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effect of smoking and periodontal treatment on the subgingival microflora.the effect of smoking on the prevalence of periodontal pathogens after periodontal treatment is still not clear. some studies found no effect of the smoking status on the prevalence of periodontal pathogens after therapy, whereas others did. the aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the influence of smoking on the treatment of periodontitis and the composition of the subgingival microflora.200312834497
antibiotic susceptibilities of gram-positive anaerobic cocci: results of a sentinel study in england and wales.a sentinel study was carried out to determine the antimicrobial susceptibilities of gram-positive anaerobic cocci (gpac) freshly isolated from clinical material in diagnostic laboratories in england and wales.200312837734
linezolid: a new antibiotic.the u.s. food and drug administration recently approved linezolid for the treatment of patients with methicillin-resistant staphylococcal and vancomycin-resistant enterococcal infections. this oxazolidinone antibacterial agent represents the first approved antibiotic of a new structural class in 35 years. linezolid is a synthetic compound that acts by inhibiting the initiation complex formation in bacterial protein synthesis, a mechanism of action distinct from other commercially available antib ...200012847568
rapid identification of gram-positive anaerobic coccal species originally classified in the genus peptostreptococcus by multiplex pcr assays using genus- and species-specific, a rapid and reliable two-step multiplex pcr assay for identifying 14 gram-positive anaerobic cocci (gpac) species originally classified in the genus peptostreptococcus (anaerococcus hydrogenalis, anaerococcus lactolyticus, anaerococcus octavius, anaerococcus prevotii, anaerococcus tetradius, anaerococcus vaginalis, finegoldia magna, micromonas micros, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, peptoniphilus asaccharolyticus, peptoniphilus harei, peptoniphilus indolicus, peptoniphilus ivorii and pepton ...200312855723
effect of amoxicillin or clindamycin on the adenoids bacterial flora.we sought to compare the effect on the adenoid bacterial flora of patients with recurrent otitis media of antimicrobial therapy with amoxicillin (am) or clindamycin (c). patients and methods forty-five children scheduled for elective adenoidectomy participated in a prospective randomized study. they were divided into 3 groups of 15 each to receive either no therapy (control) or 10 days of therapy with am or c. core adenoid tissues was quantitatively cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.200312869909
extensive subgaleal abscess and epidural empyema in a patient with acute frontal sinusitis.acute frontal sinusitis can be a serious condition because of its potential life-threatening complications. these complications, including spread of infection to the frontal bone and intracranially, require prompt diagnosis and intervention to avoid morbidity and mortality. we report a case of acute frontal sinusitis in a 16-year-old girl who presented with fever, severe headache, and vomiting of 3 days' duration. generalized fluctuant swelling of the nasal root, and bilateral supraorbital and f ...200312874674
positive and negative bacterial associations involving dialister pneumosintes in primary endodontic infections.dialister pneumosintes is an anaerobic gram-negative rod that has been recently implicated as a candidate endodontic pathogen. in this study, samples taken from abscessed teeth and infected root canals associated with asymptomatic or symptomatic periradicular lesions were examined for the occurrence of bacterial associations involving d. pneumosintes. dna was extracted from the samples, and the presence of d. pneumosintes and 16 other bacterial species was determined by means of species-specific ...200312877258
antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria from odontogenic infections in taiwan.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the susceptibility of facultative and anaerobic odontogenic infectious flora to various antibiotics. we assessed 178 bacterial strains isolated from 74 patients with odontogenic infections. the e-test was used to determine susceptibility. the microbial flora was predominantly facultative gram-positive organisms and anaerobic gram-negative bacilli. the results of antimicrobial susceptibility test showed that ampicillin resistance was found with a very hig ...200312886961
subgingival microflora in turkish patients with information exists on periodontitis-associated subgingival microbiota from turkey. we determined the occurrence, interspecies relationships, and clonal characteristics for a group of periodontal bacteria in a turkish study population.200312886990
[outbreak of tropical phagedenic ulcers after the rainy season in dijibouti].the incidence of cutaneous ulcers was observed after the rainy season in djibouti in 1997. based on the study of epidemiologic, clinical, biological, and therapeutic features these lesion were classified as phagedenic ulcers. while direct examination showed numerous fusiform bacilli, cultures performed in one patient, led to isolation of numerous colonies of prevotella loescheii. though less common, two other anaerobic bacterial species were detected, i.e., peptostreptococcus anaerobius and pept ...200312910663
microbiology and management of chronic suppurative otitis media in children. 200312929878
coronal microleakage assessed by polymicrobial markers.studies have shown significant bacterial leakage following exposure of sealed root canals to artificial and natural saliva. the objective of this study was to determine contamination via bacterial migration in artificial saliva in endodontically treated teeth using different obturation techniques and sealers. a total of 144 extracted, human mandibular anterior teeth were cleaned and shaped to a #40 master apical file using hand and rotary instrumentation. one hundred and twenty teeth were divide ...200312937592
[cerebral abscesses of oral origin].it has been suggested that between 3% and 13% of the cerebral abscesses (ca) are presumably associated to oral infections or dental procedures.200312938049
identification of oral peptostreptococcus isolates by pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 16s rrna genes.oral peptostreptococcus isolates tentatively identified by conventional microbiological culture methods were identified to the species level by a combination of pcr amplification of 16s rrna genes and restriction enzyme analysis of the amplified products. this method is a reliable and rapid alternative to conventional methods for identification of these bacterial species.200312958299
[evaluation of anaerobic flora in lung neoplasms].purpose of this study was to analyse the kind and frequency of anaerobic bacteria in the lower respiratory tract as well as susceptibility of the bacteria to antibiotics. material from 35 patients with lung tumour derived from tumour and post-tumoural area sample. collected sample was cultivated in anaerobic and aerobic conditions. anaerobic bacteria were found in 23 (66%) samples. totally there were 44 isolated of anaerobic bacteria strains. the most common g-negative strains belonged to genus ...200312959024
[incidence of anaerobic bacteria in respiratory tract infections].anaerobic bacteria are predominant components of normal oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal, genital and skin flora. they are involved in infections such as pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, lung abscess and empyema. laboratory diagnosis of anaerobic infections is based on recovering the etiological agents from clinical materials. appropriatte specimens include: pus, purulent fluid, biopsy specimen of lung, transtracheal aspirates and bronchoalveolar lavage (bal). lower respira ...200312959026
[modifying action of oxytocin on the biological properties of the causative agents of anaerobic non-clostridial infection].in a number of in vitro experiments the effect of oxytocin on the antilysozyme and anticomplemental activity of propiobacterium propionicum, bacteroides fragilis, prevotella melaninogenica and peptostreprtococcus anaerobius, isolated from patients with acute pyoinflammatory pleuropulmonary diseases, was studied. antibiotic resistance dynamics of the infective agents under study to lincomycin, clindamycin, thienam, vancomycin was also detected. the inhibiting activity of oxytocin on the persisten ...200312966884
[effect of a polyoxydonium immunoregulator on the biological properties of microorganisms].the effect of the synthetic immunomodulator polyoxydonium (po) on some biological properties of pathogenic bacteria (shigella flexneri, salmonella enteritidis), opportunistic bacteria (klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, prevotella melaninogenica, propionibacterium propionicum, clostridium difficile) and fungi (candida albicans), isolated during enteric infections, enteric dysbiosis, pyoinfla ...200312966885
endocarditis caused by finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus): diagnosis depends on the blood culture system used.we present a patient with prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus). blood cultures in the bact/alert and bactec 9240 system were negative. we therefore tested different blood culture systems: f. magna grew in the septi-chek bhi-s and in the isolator, but not in the bact/alert system.200312967750
six cases of bacterial infection in porous orbital implants.we present 6 cases of bacterial infection that developed after porous orbital implant surgery.200312967870
bacteriological study of root canals associated with periapical abscesses.the aim of this study was to identify microorganisms from root canals with periapical abscesses and to ascertain the susceptibility of peptostreptococcus prevotii and fusobacterium necrophorum to antimicrobials. study design thirty root canals were microbiologically sampled by using sterile paper points. the concomitant microorganisms were identified through the use of established methods. the susceptibility of p prevotii and f necrophorum to antimicrobials was evaluated by using the e test meth ...200312973290
[comparative in vitro activity of ertapenem against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria].the in vitro activity of ertapenem (mk-0826), a new carbapenem, was studied against 389 aerobic microorganisms (187 enterobacteriaceae, 15 aeromonas spp., 42 staphylococcus spp., 43 streptococcus spp., 15 enterococcus spp., 30 haemophilus spp., 15 moraxella catarrhalis, 12 neisseria gonorrhoeae, 15 pseudomonas aeruginosa and 15 acinetobacter spp.) and 54 anaerobic isolates (15 clostridium spp., 12 peptostreptococcus spp. and 27 fragilis group bacteroides recovered from four spanish hospitals. er ...200312973459
bacterial changes in the rumen during the onset of feed-lot bloat of cattle and characteristics of peptostreptococcus elsdenii n. sp. 195913617940
[contribution to the study of the biosynthesis of fatty acids. i. studies carried out with washed peptostreptococcus elsdenni cells]. 196213974660
some nutritional characteristics of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria.bryant, m. p. (u.s. department of agriculture, beltsville, md.) and i. m. robinson. some nutritional characteristics of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria. j. bacteriol. 84:605-614. 1962.-the effect of enzymatic hydrolysate of casein, nh(4) (+), a mixture of volatile fatty acids (acetic, n-valeric, isovaleric, 2-methylbutyric, and isobutyric), hemin, and ruminal fluid on growth of 89 freshly isolated strains of predominant culturable ruminal bacteria was studied, using basal media containin ...196214016429
role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen.valentine, r. c. (university of illinois, urbana) and r. s. wolfe. role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen. j. bacteriol. 85:1114-1120. 1963.-the metabolism of molecular hydrogen by clostridium pasteurianum, micrococcus lactilyticus (veillonella alcalescens), and several other anaerobic bacteria was studied. oxidation of hydrogen, using several electron-accepting substrates including triphosphopyridine nucleotide, uric acid, xanthine, nitrite, and hydroxylamine, required ferre ...196314044002
[contribution to the study of the biosynthesis of fatty acids. ii. fermentation of lactic acid c-2 by peptostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314079882
[acetate kinase in cell free extracts of pepostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314089091
[about the systematic classification of peptostreptococcus elsdenii]. 196314089092
the gingival crevice microbiota in five preschool children. 196414126698
studies of the predominant cultivable microbiota of dental plaque. 196414170653
establishment of human indigenous bacteria in germ-free mice.gibbons, r. j. (forsyth dental center and harvard school of dental medicine, boston, mass.), s. s. socransky, and b. kapsimalis. establishment of human indigenous bacteria in germ-free mice. j. bacteriol. 88:1316-1323. 1964.-thirteen strains of bacteria indigenous to the gingival crevice area of man were tested for their ability to establish as monocontaminants in germ-free mice. three facultative organisms, streptococcus mitis, staphylococcus albus, and a "diphtheroid," established, as well as ...196414234787
use of phenethyl alcohol in media for isolation of anaerobic bacteria. 196414240975
electron transport in peptostreptococcus elsdenii. 196414269334
lactate metabolism by peptostreptococcus elsdenii: evidence for lactyl coenzyme a dehydrase. 196514292829
biological characteristics of an obligate anaerobic amylolytic coccus. 196014435124
[brain abscesses after extracranial infections of the head and neck area].the authors report on 20 immunocompetent patients with brain abscess after 12 cases of middle ear, seven tooth and a single frontal sinus infection. the clinical aspects, hematochemical and microbiological data, the role of imaging diagnostics (ct, mr) and the type of treatment are analysed. neurosurgery was performed on 17 patients (85%), eight of whom subsequently underwent evacuation of the primary source of infection (four mastoidectomies, two timpanoplasties, two tooth extractions). mastoid ...200314523535
ocular infections due to anaerobic bacteria.the increased recovery of anaerobic bacteria in clinical infection has led to greater appreciation of these organisms in ocular infections. in studies that employed adequate method for recovery of anaerobes they were isolated from about a third of patients with conjunctivitis, half of the time in pure culture. the predominant recovered anaerobes were clostridium spp., gram-negative anaerobic bacilli, and peptostreptococcus spp. anaerobic bacteria were also recovered from patients who wore contac ...200114531629
[megaesophagus microbiota and carcinogenesis].the risk of development of spin cell carcinoma of the esophagus is 33 times higher in patients with chagasic achalasia. it is possible that the production of n-nitroso compounds in the esophageal lumen by of bacterial action in the stasis liquid that reduce nitrates from diet into nitrites may play a role in this process.200314534659
microbial dynamics of purulent nasopharyngitis in children.this review presents the microbiological dynamic and therapeutic options in the management of purulent nasopharyngitis (npt). the nasopharynx (np) of healthy children is generally colonized by relatively non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic organisms, some of, which possess the ability to interfere with the growth of potential pathogens. conversely, carriage of potential respiratory aerobic pathogen such as streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis, as well as so ...200314550957
[yearly changes in antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates between 1996 and 2001--i. gram-positive bacteria].the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates obtained between 1996 and 2001 were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, carbapenems, and penicillins. a total of 1,274 strains in 15 species of gram-positive bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected from january to december, and consisted of methicillin-susceptible staphylococcus aureus (mssa), methicillin-resistant sta ...200314567254
fusobacterial brain abscess: a review of five cases and an analysis of possible pathogenesis.the cases of five patients with fusobacterial brain abscess are presented. the authors discuss their attempt to determine the pathogenesis.200314567605
fermentation of five sucrose isomers by human dental plaque bacteria.sucrose has five structural isomers: palatinose, trehalulose, turanose, maltulose and leucrose. although these isomers have been reported to be noncariogenic disaccharides, which cannot be utilized by mutans streptococci, there is no information about their fermentability by other bacteria in dental plaque. the purpose of the present study was to examine whether these isomers were fermented by predominant bacteria in human dental plaque. clinical bacterial isolates obtained from dental plaque fr ...200314571118
ct of a ruptured pyomyoma. 200314573437
[anaerobic bacteria in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (bal) after thoracic surgery].purpose of this study was to find out what kind of anaerobic bacteria were in lower respiratory tract and how often they were present there considering patients after thoracic surgery. also, what is susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics. research covered 30 patients after operation. material for research was bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) taken during bronchoscopy. collected sample was cultivated in anaerobic and aerobic conditions. anaerobic bacteria were found in 28 samples (93%). totally th ...200314577197
[the presence of bacteria and yeast like fungi in specimens from surgical patients].the aim of this study was to determine the incidence of candida spp. strains in specimens obtained from surgically treated patients as well as to analyze the accompanying bacterial flora, both aerobic and anaerobic. the material came from two groups of patients. in the first group consisting of patients operated for colon and rectum carcinoma, the samples included peritoneal fluid, colon or rectum bioptates, pus, blood, and wound swabs. in the other group, biopsy material and smears from post op ...200314577199
importance of sequence specificity for predicting protein folding pathways: perturbed gaussian chain model.recent experimental and theoretical studies suggest that rates and pathways of protein folding are largely decided by topology of the native structures, at least for small proteins. however, some exceptions are known; for example, protein l and protein g have the same topology, but exhibit different characteristics of the tse. thus, folding pathways of some proteins are critically affected by detailed information on amino acid sequences. to investigate the sequence specificity, we calculate fold ...200314579353
distribution of periodontal pathogens in korean aggressive periodontitis.microbial associations in aggressive periodontitis versus different ethnic origins are substantially unknown. we undertook this study to determine the prevalence of seven putative periodontopathogens in korean patients and to evaluate microbial differences in localized and generalized aggressive periodontitis patients.200314584866
infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in a diabetic patient undergoing chronic hemodialysis.hemophagocytic syndrome (hps) is an uncommon but severe illness associated with a variety of infections, malignant tumors, and autoimmune diseases. we report a case of infection-associated hps in a patient receiving chronic hemodialysis. peptostreptococcus-induced sepsis and abscess formation in the left iliopsoas muscle led to the onset of infection-associated hps in this patient. the patient had diabetes mellitus and end-stage renal disease, and it is likely that immunological dysfunctions fro ...200314586736
planning of empirical antibiotic therapy for women with pelvic inflammatory diseases: a geographical area-specific study.elaboration of an empiric antibiotic regimen for women with pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) for a geographical area in eastern hungary.200314597249
microbiology and management of endodontic infections in children.the first step in the origination of caries is the formation of a dental plaque. dental caries can lead to destruction of enamel and dentin resulting in bacterial invasion of the pulp. invasion of the pulp and the periapical areas can promote the development of dento-alveolar abscess and spread of the infection to other anatomical areas. several oral acid producing aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, including streptococcus mutans, lactobacillus acidophilus, and actinomyces viscosus, are capable of ...200314604136
bacteriologic findings in patients with chronic sinusitis.we studied the bacteriology of maxillary sinus aspirates obtained from patients diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. we recovered 659 strains from 510 aspirates; of these, 572 (86.8%) were aerobes and 87 (13.2%) were anaerobes. aerobes only were recovered from 310 of the 510 specimens (60.8%) and anaerobes only from 31 (6.1%). among the 572 aerobic bacteria, the most prevalent organisms were streptococcus viridans (158 strains [27.6%]), streptococcus pneumoniae (67 [11.7%]), corynebacterium species ...200314606178
clinical presentation and bacteriologic analysis of infected human bites in patients presenting to emergency departments.previous studies of infected human bites have been limited by small numbers of patients and suboptimal microbiologic methodology. we conducted a multicenter prospective study of 50 patients with infected human bites. seventy percent of the patients and assailants were young adult men. fifty-six percent of injuries were clenched-fist injuries and 44% were occlusional bites. most injuries were to the hands. fifty-four percent of patients were hospitalized. the median number of isolates per wound c ...200314614671
la, ptb, and pab proteins bind to the 3(') untranslated region of norwalk virus genomic rna.noroviruses are human enteric caliciviruses for which no cell culture is available. consequently, the mechanisms and factors involved in their replication have been difficult to study. in an attempt to analyze the cis- and trans-acting factors that could have a role in nv replication, the 3(')-untranslated region of the genome was studied. use of zuker's mfold-2 software predicted that nv 3(')utr contains a stem-loop structure of 47 nts. proteins from hela cell extracts, such as la and ptb, form ...200314623338
normal ocular features, conjunctival microflora and intraocular pressure in the canadian beaver (castor canadensis).the aim of the study was to assess the ocular features, normal conjunctival bacterial and fungal flora, and intraocular pressure (iop) in the canadian beaver (castor canadensis).200314641823
fak deficiency in cells contributing to the basal lamina results in cortical abnormalities resembling congenital muscular dystrophies.targeted deletion of focal adhesion kinase (fak) in the developing dorsal forebrain resulted in local disruptions of the cortical basement membrane located between the neuroepithelium and pia-meninges. at disruption sites, clusters of neurons invaded the marginal zone. retraction of radial glial endfeet, midline fusion of brain hemispheres, and gliosis also occurred, similar to type ii cobblestone lissencephaly as seen in congenital muscular dystrophy. interestingly, targeted deletion of fak in ...200314642275
frozen cancellous bone allografts: positive cultures of implanted grafts in posterior fusions of the spine.we have carried out a study on the behaviour pattern of implanted allografts initially stored in perfect conditions (aseptically processed, culture-negative and stored at -80 degrees c) but which presented positive cultures at the implantation stage. there is no information available on how to deal with this type of situation, so our aim was to set guidelines on the course of action which would be required in such a case. this was a retrospective study of 112 patients who underwent a spinal arth ...200414648307
observation and characterization of the interaction between a single immunoglobulin binding domain of protein l and two equivalents of human kappa light chains.detailed stopped-flow studies in combination with site-directed mutagenesis, isothermal titration calorimetry data and x-ray crystallographic knowledge have revealed that the biphasic pre-equilibrium fluorescence changes reported for a single ig-binding domain of protein l from peptostreptococcus magnus binding to kappa light chain are due to the binding of the kappa light chain at two separate sites on the protein l molecule. elimination of binding site 2 through the mutation a66w has allowed t ...200414668335
[post-marketing surveillance of antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates--i. gram-positive bacteria].as a post-marketing surveillance, the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, penicillins, and carbapenems. changes in the bacterial susceptibility for czop were also evaluated with the resistance ratio calculated with breakpoint mic. sixteen species (2,363 strains) of gram-positive bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected ...200314692380
bacterial artificial chromosome library of finegoldia magna atcc 29328 for genetic mapping and comparative genomics.we constructed a bacterial artificial chromosome (bac) library of finegoldia magna atcc 29328 dna to facilitate further genome analysis of f. magna. the bac library contained 385 clones with an average insert size of 55 kb, representing a 10.1-fold genomic coverage. repeated dna hybridization using primer sets designed on the basis of bac-end sequences yielded nine contigs covering 95% of the chromosome and two contigs covering 98% of the plasmid. the contigs were localized on the physical map o ...200314695451
inflammatory polyp in the middle ear with secondary suppurative meningoencephalitis in a cat.a 15-month-old male maine coon cat presented with persistent auricular discharge and progressive head tilt, ataxia, and loss of blink on the right side. using computed tomography a hyperattenuating, contrast-enhancing material within a thickened right tympanic bulla and contrast enhancement of the adjacent cerebellum were identified. marked suppurative inflammation was identified on cerebrospinal fluid analysis with no growth on bacterial culture. ventral bulla osteotomy was performed to remove ...200314703245
antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial isolates in gingivitis and periodontitis.the present study was conducted to isolate aerobic as well as anaerobic microbes from patients of gingivitis and adult periodontitis and to study the susceptibility patterns of these isolates to different antibiotics. in our study all the samples belonging to the control as well as the study groups yielded microbes. aerobes and facultative anaerobes were isolated from 100 percent and 96 percent cases of normal gingiva and orodental infections respectively. anaerobes were isolated from 80 percent ...200314705453
bacteremia following surgical dental extraction with an emphasis on anaerobic strains.our aim was to investigate bacteremia caused by surgical extraction of partly erupted mandibular third molars. from 16 young adults, bacterial samples were taken from the third-molar pericoronal pocket and post-operatively from the extraction socket, and blood samples were drawn from the ante-cubital vein up to 30 min after surgery. of the subjects, 88% had detectable bacteremia-50% 1 min after the incision, 44% immediately after extraction. the respective percentages at 10, 15, and 30 min were ...200414742658
presurgical antimicrobial prophylaxis: effect on ocular flora in healthy patients.evaluation of presurgical antimicrobial prophylaxis for reduction of ocular flora.200414756385
microbiological examination of infected dental root canals.the aim of this study was to investigate the root canal microbiota of primary and secondary root-infected canals and the association of constituent species with specific endodontic signs and symptoms.200414871344
in vivo vl-targeted activation-induced apoptotic supraclonal deletion by a microbial b cell interfere with host immune responses, some microbial pathogens produce proteins with the properties of superantigens, which can interact via conserved v region framework subdomains of the ag receptors of lymphocytes rather than the complementarity-determining region involved in the binding of conventional ags. in recent studies, we have elucidated how a model b cell superantigen affects the host immune system by targeting a conserved v(h) site on the ag receptors of b lymphocytes. to determin ...200414978088
human beta-defensins 2 and 3 demonstrate strain-selective activity against oral microorganisms.human beta-defensins 2 and 3 (hbd-2 and hbd-3) are inducible peptides present at sites of infection in the oral cavity. a few studies have reported broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity for both peptides. however, no comprehensive study has thoroughly investigated their potential against oral pathogens. the purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of hbd-2 and hbd-3 against a collection of oral organisms (actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, fusobacterium nucleatum, porphyromonas gin ...200415004048
[surveillance of susceptibility of clinical isolates to cefmetazole between 2000 and 2002].the antibacterial activity of cefmetazole (cmz) against clinical isolates from 15 medical institutions all over japan was evaluated yearly for two years from june 2000 to march 2002 and compared with that of other parenteral beta-lactams, cefazolin (cez), cefotiam (ctm), sulbactam/cefoperazone (sbt/cpz), and flomoxef (fmox). in the first surveillance from june 2000 to march 2001, 575 isolates of 13 species were tested, and 548 isolates of the same 13 species were tested in the second surveillanc ...200315007873
[antibacterial activity of oral cephems against various clinically isolated strains].we determined the antibacterial activities of oral cephems against isolated from the patients with the respiratory infections, the urinary tract infections, and infections in the obstetrics field of an adult and a child, during the period from 2002 to 2003; streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae, branhamella catarrhalis, klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli of 40 strains of each, and peptostreptococcus spp. 22 strains. s. pneumoniae and h. influenzae strai ...200315007876
characteristics of anaerobes from skin specimens.anaerobes isolated from skin specimens from 1999 to 2001 were examined. the most common type was peptostreptococcus spp., especially p. magnus and p. assaccharolyticus and bacteroides fragilis. dominance was seen for p. magnus, p. acnes and p. prevotii. peptostreptococcus spp. and p. acnes showed high susceptibility to four antimicrobial agents. prevotella spp. and b. fragilis showed low or no susceptibility to ampicillin, while b. fragilis showed low susceptibility to ceftizoxime. evaluation of ...200315018306
cervical spinal epidural abscess and meningitis due to prevotella oris and peptostreptococcus micros after retropharyngeal surgery. 200415034651
[anaerobes analysis in 80 cases with ora maxillofacial infections]objective:to define the infection types of 80 cases of ora-maxillofacial infection and investigate its anaerobes' distribution and the role of the anaerobes' metabolic products in their identification.methods:we isolated and cultured anaerobes from the purulent specimen and applied the gasliquid chromatograph (glc) technique to analyze the anaerobes' metabolic products to define their genera and species in the meantime.results:bacteria were isolated from all of the purulent specimen.isolation ra ...199915048214
phospholipid analogue profiles of peptostreptococcus, micromonas, and finegoldia species analysed by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry.species of peptostreptococcus cause a variety of infections, primarily abscesses of soft tissues, joints, and mucous membranes. the aim of this study was to compare the phospholipid analogue profiles of peptostreptococcus species, represented by p. anaerobius, p. asaccharolyticus, p. indolicus, p. lacrimalis, and p. prevotii; micromonas micros (p. micros) and finegoldia magna (p. magnus). after anaerobic growth on blood-faa, lipids extracted by chloroform-methanol (2:1 v/v) were purified, then a ...200115049457
comparative analysis of the four rrna operons in finegoldia magna atcc29328.there are four rrna operons rrna, rrnb, rrnc and rrnd on the genome of finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus) atcc29328, which, in contrast to those of clostridia, are dispersed around the chromosome. using a bac library we determined the nucleotide sequences and structures of all four operons, including their flanking regions, and performed comparative analyses. we identified putative boxa sequences in the operons, which should be required for rrna transcription antitermination, ...200415053317
septic arthritis of the hip and intrapelvic abscess following intra-articular injection of hylan g-f 20. a case report. 200415069151
[a bacteriology analysis from infected root canals of human deciduous teeth]objective: to provide a basis for therapy and prevention, the flora of infected root canals of human deciduous teeth was analyzed.methods: by immediate-enzyme method, the bacteria compositions of 22 cases with infected root canals of deciduous teeth, including 8 cases with acute periapical inflammation and 14 with chronic ones, were examined. results: among 240 strains bactera, 200 strains were obligate anaerobes, belonging to the genera peptostreptococcus, bacteriodes, veillonella, eubacterrum, ...199815071650
microbiology of infected hemangiomas in children.bacterial infections are a common complication of hemangiomas in children. the objective of this study was to establish the aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of infected hemangiomas. a retrospective 8-year review of clinical and microbiology laboratory records from patients with secondarily infected hemangiomas was carried out. specimens from infected sites were processed for the presence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. bacterial growth was present in 32 of 38 specimens. aerobic bacteria alo ...200415078348
down-modulation of the antigen receptor by a superantigen for human b cells.b cell superantigens (sags) have been implicated in human diseases by demonstrating non-clonotypic expansion of b cells bearing certain immunoglobulin variable region genes. one possibility is that, during infection with microorganisms secreting sags, these potent molecules might modulate bcr expression. to test this hypothesis, we investigated the potential effects of a sag, protein l from peptostreptococcus magnus, on antigen b cell receptor (bcr) surface expression in vitro. using fluorescenc ...200415081532
radiology quiz case 2. cervical necrotizing fasciitis (cnf), odontogenic origin. 200415096437
septic arthritis after arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.a retrospective review of postoperative infected anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction was done on 472 consecutive cases in one institution. the purpose was to assess the incidence, diagnosis, treatment and outcome factors.200415098639
the microbial synergy of peptostreptococcus micros and prevotella intermedia in a murine abscess model.this study characterized the microbial interaction of peptostreptococcus micros and prevotella intermedia, the major pathogens of dentoalveolar infection, using a murine model. subcutaneous injection of p. micros cells in the dorsum of the mouse together with living cells of p. intermedia resulted in a significantly larger abscess when compared with single injection of the organisms (p < 0.02). the abscess size was also significantly increased (p < 0.05) when the plate-cultured cell suspension o ...200415107069
[bacteria isolated from surgical infections and its susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents--special references to bacteria isolated between april 2002 and march 2003].tendency of isolated bacteria from infections in general surgery during the period from april 2002 to march 2003 were investigated in a multicenter study in japan, and the following results were obtained. in this series, 334 strains were isolated from 131 (75.3%) of 174 patients with surgical infections. one hundred and seventy-one strains were isolated from primary infections, and 163 strains were isolated from post-operative infections. from primary infections, anaerobic gram-positive bacteria ...200415116573
surveillance of susceptibility patterns in 1297 european and us anaerobic and capnophilic isolates to co-amoxiclav and five other antimicrobial vitro susceptibility data were collected for co-amoxiclav and other antimicrobial agents against 1297 recent anaerobe isolates collected in europe and the usa. the co-amoxiclav (amoxicillin/clavulanic acid) mic(50/90)s (amoxicillin/clavulanic acid concentration in a ratio of 2:1, expressed in terms of amoxicillin concentration in mg/l) were 0.5/4 for bacteroides fragilis, </=0.125/1 for prevotella species, </=0.125/0.25 for fusobacterium nucleatum, 0.5/1 for eikenella corrodens, 0.25/8 for pe ...200415128729
systematic 16s rrna gene sequencing of atypical clinical isolates identified 27 new bacterial species associated with humans.clinical microorganisms isolated during a 5-year study in our hospital that could not be identified by conventional criteria were studied by 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. each isolate yielded a > or =1,400-bp sequence containing <5 ambiguities which was compared with the genbank 16s rrna gene library; 1,404 such isolates were tested, and 120 were considered unique (27 isolates) or rare (< or =10 cases reported in the literature) human pathogens. eleven new species, "actinobaculum massiliae," ...200415131188
antibiotic resistance profile of the subgingival microbiota following systemic or local tetracycline therapy.tetracyclines have been extensively used as adjunctives to conventional periodontal therapy. emergence of resistant strains, however, has been reported. this study evaluated longitudinally the tetracycline resistance patterns of the subgingival microbiota of periodontitis subjects treated with systemic or local tetracycline therapy+scaling and root planing (srp).200415142209
nitroimidazole resistance genes (nimb) in anaerobic gram-positive cocci (previously peptostreptococcus spp.).to investigate metronidazole resistance and the prevalence of nitroimidazole (nim) genes in clinically isolated anaerobic gram-positive cocci.200415150170
changes in oral microbial profiles after periodontal treatment as determined by molecular analysis of 16s rrna genes.terminal rflp (t-rflp) analysis was used to investigate changes in the oral microbiota in saliva and subgingival plaque samples from one patient with aggressive periodontitis (subject a) and two patients with chronic periodontitis (subjects b and c) before and 3 months after periodontal treatment. substantial changes in the t-rflp patterns of subgingival plaque samples of subjects b and c were noted after 3 months of improved oral hygiene and full-mouth supra- and subgingival scaling and root pl ...200415150339
apical periodontitis development and bacterial response to endodontic treatment. experimental root canal infections in monkeys with selected bacterial six monkeys, 160 root canals were inoculated with a combination of four bacterial strains belonging to species streptococcus milleri, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, prevotella oralis, and fusobacterium nucleatum. in two other monkeys, 24 root canals were inoculated with a five-strain combination consisting of these strains and a strain of enterococcus faecalis. all strains were previously isolated from an infected monkey root canal. after 8-12 months, survival of the strains was recorded bact ...200415154917
in vitro activities of the new semisynthetic glycopeptide telavancin (td-6424), vancomycin, daptomycin, linezolid, and four comparator agents against anaerobic gram-positive species and corynebacterium spp.telavancin is a new semisynthetic glycopeptide anti-infective with multiple mechanisms of action, including inhibition of bacterial membrane phospholipid synthesis and inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis. we determined the in vitro activities of telavancin, vancomycin, daptomycin, linezolid, quinupristin-dalfopristin, imipenem, piperacillin-tazobactam, and ampicillin against 268 clinical isolates of anaerobic gram-positive organisms and 31 corynebacterium strains using agar dilution meth ...200415155214
specific in vivo deletion of b-cell subpopulations expressing human immunoglobulins by the b-cell superantigen protein l.some pathogens have evolved to produce proteins, called b-cell superantigens, that can interact with human immunoglobulin variable regions, independently of the combining site, and activate b lymphocytes that express the target immunoglobulins. however, the in vivo consequences of these interactions on human b-cell numbers and function are largely unknown. using transgenic mice expressing fully human immunoglobulins, we studied the consequences of in vivo exposure of protein l of peptostreptococ ...200415155659
the bacteriology of the supragingival plaque of child dental patients in investigate the bacterial flora of the gingival plaques of pediatric dental patients in order to establish baseline data for future studies on the complex microbiota of the oral cavity of this group of child dental patients.200415181322
orbital cellulitis caused by peptostreptococcus. 200415184929
whole-body autoradiography reveals that the peptostreptococcus magnus immunoglobulin-binding domains of protein l preferentially target b lymphocytes in the spleen and lymph nodes in vivo.protein l is an immunoglobulin (ig)-binding protein produced by the gram-positive bacterium peptostreptococcus magnus that interacts with the variable region of ig kappa light chains. the ig light chain-binding capacity of protein l gives it the potential to interact with cells expressing surface ig such as b cells. the present study was performed to address the in vivo trafficking of protein l at both the organ and the cellular level. using the powerful technique of whole-body autoradiography i ...200415186398
subgingival microbiota of chilean patients with chronic association between race/ethnicity and the composition of the subgingival microbiota has been found in chronic periodontitis. a study was undertaken to determine the characteristics of the subgingival microbiota of chronic periodontitis in chileans residing in santiago.200415212354
itih4 (inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain 4) is a new acute-phase protein isolated from cattle during experimental infection.we have isolated from calf serum a protein with an apparent m(r) of 120,000. the protein was detected by using antibodies against major acute-phase protein in pigs with acute inflammation. the amino acid sequence of an internal fragment revealed that this protein is the bovine counterpart of itih4, the heavy chain 4 of the inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor family. the response of this protein in the sera was determined for animals during experimental bacterial and viral infections. in the bacterial ...200415213118
chemotaxonomic analysis of bacterial populations colonizing the rectal mucosa in patients with ulcerative colitis.the etiology of ulcerative colitis (uc) is unknown, but evidence links it to bacteria belonging to the normal colonic microbiota. the aims of this study were to characterize bacteria colonizing the rectal epithelium, and to investigate whether significant differences existed in uc. rectal biopsy specimens were obtained via endoscopy from 9 patients with active colitis and 10 patients without inflammatory bowel disease. complex bacterial communities colonized the rectal mucosa in all subjects. ov ...200415227614
[a case of infected emphysematous bulla successfully treated with percutaneous thoracic drainage].we present a case of infected emphysematous bulla successfully treated by percutaneous drainage. a 39-year-old man was admitted to our hospital because of fever and right lateral chest pain. a chest radiograph and ct revealed a cystic lesion with an air fluid level in the upper lobe of the right lung. the infected emphysematous bulla was not improved by the administration of antibiotics. on day 6 of hospitalization, a drainage tube (aspiration kit: 6 fr) was inserted percutaneously into the bull ...200415228143
crystal structure and biological implications of a bacterial albumin binding module in complex with human serum albumin.many bactericide species express surface proteins that interact with human serum albumin (hsa). protein pab from the anaerobic bacterium finegoldia magna (formerly peptostreptococcus magnus) represents one of these proteins. protein pab contains a domain of 53 amino acid residues known as the ga module. ga homologs are also found in protein g of group c and g streptococci. here we report the crystal structure of hsa in complex with the ga module of protein pab. the model of the complex was refin ...200415269208
[bacterial infections in chronic otitis media--usefulness of molecular diagnostics based on pcr method].infections in chronic otitis media (com) are common, and identification of their pathogen is difficult, what is proven by high rate of negative results of bacteriological examinations. this fact may be explained by two factors: it is difficult to obtain a reliable material for culture and classic methods of bacteriological cultures may be of low sensitivity. amplification of bacterial dna in pcr is an examination, that leads to a higher effectiveness and sensitivity of bacteriological tests. the ...200415311593
initial antimicrobial effect of controlled-release doxycycline in subgingival determine the ability of a 10% doxycycline hyclate controlled-release polymer (atridox) to suppress periodontopathic bacteria when placed subgingivally following scaling and root planing (sc/rp).200415324352
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