interaction of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte elastase with human igm in vitro production of an fabmu-like fragment. 197991095
transfusion of hydroxyethylated amylopectin-protected frozen blood in man. i. plasma clearance and renal excretion of the man following the autologous transfusion of blood previously frozen with 14% low molecular weight-hydroxyethylated amylopectin (cryo-hes), the clearance of this material from the intravascular space was compound, and appeared to consist of exponential components. the overall half-life -- however, was 10.6 +/- 3.0 (sd) h. approximately 17% of the total infused cryo-hes was excreted in the urine 1 h postinjection, and 40% by 72 h. the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (esr) was not affected by the ...197991262
hyperbaric hyperreflexia: tendon-jerk and hoffmann reflexes in man at 43 bars.tendon jerk (tjr) and hoffmann (h) reflexes of the soleus muscle were studied in two men during a 26-day simulated oxygenhelium dive to a maximum pressure of 43 bars. the amplitude of the tjr response was observed to increase markedly after compression and also at the end of decompression. this biphasic pattern of enhanced reflectivity was reproduced by synchronised but much smaller variations in h reflex response. the positive facilitatory effects of applying jenkdrassik's manoeuvre were reduce ...197991497
[use of ethidium for the cytochemical study of chromatin].a cytochemical method of chromatin study by means of nuclear staining with ethidium (bromide) is described. dependence of stain binding by chromatin on ethidium concentration, ionic composition and buffer ph value has been analyzed. it is suggested that cells be stained in 2.10(-5) m solution of ethidium in 0.1 m tris-hcl buffer at ph 8.0 during 30 min. the fluorescence of nuclei stained with ethidium under conditions described is shown to reflect changes in physico-chemical properties of chroma ...197992086
acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. myelin basic protein-reactive t cells in the circulation and in meningeal infiltrates.mbp-reactive early t cells were determined simultaneously in the circulation and in inflammatory cells from the meninges of guinea pigs with acute eae. in addition, early and late t cells as well as b cells were estimated in both compartments. within the circulation, early t cells were found to decrease at the onset of clinical signs, and mbp-reactive early t cells were significantly higher than in normals. different changes were found in inflammatory cells from the meninges. in this cell popula ...197992528
neoplastic transformation of rat mammary cells exposed to 7,12-dimethylbenz[alpha]anthracene or n-nitrosomethylurea in cell culture.primary cultures of mammary cells from virgin lewis rats were seeded at 5 x 10(5) cells per cm2 in medium 199 supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum, insulin (5 microgram/ml), prolactin (5 microgram/ml), estradiol (5 ng/ml), progesterone (0.5 microgram/ml), and hydrocortisone (0.5 microgram/ml). on the second or third day of culture, cells were exposed to either 7,12-dimethylbenz[alpha]anthracene (0.1 microgram/ml for 24 hr) or n-nitrosomethylurea (80 microgram/ml for 2 hr). the cells were later ...197899742
adjuvant effect of a peptidoglycan attached covalently to a synthetic antigen provoking anti-phage antibodies.the synthetic antigen denoted p2-a--l, comprising the fragment p2 of the coat protein of ms-2 coliphage attached to multichain poly-dl-alanine, served for the immunization of guinea-pigs. immunization was carried out either in phosphate buffered saline (pbs) or in freund's incomplete adjuvant (fia) in the presence or absence of a small molecular weight peptidoglycan prepared from bacillus megaterium, which was checked for its adjuvant effect. the various antisera were assessed by their capacity ...1978101440
[age and season related dynamics of vitamin e levels in the serum of young cattle from birth to the age of 22 months].the dynamics of serum vitamin e levels in heifers was followed for 22 months. we found that calves were born with a very low, almost nil, content of this vitamin (on an average 0.029 mg%) as a result of the limited diaplacental transfer from the mother to the fetus. in the following period of extrauterine life and growing up of the young cattle conspicuous age dynamics was recorded which is, however, linked or affected by the seasons. colostral nutrition which is reflected in the increasing seru ...1979106508
local antivirals in a herpes simplex stromal keratitis model.a herpes simplex stromal keratitis rabbit model, which was produced by intrastromal injection of live virus, was used to evaluate the effects of local antivirals on the natural course of the disease. topical trifluridine (trifluorothymidine) and vidarabine monophosphate (adenine arabinoside monophosphate), when given early and frequently, suppressed the disease, indicating that viral replication was important in initiating the disease. however, seven days after the stromal disease had begun to d ...1979106813
effect of ethanol and acetaldehyde on the (na+ +k+)-activated adenosine triphosphatase activity of cardiac plasma membranes. 1975123743
physiological and genetic modifications of the expression of the yeast mitochondrial adenosine triphosphatase inhibitor.1. the oligomycin-sensitive atpase activity of submitochondrial particles of the glycerol-grown "petite-negative" yeast: schizosaccharomyces pombe is markedly stimulated by incubation at 40 degrees c and by trypsin activations are treatment. both increased in triton-x 100 extracts of the submitochondrial particles. 2. a trypsin-sensitive inhibitory factor of mitochondrial atpase with properties similar to that of beef heart has been extracted and purified from glycerol-grown and glucose-grown s. ...1975123768
adjuvant activity of bacterial peptidoglycans.purified peptidoglycans isolated from various gram negative and gram positive bacteria can substitute for mycobacteria in freund's adjuvant. monomeric subunits possess the same adjuvant activity. this activity seems to be related to the peptidic fraction.1975126567
[the protective effect of magnesium-aspartate-procaine cardioplegia on the hypertrophied left ventricle of the mini-pig (author's transl)].after induction of left ventricular hypertrophy by supravalvar constriction of the ascending aorta in mini pigs (atp and lactate) were measured under different cardioplegic conditions. in normothermia and plain anoxic arrest atp decrease and lactate increase were significantly slower in hypertrophied myocardium compared to normal myocardium. injection cardioplegia using magnesium-aspartate-procaine at 37 degrees c did not influence the atp decrease and lactate increase in the hypertrophied ventr ...1978150067
differences in the histochemical properties of skeletal muscles of different breeds of horses and dogs.histochemical profiles of individual muscle fibres were established using myosin adenosine triphosphatase (myosin atpase), succinate dehydrogenase (sdhase), and glycogen phosphorylase (gpase) reactions in three muscles (semitendinosus, diaphragm, and pectoralis transversus) of the horse and dog. the major histochemical difference between fibres lies in their myosin atpase activity; fibres can be subdivided into those with a high and those with a low activity. in horse muscle, all fibres have a h ...1978154495
catabolite inactivation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in spheroplasts from saccharomyces cerevisiae.catabolite inactivation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase was studied in yeast spheroplasts using 0.9 m mannitol or 0.6 m potassium chloride as the osmotic support. in the presence of potassium chloride the rate of catabolite inactivation was nearly the same as that occurring in intact yeast cells under different conditions of incubation. however, in the presence of mannitol, catabolite inactivation in spheroplasts was prevented. the mannitol inhibition of catabolite inactivation was released ...1979383159
tuberculosis in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus 1. a retrospective multicentre study of 123 cases in france. the groupe des infectiologues du sud de la order to study the epidemiological, clinical, and progressive characteristics of tb in hiv-infected individuals, a retrospective study was conducted in nine infectious disease centres of university hospitals located in the southern half of france. among the 5730 hiv-seropositive in- and out-patients, 123 (2.1 per cent) had tb (121 infections caused by m. tuberculosis, 2 by m. bovis). tuberculosis was pulmonary in 53 patients (43.1 per cent), extrapulmonary in 36 patients (29.3 per cent), and ...19921287704
localization and quantification of nonapeptide binding sites in the kidney of xenopus laevis: evidence for the existence of two different nonapeptide receptors.the distribution and properties of nonapeptide binding sites in the kidney of the anuran xenopus laevis were investigated using quantitative in vitro autoradiography. the binding studies were performed with [3h]arginine vasopressin (avp) as ligand because [125i]arginine vasotocin (avt) lacks biological activity. specific binding sites for [3h]avp are located in the glomeruli of the kidney. [3h]avp binding results in a steady state of association and dissociation between ligand and binding sites. ...19921563620
monozygotic twins discordant for the major signs of mccune-albright syndrome.we describe a girl, one of monozygotic (mz) twins, with endocrine dysfunction with precocious puberty, café-au-lait nevi and polyostotic fibrous dysplasia (pfd), mccune-albright syndrome (mas). after treatment with cyproterone acetate for 7 years the precocious puberty and excess growth improved but the bone-age still remain advanced. the co-twin had an advanced bone-age and a small café-au-lait spot, but showed neither endocrinopathy nor fibrous dysplasia of bone. on the basis of the findings i ...19911838461
relevance of n-nitrosamines to oesophageal cancer in china.oesophageal cancer occurs at a very high frequency in certain areas of china, especially in linxian county, henan province. previous studies suggested that n-nitroso compounds play a causative role. in order to study further the exposure of linxian inhabitants, the intake of n-nitrosamines in the diet was determined. the total daily intake of volatile nitrosamines and of n-nitroso-n-methylbenzylamine (nmbza) was higher in linxian than in two other counties. nmbza can induce cancer in animal and ...19911855832
pneumatic antishock garment decreases hemorrhage and mortality from splenic injury.the effect of the pneumatic antishock garment (pasg) in controlling hemorrhage and death from splenic injury was studied in a canine model. twelve (two groups of 6) anesthetized dogs had their spleens crushed. carotid blood pressure, carotid blood flow, splenic artery flow and abdominal aortic flow, as well as the death rate and blood loss, were measured. group 1 dogs did not have pasg inflation, but group 2 dogs had pasg inflation to an intraperitoneal pressure of 60 mm hg. all group 1 dogs die ...19911913398
regulation of the maize rab17 gene promoter in transgenic heterologous systems.the maize rab17 gene is expressed in different plant parts in response to aba and osmotic stress (j. vilardell et al., plant mol biol 14 (1990) 423-432). here we demonstrate that 5' upstream sequences of the rab17 gene confer the appropriate patterns of expression on the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (cat) reporter gene in transgenic tobacco plants, as well as in protoplasts derived from cultured rice cells. specifically, a cat construct containing a large 5' upstream fragment of rab17 (-13 ...19911932688
protective effect of inactivated pasteurella haemolytica bacterin challenged in bovine herpesvirus-1 experimentally infected calves.formalin-inactivated and sonicated pasteurella haemolytica bacterins were prepared from 1 h cultures of bacterial pellets in rpmi-1640 medium containing 7% fetal calf serum. the bacterial pellets were obtained from logarithmic phase growth of the organism by centrifugation. the protective effect of the vaccine was evaluated in 43 specific-pathogen-free hereford crossbred calves and yearlings in three experiments. cattle were either single vaccinated or boosted via three routes; intratracheally ( ...19902168606
a reappraisal of the role of methimazole and other factors on the efficacy and outcome of radioiodine therapy of graves' hyperthyroidism.the outcome of radioiodine therapy of graves' hyperthyroidism was retrospectively evaluated in 274 consecutive patients treated from 1975 to 1984. at 1-yr follow-up, permanent hypothyroidism occurred in 36.9% of patients and the cumulative incidence of hypothyroidism progressively increased up to 79.3% after 7-10 yr. at the end of the follow-up period, 148 patients (54%) were hypothyroid, 115 (42%) euthyroid and 11 (4%) still hyperthyroid. the prevalence of hypothyroidism was significantly highe ...19902258580
a reappraisal of the role of methimazole and other factors on the efficacy and outcome of radioiodine therapy of graves' hyperthyroidism.the outcome of radioiodine therapy of graves' hyperthyroidism was retrospectively evaluated in 274 consecutive patients treated from 1975 to 1984. at 1-yr follow-up, permanent hypothyroidism occurred in 36.9% of patients and the cumulative incidence of hypothyroidism progressively increased up to 79.3% after 7-10 yr. at the end of the follow-up period, 148 patients (54%) were hypothyroid, 115 (42%) euthyroid and 11 (4%) still hyperthyroid. the prevalence of hypothyroidism was significantly highe ...19902258580
induction of carcinoembryonic-antigen-gene expression in human colorectal carcinoma by sodium butyrate.the effect of sodium butyrate on the expression of the carcinoembryonic-antigen (cea) gene was studied in two poorly differentiated colorectal-carcinoma cell lines (clone-a and mip-101) and in one well-differentiated cell line (ls-174t); a.t.c.c. no. ccl 188). northern-blot and dot-blot analyses indicated a steady increase in cea mrna from day 4 to a maximal level by day 14 after these cells were exposed to 2 mm-sodium butyrate. studies using nuclear run-off assays followed by dot-blot hybridiza ...19902268282
substance p and neurotensin: their roles in the regulation of anterior pituitary function. 19862423025
receptors for substance p on isolated intestinal smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig.two radioligands, 125i-labeled substance p (125i-sp) and 125i-labeled substance k (125i-sk), were used to characterize the kinetics and stoichiometry of binding of mammalian tachykinins [substance p (sp), substance k (sk), and neuromedin k (nk)] to smooth muscle cells isolated from the longitudinal muscle layer of guinea pig intestine. specific binding of 125i-sp and 125i-sk was rapid, saturable, reversible, and temperature dependent. binding attained 63-70% of steady-state binding within 1 min, ...19872446507
hypocalcemic action of the several types of salicylic acid analogues.the present study was performed to see the structure-activity relationships on the aspirin-induced hypocalcemia. several kinds of salicylic acid (sa) analogues administered orally with a stomach tube. in general, the drugs were suspended in the 2% cmc solution. at the scheduled times after the treatment, 60 microliters of the blood was collected to determine the level of calcium. aspirin, sodium salt of o-hydroxybenzoic acid (na-salicylate), sodium salt of m- and p-hydroxybenzoic acid (hba), 2,5 ...19892519257
repair of experimental arteriotomy in rabbit aorta using a new resorbable elastin-fibrin biomaterial.a new artificial connective matrix which results from two reactions of fibrinogen and fibronectin on elastin was used to obturate a slit made in the abdominal aorta of rabbit. the so-called elastin-fibrin biomaterial behaved as a scaffold through which all the different structures were restored to their former condition. at 3 months, the material had disappeared and no thrombus, no inflammation or reject had been detected.19892621215
the rat 78,000 dalton glucose-regulated protein (grp78) as a precursor for the rat steroidogenesis-activator polypeptide (sap): the sap coding sequence is homologous with the terminal end of grp78.based on the striking sequence identity between the amino acid sequence of rat steroidogenesis-activator polypeptide (sap) and the carboxyl terminus of the 78,000 dalton glucose-regulated protein (grp78), the precursor-product relationship between grp78 and sap was investigated in leydig cells. immunoblot analysis with peptide antibodies specific for grp78 and sap showed that the putative sap precursor is also immunoreactive with the anti-grp78 antibody. genomic blot hybridizations further revea ...19892628731
[electrophysiologic effects of serotonin on atrioventricular conduction in dogs].in 12 anaesthetized dogs acute effects of serotonin on the atrioventricular conduction system were studied by obtaining intracardiac electrograms. the significant increase in the heart rate and decrease in aortic pressure elicited by an intravenous infusion of 50 mg/kg.min serotonin for 30 minutes were comparable to those observed in previous investigations. our data indicate a serotonin induced acceleration of the sinus node pacemaker and atrioventricular conduction by direct and indirect mecha ...19892633808
[productive aspergilloma on the inner wall of a cavity].fungus ball type pulmonary aspergilloma is easily recognizable on chest x-ray. this is a report on "productive aspergilloma on the inner wall of a cavity" (paic), named from our clinical experience in 1980, which grew to form aspergillus strata on partial or overall inner walls of the cavity. our 5 cases with this type supported the existence of this type and revealed an 18% incidence in patients with pulmonary aspergilloma, characteristic clinical features and immunological reactions, thus poin ...19892681908
current management of salivary gland tumors. part 2.the authors base their treatment of salivary gland malignancies on the size of the primary and the histopathologic diagnosis. group 1 includes smaller tumors in the t1 and t2 classification with cell types that are associated with slow growth. a parotidectomy is usually sufficient therapy for tumors in this group. group 2 contains t1 and 2 tumors with more aggressive behavior. total parotidectomy is indicated here, with postoperative radiotherapy. t3 tumors and patients with nodal metastasis or ...19892701414
in vivo dna cross-linking by cyclophosphamide: comparison of human chronic lymphatic leukemia cells with mouse l1210 leukemia and normal bone marrow cells.alkaline elution was done on a variety of cells following cyclophosphamide (cy) treatment in vivo. cells used were l1210 leukemia, normal mouse bone marrow, and peripheral blood cells obtained from a patient with chronic lymphatic leukemia (cll). endpoints used were determination of single strand breaks, dna-dna interstrand and dna-protein cross-links. after treatment of mice with cy (4 mg/mouse), low levels of single strand breaks were observed in both l1210 leukemia and cdf1 normal bone marrow ...19892731167
adaptation of contractile proteins in human heart and skeletal muscles.sarcomeric muscles including the myocardium respond to increased workload with adaptation by differential gene expression and without cell division. this is characteristic for postmitotic tissues. we showed that a short period of high intensity endurance training induces a shift from fast myosin heavy (hc) and light (lc) chain isoforms towards the slow variety within histochemically typed fibres of human vastus lateralis muscle. in an intermediary state of transition both varieties of isoforms a ...19892757604
biomagnetic functional localization of a peripheral nerve in man.the first detection of the magnetic field of a stimulated peripheral nerve in man is presented. the measurement was performed noninvasively and in vivo on a healthy subject. the spatio-temporal field distribution is utilized to calculate the location of bioelectric activity on the basis of the equivalent current dipole model. the localization of the active nerve tissue is confirmed by a computer tomography image of the upper arm cross-section. furthermore, a calculation of the total current dist ...19892765652
decreased 3 alpha-androstanediol glucuronide levels in plasma and random urines in male pseudohermaphroditism caused by 5 alpha-reductase deficiency.concentrations of 3 alpha-diol glucuronide (3 alpha-diol g) in plasma and/or random urine samples were determined in seven subjects with familial male pseudohermaphroditism (fmp) due to 5 alpha-reductase deficiency (5 alpha-rd). all subjects were natives of an isolated turkish village with a high incidence of consanguineous marriage. a specific and sensitive antibody to 3 alpha-diol was used for radioimmunoassay of 3 alpha-diol g after hydrolysis and chromatographic purification. the mean plasma ...19892770532
opening remarks of president fernando e. agrait on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the cayo santiago macaque colony. 19892780954
mk-801, a proposed noncompetitive antagonist of excitatory amino acid neurotransmission, produces phencyclidine-like behavioral effects in pigeons, rats and rhesus monkeys.the behavioral effects of mk-801 [(+)-5-methyl-10,11-dihydroxy-5h-dibenzo(a,d)cyclohepten-5,10-imin e], a proposed noncompetitive n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) antagonist, were compared to those of phencyclidine (pcp). in pigeons, mk-801 produced pcp-like catalepsy (i.e., loss of righting without eye closure and without muscle relaxation) and pcp-like discriminative stimulus effects. in rats, mk-801 produced pcp-like behavior (i.e., locomotion, sniffing, swaying and falling). in rhesus monkeys, li ...19882838610
an acyclovir-resistant strain of herpes simplex virus type 2 which is highly virulent for mice.herpes simplex virus type 2 (hsv-2), strain ys-4 c-1, isolated by plaque cloning from a clinical isolate was found to be resistant to acyclovir (acv; acycloguanosine) in vitro. it was sensitive to phosphonoacetic acid and 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine. thymidine kinase (tk) activity of ys-4 c-1 was less than 1% of that of other strains from the same clinical source. however, thymidine plaque autoradiography showed that ys-4 c-1 was not completely deficient in tk activity. ys-4 c-1 showed high ...19882845890
detection of infectious htlv-iii/lav virus in cell-free plasma from aids patients. 19852863528
proficiency testing of water microbiology laboratories in the a 3-year period, four series of simulated water samples containing selected test strains were distributed to more than 50 laboratories in the netherlands for bacteriological testing. participating laboratories examined the samples by enrichment or membrane filtration methods, or both, for total coliform organisms, thermotolerant coliform organisms, faecal streptococci and standard plate counts (37 degrees and 22 degrees c) according to dutch standard methods. the results were quantitatively s ...19872887540
dose-related effects of synthetic human beta-endorphin and naloxone on fed gastrointestinal humans, plasma beta-endorphin levels rise during application of acute stressful stimuli (vertigo, cold pain, and transcutaneous electrical stimulation) that induce gut motor disturbances. whereas it is possible that circulating beta-endorphin participates in the mediation of these central effects on gut motility, its role cannot be established solely on the basis of changes in plasma levels. therefore, we designed the present study to investigate 1) the dose-related effects of intravenous syn ...19862942039
auu-to-aug mutation in the initiator codon of the translation initiation factor if3 abolishes translational autocontrol of its own gene (infc) in vivo.we previously showed that escherichia coli translation initiation factor if3 regulates the expression of its own gene infc at the translational level in vivo. here we create two alterations in the infc gene and test their effects on translational autocontrol of infc expression in vivo by measuring beta-galactosidase activity expressed from infc-lacz gene fusions under conditions of up to 4-fold derepression or 3-fold repression of infc expression. replacement of the infc promoter with the trp pr ...19872954162
vectors for expression and amplification of cdna in mammalian cells: expression of rat phenylalanine hydroxylase.we have constructed two recombinant plasmid vectors for direct expression and amplification of cdna in mammalian cells. each vector carries two dominant selectable markers (the bacterial neo gene and the mouse dhfr gene), a promoter sequence (viral ltr in pav009/a+, and sheep metallothionein promoter in pmt010/a+), a polyadenylation signal sequence, and a bam hi site to allow insertion of cdna. we have used these vectors to prepare recombinant clones for the expression of rat phenylalanine hydro ...19863028740
vectors for expression and amplification of cdna in mammalian cells: expression of rat phenylalanine hydroxylase.we have constructed two recombinant plasmid vectors for direct expression and amplification of cdna in mammalian cells. each vector carries two dominant selectable markers (the bacterial neo gene and the mouse dhfr gene), a promoter sequence (viral ltr in pav009/a+, and sheep metallothionein promoter in pmt010/a+), a polyadenylation signal sequence, and a bam hi site to allow insertion of cdna. we have used these vectors to prepare recombinant clones for the expression of rat phenylalanine hydro ...19863028740
evaluation of the 11co2 positron emission tomographic method for measuring brain ph. i. ph changes measured in states of altered pco2.the 11co2 method for measuring local brain ph with positron emission tomography (pet) has been experimentally evaluated, testing the adequacy of the kinetic model and the ability of the method to measure changes in brain ph. plasma and tissue time/activity curves measured during and following continuous inhalation of 11co2 were fit with a kinetic model that includes effects of tissue ph, blood flow, and fixation of co2 into compounds other than dissolved gas and bicarbonate ions. for each of ten ...19873121647
arachidonic acid, prostaglandin e2 and f2 alpha inhibit leucine degradation in chick skeletal muscle.arachidonic acid (5 microm), prostaglandin e2 (0.28 microm) and f2 alpha (14 microm) inhibited (p less than 0.01) the rates of net leucine transamination, leucine oxidative decarboxylation and total co2 production from leucine in extensor digitorum communis muscles from fed ten-day-old chicks. indomethacin (50 microm) markedly inhibited (p less than 0.01) the rate of pge2 production in the presence of 5 microm arachidonic acid and prevented the inhibition of leucine degradation by arachidonic ac ...19883130060
sexual attitudes as correlates of sexual details in human figure drawing.the hypothesis that sexual attitudes, as measured by the sexual opinion survey, are related to the explicitness with which nude figures are drawn was examined. the presence or absence of various sexual and nonsexual anatomical features, as well as length and width measurements, were assessed in the drawing of nudes by 17 male and 23 female undergraduates. individuals with relatively positive sexual attitudes (erotophiles), as compared with individuals with relatively negative attitudes (erotopho ...19883282490
ethanol-induced inhibition of testosterone biosynthesis in vitro: lack of acetaldehyde effect.acute ethanol intake has been shown to decrease plasma testosterone levels in rodents and man. this is mainly due to inhibition of testosterone synthesis, but there is still some controversy about the mechanisms responsible for the inhibition. these mechanisms were studied in the present experiments with isolated rat leydig cells. leydig cells were incubated for two hours in sealed plastic vials with various concentrations of ethanol (0.3-40 mm) or acetaldehyde (5-40 microm). very low ethanol co ...19873593480
effect of naloxone on blood pressure and survival in different shock models in rats.the effect of naloxone on a number of experimental shock models, using the anaesthetized rat, was studied with special emphasis on mean arterial blood pressure (mabp) and chance of survival. only a slight increase in mabp was noted in haemorrhagic shock models whereas survival was not affected. naloxone was without effect in endotoxin shock (i.p. administration of endotoxin). in endotoxin shock (i.v. administration) naloxone increased mabp especially at a high dose of endotoxin. although surviva ...19863732383
role of palatability on meal-induced thermogenesis in human study the possible participation of food-induced sensory stimulation on meal thermogenesis an experiment was performed with eight female subjects. on alternate days subjects were fed either a highly palatable meal (hpm), containing 710 calories, or a nonpalatable meal (npm). the npm was prepared by mixing all the ingredients of the hpm and was presented to the subjects as a desiccated biscuit. the subjects were not informed about the composition of the npm, which they rated as tasteless and u ...19853883804
exploiting lymphocyte traffic to deliver radioactivity or ricin to lymphatic tissues. 19854050595
sensory-sensory projections to the amygdala and amygdalo-paleo-cerebello-neocortical interrelations. 19714103534
structural proteins of bacteriophage phi 29. 19714108183
synthesis and some pharmacological properties of 8-l-homoarginine-vasopressin and of 1-deamino-8-l-homoarginine-vasopressin. 19744836417
cross resistance of escherichia coli b ribosomes to inhibition of the puromycin reaction by erythromycin, spiramycin and chloramphenicol. 19684870247
the fine structure and innervation of the beta and delta cells in the islet of langerhans of the cat. 19674878690
collie eye anomaly. 19714994718
the oxidation of acetoin to co 2 in intact animals and in liver mince preparation. 19725029485
[primary transport of acute patients. optimal use of rescue resources exemplified by the canton of graubünden]. 20113927607
making time work for you. 20072216082
[contributions to clinical myology. classification]. 20113136470
treating erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease.the efficacy of antibiotic treatment of 117 patients with erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease was evaluated in terms of the necessity for retreatment and the prevention of the late manifestations of lyme disease. fifty-six patients with a minor form of the illness did not require retreatment and did not develop late manifestations following antibiotic treatment. three pregnant patients were included in this group. fourteen of sixty-one patients with a major form of the illness required re ...20113093544
[clinico-morphological signs of different forms of destructive pancreatitis].clinicomorphological comparisons in 434 cases of destructive pancreatitis showed that macroscopic signs of destruction develop in the first 12 hours from the onset of the attack. the elaborated criteria make it possible to evaluate the main morphological components of destructive pancreatitis--pancreonecrosis proper, parapancreatitis, peritonitis, and "polyvisceritis" and to use therapeutic measures on an individual basis.20061779556
dr gee goes to the house of lords. 20103105693
dr gee goes to the house of lords. 20103105693
[biochemical effects of continuous and discontinuous muscular work (interval work)]. 20164720306
imaging of the temporomandibular joint in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. 20071932822
[effort toward theorization: a leading force in practice, education and research]. 20061764937
the marihuana perception inventory: stage 1--development. 20123501461
substantial rise in sparteine metabolic ratio during haloperidol treatment.a sparteine test was carried out in 14 patients suffering from acute schizophrenic psychoses before and 1-2 times during oral haloperidol treatment in doses of 10-40 mg day-1. in patients classified as extensive metabolisers (sparteine mr less than 20 before treatment), haloperidol treatment resulted in a rise in sparteine mr that correlated with the serum-haloperidol concentration both within and between patients. at the highest serum haloperidol concentrations (60-80 nm) an increase in spartei ...20092713222
[application of professor machtou's compactors]. 20123482391
origin of immune diversity: genetic variation and selection. 20143927822
influence of antibiotics on the faecal excretion of bile pigments in healthy subjects.we have evaluated the effects of 10 antibiotics, given orally for 6 days to healthy subjects, on faecal excretion of urobilinogen. intake of bacitracin, vancomycin, clindamycin, erythromycin, and ampicillin resulted in a pronounced suppression of the faecal excretion of urobilinogen (p less than 0.05). intake of doxycycline, metronidazole, nalidixic acid, ofloxacin, and trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole had no significant effect. the effects of three antibiotics-ampicillin, clindamycin, and metroni ...20133775264
[the field of orthopedics. in observance of a. n. witt's 65th birthday]. 1998106247
gamma-radiolysis of aqueous solution of proline.gamma-radiolysis of 0.05 m neutral proline solution was investigated. as the main reaction of proline radiolysis in oxygenated solutions, the hydroxylation reactions leading to hydroxyproline formation and the reactions leading to the total destruction of the pyrrolidine ring were shown. in oxygen-free solutions the yield of these reactions decreased; in this medium combination reactions giving rise to higher molecular weight combination products (up to approx. 1500) belong to the most important ...2002126589
psychodynamics of the young handicapped person.psychodynamics of personality and ego development are related to motor development. the body image concept, important for normal psychologic performance is often impaired by somatic or cerebral defects. adolescents are particularly depressed by loss of self-esteem and thwarting of future career goals. sexuality is an important consideration for the handicapped.2002127532
coeliac disease. 20071976395
neurocristopathy syndrome: review of four cases.aberrant embryologic development of the neural crest may clinically result in one of several patterns of malformation. four examples of the neurocristopathy syndrome are described that collectively feature a very broad range of expression in these infants. because of the many expressions, the syndrome may not be recognized. we believe that greater familiarity with the disorder will aid in the discovery of unsuspected anomalies and provide clues about predisposing etiologies.20082359735
focal epithelial hyperplasia. 20123459991
implantation of the duromedics bileaflet cardiac valve prosthesis in 400 patients.from september, 1983, to april, 1986, 451 duromedics bileaflet cardiac valve prostheses were implanted in 400 patients at our institution in vienna. aortic valve replacement was done in 190 patients, 157 underwent mitral valve replacement (1 patient also underwent tricuspid valve replacement), 52 underwent double valve replacement, and 1 patient underwent isolated reoperation for tricuspid valve replacement. concomitant procedures were performed in 86 patients (21.5%). sixty-one patients (15.2%) ...20133632116
effect of membrane additives on vesicle fusion.a large variety of alkyl derivatives were found to either slow or block the low-temperature induced fusion of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine small unilamellar vesicles (dppc suv) when incorporated into the suv bilayer at five mol%. only corn oil was fusogenic.20062758525
quality of life in end-stage renal disease: a reexamination.a self-administered questionnaire assessing both objective and subjective quality of life was completed by 489 end-stage renal disease (esrd) patients in a representative sample of an entire network. patients differed in both objective and subjective quality of life when examined as a function of treatment modality. the quality of life is similar for successful transplant and home hemodialysis patients; these patients appear to fare better than other treatment groups on both objective and subjec ...20082493190
retroperitoneal approach to aortic surgery.the retroperitoneal approach has been recently advocated as an alternate approach to abdominal aortic surgery rather than the traditional transperitoneal approach. a comparative analysis of these two approaches was undertaken to clarify the differences. from june 1984 through june 1986, 172 patients underwent elective infrarenal abdominal aortic surgery on the vascular surgery service at eastern virginia medical school. one hundred nineteen were operated through a transperitoneal approach, and 5 ...20092708431
[skin diseases caused by cocci]. 20051214698
[electrocardiographic control over the state of hypothyroid patients in the process of lyothyronine-2-hydrochloride treatment]. 20154453560
hypersensitivity myocarditis and hepatitis associated with imipramine and its metabolite, desipramine.we present two cases of myocarditis and hepatitis with histologic characteristics of hypersensitivity-mediated drug reactions associated with imipramine and its metabolite, desipramine. in one case, death was directly attributed to myocarditis; in the second case, the patient died of an acute myocardial infarct, but myocarditis may have played a contributory role. one patient was taking imipramine, and therapeutic concentrations of imipramine and desipramine were documented in postmortem blood. ...20092760582
chondrodysplasia punctata: case report with dental findings. 20102942843
genetic aspects of gastrointestinal disease. 20164886054
[indices of the activity of the pathological process in chronic pneumonias]. 200192858
source locations of pattern-related visual evoked potentials (vep) components. 20124103548
recurrent polyposis nasi. plenary session, held during the 12th congress of the european rhinologic society, including the viith i.s.i.a.n. amsterdam (the netherlands), june 1988. 20092772490
connecting the ceruleus and the coronaries. 20123400609
2nd cardiovascular pharmacotherapy international symposium. october 18-22, 1987. abstracts. 20102908689
biological and clinical features of recurrent brief depression: a comparison with major depressed and healthy subjects.recurrent brief depression (rbd) has recently been proposed as a new subtype of affective disorder characterized by episodes of major depression which last less than two weeks. the aim of this study was to further evaluate the validity of this putative subtype by means of clinical and biological data. dst, tsh response to trh and sleep eeg variables were compared in 25 rbd patients sex- and age-matched to 25 major depressed (md) and 25 healthy subjects. family history, age at onset, and psychiat ...20061479136
temperature changes caused by mr imaging of the brain with a head coil.tissue heating caused by exposure to rf radiation is a primary safety concern in mr imaging. therefore, to determine temperature changes caused by high field strength mr imaging of the brain with a head coil, we measured body and skin temperatures in 35 patients immediately before and after clinical mr imaging. mr imaging was performed with a 1.5 t mr system using a 28-cm, open-bore rf transmit/receive head coil specifically designed for examinations of the brain. the average body temperature wa ...20113128077
[distribution of pick bodies in the central nervous system of pick's disease with special reference to their association with neuronal loss]. 20113039559
parkinsonism and huntington's chorea. 20144099351
naproxen prevention of heterotopic ossification after hip arthroplasty. a prospective control study of 55 patients.the effect of naproxen on heterotopic ossification after total hip replacement was studied in a randomized, double-blind trial. twenty-eight patients received 250 mg naproxen thrice daily for 4 weeks postoperatively starting on the morning of the operation while 27 control patients received a placebo. three months after the operation, 13 patients in the control group had heterotopic ossification compared with 4 patients in the group that received naproxen; and after 1 year, the figures were 15 a ...20071904183
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