[psychological aspects of thalassemia].an account is given of the model employed for the provision of psychological care over the last 9 years at the microcythemia centre, department of paediatrics, university of turin, by a team composed of paediatricians and child neuropsychiatrists. reference is made to a series of 280 patients aged 0-25 years. the psychodynamic is adopted and provision is made for individual and group meetings with young and adolescent patients and their parents that are held as part of the centre's ordinary acti ...20133725610
[insulin pump and intensive insulin therapy]. 20133909574
[insulin pump and intensive insulin therapy]. 20133909574
student identified factors which facilitated learning in a six week psychiatric nursing rotation. 20133649267
[phrenic paralysis after heart surgery with extracorporeal circulation. apropos of 34 cases]. 20133566145
[biochemical research trends and their positive value in the clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia]. 20144223861
[some ideas regarding the classification of the stages of mitral stenosis according to a. n. bakulev and e. a. damir]. 20144240915
congenital band of the abdomen and the amniotic etiology of bands. 20144364929
oral contraceptives and caeruloplasmin activity. 20144176977
[hazards in therapeutics. 3. embryonic and neonatal risks related to treatment applied during pregnancy]. 20144159045
[multifocal atrial tachycardia in the newborn infant--obstetrical implications].the present discussion deals with the rare multifocal atrial tachycardia in the neonate, initiated by a recent case in our clinic. the difficulties in prenatally diagnosing the disease by cardiotocography are as well discussed as the obstetric management.20144072318
effects of deficient reporting on meta-analysis: a conceptual framework and reanalysis. 20143983295
[applying research results to neurologic practice]. 20144085952
treatment of hemophilia.the therapy of hemorrhagic symptoms and the prevention of subsequent chronic disability in patients with hemophilia a and b are based on the appropriate use of specific concentrates of the deficient blood-clotting factors. the proper amount of the factor to infuse is calculated on the basis of the following parameters: patient's weight; type, location and severity of the hemorrhage to be controlled or prevented; biological half-life and yield of the infused factor. the elaboration of the therape ...20143914697
alveolar soft-part sarcoma. report of a case presenting as asymptomatic pulmonary nodules. 20154635435
[philosophic speculations on wolf children and wild children]. 20154557972
towards effective psychiatric nursing. the beginning of self-learning. 20154486974
[effects of a vasopressin-corticoid association in patients having an astrocytoma or cerebral metastasis. evolutive study using complementary methods]. 20154306909
alienation and bureaucratization of mental health organizations. 20165014154
[acute appendicitis. 25 years experience at the spanish hospital]. 20164921951
[platelet aggregation increase. an unexpected result in fibrinolytic therapy]. 20164731540
axillofemoral and femorofemoral bypass grafts: safe surgical alternatives in aortoiliac occlusive disease. 20164745607
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