trifluoperazine protection of hypoxic myocardium.effect of trifluoperazine (tfp) (2.5 x 10(-7) m and 2.5 x 10(-6)m)--an inhibitor of calmodulin, on langendorff-perfused rabbit hearts was examined. in the normoxic hearts tfp increased coronary flow and reduced force of contraction and oxygen consumption. in the hearts subjected to 180 min hypoxia followed by 30 min reoxygenation tfp reduced hypoxic release of ldh by approx. 50% and improved recovery of coronary flow, oxygen consumption and force of contraction upon reoxygenation suggesting prot ...19853832010
differential examination of bronchoalveolar lavage cells in tobacco cigarette and marijuana smokers.cells derived from bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) were obtained from 19 healthy non-smokers (ns) and from 43 healthy smokers of tobacco and/or marijuana. thirteen subjects smoked tobacco cigarettes only (ts) (mean +/- se: 17.4 +/- 5.5 pack-years). thirty subjects smoked marijuana; of these, 14 smoked marijuana only (ms) (149.1 +/- 102.7 joint-years) and 16 smoked marijuana and tobacco (mts) (43.3 +/- 7.2 joint-years and 18.4 +/- 3.2 pack-years). cell counts were expressed as total number recovered ...19873592403
studies on gastric bicarbonate secretion in man by means of a two-component method.a method for measurement of gastric bicarbonate secretion in man, based on a two-component model of gastric secretion, has been recently described. the results obtained by employing that method for clinical studies are reported and reviewed.19863807470
metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis.nontraumatic clostridial infections are rare, but need to be diagnosed and treated early or high morbidity and mortality rates result. we believe that this is the first reported case of metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis. early treatment with surgical debridement and parenteral antibiotics without hyperbaric oxygen was used. an associated occult rectal malignancy was discovered and treated.19853980945
[functional characterization of microcirculation in tumors: chemotherapeutic implications].this report describes some aspects of tumor vessels and the functional characteristics of tumor microcirculation with regard to selective increase in tumor blood flow. elevation of the mean arterial blood pressure to about 150mmhg by angiotensin ii resulted in a several-fold increase in blood flow in tumor tissues without increasing blood flow in normal tissues. pressure elevation by angio-tensin ii also selectively increased tumor blood flow in intra-corneally transplanted microfoci and influx ...19853985643
comparison of histones in normal and xeroderma pigmentosum lymphoblastoid cells.histones from normal human and xeroderma pigmentosum, complementation group a (xpa), lymphoblastoid cells were compared both quantitatively, qualitatively and for binding affinity for dna. electrophoretic examination of the histones showed that all five major histone species were present in both cell groups and that there were no quantitative differences between normal and xpa histones. binding affinity to [3h] mammalian dna of the histones was determined. no significant differences were observe ...19863791423
a comparison of histopathologic changes following x-irradiation of mid-thoracic and lumbosacral levels of neonatal rat spinal cord.light microscopic changes were studied in the dorsal funiculi of spinal cords from rats irradiated (4000 r) at 3 days of age and killed from 9-60 days postirradiation (p-i). the irradiated site was limited to a 5-mm length of mid-thoracic spinal cord (t only) in one group of rats, to a 5-mm length of lumbosacral spinal cord (l only) in a second group, and to 5-mm lengths of both mid-thoracic and lumbosacral spinal cord (t/l) in the third group. changes in the lumbosacral regions were essentially ...19853977087
regional turnover of norepinephrine and dopamine in rat brain following acute exposure to air ions.exposure to air ions has been reported to influence serotonin (5ht), although critical reviews of these studies and previous measurements in our laboratory of the concentration, release, and utilization of brain 5ht indicate that neither the data nor the interpretations of the data are particularly convincing. measurements of other possibly relevant neurotransmitter systems--norepinephrine (ne) and dopamine (da)--were made in brain regions selected because of their importance in the modulation o ...19853836681
adhesive membrane protein of rat brain enhances neurite outgrowth of neuroblastoma cells.a protein that stimulates neurite outgrowth of neuroblastoma cells has been solubilized with octyl glucoside from cell membranes of young rat brain. neuroblastoma cells from clones n 18 and nie 115 adhere and rapidly extend neurite-like processes when cells suspended in a serum-free medium are added to polystyrene wells coated with the protein. the activity of the solubilized substance is comparable to that of fibronectin and laminin. the following characteristics of the active substance are des ...19853979405
structural elucidation of a water-insoluble glucan produced by a cariogenic oral streptococcus.the structure of a water-insoluble polysaccharide produced by the d-glucosyl-transferase of streptococcus mutans 6715 has been elucidated through periodate oxidation, smith degradation, dextranase digestion, concanavalin a binding studies, and methylation combined with g.l.c.-m.s. analysis. these studies show that the d-glucan is comprised of 67% alpha-(1----3) linkages in a contiguous backbone with the remaining 33% as alpha-(1----6) linkages, possibly as linear residues extending from alpha-(1 ...19863815409
[radioimmunodetection using 131i-labeled anti-carcinoembryonic antigen antibodies for human malignant tumors]. 19854057687
confirmatory testing of rotazyme results in neonates. 19853894609
effects of plasmin on human factor viii (ahf). 19734118107
the incidence of helminth parasites from the wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus (l.) in eastern scotland.samples of wild rabbits were collected each month over the six-year period 1977-82 and their intestines and abdomens examined for helminths. three species of nematode, four of cestode and one trematode were found. graphidium strigosum was recorded in 33% of the 786 rabbits, trichostrongylus retortaeformis in 79%, passalurus ambiguus in 14.2%, cittotaenia pectinata in 37%, c. denticulata in 11%, coenurus pisiformis in 3%, cysticercus serialis in 0.1% and fasciola hepatica in 0.1%. g. strigosum an ...19853989265
molecular models for induction of the immune response and their relationship to the genetic control of histocompatibility antigens. 19724117528
automated methods for determination of fat and moisture in meat and poultry products: collaborative study.a collaborative study was conducted to compare automated methods for rapid determination of fat and moisture in meat and poultry products with the official aoac solvent extraction and forced-air oven methods, respectively. fourteen products were tested, with fat and moisture contents ranging from 2 to 43% and 44 to 74%, respectively. eight of the collaborating laboratories analyzed the products by using a moisture/fat analyzer; 4 laboratories used the aoac methods. standard deviations for within ...19854055632
carrier function in anti-hapten antibody responses. vi. establishment of experimental conditions for either inhibitory or enhancing influences of carrier-specific cells on antibody production. 19734119550
influence of vagotomy on parietal cell kinetics in the rat gastric mucosa. 19734128143
effect of early maternal deprivation on brain 5-ht & pentobarbitone sleeping time in suckling rats. 19854018858
virus disease in pregnancy. 19694236595
control of needle hole bleeding with ethyl-cyanoacrylate glue (krazy glue).needle hole bleeding from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) grafts causes blood loss and prolongs vascular procedures. past studies have shown the cyanoacrylate glues to polymerize rapidly and cause minimal tissue toxicity. this study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate glue (krazy glue, kg) in obtaining prompt hemostasis in vascular anastomoses in a heparinized canine model. kg effected complete hemostasis in a significantly shorter time than oxidized cellulose and dig ...19853999241
[studies on fine structure of choroid plexus and ependyma in monkeys (with remarks to function)]. 19724208002
letter: kidney preservation. 19744132819
effects of retinoids on invasion of organ cultures of chick chorioallantoic membrane by adenovirus transformed cells.invasion of chick chorioallantoic membrane (cam) organ cultures by rat 3y1 cells transformed by the highly oncogenic human adenovirus type 12 (3y1/12-10 cells) was inhibited by several retinoids tested. the anti-invasive activity of the retinoids was dependent on retinoid concentration and continuous (4 d) exposure of the cam. the 50% retinoid dose (dose effective in achieving a response in half of the organ cultures) that inhibited invasion was 0.85 micrograms/ml of retinol palmitate, 0.39 micr ...19854030624
[comparative biochemical studies of differently prepared human gastric mucosa extracts]. 19694187668
[the effect of nembutal on afferent transmission in the thalamic somatosensory relay]. 19694323418
probable murine origin of a virus (hhlv-2) recovered from leukemic mice after inoculation of human leukemic material. 19674295542
probable murine origin of a virus (hhlv-2) recovered from leukemic mice after inoculation of human leukemic material. 19674295542
defined physiological conditions for the induction of the l-form of neisseria gonorrhoeae.defined conditions are described which allowed luxuriant growth over continuous subculture of strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae in broth and on agar. growth was equal to or surpassed that observed in mueller-hinton broth or on mueller-hinton blood agar. the final medium adopted consisted of medium 199 and a supplemental mixture of cysteine, glucose, and various salts. addition of sodium bicarbonate or co(2) enrichment was not required. for solidification, only agarose allowed growth of all strain ...19734200856
effect of polynucleotides on aminoacyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases. 3. inhibition of glutamyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase by natural polynucleotides. 19684299520
incidence of cytomegalovirus infections in early childhood. 19724336585
incidence of cytomegalovirus infections in early childhood. 19724336585
insulin-receptor interactions in liver cell membranes. 19714334135
insulin-receptor interactions in liver cell membranes. 19714334135
control of phosphorylase activity in a muscle glycogen particle. 3. regulation of phosphorylase phosphatase. 19704320612
effect of raphanin on the multiplication of some rna and dna viruses in, and interferon production by, cultured cells. 19684306944
cyclic amp formation and thyroid secretion by isolated mouse thyroid lobes. 19724344238
alteration in vasoactive polypeptide receptor activity of rat fundal strip by heat and urea. 19684378163
[studies on sodium-potassium-activated atpase in the cornea electron microscopic observations on the rat cornea]. 19654378186
the ultrastructure and function of pericardial cells and other nephrocytes in an insect: calliphora erythrocephala. 19724348054
the effect of phospholipase on the binding of asialoglycoproteins by rat liver plasma membranes. 19744371836
trace constituents in milk fat: isolation and identification of oxofatty acids. 19744437320
localization of ( 3 h)pimozide in the rat brain in relation to its anti-amphetamine potency. 19724403973
variation in accessible cell surface immunoglobulin among antibody-firming cells.spleen cells from cba mice that had been primarily or secondarily immunized with sheep red blood cells were reacted at 0 degrees c with a (125)i-labeled polyvalent rabbit anti-mouse globulin reagent. after suitable washing, the cells were placed in a plaque-revealing monolayer and warmed to 37 degrees c. plaques appeared within 10-20 min. single plaque-forming cells (pfc) were taken from the middle of plaques, were washed by micromanipulation, and were singly dried on glass slides. the amount of ...19724554455
variations of plasmatic enzymes during exercise. 19744600949
[radiographic and histological animal experimental studies following tooth root injuries]. 19734517251
relationship between energy substrate utilization and specific growth rate in aspergillus nidulans.the maintenance coefficient of glucose-limited aspergillus nidulans chemostat cultures at 30 c was 0.018 g per g (dry weight) per hr for glucose and 0.55 mmoles per g (dry weight) per hr for oxygen. these values can only be approximate because melanin was produced by the mold at low growth rates and because it is unlikely that this polymer contributed to the maintenance energy requirement although it contributed to the dry weight. biomass (defined here as dry weight minus melanin) was used to ca ...19714399338
cerebellar ataxia with mycoplasma pneumonia. 19744621087
recycling of asian and hong kong influenza a virus hemagglutinins in man. 19734684066
[the functional significance of intracerebral autostimulation in comparative psychology]. 19724664638
[the effect of nibufin on reproductive function and the contraceptive effect of hormonal preparations].215 pubescent female rats were administered with nibufine in 3 series; over a 10-day period with a daily dose of .8 mg/kg, over a 14-day period with a daily dose of .8 mg/kg together with 1.5 mg/kg of megestranol, and with a dose of .8 mg/kg together with cholinesterase, amizile (10 mg/kg), or spazmolitine (30 mg/kg). nibufine inhibited the activity of cholinesterase in the blood, disturbed the reproductive function, and strengthened the depressive effects on reproduction of the synthetic oral ...19724652020
[current studies on the interaction between thymus gland and pituitary growth hormone in the rat]. 19744618731
fluorimetric determination of creatine kinase activity in isolated single neurons. 19734772096
engineering mechanics for successive states in canine left ventricular myocardium. ii. fiber angle and sarcomere length. 19734762007
[electron microscopic findings in normal human nasopharyngeal epithelium (author's transl)]. 19744838947
technics for the isolation of mycoplasma from cattle. 19684879537
a prolidase deficiency in man with iminopeptiduria. 19744828441
steroid diabetes in the guinea pig. studies on islet-cell ultrastructure and regeneration. 19704908764
the induction of neurogenic hypercholesteremia. 19694893116
further observations on the serological specificity c of the a-b-o blood group system. 19734736578
the induction of neurogenic hypercholesteremia. 19694893116
pathologic survey of 300 extirpated canine mastocytomas. 19674967309
a new potent -glucuronidase inhibitor, d-glucaro- -lactam derived from nojirimycin. 19725069747
[study of the biosynthesis of triglycerides during ovogenesis in gallus gallus l.: separation of natural fatty acids and elaidic acid on the different alcohol functions of glycerol in the laid egg and in reserve fats]. 19664958633
communication during initial contact: a comparison of squirrel and rhesus monkeys. 19694981452
in vitro production of diamine oxidase by the perfused human placenta. 19664959066
[chromatographic, electrophoretic and autoradiographic studies with fe59 of the iron binding of blood proteins]. 19725069965
[gamma glutamyl carboxypeptidase from chicken pancreas]. 19725073874
[microflora in chronic highmoritis and its sensitivity to antibiotics and guinosol]. 19725032049
determination of small differences in buoyant density of macromolecules by analytical density gradient equilibrium centrifugation.a sensitive method is proposed for the determination of small differences between the buoyant densities of different species of monodisperse macromolecules by analytical density gradient equilibrium centrifugation. the procedure involves the measurement at sedimentation equilibrium of the bandwidths of the concentration distribution of the separate macromolecules and of a mixture of the different species. the difference in buoyant densities can then be estimated from the difference between the b ...200195253
glc determination of nicotinamide in multivitamin formulations after conversion to nicotinonitrile.a method was developed for the quantitative glc determination of nicotinamide. it is based on the conversion of nicotinamide to nicotinonitrile. this dehydration reaction is mediated with trifluoroacetic anhydride and catalyzed by base. the glc properties of this nitrile are excellent. the reaction conditions, extraction, and stability properties of the derivative as well as the choice of internal standard are discussed.2002123958
[acute renal insufficiency in the idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. observation of 4 cases]. 2003262267
clozapine versus chlorpromazine for the treatment of schizophrenia: preliminary results from a double-blind study.fifteen schizophrenic inpatients were treated in a double-blind comparison study of clozapine versus chlorpromazine. clozapine appeared to be at least as effective as chlorpromazine without producing any extrapyramidal reactions. although bone marrow toxicity associated with clozapine has led to the drug's withdrawal from clinical use, data from studies of clozapine demonstrate that a drug can be effective antipsychotic without producing neurologic reactions.2004374401
a volumetric assessment of pollen levels in the air of ann arbor, michigan. 20051196148
pathology and immunopathology of solid organ graft rejection. 20092650096
[basic and clinical studies on serum alpha-fetoprotein by radioimmunoassay (author's transl)]. 199991460
sickle cell trait and diabetic retinopathy.the presence of sickle cell trait and the prevalence and severity of retinopathy were assessed in 124 negro diabetics. sickle cell trait had no adverse effect on diabetic retinopathy.199993492
membrane recycling at the cytoproct of tetrahymena.exocytosis and membrane recycling at the cytoproct (cell anus) of tetrahymena pyriformis were studied using thin-section electron microscopy. single cells were fixed at specific times relative to the elimination of the vacuole's contents--before elimination, at elimination, 3--5 s and 10--15 s following elimination. the closed cytoproct is distinguished from other pellicular regions by a single membrane at the cell surface which is circumscribed by an electron-opaque flange that links or welds t ...1998106060
erosion number and area progression in the wrists and hands of rheumatoid patients: a quantitative microfocal radiographic study.microfocal radiography has been used to evaluate the relation between erosion number and erosion area in the hands and wrists of 51 patients with early to moderately advanced rheumatoid arthritis. the hands of these patients showed different patterns of erosion progression, in terms of the relation between changes in number and area, and included those showing a decrease in one or both of the erosion parameters. the mean number of erosions in the group increased between the first and second visi ...20102923504
[primary transport of acute patients. optimal use of rescue resources exemplified by the canton of graubünden]. 20113927607
when is serum albumin worth measuring? 20113214132
subclassification of murine t cells by computerized microphotometric analysis.splenocytes separated by physical means and classified as t cells bay immunologic tests and computerized microphotometric analysis are differentiated into subgroups by analysis of the distribution patterns of feulgen-positive nuclear dna. in like fashion t cells obtained as purified preparations after separation on a nylon column, and accepted as t cells by micromorphometric analysis were subjected to further computerized morphometric analysis of nuclear dna to form subgroups of cells. in each c ...200195181
echocardiography: pericardial tickening and constrictive evaluate the relation between mitral valve motion and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure, the pr-ac interval, an index derived from the electrocardiogram and mitral echogram, and the left ventricular endodiastolic pressure were determined simultaneously in 22 patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization. intravenous infusion of dextran or administration of nitroglycerin was used to alter left ventricular end-diastolic pressure to determine if there was a predictive relation bet ...200199019
[effect of some amino acids on the biosynthesis of glucoamylase by cultured endomycopsis species].the effect of amino acids (glutamic, aspartic, beta-alanine, phenylalanine, methionine) on the glucoamylase biosynthesis by endomycopsis species 20-9 was studied. monoaminodicarboxylic acids produced a stimulating effect on the glucoamylase synthesis. their addition at optimal concentrations of 0.2 to 0.4% increased by 54--69% glucoamylase activity of endomycopsis sp. 20-9 upon submerged cultivation on the medium containing 3% maize extract and 1% starch. an application of this amino acid nutrit ...1998107516
[indications and value of gastrointestinal biopsy].concerning the stomach biopsy without optical control has only historical importance, concerning the small intestine it serves for the recognition of diffuse changes--particularly for the the differential diagnosis of the malabsorption and in the large intestine for the diagnosis and course control of inflammation. the aimed biopsy is a constituent of every endoscopy investigation, with the exception of completely normal or fully clear pathological findings. without an aimed biopsy the diagnosis ...2004539003
failure to consult specialist. 20051173090
[single photon emission computed tomography by using n-isopropyl-p-[123i]-iodoamphetamine and 99mtc-hexamethyl propyleneamine oxime in a patient with herpes simplex encephalitis].single photon emission computed tomographies (spects) by using n-isopropyl-p-[123i-imp]-iodo-amphetamine (123i-imp) and 99mtc-hexamethyl propyleneamine oxime (99mtc-hm-pao) were serially performed in a 70 yrs. old male with herpes simplex encephalitis (hse), and the chronological changes of accumulations were studied. accumulations of both 123i-imp and 99mtc-hm-pao increased initially, and then decreased with the stage of hse being advanced. the sequential appearance of the lesion in hse with 12 ...20092786584
sce induction by ccnu and pregnancy. 20092704378
[subcutaneous rupture of tendons and muscles of the extremities].under study there were 278 patients with 285 subcutaneous ruptures of tendons and muscles of the upper and lower extremities. the tendon of the long head of the humeral biceps muscle and achilles tendon are most liable to subcutaneous ruptures (123 patients--43.2% and 97 patients--34% respectively). pathohistological examinations have shown that subcutaneous ruptures of tendons and muscles usually take place against the background of dystrophic alterations reducing their mechanical strength. the ...20123303625
[mycology technics]. 20133847144
note on the oscillations of collapsible tubes. 2003309045
adolescent medicine. 20102909971
pulmonary function in shipyard welders: an epidemiologic study. 20154682846
[report on the 17th convention of the vereinigung norddeutscher urologen, june 19-21, 1975, in malente]. 20051265938
effect of target contrast and luminance on soft contact lens and spectacle visual performance.the visual performance of four soft contact lenses was investigated using visual acuity charts at six contrast levels (from 90 to 8%) under normal (250cd/m2) and reduced 92.5cd/m2) luminances. this investigation reveals significant differences not detected by conventional visual acuity measurements; in general, reducing luminance or contrast increases the magnitude of any recorded difference. furthermore, the study pointed to a significantly poorer visual performance with spectacles compared to ...20123416617
apathetic hyperthyroidism presenting as tricuspid regurgitation. 20154703632
immunological heterogeneity of the subunits of limulus polyhemus haemocyanin [proceedings]. 200192962
[the effect of blood-filled meshwork of arachnoid villi in connection with posttraumatic brain edema (author's transl)].based on the kellie-munro doctrine according to which the intracranial compartments--blood, brain, and csf--are in a state of pressure and volume equilibrium, we examined if traumatic lesions of the liquor absorption passages could change the intracranial pressure (icp). therefore, we reviewed the arachnoid villi and granulations of patients which died as a result of head injuries. in cases of traumatic subarachnoidal hemorrhages the meshwork of arachnoid villi are filled throughout with blood. ...2004419940
reduction in rank: vestige of the past? 2004412128
adverse events temporally associated with immunizing agents: 1987 report. 20072804852
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