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[therapeutic effects of l-dopa and trihexyphenidyl in parkinson's disease--an examination by a double blind method]. 20164937721
semi-in-vivo? 20164930481
psychiatric case register conference, 1965. 20164958253
autoimmunity. 20164959504
[platelet aggregation increase. an unexpected result in fibrinolytic therapy]. 20164731540
axillofemoral and femorofemoral bypass grafts: safe surgical alternatives in aortoiliac occlusive disease. 20164745607
alienation and bureaucratization of mental health organizations. 20165014154
[acute appendicitis. 25 years experience at the spanish hospital]. 20164921951
impressions for complete dentures. 20164898720
[g. i. rossolimo--outstanding russian scientist and social activist]. 20164908106
the acute effects of food intake on energy expenditure during cycle ergometry. 20164814877
neurobiological barriers to euphoria. 20164750198
deficiency of alpha-l-fucosidase.a new form of alpha-l-fucosidase deficiency has been found in a 20-year-old severely retarded male. additional signs include angiokeratoma corporis diffusum and anhydrosis. the skin lesion is due to an accumulation of residual bodies, presumably containing oligosaccharides and glycoproteins, in endothelial cells and fibrocytes. the enzyme activity in blood relatives indicates that the disease is inherited as a simple autosomal recessive trait that segregates according to mendelian principles. be ...20165026163
diazepam premedication and awareness during general anaesthesia for bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy. 20164787001
external rotation palsy of shoulder. 20165024524
[insufficiency of the diaphragmatic suture, its causes, clinical features and prevention]. 20164873266
[chronic hereditary nephropathy with deafness and ocular lesions]. 20164829630
statistics. 20164823718
sunburn sensitivity and steroids. 20165087735
measurement of ionization distributions in tissue-equivalent gas. 20165012862
noise and the highway patrolman. 20164753468
technical aspects of dr. kryter's paper "impairment to hearing from exposure to noise" with respect to the niosh statistics. 20164712552
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