results of intermittent treatment of growth hormone deficiency with human grwoth hormone.the growth in stature of two groups of growth hormone deficient children has been compared. the frist group received intermittent treatment with human growth hormone (hgh), 1 year on, 1 year off, subsequent years on; the second group received continous treatment. this latter group had a significantly better mean growth response. the reduction in treatment velocity in years subsequent to the first was not prevented by the year off treatment, the mean velocity of the intermittent group in their 3r ...1977194914
effect of dihydroergotoxine on cyclic-amp-generating systems in rat cerebral cortex slices of rat cerebral cortex, cyclic-amp formation is stimulated in response to added noradrenaline (na), isoproterenol (isp) or adenosine. the effect of isp could be antagonized only by the selective beta-adrenoceptor-blocking agent pindolol, whereas the stimulating effect of na could be antagonized by both alpha- and beta-adrenoceptor-blocking agents. dihydroergotoxine (dhet) at low concentrations (10(-8)m) antagonized the stimulating effect of na but not of isp or adenosine, suggesting th ...1978201544
fetal mouse lung in circumfusion system cultures.fetal mouse lungs were cultivated, using the dual-rotary circumfusion system for tissue culture, and their histotypic development was surveyed for 75 days by phase-contrast and electron microscopy. alveoli, terminal bronchioles and alveolar macrophages were photographed periodically with still and time-lapse phase-contrast microscopy. their histotypic appearance was confirmed by electron micrographs of the 1- and 2 1/2-month-old specimens. these revealed typical alveoli surrounded by a basal lam ...1977201560
prolonged infection of l cells with vesicular stomatitis virus. defective interfering forms and temperature-sensitive mutants as factors in the infection. 1978206006
[the effect of vitamin d3 on some parameters in the serum and bone of rats (author's transl)]. 1978206364
ca2+/protein modulator-dependent and -independent cyclic gmp phosphodiesterase from hog heart.ca2+/protein modulator-dependent and -independent guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cgmp) phosphodiesterases were separated from hog heart. the protein modulator-free ca2+/protein modulator-dependent enzyme was partially purified by repeated deae-cellulose column chromatography and heat treatment. the final preparation of this enzyme showed no significant basal activity under the standard assay conditions. lineweaver-burk plots of the ca2+/protein modulator-dependent enzyme activity indicated the p ...1978207685
histochemical, pharmacological and microspectrofluorometric analysis of new sites of serotonin localization in the rat hypothalamus.histopharmacological and microspectrofluorometric analysis was applied to the rat hypothalamus for the identification of serotonin. neuronal perikarya, especially certain of those of the endocrinologically important arcuate nucleus, were seen to contain a yellow histofluorescence which possessed spectral characteristics consistent with the serotonin fluorophor. serotonin was localized also within varicosities of various hypothalamic nuclei, as well as within an ependymally associated network of ...1978207746
[effect of rations with an increased sunflower seed oil level on the rate of very low-density lipoprotein formation in the liver, secretion into the blood and composition in the blood].feeding of rats on a ration with an excessive content of sunflower-oil (60 per cent of the total calorific value of the ration) for a period of 30 days resulted in lowering the rate of the apoproteins, prolipoproteins synthesis in the liver and in their loading with triglycerides and cholesterol. as a consequence of this it diminished secretion of endogenously formed tryglycerides and cholesterol from the liver into the blood and a changed lipid composition of lipoproteins of a very low density ...1978208301
nerve conduction velocity of small components in human sensory nerves. studies in normal and diseased nerves.slow conducted components of sensory nerve action potentials were investigated in median and in sural nerves of controls and in patients with peripheral nerve diseases. in the normal group the slow components showed no relation to age which is in contrast to the maximum velocity. in both the median nerve and sural nerve of about 20% of the patients with neuropathy exclusively a decrease of the conduction velocity of slow components was found, the other investigated parameters were normal. possib ...1977210021
vestibulo-ocular reflex from the posterior canal nerve to extraocular motoneurons in the the anesthetized cat, the posterior canal nerve (pcn) was stimulated by electric pulses and synaptic responses were recorded intracellularly in the three antagonistic pairs of extraocular motoneurons. pure reciprocal effects were obtained in the motoneurons innervating the antagonistic pair of ipsilateral oblique muscles and the antagonistic pair of contralateral vertical rectus muscles. these responses consisted of low threshold disynaptic excitatory postsynaptic potentials (epsps) in either ...1978210032
enkephalin-like material in normal human csf: measurement and levels. 1978210344
role of ca++ in virus-induced membrane fusion. ca++ accumulation and ultrastructural changes induced by sendai virus in chicken erythrocytes.some of the ultrastructural (freeze-etching technique), morphological, and biochemical effects of sendai virus interaction with chicken erythrocytes have been studied under fusogenic (in the presence of cacl2) and nonfusogenic (in the presence of ethyleneglycol-bis-n,n'-tetraacetic acid, [egta]) conditions. the following phenomena occur, irrespective of the presence of cacl2 or egta: (a) binding of iodinated virus particles to chicken erythrocytes at 4 degrees c and their partial release from th ...1978211140
detection of antigenically active mutant hgprt after mutagenesis with simian virus 40. 1978211410
[change in natural immunity under the effect of cysteine]. 1978211758
comparison of interferon action in interferon resistant and sensitive l1210 cells.translation inhibition, leu-trna aminoacylation and double-stranded rna and atp dependent phosphorylation were examined in interferon-treated and control cell-free lysates of leukaemic mouse l 1210 r and l 1210 s cells. no differences were observed between the respective interferon-treated and control cell-free extracts, except for the presence of an enhanced 67k dalton phosphoprotein fraction in interferon-treated l 1210 s cell-free extracts. in non-responding cell-free lysates, the lack of sti ...1978212514
the lipid-chemical features of the metastatic tissues into the liver from the human gastric cancer, large intestinal cancer and malignant order to clarify the biochemical features of metastatic tissues into the liver of human cancerous cells, 12 of primary cancerous tissues and 3 of metastatic tissues of the large intestinal cancer, 6 of primary cancerous tissues and 2 of metastatic tissues of the gastric cancer, and 3 of primary cancerous tissues and 3 of metastatic tissues of malignant insulinoma were studied lipid-chemically. cancerous tissues and metastatic tissues into the liver were collected by biopsy or surgical operati ...1978212845
primary afferent depolarisation of tooth pulp afferents is not affected by naloxone. 1978213729
[technics of measuring the motive force of very small ameboid cells].a technic have been perfected which measures directly the motive force of very small ameboid cells and indicates the tropism of the amoeba. by using this technic, the motive force of entamoeba histolytica was measured. it varied between +/- 1.5 x 10-4 dyne. we have also shown chimiotactism in entamoeba histolytica. the metabolic coumpound excreted by this cell induced negative tropism.1978213820
adenylate cyclase and phosphodiesterase from brain tissue: different stabilities during incubation of cerebral cortical slices.adenylate cyclase and phosphodiesterase were prepared from brain slices from guinea-pig. the specific activity of adenylate cyclase declined rapidly with increasing incubation time of tissue slices, while phosphodiesterase activity was almost uneffected by the incubation of brain slices.1978214325
[antihypoxic effect of analogs of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, phosphodiesterase inhibitors].a number of investigated camp derivatives are shown to inhibit the camp-phosphodiesterase in brain tissues of white rats in vitro. the 8-substituted aminoethylamino-derivatives proved to be effective inhibitors of the enzyme. among them the most pronounced inhibition displayed the 8-(beta-aminoethylamino)-camp. in an in vitro experiment on the model of hypoxic hypoxia in rats it was shown to possess strong anti-hypoxic properties. the possible prospective clinical use of the camp analogs--inhibi ...1978214339
isoproterenol-induced desensitization of adenylate cyclase in human astrocytoma cells. relation of loss of hormonal responsiveness and decrement in beta-adrenergic receptors.incubation of human astrocytoma cells (1321n1) with low concentrations of isoproterenol results in a specific loss of responsiveness to catecholamines as evidenced by a decreased accumulation of camp in intact cells, a reduction in isoproterenol-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity, and a decrease in beta-adrenergic receptor density, as measured by the specific binding of 125i-hydroxybenzylpindolol. the kinetics of desensitization suggest the involvement of two different reactions. the initial ...1979214444
glycosylation of a membrane protein is restricted to the growing polypeptide chain but is not necessary for insertion as a transmembrane protein. 1978215329
hepatocellular carcinoma in the u.s.a., etiologic considerations. localization of hepatitis b antigens.the serologic and tissue markers of hepatitis b virus (hbv) were studied in 50 patients in whom hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) was confirmed at autopsy. serologic and tissue markers included serum hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag), tissue hbsag, tissue hepatitis core antigen (hbcag), and serum antibody to hbcag (anti-hbc). twenty-two patients had hcc arising in alcoholic cirrhosis; 2 of the 22 (9.1%) had one or more of the hbv tissue and serologic markers. this infection rate is similar to the ...1979215488
potentiation of coxsackievirus b3 infection in adult mice pretreated with a gold mice treated with sodium aurothiomalate (myocrisin), prior to infection with coxsackievirus b3, 90% of the animals died by the 11th day postinfection (p.i.). a mortality of 10% was noted in mice receiving myocrisin only, and no deaths occurred in animals infected with virus alone. the highest amount of virus was recovered from the pancreas of myocrisin-treated mice on day 3 p.i. this was over 500-fold higher than the virus titer found in the pancreas of mice infected with virus only. generall ...1978215719
interaction between alpha adrenergic and serotonergic activation of canine saphenous veins.serotonin and norepinephrine produced concentration-dependent contractions of helical strips of canine saphenous veins. the contractile responses to both agonists were inhibited by the alpha adrenergic receptor blocking agent phentolamine. tolazoline inhibited the contractile responses of canine saphenous veins to norepinephrine but augmented those to serotonin. blockade of adrenergic neuronal reuptake with cocaine enhanced the sensitivity of the canine saphenous vein to serotonin, but did not s ...1978215746
stimulation of host dna synthesis and induction of early antigens by ultraviolet light irradiated human cytomegalovirus.the ultraviolet (uv-)sensitivity of the human cytomegalovirus (hcmv) genes coding for very early complement fixing and early antigens in human embryonic fibroblasts (hef) and mouse embryonic fibroblasts (mef) and the relation of these genes to the ability of the virus to stimulate host cell dna synthesis were investigated. after 14 minutes of uv-irradiation of the virus inoculum only the very early complement fixing nuclear antigen (cmna) developed in the hef cells and only the early cytoplasmic ...1978216335
microbiological aspects of polyphosphate injection in the processing and chill storage of poultry.during commercial processing of broiler chickens, injection of polyphosphate (puron 604 or 6040) resulted in microorganisms being added to the deep breast muscle. the level of contamination was related to the microbiological condition of the injection solution. injection of polyphosphate had no effect on the shelf-life of fresh chilled carcasses held at 1 degree of 10 degrees c but changes were observed in the growth rate of microorganisms in the deep muscle and in the composition of the muscle ...1979216743
xencsa: cell surface antigens related to the major glycoproteins (gp70) of xenotropic murine leukemia viruses. 1979216748
role of peripheral side chains of vitamin b12 coenzymes in the reaction catalyzed by dioldehydrase. 1979217415
[state of vascular tone and several blood biochemical indices in experimental atherosclerosis and sensitization].a study of the vascular tone of the posterior extremities in rabbits, of some blood lipid metabolism indices under conditions of experimental atherosclerosis and sensitization showed an increase in the vascular resistance in the areas investigated, and disturbance of lipid metabolism in two experimental groups of animals. the data obtained support the literature evidence that allergic component serves as one of the factors complicating the atherosclerosis course.1979217466
characterization of the inotropic response induced by stimulation of beta-adrenergic and h1 histaminergic receptors in guinea pig left atria.the inotropic response induced by beta-adrenergic and h1 histaminergic receptor stimulation was characterized in guinea pig left atria by obtaining dose-response relationships for isoproterenol and histamine under various experimental conditions. conditions (hypothermia, high frequencies of stimulation, and large extracellular calcium concentrations) which enhanced the ability of cardiac muscle to develop force also increased the sensitivity of the left atrium to isoproterenol while decreasing i ...1978217510
sertoli cell capacity to metabolize c19 steroids: variation with age and the effect of follicle-stimulating hormone. 1978217658
[adrenal cortex and vitamin pp. the effect of corticosteroids on the nad level in the rat liver after the administration of excess nicotinic acid or nicotinamide].the nad content in the liver was experimentally studied in intact, adrenalectomized rats and those given hydrocortisone following nicotinic acid and nicotinamide administration. the nad concentration in the liver rose linearly and equally during the first 4 experimental hours after the nicotinamide administration (200 mg/kg). a conclusion was drawn that in administration of exogenous precursors the coenzyme biosynthesis did not depend on the initial hormonal background.1979218187
biological and biochemical properties of defective interfering particles of equine herpesvirus type 1. 1979218357
specific protein phosphorylation in interferon-treated uninfected and virus-infected mouse l929 cells: enhancement by double-stranded rna.the enhanced phosphorylation of specific protein(s) observed in extracts from interferon-treated cells (in the presence of atp and double-stranded [ds] rna) was also seen in intact mouse l929 cells upon treatment with dsrna, polyriboinosinic.polyribocytidylic acid [poly(ri.rc)] or reovirus dsrna, using 32pi as radiolabel. labeling of a 65,000-dalton protein(s) with 32p was greatly increased in interferon-treated cells in the presence of added dsrna, suggesting that the expression in vivo of the ...1979219224
subacute infection with temperature-sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g41 in the central nervous system of mice. i. clinical and virologic studies.inoculation of three- to four-week-old balb/c mice with temperature-sensitive (ts) vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g41 produced a subacute neurological disease, initially characterized by development of lethargy, hunched posture, and ruffled fur within five to seven days after infection. more than 90% of infected mice developed these clinical signs. in approximately 60% of infected mice, the initial neurological signs proceeded to striking hind-limb paralysis and weight loss. these signs usual ...1979220328
prevention of reactivated herpes simplex infection by human leukocyte interferon after operation on the trigeminal root.microneurosurgical procedures on the trigeminal-nerve root are often followed by reactivation of herpes simplex virus infection, manifested by herpes labialis or oropharyngeal herpesvirus shedding or both. in a double-blind study of the ability of human leukocyte interferon to prevent this reactivation, patients with a history of herpes labialis were given 7 x 10(4) u of interferon per kilogram of body weight per day or placebo for five days beginning on the day before operation. in 18 patients ...1979221812
structural features determining the site specificity of a rat liver camp-independent protein kinase. 1979222263
hypolipidemic effects in dogs of ml-236b, a competitive inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a, a competitive inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coa reductase, significantly reduced both serum cholesterol and phospholipid levels in dogs, when used at a dosage higher than 10 mg/kg per day. triglyceride levels were not consistently changed, but beta- and pre-beta-lipoproteins were preferentially reduced. serum cholesterol levels were reduced by 44--45% at the higher dosage of 100--400 mg/kg per day (for 5 weeks) but ml-236b caused no significant changes in the cholesterol conte ...1979223590
[approbation of nutrient media made of dry components for the accelerated cultivation of cl. perfringens type a]. 1979224626
bovine leucosis in portugal. 1978224779
dopamine-mediated behavior produced by the enkephalin analogue fk 33-824.intraperitoneal injection of fk 33-824 produced apomorphine-like stereotyped behavior in rats. antagonism of this stereotypy by naloxone and neuroleptics suggests that fk 33-824 can activate opiate and dopamine receptors in the brain. because increased dopaminergic neuronal activity is thought to be involved in schizophrenia and dopamine-mediated stereotypy has been used as an animal model for this illness, these results are consistent with an involvement of endogenous opiate-like peptides in sc ...1979233159
precursor specific inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis by glisoxepide, an inhibitor of the l-aspartate/l-glutamate antiport system. 1975235462
the inhibition of enzymes related to pulmonary fatty acid and phospholipid synthesis by dietary deprivation in the rat. 1975238512
alternaria alternata as a cause of opportunistic fungal infections in man. 1978285458
[ring-20 chromosome: a new syndrome].a comparative study of five observations of a r (20) syndrome characterized by facial dysmorphism, the absence of severe malformations, and rather late onset of encephalopathy and seizures.1977305753
influence of specificity of reagents and of behaviour of cell surface ig on the detection and enumeration of immunoglobulin-bearing lymphocytes in humans.some parameters likely to influence detection and classification of human b-lymphocytes using anti-immunoglobulin (ig) sera have been investigated. of 20 separate mono- and polyspecific native or conjugated anti-ig sera analysed by a passive haemagglutination technique, 13 exhibited non-specific reactivity. this technique showed no consistent correlation between the titre of individual sera against fab2 and whole igg respectively. the indirect immunofluorescence (if) method applied to detect sur ...1978307583
management of pyothorax.pyothorax is a serious disease process which requires both medical and surgical intervention. late recognition, management problems, and likely recurrence make successful treatment difficult and often frustrating. aims of therapy should be to avoid undue stress to the patient, to relieve respiratory distress by thoracocentesis, to eliminate infectious agents with antimicrobials, to remove pleural exudate, and to provide supportive care. close monitoring of the patient is necessary to prevent iat ...1979315657
stimulation of erythropoiesis in a grafted animal by mouse fetal liver culture media.erythropoietin given to polycythemic, irradiated mice receiving a bone marrow transplant restores the number of erythroid colonies produced. in this study mouse fetal liver culture media administered to polycythemic, irradiated mice also restored the number of erythroid colonies and erythropoiesis as measured by 59fe incorporation. thus, mouse fetal liver in culture produces a factor which resembles erythropoietin.1977321232
osteomyelitis and arthritis caused by salmonella typhimurium in a crow.salmonella typhimurium was isolated from an arthritic elbow joint of a crow (corvus brachyrhynchos) which also had bilateral osteomyelitis of proximal tibias. the prevalence of salmonella organisms in wild birds is reviewed briefly.1978368353
mitochondrial protein-synthesizing machinery in saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in different metabolic conditions. variability of seryl-trna and alanyl-trna isoacceptor patterns.1. the isoacceptor patterns of mitochondrial seryl and alanyl-trnas from saccharomyces cerevisiae grown under different conditions and committed to fermentative or respiratory metabolism have been studied by reversed-phase chromatography. 2. an extensive variability of the chromatographic patterns of the four isoacceptors for serine and of the three isoacceptors for alanine has been observed as a function of carbon source and stage of growth, but the main differences were observed in the differe ...1979381000
in vitro model simulating the form of exposure of bacteria to antimicrobial drugs encountered in infection.a new model, which is designed to investigate the in vitro activity of antibiotics as a function of different concentration-time curves, is described. the antibiotic is allowed to diffuse through a membrane into a bacterial culture until a peak level is reached; the antibiotic is then removed by flow-assisted back diffusion. with this arrangement it is possible to expose bacteria to a changing concentration of drug while maintaining a constant volume of bacterial culture. preliminary studies wer ...1979383014
the inhibitory effect of aspirin on platelet and vascular prostaglandins in rats cannot be completely dissociated. 1979383131
dnag (primase)-dependent origins of dna replication. nucleotide sequences of the negative strand initiation sites of bacteriophages st-1, phi k, and alpha 3.the simplest known origins of dna replication occur in the single-stranded bacteriophages. in one set of phages, negative strand synthesis is initiated by a single protein, the product of the escherichia coli replication gene dnag. evidently, in these phages--g4, st-1, phi k, and alpha 3--the origin for negative strand synthesis consists of a nucleic acid element capable of direct recognition by the dnag priming protein. we have located and sequenced the origins of negative strand synthesis in s ...1979387790
neurotensin: antinocisponsive action in rodents. 1979421735
repair of dna in replicated and unreplicated portions of the human genome. 1979423247
metabolism of 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyluracil in mouse l5178y cells. 1979427752
interactions of surface-active alkyltrimethylammonium salts with the plasma membrane of acanthamoeba castellanii.the interactions of three surface-active alkyltrimethylammonium salts (c12-c16) with the plasma membrane of acanthamoeba castellanii were studied. the surfactants caused a release of k+ from the cells at premicellar concentrations. the lytic effectiveness of the surfactants increased with an increase in the length of the alkyl chain with about an order of magnitude for every two carbon atoms added to the alkyl chain. binding studies with the c16 homologue revealed that at a concentration corresp ...1979433611
the contribution of the 'second' visual system to directed visual attention in man.the visual functions of a patient suffering from a brain lesion incorporating the left n. pulvinar was examined in order to assess the contribution of this structure to human vision. with the exception of the following abnormalities visual functions were normal. first, there was a decrease in the critical flicker frequency in the periphery (but not in the parafoveal region) of the right visual hemifield, that is, that contralateral to the pulvinar lesion. however, the second and most striking ch ...1979509197
[first results obtained in man with ethinyl estradiol sulfonate given for various indications (proceedings)]. 1979515140
[response of certain laboratory animals to being fed an ocean fish, the ruvette]. 1979516605
[effect of the emissions caused by the cement industry on biochemical and morphological parameters in rabbits]. 1979516811
isolation of corynebacterial enzymes from cultivation media by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography. 1979524393
isolation of bovine brain microtubule protein without glycerol: polymerization kinetics change during purification cycles. 1979543557
experimental s. mansoni infection in mice. blood white cells, serum proteins, glycemia and blood urea in various stages of the infection. 1979545638
a dynamic evaluation of human occlusion. 19761066969
scanning and transmission electron microscopy of sheep erythrocyte-rosetting lymphoblasts in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 19761086570
[surface structure of human t and b lymphocytes forming rosettes with erythrocytes in scanning microscopy].the authors tried to evaluate the surface of t and b cells in scanning microscope. the lymphocytes were isolated from the blood of healthy men and separated into t and b cells on the basis of rosette tests e and eac. about 80% of t cells in type e rosettes showed marked bulgings of surface corresponding to numerous, densely crowded microvilli. the remaining 20% of lymphocytes t had more smooth surface. difficulties were observed frequently in finding differences in the appearance of these cells ...19761086571
[experimental studies on arterialization of the coronary vein system]. 19761086925
disorders of cellular electrophysiology produced by ischemia of the canine his the first 4 hours after occlusion of the anterior septal coronary artery, 18 dogs developed bundle branch block, heart block, or both. the hearts were then excised, and preparations were dissected to expose the his bundle and the bundle branches, which were superfused with modified tyrode's solution at 37 degrees c. in the his bundle and the most proximal bundle branches, resting potentials were reduced and diminutive action potentials had slow upstrokes, often with notches or steps. action p ...19751112000
no-flow state following cerebral ischemia. role of increase in potassium concentration in brain interstitial fluid.rats were subjected to total cerebral ischemia by occluding outflow from the heart. in control experiments and following different periods of ischemia, potassium concentration was measured in cisternal cerebrospinal fluid (csf). it rose to 19.4 meq/liter following 16 minutes of ischemia. changes in cerebrovascular resistance (cvr) were also assessed by measuring the cerebral perfusion rate (cpr). following two minutes of ischemia, cvr was decreased to half control value. after 8 and 16 minutes o ...19751131072
[nucleotides, coenzymes and indirect glycolysis metabolites in newborn infants' erythrocytes in a case of 13th pair trisomy with 13/13 translocation]. 19751132763
proceedings: the effect of ketamine on renal blood-flow in greyhounds. 19751138789
the availability to sheep of copper in pig-slurry and slurry-dressed herbage. 19751144412
[experimental coronary artery obstruction and heart rate]. 19751144997
effect of lidocaine and quinidine on steady-state characteristics and recovery kinetics of (dv/dt)max in guinea pig ventricular myocardium.we studied the effects of quinidine and lidocaine on the steady-state relationship between membrane potential and the maximum rate of rise of the action potential, (dv/dt)max, and on the recovery kinetics of (dv/dt)max in guinea pig papillary muscles. the steady-state relationships were determined in fibers stimulated at 0.2/sec and depolarized with kcl. recovery kinetics were determined at various resting membrane potentials by assessing (dv/dt)max in progressively earlier premature action pote ...19751149184
[surgical pulmonary stenosis used as an experimental model]. 19751149992
bacteremia in febrile children under 2 years of age: results of cultures of blood of 600 consecutive febrile children seen in a "walk-in" clinic. 19751151561
effect of 3-(p-trifluoromethylphenoxy). n. n. methyl-3-phenylpropylamine on the depletion of brain serotonin by 4-chloroamphetamine.3-(p-trifluoromethylphenoxy)-n-methyl-3-phenylpropylamine (lilly 110140), when injected into rats at i.p. doses of 1 to 10 mg/kg, prevented the lowering of brain serotonin by 4-chloroamphetamine. the duration of 110140 action was very long, significant antagonism of 4-chloroamphetamine action being apparent still at 48 hours after a single dose of 10 mg/kg of 110140. the n,n-dimethyl tertiary amine derivative was as effective as 110140 itself in antagonizing serotonin depletion by 4-chloroamphet ...19751151729
effects of afferent volleys from the limbs on the discharge patterns of interpositus neurones in cats anaesthetized with alpha-chloralose.1. in cats anaesthetized with alpha-chloralose, micro-electrodes have been used to record the discharge patterns of single neurones in the region of the nucleus interpositus. 2. almost all cells tested could be antidromically invaded following electrical stimulation of the contralateral red nucleus, showing that they were cerebellar efferent neurones. 3. a little over half of the interpositus neurones were spontaneously active, usually at rates of less than 20 impulses/sec. 4. about 40% of the c ...19751151794
problems associated with study of cell-mediated immunity to human tumors by microcytotoxicity assays. 19751185800
[variety of effects of vitamins on yeast cells in aerobic conditions].the effect of thiamine and biotin on the processes of cell division, assimilation of glucose, and accumulation of the biomass and nitrogen in the cells was studied with the candida yeast. the action of the vitamins depended on the source of nitrogen. in some strains, asparagine can substitute for biotin. biotin has different effect on the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid in candida pulcherrima, c. guilliermondii. c. tropicalis k3-10. high concentrations of arginine were found in c. guillie ...19751214604
[effect of iaa on the content of rna in the cells and isolated nuclei of aspergillus oryzae].the content of rna in mycelium and isolated nuclei of aspergillus oryzae 3-9-15 was studied after its growth during two days on the modified capek medium containing 0.01 and 10 mg% of iaa. a direct correlation has been established between the extracellular concentration of iaa and its content in the mycelium and isolated nuclei of the fungus. the stimulating effect of the extracellular iaa on the content of rna in the isolated nuclei was optimal after one hour of incubation in the capek medium c ...19751214614
[the possibility of influenza virus reproduction in cultures of insect cells]. 19751214662
effects of pregnancy on bile acid metabolism. 19751216188
[prevention of cerebrovascular disorders with adrenergic substances].the author suggests an experimental model of cerebrovascular disorders of the neurogenic (adrenergic) nature following the administration of kcl into the lateral ventricles of the brain of cats or dogs. surgical desympathization considerably reduced the spasms of the cerebral vessels caused by the central effect of kcl. dihydroergotoxin, phenoxybenzamine, tropaphene, guanethidine and nialamide produced both the therapeutic and the prophylactic influence under the mentioned experimental disorders ...19751218262
[study of the sensitivity of halprowia (microorganisms of the olt group) isolated in joint pathology to antibiotics and sodium sulfapyridazine in in ovo experiments].sensitivity to antibiotics and sodium sulfapiridasin of the microorganisms of group olt, i. e. halprowia and chlamidia isolated from the joint fluid and synovial of the affected joints in patients with rheumatoid or non-specific infectious arthritis and raiter syndrome was studied in ovo. the data provided determination of the spectrum of their sensitivity to various drugs. the antibiotics of the tetracycline group, i. e. olemorphocycline, tetracycline and rondomycin were shown to have the highe ...19751225213
response of the human nasal mucous membrane to anti-human ige serum.the response of the nasal mucous membrane to anti-human ige serum was examined. the application of anti-ige sera to the nasal mucous membrane induced a nasal allergy-like symptom as well as nasal eosinophilia. this symptom was observed in the majority of nasal allergy cases and in some vasomotor rhinitis cases, while not in non-allergic normal persons. the nasal eosinophilia, however, increased not only in allergic patients, but in non-allergic persons in whom no nasal symptoms were induced. suc ...19751243638
electron microscopic evidence for a transsynaptic migration of tetanus toxin in spinal cord motoneurons: an autoradiographic and morphometric rats were injected intramuscularly (musculus deltoideus) with 125i-labeled tetanus toxin. first signs of tetanic rigidity became visible 12-13 h after injection: death occurred 1-2 h later. electron microscopic autoradiography of the ventrolateral spinal cord gray matter showed a large part of the radioactivity to be located in motoneurons (perikaryon, axon and dendrites) at 7 and 14 h after injection. a great majority of the rest of the label was found over synaptic terminals, most of the ...19761260442
changes in the spectrum of organisms causing respiratory tract infections: a review.over the last decade, the spectrum of organisms causing community-acquired acute lower respiratory tract infections has changed. streptococcus pneumoniae now causes approximately 30% of outpatient acute pneumonia-less than in former decades-whereas mycoplasma pneumoniae is found in both young and elderly patients. the enterobacteriaceae and staphylococcus aureus are now seen more frequently as respiratory tract pathogens in community-acquired pneumonia patients, and they are the major organisms ...19921287613
[the microbiological purification of industrial sulfur-containing sewage]. 19921303100
effect of tooth storage and cavity cleansing on cervical gap formation in class ii glass-ionomer/composite restorations.class ii cavities with the cervical margin just below the c-e junction and with two cervical retention grooves were prepared in intact human premolars, 31 cavities in teeth stored frozen and 29 cavities in teeth stored in 1% chloramine solution. the teeth from both storage conditions were assigned to two groups; in one group, the cavities were cleaned with a water spray, in the other group, with a cleaner containing 0.2% edta and 1% naf. all cavities were lined with vitrebond and restored with p ...19921303376
expression and release of neuroregulators during development: monoamines and neuropeptides.the turnover of catecholamines (ca) was determined in the adrenal medulla and brain of rat fetuses and pups. in general we found a considerable increase soon after birth. the expression of mrna for ca-synthesizing enzymes was also considerably enhanced in the adrenals shortly after birth. furthermore, we demonstrated increased expression of neuropeptides after birth, increased synthesis of mrna encoding for neuropeptide y in the adrenals 24 h after birth; and considerable activation of the subst ...19921306802
maintenance therapy for cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: foscarnet.the use of ganciclovir in the treatment of cytomegalovirus (cmv) retinitis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) is limited by marrow toxicity and by the development of resistance to this agent in cmv strains capable of causing progressive disease. foscarnet retains activity against ganciclovir-resistant cmv and has an adverse effect profile different from that of ganciclovir. preliminary data from studies conducted under the aids clinical trials group (actg) program indicat ...19921310573
freeze-dried, cross-linked bovine type i collagen: analysis of properties.this study was undertaken to assess the physical and biological properties of freeze-dried cross-linked bovine type i collagen and to assess its potential for use in the guided tissue regeneration method of treatment of periodontal disease in human adult subjects. the modulus of elasticity, swelling ratio, and biodegradation rate were investigated. the collagen sponge was implanted subdermally into sprague-dawley rats and a histological study carried out at 2, 7, 21, 35, and 49 days post implant ...19921317425
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor activity of the dopamine receptor agonist fenoldopam in canine tracheal smooth muscle.fenoldopam is a new vasodilator undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of hypertensive emergencies. its pharmacologic effects result from activation of vascular dopamine-1 receptors. in canine tracheal smooth muscle strips, fenoldopam caused a concentration- and calcium-dependent increase in tension, which was not antagonized by atropine, indomethacin or the dopamine-1 receptor antagonist, sch 23390. the ec50 (1.89 x 10(-6) m) exceeded that of serotonin or acetylcholine (8.38 x 10(-8) and ...19921346635
pcr amplification of alleles at the dis80 locus: comparison of a finnish and a north american caucasian population sample, and forensic casework evaluation.allele and genotype frequencies for the highly polymorphic d1s80 locus were determined in a finnish population sample by using pcr followed by high-resolution page and silver staining, a procedure called the amplified-fragment-length polymorphism (amp-flp) technique. in 140 unrelated finnish individuals 15 alleles and 43 phenotypes were observed. the d1s80 locus demonstrated a heterozygosity of .77, and the power of discrimination was .92 in this sample representing a genetically isolated finnis ...19921347970
the regulation of endopeptidase-24.11 expression on human osteoblast-like cells in culture. 19921426566
[ectotoxin-forming pyogenic staphylococcus aureus (s. aureus) as a cause of toxic shock syndrome (tss) in man].basing considerations on an extremely carefully examined case of toxic shock syndrome (tss), an analysis of this phenomenon is presented from the clinical and forensic points of view. tss is often associated with the term "tampon disease" but in the meantime it has turned out that it may also arise as a non-menstrual disorder, caused by local infections, for example after surgical interventions. the inevitable symptoms include: fever, exanthema, desquamation on the palms of the hands and soles o ...19921489323
mechanisms of flow-mediated signal transduction in endothelial cells: kinetics of atp surface concentrations.intracellular free calcium ([ca2+]i) was measured in single cells of a confluent endothelial monolayer subjected to defined flow. flow medium containing adenosine triphosphate (atp) was used to study the influence of flow forces upon agonist-response coupling as mediated via the p2y-purinoceptor. [ca2+]i responses were highly sensitive to the fluid motion at the cell surface; consecutive small increases of flow stimulated large [ca2+]i transients with the levels returning to baseline at the new ...19921489886
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