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treatment of dehiscent canals in an edentulous mandible. 19781091944
wire-guided endoscope passage. 19781473685
[oxyphedrine: its positive inotropic action in normal subjects and in patients with myocardial infarct]. 19791161166
[family and marital therapy. ii. theory and practice]. 1979243303
phosphatidyl choline: donor of 18-carbon unsaturated fatty acids for glycerolipid biosynthesis.kinetics of radiocarbon inforporation into the phyosphatidyl choline of pumpkin leaf fed 1(-14)c-acetate at low light intensity were strongly suggestive of lipid bound fatty acids acting as substrates for desaturase enzymes. after pulse labeling in direct sunlight with the same precursor, phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl glycerol contained up to 90% of total glycerolipid radiocarbon at the shortest sampling times. subsequent loss of radiocarbon from phyosphatidyl choline and a corresponding ...19791186446
a laser spectrofluorimeter for studies of cultured cells on the growth surface. 1979218475
[recurrent idiopathic atrioventricular block (apropos of a case of 22 years development)]. 19791161469
isolation of corynebacterial enzymes from cultivation media by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography. 1979524393
[approbation of nutrient media made of dry components for the accelerated cultivation of cl. perfringens type a]. 1979224626
mitochondrial protein-synthesizing machinery in saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in different metabolic conditions. variability of seryl-trna and alanyl-trna isoacceptor patterns.1. the isoacceptor patterns of mitochondrial seryl and alanyl-trnas from saccharomyces cerevisiae grown under different conditions and committed to fermentative or respiratory metabolism have been studied by reversed-phase chromatography. 2. an extensive variability of the chromatographic patterns of the four isoacceptors for serine and of the three isoacceptors for alanine has been observed as a function of carbon source and stage of growth, but the main differences were observed in the differe ...1979381000
the inhibitory effect of aspirin on platelet and vascular prostaglandins in rats cannot be completely dissociated. 1979383131
dependence of macromolecular composition and morphology of streptomyces hygroscopicus on specific growth rate.the dependence of macromolecular composition and morphology of streptomyces hygroscopicus on specific growth rate micron was investigated. the percentage of dna on dry weight (%dna) is constant, % protein is also nearly independent of micron whereas %rna rises considerably with increasing micron, regarding mycelia grown in glucose-limited and ammonium-limited continuous cultures as well as in discontinuous cultures with various carbon sources. it is probable that the overall synthesis of dna, rn ...197994484
[prognostic value of alpha-foetoprotein in fulminant hepatitis (author's transl)].serum concentrations of alpha-foetoprotein (afp) were measured sequentially by radioimmunoassay in 32 patients with fulminant hepatitis and coma, 22 of whom died. levels were significantly elevated in 100% of patients who survived and in 7 out of 22 patients (38.5%) who died (p = less than 0.005). in the survivors the rise of afp levels was found early after the development of coma and subsequently in all serum samples obtained during acute phase of illness. in 2 of 7 fatal cases who had raised ...197994446
antibodies against measles antigen in the laboratory housed rhesus and bonnet monkeys. 1979107117
influence of atropine on spontaneous or catecholamine-induced arrhythmias after experimental infarction in the dog.the effects of atropine on ventricular tachyarrhythmias induced by ligature of the anterior descending coronary artery were studied in conscious dogs. on the first day after surgery, animals received a mixture of quinidine and phenytoin orally in order to partially correct rhythm disturbances on the second day. the same animals were used on the third and fourth days after occlusion, when spontaneous regression of arrhythmias was occurring. atropine (0.2 mg/kg i.v.) or methscopolamine (0.2 mg/kg ...197994403
characterization of the coronary vasodilator and hemodynamic actions of monensin, a carboxylic ionophore.the effects of monensin on coronary blood flow (cbf) and other hemodynamic parameters were studied in anesthetized dogs. a dose-response relationship was established, and it was found that the lowest doses of monensin (5-25 micrograms/kg) produced a dose-dependent increase (3-5x) in cbf with a concomitant decrease in total peripheral resistance (tpr). pretreatment with diphenhydramine, atropine, indomethacin, or propranolol resulted in no reduction in peak increase in cbf or in the duration of r ...197994374
16, 16 dimethyl prostaglandin e2 reduces histamine release from the stomach and protects the gastric mucosal barrier altered by ethanol in neutral solution.damage to the gastric mucosal barrier results in histamine release from intramucosal stores. previous reports have shown that 16, 16 dimethyl prostaglandin e2 (dm pge2) protects the stomach from injury by various damaging agents in either acidic or neutral solution. furthermore histamine released in response to a damaging drug in an acidic medium was reduced by dm pge2. using the heidenhain pouch dog preparation, the present study examined the action of dm pge2 on ethanol-induced barrier breakin ...197993761
preferential replication of murine xenotropic type-c virus in human lymphosarcoma-derived cell lines.murine xenotropic virus, designated 698/x, was recovered by implantation of human lymphosarcoma-derived cells u-698m into nude mice of giovanella's colony. the budded and extracellular particles revealed typical type-c morphology, the latter possessing reverse transcriptase (rt) activity and exhibiting a buoyant density 1.17 g/ml in sucrose gradient. in competitive radioimmunoassay using iodinated p30 of rauscher mulv, the 698x viral concentrate and cell extracts of both implanted lymphosarcoma ...197993707
chlorpyrifos and 3,5,6,-trichloro-2-pyridinol: residues in the body tissues of cattle wearing chlorpyrifos-impregnated plastic ear tags. 197993609
calcium-dependent increase in adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate and induction of the acrosome reaction in guinea pig spermatozoa.experiments were designed to determine the interrelationship between cyclic amp and ca(2+) during the processes of sperm capacitation and the acrosome reaction. in minimal culture media containing pyruvate and lactate as substrates, guinea pig spermatozoa required a minimum of 1.0-1.5 hr to capacitate in the presence of 1.7 mm ca(2+) and a minimum of 0.5-1.0 hr to capacitate in the absence of added ca(2+). sperm cyclic amp concentrations were increased by as much as 30-fold within 0.5 min after ...197993280
delayed hypersensitivity to chlamydia trachomatis: cause of chronic prostatitis. 197993221
[effect of sympathetic nerve stimulation on the microvascular permeability for proteins and lipoproteins]. 197992794
the zinc-iodide-osmium technique in studies of the neurosecretory system in rats. 197991310
cell-free synthesis and segregation of beta 2-microglobulin.beta2-microglobulin has been synthesized in vitro by using a rabbit reticulocyte lysate system and mrna from the mouse tumor cell line el4. the molecule is synthesized as a precursor with an nh2-terminal extension of 19 amino acids: ser-x-ser-val-x-leu-val-phe-leu-val-leu-val-ser-leu-x-gly-leu-tyr-x. the processing and segregation of this peripheral membrane protein are directly comparable to those of secretory proteins and integral membrane proteins: addition of dog pancreas microsomal membrane ...197991168
interaction of phenosafranine with nucleic acids and model polyphosphates. iii. heterogeneity in phenosafranine interactions with dna base pairs.fluorescence and circular dichroism spectral measurements, thermal denaturation studies and binding competition experiments with netropsin and actinomycin d were carried out in systems containing phenosafranine bound to dna's differing in base composition. the investigated properties exhibit a heterogeneity related to the content of a.t and g.c pairs in dna and to the nature of phenosafranine binding modes. at low level of saturation of binding sites (r less than 0.1) phenosafranine does not sho ...1979106900
[isolation of treponemas from the colon of pigs with clinical dysentery].optimal culture conditions in artificial nutritive media were determined for a defined avirulent strain of treponema hyodysenteriae and for four field strains of treponemas in pigs with clinical dysentery. the treponemas were isolated with the use of milliporous filters with pores of 0.3 micrometer in diameter, which were located on the surface of blood agar. no significant difference in the influence of equine, bovine or sheep blood on the growth of treponemas was determined. the commercial amo ...1979105448
primary meningococcal conjunctivitis in an infant.a case of primary meningococcal conjunctivitis in an infant was presented and its treatment is discussed. because of the potential for systemic spread of the infection in the patient, local and systemic therapy was instituted. the current literature on meningococcal conjunctivitis with its potential complications is briefly reviewed.1979106998
the subicular cortex of the cat: an anatomical and electrophysiological study. 1979107038
glycogen synthase kinase-2 from rabbit skeletal muscle is activated by the calcium-dependent regulator protein. 1979107045
visualization of mitochondrial coupling factor f1(atpase) by is known that the negatively stained preparations of inner mitochondrial membrane display characteristic approximately 9 nm f1 (atpase) knobs projecting from the matrix surface. freeze-etch studies have reported the absence of such knobs from the "etched" surface of the inner mitochondrial membranes. we have demonstrated their presence on the surface of smp (submitochondrial particles) prepared by freeze-drying for transmission electron microscopy. this identification has been substantiated b ...197995168
localization of neurons supplying the temporalis muscle in the rat and monkey.following injection of horseradish peroxidase (hrp) solution into the rat and monkey temporalis muscle, a similar pattern of nuclear representation was found in the motor trigeminal nucleus. labelled neurons were seen throughout the rostro-caudal extent of the ipsilateral motor trigeminal nucleus, in its dorsal, intermediate and ventral portions and its dorsomedial, ventromedial and ventrolateral corners. in addition to the motor trigeminal nucleus labelled neurons were also found in the ipsilat ...1979107492
studies on allergenic algae of delhi area: botanical study distribution of algae in and around delhi aerobiological surveys were undertaken for two consecutive years (september, 1972, to august, 1974). the surveys were accomplished by (a) slide exposure method and (b) culture plate exposure method. a total of 850 slides were exposed using durham's gravity sampling device. of these, 560 slides were exposed during 1973 (272 slides at two meter and 288 at ten meter height) and the rest (290 slides) were exposed during 1974 at ten meter height. a t ...1979107835
[hepatitis b virus during pregnancy and its consequences in perinatology]. 197995065
the effect of cyclophosphamide on a secondary ocular immune response in rabbits.treatment of rabbits with immunosuppressive doses of cyclophosphamide during the primary response to intravitreally injected bovine gamma globulin did not prevent priming for a secondary response to the same antigen. high antibody titers were found in the aqueous humor and serum of most of the treated rabbits. ocular tissue plaque forming cell numbers were similar to those of the controls in many of the rabbits, and slightly lower in others. treatment with cyclophosphamide completely suppressed ...197994972
pyrazolidine derivatives: a comparative study of their effects on platelet aggregation.quantitative studies were carried out of the in vitro and ex vivo effects of phenylbutazone and 3-oxoalkyl substituted diphenyldioxopyrazolidines (kebuzone, tribuzone, benzopyrazone) on platelet aggregation. the specified pyrazolidine derivatives exhibited in vitro inhibitory effects on secondary platelet aggregation (induced by adrenaline and collagen), commensurable with the effects of sulfinpyrazone. the ex vivo efficacy was markedly influenced by the height of the drug level in blood and by ...197994876
[characteristics of human dental pulp cells in cell cultures].the generation time and the division rate were measured with routine methods of cell culturing. the conditions contributing to the stagnation of growth were examined; the synchrony of the growth process was investigated. the biochemical composition of the cells was assessed via colorimetry and then compared with other cell systems. the cell culture examined may be used to test capping materials; only cells up through the eighth generation however should be utilized.197994854
correlation between hepatic transport of cholephilic organic anions and their effect on hepatic mitochondrial respiration.the maximum biliary excretion rate (tm) of some nonmetabolized organic anions was investigated in anaesthetized male rats and was found to increase in the following order: indocyanine green (icg), rose bengal (rb), bromsulphthalein (bsp; its conjugation with glutathione was prevented by diethyl maleate), bromcresol green (bcg), eosine (e), bsp-glutathione conjugate (bsp-gsh), iodoxamic acid (ia) and amaranth (a). the accumulation of icg, rb, bsp and bcg in liver was relatively high, whereas e, b ...197994737
vestibular effects of electrical stimulation of the cochlea. monitored in the awake primate.the effect of electrical stimulation of the cochlea on vestibular response was monitored in six rhesus monkeys. eye movements and single-unit activity from the vestibular portion of the eighth nerve, vestibular nuclei, reticular formation, and abducens nucleus were observed while electrical stimulation was delivered through an implanted cochlear prosthesis. in one animal of this series, neural activity from the inferior colliculus and cochlear nuclear complex was also recorded. electrical stimul ...1979106814
[ultrastructural aspects of keratinization of the rat oral mucosa. iii. gums (author's transl)]. 197995578
restricted posterior parietal lesions in the rhesus monkey and performance on visuospatial tasks.monkeys with lesions restricted to the inferior parietal lobule or the banks and depths of the superior temporal sulcus were tested on a route-following task. these areas are considered on neuroanatomical grounds to be homologous to parts of the human posterior parietal cortex, where lesions produce profound spatial disorientation. the operated monkeys were impaired on the route task, thus confirming at the behavioural level the anatomical predictions of comparability between parietal cortex in ...1979103604
antimicrobial susceptibility of vibrio cholerae from zaire and rwanda. 197990940
the murine kupffer cell. i. characterization of the cell serving accessory function in antigen-specific t cell proliferation.murine kupffer cells, the tissue macrophages of the liver, were isolated by collagenase digestion, differential sedimentation over metrizamide, and glass adherence. the resultant cell population was more than 86% phagocytic, and 95% of cells stained positively for alpha-naphthyl butyrate esterase activity. the cells also had cell surface receptors for complement (c) and the fc portion of igg. in addition, a large proportion of kupffer cells was shown to bear ia antigens: about half of the cells ...197991637
[orthosympathetic stimulation after hypercapnia in the rat].inhalation of a gas mixture : co2, 25% -- o2, 37.5% -- n2, 37.5%, provokes regularly in the light anaesthetized rat, an increase of catecholaminemia of central origin, associated with systemic arterial hypertension.197992225
evidence for reappearance of trypanosoma brucei variable antigen types in relapse out of 11 bovines infected with different clones of trypanosoma brucei showed 2 peaks of antibody activity against the infecting clone within 7 weeks, as measured by immunofluorescence, radioimmunoassay, and neutralization of infectivity tests. using other clones from an unrelated stock, antibodies to these clones were not detectable, indicating that the antibodies produced were specific to the infecting organisms. these results suggest that there was a reappearance or increase in numbers ...197992560
the accessibility of antigenic determinants of ribosomal protein s4 in situ.antibodies to escherichia coli ribosomal protein s4 react with s4 in subribosomal particles, eg, the complex of 16s rna with s4, s7, s8, s15, s16, s17, and s19 and the ri reconstitution intermediate, but they do not react with intact 30s subunits. antibodies were isolated by three different methods from antisera obtained during the immunization of eight rabbits. some of these antibody preparations, which contained contaminant antibodies directed against other ribosomal proteins, reacted with sub ...197992615
aberrant form of hymenolepis nana: possible opportunistic infection in immunosuppressed patients. 197992715
the carbohydrate content of apolipoprotein e from human very low density lipoproteins. 197992742
reverse transcriptase-associated rnase h. part iv. pyrophosphate does not inhibit rnase h activity of amv dna polymerase. 197993479
the fine specificity of regulatory t cells. iv. idiotypic complementarity and antigen-bridging interactions in the anti-lysozyme response.the hen egg-white lysozyme (hel)-specific b cells which are activated in response to hel share a cross-reactive idiotype as well as submolecular specificity. helper t cells of two different specificities are implicated in their optimal activation, one recognizing the idiotype and the other, an epitope on the hel molecule opposite to the one recognized by b cells. thus, efficient t-b collaboration involves both idiotypic complementary and antigen bridging.197993548
[purification and characterization of the free secretory piece of human colostrum (author's transl)].the free secretory piece is isolated from human colostrum by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography in high yield (200 mg/l colostrum). deae-cellulose chromatography separates the free secretory piece in two fractions which are electrophoretically distinct, but otherwise have the same characteristics, like molecular weight, antigenic determinants, n-terminal sequence, peptide map and amino acid composition. it was therefore concluded that the protein part of the secretory piece is homoge ...197993565
substance p as neurogenic mediator of antidromic vasodilation and neurogenic plasma extravasation. 197993706
has myelin basic protein received a fair trial in the treatment of multiple sclerosis?autosensitization to some central nervous system antigen still remains one of the best hypotheses for the continuing pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (ms). enough is now known about the cause, pathogenesis, and treatment of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) to test this hypothesis. reports of therapeutic failure of the encephalitogen myelin basic protein (bp) in the treatment of ms have their counterparts in similar therapeutic failures in eae. only highly inbred strain 13 guinea p ...197993873
[histological and histochemical studies of the gastric mucosa of the mouse under normal conditions and following various treatments]. 197994241
neovasculogenesis. triggering factors and possible mechanisms.the possible regulating mechanism(s) of neovascularization are discussed. experimental data supporting the view that ocular neovascularization might be triggered by a fundamental metabolic mechanism are presented. based on his own data and scattered evidence from the literature, the author suggests a model for a possible regulating mechanism of the neovascular process in which the prostaglandins fulfill the role of neovascular mediating substances. preliminary results demonstrating that indometh ...197994468
the role of antigen-specific t cell factors in the immune response. 197994504
factors involved in the age-dependent resistance of mice infected with low-virulence mouse hepatitis virus.four-week-old weanling mice survived, whereas 1-week-old suckling mice died, after intraperitoneal inoculation of mouse hepatitis virus, mhv-s strain. the factors involved in this difference in susceptibility were studied. after virus inoculation, differences in virus growth in the liver and spleen were observed, which correlated with the susceptibility of animals to the virus. interferon, detected at an early stage of infection, was considerably lower in suckling mice than in weanling mice. tit ...197994538
the effects of metiamide and h1 receptor blocking agents on anaphylactic response in guinea-pigs.the effects of metiamide and of four h1 receptor blocking agents (mepyramine, promethazine, clemastine and ketotifene) on anaphylactic reaction were studied in the guinea-pig. the h1 blockers conferred partial protection which shows that with the experimental protocol utilized (challenge injection with high doses of antigen), histamine plays a lesser role than other mediators released or synthesized. metiamide (30.0 mg/kg i.v.) noticeably enhanced the increase in pulmonary resistance observed du ...197994763
on the pharmacology of venous smooth muscle from dog and man.changes in tension of spiral strips from canine and human veins induced by various drugs are compared with results from the literature on human veins. the order of potencies of alpha-adrenoceptor stimulating amines (adrenaline greater than noradrenaline greater than dopamine greater than isoprenaline) is similar in human and canine veins. comparison of the affinities for alpha-adrenoceptors of pharmacologic drugs (thymoxamine, indoramine, clonidine, dihydroergotamine) suggest marked differences ...197994863
staining with chromoxane cyanine r.since pearse in 1957 introduced chromoxane cyanine r as a dual nuclear and cytoplasmic stain there have appeared numerous procedures for use of this dye. these have differed widely, sharing in common mainly the implication that each is best. a defendable procedure has been developed on an experimental basis and is reported here. four stock solutions are needed: (1) a 0.2% solution of chromoxane cyanine r in 0.5% aqueous h2so4 (v/v); boil this solution for 5 min, (2) 10% fecl3 in 3% hcl, (3) 1% a ...197994954
world veterinary manpower: comparative aspects.the number of veterinarians in relation to livestock units, human population, milk and meat production and gross national product for 93 countries is presented. the structure of veterinary manpower is discussed and information on veterinary involvement with companion animals and public health is given. for 23 countries representing all the continents, the number of livestock units, human population and gross national product per veterinary school are presented.197995360
dextran anaphylactoid reaction in sprague-dawley cfy rats.from a closed colony of randomly-bred sprague-dawley cfy rats about 23% failed to respond to intravenous dextran with the characteristic generalized anaphylactoid reaction, but still exhibited an inflammatory response when dextran was given into the foot pad. brother-sister mating of rats showing the most expressed generalized reaction (reactor rats) yielded good responder offsprings, while the non-reactors had descendants completely unresponsive to systemic dextran. brother-sister mating of sel ...197995467
studies of the mechanisms for the induction of in vivo tumor immunity. iv. enhancement of the in vitro generation of secondary cell-mediated cytotoxic response by normal peritoneal macrophages and their culture supernatants.the effect of macrophages on the induction of the cell-mediated cytotoxicity against a leukemia in a syngeneic system was investigated. the addition of exogenous peritoneal cells from normal c57bl/6 mice enhanced the in vitro secondary cell-mediated cytotoxic response of both spleen and lymph node cells as responding cells against syngeneic fbl-3 leukemia. peritoneal phagocytic macrophages seemed to be responsible for the enhancement. no inhibitory effect was demonstrated by the addition of peri ...1979156217
microbiological aspects of polyphosphate injection in the processing and chill storage of poultry.during commercial processing of broiler chickens, injection of polyphosphate (puron 604 or 6040) resulted in microorganisms being added to the deep breast muscle. the level of contamination was related to the microbiological condition of the injection solution. injection of polyphosphate had no effect on the shelf-life of fresh chilled carcasses held at 1 degree of 10 degrees c but changes were observed in the growth rate of microorganisms in the deep muscle and in the composition of the muscle ...1979216743
xencsa: cell surface antigens related to the major glycoproteins (gp70) of xenotropic murine leukemia viruses. 1979216748
role of peripheral side chains of vitamin b12 coenzymes in the reaction catalyzed by dioldehydrase. 1979217415
the mitochondrially encoded "phantom atpase" of s. cerevisiae. ii. a heterogeneous mitochondrial atpase population in situ. 1979154057
a catheter flow probe for measurement of left ventricular source parameters. 1979161547
[adrenal cortex and vitamin pp. the effect of corticosteroids on the nad level in the rat liver after the administration of excess nicotinic acid or nicotinamide].the nad content in the liver was experimentally studied in intact, adrenalectomized rats and those given hydrocortisone following nicotinic acid and nicotinamide administration. the nad concentration in the liver rose linearly and equally during the first 4 experimental hours after the nicotinamide administration (200 mg/kg). a conclusion was drawn that in administration of exogenous precursors the coenzyme biosynthesis did not depend on the initial hormonal background.1979218187
subacute infection with temperature-sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g41 in the central nervous system of mice. i. clinical and virologic studies.inoculation of three- to four-week-old balb/c mice with temperature-sensitive (ts) vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g41 produced a subacute neurological disease, initially characterized by development of lethargy, hunched posture, and ruffled fur within five to seven days after infection. more than 90% of infected mice developed these clinical signs. in approximately 60% of infected mice, the initial neurological signs proceeded to striking hind-limb paralysis and weight loss. these signs usual ...1979220328
prevention of reactivated herpes simplex infection by human leukocyte interferon after operation on the trigeminal root.microneurosurgical procedures on the trigeminal-nerve root are often followed by reactivation of herpes simplex virus infection, manifested by herpes labialis or oropharyngeal herpesvirus shedding or both. in a double-blind study of the ability of human leukocyte interferon to prevent this reactivation, patients with a history of herpes labialis were given 7 x 10(4) u of interferon per kilogram of body weight per day or placebo for five days beginning on the day before operation. in 18 patients ...1979221812
dnag (primase)-dependent origins of dna replication. nucleotide sequences of the negative strand initiation sites of bacteriophages st-1, phi k, and alpha 3.the simplest known origins of dna replication occur in the single-stranded bacteriophages. in one set of phages, negative strand synthesis is initiated by a single protein, the product of the escherichia coli replication gene dnag. evidently, in these phages--g4, st-1, phi k, and alpha 3--the origin for negative strand synthesis consists of a nucleic acid element capable of direct recognition by the dnag priming protein. we have located and sequenced the origins of negative strand synthesis in s ...1979387790
isoproterenol-induced desensitization of adenylate cyclase in human astrocytoma cells. relation of loss of hormonal responsiveness and decrement in beta-adrenergic receptors.incubation of human astrocytoma cells (1321n1) with low concentrations of isoproterenol results in a specific loss of responsiveness to catecholamines as evidenced by a decreased accumulation of camp in intact cells, a reduction in isoproterenol-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity, and a decrease in beta-adrenergic receptor density, as measured by the specific binding of 125i-hydroxybenzylpindolol. the kinetics of desensitization suggest the involvement of two different reactions. the initial ...1979214444
biological and biochemical properties of defective interfering particles of equine herpesvirus type 1. 1979218357
specific protein phosphorylation in interferon-treated uninfected and virus-infected mouse l929 cells: enhancement by double-stranded rna.the enhanced phosphorylation of specific protein(s) observed in extracts from interferon-treated cells (in the presence of atp and double-stranded [ds] rna) was also seen in intact mouse l929 cells upon treatment with dsrna, polyriboinosinic.polyribocytidylic acid [poly(ri.rc)] or reovirus dsrna, using 32pi as radiolabel. labeling of a 65,000-dalton protein(s) with 32p was greatly increased in interferon-treated cells in the presence of added dsrna, suggesting that the expression in vivo of the ...1979219224
isolation of bovine brain microtubule protein without glycerol: polymerization kinetics change during purification cycles. 1979543557
experimental s. mansoni infection in mice. blood white cells, serum proteins, glycemia and blood urea in various stages of the infection. 1979545638
structural features determining the site specificity of a rat liver camp-independent protein kinase. 1979222263
[first results obtained in man with ethinyl estradiol sulfonate given for various indications (proceedings)]. 1979515140
[response of certain laboratory animals to being fed an ocean fish, the ruvette]. 1979516605
hypolipidemic effects in dogs of ml-236b, a competitive inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a, a competitive inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coa reductase, significantly reduced both serum cholesterol and phospholipid levels in dogs, when used at a dosage higher than 10 mg/kg per day. triglyceride levels were not consistently changed, but beta- and pre-beta-lipoproteins were preferentially reduced. serum cholesterol levels were reduced by 44--45% at the higher dosage of 100--400 mg/kg per day (for 5 weeks) but ml-236b caused no significant changes in the cholesterol conte ...1979223590
management of pyothorax.pyothorax is a serious disease process which requires both medical and surgical intervention. late recognition, management problems, and likely recurrence make successful treatment difficult and often frustrating. aims of therapy should be to avoid undue stress to the patient, to relieve respiratory distress by thoracocentesis, to eliminate infectious agents with antimicrobials, to remove pleural exudate, and to provide supportive care. close monitoring of the patient is necessary to prevent iat ...1979315657
dopamine-mediated behavior produced by the enkephalin analogue fk 33-824.intraperitoneal injection of fk 33-824 produced apomorphine-like stereotyped behavior in rats. antagonism of this stereotypy by naloxone and neuroleptics suggests that fk 33-824 can activate opiate and dopamine receptors in the brain. because increased dopaminergic neuronal activity is thought to be involved in schizophrenia and dopamine-mediated stereotypy has been used as an animal model for this illness, these results are consistent with an involvement of endogenous opiate-like peptides in sc ...1979233159
[state of vascular tone and several blood biochemical indices in experimental atherosclerosis and sensitization].a study of the vascular tone of the posterior extremities in rabbits, of some blood lipid metabolism indices under conditions of experimental atherosclerosis and sensitization showed an increase in the vascular resistance in the areas investigated, and disturbance of lipid metabolism in two experimental groups of animals. the data obtained support the literature evidence that allergic component serves as one of the factors complicating the atherosclerosis course.1979217466
in vitro model simulating the form of exposure of bacteria to antimicrobial drugs encountered in infection.a new model, which is designed to investigate the in vitro activity of antibiotics as a function of different concentration-time curves, is described. the antibiotic is allowed to diffuse through a membrane into a bacterial culture until a peak level is reached; the antibiotic is then removed by flow-assisted back diffusion. with this arrangement it is possible to expose bacteria to a changing concentration of drug while maintaining a constant volume of bacterial culture. preliminary studies wer ...1979383014
neurotensin: antinocisponsive action in rodents. 1979421735
repair of dna in replicated and unreplicated portions of the human genome. 1979423247
metabolism of 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyluracil in mouse l5178y cells. 1979427752
interactions of surface-active alkyltrimethylammonium salts with the plasma membrane of acanthamoeba castellanii.the interactions of three surface-active alkyltrimethylammonium salts (c12-c16) with the plasma membrane of acanthamoeba castellanii were studied. the surfactants caused a release of k+ from the cells at premicellar concentrations. the lytic effectiveness of the surfactants increased with an increase in the length of the alkyl chain with about an order of magnitude for every two carbon atoms added to the alkyl chain. binding studies with the c16 homologue revealed that at a concentration corresp ...1979433611
hepatocellular carcinoma in the u.s.a., etiologic considerations. localization of hepatitis b antigens.the serologic and tissue markers of hepatitis b virus (hbv) were studied in 50 patients in whom hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) was confirmed at autopsy. serologic and tissue markers included serum hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag), tissue hbsag, tissue hepatitis core antigen (hbcag), and serum antibody to hbcag (anti-hbc). twenty-two patients had hcc arising in alcoholic cirrhosis; 2 of the 22 (9.1%) had one or more of the hbv tissue and serologic markers. this infection rate is similar to the ...1979215488
the contribution of the 'second' visual system to directed visual attention in man.the visual functions of a patient suffering from a brain lesion incorporating the left n. pulvinar was examined in order to assess the contribution of this structure to human vision. with the exception of the following abnormalities visual functions were normal. first, there was a decrease in the critical flicker frequency in the periphery (but not in the parafoveal region) of the right visual hemifield, that is, that contralateral to the pulvinar lesion. however, the second and most striking ch ...1979509197
[effect of the emissions caused by the cement industry on biochemical and morphological parameters in rabbits]. 1979516811
the role of hormones in the etiology of breast and endometrial cancer.despite many years of extensive investigation, there has been neither a clear-cut pattern of hormonal production nor milieu found in women with breast cancer. estrogen replacement therapy for menopause does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer and one study indicated that estrogen users have a lower incidence of breast cancer than that observed in untreated women. some studies have shown that the mortality rate from breast cancer is lower in estrogen-treated postmenopausal women. ...1980294115
[accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. selected problems of medical assessment of someone's fitness to be a driver]. 19801161596
ultrastructure of rectum epithelium in isopoda (crustacea). 19811163151
[excision of a gigantic glomus jugulare tumor after preoperative embolization]. 1981216069
[10 suggestions in hyposensitization]. 19811162675
kinetic investigations of the autoxidation of adrenalin.generation rates of superoxide anions (o2-) by autoxidizing adrenalin at ph 9.5 were determined in solutions containing either superoxide dismutase (0.85 m-1 s-1) or hydroxylamine (0.0185 m-1 s-1) as competitive scavengers. the rate constants of o2- with adrenalin and hydroxylamine were calculated for neutral and alkaline solutions. the respective values were for adrenalin: 5.6 x 10(4) m-1 s-1, ph 7.8; 7.0 x 10(3) m-1 s-1, ph 9.5--and for hydroxylamine 5.9 x 10(4) m-1 s-1, ph 7.8; 3.4 x 10(4) m- ...1981217185
adrenocortical function, electrolyte metabolism, and blood pressure during prolonged adrenocorticotropin infusion in juvenile hypertension.the effect of a continuous 5-day acth infusion (40 u/24 h) on adrenocorticoid function, electrolyte metabolism, and blood pressure was investigated in eight normotensive children and eight patients with hypertension of unknown origin. there was a continuous rise of plasma cortisol and deoxycorticosterone in all patients. plasma aldosterone rose transiently in the normotensive and the hypertensive group. a transient kaliuresis and a continuous fall in serum k+ were observed in all patients. acth ...1982221530
effects of the intravenous administration of calcium on nephrogenous cyclic amp: use as a parathyroid suppression test.the question of parathyroid autonomy in primary hyperparathyroidism has been the subject of conflicting immunoassay data. we studied the effects of calcium infusion (12 mg/kg/3h) and calcium injection (3 mg/kg/10 min) on peripheral plasma parathyroid hormone (ipth) determined with a multivalent antiserum and on the excretion of nephrogenous cyclic amp in normal subjects and in 7 patients with primary hyperparathyroidism who displayed only mild, intermittent hypercalcemia. in control subjects, ca ...1982221521
glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g-6-pd) deficiency in the newborn. 19821158512
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