[the effect of blood-filled meshwork of arachnoid villi in connection with posttraumatic brain edema (author's transl)].based on the kellie-munro doctrine according to which the intracranial compartments--blood, brain, and csf--are in a state of pressure and volume equilibrium, we examined if traumatic lesions of the liquor absorption passages could change the intracranial pressure (icp). therefore, we reviewed the arachnoid villi and granulations of patients which died as a result of head injuries. in cases of traumatic subarachnoidal hemorrhages the meshwork of arachnoid villi are filled throughout with blood. ...2004419940
reduction in rank: vestige of the past? 2004412128
adverse events temporally associated with immunizing agents: 1987 report. 20072804852
imaging of the temporomandibular joint in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. 20071932822
[current approaches to immunological diagnosis of autoimmune and immune complex diseases]. 20102974642
changes in height of the alveolar process in edentulous segments. ii. a longitudinal clinical and radiographic study over 5 years of full upper denture patients with residual lower anteriors. 20144897565
statistics. 20164823718
[continuous measuring of intracranial pressure (icp) via epidural pressure transducer (author's transl)].continuous epidural monitoring of icp was performed on 20 patients during a 6 day's period with the model 77450 of philips. a significant decrease of intracerebral pressure after application of sorbitol and dexamethasone could be demonstrated. comparing the very low rate of complications with the resulting advantages, the described method can be recommended for controlled treatment of elevated icp.1998107014
[repair of huge hernia in scar]. 2004535813
electroconvulsive therapy: an overview.modifications in technique, including the use of anesthesia and muscle-relaxing drugs, make electroconvulsive therapy safe and easy to administer. there are few contraindications, complications are rare, and efficacy is well-documented.2004441398
total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol measurements. hazards in clinical interpretation.duplicate plasma specimens from 24 persons were sent to a community hospital, a commercial laboratory, and a university lipid research laboratory at two separate times to assess the intralaboratory and interlaboratory variations of total and high-density cholesterol measurements. for all three laboratories, the 95% confidence limits for the reproducibility of total cholesterol levels are about +/- 5.5%. for high-density lipoprotein (hdl) values, they are +/- 7%, +/- 14.45%, and +/- 9%. interlabo ...20082588565
evolution of dialytic therapy. 20082680258
ovarian stimulation for disordered ovulatory cycles. 20103109361
cancer and malnutrition--a critical interaction: a review. 20113917603
cancer and malnutrition--a critical interaction: a review. 20113917603
the radiological identification of tumours in children.the diagnostic imaging procedures now available for the identification of tumours are many. much of the information gained from one imaging procedure is simply duplicated by another without the addition of new information. this is wasteful of resources. an understanding of the advantages and limitations of each technique is essential for the selection of the best diagnostic pathways. these are briefly described and followed by a brief discussion of the role of radiology in the protocols for the ...20123322552
[possibilities of intracavitary contact therapy of the cervicofacial region using the decatron afterloading equipment]. 20133774996
complications of portacaval anastomosis. by-products of a controlled investigation. 20154573727
sunburn sensitivity and steroids. 20165087735
measurement of ionization distributions in tissue-equivalent gas. 20165012862
noise and the highway patrolman. 20164753468
variations in ambient temperature can lead to incorrect prediction of the luteinizing hormone surge using urinary dipsticks (ovustick).to prevent laparoscopy from being timed after ovulation has occurred, the detection of luteinizing hormone (lh) surge in women being superovulated for in vitro fertilization is a key factor. urinary dipsticks provide patients with a simple means of monitoring their lh levels at home; however, many patients experience difficulties interpreting the blue color of these sticks and variations in color intensity. to investigate the temperature dependence of these lh urinary dipsticks, the ovustick tes ...20133580334
technical aspects of dr. kryter's paper "impairment to hearing from exposure to noise" with respect to the niosh statistics. 20164712552
genentech's boom is boosted by new clinical trial data. 20113127729
traumatic diaphragmatic hernias--pitfalls in the barium meal. 20133770913
[chemical components of pathogens and the mechanism of their virulence: position of antigen radicals]. 20113795523
a longitudinal study of 21 subjects with coronary heart disease: life changes, catecholamine excretion and related biochemical reactions. 20154644659
male fertility after successful chemotherapy for lymphoblastic leukaemia. 200091850
[comparative studies of enoxacin and amoxicillin for acute uncomplicated cystitis in women].120 women suffering from acute uncomplicated bacterial cystitis were treated in an open randomized study either with 1 x 400 mg enoxacin or 1 x 3 g amoxicillin per os. analysis of midstream urine and bacteriological urine cultures were examined before, two and seven days as well as six weeks after therapy. treatment with enoxacin resulted in 97.5% (second day), respectively 92.5% (seventh day) bacteriologically sterile urine cultures, whereas the rate of sterile urines following amoxicillin reac ...20123463544
coeliac disease. 20071976395
[experience with treating patients with a hypothalamic snydrome and neurasthenia by electrophoresis of a mixture of ganglioblockaders]. 199819904
evaluating a geriatrics program in an acute-care hospital. 20133623140
[relation between endocrinology and psychiatry. some recent developments].relations between endocrinology and psychiatry are developing in two main directions: behavioural effects of hormones. after the effects of peripheral hormones, recent works are concerned with a.c.t.h. and antidiuretic hormone (which interfere with memory process) and with hypothalamic peptides (which might have psychotropic properties, independant of their endocrine regulation function). -correlations between psychiatric syndroms and endocrine disorders. in some mentally depressed patients, dis ...2003165466
psychiatric morbidity in a sample of a london coroner's open hundred and thirty-four deaths recorded as open verdicts in the inner west london coroner's district during 1969 and 1970 have been surveyed for evidence of mental illness. for 110 (82 per cent) of these deaths the probable verdicts were suicide or accident and they were reclassified as undetermined deaths. of these deaths 73 per cent were diagnosed as mentally ill, 54 per cent were receiving medical treatment for psychological symptoms before death, 42 per cent had a history of psychiatric ...20051182365
the long term prospects of rehabilitation in cerebral palsy in singapore. 2005545704
the development of a virtual database to provide on-line access to a large archive of clinical data.the archival database of the help hospital information system at lds hospital is too large to be stored on line. the archival data are important for clinical and research applications. demountable disk packs have been used to store the archival database. this method of storage has four significant disadvantages. a virtual database was developed to overcome the limitations of this data-management scheme. this virtual database enables the transparent use of appropriate low-cost network-based stora ...20061482943
the aching mouth and the aching psyche. 20051074368
[clonidine as a sedative in horses]. 20144004750
[how to prevent sexually transmissible diseases]. 20133853295
imaging metastases of thyroid carcinoma. 20133668671
psycho-social aspects of recovery from coronary heart disease: a review. 2003329420
effect of membrane additives on vesicle fusion.a large variety of alkyl derivatives were found to either slow or block the low-temperature induced fusion of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine small unilamellar vesicles (dppc suv) when incorporated into the suv bilayer at five mol%. only corn oil was fusogenic.20062758525
[what should be done in a meniscal lesion?].the treatment of meniscal lesions closely depends on the context in which they occur. in isolated lesions of the medial meniscus, meniscectomy under arthroscopy remains the best method. when the meniscal lesion complicates a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, meniscal suture associated with reconstruction of the ligament may be contemplated. in case of degeneration of the medial meniscus or lesion of the lateral meniscus, various therapeutic approaches may be envisaged.20082602876
[membrane lipids and membrane enzymes]. 20102993699
free radical formation in pyrimidine derivatives: a study of 5-nitrouracil at 77 k. 2003164682
[osseointegrated implants. core-vent and screw-vent].51 variously edentolous patients have been treated by placing 143 core-vent and screw-vent osteointegrated implants. the follow-up ranges from 8 to 20 months. just one implant was removed. the authors explain their surgical method and their considerations about the two different kinds of implants. some clinical cases are reported.20092700964
dysoria, a new dimension of pathology. 20144986455
[an unusual case of simultaneous follicular and radicular cysts in the maxilla]. 2003283512
[bilateral cervical internal carotid artery aneurysms (author's transl)].aneurysms of the cervical internal carotid artery are not rare lesions although they often remain symptomless. the authors describe the case of an eighteen-year-old boy presenting bilateral cervical internal carotid artery aneurysms of probable traumatic origin and treated conservatively. etiology, pathogenesis, difficulties in diagnosis and choice of treatment are discussed.2004492432
traumatic fat necrosis of the face in children. 2004444773
production of sister chromatid exchanges by various cancer chemotherapeutic agents.various cancer chemotherapeutic agents have been examined for their ability to produce increases in sister chromatid exchanges. those agents which had been shown previously to produce oncogenic transformation as well as chromosomal breaks also showed significant increases in sister chromatid exchanges. those drugs which had not been shown to be oncogenic or clastogenic in cell culture produced no increases in sister chromatid exchanges. in general, concentrations which yielded increases in siste ...2004427767
[scleroderma in plaques. immunological and visceral disturbances (author's transl)]. 2004305741
letter: vasculitis as a complication of high-dose methotrexate in the treatment of acute leukemia. 20051065218
[cardiology. introduction]. 2005545628
an autopsy case of renal cell carcinoma associated with extensive peliosis autopsy case of renal cell carcinoma with extensive peliosis hepatis is reported. the patient was a 34-year-old female, who had had a left nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma but died of multiple metastases one year and 4 months after surgery, despite chemotherapy and interferon treatment. at autopsy, the liver was enlarged markedly with multiple metastatic nodules and the non-neoplastic hepatic parenchyma had a spongy appearance, due to diffusely scattered, blood-filled cystic lesions. hist ...20061557990
expression of her2/neu oncogene product p185 in correlation to clinicopathological and prognostic factors of gastric carcinoma.the expression of the her2/neu gene product p185 was retrospectively analyzed in 58 patients with gastric carcinoma. the results were correlated to various clinicopathological and prognostic factors. positive membrane staining for p185 could be detected in 38% of the patients (22/58). membrane staining was significantly greater in well and moderately differentiated tumors of the intestinal type when compared with poorly differentiated lesions and carcinomas of the diffuse type (p less than 0.01) ...20061352299
assessment of congenital hip dislocation with real-time ultrasound: a pictorial essay.real-time ultrasound (us) is the imaging method of choice for diagnosis and follow-up of congenital dislocation of the infant hip (cdh). clinical aspects and the role of imaging are reviewed. technique and anatomy, both normal and abnormal, are illustrated, as well as, the use of sonography during treatment with pavlik harness and spica cast. correlation of ultrasound findings with clinical examination, other available imaging studies and long-term patient follow-up shows 100% sensitivity and 10 ...20071913315
melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy. 20082556348
retroperitoneal approach to aortic surgery.the retroperitoneal approach has been recently advocated as an alternate approach to abdominal aortic surgery rather than the traditional transperitoneal approach. a comparative analysis of these two approaches was undertaken to clarify the differences. from june 1984 through june 1986, 172 patients underwent elective infrarenal abdominal aortic surgery on the vascular surgery service at eastern virginia medical school. one hundred nineteen were operated through a transperitoneal approach, and 5 ...20092708431
surgical treatment of gastric investigate changes in the results of treatment of gastric carcinoma, two 10-year periods between 1963 and 1982 with 641 and 630 patients, respectively, were compared. in the two groups, 94 percent and 92 percent of patients were operated on. the operation was considered curative in 200 and 265 patients in groups 1 and 2, respectively. there was a shift towards more radical operations, with 215 total or subtotal gastrectomies in group 2 compared with 76 in group 1, when distal gastric resecti ...20102817231
repression and turnover pattern fushi tarazu rna in the early drosophila embryo.embryonic expression of transcripts from the drosophila gene fushi tarazu (ftz) progresses through a series of spatial patterns, culminating in a seven-banded pattern at the cellular blastoderm stage. we studied the generation of this pattern using inhibitors of rna synthesis (alpha-amanitin) and protein synthesis (cycloheximide). injections of alpha-amanitin revealed that ftz rna turns over extremely rapidly in the embryo, and we think that this may be essential to effect rapid changes in ftz r ...20113096577
preventive dentistry update--dental sealants. 20133590771
[study of the changes induced by anesthesia on short and intermediate-latency somatosensory evoked potentials]. 20144069389
recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. evidence for increased collagenase as a genetic characteristic in cell culture.fibroblast cultures from patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (rdeb) demonstrated an increased capacity to synthesize and secrete collagenase. this phenotypic trait appeared to distinguish rdeb from other genetically distinct forms of epidermolysis bullosa. the finding of increased collagenase may be a specific manifestation of these cells in that prototypic lysosomal and cytoplasmic enzymes were present in approximately normal concentrations. in addition, this trait persiste ...1986214508
malaria and beriberi: unresolved military medical problems contributing to the fall of cambodia. 1998107479
solid phase radioimmunoassay for beta 2-microglobulin; a sensitive index for renal allograft evaluation. 199993992
intravenous immunoglobulin. 200091896
[clinical evaluation of the use of prifinium bromide in urologic patients]. 200195506
[so-called refractory hypoxemia: treatment with acexamic acid].acexamic acid is currently used to avoid pulmonary fibrosis in patients treated with bleomycim. it seems to be equally effective to prevent pulmonary fibrosis in adult respiratory distress syndrome. the complications of this therapy are hypercalcemia and hypernatremia.200195046
[prevention of cardiovascular complications in manifest arteriosclerosis by the use of micristine].a long-term clinical trial in micristin-treated patients suffering from organic arterial circulatory disturbances is reported. problems of therapy monitoring by determination of the asa level in plasma and of control of platelet aggregation are discussed. acute cardiovascular complications (myocardial infarction, stroke, acute vascular occlusion, amputation and angiographically demonstrated progression) were observed. the observation time did not suffice to establish statistically significant di ...200194872
nonelectric laparoscopic sterilization. experience with a silastic an attempt to avoid the serious complications of electrosurgical sterilization via laparoscopy, specially designed applicators have been used to apply a silastic band to the fallopian tube, thereby occluding it. two hundred and eighty cases have been performed, 70 of which have been followed for more than 1 year. there have been no pregnancies. the technic is relatively simple. complications result when the tube is excessively thickened, when the tube is fixed in position by adhesion, or when ...2002135213
[clinical experimental headgear research]. 2004365697
[principles and new applications of fetal monitoring. introductory overview]. 2005545621
cyclic amp-induced slow inward current: its synaptic manifestation in aplysia neurons.three presynaptic neurons, monosynaptically connected to the medial cells of the pleural ganglion of aplysia californica and previously shown to elicit camp-mediated diminutions in k conductance in those cells (kehoe, 1985a, b), were shown to elicit still another slow synaptic current that resembles the camp-induced cationic current described in the preceding paper (kehoe, 1990). the synaptic current elicited by these so-called "blocking" neurons was compared, in hyperpolarized medial cells, wit ...20061698941
an evaluation of waist to hip ratio measurement methods in relation to lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in men.the purpose of this study was to determine which method of measuring waist to hip ratio (whr) was the most effective in assessing decrements associated with an abdominal fat distribution in 46 non-obese, middle to older aged men (mean +/- s.e., age 52.8 +/- 0.88 years; body fat 19.7 +/- 0.72 percent). circumferences were obtained at the following sites and whr calculated (waist circumference/hip circumference): (1) minimal waist/maximal hip; (2) level of umbilicus/maximal hip; (3) level of umbil ...20072045211
major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class ii region in humans. 20071855818
isoproterenol selectively releases endogenous and [14c]-labelled taurine from a single cytosolic compartment in astroglial cells.taurine is stored in and released from astroglial cells. we have investigated whether taurine is stored in multiple subcellular compartments and whether taurine is released from a distinct pool. taurine compartmentation was examined by determining the subcellular distribution of labelled taurine and by comparing the specific radioactivities of taurine in cells with that of the taurine released into the superfusion medium during receptor stimulation. three observations indicate that taurine is fo ...20071828789
immobilisation of enzymes to nylon film. 20071783118
dissociation of therapeutic and toxic effects of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid admixed with poly-l-lysine and solubilized with carboxymethyl cellulose in tumor-bearing this paper, we describe a study of the therapeutic parameters (dose and schedule) and immunomodulatory activity (macrophage, natural killer cell, and t-cell number and function) of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid admixed with poly-l-lysine and solubilized with carboxymethyl cellulose [poly(i,c)-lc] in the treatment of mbl-2 tumor ascites. tumor-bearing mice received an optimal therapeutic protocol [100 micrograms poly(i,c)-lc administered twice a wk], a maximum tolerated dose [50 micrograms p ...20083484679
[unilateral pulmonary vein atresia].a case of unilateral pulmonary vein atresia in a 20-month-old girl is described in this report. a chest x-ray revealed a reticular shadow on the right side, while an electrocardiogram revealed right ventricular hypertrophy. after cardiac catheterization and angiography, a diagnosis of a ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, severe pulmonary hypertension, and atresia of the right pulmonary vein was made. the patient underwent an operation for the ventricular septal defect and ligat ...20092681912
beta-thalassaemia--the johannesburg experience.twenty-nine patients with beta-thalassaemia major were treated in two johannesburg hospitals between 1979 and 1984. they belonged to two ethnic groups--mediterranean and asian--and 53% were under the age of 6 years, the oldest being 20 years. eight patients underwent splenectomy. all were regularly transfused and their quality of life greatly improved. the complication of regular transfusions is iron overload, which contributes to morbidity and mortality. despite adequate iron excretion as a res ...20092652340
one-session treatment for specific phobias.a rapid and effective treatment for specific phobias, in which the treatment is done in one single session, is described in detail. the treatment method consists of a combination of exposure in vivo and modeling. the short- and long-term outcome for a consecutive series of 20 patients are reported. mean treatment time was 2.1 h and at follow-up after an average of 4 yr 90% were much improved or completely recovered.20102914000
[treatment of childhood asthma].the treatment of childhood asthma should be considered with respect to age, severity and aetiology. treatment should be instituted early from the first crisis in order to avoid progression to a more severe form. it consists of two aspects: the treatment of the acute episode and the chronic treatment. the treatment of the acute episode consists of using bronchodilators (bd) (rapid release theophylline and/or beta agonists) to which one might add corticosteroids if the crisis lasts for more than a ...20102905822
[electrocardiographic, hemodynamic and echocardiographic correlations in young hypertensives during the exercise test]. 20102876476
vitamin b6 levels in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.vitamin b6 levels were determined in patients with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome. results from this limited study strongly suggest that vitamin b6 deficiency may accompany carpal tunnel syndrome. this study did not address the question of the causal relationship between vitamin b6 status and development of symptoms.20102818188
ultrasonic echoes registered from erythrocytes.erythrocytes at various concentrations were examined with a sensitive a-mode ultrasonic scanner; simultaneous measurements were made under light microscopic control. individual erythrocytes caused weak (about 1 db) echoes while erythrocyte aggregates (ten to 100 cells) produced stronger echoes (up to 15 db), grossly proportional to the size of the aggregates. the latter type echoes were characteristic of higher erythrocyte concentrations (hematocrit 0.1 - 0.8). it is concluded that these echoes ...20123899980
blood pressure and metabolic effects of calcium supplementation in normotensive white and black men.a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to examine the effect of calcium supplementation on blood pressure in normotensive black (n = 21) and white (n = 54) men, aged 19 to 52 years. after a four-week baseline period of weekly blood pressure measurement, subjects were randomly assigned within racial groups to either a treatment (calcium, 1500 mg/d) or placebo group for a 12-week period. during the experimental period, multiple blood pressure measurements were taken eve ...20123820493
extraskeletal soft tissue osteosarcoma. 20123480911
medical evidence in the coroner's court. 20133831643
[pathomorphology and pathogenesis of leptomeningeal hemorrhages in fetuses and newborn infants].leptomeningeal hemorrhages (lmh) were studied neurohistologically and electron-microscopically on 54 stillborn and liveborn infants. five main types of lmh were revealed: diapedesal in the grooves; punctate; macular; large focal, and hematomas. in 33.3% of cases there was a combination of different lmh types. their morphological and pathogenetic features are described. lmh are further subdivided according to the number of foci as single and multiple, according to their extension as generalized a ...20133789946
steatocystoma multiplex. 20133740892
simplified retrorectal pull-through procedure for hirschsprung's disease.we have used a modified retrorectal pull-through procedure with a circular anastomotic stapler to fashion the end-to-side colorectal anastomosis in six children with hirschsprung's disease. the modification allows a more rapid, wide, and precise anastomosis than previous techniques, and has been done without complications.20133726583
infant feeding and infant mortality in rural chile.this study examines infant feeding practices to: 1) measure the effect of early weaning on mortality; 2) identify characteristics distinguishing mothers who practised early weaning; 3) clarify the respective roles of maternal milk deprivation and factors associated with bottle feeding; and 4) measure the effect on survival of giving bottlefed babies additional foods. 1712 rural mothers who had had deliveries in the preceding years were interviewed. level of statistical significance was preset at ...20154541686
[insufficiency of the diaphragmatic suture, its causes, clinical features and prevention]. 20164873266
24-hour control of intragastric acidity by cimetidine in duodenal-ulcer patients.the effects of two dose regimens of cimetidine on 24 h intragastric acidity were investigated in six patients with duodenal ulcer. they received placebo capsules on the first day and cimetidine on the second day. cimetidine 0-8 g/day decreased 24 h mean h+ activity by 55% but 1-6 g/day decreased it by 67%, the difference being due to a greater nocturnal decrease in the high-dose group. intragastric ph remained below 2-0 for much of the treatment day but similar values were found in four post-vag ...199053554
radiographic findings of lymphoma involving the larynx: a report of two cases. 1998106657
pvp: in gastroenterology. 1998106142
unidentifiable utterances in children's speech. 20154465626
applied teaching concepts of animated motion slides in otolaryngology.motion is an essential part of otolaryngologic function, and an understanding of concepts of motion is critical in teaching otolaryngology. standard movie projection devices have intrinsic defects, such as considerable expense to make, complexity of operation, and a lack of flexibility. slide projection transparencies (2x2) offer instructional flexibility but could not be used to project motion until recently. using applications of gelatin films of images with polarizing light, we have been able ...199991151
erythrocyte sedimentation rate and plasma fibrinogen in animals. 2004522104
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