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the use of dna probes to examine the distribution of subgingival species in subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction.the present investigation examined the distribution of 14 subgingival species at a total of 2299 sites in 90 subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction. subgingival plaque samples taken from the mesial aspect of each tooth were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated on non selective media. after anaerobic incubation, colonies were lifted to nylon filters and specific species detected using digoxygenin-labeled whole chromosomal dna probes. the mean total viable count for all s ...19921318331
comparative in-vitro activity of azithromycin, macrolides (erythromycin, clarithromycin and spiramycin) and streptogramin rp 59500 against oral organisms.the in-vitro activities of azithromycin, clarithromycin, spiramycin and rp 59500 were compared with erythromycin against a wide range of oral organisms which have been implicated in oral infections and/or endocarditis (clindamycin was included for oral streptococci). all compounds tested showed good activity against many of these organisms, although some variation was observed with different species. clarithromycin was the most active of the antibiotics tested against gram-positive anaerobes, in ...19921331019
immunoglobulins in milk from cows immunized with oral strains of actinomyces, prevotella, porphyromonas, and fusobacterium.immunization of pregnant cows with bacteria leads to the presence of high concentrations of specific antibodies in colostrum and milk. a total of 14 cows was immunized with single strains of heat-killed oral bacteria or pools of strains of actinomyces, porphyromonas, prevotella, and fusobacterium. two cows were treated with adjuvant alone. the mean percentages of igg1, igg2, igm, and iga in all of the milks were 83.8, 3.8, 9.3, and 3.1, respectively. elisa and whole cell agglutination assays dem ...19921354674
comparative bacteriological studies on summer mastitis in grazing cattle and pyogenes mastitis in stabled cattle in denmark.a total of 143 secretions from clinical cases of summer mastitis (sm) in grazing cattle and from 89 cases of pyogenes mastitis (pm) in stabled cattle were examined bacteriologically. the typical bacteriological finding was a mixed flora in which the predominant organisms were actinomyces pyogenes (sm-70%, pm-85%), peptostreptococcus indolicus (54%, 54%), a microaerophilic coccus (stuart-schwan coccus) (26%, 25%), fusobacterium necrophorum biovar b (22%, 12%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (20%, 9% ...19921355316
contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of sub- and epidural empyemas.contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images (mri) of three patients with subdural (sde) and two with epidural empyemas (ede) were reviewed. in each case, the capsule of the lesion demonstrated enhancement, and distinction between capsule and contents was obvious on contrast-enhanced images. in sde, contrast-enhanced images clearly depicted thickening of the neighbouring dura mater and a co-existent brain abscess. in ede, part of the displaced dura mater did not enhance, which facilitated differe ...19921359449
in vitro activities of three of the newer quinolones against anaerobic bacteria.the antimicrobial activities of three new quinolone compounds, sparfloxacin, temafloxacin, and win 57273, against anaerobic bacteria were determined in three separate studies. the wadsworth agar dilution technique using brucella-laked blood agar was used throughout. the activities of other antimicrobial agents, including ciprofloxacin, imipenem, chloramphenicol, metronidazole, cefotetan, cefoxitin, and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, were also determined. the breakpoints of the new quinolones were ...19921317149
[asporogenic anaerobic thoracic empyema--an experimental model for anaerobic thoracic empyema in rabbits].sterile pleural effusion was induced by intrapleural administration of turpentine, and empyema was induced by direct intrapleural inoculation of bacteria in rabbits. experimental models of anaerobic thoracic empyema were successfully made in this study, using escherichia coli, peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus, bacteroides fragilis, using the following methods; (1) a single bacterium inoculation of, a) e. coli, b) p. asaccharolyticus, c) b. fragilis, (2) simultaneous inoculations with an aerob ...19921402083
[bacteriology of infectious disease in otorhinolaryngology (1). bacteriological study of paranasal cyst].the bacteriology of chronic sinusitis has been reported in several studies, but there have been few bacteriological studies on paranasal cyst. also, details of the techniques of transportation and processing of clinical specimens have only rarely been described. therefore, this study was undertaken with attention to the above, and to obtain information on appropriate antimicrobial therapy, we conducted a dilution antimicrobial susceptibility test of isolates. fifteen patients with paranasal cyst ...19921403316
aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of external otitis.microbiological and clinical data from 46 patients with external otitis were retrospectively evaluated. specimens were processed for isolation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. a total of 42 aerobic bacteria, 22 anaerobic bacteria, and 3 candida albicans organisms were recovered. aerobic bacteria only were isolated from 31 patients (67%), anaerobic bacteria only were isolated from 8 (17%), and mixed aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were isolated from 4 (9%). c. albicans alone was recovered from t ...19921457667
anaerobic bacterial infections causing osteomyelitis/arthritis in a dog.a 3-year-old german shepherd dog was examined for lameness, signs of pain, swelling, a draining fistulous tract, and osteolysis after a dog bite on the left carpus. after failure of the lesion to respond to several antibiotics, peptostreptococcus sp and propionibacterium sp were isolated from swab specimens and then from surgically collected bone and soft tissue specimens. the bone fragments had mild purulent osteomyelitis associated with numerous gram-positive rods and cocci. the dog was succes ...19921399798
prospective study of blood culture during transesophageal ascertain the incidence and significance of bacteremia associated with transesophageal echocardiography (tee), 132 consecutive patients (aged 17 to 73 years) free of apparent infection who were undergoing 135 transesophageal echocardiographic procedures from october 1990 to august 1991, were prospectively studied. for each procedure, two sets of blood cultures were obtained for culture 30 to 60 minutes before tee, immediately after, and 180 to 240 minutes after the procedure. for each blood c ...19921462911
necrotizing fasciitis of the neck and chest. report of a case.a case is presented of necrotizing fasciitis of the neck and chest characterized by rapid progressive necrosis of subcutaneous tissue, fascia and skin. the diagnosis and management is discussed.19921402054
experimental studies of survival of anaerobic bacteria at 4 degrees c and 22 degrees c in two different transport systems.the survival of anaerobic bacteria on swabs in two different transport systems at 4 degrees c and 22 degrees c was evaluated. the transport systems were a charcoal-impregnated cotton swab in modified stuart transport medium (mst), and a viscose swab in modified siff transport medium (btm) (bionor). the following eight clinical strains of anaerobic bacteria were tested for quantitative recovery at 24 h, 48 h, 72 h, and 96 h; fusobacterium necrophorum, bacteroides melaninogenicus, bacteroides inte ...19921472363
antibacterial efficacy of root canal medicaments.the antibacterial efficacy of four endodontic medicaments was studied in vitro. calcium hydroxide (calacept), camphorated parachlorophenol (cpcp), cresophene, and 2% iodine-potassium iodide (iki) were tested against four anaerobic microorganisms, streptococcus mutans, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, porphyromonus gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum, for 10 or 15 min. iki was effective only against f. nucleatum and p. gingivalis, and the others were effective against all four microorganisms.19921337555
[experience with the management of endometritis in the instituto nacional de perinatalogía].endometritis is the most frequent infectious complication of the puerperal period; with the objective to know the clinical characteristics, etiology and evolution of this disease we did a retrospective study of the endometritis cases among the patients of the instituto nacional de perinatología (inper) from january 1st, 1990 to may 31, 1991. during the revision period were diagnosed 120 cases, but we were able to examine only 90. in the 90% the resolution of the pregnancy was by means of caesare ...19921427285
abnormal intracerebral thallium localization in a bacterial brain abscess.a 56-yr-old man with a prior history of renal cell carcinoma had moderately intense abnormal localization of 201tl-chloride in a solitary brain lesion which was discovered to be a bacterial abscess. the organisms isolated by culture included actinomycosis odontolyticus, peptostreptococcus and hemophilus aphrophilus. because of the clinical presentation, mri characteristics and thallium scintigraphic findings, the lesion had been felt to represent either a primary or a metastatic neoplasm. this c ...19921432164
antibiotic susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria isolated in vitro susceptibilities of 198 anaerobic bacteria to seven antibiotics were evaluated by the agar dilution method. in addition to testing amoxycillin/clavulanic acid in a 2:1 ratio against the bacteria, the combination was also tested against 63 isolates using fixed concentrations of clavulanic acid and serial dilutions of amoxycillin. penicillin and cefoxitin were not effective against beta-lactamase-producing bacteroides isolates and only 50% of isolates were susceptible to the 2:1 amoxycill ...19921448710
protein lg: a hybrid molecule with unique immunoglobulin binding properties.immunoglobulin (ig)-binding bacterial proteins have attracted theoretical interest for their role in molecular host-parasite interactions, and they are widely used as tools in immunology, biochemistry, medicine, and biotechnology. protein l of the anaerobic bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus binds ig light chains, whereas streptococcal protein g has affinity for the constant (fc) region of igg. in this report, ig binding parts of protein l and protein g were combined to form a hybrid mo ...19921460053
comparative in vitro activity of ro 40-6890, ro 41-3399, and other antimicrobial agents against anaerobic bacteria.the in vitro activity of the ester ro 41-3399 and its free active acid ro 40-6890 was tested against 189 strains of anaerobic bacteria in comparison to other oral cephalosporins and to antimicrobial agents established in the treatment of anaerobic infections. prevotella, porphyromonas, peptostreptococcus, fusobacterium and clostridium spp. were susceptible to ro 40-6890, with few exceptions. due to its lack of activity against the major pathogens of the bacteriodes fragilis group, ro 40-6890 doe ...19921486894
physico-chemical and structural properties of the surfaces of peptostreptococcus micros and streptococcus mitis as compared to those of mutans streptococci, streptococcus sanguis and streptococcus salivarius.the surface properties of nine streptococcus mitis and four peptostreptococcus micros strains from the oral cavity were examined and compared with a large group of oral streptococci. zeta potential and contact angle measurements were employed to determine physico-chemical cell surface properties. in addition, elemental surface concentration ratios were obtained via x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and surface structures were examined with transmission electron microscopy. the s. mitis and p. mi ...19921487734
susceptibility of anaerobic microorganisms to hypothiocyanite produced by lactoperoxidase.the susceptibility of capnocytophaga ochracea, eikenella corrodens, eubacterium yurii, fusobacterium nucleatum, peptostreptococcus micros, prevotella intermedia, selenomonas sputigena, wolinella recta to hypothiocyanite (oscn-) produced by the lactoperoxidase system was tested. results showed a decrease of bacterial survival rate after oscn- exposure, with an intra- and inter-species variability from 0 to 95% for c. ochracea, 34-100% for e. corrodens, 0-83% for e. yurii, 1-15% for f. nucleatum, ...19921481764
associations between microbial species in dental root canal infections.the existence of commensal or antagonistic relationships between microorganisms in the root canals of teeth with apical periodontitis was investigated. samples were taken from 65 infected human root canals and were analysed according to species, frequency of occurrence and proportion of the total isolated flora. the most frequent species were fusobacterium nucleatum, prevotella intermedia, peptostreptococcus micros, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, eubacterium alactolyticum, eubacterium lentum and ...19921494447
experimentally induced infection by oral anaerobic microorganisms in a mouse model.a mouse model was developed to study the abscessogenic potential of pure and mixed cultures of oral anaerobes associated with infections of endodontic origin. maximum subcutaneous lesions were seen on their backs between 3 and 14 d after inoculation. strains of fusobacterium nucleatum, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, and veillonella parvula were pathogenic in pure culture. a mixed culture of f. nucleatum with either porphyromonas gingivalis or prevotella intermedia was significantly more pathogen ...19921408362
prevention of malodor from intraoral gauze tamponade with the topical use of clindamycin.azulene ointment with a small dose of clindamycin was used topically in eight patients with maxillary cancer with the intent to inhibit the malodor that originates from a gauze tamponade applied to the postoperative maxillary bony defect. the malodor was either markedly decreased or eliminated in all cases. concurrent with the decrease or elimination of the malodor, anaerobic microorganisms such as bacteroides and peptostreptococcus, which are considered to be involved in the generation of malod ...19921508511
[pharmacokinetic, bacteriological, and clinical studies on panipenem/betamipron in children].pharmacokinetic, bacteriological and clinical studies were performed on panipenem/betamipron (papm/bp) in children. the results are summarized as follow: 1. twelve patients with various bacterial infectious diseases were treated with papm/bp. each dose was 20 mg/20 mg/kg, administered 3 times daily, in 30-minute intravenous drip infusion. treatments were continued for 5-22 days. clinical efficacies of papm/bp in 12 patients with bacterial infections (1 with suspected sepsis, 5 with pneumonia, 1 ...19921512926
diagnosis and management of parotitis.of all the salivary glands, the parotid gland is most commonly affected by an inflammatory process. infections of the parotid gland range from acute to severe. assessment of the disease process should differentiate local primary parotid infection from systemic infection when this gland is also involved as part of a generalized inflammatory condition. viral parotitis can be caused by paramyxovirus (mumps), epstein-barr virus, coxsackievirus, and influenza a and parainfluenza viruses. acute suppur ...19921571113
the iron-sulfur-cluster-containing l-serine dehydratase from peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus. stereochemistry of the deamination of l-threonine.the stereochemistry of the deamination of l-threonine to 2-oxobutyrate, catalyzed by purified l-serine dehydratase of peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus, was elucidated. for this purpose the enzyme reaction was carried out with unlabelled l-threonine in 2h2o and in 3hoh, as well as with l-[3-3h]threonine in unlabelled water. isotopically labelled 2-oxobutyrate thus formed was directly reduced in a coupled reaction with l- or d-lactate dehydrogenase and nadh. the (2r)- or (2s)-2-hydroxybutyrate ...19921572371
comparative evaluation of the metabolic potentials of different strains of peptostreptococcus productus: utilization and transformation of aromatic compounds.three strains of peptostreptococcus productus were tested for growth at the expense of methoxylated aromatic compounds. strain m8a-18 (human fecal isolate) was unable to utilize methoxylated aromatic compounds. while the type strain atcc 27340 (human septicemia isolate) was capable of minimal growth with methoxylated aromatic compounds, atcc 35244 (sewage sludge isolate) displayed significant growth on methoxylated aromatic compounds. methoxylated phenols, benzoates, benzyl alcohol and phenylacr ...19921521774
[antimicrobial activities of ceftriaxone against clinically isolated strains].antibiotic activities (mics) of ceftriaxone (ctrx) against 1,210 strains of bacteria including 28 spp. isolated in 1987 and 1990 were compared with those of other cephems. 1. when compared to data on clinically isolated strains reported in the early 1980s, strains of the following species isolated in 1990 showed extremely elevated mic90s of ctrx: staphylococcus spp., streptococcus pneumoniae, escherichia coli, citrobacter spp., enterobacter spp., serratia spp., proteus vulgaris, morganella morga ...19921522669
susceptibilities of anaerobic bacteria isolated from animals with ovine foot rot to 28 antimicrobial agents.the agar dilution method was used to determine the inhibitory activities of 28 antimicrobial agents against 35 strains of the genus peptostreptococcus, 4 strains of the species peptococcus niger, 20 strains of the species megasphaera elsdenii, 7 strains from the species acidaminococcus fermentans, 8 strains of the genus clostridium, 11 strains of the genus eubacterium, and 1 strain of the species propionibacterium acidipropionici, all of which were isolated from 125 clinical cases of ovine foot ...19921590689
necrotizing fasciitis of the vulva.we attempted to characterize the natural history of necrotizing fasciitis of the vulva.19921595786
physicochemical and structural investigation of the surfaces of some anaerobic subgingival bacteria.the surfaces of nine clinical isolates of porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, and peptostreptococcus micros and that of laboratory strain p. gingivalis w83 were studied by using contact angle measurements, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, microelectrophoresis of whole cells, and transmission electron microscopy of whole and sectioned cells. p. intermedia strains were hydrophilic, as judged from their small water contact a ...19921599251
peptostreptococcus micros in human periodontitis.peptostreptococcus micros is a recognized pathogen in medical infections, and its association with progressive periodontitis was examined in this study. p. micros was isolated from paper-point subgingival samples on anaerobic enriched blood agar plates and identified on the basis of cellular and colonial morphology and selected biochemical tests. in a cross-sectional study involving 907 people with advanced adult periodontitis, 127 with early-onset periodontitis, and 12 with localized juvenile p ...19921528618
enumeration of subgingival species on primary isolation plates using colony lifts.this study evaluated the feasibility of using a colony lift method and dna probes to enumerate bacterial species cultured on primary isolation plates. fourteen digoxigenin-labeled whole chromosomal dna probes representing 12 subgingival species were validated by hybridization with colony lifts prepared from 249 reference strains of 51 species grown on trypticase soy agar plates supplemented with 5% sheep blood. colonies of reference strains were lifted onto nytran filters from plates and treated ...19921528619
serum igg reactive with oral anaerobic microorganisms associated with infections of endodontic origin.numerous species of bacteria have been implicated with infections of endodontic origin. the purpose of this study was to compare the levels of serum igg antibodies reactive with a panel of 10 oral anaerobic microorganisms implicated in infections of endodontic origin. serum samples were collected from 4 patient groups that included healthy patients without endodontic or periodontal disease, patients with chronic adult periodontal disease, patients with endodontic disease and patients with combin ...19921528630
predominant obligate anaerobes in human periodontal pockets.this study was carried out to investigate the predominant anaerobic bacteria of periodontal pockets in patients with advanced periodontitis, who had no previous treatment other than supragingival scaling, no history of recent or chronic systemic illness, nor any intake of antibiotics within 6 weeks prior to bacteriological sampling. care was taken not to ignore tiny-colony-forming anaerobes, by means of a stereoscope and an anaerobic glove box system. out of 422 (100%) isolates, 380 (90%) were o ...19921531505
in vitro activities of three semisynthetic amide derivatives of teicoplanin, mdl 62208, mdl 62211, and mdl 62873.mdl 62208, mdl 62211, and mdl 62873 are three semisynthetic amide derivatives of teicoplanin (mdl 62208 is an amide of teicoplanin aglycone, mdl 62211 is an amide of the teicoplanin a2 complex, and mdl 62873 is the corresponding derivative of peak a2-2 of the complex). the three semisynthetic glycopeptides were evaluated for in vitro antibacterial activity in comparison with the parent drug (teicoplanin) and vancomycin. a variety of gram-positive bacteria of clinical origin, whose species were c ...19921534977
the effect of amoxycillin on vaginal colonization resistance and normal vaginal flora in monkeys.previous studies have shown that vaginal colonization resistance in monkeys can be eliminated by amoxycillin and restored by flushing vaginal flora from a healthy monkey into the vagina of a monkey colonized with escherichia coli. the hypothesis that the effect of amoxycillin resulted from elimination of parts of the normal flora was tested in the present study. nine monkeys were flushed vaginally with amoxycillin daily for six days. the number of anaerobic bacteria decreased during amoxycillin ...19921592701
spontaneous gas-forming bacterial myonecrosis caused by group b streptococci and peptostreptococci.we present the case of a patient who spontaneously developed a severe gas-forming infection involving the voluntary muscles of both thighs. the organisms responsible were group b beta-haemolytic streptococci together with peptostreptococci. following surgical and medical treatment, the patient fully recovered. no predisposing factors, in particular no disease causing immunocompromise, could be identified.19921600357
the relationship of hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli to bacterial vaginosis and genital microflora in pregnant women.lactobacilli provide an important microbial defense against genital colonization by pathogens. the role of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) in the control of genital microflora was explored in a cross-sectional study of 275 women in the second trimester of pregnancy. vaginal cultures were obtained for detection of h2o2-positive and h2o2-negative lactobacilli and other members of the genital microflora. compared with women with h2o2-negative lactobacilli, women colonized by h2o2-positive lactobacilli wer ...19921738516
diagnosis and management of anaerobic infections of the head and neck.anaerobic bacteria are important pathogens in head and neck infections such as chronic otitis media, chronic sinusitis, chronic mastoiditis, head and neck abscesses, cervical adenitis, parotitis, and postoperative infection. bacteroides sp (bacteroides melaninogenicus group, bacteroides oralis, and bacteroides fragilis group), peptostreptococcus sp, and fusobacterium sp predominate. the observed recent increase in the number of beta-lactamase-producing strains of bacteroides sp isolated in head ...19921728904
[pyogenic liver abscess. its exclusive treatment with antibiotics]. 19921626100
[an increased incidence of bacterial endocarditis in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases].of 92 consecutive patients treated for proven native valve endocarditis three had ulcerative colitis and 2 crohn's disease. all 5 patients developed severe complications; three had to undergo emergency valve replacement. with a prevalence of 64.1/10(5) cases of inflammatory bowel disease the calculated incidence (5/92) revealed a significant over-representation of inflammatory bowel disease among patients with proven endocarditis (p less than 5.08 x 10(-9)). possible explanations may be the supp ...19921636271
spontaneous contrast echoes in pericardial effusion: sign of gas-producing infection. 19921636601
immunobiological activities of bacteria isolated from the root canals of postendodontic teeth with persistent periapical lesions.although intraradicular bacteria are widely considered to be the primary etiological agents of periapical lesions, the immunobiological properties of the species in question are not adequately known. the aim of this study, therefore, was to investigate the pathobiological properties of the 10 most frequently isolated endodontopathic bacterial species. using cellular components of the pathogens obtained by sonic extraction, we have investigated their ability to induce monocyte migration, interleu ...199219186419
anaerobic bacteria in orofacial abscesses.obligate anaerobic bacteria were cultured from 15 orofacial abscesses. bacteroides species constituted 43 per cent, clostridium 21 per cent, fusobacterium 14 per cent, peptostreptococci 11 per cent, peptococci 7 per cent and veillonella 4 per cent of the isolates. this study confirms the polymicrobial nature of orofacial infections. sensitivity to antibiotics was unpredictable. clostridium difficile, clostridium tetani, peptostreptococcus productus and veillonella parvula showed resistance to so ...19939508939
[what kinds of species are in the conjunctiva?].with suitable culture methods less than 5% of conjunctival fluid specimens remain negative. from approximately 95% of the swab cultures at least 65 bacterial species - although in low numbers - were recovered. among the predominant organisms were gram-positive species like several coagulase-negative staphylococcus spp., propionibacterium spp., corynebacterium spp. and members of the genera peptostreptococcus, streptococcus and actinomyces. among the frequently isolated gram-negative species were ...19938144184
an in-vitro study of the comparative viability on different swab types of simulated specimens of bacteria commonly present in oro-facial in-vitro study was undertaken to investigate the survival on bacteriological swabs of three potentially pathogenic organisms found in oro-facial infections, by using simulated clinical specimens incubated in the presence or absence of amies transport medium. standard inocula of pure cultures of streptococcus milleri, prevotella melaninogenica and peptostreptococcus anaerobius were soaked on to swabs and plated out on to solid media at various intervals up to 3 days, enabling an estimate of th ...19938099810
cytotoxicity versus antibacterial activity of some antiseptics in vitro.through the development of new techniques for bacterial growth and isolation, obligate anaerobes have been shown to be more prevalent than previously thought in the pathogenesis of periapical and pulpal diseases. a follow-up study was conducted to examine the germicidal effect of 0.05% naocl, 10 mg/ml metronidazole and supernatant of ca (oh)2 (0.025 ml) on four anaerobic microorganisms commonly found in root canals, and to compare the toxicity of these substances on cell cultures. in vitro testi ...19938100851
management of maxillofacial infections: a review of 50 cases.maxillofacial infections often place the oral and maxillofacial surgeon in situations where timely decisions have to be made. these decisions can be life-saving. this study reviews 50 infections treated over a 3-year period. the results reveal rapid resolution of the infections by adhering to fundamental principles in their management: recognition of airway compromise, surgical intervention, and the administration of the appropriate antibiotic. a protocol for the management of maxillofacial infe ...19938101564
bacterial and fungal contamination of human fetal liver collected transvaginally for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.transplantation of fetal hematopoietic stem cells is a new therapy for fetuses diagnosed in utero with inherited disorders. however, prior to transplantation of fetal stem cells, the cells must be free of microbial contamination. in order to investigate the contamination of human fetal liver tissue, we determined the rate and types of bacterial and fungal contamination of human fetal liver tissue collected transvaginally for use in stem cell transplantation by using the us pharmacopoiea assay. w ...19938101709
in vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide and paramonochlorophenol on anaerobic bacteria from the root canal.the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide and paramonochlorophenol (pmcp) was tested on anaerobic bacteria isolated from infected root canals, at time intervals 5, 15, 30 and 60 min. the experimental method used was similar to that proposed by the german society of hygiene and microbiology (dghm), with slight modifications. testing revealed that calcium hydroxide was significantly more effective than pmcp against the total number of anaerobes. additionally, it was proved to be quickly and highly ef ...19938143576
[infectious osteoarthritis of the pubis in sportmen. apropos of 2 cases].in athletes, osteoarthritis of the symphysis pubis is an uncommon condition that should be promptly differentiated from pubic pain due to microtrauma. the symphysis pubis is infected via the bloodstream, usually by a staphylococcus. pubic pain with fever and severe disability suggests the diagnosis. increased uptake of bone-seeking radionuclides is an early finding. microbiological and histological studies of specimens obtained under radiological guidance confirm the diagnosis. two new cases of ...19938012337
role of suspected periodontopathogens in microbiological monitoring of periodontitis.periodontal disease is the clinical result of a complex interaction between the host and plaque bacteria. although a specificity to some degree is found for actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans in localized juvenile periodontitis (ljp), it has been difficult to obtain evidence for a specific etiological role of the bacteria associated with periodontal disease in adults. what we see is the net result of host-parasite interactions which in an unpredictable moment accumulate and exceed the threshol ...19938260004
microbiology of the pericoronal pouch in mandibular third molar pericoronitis.the microorganisms associated with mandibular third molar pericoronitis were investigated using direct microscopy and anaerobic culture method. the pericoronal pouch was sampled with paper points in a) 8 patients without mandibular third molar pericoronitis and b) 6 patients with mandibular third molar pericoronitis. under the microscope, the microflora was found to be a complex mixture comprising gram-positive and gram-negative cocci, rods and filaments (including fusiform and curved rods), mot ...19938265205
anaerobic infection in chronic maxillary sinusitis.1) ten per cent of cases of chronic maxillary sinusitis in a series of 50 cases treated in the ent department of dayanand medical college, ludhiana, were caused by anaerobic infection. 2) the causative anaerobic micro-organisms encountered were peptostreptococcus and clostridium species. 3) treatment should, therefore, include metronidazole, especially in those cases refractory to conventional antibiotic therapy.19938270303
treatment of post-cesarean section endometritis with ampicillin and sulbactam or clindamycin and gentamicin.seventy-seven patients were prospectively enrolled in a randomized clinical trial to compare two antimicrobial regimens for the treatment of post-cesarean section endometritis. the two groups were not significantly different with respect to age, race, gravidity, parity, hours in labor, cesarean section indication, preoperative or postoperative hemoglobin/hematocrit, pretreatment white blood cell count or pretreatment temperature. pretreatment urine, blood and endometrial cultures were obtained. ...19938277478
trypsin-dependent production of an antibacterial substance by a human peptostreptococcus strain in gnotobiotic rats and in antibacterial substance appeared within 1 day in feces of gnotobiotic rats harboring a human intestinal peptostreptococcus strain. it disappeared when the rat bile-pancreatic duct was ligatured or when the rats ingested a trypsin inhibitor. anaerobic cultures of the peptostreptococcus strain in a medium supplemented with trypsin also exhibited an antibacterial activity, which was also inhibited by the trypsin inhibitor. in vitro the antibacterial substance from both feces and culture medium w ...19938215361
[the role anaerobes in dermatitis digitalis et interdigitalis in cattle].altogether 52 tissue samples and swabs from the corium of the claw of diseased cattle were investigated. microbiological examinations revealed the presence of 11 strictly anaerobic bacterial strains that belonged to the species peptococcus asacharolyticus, pc. sacharolyticus, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, bacteroides asacharolyticus and b. melaninogenicus. the remaining isolates were classified as bacteroides, fusobacterium, streptococcus and clostridium. in the above-mentioned strains observat ...19938259638
[cytotoxicity of anaerobic bacteria isolated from infected root canal].bacteria in the infected root canal play an important role in the progression of the periapical lesion. the purpose of the present study was to investigate the cytotoxic effects of bacteria isolated from an infected root canal on the periapical lesion. four obligately anaerobic bacteria were isolated and their sonic extracts (se) were prepared. the cytotoxic assay of each se for mc3t3-e1 cell was used with respect to the morphological cell changes and [3h]-thymidine uptake. the following results ...19938228523
epidural spinal abscess containing gas: mri demonstration. 19938232872
cleavages of the o- and c-glucosyl bonds of anthrone and 10,10'-bianthrone derivatives by human intestinal bacteria.a strictly anaerobic bacterium, bifidobacterium sp. sen, capable of hydrolyzing the o-glucosyl of sennosides was isolated from human feces. the bacterium stepwisely hydrolyzed sennoside b to sennidin b through sennidin-8-monoglucoside in pyf medium but not in gam broth. addition of d-glucose to pyf medium resulted in loss of the hydrolyzing activity in culture but addition of d-fructose did not affect the activity. coculture of this bacterium with peptostreptococcus intermedius led to rapid accu ...19938234419
bacterial l-serine dehydratases: a new family of enzymes containing iron-sulfur clusters.two families of enzymes are described which catalyse identical chemical reactions but differ in their prosthetic groups and hence in their mechanism of action. one family, the pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (plp)-dependent l-threonine dehydratases, also use l-serine as substrate. the other, hitherto unrecognized family is the iron-dependent, highly specific bacterial l-serine dehydratases. it has been shown that l-serine dehydratase from the anaerobic bacterium peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus contai ...19938236444
description of two morphotypes of peptostreptococcus micros.peptostreptococcus micros is often isolated from abscesses in several parts of the human body. the oral cavity is considered the natural habitat for the species, which has been implicated as a periodontal pathogen. in plaque samples from periodontitis patients we observed the presence of a rough morphotype of p. micros in addition to the previously recognized smooth morphotype. the rough morphotype has not been described previously. both morphotypes are frequently isolated simultaneously from th ...19938240959
[study of obligate anaerobic bacterial sensitivity to tinidazole and metronidazole (determination of minimal inhibiting concentration--mic)].comparative susceptibility testing of 428 strains of obligate anaerobic bacteria belonging to genera propionibacterium, arachnia, actinomyces, bacteroides, prevotella, porphyromonas, anaerorhabdus, fibrobacter, fusobacterium, peptostreptococcus and clostridium to metronidazole and tinidazole was performed. the study of the susceptibility of anaerobic bacteria was carried out by the method of serial dilution in brucella agar according to finegold and sutter (1972). strains of b. fragilis species, ...19938249400
in vitro activity of bay y3118 against anaerobic bacteria.the antimicrobial activity of a new quinolone, bay y3118, was determined against 326 strains of anaerobic bacteria and compared with the activities of ampicillin-sulbactam, cefotetan, clindamycin, imipenem, metronidazole, and sparfloxacin. the national committee for clinical laboratory standards-approved wadsworth agar dilution technique with brucella-laked blood agar was used throughout the study. breakpoints used to determine the percent susceptible were 2 micrograms/ml for bay y3118 and sparf ...19938285647
[multiple hepatic-splenic abscesses. a favorable result with antibiotic treatment].the authors report a case of multiple and spleen pyogenic abscesses caused by peptostreptococcus spp., in a patient who recently underwent laparotomy due to duodenal perforation. he was successfully treated by means of intensive and extended antibiotherapy. we would like to stress the importance of an early and etiological diagnosis performed by percutaneous puncture and bacteriological study, in order to start a selective antibiotherapy. other therapeutical possibilities are discussed.19938292440
[studies on the locality and the function of spirosome in bacterial cells: relationship between the production of spirosome and anaerobic glycolysis].the locality and the function of spirosome were studied by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page) and electron microscopy in peptostreptococcus productus, clostridium sp. hd-17, lactobacillus fermentum, eubacterium aerofaciens and escherichia cali b. when the bacterial cells in phosphate buffered saline were disrupted by sonication and fractionated by differential centrifugation, the spirosome protein was found in the cytoplasmic fraction and not in the fraction of ...19938315808
anaerobic bacterial infections of the lung and pleural 193 reviewed cases of pleuropulmonary infections involving anaerobic bacteria, the predominant clinical syndromes were aspiration pneumonia, lung abscess, and empyema. most patients had an indolent infection with tissue necrosis (abscess or bronchopulmonary fistula) at initial presentation. nevertheless, many had a more fulminant disease course resembling that of pneumococcal pneumonia. transtracheal aspiration was the procedure most commonly used to obtain uncontaminated specimens for anaero ...19938324127
bacteriology of anaerobic pleuropulmonary infections: preliminary report.a retrospective bacteriologic study of anaerobic pleuropulmonary infections diagnosed at the wadsworth veterans affairs medical center between 1976 and 1991 was performed. there were 116 specimens from 110 patients. available strains were reexamined using the latest tests and taxonomic schemes. pleural fluid was believed to provide the most reliable specimen; cultures yielded an average of 3.0 anaerobes and 0.6 nonanaerobes per specimen. the most commonly encountered anaerobes were pigmented pre ...19938324128
[clinical study of anaerobic respiratory infection].this clinical study involved 35 cases, anaerobic bacteria were detected by tta (transtracheal aspiration) or percutaneous lung aspiration, or pleural puncture. these cases were treated over the last 8 years in our department. there were 9 empyema, 9 pneumonitis, 5 lung abscess, 1 necrotizing pneumonia and 11 chronic lower airway infection. in 13 cases (37%), anaerobic bacteria alone were detected, whereas both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria were observed in the other 22 cases (63%). of all bacte ...19938315301
[actinomycosis infection of the cerebellum].the case is presented of a 37-year-old male with a cerebellar abscess due to actinomyces israelii. the patient was admitted after dental surgery because of fever and symptoms indicative of raised, intracranial pressure. no abnormalities were detected in peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid. ct scan revealed a space-occupying lesion in the left cerebellar hemisphere with perifocal oedema and occlusive hydrocephalus. after emergency external ventriculostomy complete removal of the mass was ach ...19938333207
[a case of empty sella syndrome and pan-hypopituitarism associated with acute suppurative paranasal sinusitis]. 19938340667
l-serine and l-threonine dehydratase from clostridium propionicum. two enzymes with different prosthetic groups.l-serine dehydratase from the gram-positive bacterium peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus is novel in the group of enzymes deaminating 2-hydroxyamino acids in that it is an iron-sulfur protein and lacks pyridoxal phosphate [grabowski, r. and buckel, w. (1991) eur. j. biochem. 199, 89-94]. it was proposed that this type of l-serine dehydratase is widespread among bacteria but has escaped intensive characterization due to its oxygen lability. here, we present evidence that another gram-positive ba ...19938344301
phylogeny of the ammonia-producing ruminal bacteria peptostreptococcus anaerobius, clostridium sticklandii, and clostridium aminophilum sp. previous studies, gram-positive bacteria which grew rapidly with peptides or an amino acid as the sole energy source were isolated from bovine rumina. three isolates, strains c, ft (t = type strain), and sr, were considered to be ecologically important since they produced up to 20-fold more ammonia than other ammonia-producing ruminal bacteria. on the basis of phenotypic criteria, the taxonomic position of these new isolates was uncertain. in this study, the 16s rrna sequences of these isolat ...19938427801
recent taxonomic changes for anaerobic gram-positive and selected gram-negative organisms.the strains formerly classified as streptococcus anginosus or "streptococcus milleri" have now been recognized as three distinct species, streptococcus anginosus, streptococcus constellatus, and streptococcus intermedius. streptococcus morbillorum has been transferred into the genus gemella. four new species within the genus peptostreptococcus were recently named. a recent addition to the genus clostridium is clostridium argentinense, which includes clostridium botulinum type g. two new species ...19938324113
case records of the massachusetts general hospital. weekly clinicopathological exercises. case 43-1993. a 71-year-old woman with confusion, hemianopia, and an occipital mass. 19938413415
metabolism of safflor yellow b by human intestinal bacteria. 19938450320
role of anaerobic bacteria in liver abscesses in children.aspirates from pyogenic liver abscesses obtained from 14 children were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. of 29 organisms that were recovered, 17 were anaerobic and 12 were aerobic or facultative. the predominant organisms were peptostreptococcus spp. (5 isolates). bacteroides fragilis group (4), fusobacterium spp. (3) and staphylococcus aureus (4). aerobic or facultative bacteria only were recovered in five cases, anaerobic bacteria only in four and mixed aerobic and anaerobic bacteri ...19938414802
sub-gingival microflora in macaca mulatta species of rhesus monkey.the macaca mulatta species of rhesus monkey is one of several non-human primate (nhp) models for periodontal disease. this report presents the bacteriology of the gingival sulci in m. mulatta monkeys. three sub-gingival sites (maxillary right central incisor, the disto-buccal of the mandibular left second molar and mesio-buccal of the mandibular right second molar) of 9 monkeys were evaluated clinically before scaling and 7 days after scaling. plaque samples were obtained from sub-gingival sites ...19938426283
the normal vaginal flora, h2o2-producing lactobacilli, and bacterial vaginosis in pregnant this study of the vaginal flora of 171 pregnant women in labor at term, the flora was categorized as normal (lactobacillus predominant), intermediate, or representative of bacterial vaginosis (bv) on the basis of a vaginal smear. bv was diagnosed in 39 women (23%); the vaginal flora was classified as normal in 50% of cases and as intermediate in 27%. h2o2-producing lactobacilli were recovered from 5% of women with bv, 37% of those with an intermediate flora, and 61% of those with a normal flo ...19938324131
bacteriologic findings in peritonsillar abscesses in young adults.aspirated pus samples from 124 patients with peritonsillar abscess were cultured quantitatively for aerobes and anaerobes. a total of 98% of the samples yielded bacteria. of the 550 isolates obtained (mean, 4.4 per patient), 143 were aerobes (representing 16 species or groups) and 407 were anaerobes (representing 40 species or groups). aerobes were isolated from 86% of patients-alone in 20 cases and together with anaerobes in 87. the most common aerobic isolates were streptococcus pyogenes (isol ...19938324134
peritonsillar abscess, retropharyngeal abscess, mediastinitis, and nonclostridial anaerobic myonecrosis: a case report.peritonsillar abscess is a potentially life-threatening complication of acute tonsillitis. on occasion, peritonsillar abscess can extend to neck spaces and/or to the mediastinum. we describe a case of a patient with a peritonsillar abscess that extended to the neck, producing bilateral retropharyngeal abscesses and myonecrosis of the strap muscles. culture of a specimen of the necrotic muscle yielded prevotella intermedia, prevotella buccae, lactobacillus catenaforme, another lactobacillus speci ...19938324135
oral and dental infections with anaerobic bacteria: clinical features, predominant pathogens, and treatment.microbial populations colonizing the teeth are a major source of pathogens responsible for oral and dental infections, including periodontal diseases, gingivitis, pericoronitis, endodontitis, peri-implantitis, and postextraction infections. each entity has distinct clinical and microbial features. bacterial species associated with oral infections include actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, bacteroides forsythus, campylobacter rectus, eubacterium ...19938324136
influence of the thymus and the normal microflora on the plasma fibronectin concentration in mice.the plasma fibronectin (pfn) concentration (cc) of untreated genetically or artificially athymic mice, or treated with tp-4 (thymus hormone sequence analog synthetic preparation) showed no significant difference from their euthymic or untreated controls. in contrast, the pfn cc in mice with different microbiological state showed significant alterations; the highest level occurred in conventional mice and the lower level in germfree mice was increased by bacterial monocontamination. the alternati ...19938184670
antimicrobial activity of dv-7751a, a new fluoroquinolone.we compared the in vitro antibacterial activity of dv-7751a against gram-positive and -negative bacteria with those of quinolones currently available. mics for 90% of the strains tested (mic90s) against clinical isolates of methicillin-susceptible and -resistant staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus epidermidis were 0.20, 0.39, 0.20, and 0.78 micrograms/ml, respectively. moreover, mic50s for dv-7751a against ofloxacin-resistant methicillin-resistant s. aureus were 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-fol ...19938257132
lung abscess: analysis of 66 cases from 1979 to 1991.sixty-six patients with bacterial lung abscess were treated between 1979 and 1991 in our hospital. among these patients, death occurred in one of the 42 cases of community-acquired infection (mortality rate: 2.4%) and in 16 of the 24 cases of nosocomial infection (mortality rate: 66.7%). of all 66 cases, 55 were culture-positive, and the etiologic agents isolated from 24 of the culture-positive cases were found to be anaerobic bacteria. the most common aerobes isolated from the foci were identif ...19938358116
on the interaction between protein l and immunoglobulins of various mammalian species.protein l, a cell wall molecule of certain strains of the anaerobic bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus, shows high affinity for human immunoglobulin (ig) light chains. in the present study protein l was tested against a panel of human myeloma proteins of the igg, igm, iga and ige classes, and strong binding was seen with antibodies carrying kappa light chains. a high degree of specificity for ig was demonstrated in binding experiments with human plasma proteins. apart from human ig, str ...19938469922
[recent bacteriologic data: from physiopathology to treatment].bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a change in the vaginal ecosystem in which lactobacillus spp, the dominant members of the normal flora, are replaced by an association of various bacterial species including gardnerella vaginalis, anaerobes (bacteroides spp, prevotella spp, porphyromonas spp, peptostreptococcus spp and mobiluncus spp) and mycoplasma hominis. the reasons for this imbalance are unknown, although the loss of lactobacilli that produce hydrogen peroxide (which is toxic for g. v ...19938484089
contemporary management of deep infections of the neck.odontogenic infections rarely lead to involvement of the lateral and retropharyngeal spaces. when this does occur, the microbiology of the infection is similar to the typical odontogenic infection, ie, streptococcus and oral anaerobes including peptostreptococcus, bacteroides, and fusobacterium. there is an increased incidence of fusobacterium seen in the more severe infections, as well as a higher incidence of streptococcus milleri. many patients who have deep cervical infections also have some ...19938445462
spinal epidural abscess: unusual ct and microbiologic findings.the incidence of spinal epidural abscess is increasing. its expeditious diagnosis is essential if treatment is to be effective. the authors present a case in which both the computed tomography appearance and the microbiologic observations were unusual.19938504337
microbial composition and pattern of antibiotic resistance in subgingival microbial samples from patients with refractory periodontitis.a series of 993 subgingival microbial samples sent to a diagnostic microbiology laboratory included 196 samples that could be identified as compatible with a clinical diagnosis of refractory or recurrent periodontitis. in descending order of prevalence the associated microbiota included bacteroides forsythus (84%), spirochetes (83%), motile rods (76%), fusobacterium species (68%), porphyromonas gingivalis (63%), campylobacter rectus (47%), capnocytophaga species (38%), prevotella intermedia (23% ...19938463936
the microbiology of bacterial vaginosis.a group of microorganisms are present concurrently in high concentrations in the vaginas of women with bacterial vaginosis. the major members of the group are gardnerella vaginalis, anaerobic gram-negative rods belonging to the genera prevotella, porphyromonas and bacteroides, peptostreptococcus species, mycoplasma hominis, ureaplasma urealyticum, and often mobiluncus species. facultative species of lactobacillus are present in lower concentrations and are less prevalent in bacterial vaginosis t ...19938357043
purification of antibodies using protein l-binding framework structures in the light chain variable domain.protein l from the bacterial species peptostreptococcus magnus binds specifically to the variable domain of ig light chains, without interfering with the antigen-binding site. in this work a genetically engineered fragment of protein l, including four of the repeated ig-binding repeat units, was employed for the purification of ig from various sources. thus, igg, igm, and iga were purified from human and mouse serum in a single step using protein l-sepharose affinity chromatography. moreover, hu ...19938360508
[bacteriological and clinical studies in 23 cases of thoracic empyema--the role of oral streptococci and anaerobes].the bacteriology of empyema fluid and the clinical background of 23 cases from july 1987 through july 1992 were studied. nineteen cases were male and 4 female, with a mean age of 59.6 years (range; 33 to 84 y.o.). there were 15 cases of community-acquired infection and 8 of nosocomial infection. acute pneumonia and/or lung abscess developed into empyema in 19 cases. sixteen cases had associated predisposing conditions, such as diabetes, chronic bronchitis, disorders with dysphagia, and excess al ...19938515622
in vitro activity of fk037, a new parenteral cephalosporin, against anaerobic bacteria.the activity of fk037, a new parenteral cephalosporin, was compared with those of cefpirome, ceftazidime, and flomoxef against 322 recent clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria. a fastidious facultative anaerobe, gardnerella vaginalis, was also studied. fk037 inhibited 90% of isolates of peptostreptococcus anaerobius, peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus, clostridium perfringens, mobiluncus spp., g. vaginalis, and porphyromonas gingivalis at < or = 0.78 micrograms/ml. the mics of fk037 for 50 an ...19938517721
black-pigmented gram-negative anaerobes in endodontic infections.necrotic dental root canal infections are polymicrobial infections dominated by anaerobic bacteria. the number of different species in one canal is usually low, approx. 4-7 species. the species isolated most frequently belong to the genera prevotella, porphyromonas, fusobacterium, peptostreptococcus, eubacterium and streptococcus. the frequency of isolation of black-pigmented gram-negative anaerobes in endodontic infections varies from 25% to > 50%. pr. intermedia is the most commonly found pigm ...19938518758
the influence of race and gender on periodontal microflora.previous studies have demonstrated that demographic characteristics of subject populations influence both the incidence of periodontal diseases and various aspects of host responses to periodontal bacteria. in this study we analyzed the components of the subgingival microflora from individuals with adult periodontitis, early onset periodontitis, gingivitis, and periodontal health as a function of gender and race (black and white). clinical categories were analyzed individually so that there were ...19938387107
do infected inguinal lymph nodes increase the incidence of postoperative groin wound infection?risk factors for postoperative wound infection in patients undergoing vascular surgery may include age, comorbid conditions, wound classification, use of prosthetic grafts, and repeat operations. groin incisions, in particular, pose substantial risk during placement of prosthetic grafts.19938505786
peptostreptococcus micros has a uniquely high capacity to form hydrogen sulfide from glutathione.there are high amounts of hydrogen sulfide in deep periodontal pockets. this volatile sulfur compound may be formed from l-cysteine, but only low levels of this amino acid can be expected to be present in periodontal pockets. glutathione, l-gamma-glutamyl-l-cysteinylglycine, is in high concentration in most tissue cells, and this tripeptide may be more readily available as a source of hydrogen sulfide formation in the pockets. the ability of 37 different species of oral bacteria to utilize gluta ...19938510983
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