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effect of thyrotropin injection on pyridine nucleotide content of thyroid in normal and hypophysectomized rat. 19664379921
[medullary puncture in leprosy. study of the bacillus]. 19664867902
[study of the effect of anticoagulants on the kidney function]. 19674175312
[effects of trna on thermal denaturation of escherichia coli and bacillus stearothermophilus leucyl-trna synthetases]. 19684184438
idoxuridine in herpesvirus encephalitis. 19704311201
factors affecting the permeability of isolated fat-cells from the rat to [42k] potassium and [36cl] chloride ions.1. the effluxes of (42)k(+) and (36)cl(-) from isolated fat-cells from the rat were studied under a variety of conditions known to affect the metabolism of the cells. 2. (42)k(+) efflux from isolated fat cells was increased in a na(+)-free-high-k(+) medium and decreased in a k(+)-free medium. the existence of k(+) exchange diffusion across the fat-cell membrane is suggested. 3. (36)cl(-) efflux from isolated fat-cells was decreased when the cl(-) component of the wash medium was replaced by acet ...19704315935
[susceptibility of culex pipiens molestus, forskal mosquitoes of the moscow population to wuchereria bancrofti, cobbold]. 19724653706
[participation of monoaminergic mechanisms of the rat hypothalamus in conditioned avoidance reactions]. 19734155649
viral isolate in superficial punctate keratitis. 19744357790
a study of absorption of compounds from the rat biliary tree by retrograde intrabiliary injection (rii).absorption of compounds from the biliary tree of rats was studied by a retrograde intrabiliary injection (rii) technique. after rii of a number of compounds in volumes that exceeded the maximum distended capacity of the biliary tree, only that volume of rii solution which corresponded to biliary tree capacity remained therein. furthermore, this latter portion of rii solution was absorbed by a first-order process when the duration of bile duct cannula occlusion was extended. thus, the present stu ...19751151745
[exploration of digestive electrophysiology using a new technic : electrointraperitoneography (eig)].a new and simple method, the electrointraperitoneography (e.i.g.) is described and used for the recording of the digestive motility in conscious dogs and in anesthetized rabbits and rats. with the e.i.g. method, we have found the two types of potentials which characterise the electrical activity of the small intestine : the basic electrical rhythm (b.e.r.) and the action potentials (spikes).1976134809
purity and antigenicity of insulin preparations. 197798958
pyridoxine kinase in plasmodium lophurae and duckling erythrocytes.pyridoxine kinase enzyme activity was greatly increased in duckling erythrocytes infected with plasmodium lophurae. pyridoxine kinase activity in parasites freed from erythrocytes was much greater than that of uninfected erythrocytes. the apparent km for pyridoxine of the parasite enzyme was 6.6 times 10(-5) m whereas the host red cell enzyme km was 1.9 times 10(-6) m. deoxypyridoxine inhibited host and parasite pyridoxine kinase activity with an apparent ki of 1.5 times 10(-6) and 8.6 times 10( ...1978216802
hypothalamic-pituitary responses to intracranial self-stimulation in the rat.the effects on pituitary and adrenal hormones of intracranial self-stimulation (iss) and forced stimulation in rewarding (ps) and non-rewarding (nss) sites were investigated in adult male rats. growth hormone (gh) was suppressed during periods of iss and ps and rose sharply to a peak within 15 min of cessation. the interval between gh secretory episodes was significantly shortened during all 3 types of stimulation when compared to the normal rhythmic discharge observed in freely behaving baselin ...1978308836
comparative effects of ursodeoxycholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid in the rhesus monkey. biochemical and ultrastructural studies. 1978411708
[experience with the use of the coulter counter model "s" in the field of animal experimentation]. 197898930
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
pineal compounds alter prolactin release from bovine pituitary cells. 1979107520
behavioral effects of low, acute doses of morphine in nontolerant groups of rats in an open-field test.groups of eight rats were treated with low, acute doses of morphine (2, 3.5, and 5 mg/kg body weight) or a corresponding volume of isotonic nacl solution. the formation of groups, certain other features of social interaction, plus some individual items were recorded. morphine induced an increase in the frequency of group formations without disruption of grooming and rearing patterns. the total picture of morphine-induced behavior changes at the dose levels used might be characterized as a polyac ...1979113834
mineralization of the enamel of ovine permanent central incisor teeth using microhardness and histological techniques. 1979116728
diagnosis of pituitary micro-adenomas by computed tomography.ten cases of pituitary micro-adenomas are reported. skull radiographs and tomography were negative or questionable in all 10 cases. all patients were scanned because of changes in the endocrine system governed by the pituitary fossa. all patients presented clinically with symptoms which indicated the presence of micro-adenomas. surgery verified 4 cases which were proved to be adenomas on histological examination.1979542883
intestinal fistula from a toothpick. 1980440256
in vitro ethanol effects on the transport properties of isolated renal brush-border membrane vesicles.the in vitro effect of ethanol on membrane structure and transport properties was studied in isolated renal brush border membrane vesicles. 31p-nmr studies showed a dose-dependent increase in the quantity of an isotropic, possibly inverted-micellar component of the renal brush-border membrane as a result of treatment with ethanol. such structures have been shown to be instrumental in the translocation of material across membrane bilayers. a 23na-nmr study of na+ exchange in artificial phosphatid ...19854093956
a non-linear analysis of afferent modulatory activity in the cat somatosensory system.the effects of prior input on afferent activity in the somatosensory system of the cat have been studied using both twin-pulse experiments and random stimulus trains for which evoked activity is characterized by a set of mathematical functions known as kernels. the kernels quantitatively characterize transformational processes occurring in the system. the first-order kernel is analogous to a classical averaged evoked potential, but to temporally interacting stimuli; the second-order kernel may b ...19852580696
[uptake and distribution of zn-65 in the masticatory system of albino rats]. 19863732953
high oxygen requirements of dyskinetic cardiac muscle.this study assesses the regional oxygen requirements of muscle segments that are beating and working, beating and empty, arrested and decompressed, and nonischemic that move dyskinetically. regional oxygen demands were evaluated by producing a dyskinetic segment by infusing regional cardioplegic solution through a left anterior descending coronary artery catheter with and without extracorporeal circulation. the results show that the o2 demands of the perfused dyskinetic cardiac muscle segment (4 ...19863747582
malpais spring virus: a new vesiculovirus from mosquitoes collected in new mexico and evidence of infected indigenous and exotic ungulates.two virus isolates, 1 each from aedes campestris and psorophora signipennis mosquitoes collected in south central new mexico in august 1985, were shown by neutralization tests to be identical to each other, but not to any of more than 250 arthropod-borne and other viruses. electron microscopy of 1 isolate (85-488nm, chosen as the prototype) indicated that this strain shares morphologic characteristics with viruses of the family rhabdoviridae. indirect fluorescent antibody tests indicated that th ...19883061310
the effect of dietary cholesterol and fat on the risk of lung cancer in hawaii.a population-based case-control study of the association between dietary lipids and lung cancer was carried out in hawaii between march 1983 and october 1985. the sample included 226 men and 100 women with lung cancer and 597 male and 268 female controls, frequency-matched to the cases on sex and five-year age group. personal interviews were conducted in the home by trained interviewers using a quantitative diet history method. the items in the questionnaire were chosen to provide an estimate of ...19883195565
a developmental-genetic analysis of aggressive behavior in mice (mus musculus): iii. behavioral mediation by heightened reactivity or immobility?this research was designed to investigate development and behavioral mediation in lines of icr mice that have been selectively bred for aggressive behavior. general behavioral reactivity and behavioral immobility have been implicated as potential mediators by prior analyses of preattack interactions. to evaluate the separate roles of these dispositions, the emergence of attacks in genetically selected lines was tracked for 11 years by three levels of analysis: over successive generations, over d ...19883215014
eucating the dental auxiliary: what comes next? a personal view. 19881055719
wilms' tumor to the heart: clinical and radiographic evaluation.the clinical and radiographic appearances of four children with cardiac extension of wilms' tumor and four cases from the literature are described. four of the eight children were seen for "cardiac problems" and four for "routine" wilms' tumor. in those "routine" cases, there were no clinical suggestions of inferior vena cava or cardiac extension. preoperative screening for tumor extension may be crucial. however, because of the rarity of cardiac extension, it would be appropriate to screen pati ...1989209681
the relation between hospital experience and in-hospital mortality for patients with aids-related pcp.there is marked debate by physicians and policymakers regarding the creation of regionalized acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) centers. a central issue is whether outcomes of care, particularly mortality, differ as a function of hospital experience with patients with aids. we evaluated the experience of 257 patients with aids and pneumocystis carinii pneumonia treated at 15 california hospitals between october 1986 and october 1987. an overall 15.2% in-hospital mortality rate was observe ...19892785607
the role of reductive and oxidative metabolism in the toxicity of mitoxantrone, adriamycin and menadione in human liver derived hep g2 hepatoma cells.the cytotoxic properties of quinones, such as menadione, are mediated through one electron reduction to yield semi-quinone radicals which can subsequently enter redox cycles with molecular oxygen leading to the formation of reactive oxygen radicals. in this study the role of reduction and oxidation in the toxicity of mitoxantrone was studied and its toxicity compared with that of adriamycin and menadione. the acute toxicity of mitoxantrone was not mediated through one-electron reduction, since i ...19892553092
proton nmr and cd solution conformation determination and opioid receptor binding studies of a dynorphin a(1-17) model peptide.the opioid peptide dynorphin a(1-17) contains a peptide segment in residues 7-15 with the potential to form an amphiphilic beta-strand. this amphiphilic structure may, like the amphiphilic alpha-helices found in many other peptide hormones, be an important determinant of its interactions with membranes and receptors. in order to investigate and characterize these interactions, we have synthesized a 17-residue dynorphin analogue (yggflkkvkpkvkvkss) that incorporates a peptide model of this amphip ...19892574597
calcitonin gene-related peptide stimulates irregular spiking and transit of contents in the small intestine of the rat. 19902327270
some aspects of the physiological and pharmacological control of the synthesis of triacylglycerols and phospholipids.the effects of dietary modification, starvation, stress and diabetes on the activity of phosphatidate phosphohydrolase are discussed. evidence is presented that this enzyme is involved in controlling the rate of triacylglycerol synthesis in the liver. drugs such as fenfluramine and benfluorex are able to inhibit phosphatidate phosphohydrolase by interacting with the substrate. this decreases the rate of triacylglycerol synthesis and redirects the route of glycerolipid metabolism. benfluroex also ...1990213394
thermodynamics of binding of oxidized and reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides, adenosine-5'-diphosphoribose, and 5'-iodosalicylate to dehydrogenases. 1990208598
generation of antibodies against human hsp27 and murine hsp25 by immunization with a chimeric small heat shock protein.a hybrid protein containing the n-terminal part of the murine stress protein hsp25 (amino acids 1 to 110) and the c-terminal part of the human stress protein hsp27 (amino acids 111 to 208) was expressed in e. coli using a t7 polymerase/promoter system. the recombinant hybrid protein was purified and used for immunization of rabbits. in contrast to immunization experiments using hsp25 and hsp27 alone, immunization with the hybrid protein hsp25/27 leads to antibodies which can be used for detectio ...19911796898
influence of muramyl dipeptide on renal candidiasis in genetically distinct mice.susceptible (dba/2) and resistant (c57bl/6) mice were inoculated intravenously with candida albicans to evaluate the effect of a four-day prophylaxis with muramyl dipeptide (mdp) on the renal burden of organisms during the first week after infection. in sham-treated dba/2 mice injected with 8 x 10(4) candida cells, renal cfu (log10 +/- sem) on days 1, 4 and 7 after infection were found to average 5.050 +/- 0.109, 4.882 +/- 0.133 and 5.482 +/- 0.245. in sham-treated c57bl/6 mice injected with 2 x ...19921472365
correlation between the appearances of the ventricular system at carotid angiography and computer assisted axial assisted axial tomography and the venous phase of carotid angiography provide complementary assessments of the ventricular and paraventricular structures. the computer assisted tomography more readily defines the ventricular system, but can prove weak in differentiating paraventricular gliomas, solitary metastasis and infarcts. angiography plays a major role in differentiating between these three conditions, but is poor in accurately localizing and identifying intra- and paraventricular ...1992207140
[mixed tumors (ii)]. 1993203975
[stress in journalists (author's transl)].the stress problems of 227 swiss journalists with a mean age of 43 years (189 men) and 39 years (38 women) were recorded by means of questionnaires (76% returns). about 90% of all those questioned admitted suffering from stress at the present time. however 88% of the juniors and 96% of the seniors enjoy their work. 20% of all those questioned were anxious about their livelihood. 97% of the total live under pressure of deadlines, only one in 3 has regular working hours. half the younger and two f ...1998107422
the evolution of sexual reproduction as a repair mechanism. part i. a model for self-repair and its biological implications.the theory is presented that the sexual process is a repair mechanism which maintains redundancy within the sub-structure of hierarchical, self-reproducing organisms. in order to keep the problems within mathematically tractable limits (see part ii), a simple model is introduced: a wheel with 6 spokes, 3 of them vital and 3 redundant, symbolizes the individual (cell or organism). random accidents destroy spokes; the wheels replicate at regular cycles and engage periodically in pairing and repair ...1998107686
opposite effects of one and three injections of cortisone or thyroxine on intestinal lactase activity in suckling mice.a single injection of cortisone or thyroxine to 8-day-old suckling mice initiates a temporary decrease of lactase activity. on the contrary, 3 injections of cortisone or thyroxine provoke a significant increase of lactase activity. it appears that the mechanism which controls the postnatal development of lactase in suckling animals is more complex than expected.1998108133
benign encephalitis: electro-oculographic analysis of opsoclonus.two cases of benign encephalitis are described, which showed opsoclonus associated with myoclonic jerks of the body and face, and with cerebellar dystaxia in one case. eog and eeg analysis during the course of these cases showed: 1. opsoclonic eye movements were triggered by saccadic and non-saccadic eye movements, 2. decrease of luminancy and loss of fixation were releasing, but not triggering opsoclonic bursts during the initial stages, 3. eye closure had the strongest trigger effect, which la ...199993636
home observation for measurement of the environment: a revision of the preschool scale.information pertaining to a revision of the caldwell home inventory for use with families of children ages 3 to 6 was presented. factor and item analyses were used as a basis for reducing the number of items from 80 to 55. the items were clustered into eight subscales. kuder-richardson 20 coefficients for the scale ranged from .53 to .93. concurrent and predictive validity studies indicated that the home scales significantly correlated with iq (as high as r = .58). low to moderate correlations w ...199993417
immuno-chemotherapy of malignant lymphoma using ok-432, a streptococcal agent.clinical trials of immuno-chemotherapy were conducted on malignant lymphoma patients. patients during the period from 1972 through 1977 were allocated to two groups retrospectively according to the mode of treatment, i.e., chemotherapy alone (historical control group, 35 patients) and chemotherapy with ok-432 (treated group, 15 patients). comparisons were made of the two groups, which were homogeneous with regard to induction chemotherapy, maintenance chemotherapy, stage and histologic type of d ...200094239
morphometric analysis of b2camp induced reverse transformation in synchronized cho cells.synchronized tranformed and reverse-transformed (by 10(-3) m b2camp) cho-k1 cells, growing adherent to plastic, are characterized by means of geometric and densitometric parameters at the level of both the entire cell and of the nuclei at various time intervals after selective miotic detachment. transformed and reverse-transformed cells triple-stained with feulgen, napthol yellow s, and periodic acid-schiff appeared very similar in terms of integrated optical density (iod), related to either pol ...200195183
disulphide cross-linked macromolecules formed by thiolated insulin and globin. 200134704
facet joints and low back pain. 2002148937
transfer properties of glass micropipettes. 2003148062
[relation between endocrinology and psychiatry. some recent developments].relations between endocrinology and psychiatry are developing in two main directions: behavioural effects of hormones. after the effects of peripheral hormones, recent works are concerned with a.c.t.h. and antidiuretic hormone (which interfere with memory process) and with hypothalamic peptides (which might have psychotropic properties, independant of their endocrine regulation function). -correlations between psychiatric syndroms and endocrine disorders. in some mentally depressed patients, dis ...2003165466
[immunologic mechanisms in perthes' disease]. 2004421618
russell bodies consist of heterogenous glycoproteins in b-cell lymphoma cells.the phenotypic expression of russell bodies (rb) in the tumor cells of two patients with different types of b-cell lymphoma and of one patient with plasma cell myeloma were examined. in both b-cell lymphomas, the rbs reacted consistently with anti-leu 8 and anti-immunoglobulin m. the rbs in one case also reacted with other monoclonal antibodies, including anti-cd5, cd19, cd22, and cd25. the membranes of most of the tumor cells containing rbs did not stain. in the myeloma, the rbs reacted only wi ...20051317669
genetic control of ldh isozymes in the rana esculenta complex.studies of ldh isozymes in the european green frogs showed that the synthesis of the b subunits is controlled by 3 alleles at a single genetic locus. the genetic evidence supports the hypothesis that rana esculenta is the hybrid of r. lessonae x r. ridibunda.20051082820
cervical cancer in new zealand. 20051978106
computer processing of the scintigraphic image using digital filtering techniques. 20051064003
nocturia: a risk factor for falls in the determine if nocturia is a risk factor for reported falls and bone fractures in older persons.20061447437
thymocytopoiesis is maintained by blood-borne precursors throughout postnatal life. a study in parabiotic mice.this study was designed to resolve the long standing controversy as to whether hematogenous precursors or resident intrathymic precursors maintain thymocytopoiesis in postnatal life. the kinetics of thymic chimerism was examined over a 21-wk period in 105 pairs of nonirradiated, thy-1-alloantigen-disparate, parabiotic b10.s mice. thymic chimerism reached reached maximum levels of 25% in the thy-1b and 16% in the thy-1a partners (mean 20.5% and 9.8%, respectively) 6 to 7 wk after parabiotic union ...20061347301
kappa and attenuation of the odds ratio.this paper explores the relation between reliability and validity for binary variables. an equation is first derived for expressing the kappa coefficient of reliability as a function of true prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, and the degree of correlation of errors within true positives and within true negatives. it is then shown that under certain circumstances kappa is closely related to an index of the validity of the odds ratio as a means for quantifying an association between an imperfec ...20072078611
a comparison of methods of dietary assessment in australian children aged 11-12 years.a total of 225 children attending year 7 classes in state primary schools in perth, australia, participated in the study. nutrient intakes were determined by a number of low-intensity methods and compared with intakes determined by a reference method based on 14 24-h diet records collected over several months and covering each day of the week twice. the low-intensity methods were (i) a food frequency questionnaire (ffq) administered to the children in school, (ii) the same ffq administered to th ...20082612456
a comparison of methods of dietary assessment in australian children aged 11-12 years.a total of 225 children attending year 7 classes in state primary schools in perth, australia, participated in the study. nutrient intakes were determined by a number of low-intensity methods and compared with intakes determined by a reference method based on 14 24-h diet records collected over several months and covering each day of the week twice. the low-intensity methods were (i) a food frequency questionnaire (ffq) administered to the children in school, (ii) the same ffq administered to th ...20082612456
a radiographic and histologic study of the topographic relations in the temporomandibular joint region: implications for a nerve entrapment mechanism.a radiographic and histologic investigation was performed in 18 temporomandibular joint (tmj) autopsy specimens. disc position was determined arthrotomographically. the pathway of the nerve branches in the vicinity of the joint was reconstructed from serial sagittal or frontal histologic sections. the relationship between the joint components and the different nerves running in the vicinity of the joint was studied. the results revealed the existence of topographical prerequisites for mechanical ...20082395048
schematic representation of nf-1 clinical features in italian. 20082518516
use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue in advanced prostatic cancer: 3 years clinical experience.the relative efficacy of the recently introduced gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) analogues in advanced prostatic cancer, compared with surgical castration, is still debatable. high patient compliance, lack of side effects, and absence of the psychological impact of castration, seem to be the most prominent advantages cited. our long-term follow-up in a group of 19 prostate cancer patients treated with gnrh analogue also indicated high patient compliance and mild side effects. however, we f ...20082474522
[combination chemotherapy with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (cddp) and other anticancer agents for patients with advanced esophageal cancer].combination chemotherapy with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (cddp) and other anticancer agents was performed in patients with advanced esophageal cancer. from july 1982 to september 1984, 16 patients were entered into this study and divided into two regimens. in regimen i, 5 patients were treated with a daily dose of 20 mg cddp and 10 mg peplomycin for five consecutive days and 10 mg mitomycin c on the first day. this course was repeated 2 or 3 times every 4 weeks. as for evaluation, 1 pr (20%) a ...20082408579
[neck anastomosis of esophagus and retroaortically transposed reduced tubular stomach in the treatment of esophageal cancer].one hundred and twelve esophageal cancer patients underwent esophagus resection with neck anastomosis of esophagus and reduced tubular stomach raised from the stomach bed and back of the aortic arc. twelve (10.8%) cases developed early complications and 2 (1.8%) died. the 3 and 5 year survival rates were 48.7% (19/39) and 33.3% (3/9), respectively. the operative procedure, its advantages and points to be noted are discussed.20082276331
the effect of cigarette smoking on salivation and esophageal acid further define the influence of cigarette smoking on the pathophysiology of gastroesophageal reflux disease, studies were done to evaluate acid clearance in the esophagus and the salivary titratable base secretion of chronic smokers as compared to those of nonsmokers, and to ascertain the acute effects of smoking on these variables. eight nonsmoking volunteers and 16 cigarette smokers without symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease were studied. all studies were initiated after a 6-hour f ...20092794756
[complications of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy].the authors reviewed treatments performed worldwide using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy since its introduction in west germany in 1980 to determine the efficacy of this treatment modality and its potential risks. the prevention of complications related to patients or shock wave energy are discussed, as well as the cardiovascular complications related to immersion, prevention of lesions to nearby organs, treatment of eswl-induced bleeding, treatment of post-eswl ureteral obstruction, prev ...20092699550
the effect of dentinal pretreatment on microleakage in class v composite resin restorations with two dentinal adhesive systems. 20092700814
["lumbo-sciatica" diagnostic error in tumor of the lumbosacral roots or the lumbosacral plexus]. 20092812161
["lumbo-sciatica" diagnostic error in tumor of the lumbosacral roots or the lumbosacral plexus]. 20092812161
association between tumour necrosis factor in serum and fatal outcome in patients with meningococcal disease.serum samples taken on admission from 79 patients with meningococcal meningitis, septicaemia, or both, were examined in a highly sensitive bioassay for tumour necrosis factor (tnf). tnf was detected in samples from 10 of 11 patients who died but from only 8 of 68 survivors. all 5 patients with serum tnf levels over 440 units/ml (corresponding to 0.1 ng/ml recombinant tnf) died.20102880163
phase ii trial of methylprednisolone pulse therapy in childhood chronic thrombocytopenia.nineteen children with chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenia (itp) were treated with a single intravenous injection of methylprednisolone (mp), 15 mg/kg/day, for 3 consecutive days. the 3-day pulses gave rise to a positive and fast therapeutic response with increase of the platelet count in about three quarters of the patients. the platelet count remained above 50 x 10(9)/1 for more than 1 month in 10 children. eight out of them still presented a safe platelet count (greater than 50 x 10(9)/1) 4 m ...20103115034
new evidence with selective agonists and antagonists for the subclassification of pge2-sensitive (ep) receptors. 20102889338
divorce: a new approach from barnardo's. 20103231140
awareness of hypoglycaemia in diabetes. 20102889117
commissioning international health. 20102889972
horner's syndrome associated with carotid artery atherosclerosis. 20113337201
immunotherapy: basic research and clinical outlook. 20113204114
harman in alcoholic beverages: pharmacological and toxicological implications.harman, a beta-carboline compound, was identified and quantitated in beer and wine samples using a combination of high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection and gas chromatography-negative chemical ionization mass spectrometry. the concentration of harman in beer (7.3-140.0 ng/ml) was greater than in wine (0.8-10.5 ng/ml) and was not related to alcohol content. the pharmacological and toxicological implications of harman in alcoholic beverages are discussed.20113067615
therapeutic advisory program: an opportunity for clinical pharmacology. 20123345613
multivariate analysis of risk factors in cadaver donor kidney collected prospectively on 3811 kidney transplants performed between june 1977 and july 1982 with follow-up to july 1984 by the 42 member institutions of the south-eastern organ procurement foundation were analyzed to identify factors associated with graft and patient outcome in patients not receiving cyclosporine. multivariate cox regression analysis was used to examine the association and relative risk of 24 variables with three actuarial outcomes: overall graft failure, irreversible reje ...20123523879
psoriasis. 20123463315
[measurement of the anti-complementary activity of gamma-globulin preparations for intravenous administration]. 20124100946
no effect of acetylcystein on refractory rheumatoid arthritis.acetylcystein has some chemical similarities with penicillamine and other thiol containing compounds with effect on rheumatoid arthritis. we report an open trial on seven patients with refractory rheumatoid arthritis in which no beneficial effect could be seen after up to twelve months treatment in doses 600-1200 mg acetylcystein daily. no definite laboratory changes were seen, apart from a tendency towards higher iga levels at the end of the treatment period.20133791720
[anesthesia in aortocoronary bypass surgery: comparison of effects on hemodynamics of recent technics of total intravenous anesthesia].20 patients electively scheduled for operation were enrolled in the study and anaesthetized randomly with one of the two techniques etomidate + fentanyl (i) or flunitrazepam + fentanyl (ii). haemodynamics were assessed by continuously measuring blood pressure in the systemic and pulmonary circulations, as well as the heart rate, and intermittently determining the cardiac output. it could be shown that systemic arterial blood pressure, in spite of an initial drop after induction of anaesthesia, r ...20133907396
mucociliary function following inferior meatal antrostomy. 20133612671
clinical significance of deaths after discharge from hospital unrecorded in the hospital notes. 20144176158
phosvitin kinase from brain: activation by ions and subcellular distribution. 20144284465
the antigastric-antibody test as a screening procedure for vitamin-b12 deficiency in psychiatric practice. 20144162164
[resection of the superficial femoral vein in the treatment of post-phlebitis syndrome. renewal of therapeutic interest]. 20144139726
electrocardiographic changes following electric shock. 20154443024
[blastic lymphocyte transformation in hodgin's disease]. 20154424290
[anesthesia and resuscitation in the child with high-risk urologic disease]. 20154424289
management of the white lung syndrome. 20154553884
idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome. treatment with continuous negative-pressure ventilation. 20154633512
[subacute thyroiditis]. 20154456099
career mobility within the oral health care delivery team. 20154500134
[practice and future of anesthesiology--means to avert a crucial shortage of anesthetists]. 20154672631
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