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effect of mineral trioxide aggregate on cytokine production by peritoneal test the effect of two commercial brands of grey mineral trioxide aggregate (proroot and mta-angelus) on cytokine production by m1 and m2 inflammatory macrophages.200516343117
characterization of bacteria from a swine manure thirty bacteria isolated from a swine manure digester were predominately gram-positive anaerobes which were tentatively classified into the following genera: peptostreptococcus, eubacterium, bacteroides, lactobacillus, peptococcus, clostridium, and streptococcus plus two unidentified groups. the major fermentation products formed by these organisms included acetate, propionate, succinate, lactate, and ethanol, singly or in various combinations. acetate was the sole end product of sev ...198216345916
a case of cutaneous odontogenic sinus.despite the fact that cutaneous sinus tracts of odontogenic origin are well documented, the condition is still commonly misdiagnosed, because chronic periapical periodontitis may be asymptomatic and is rarely open to the skin. a 75-year-old japanese woman presented to our clinic with the chief complaint of a left cheek skin lesion with mild pain. physical examination revealed a subcutaneous nodule covered with erythematous skin on her left buccal region. cultures from the subcutaneous nodule gre ...200516361742
analysis of microbial etiology and mortality in patients with brain abscess.despite the technological advancements in diagnostic and neurosurgical procedures, brain abscess continues to remain a potentially fatal central nervous system infection. in a prospective study we determined the predisposing factors and the microbiological profile of brain abscess. we also analyzed the mortality in patients with the type of infections identified.200616436297
recovery of anaerobic bacteria from a case of dissecting cellulitis. 200616445513
[severe pelvic inflammatory disease. response to ertapenem].pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) is an important health problem. delay in diagnosis and effective treatment contributes to inflammatory sequelae with risk of future fertility problems and chronic pelvic pain. treatment regimens must provide empiric, broad-spectrum coverage of likely pathogens but also take into account patient's risk profile. in this article we report the case of a young woman affected by a rare genital malformation who required the creation of a neovagina made of abdominal ski ...200516446794
post-loop electrosurgical excision procedure sepsis in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected woman.squamous intraepithelial lesions are more prevalent in women infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) compared with immunocompetent women. loop electrosurgical excision procedure (leep) is commonly used to treat squamous intraepithelial lesions because it may be performed as an outpatient procedure with minimal blood loss and a low complication rate.200616449162
phylogeny of human intestinal bacteria that activate the dietary lignan secoisolariciresinol diglucoside.the human intestinal microbiota is essential for the conversion of the dietary lignan secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (sdg) via secoisolariciresinol (seco) to the enterolignans enterodiol (ed) and enterolactone (el). however, knowledge of the species that catalyse the underlying reactions is scant. therefore, we focused our attention on the identification of intestinal bacteria involved in the conversion of sdg. strains of bacteroides distasonis, bacteroides fragilis, bacteroides ovatus and clo ...200616466386
molecular analysis of bacteria in asymptomatic and symptomatic endodontic infections.the purpose of the present study was to use terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and the 16s rrna gene clone library to investigate the diversity of the microbiota associated with asymptomatic and symptomatic endodontic infections and to compare the bacterial community structure in these two clinical conditions. samples were taken from asymptomatic endodontic infections associated with chronic periradicular lesions and from symptomatic infections clinically diagnosed as acu ...200616476021
is pre-term labour associated with periodontitis in a danish maternity ward?to reveal differences in periodontal status and presence of subgingival bacteria in a scandinavian population of women with pre-term birth compared with women who delivered at term.200616489943
infected pneumatocele following anaerobic pneumonia in adult.we report a case of an infected pneumatocele in the course of anaerobic pneumonia in an adult. to the best of our knowledge, anaerobic pneumonia complicated by a pneumatocele in an adult has not previously been described. the pneumatocele occurred on the fifth day of hospitalization, and rapidly increased in size, with the development of a subsequent mixed anaerobe infection. a pig-tail catheter was inserted and the pus drained. the bacterial culture from the pus was positive for three anaerobes ...200516491835
[septic thrombosis of the axillary vein with unilateral pulmonary abscess. variation of lemierre's syndrome].a man aged 62 was hospitalized for treatment of an axillary abscesses originating from a suppurative hidradenitis.200616493565
linezolid in the treatment of brain abscess due to peptostreptococcus.brain abscesses can be caused by bacteria, fungi, and parasites. among bacteria, anaerobic organisms include the bacteroides species group, fusobacterium, peptostreptococcus, and propionibacterium. in these cases, a 4-week course of parenteral penicillin/cefalosporin and metronidazole is the standard of treatment. we describe a case of brain abscess secondary to anaerobic infection with peptostreptococcus, which was successfully treated with parenteral and oral linezolid after failure of standar ...200616500781
antimicrobial susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria in new zealand: 1999-2003.routine susceptibility testing of all anaerobic organisms is not advocated, but it is useful for laboratories to test periodically for anaerobic organisms and provide local susceptibility data to guide therapy. this study reports the national trend of antibiotic susceptibility of clinically significant anaerobes in new zealand.200616507560
[nationwide surveillance of parenteral antibiotics containing meropenem activities against clinically isolated strains in 2004].the antibacterial activity of meropenem (mepm) and other parenteral antibiotics against clinical isolates of 907 strains of gram-positive bacteria, 1790 strains of gram-negative bacteria, and 192 strains of anaerobic bacteria obtained from 30 medical institutions during 2004 was measured. the results were as follows; 1. mic90 of mepm for almost all of enterobacteriaceae and haemophilus influenzae were 4-fold to 32-fold lower than those of other carbapenems. mepm was more active than other carbap ...200516521347
the role of anaerobic bacteria in mediastinitis.the management of mediastinitis involves directing appropriate antibacterial therapy against the potential bacterial pathogens. the increased recovery of anaerobic bacteria from mediastinal infections has led to a greater appreciation of their role in this condition and to re-evaluation of the proper treatment of this condition. mediastinitis caused by anaerobic bacteria generally emerges following perforation of the oesophagus, extension of retropharyngeal abscess, suppurative parotitis, cervic ...200616526820
cervical necrotizing fasciitis: a novel clinical presentation of burkholderia cepacia infection.necrotizing fasciitis is a soft-tissue infection characterized by progressive destruction of fascia and adipose tissue which may not involve the skin. cervical necrotizing fascitis (cnf) is an uncommon clinical entity. the development of cnf is frequently related to synergistic infections of aerobic and anaerobic organisms of the upper aerodigestive tract. we describe the first case of cnf due to multi-drug resistant burkholderia cepacia and peptostreptococcus infection in an immuno-competent pa ...200616545459
[tracking of the development of fecal bacterial community of diarrhea piglets by 16s rdna techniques].pcr and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) were used to track the development of fecal bacterial community of 5 diarrhea piglets. clone libraries were created from complete 16s rdna of 42-day fecal sample of piglet 1, 2 and 5. from the library, clones had their v6-v8 regions matched predominant bands on the dgge gel were then sequenced and their 16s rdnas subjected to an online similarity search. results revealed that dgge profiles from fecal samples of 5 piglets changed form simple ...200616579485
peptostreptococcus stomatis sp. nov., isolated from the human oral strains of anaerobic gram-positive cocci isolated from human oral sites were subjected to a comprehensive range of phenotypic and genotypic tests. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis revealed that the strains constituted a homogeneous group that was distinct from species with validly published names, but related to peptostreptococcus anaerobius. all oral strains tested belonged to this group, whereas all non-oral strains studied were confirmed as p. anaerobius. a novel species, peptostreptococ ...200616585688
microbiological analysis and endoanal ultrasonography for diagnosis of anal fistula in acute anorectal sepsis.treatment of anorectal sepsis requires prompt surgical drainage, but it is important to identify any associated anal fistula for preventing recurrence. we evaluated whether microbiological analysis and/or endoanal ultrasonography could be used to predict anal fistula in patients with acute anorectal sepsis.200716601946
factors affecting the bacteriology of deep neck infection: a retrospective study of 128 patients.broad-spectrum antibiotics are advocated for treating deep neck infection. anaerobic coverage is necessary, especially in odontogenic cases. the presence of diabetes, infection of the parotid space and an obvious odontogenic source of infection can aid in determining the causative organisms.200616608792
in vitro antibacterial efficacy of a new chlorhexidine slow-release device.the aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the antibacterial effect of chlorhexidine and calcium hydroxide slow-release devices on oral bacteria.200616683687
total chemical synthesis of the b1 domain of protein l from peptostreptococcus magnus.reported here is a native chemical ligation strategy for the total chemical synthesis of the b1 domain of protein l. a synthetic construct of this 76 amino acid protein domain was prepared by the chemoselective ligation of two unprotected polypeptide fragments, one containing an n-terminal cysteine residue and one containing a c-terminal thioester moiety. the polypeptide fragments utilized in the ligation reaction were readily prepared by stepwise solid phase peptide synthesis (spps) methods for ...200616690101
production of indolic compounds by rumen bacteria isolated from grazing screen rumen bacterial cultures and fresh ruminal isolates for indole and skatole production.200616696673
bacteriological findings and antimicrobial susceptibility in chronic sinusitis with nasal polyp.we recommend amoxacillin/clavulanate, cephalosporins and macrolides rather than penicillin as the first-line drug in chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps. in cases where there is no improvement of symptoms, cultures should be taken from the middle meatus, followed by appropriate selection of second-line antibiotics according to the sensitivity test results.200616698698
a 62-month retrospective epidemiological survey of anaerobic bacteraemia in a university hospital.the incidence of anaerobic bacteraemia was studied retrospectively over 62 months at mont-godinne university hospital, yvoir, belgium. the distribution of organisms, clinical presentations, choice of antimicrobial therapy and clinical outcome were analysed. the proportion of positive blood cultures yielding obligate anaerobes was 3.3%. the overall incidence of clinically significant anaerobic bacteraemia was 0.51 cases/1,000 patient admissions (0.61 cases/10,000 hospital-days), but was significa ...200616700700
anaerobic microbiology in 198 cases of pleural empyema: a bulgarian study.the aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence of anaerobic bacteria in 198 patients with pleural empyema and the susceptibility of isolates to eight antibacterial agents. isolates were identified by the crystal anaerobes identification system, api system rapid id 32 a and/or routine methods. susceptibility was tested by sceptor mic system for anaerobic bacteria and limited agar dilution method. anaerobic bacteria were found in 74.2% of the patients and included 247 strains within 21 genera. ...200416701526
in vitro activity of oritavancin (ly333328), vancomycin, clindamycin, and metronidazole against clostridium perfringens, propionibacterium acnes, and anaerobic gram-positive cocci.using an agar dilution method, we determined the in vitro activity of oritavancin, vancomycin, clindamycin and metronidazole against 114 unique clinical isolates of gram-positive anaerobes. mic(90)s (microg/ml) for oritavancin were as follows: clostridium perfringens 1.0, propionibacterium acnes 0.25, peptostreptococcus anaerobius 0.25, peptoniphilus asaccharolyticus 0.5, finegoldia magna 0.25, micromonas. micros 0.25, and anaerococcus prevotii 0.25. on a weight basis, oritavancin is slightly mo ...200516701537
the role of anaerobic bacteria in sinusitis.the normal oropharyngeal flora contained aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that can cause respiratory infections including sinusitis. some of these bacteria can interfere with the growth of potential pathogens and may play a role in preventing infections. anaerobic bacteria emerge as pathogens as the infection becomes chronic. this may be the result of the selective pressure of antimicrobial agents that enable resistant anaerobic organisms to survive, and from the development over time of condition ...200616701606
lethal outcome in xanthogranulomatous endometritis.xanthogranulomatous inflammation is rare, mainly involving the kidneys, while primary xanthogranulomatous endometritis (xe) is a very unusual finding, histologically characterized by partial or complete replacement of the mucosa by granulation tissue with an abundance of foamy histiocytes, siderophages and multinucleated giant cells. we present the case of a 69-year-old woman with a short history of abdominal pain and a palpable mass in the pouch of douglas. dilatation of the cervix drained a py ...200616725016
[in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria isolated from pleuropulmonary infections].aspirative pleuropulmonary infections are usually caused by anaerobic flora of the mouth, mainly prevotella, fusobacterium and peptostreptococcus spp. penicillin in high doses is the traditional treatment for this type of infections but the rising resistance developed in recent years has induced the empiric use of clindamycin, increasing treatment costs.200616758082
bacteriological study of paediatric and adult chronic suppurative otitis media.chronic suppurative otitis media (csom) is one of the commonest illnesses in ent practice which requires medical attention all the more in children of poor socio-economic status having in past inadequate treatment and negligent medical care. the present study was conducted to find out the various aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms associated with csom in paediatric and adult cases and their current antimicrobial susceptibility pattern as a guide to therapy. samples were collected from 109 clin ...200516761774
occurrence and activity of human intestinal bacteria involved in the conversion of dietary lignans.the human intestinal microbiota is necessary for the production of enterolignans from the dietary lignan secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (sdg). however, little is known about the bacteria that contribute to sdg conversion. therefore, we aimed at describing the occurrence and activity of sdg metabolising bacteria. the data showed differences in conversion efficiency between sdg deglycosylating species, but sdg was completely deglycosylated within 20 h by five of six strains. the strain clostridi ...200616765860
[bacteria isolated from surgical infections and its susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents--special references to bacteria isolated between april 2003 and march 2004].tendency of isolated bacteria from infections in general surgery during the period from april 2004 to march 2005 were investigated in a multicenter study in japan, and the following results were obtained. in this series, 645 strains including 17 strains of candida spp. were isolated from 226 (79.0%) of 286 patients with surgical infections. three hundred and seventeen strains were isolated from primary infections, and 345 strains were isolated from postoperative infections. from primary infectio ...200616805318
evaluation of 4 swab transport systems for the recovery of atcc and clinical strains with characterized resistance mechanisms.despite limitations of swab transport systems (sts), many clinical samples and bacterial isolates are sent on these devices. we evaluated the performance of 4 commercial sts: m40 transystem (s1, copan italia, bovezzo, italy), uni-ter (s2, meus, piove di sacco, italy), euromed (s3, lab service, surbo, italy), and eurotubo (s4, deltalab, rubí, spain). survival of atcc and clinical strains with characterized resistance mechanisms, stored at room temperature and using the roll-plate method (nccls m4 ...200616822635
the aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of pustular acne lesions.specimens from 32 pustular acne lesions that were inoculated on media supportive for the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria showed bacterial growth. only aerobic or facultative bacteria were recovered in 15 (47%) specimens, only anaerobic bacteria in 11 (34%) specimens, and mixed aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in 6 (18%) specimens. a total of 57 isolates, 31 anaerobes (1.0 per specimen) and 26 aerobes (0.8 per specimen) were recovered. the predominant isolates were staphylococcus sp. (19 i ...199516887540
peptostreptococcus vaginalis or peptostreptococcus prevotii? identification and clinical importance of a new species of peptostreptococcus.peptostreptococcus vaginalis is a recently described species of gram-positive anaerobic coccus. we report one case in which p. vaginalis was isolated in pure culture from an abscess on the upper arm, and summarise nine further cases where it was isolated in mixed culture from other superficial sites, particularly infected leg ulcers. we suggest that clinical strains of p. vaginalis have probably been described in the past as peptostreptococcus prevotii, a species which has frequently been report ...199716887558
anaerobes isolated from clinical material over three on anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical specimens at the bacteriology department within the 3-year period (1992-1994) were analysed. anaerobic cultivation was carried out in all aspirates and swabs were transferred in transport media in syringes or blood cultures. established growth occurred in all samples cultivated in thioglycollate broth after 4 days of incubation. cultivation methods included enrichment media, gaspak jar, and api (biomerieux) for final identification. a sulfite-red ...199716887566
periodontal microflora of hiv infected patients with periodontitis.the aim of this study was to determine the microbial profile of periodontal lesions in hiv seropositive patients and to compare it with rapidly progressing periodontal lesions in systemically healthy patients. the subgingival microflora of 20 cdc ii, 20 cdc iii, 20 cdc iv/v and 20 systemically healthy patients with rapidly progressing periodontitis was examined. four sites with greatest probing depth in each patient were selected for microbiological sampling. the samples were cultured aerobicall ...199716887570
bilophila wadsworthiain brain abscess: case report.a case of a patient with a 20-year history of chronic otitis media complicated by cholesteatoma and brain abscess is described. a ct scan with contrast material showed three abscess cavities in the right cerebellar hemisphere. a culture from a specimen of the cholesteatoma yielded a significant amount of growth of bilophila wadsworthia, bacteroides fragilis and prevotella oris and a moderate growth of alpha-streptococci and staphylococcus simulans. from the pus of the brain abscess we also isola ...199716887572
subgingival microflora in smokers with early onset periodontitis.cigarette smoking is a potent risk factor which has recently been associated with periodontal disease progression. the objective of this study was to detect the microbial profile of early onset periodontitis in smokers and compare it to that of non-smokers. the study population consisted of 50 systemically healthy individuals aged 25 to 38 years, exhibiting early onset periodontitis. 25 patients were smokers (> 20 cigarettes/day) and 25 non-smokers. two pooled bacterial samples comprised of four ...199716887581
ribotyping of bacteria from root canal and blood of patients receiving endodontic therapy.dna restriction patterns and corresponding ribotypes of 26 bacterial isolates (propionibacterium acnes, peptostreptococcus prevotii, fusobacterium nucleatum, prevotella intermedia, prevotella nigrescens, actinomyces israelii, streptococcus intermedius, and streptococcus sanguis) recovered from patients with infected root canals and their peripheral blood, collected during and after endodontic therapy, were examined. eleven additional reference strains including type strains were also examined. p ...199716887597
in vitro activity of linezolid and eperezolid, two novel oxazolidinone antimicrobial agents, against anaerobic bacteria.linezolid (formerly u-100766) and eperezolid (formerly u-100592) are novel oxazolidinone antimicrobial agents that are active against multi-drug-resistant staphylococci, streptococci, enterococci, corynebacteria, and mycobacteria. preliminary studies also demonstrated that the compounds inhibited some test strains of anaerobic bacteria. therefore, we extended the in vitro evaluation of these agents to include a total of 54 different anaerobic species. minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) value ...199716887605
peptostreptococcus ivorii-associated skin abscess in a hiv-infected patient.peptostreptococcus ivorii, a recently described species of gram-positive anaerobic coccus, has so far rarely been found in human infections. the isolation of this anaerobe from a polybacterial skin abscess in a hiv-infected patient, which formed after antiretroviral therapy had been discontinued is reported. local treatment led to the abscess healing without specific antibiotics. as the type strain was isolated from a mixed infected leg ulcer, peptostreptococcus ivorii could play an important ro ...199916887655
taxonomy--general comments and update on taxonomy of clostridia and anaerobic cocci.since such things as sites of normal carriage, type and severity of infections produced, and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns may vary according to the particular species involved, accurate taxonomy for differentiation of species is important. for example, reclassification of the 'bacteroides gracilis group' revealed that sutterella wadsworthensis is actually responsible for the antimicrobial resistance seen in that group. with clostridia and anaerobic cocci, as with other taxa, there have ...200216887670
an in vitro time-kill assessment of linezolid and anaerobic bacteria.linezolid is a novel oxazolidinone antibacterial agent active against staphylococci (including methicillin-resistant strains), enterococci (including vancomycin-resistant strains), streptococci (including penicillin-intermediate and -resistant streptococcus pneumoniae), and other aerobic and facultative bacteria. the agent has also demonstrated activity against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobic bacteria. previous time-kill assessments have shown linezolid to be genera ...200316887680
antibiotic susceptibility of clinically relevant anaerobes in estonia from 1999 to present little or no data is available regarding the resistance profiles of anaerobic bacteria in relation to the general usage of antibiotics. the objective of this study was to assess whether any potential relationship exists between the dynamics of antibiotic resistance of anaerobic bacteria and the consumption of antibiotics during the last 3 years within the estonian population. in total, 416 anaerobic isolates were investigated from various clinical samples. the anaerobes were isolated ...200316887688
anaerobic bacteria cultured from the tongue dorsum of subjects with oral malodor.the bacteria on the dorsum of the tongue are the most frequent cause of oral malodor; however, the bacterial flora of the tongue has not been well defined. although recent studies have used dna probes to detect the presence of certain periodontal pathogens, cultural studies have been limited because of the complexity of the flora of the tongue dorsum. the purpose of this study was to grow and to identify maximum numbers of capnophylic gram-negative bacilli and anaerobic micro-organisms by cultur ...200316887710
e-test antibiotics susceptibility of strict anaerobic bacteria.the e-test is convenient for testing susceptibility of anaerobes. from september 1998 to september 1999, 194 strains (105 gram-positive bacteria, 89 gram-negative bacteria) of clinically relevant samples were tested against five antibiotics benzylpenicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, clindamycin, metronidazole and imipenem on blood agar plates. resistance to benzyl penicillin is widespread and gram-negative bacteria and resistance to amoxicillin-clavulanic acid is exceptional. metronidazole i ...200316887712
[comparative analyses of colonization degree of oral cavity by microbial flora during application of teeth prosthetic devices].the degree of adhesion and colonization was studied among 27 patients with generalized paradontitis of moderate severity and in remission stage. all these patients had different material teeth prostheses. 12 patients had acrylic plastic "ftorax" material prostheses and 15 of them polypropylenes prostheses. prostheses prepared from acryl plastic were intensively colonized by stable microflora of oral cavity, as well as by paradontopathogens, whereas usage of polypropylenes prostheses is rather ef ...200616905807
influence of residual bacteria on periapical tissue healing after chemomechanical treatment and root filling of experimentally infected monkey teeth.the purpose of this study was twofold: first, to determine the influence on the healing of the periapical tissues when selected bacterial strains and combinations thereof remain after root canal treatment; and, second, the relationship to healing of the quality of the root filling. in eight monkeys, 175 root canals, previously infected with combinations of four or five bacterial strains and with radiographically verified apical periodontitis, were endodontically treated, bacteriologically contro ...200616911098
microbiology and antibiotic sensitivities of head and neck space infections of odontogenic origin.the purpose of this study is to assess the anatomical spaces and causative micro-organisms responsible for deep fascial space head and neck infections and evaluate the resistance of antibiotics used in the treatment of these infections.200616916672
contribution of proteases and plasmin-acquired activity in migration of peptostreptococcus micros through a reconstituted basement membrane.peptostreptococcus micros is a gram-positive bacterium that has been associated with chronic periodontitis and endodontic infections. the aims of this study were to investigate the production of proteases and the acquisition of plasmin activity by rough and smooth morphotypes of p. micros. the contribution of these properties in the migration of bacteria through a reconstituted basement membrane was also evaluated.200616922932
a novel modification of omental transposition to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal herniation into the chest. 200616932176
[diagnosis and treatment of a liver abscess with contrast-enhanced ultrasound].we report on a patient with pyogenic liver abscess. using a ultrasound contrast agent improves the characterization of pyogenic hepatic abscesses and facilitates repetitive therapeutic punctures. the use of ultrasound contrast agents opens new aspects in the diagnosis of liver abscesses and gives additional confidence in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.200616939125
periodontal status in smokers and never-smokers: clinical findings and real-time polymerase chain reaction quantification of putative periodontal pathogens.smoking is a well-known risk factor for destructive periodontal disease, but its relationship with periodontal status and subgingival microbiota remains unclear. inherent limitations of microbiological methods previously used may partly explain these mixed results, and real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) has been presented as a valid alternative. the aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical condition and microbiological profile of patients with chronic periodontitis as rela ...200616945023
recombinant production of a vl single domain antibody in escherichia coli and analysis of its interaction with peptostreptococcal protein l.a kappa-light chain from a fab expression system was truncated by the insertion of a stop codon in the gene sequence to produce a variable light (vl) single domain antibody (dab). here, we describe the expression of dab in the periplasm of escherichia coli through fermentation in a defined media. immunoglobulin binding domains from peptostreptococcal protein l (ppl) have been shown to bind specifically to kappa-light chains. we have produced recombinant ppl, at high yield, and this was used to c ...200716949300
microbiology of peritonsillar abscesses.the objective of the present study was to analyze the microbiology of peritonsillar abscesses.200616951860
[a case of multiple lung abscesses successfully treated with computed tomography guided percutaneous thoracic drainage].a 48-year-old woman who had abused alcohol admitted to our hospital because of fever and chest pain. laboratory data presented inflammation and liver dysfunction. chest x-ray films revealed multiple mass lesions with air fluid levels. we diagnosed multiple lung abscesses and started treatment with antibiotics. however, her fever did not improve and mass lesions increased. on day 6 of hospitalization, three drainage tubes were inserted percutaneously into the mass lesions under computed tomograph ...200616972615
coaggregation interactions between oral and endodontic enterococcus faecalis and bacterial species isolated from persistent apical periodontitis.interactions between enterococcus faecalis and other species found in root canal infections might be important for the development and persistence of periapical disease. the aim of this study was to investigate the coaggregation interactions between e. faecalis clinical isolates and species previously shown to survive and induce apical periodontitis in monkeys: peptostreptococcus anaerobius, prevotella oralis, fusobacterium nucleatum, and streptococcus anginosus. intergeneric coaggregation assay ...200616982270
photodynamic therapy for endodontic disinfection.the aims of this study were to investigate the effects of photodynamic therapy (pdt) on endodontic pathogens in planktonic phase as well as on enterococcus faecalis biofilms in experimentally infected root canals of extracted teeth. strains of microorganisms were sensitized with methylene blue (25 microg/ml) for 5 minutes followed by exposure to red light of 665 nm with an energy fluence of 30 j/cm2. methylene blue fully eliminated all bacterial species with the exception of e. faecalis (53% kil ...200616982278
in vitro activity of ceftobiprole against aerobic and anaerobic strains isolated from diabetic foot infections.against 443 aerobic and anaerobic bacteria isolated from diabetic foot infections, ceftobiprole mics (microg/ml) at which 90% of the isolates tested were inhibited were as follows: methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, 1; methicillin-susceptible s. aureus and staphylococcus lugdunensis, 0.5; anaerococcus prevotii, 0.125; finegoldia magna, 0.5; peptoniphilus asaccharolyticus, 1; peptostreptococcus anaerobius, 4; escherichia coli and enterobacter species, 0.125; klebsiella species, 2; and p ...200616982780
root canal microbiota of dogs' teeth with periapical lesions induced by two different methods.the microbial composition was investigated in root canals of dogs' teeth with periapical lesions induced by 2 different methods: open versus sealed canals.200616997126
bacteriology of chronic sinusitis and acute exacerbation of chronic establish the microbiological characteristics of acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis (aecs).200617043258
[characteristics of war wound infection].war wounds are the most complex type of non-targeted injuries due to uncontrolled tissue damage of varied and multifold localizations, exposing sterile body areas to contamination with a huge amount of bacteria. wound contamination is caused by both the host microflora and exogenous agents from the environment (bullets, cloth fragments, dust, dirt, water) due to destruction of the host protective barriers. war wounds are the consequence of destructive effects of various types of projectiles, whi ...200617048790
red autofluorescence of dental plaque autofluorescence of plaque and its relation to fluorescence of a single species in the biofilm was studied. fluorescence images of non-disclosed and disclosed plaque of 28 first-year students were captured. the plaque samples were assessed by culture methods and studied for red autofluorescence. species capable of producing red autofluorescence were cultivated from subjects with and without red plaque autofluorescence. red autofluorescence was observed from actinomyces odontolyticus, prevote ...200617063027
suppurative thyroiditis. 200617098092
on the use of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis approach for bacterial identification in endodontic infections.bacteria in infected root canals of teeth evincing chronic apical periodontitis lesions were identified by a polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (pcr-dgge) approach. dna was extracted from root canal samples, and part of the 16s rrna gene of all bacteria was amplified by pcr and separated by dgge, generating banding patterns representative of the community structure. twenty visible bands were cut out of the gel, re-amplified, and sequenced to provide identification. ...200717115203
changes in bacterial profile during amebiasis: demonstration of anaerobic bacteria in ala pus samples.little is known about the changes in gut resident flora during amebic colitis and amebic liver abscess (ala) caused by entamoeba histolytica infection. fecal samples from ala patients, from healthy e. histolytica negative and positive (asymptomatic) individuals, and from pre- and post-metronidazole-treated healthy volunteers and pus samples from ala patients were tested for the presence of various bacterial genera using 16s rrna-based primers. statistically significant reduction in lactobacillus ...200617123981
identification of bacteria associated with spreading odontogenic infections by 16s rrna gene determine the bacterial species associated with spreading odontogenic infections (sois).200717141534
[linezolid: antibacterial activity, clinical efficacy and resistance].linezolid is a synthetic antibiotic, the first available agent in a new class of antibiotic called the oxazolidinones, whose particular mechanism of action consists in inhibiting the initiation of protein synthesis. its spectrum of in vitro and in vivo activity includes staphylococci, streptococci, enterococci, corynebacteria and some anaerobic bacteria (peptostreptococcus, clostridium, and fusobacterium). the first therapeutic results were very encouraging, leading to the marketing of the produ ...200617162258
phylogenetic analysis of bacterial and archaeal species in symptomatic and asymptomatic endodontic infections.phylogenetic analysis of bacterial and archaeal 16s rrna was used to examine polymicrobial communities within infected root canals of 20 symptomatic and 14 asymptomatic patients. nucleotide sequences from approximately 750 clones amplified from each patient group with universal bacterial primers were matched to the ribosomal database project ii database. phylotypes from 37 genera representing actinobacteria, bacteroidetes, firmicutes, fusobacteria and proteobacteria were identified. results were ...200717172525
human serum activity of telithromycin, azithromycin and amoxicillin/clavulanate against common aerobic and anaerobic respiratory pathogens.telithromycin is a new ketolide antimicrobial with a good in vitro activity against both aerobic and anaerobic respiratory pathogens. in this study, we evaluated the antibacterial activity over time of telithromycin (800mg), azithromycin (500mg), and amoxicillin/clavulanate (875/125mg) in serum following single oral doses of these agents to 10 healthy subjects. inhibitory and bactericidal titers were determined at 2, 6, 12, and 24h after each dose and the median titer was used to determine antib ...200717189093
activities of four frog skin-derived antimicrobial peptides (temporin-1dra, temporin-1va and the melittin-related peptides ar-23 and rv-23) against anaerobic bacteria.the activities of two antimicrobial peptides belonging to the temporin family (temporin-1dra from rana draytonii and temporin-1va from rana virgatipes) and two peptides with structural similarity to the bee venom peptide melittin (ar-23 from rana tagoi and rv-23 from r. draytonii) were evaluated against a range of reference strains and clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria. these peptides were selected because they show broad-spectrum growth inhibitory activity against reference strains of sev ...200717196372
comparison of subgingival bacterial sampling with oral lavage for detection and quantification of periodontal pathogens by real-time polymerase chain reaction.saliva has been studied for the presence of subgingival pathogens in periodontitis patients. with the anaerobic culture technique, the discrepancy between salivary recovery and subgingival presence has been significant, which makes this approach not suitable for practical use in the microbial diagnosis of periodontitis patients. the real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) technique represents a very sensitive technique to detect and quantify bacterial pathogens. the aim of the study was to com ...200717199543
[liver abscess and infective endocarditis cases caused by ruminococcus productus].the genus ruminococcus which are anaerobe gram positive cocci, previously classified as peptostreptococcus, may colonize the upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, vagina and skin of humans and animals. in this report a case of liver abscess and a case of infective endocarditis caused by ruminoccocus productus, which is very rarely encountered in the clinical practice were presented. the first case was a 32 years old male who was admitted to the hospital in 2002, with the complaints of ...200617205698
microbiology of intracranial abscesses associated with sinusitis of odontogenic origin.the unique microbiology of sinusitis of dental origin that is associated with intracranial abscesses (ias) and the correlation between the organisms at the two sites has not been reported before. this report describes the author's experience during a 30-year period in studying the microbiology of 8 ias and their corresponding sinusitis of dental origin.200617214267
hemin nutritional stress inhibits bacterial invasion of radicular dentine by two endodontic determine if anaerobic bacteria routinely found in infected dentine and root canals require the presence of heme in the environment in order for them to invade dentinal tubules.200717229113
antianaerobe activity of ceftobiprole, a new broad-spectrum cephalosporin.agar dilution testing of 463 anaerobes showed most gram-positive beta-lactamase-negative strains (other than some clostridium difficile and peptostreptococcus anaerobius), as well as both beta-lactamase-positive and beta-lactamase-negative strains of fusobacterium nucleatum, to have ceftobiprole mic values of < or =0.016 to 4 microg/ml. ceftobiprole was less active against beta-lactamase-positive gram-negative bacilli, especially the members of the bacteroides fragilis group. like ceftobiprole, ...200717240107
evaluation of subgingival bacteria in the dog and susceptibility to commonly used antibiotics.the aim of the present investigation was to evaluate the subgingival aerobic and anaerobic flora of 13 dogs with periodontal disease and the susceptibility of these bacteria to antibiotics currently approved in italy for treatment of canine infections. of the anaerobic bacteria, bacteroides fragilis was most frequently isolated, followed by peptostreptococcus + porphyromonas gingivalis and prevotella intermedia. of the aerobic bacteria, alpha-hemolytic streptococcus was most frequently isolated, ...200617286127
effect of smoking cessation on the microbial determine the effect of smoking cessation on the frequency of recovery of potential pathogens and aerobic and anaerobic interfering bacteria in the nasopharynges of smokers.200717309981
clindamycin versus unasyn in the treatment of facial cellulitis of odontogenic origin in children.the study was undertaken to characterize the microbiology of dental abscesses in children and to compare clindamycin and ampicillin/sulbactam in the treatment of facial cellulitis of odontogenic origin. sixty children with acute facial cellulitis of dental origin underwent surgery (extraction or root canal procedure) within 24 hours of presentation. pus samples were cultured aerobically and anaerobically. patients were randomized (1:1) to receive intravenous ampicillin/sulbactam or clindamycin f ...200717325089
late abscess formation following indirect hernia repair utilizing silk suture.inguinal hernia repair is the most common operation performed by pediatric surgeons. the critical portion of the operation is high ligation of the hernia sac, which is classically performed with silk suture. this foreign body has the potential to serve as a nidus for latent infection/rejection that may result in an abscess long after the operation. this complication has rarely been described in the literature. we have cared for six children who have presented with latent inguinal or pelvic absce ...200717333211
sirolimus-associated chronic pyogenic periungual infection. 200717344893
b cell superantigens subvert innate functions of b cells.some infectious agents produce molecules capable of interacting specifically with the immunoglobulin variable regions, independently of the conventional binding site. they are referred to as b cell superantigens, and include protein a of staphylococcus aureus, protein l of peptostreptococcus magnus, and gp120 of hiv-1. to test their effects in vivo, we used transgenic mice whose immunoglobulin loci were inactivated and their humoral immune system had been restored by introduction of human immuno ...200717369702
antimicrobial susceptibilities of peptostreptococcus anaerobius and the newly described peptostreptococcus stomatis isolated from various human sources.peptostreptococcus anaerobius sensu lato, currently including two closely related species, p. anaerobius and p. stomatis, is known to be more resistant than other gram-positive anaerobic cocci. we reidentified potential peptostreptococcus isolates and tested their susceptibilities to eight antimicrobials. notably, p. anaerobius had constantly higher values for the mic at which 50% of the isolates are inhibited (mic(50)) and the mic(90) than p. stomatis.200717403999
exploitation of host signaling pathways by b cell superantigens--potential strategies for developing targeted therapies in systemic autoimmunity.some infectious agents produce molecules capable of interacting specifically with the immunoglobulin heavy- or light-chain variable regions, independently of the conventional-binding site. they are referred to as b cell superantigens (sags) and include protein a of staphylococcus aureus (s. aureus), gp120 of hiv-1, and protein l of peptostreptococcus magnus (p. magnus). in contrast to conventional antigens, b cell superantigens interact with conserved framework regions of immunoglobulins and can ...200717404047
microbiological and immunological study of staphylococcus vaccine effects in periodontitis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the immunomodulatory effect of the staphylococcal vaccine inoculated subcutaneously in 15 patients with chronic periodontitis. bacteriological investigation of samples collected from the periodontal pocket for aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms was performed by classic bacteriological procedures before and after vaccination. the following immune system parameters were evaluated: c reactive protein (crp), serum level of c3 complement fraction, igg, iga, and ...200517405309
aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in subgingival and supragingival plaques of adult patients with periodontal disease.clinical, epidemiological and microbiological examinations of adult patients with periodontal disease.200617458065
bacterial composition in the supragingival plaques of children with and without dental caries.the purpose of the present investigation was to determine if the supragingival bacterial composition plaques in children with caries would differ from those found in caries-free controls.200617458088
microorganisms in root carious lesions in adults.root caries is emerging as a significant problem in the middle aged and elderly subjects because of the improving general health conditions, and medical and technological advances. the purpose of this investigation was to assess the prevalence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as yeasts of candida genus in root carious lesions in middle-aged and older adults.200617460839
in vitro antimicrobial activity of propolis samples from different geographical origins against certain oral pathogens.propolis is an agent having antimicrobial properties, however, its composition can vary depending on the area where it is collected. in the present study, the antimicrobial activity of five propolis samples, collected from four different regions in turkey and from brazil, against nine anaerobic strains was evaluated. ethanol extracts of propolis (eep) were prepared from propolis samples and we determined minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) and minimum bactericidal concentrations (mbc) of eep ...200717475517
[microbiocenosis of stomach in children with chronic gastritis].qualitative and quantitative composition of gastric microflora has been studied in 30 children with chronic gastritis. bacteriological study of gastric biopsies and parietal mucus in 10 children with chronic gastritis not associated with helicobacter pylori more frequently revealed conditionally pathogenic bacteria--escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus viridans, s. pyogenes (group a), peptostreptococcus anaerobius, p. prevotii and their associations. in 20 studied patients with ...200717523484
prospective study of bacteremia and complications with eus fna of rectal and perirectal lesions.recent studies showed that endoscopic ultrasound (eus)-guided fine-needle aspiration (fna) is a low-risk procedure for causing bacteremia and infectious complications when sampling solid lesions of the upper gastrointestinal (gi) tract. as a result, antibiotics are not recommended for prophylaxis against endocarditis. our aim was to prospectively evaluate the risk of bacteremia and other infectious complications in patients undergoing eus fna of lower gi tract lesions.200717544995
complicated parapneumonic effusion and empyema thoracis: microbiology and predictors of adverse describe the microbiological characteristics of a cohort of patients with complicated parapneumonic effusion and empyema thoracis, and to identify the potential risk factors for adverse outcomes, with particular reference to the choice of empirical antibiotics, intrapleural fibrinolytics, adherence to management guidelines, and input from pulmonologists.200717548905
microbiology of acute sinusitis of odontogenic origin presenting with periorbital cellulitis in children.this study was undertaken to evaluate the aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of acute maxillary sinusitis of odontogenic origin presenting with periodontal infection in children.200717561769
crystal structure of a bacterial albumin-binding domain at 1.4 a resolution.the albumin-binding domain, or ga module, of the peptostreptococcal albumin-binding protein expressed in pathogenic strains of finegoldia magna is believed to be responsible for the virulence and increased growth rate of these strains. here we present the 1.4a crystal structure of this domain, and compare it with the crystal structure of the ga-albumin complex. an analysis of protein-protein interactions in the two crystals, and the presence of multimeric ga species in solution, indicate the ga ...200717575979
production of antagonistic substance by eikenella corrodens isolated from the oral cavity of human beings with and without periodontal disease.antagonistic abilities may confer ecological advantages for micro-organisms in competitive ecosystems. however, reports regarding this phenomenon in eikenella corrodens are not available.200717584471
antimicrobial susceptibility of 800 anaerobic isolates from patients with dentoalveolar infection to 13 oral antibiotics.the aim of this study was to determine the current antimicrobial susceptibility of the principle anaerobic pathogens involved in dentoalveolar infection, to 13 oral antibiotics, and to assess the value of each antibiotic in the management of the infection.200717600542
[the bacterial vaginosis--treatment problems].the changes in vaginal ecosystem (decreasing number of h2o2 producing lactobacillus spp. and increasing number of mobiluncus spp., gardnerella vaginalis, atopobium vaginae, prevotella spp., mycoplasma hominis, peptostreptococcus spp.) appears to be a major cause of bacterial vaginosis (bv). bacterial vaginosis is associated with infectious complications in pregnant and non-pregnant women and increasing risk of sti. the preventive role of natural vaginal microflora and problems of bv treatment ar ...200717607971
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