzymatic hydrolysate of casein, nh(4) (+), a mixture of volatile fatty acids (acetic, n-valeric, isovaleric, 2-methylbutyric, and isobutyric), hemin, and ruminal fluid on growth of 89 freshly isolated strains of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria was studied, using basal media containin ...196214016429
[contribution to the study of the biosynthesis of fatty acids. i. studies carried out with washed peptostreptococcus elsdenni cells]. 196213974660
bacterial changes in the rumen during the onset of feed-lot bloat of cattle and characteristics of peptostreptococcus elsdenii n. sp. 195913617940
[comparative in vitro activity of ertapenem against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria].the in vitro activity of ertapenem (mk-0826), a new carbapenem, was studied against 389 aerobic microorganisms (187 enterobacteriaceae, 15 aeromonas spp., 42 staphylococcus spp., 43 streptococcus spp., 15 enterococcus spp., 30 haemophilus spp., 15 moraxella catarrhalis, 12 neisseria gonorrhoeae, 15 pseudomonas aeruginosa and 15 acinetobacter spp.) and 54 anaerobic isolates (15 clostridium spp., 12 peptostreptococcus spp. and 27 fragilis group bacteroides recovered from four spanish hospitals. er ...200312973459
bacteriological study of root canals associated with periapical abscesses.the aim of this study was to identify microorganisms from root canals with periapical abscesses and to ascertain the susceptibility of peptostreptococcus prevotii and fusobacterium necrophorum to antimicrobials. study design thirty root canals were microbiologically sampled by using sterile paper points. the concomitant microorganisms were identified through the use of established methods. the susceptibility of p prevotii and f necrophorum to antimicrobials was evaluated by using the e test meth ...200312973290
six cases of bacterial infection in porous orbital implants.we present 6 cases of bacterial infection that developed after porous orbital implant surgery.200312967870
endocarditis caused by finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus): diagnosis depends on the blood culture system used.we present a patient with prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus). blood cultures in the bact/alert and bactec 9240 system were negative. we therefore tested different blood culture systems: f. magna grew in the septi-chek bhi-s and in the isolator, but not in the bact/alert system.200312967750
[effect of a polyoxydonium immunoregulator on the biological properties of microorganisms].the effect of the synthetic immunomodulator polyoxydonium (po) on some biological properties of pathogenic bacteria (shigella flexneri, salmonella enteritidis), opportunistic bacteria (klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, prevotella melaninogenica, propionibacterium propionicum, clostridium difficile) and fungi (candida albicans), isolated during enteric infections, enteric dysbiosis, pyoinfla ...200312966885
[modifying action of oxytocin on the biological properties of the causative agents of anaerobic non-clostridial infection].in a number of in vitro experiments the effect of oxytocin on the antilysozyme and anticomplemental activity of propiobacterium propionicum, bacteroides fragilis, prevotella melaninogenica and peptostreprtococcus anaerobius, isolated from patients with acute pyoinflammatory pleuropulmonary diseases, was studied. antibiotic resistance dynamics of the infective agents under study to lincomycin, clindamycin, thienam, vancomycin was also detected. the inhibiting activity of oxytocin on the persisten ...200312966884
[incidence of anaerobic bacteria in respiratory tract infections].anaerobic bacteria are predominant components of normal oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal, genital and skin flora. they are involved in infections such as pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, lung abscess and empyema. laboratory diagnosis of anaerobic infections is based on recovering the etiological agents from clinical materials. appropriatte specimens include: pus, purulent fluid, biopsy specimen of lung, transtracheal aspirates and bronchoalveolar lavage (bal). lower respira ...200312959026
[evaluation of anaerobic flora in lung neoplasms].purpose of this study was to analyse the kind and frequency of anaerobic bacteria in the lower respiratory tract as well as susceptibility of the bacteria to antibiotics. material from 35 patients with lung tumour derived from tumour and post-tumoural area sample. collected sample was cultivated in anaerobic and aerobic conditions. anaerobic bacteria were found in 23 (66%) samples. totally there were 44 isolated of anaerobic bacteria strains. the most common g-negative strains belonged to genus ...200312959024
identification of oral peptostreptococcus isolates by pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 16s rrna genes.oral peptostreptococcus isolates tentatively identified by conventional microbiological culture methods were identified to the species level by a combination of pcr amplification of 16s rrna genes and restriction enzyme analysis of the amplified products. this method is a reliable and rapid alternative to conventional methods for identification of these bacterial species.200312958299
[cerebral abscesses of oral origin].it has been suggested that between 3% and 13% of the cerebral abscesses (ca) are presumably associated to oral infections or dental procedures.200312938049
coronal microleakage assessed by polymicrobial markers.studies have shown significant bacterial leakage following exposure of sealed root canals to artificial and natural saliva. the objective of this study was to determine contamination via bacterial migration in artificial saliva in endodontically treated teeth using different obturation techniques and sealers. a total of 144 extracted, human mandibular anterior teeth were cleaned and shaped to a #40 master apical file using hand and rotary instrumentation. one hundred and twenty teeth were divide ...200312937592
microbiology and management of chronic suppurative otitis media in children. 200312929878
[outbreak of tropical phagedenic ulcers after the rainy season in dijibouti].the incidence of cutaneous ulcers was observed after the rainy season in djibouti in 1997. based on the study of epidemiologic, clinical, biological, and therapeutic features these lesion were classified as phagedenic ulcers. while direct examination showed numerous fusiform bacilli, cultures performed in one patient, led to isolation of numerous colonies of prevotella loescheii. though less common, two other anaerobic bacterial species were detected, i.e., peptostreptococcus anaerobius and pept ...200312910663
subgingival microflora in turkish patients with information exists on periodontitis-associated subgingival microbiota from turkey. we determined the occurrence, interspecies relationships, and clonal characteristics for a group of periodontal bacteria in a turkish study population.200312886990
antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria from odontogenic infections in taiwan.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the susceptibility of facultative and anaerobic odontogenic infectious flora to various antibiotics. we assessed 178 bacterial strains isolated from 74 patients with odontogenic infections. the e-test was used to determine susceptibility. the microbial flora was predominantly facultative gram-positive organisms and anaerobic gram-negative bacilli. the results of antimicrobial susceptibility test showed that ampicillin resistance was found with a very hig ...200312886961
positive and negative bacterial associations involving dialister pneumosintes in primary endodontic infections.dialister pneumosintes is an anaerobic gram-negative rod that has been recently implicated as a candidate endodontic pathogen. in this study, samples taken from abscessed teeth and infected root canals associated with asymptomatic or symptomatic periradicular lesions were examined for the occurrence of bacterial associations involving d. pneumosintes. dna was extracted from the samples, and the presence of d. pneumosintes and 16 other bacterial species was determined by means of species-specific ...200312877258
extensive subgaleal abscess and epidural empyema in a patient with acute frontal sinusitis.acute frontal sinusitis can be a serious condition because of its potential life-threatening complications. these complications, including spread of infection to the frontal bone and intracranially, require prompt diagnosis and intervention to avoid morbidity and mortality. we report a case of acute frontal sinusitis in a 16-year-old girl who presented with fever, severe headache, and vomiting of 3 days' duration. generalized fluctuant swelling of the nasal root, and bilateral supraorbital and f ...200312874674
effect of amoxicillin or clindamycin on the adenoids bacterial flora.we sought to compare the effect on the adenoid bacterial flora of patients with recurrent otitis media of antimicrobial therapy with amoxicillin (am) or clindamycin (c). patients and methods forty-five children scheduled for elective adenoidectomy participated in a prospective randomized study. they were divided into 3 groups of 15 each to receive either no therapy (control) or 10 days of therapy with am or c. core adenoid tissues was quantitatively cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.200312869909
rapid identification of gram-positive anaerobic coccal species originally classified in the genus peptostreptococcus by multiplex pcr assays using genus- and species-specific, a rapid and reliable two-step multiplex pcr assay for identifying 14 gram-positive anaerobic cocci (gpac) species originally classified in the genus peptostreptococcus (anaerococcus hydrogenalis, anaerococcus lactolyticus, anaerococcus octavius, anaerococcus prevotii, anaerococcus tetradius, anaerococcus vaginalis, finegoldia magna, micromonas micros, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, peptoniphilus asaccharolyticus, peptoniphilus harei, peptoniphilus indolicus, peptoniphilus ivorii and pepton ...200312855723
linezolid: a new antibiotic.the u.s. food and drug administration recently approved linezolid for the treatment of patients with methicillin-resistant staphylococcal and vancomycin-resistant enterococcal infections. this oxazolidinone antibacterial agent represents the first approved antibiotic of a new structural class in 35 years. linezolid is a synthetic compound that acts by inhibiting the initiation complex formation in bacterial protein synthesis, a mechanism of action distinct from other commercially available antib ...200012847568
antibiotic susceptibilities of gram-positive anaerobic cocci: results of a sentinel study in england and wales.a sentinel study was carried out to determine the antimicrobial susceptibilities of gram-positive anaerobic cocci (gpac) freshly isolated from clinical material in diagnostic laboratories in england and wales.200312837734
effect of smoking and periodontal treatment on the subgingival microflora.the effect of smoking on the prevalence of periodontal pathogens after periodontal treatment is still not clear. some studies found no effect of the smoking status on the prevalence of periodontal pathogens after therapy, whereas others did. the aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the influence of smoking on the treatment of periodontitis and the composition of the subgingival microflora.200312834497
[bacteria isolated from surgical infections and its susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents--special references to bacteria isolated between april 2001 and march 2002].isolated bacteria from infections in general surgery during the period from april 2001 to march 2002 were investigated in a multicenter study in japan, and the following results were obtained. in this series, four hundred and twenty strains were isolated from 175 (79.2%) of 221 patients with surgical infections. one hundred and eighty-six strains were isolated from primary infections, and 234 strains were isolated from postoperative infections. from primary infections, anaerobic gram-positive ba ...200312825413
in vitro activities of ramoplanin, teicoplanin, vancomycin, linezolid, bacitracin, and four other antimicrobials against intestinal anaerobic using an agar dilution method, the in vitro activities of ramoplanin, teicoplanin, vancomycin, linezolid, and five other agents were determined against 300 gram-positive and 54 gram-negative strains of intestinal anaerobes. ramoplanin was active at <or=2 microg/ml against 287 of 300 (95.7%) gram-positive organisms, including 18 strains of clostridium difficile for which mics of ramoplanin were 0.25 to 0.5 microg/ml; for 3 of these, linezolid mics were 8 to 16 micro g/ml. nineteen clostridium ...200312821492
antibacterial activity of medicinal plant extracts against periodontopathic bacteria.this study was performed to evaluate the antibacterial activity of althaea officinalis l. roots, arnica montana l. flowers, calendula officinalis l. flowers, hamamelis virginiana l. leaves, illicium verum hook. fruits and melissa officinalis l. leaves, against anaerobic and facultative aerobic periodontal bacteria: porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella spp., fusobacterium nucleatum, capnocytophaga gingivalis, veilonella parvula, eikenella corrodens, peptostreptococcus micros and actinomyces odont ...200312820224
increased antimicrobial resistance in organisms recovered from otitis media with effusion.previous studies concerning the microbiology of otitis media with effusion (ome) did not correlate the past use of antimicrobial agents with the recovered organism's antimicrobial susceptibility. a retrospective analysis of cultures obtained from aspirates of 129 children with ome was performed. the study identified the isolated organisms and determined their susceptibility to the most recently administered antimicrobials. bacterial growth was noted in 58 (45 per cent) patients. aerobic organism ...200312818052
endocarditis due to peptostreptococcus anaerobius: case report and literature review of peptostreptococcal endocarditis.infective endocarditis caused by anaerobic streptococci occurs rarely, and only five cases have been described in detail, with two additional cases mentioned in a review of anaerobic infective arthritis. all have resulted from infection caused by peptostreptococci. another case of anaerobic gram-positive endocarditis caused by peptostreptococcus anaerobius has recently been encountered. the patient was successfully treated with a beta-lactam for six weeks, plus gentamicin (to which the organism ...200312803344
comparative in vitro activity of ph-027 versus linezolid and other anti-anaerobic antimicrobials against clinical isolates of clostridium difficile and other anaerobic is a new 5-triazole oxazolidinone synthesized in our laboratories, which shows strong activity against gram-positive aerobic bacteria including clinical isolates. the objective of this study was to investigate the in vitro activity of this compound in comparison with linezolid and other antibiotics against gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobes. the in vitro activity of ph-027 in comparison with those of linezolid and other antimicrobial agents was evaluated against 201 clinical isolat ...200312797385
the effects of a triclosan/copolymer dentifrice on oral bacteria including those producing hydrogen sulfide.a clinical procedure was developed to examine the effects of short-term and extended use of a triclosan/copolymer dentifrice and a commercial fluoride dentifrice on oral bacteria, including those producing hydrogen sulfide. healthy adults volunteered for this double-blind, crossover design clinical study and provided saliva samples for culturing on enriched and indicator media to enumerate all salivary bacteria and those producing hydrogen sulfide (odorigenic), respectively. subjects brushed wit ...200312786953
evaluation of antibacterial activity of mangifera indica on anaerobic dental microglora based on in vivo studies.the present study was carried out to compare the subgingival plaque microflora in mango leaf users. fifty subjects of both sexes, 25 of them used tooth brush and 25 used mango leaf as their home care hygiene device were included in the study. the microbiological evaluation for specific bacterial counts of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, prevotella intermedia, porphyromonas gingivalis, fusobacterium nucleatum and peptostreptococcus micros were carried out for all subject. specific microbial ...200212785172
late infection in patients with scoliosis treated with spinal instrumentation.sixty patients were treated using a multilevel spinal instrumentation system. spine arthrodesis was done posteriorly in all patients using a combination of two rods, hooks, screws, and cross-link plates. the galveston technique was used in three patients. five patients presented with late deep wound infections 1 to 5 years postoperatively. two patients presented with a local subcutaneous abscess, whereas the remaining patients had a local drainage. exploration revealed pus lining the instrumenta ...200312782866
additive antimicrobial activity of calcium hydroxide and chlorhexidine on common endodontic bacterial is an established procedure to use calcium hydroxide [ca(oh)2] as a therapeutic component to achieve sterilization of infected root canals. unfortunately, some bacterial species are relatively resistant to ca(oh)2 and are therefore associated with treatment failures. the objective of this study was to identify combinations of substances that improve antimicrobial activity. ca(oh)2 was used as a suspension or as a component of gutta-percha points. efficacy of killing was compared for (a) ca(oh ...200312775007
deep neck infection: a present-day complication. a retrospective review of 83 cases (1998-2001).deep neck infections are less and less frequent today than in the past. nevertheless, their complications are often life-threatening. the present study reviews the experience of the department of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery of padua with deep neck infections during the period from 1998 to 2001. eighty-three patients (55 males and 28 females) were retrospectively considered. the site of origin of deep neck infection was identified in 76 patients (91%). the most common cause was denta ...200312774234
[early diagnosis of bacterial brain abscesses: interest of diffusion-weighted mri].three cases of bacterial brain abscesses, in immunocompetent patients, are reported. in all these cases, the diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (mri) with apparent diffusion coefficient (adc) map has permitted an early diagnosis and a rapid treatment. this emergency mri showed in the three cases a low signal on ti-weighted images, a high signal on t2-weighted and echo-planar images, and a decrease of adc (0.36- 0.49 x 10(-3) mm2/s). so, this new mri technique provides an available and rapid e ...200312773871
immunoglobulin-binding domains: protein l from peptostreptococcus magnus.protein l is a multidomain cell-wall protein isolated from peptostreptococcus magnus. it belongs to a group of proteins that contain repeated domains that are able to bind to igs without stimulating an immune response, the most characterized of this group being protein a ( staphylococcus aureus ) and protein g ( streptococcus ). both of these proteins bind predominantly to the interface of c(h)2-c(h)3 heavy chains, while protein l binds exclusively to the v(l) domain of the kappa -chain. the fun ...200312773190
[utility of anaerobic blood cultures in extra-hospitalary bacteremias].to compare the rentability of anaerobic hemocultures with aerobic cultures in patients suffering bacteremia, trying to analyze the rentability of anaerobic cultures.200312768830
in vitro activities of dalbavancin and nine comparator agents against anaerobic gram-positive species and corynebacteria.dalbavancin is a novel semisynthetic glycopeptide with enhanced activity against gram-positive species. its comparative in vitro activities and those of nine comparator agents, including daptomycin, vancomycin, linezolid, and quinupristin-dalfopristin, against 290 recent gram-positive clinical isolates strains, as determined by the nccls agar dilution method, were studied. the mics of dalbavancin at which 90% of various isolates tested were inhibited were as follows: actinomyces spp., 0.5 microg ...200312760876
in vitro activities of telithromycin and 10 oral agents against aerobic and anaerobic pathogens isolated from antral puncture specimens from patients with sinusitis.a study of the comparative in vitro activity of telithromycin, a new ketolide, against 155 aerobic and 171 anaerobic antral sinus puncture isolates showed it to be active against a broad range of sinus pathogens. all pneumococci, including erythromycin-resistant strains, were susceptible to telithromycin at < or = 0.5 microg/ml; all haemophilus influenzae and eikenella corrodens strains were inhibited by < or = 4 microg of telithromycin/ml; all moraxella spp. and beta-lactamase-producing prevote ...200312760875
[bacterial pneumonia in hiv-infected patients]patients and methods: this is a retrospective study performed on hiv-positive patients discharged from our institution from january 1993 through december 1998 with a diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia. cases of tb or atypical micobacterial infection were excluded from this analysis. causative organisms were identified, when possible, by taking into account positive cultures from diverse sources (blood, sputum, pleural fluid and others). results: in the 6-yr period we considered, 120 patients were ...199912748443
bacterial penetration through canals of endodontically treated teeth in the presence or absence of the smear layer.the goal of this study is to determine if the smear layer affects the passage of bacteria through or around obturating material as evidenced by penetration of bacteria through and out the canal. specifically, this study focused on determining the effect of the smear layer on the magnitude of bacterial penetration through the apical foramen.200312735922
[extrinsic ureteral obstruction secondary to inflammatory gynecologic pathology].to present two cases of extrinsic ureteral obstruction secondary to gynaecological inflammatory diseases, and to perform a bibliographic review.200312731448
in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of telithromycin.telithromycin is one of the ketolides, characterised by a 3-keto group instead of l-cladinose and a c(11)-c(12) carbamate link by an alkyl chain to a pyridinum and imidazolium ring side chain. we evaluated in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of telithromycin against gynaecological pathogens.200312714813
microbiology and management of intra-abdominal infections in children.the present review describes the microbiology, diagnosis, and management of intra-abdominal infections in children. infection generally occurs due to the entry of enteric micro-organisms into the peritoneal cavity through a defect in the wall of the intestine or other viscus as a result of obstruction, infarction, or direct trauma. mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora can be recovered from the peritoneal cavity of these patients. the predominant aerobic isolates are escherichia coli, and enterococc ...200312709135
microbiology and management of acute suppurative thyroiditis in children.this review describes the microbiology, diagnosis and management of suppurative thyroiditis (st). staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus epidermidis, and streptococcus pneumoniae, are the predominant aerobic isolates. the most common anaerobic bacteria are gram-negative bacilli and peptostreptococcus spp. agents that are rarely recovered include klebsiella spp., haemophilus influenzae, streptococcus viridans, salmonella spp., enterobacteriaceae, mycobacterium tuberculosis, ...200312697345
differences in antimicrobial activity of four commercial 0.12% chlorhexidine mouthrinse formulations: an in vitro contact test and salivary bacterial counts evaluate the in vitro and in vivo antimicrobial activity of four commercial 0.12% chlorhexidine mouthrinses.200312694428
ultrastructural analysis of an infected collagen-coated vascular graft.the incidence of infection following arterial reconstruction using synthetic graft materials varies from less than 1 to 5%. one of three mechanisms is thought to be responsible: 1. intraoperative contamination, 2. extension from adjacent infected or colonized tissue, or 3. hematogenous or lymphogenous seeding. we present ultrastructural data of a patient with a polymicrobial graft infection due to a prostheto-enteric fistula 16 years after reconstruction of an aortobifemoral graft. the polymer s ...200312677763
specific pcr detection of peptostreptococcus magnus.peptostreptococcus magnus is the most pathogenic and one of the most common gram-positive anaerobic cocci found in human clinical specimens. the organism has been isolated in pure culture from a range of serious infections, including meningitis and endocarditis. however, isolation of peptostreptococcus magnus from the oral cavity has rarely been attempted. identification of peptostreptococcus magnus in clinical specimens is reliant upon microbiological culture and biochemical methods, which ofte ...200312676869
transformation of arctiin to estrogenic and antiestrogenic substances by human intestinal bacteria.after anaerobic incubation of arctiin (1) from the seeds of arctium lappa with a human fecal suspension, six metabolites were formed, and their structures were identified as (-)-arctigenin (2), (2r,3r)-2-(3',4'-dihydroxybenzyl)-3-(3",4"-dimethoxybenzyl)butyrolactone (3), (2r,3r)-2-(3'-hydroxybenzyl)-3-(3",4"-dimethoxybenzyl)butyrolactone (4), (2r,3r)-2-(3'-hydroxybenzyl)-3-(3"-hydroxy-4"-methoxybenzyl)butyrolactone (5), (2r,3r)-2-(3'-hydroxybenzyl)-3-(3",4"-dihydroxybenzyl)butyrolactone (6), and ...200312672988
antimicrobial properties of self-etching primer-bonding systems.self-etching primers are now considered the new generation of dentin bonding systems that modify and incorporate the bacteria-containing smear layer into their bonding mechanism. the antibacterial effects of the self-etching primers clearfil se bond, mac bond, imperva fl bond, one-up bondf and prompt l-pop were evaluated using the bacteria streptococcus mutans atcc25175, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, peptostreptococcus prevotii, peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus, lactobacillus acidophilus, la ...200312670069
an immunohistological study of the localization of bacteria invading root pulpal walls of teeth with periapical lesions.we immunohistologically examined the prevalence and localization of bacteria invading dentinal tubules of the roots of teeth with infected canals. forty extracted teeth with apical lesions were selected and divided into two groups: a group of untreated teeth and a group of canal-enlarged teeth. the bacteria in the specimens were detected by brown-brenn stain and the labeled-streptavidin-biotin method with specific antisera for 16-bacteria. seventy percent of the examined teeth showed bacteria in ...200312669880
microorganisms from canals of root-filled teeth with periapical lesions.the objective of the present study was to identify the microbial flora within root canals of teeth with failed root-canal treatment and to determine the association of the various species with clinical features.200312656508
bactericidal activities of methoxyfluoroquinolones gatifloxacin and moxifloxacin against aerobic and anaerobic respiratory pathogens in serum.gatifloxacin (bristol-myers squibb) and moxifloxacin (bayer) are new methoxyfluoroquinolones with broad-spectrum activity against aerobic and anaerobic pathogens of the respiratory tract. in this investigation, we analyzed the bactericidal activity in serum over time of these antimicrobials against three aerobic (streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae, and staphylococcus aureus) and four anaerobic (peptostreptococcus micros, peptostreptococcus magnus, fusobacterium nucleatum, and prevo ...200312654663
evaluation of root canal microorganisms isolated from teeth with endodontic failure and their antimicrobial susceptibility.studies of the microbiota from the canals of teeth with failure of endodontic therapy have revealed that it differs markedly from that of untreated necrotic dental pulps. this study aimed to evaluate the microbiota of 30 root-filled teeth with persisting periapical lesions and to test the antibiotic susceptibility of the most prevalent species. microbial samples, isolation and speciation were done using advanced microbiologic techniques for anaerobic species. a total of 55 bacterial species were ...200312654099
anaerobic cocci populating the deep tissues of chronic wounds impair cellular wound healing responses in vitro.anaerobic cocci are estimated to be present in the deep tissues of over 50% of chronic skin wounds. while the part they play in the chronicity of these wounds is uninvestigated, anaerobic cocci have previously been shown to be involved in other chronic inflammatory human conditions.200312653737
zygomatic abscess complicating a huge mastoid cholesteatoma with intact eardrum. 200312646852
[identification and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents of strictly anaerobic bacteria isolated from hospitalized patients].the aim of this study was to identify anaerobic strains isolated in 2001 from clinical specimens obtained from patients of warsaw hospital and to evaluate a susceptibility of these strains to antimicrobial agents. in 2001 two hundred and twenty five clinical strains of obligate anaerobes were cultured, which were identified in the automatic atb system (biomérieux, france) using biochemical tests api 20 a. drug-susceptibility of strains was determined also in atb system with the use of atb ana st ...200212632658
[antibacterial activity of cefpodoxime against clinical isolates in 2000 and 2001].as the post-marketing surveillance of cefpodoxime proxetil (banan), mics of cefpodoxime (cpdx, an active form of banan) against 1090 clinical isolates of 22 species from 15 medical institutions all over japan from june 2000 to march 2001 were measured using the broth microdilution method approved by the japanese society of chemotherapy and compared with those of oral cephem antibacterials, cefaclor, cefdinir, cefditoren, and cefcapene. in this study, remarkable change in the activity of cpdx was ...200212621736
[bacteria isolated from surgical infections and their susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents--special references to bacteria isolated between april 2000 and march 2001].tendency of isolated bacteria from infections in general surgery and their antimicrobial susceptibilities during the period from april 2000 to march 2001 were investigated in a multicenter study in japan, and the following results were obtained. the number of cases investigated as objectives was 234 for one year. a total of 388 strains (136 strains from primary infections and 252 strains from postoperative infections) were isolated from 165 cases (70.5% of total cases). in primary infections, an ...200212621729
[bacteria isolated from surgical infections and their susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents. special references to bacteria isolated between april 1999 and march 2000].the annual multicenter studies on isolated bacteria from infections in general surgery and their antimicrobial susceptibility have been conducted in japan since july 1982. in this paper, the results obtained in the academic year 1999 (from april 1999 to march 2000) have been summarized. two hundred seven cases were investigated, and 411 strains were isolated from 169 cases (81.6%). of those strains, 184 and 227 strains were from primary infections and postoperative infections, respectively. in p ...200212621728
faropenem, a new oral penem: antibacterial activity against selected anaerobic and fastidious periodontal isolates.the in vitro activity of faropenem, an oral penem, was compared with those of penicillin, co-amoxiclav, cefoxitin, clindamycin, erythromycin and metronidazole against 106 isolates of anaerobic pathogens involved in systemic infections. the organisms tested comprised porphyromonas gingivalis (29), prevotella spp. (eight), prevotella melaninogenica (seven), prevotella intermedia (five), actinomyces spp. (25), fusobacterium nucleatum (14), peptostreptococcus spp. (11), bacteroides ureolyticus (five ...200312615878
[two cases of empyema caused by peptostreptococcus]. 200212611246
activities of garenoxacin (bms-284756) and other agents against anaerobic clinical isolates.a total of 590 clinical isolates consisting of 33 species of both gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobes were collected from nine centers in the chicago area in 1998-1999. the largest number of isolates (330 isolates, 56%) belonged to the bacteroides group. isolates were tested by agar dilution against garenoxacin (bms-284756, t-3811 me), trovafloxacin, moxifloxacin, clindamycin, imipenem, piperacillin-tazobactam, and cefoxitin. all but one species (2% of bacteroides vulgatus isolates) were f ...200312604521
peptostreptococcus micros in primary endodontic infections as detected by 16s rdna-based polymerase chain reaction.a 16s rdna-based polymerase chain reaction (pcr) method was used to detect peptostreptococcus micros in primary root canal infections. samples were collected from 50 teeth having carious lesions, necrotic pulps, and different forms of periradicular diseases. dna extracted from the samples was amplified using the pcr assay, which yielded a specific fragment of p. micros 16s rdna. p. micros was detected in 6 of 22 root canals associated with asymptomatic chronic periradicular lesions (27.3%), 2 of ...200312597709
the consequences of suppression of anaerobic bacteria.anaerobic bacteria such as bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus species, and fusobacterium species, when accompanied by aerobic bacteria or in the presence of dead tissue, can cause severe infections. this article discusses the most common type of anaerobic infection, i.e., infection after colonic contamination of the abdominal cavity and soft tissues. colonic anaerobes rarely cause infections as solitary pathogens. mixed infections of aerobes and anaerobes are treated by source control, sur ...200012594909
effects of selected immunouppressive drugs on prostaglandin release, protein synthesis and cell proliferation in human gingival fibroblasts and on the growth of plaque bacteria.immunosuppressants play an essential role in transplantation therapy. in view of the side effects, e.g. gingival overgrowth, the present in vitro study was performed in order to investigate the effect of selected immunosuppressants on metabolic activities of gingival fibroblasts. furthermore, the effect on the growth of six oral microorganisms was investigated.200312578751
vaginal bacterial flora activates rat peritoneal mast cells.sixteen strains of physiological and pathological vaginal bacteria were tested for their ability to secrete histamine from rat peritoneal mast cells in vitro. we noticed that mycoplasma hominis-induced histamine release was very high (up to 53.6%). the stimulation of rat mast cells with staphylococccus cohnii, staphylococcus coagulase(-) (two strains), ureaplasma urealyticum, peptostreptococcus spp., bacteroides capillosus, staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus agalactiae resulted in lower but ...200212575924
immunoglobulin superantigen protein l induces il-4 and il-13 secretion from human fc epsilon ri+ cells through interaction with the kappa light chains of ige.peptostreptococcus magnus protein l is a multidomain bacterial surface protein that correlates with virulence. it consists of up to five homologous ig-binding domains (b1-b5) that interact with the variable domain of ig kappa l chains. intact protein l stimulates the synthesis and the release of il-4 and il-13 from human basophils in vitro. a protein l fragment covering the ig-binding domains b1-b4 also induced il-4 and il-13 release from basophils. there was an excellent correlation (r(s) = 0.8 ...200312574351
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