the renal lesion of the laurence-moon-biedl nine children with the laurence-moon-biedl syndrome a high incidence of nephropathy was documented. renal involvement was noted in seven patients before or simultaneously with the diagnosis of lmbs. five have uremia and two have died. all patients had an abnormal urogrum. the spectrum of renal lesions ranged from mesangial tissue proliferation to glomerular clerosis, interstitial scarring, and medullary and cortical cyst formation. a relationship between the lesions seen in the lmbs and those ...19911151560
the identity of alpha-galactosidase b from liver. 1991208365
[mechanisms of hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach and the nature of nutrition (a review of the literature)]. 1991208302
[crystalline derivatives of d,l-gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-gamma, gamma'-di-t-butylesters]. 19921262225
a method for the separation of plasma amino acids by ion-exchange chromatography combined with a semi-automatic computation of plasma amino acid concentrations.a method is described for combining the separation of plasma amino acids on a single column amino acid analyzer with semi-automatic computation of the plasma amino acid concentrations. the system used for the quantitation of the amino acids consists of an integrator with a teletype printer fitted with a puncher, and a table calculator with a punch reader and a converter. by using this system, the total time required for the calculation of the molar plasma concentration of 30 amino acids from one ...19921133138
[primary radiotherapeutic eutic results of uterine carcinoma in the years 1960 to 1968].a report is given of 448 cases of corpus carcinoma, treated by primary radiotherapy in the i-st gynecological university hospital in the years 1960 to 1968. the 5-years-healing rate in this period was 50.4 percent. it is emphasized that the cases represent a negative selection, as only inbetween the ages of 61 and 90 years. two women died primarily from pulmonary embolism (0.4 percent). in two patients a rectovaginal fistula developed. the increasing number of patients with diabetes mellitus (23 ...199249095
thymus dependence of viral antigens. 19921080258
editorial: cea-s-a more specific cea? 19931134520
[post-tuberculosis syndromes in a pneumology unit].with reference to 156 patients with a post-tuberculous syndrome, admitted to a pneumology unit, the authors discuss the anatomoclinical aspects of the primary disease and morbid entities developing against the background of the sequelae. the circumstances in which chronic bronchitis develops and post-tuberculous bronchopulmonary suppuration, frequently encountered in the pathology secondary to stable tuberculosis are analyzed. the necessity of preventing potential unspecific diseases and insurin ...1993204973
functions of apical membrane of toad urinary bladder: effects of membrane impermeant reagents. 1993202172
filling defect in the urinary bladder. 199345865
sterilization of laparoscopes. is soaking sufficient?controversy exists over the proper methods of sterilizing laparoscopic telescopes. an edict requiring gas sterilization rather than solution soaking of these instruments is in force in all federal hospitals. this rule has necessitated capital investments for new instruments and has led to a severe reduction in the number of cases of laparoscopy that may be scheduled in one day. fear of contamination is based on theoretical considerations and rusn counter to the actual, observed safety record see ...1993158645
[hemoptysis related to vascular, pulmonary, aortic and systemic causes]. 19941137301
body composition changes in women: effects of high and low exercise intensity.twenty college-age women participated in a ten-week physical training program involving two intensities of exercise. eleven women trained at a relatively high exercise intensity (hi) of 840 kgm/min while nine women trained at a low exercise intensity (li) of 420 kgm/min. body composition and residual lung volume changes were analyzed before and after the training program for both groups. there were no significant changes in body weight, body density, percent body fat, lean body weight and residu ...19941275684
down's syndrome and maternal age in british columbia, 1972--75.the occurrence of down's syndrome in british columbia during the period 1972-75 is analyzed with respect to maternal age distribution. this period is compared with previously studied periods. no marked trends are evident in the various age group-specific rates studied. the significance of these findings is discussed in connection with a possible role of environmental nutagens in induction of down's syndrome and the maternal age effect.1994159173
transactional analysis for the physician: an introduction. 19951236336
hypnotic efficacy of temazepam: a long-term sleep laboratory evaluation.1 temazepam was evaluated in a strictly defined insomniac patient population under sleep laboratory conditions. two protocols were used: a short-term (26-night) and a long-term (54-night) protocol evaluated the efficacy of the drug administered at night at 15 mg (short-term study) and 30 mg (long-term study), respectively. 2 temazepam seemed to be both safe and effective at doses of 15 and 30 mg with up to 5 weeks of ingestion. 3 suppression of slow wave sleep was observed at the high dose, but ...199541543
anesthesia's debt to science and its contribution to medicine. 1995398126
[love in old peoples home. a study in geriatric prosthetics]. 1996161119
[anti-lipoprotein autoantibodies with hypolipidemia in infectious rheumatism].presence of anti-lipoprotein activity, a new serological finding in inflammatory rheumatoid disease, has been established in sera and synovial fluids of 20 patients, among which were 6 cases of ankylosing spondylitis. in 18 of the patients, sera were negative for rheumatoid factor. anti-lipoprotein activity can best be demonstrated by the hemagglutination technique. the binding activity is directed against autologous as well as homologous, however not against heterologous hdl and ldl. it has no ...1997168637
carcinoma of the prostate: local control with external beam radiation therapy.local clinical control of the primary disease was evaluated in 209 patients with stage c adenocarcinoma of the prostate treated with definitive external beam radiation therapy and followed for a minimum of 2 years. of these patients 92 per cent required no further prostatic operations for obstruction. prostatectomy before therapy did not necessarily prevent later prostatic obstruction from occurring. of 129 patients who had only a needle biopsy before irradiation 90 per cent had improvement of t ...1998107328
detergent-solubilized nadph-cytochrome c(p-450) reductase from the higher plant, catharanthus roseus. purification and characterization. 1998107158
[the place of dobutamine in cardiovascular distress. mediterranean meeting in anesthesia and intensive care. round table discussion, nice 23 and 24 june 1978]. 199835057
quality of life measurement--breast cancer. 19982143942
high-risk coronary angioplasty using percutaneous cardiopulmonary bypass support.balloon angioplasty has a high success rate but results in abrupt closure of the vessel in 2% to 6% of patients. this can lead to haemodynamic collapse and death, particularly if the patient has poor left ventricular function. in the event of abrupt closure of the coronary vessels, such patients may not survive long enough to undergo emergency bypass surgery. the prophylactic use of cardiopulmonary bypass to support patients at high-risk for angioplasty has been reported recently. we describe ou ...19981302578
[palliative methods permitting oral feeding in patients with carcinoma of the esophagus (author's transl)].405 patient with carcinoma of the esophagus were operated on the unit from 1st january 1972 to 15th february 1977. among these 405 patients, 55 underwent prolonged esophageal intubation and 24 a palliative operation. we considered successively the various methods of prolonged intubation and the various types of palliative operation possible. at the end of this study, it appears that palliative surgery for carcinoma of the esophagus owing to the severity of the operation and the high post-operati ...199984816
science and art in preparing tissues embedded in plastic for light microscopy, with special reference to glycol methacrylate, glass knives and simple stains.plastic embedding preserves tissue structure much more faithfully than does paraffin. acrylic polymerization is innocuous to dye-binding groups in sections. the water solubility of glycol methacrylate monomer and the hydrophilic properties of the polymer allow for convenience in dehydration and for versatility in staining sections. five years of experience with glycol methacrylate (gma) embedding for light microscopy is summarized. methods for purifying gma monomer are cited. procedures for fixi ...199959421
transurethral treatment of urethral diverticula in women.six women with urethral diverticulitis and a history of having had previous operations for diverticula were subjected to transurethral diverticulotomy with a knife electrode. each patient had multiple diverticula, some compartmented, located in the mid or most proximal segments of the urethra. all patients have been releived of the symptoms and infection during the postoperative period, varying from 1 1/2 to 7 years.2000111388
carbodiimide-binding protein of h+-translocating atpase and inhibition of h+ conduction by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.h+-translocating atpase, which catalyzes atp synthesis in biomembranes, is composed of a head piece (f1) and a membrane moiety (f0). using highly-purified f0 from a thermophilic bacterium ps3 (tf0), the following results were obtained. 1. inhibition by n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (dccd) of h+ conduction through tf0 followed pseudo-first-order kinetics. the second-order rate constant for inhibitor-enzyme interaction was 5 times 10(3) m(-1)-min(-1). 2. h+ conductivity blocked by dccd was proport ...200033978
serum estrone, estradiol and estriol concentrations during oral hormone therapy after oophorectomy.serum estrone, estradiol and estriol concentrations during estradiolvalerate-norgestrel therapy for women who have undergone oophorectomy were studied. the patients in one group received 1 mg of estradiolvalerate in the morning and 2 mg of estriolsuccinate in the evening. the estrone and estradiol concentrations of the first and fifth day were at roughly the same level and the treatment caused no estrogen cumulation. the estriol concentrations on the fifth day were distinctly higher than on the ...200135403
relapsing polychondritis: review of current status and case report,.this communication has attempted to review the present state of published knowledge on the syndrome of relapsing polychondritis. basic anatomic, physiologic, and biochemical changes in this disorder are summarized and the role of metabolic and immunologic alterations in the pathogenesis discussed. an additional case of relapsing polychondritis is reported, and the clinical features of this case, plus those of 131 previously reported, are reviewed with discussion of present day therapeutic experi ...2001125451
[histamine h2 receptor antagonists in gastroduodenal pathology]. 200130144
nocturnal hypoglycaemia and haemoglobin a1. 200192646
topical clindamycin in the control of acne vulgaris. 2002138549
[normal uroflowmetry findings in men]. 2002135374
hyperalpha- and hypobeta-lipoproteinemia in octogenarian kindreds. 2003196605
[morphology of the motor endplate. aspects of interest in neurology]. 2003170897
the role of test pattern background hue in the mccollough effect. 2004516465
mammography: a radiologist's view. 2004404439
professor e. a. marsland appointed vice-principal of birmingham university. 2004395966
the end-stage renal disease networks: an attempt through federal regulation to regionalize health care delivery.recognizing the needs of patients with end-stage renal disease (esrd), the federal government passed legislation in 1972, establishing medicare coverage for 92 per cent of the diseased victims regardless of age. however, federal health planners did not in many areas, take into account what was already being accomplished on the state and local level. as a result, the implementation of the provision has created complications of its own. this case study of new jersey illustrates that until existent ...2004327167
treatment of hypertension: the place of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in the nineties.the past decade has seen a shift in the strategy for hypertension treatment from stepped therapy--a highly structured monolithic series of steps--to recommendations for a more individualized selection of treatment. severe hypertension is a clear indicator to bypass traditional steps. demographic factors, such as age, gender, and race, are often cited, but have proved to be less helpful. concomitant medical conditions and problems are very common and are more often the crucial determinants in the ...20051283428
konno procedure for congenital aortic stenosis with a single coronary artery from the left coronary sinus.a right coronary artery originating from the left coronary sinus and traversing anteriorly is thought to be one of the contraindications for a konno aortoventriculoplasty in congenital aortic stenosis because this procedure necessitates incision of the right ventricular outflow tract. the case of a 5-year-old girl with congenital aortic stenosis associated with a single coronary artery, successfully treated surgically by the konno procedure and right coronary artery reimplantation, is reported. ...20051482829
a saved little heart--transposition of great arteries. 20051305656
peripartum cardiomyopathy with recovery in a patient with coincidental eisenmenger ventricular septal defect.severe pulmonary vascular disease was found during pregnancy in a 31 year old woman with a large ventricular septal defect. three months after delivery peripartum cardiomyopathy with severe biventricular failure developed. this was a chance association. recovery of ventricular function was slow but was complete two years later. there was no advance in the pulmonary vascular disease.20051540442
epidermal growth factor promotes chick embryonic angiogenesis.the response of the early extraembryonic vasculature to epidermal growth factor (egf) was studied. millipore filter discs containing 10ng-1 microgram of egf were placed onto the advancing edge of the area vasculosa of 3-day chick embryos, and the effect examined macroscopically and histologically 24 hours after disc application. the capillary density at the site of application increased significantly, and the effect was seen to be dose-dependent; a similar but more marked response was observed i ...20062605648
laryngectomy: the patient's view.the disabilities following laryngectomy are well recognized. the incidence of these disabilities and the acceptability of the surgery to the patients were assessed by a questionnaire method. sixty-five patients participated in the study. the incidence of disabilities are discussed. total laryngectomy was felt to be a worthwhile operation by most of the patients in the study despite the disabilities they experienced afterwards.20061761948
different activation domains stimulate transcription from remote ('enhancer') and proximal ('promoter') positions.we reported previously that the lymphocyte-derived octamer transcription factor 2a (oct-2a or otf-2a) activated both natural immunoglobulin promoters and synthetic promoters which contain the 'octamer' site, but was unable by itself to stimulate transcription from a remote enhancer position. here we examine a larger set of transcription factors with respect to their proximal versus remote activation. since a transcription factor may contain more than one activation domain, we have chosen to stud ...20061464321
chromosomal illegitimate recombination in mammalian cells is associated with intrinsically bent dna elements.illegitimate recombination is the most frequent mechanism for chromosomal rearrangements in mammalian cells, yet little is known about this process. most of the studies to date have looked at the sequences present at illegitimate junctions. these revealed the presence of recurrent dna motifs, none of which was consistently found. we have undertaken to determine if intrinsic dna structures such as bent dna elements could be a major determinant in chromosomal illegitimate recombination. using a tw ...20061464328
thrombectomy for acute deep vein thrombosis: prevention of postthrombotic syndrome.ninety-six limbs of 89 patients with acute deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremity were followed for 1 to 18 years. in the thrombectomy group (43 limbs), the cumulative incidence of pigmentation at the 15th year was 15%, but no stasis ulcers occurred throughout the follow-up period. in the conservative treatment group (53 limbs), the cumulative incidence of pigmentation at the 15th year was 41%, and that of stasis ulceration was 27%. fogarty thrombectomy restricted below the pelvic vein spur ...20062745537
midirs has set up the world's first computer midwifery data base. 20061403180
dual functions of insect immunity proteins in defence and development. 20072100024
relationship between severity and clinical importance of symptoms in osteoarthritis.seventeen patients with primary osteoarthritis of the knee were evaluated with respect to the severity and clinical importance of pain, stiffness and physical function during the conduct of a double-blind randomized controlled trial of flurbiprofen sr versus diclofenac sodium sr using the womac osteoarthritis index. mean importance scores were similar for items within the same dimension as well as between items in different dimensions. in general, low levels of correlation were noted between the ...20071914413
interaction of guanylic acid with the mg(ii), ca(ii), sr(ii), and ba(ii) ions in the crystalline solid and aqueous solution: evidence for the ribose c2'-endo/anti and c3'-endo/anti conformational changes.the interaction of guanosine-5'-monophosphoric acid (h2-gmp) with the alkaline earth metal ions has been studied in aqueous solution at neutral ph. the crystalline salts of the type mg-gmp.5h2o, ca-gmp.6h2o, sr-gmp.7h2o, and ba-gmp.7h2o were isolated and characterized by fourier transform ir, 1h-nmr and x-ray powder diffraction measurements. two types of macrochelate complexes have been identified: (a) the direct metalbase and indirect metal-phosphate bindings (inner and outer sphere interaction ...20071851044
a benign sickle-cell disease in a saudi subject with beta zero-thalassemia and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.sickle-cell disease with raised fetal hemoglobin is found relatively frequently in the eastern part of the arabian peninsula. in contrast to the severe and sometimes life-threatening complications of sickle-cell disease in the black population, saudi arabs homozygotes for hbs gene exhibit a mild course for this disease. here we present a saudi sickle-cell patient with an unusually low fetal hemoglobin level. moreover, this individual has beta 0-thalassemia and a deficiency in the enzyme glucose- ...20082474488
[chronic poisoning by wood-protective agents in living quarters]. 20082423044
[studies on lipid a, the active center of endotoxin--structure-activity relationship]. 20082664259
compensation of spatial system response in spect with conjugate gradient reconstruction technique.a procedure for the determination of the system matrix in single photon emission tomography (spect) is described which uses the conjugate gradient reconstruction technique in order to take into account the variable system resolution of a camera equipped with parallel-hole collimators. the procedure involves the acquisition of the system line spread functions (lsf) in the region occupied by the object to be studied. those data are used to generate a set of weighting factors based on the assumptio ...20092784572
cell volume regulation in renal cortical cells.both proximal renal tubule cells and cultured madin-darby canine kidney (mdck) cells are capable of regulating their volume in hypotonic media. regulatory cell volume decrease in proximal straight tubules is impaired by barium, amiloride and acetazolamide and depends on the presence of bicarbonate and of sodium, whereas it is unaffected by complete removal of extracellular chloride. the observations may point to parallel loss of potassium through potassium channels as well as of bicarbonate and ...20093074396
maximum likelihood analysis of free-response receiver operating characteristic (froc) data.receiver operating characteristic (roc) methodology is widely used in evaluating medical imaging modalities. while appropriate in some cases, it has several drawbacks when the detection task, e.g., nodule detection, involves localizing the abnormality. free-response receiver operating characteristic (froc) methodology offers a more natural framework to describe observer performance in such studies and has other advantages. due to the lack of a statistical analysis procedure comparable to the max ...20092770630
the correlation between family planning program inputs and contraceptive use in indonesia.using 1980 census and 1986 service statistics program inputs, this paper evaluates the net correlation of socioeconomic, region, and program variables with 1987 contraceptive prevalence and method-specific use rates for indonesian regencies and municipalities. the region variables--primarily, though not exclusively, reflecting program design and maturity--correlate most strongly with the contraceptive prevalence rates. field-worker activities, field-worker supervisor activities, and community-ba ...20092711417
distribution and function of organized concentrations of actin filaments in mammalian spermatogenic cells and sertoli cells.actin filaments are concentrated in specific regions of spermatogenic cells and sertoli cells. in spermatogenic cells they occur in intercellular bridges and in the subacrosomal space. in sertoli cells they are abundant in ectoplasmic specializations and in regions adjacent to tubulobulbar processes of spermatogenic cells. at all of these sites, the filaments are morphologically related to the plasma membrane and+or intercellular membranes, and, as in many other cell types, are arranged in eithe ...20092695482
[the clinical value of preoperative staging of bladder and prostatic cancers with nuclear magnetic resonance and computerized tomography].to evaluate the diagnostic value of preoperative staging of bladder cancer and cancer of the prostate, ct and nmr scans of 45 histologically defined tumors of the bladder and the scans of 24 patients with radical prostatectomy were compared. lack of extravesical spread was imaged correctly by nmr in all cases of urothelial cancer (pt1-pt3a). ct diagnosis failed in 39%. false-negative results were obtained in 2 of 5 invading tumors (pt3b) by nmr and in 3 of 5 by ct. extraglandular spread of cance ...20092718295
[biological methods of air purification (review of the literature)].biological methods of air purification are reviewed, which can be applied to deep air purification of complex multicomponent mixtures from harmful, toxic and odorous substances at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. microbiological and technological aspects of the problem are discussed. operation characteristics of biofilters, bioscrubbers and trickle bed bioreactors are compared. prospects of air biopurification are considered.20092698475
[renovascular hypertension]. 20092673734
[veno-occlusive disease of the liver (a review of the literature)]. 20092678753
cohesion, alliance and outcome in group psychotherapy.cohesiveness has been viewed as the group psychotherapy equivalent of the therapeutic alliance in individual treatment. although researchers have attempted to study the concept of cohesion in group treatment, understanding of this so-called "curative" group factor remains quite primitive. in this study of 12 time-limited psychotherapy groups, with a total of 90 nonpsychotic outpatients, we explore the relationships between cohesion, alliance and treatment outcome. our cohesion measure is a new i ...20092772092
regulation of body temperature in postmenopausal women: interactions between bromocriptine and the endogenous opioid system.the role exerted by the endogenous opioid system on thermoregulation has been studied in nine postmenopausal women before and after the chronic administration of the dopamine agonist bromocriptine (5 mg/day). these women randomly received an infusion of the opioid antagonist naloxone (1.6 mg/h for 4 h) or saline on two consecutive days, before and after 30 days of bromocriptine administration. body temperature as evaluated by rectal temperature, did not vary during saline infusion performed both ...20092716477
a study of the correlation between cyclophilin binding and in vitro immunosuppressive activity of cyclosporine a and order to establish whether cyp is the pharmacologically relevant csa receptor, the cyp binding v immunosuppressive activity was measured for an extensive, structurally varied group of csa analogues. overall, cyp binding was found to parallel immunosuppressive activity. other than meala6-csa, the few exceptions to the correlation could be ascribed to cellular metabolism. these results strongly implicate cyp or a related protein in the mechanism of action of cyclosporine.20102966482
[angiographic and surgical control of the vertebral and carotid pedicles supplying giant paraganglioma of the skull base and neck].results obtained after excision of large jugular paragangliomas are largely conditioned by the possibility of control of the different vascular pedicles, and existing possibilities are discussed in relation to 6 briefly presented cases. the internal carotid artery can either be occluded radiologically by balloon catheter and then embolized if the artery is surrounded by a tumor, or controlled surgically if the artery is in contact with the tumor only and provides only a small proportion of its v ...20102988396
an anonymous single copy x-chromosome clone dxs91, from xq11-q13, identifies a moderately frequent rflp. 20102997751
coexistent cardiac tumours and malformations of the heart.cardiac tumours and anatomical malformations of the heart may produce similar clinical signs and symptoms. the coexistence of these two abnormalities complicates diagnosis and probably adversely affects prognosis. we present a review of four cases of this rare combination. in the first case, ebstein's malformation was present in a child with tuberous sclerosis and cardiac rhabdomyomata. right ventricular rhabdomyomata were associated with a hypoplastic tricuspid valve in the second case. in the ...20102925289
acellular pertussis vaccines and fatal infections. 20102895385
acid phosphatase activity in beta-glucuronidase/sulfatase preparation from helix pomatia. 20103815814
renal transepithelial transport of nucleosides.previous work from this and other laboratories has suggested that the mammalian kidney has unique mechanisms for handling purine nucleosides. for example, in humans and in mice, adenosine undergoes net renal reabsorption whereas deoxyadenosine is secreted [kuttesch and nelson: cancer chemother. pharmacol. 8, 221 (1982)]. the relationships between these renal transport systems and classical renal organic cation and anion, carbohydrate, and cell membrane nucleoside transport carriers are not estab ...20102907454
[occurrence and clinical picture of parasitic diseases among patients of the infectious disease clinic, medical academy, in biaƂystok 1975-1986]. 20113218251
imaging of the airways by bronchoscintigraphy for the study of mucociliary clearance.a method for functional imaging of the large airways (bronchoscintigraphy) has been developed. it is based on the administration of aerosolised albumin labelled with technetium-99m using a special inhalation technique to produce central airway deposition. the method was evaluated as a measure of mucociliary clearance by recording the movement of radioactivity in the airways of 11 healthy, non-smoking subjects on two separate days. a series of bronchoscintigrams was acquired at five minute interv ...20113194864
nursing research in cardiovascular risk reduction. 20113203349
the management of diabetes in general practice.over a period of 3 months 32 general practitioners in the waikato kept copies of all consultations with patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. of 229 patients with diabetes known to the practices 189 were seen on a total of 438 occasions. mean fructosamine level was 2.93 mmol/l. each consultation was analysed as to history obtained, examinations performed, investigations ordered and referrals made. overall care was satisfactory except for the low incidence of checking for early si ...20113399181
primary localized amyloidosis of the bladder with a monoclonal plasma cell infiltrate.a case of primary tumour-like amyloidosis of the urinary bladder is described. the plasma cell infiltrate around the amyloid deposition revealed monoclonality by both immunoperoxidase and immunofluorescence methods and the amyloid gave a staining reaction consistent with al type. a local tissue based immunocyte dyscrasia appears to be responsible for the tumour-like amyloid deposition.20113131723
protein fluorescence quenching by small molecules: protein penetration versus solvent exposure.experiments were done to test the thesis that acrylamide and similar small molecules can penetrate into proteins on a nanosecond time scale. the approach taken was to measure the pattern of fluorescence quenching exhibited by quenching molecules differing in molecular character (size, polarity, charge) when these are directed against protein tryptophans that cover the whole range of tryptophan accessibility. if quenching involves protein penetration and internal quencher migration, one expects t ...20113130621
[lithium, manic depressive psychoses and biological rhythms]. 20113063381
reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome in children and adolescents. report of 18 cases and review of the literature.reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome is a well-recognized disorder in adults, but it is rarely diagnosed in the pediatric age group. this report summarizes our experience with this condition from 1975 to 1985. we diagnosed, treated, and followed up this condition in 18 children and adolescents. the condition usually followed trauma. the most prominent feature in all patients was a constant limb pain with episodes of paroxysmal exacerbation. the pain was associated with two or more of the follow ...20113057867
[epidemiology and early detection of endometrial cancer].during the last two decades, in the gdr the incidence rate of endometrial carcinoma increased from 17.3 to 23.7/100,000 women. because the increase was strictly limited to women older than 55 years, a real increase of endometrial cancer risk of younger women seems to be unlikely. as consequences of the relatively high rate of cases detected at stage i (68%) and of improved therapeutic results (overall relative 5-ysr 77%), the mortality rate remained nearly stable and amounted to 9.5/100,000 wome ...20123497500
computers in nursing. gaining command of language. 20123517812
[televised pulsed radioscopy for digitalization]. 20123458673
combined medical and surgical therapy: a new approach to abdominal hydatidosis.the experience with 28 patients affected by hepatic and abdominal hydatidosis and treated by combined medical and surgical therapy is reported. all the patients were subject to preoperative and postoperative medical therapy with mebendazole (50 mg/kg/daily). the percentage of living scolices in hydatid fluid obtained during surgery, evaluated microscopically and by mice inoculation, was lower in patients treated medically than in patients operated on without pre and postoperative medical therapy ...20123448046
study of a floating fraction obtained during preparation of myelin from degenerating goldfish optic tract.a floating fraction that layers on top of 0.25 sucrose has been obtained during the preparation of myelin from intact and 9 day degenerating goldfish optic tracts. the proportion of total tract protein isolated in floating fraction rises from 6.6% to 11.0% during degeneration. this increase is paralleled by a morphologically observed splitting of myelin lamellae. floating fraction contains all of the major myelin proteins but shows a 40% increase in the proportion of basic protein and a 2-3 fold ...20123587498
study of a floating fraction obtained during preparation of myelin from degenerating goldfish optic tract.a floating fraction that layers on top of 0.25 sucrose has been obtained during the preparation of myelin from intact and 9 day degenerating goldfish optic tracts. the proportion of total tract protein isolated in floating fraction rises from 6.6% to 11.0% during degeneration. this increase is paralleled by a morphologically observed splitting of myelin lamellae. floating fraction contains all of the major myelin proteins but shows a 40% increase in the proportion of basic protein and a 2-3 fold ...20123587498
the effects of non acoustic factors on annoyance due to traffic noise. 20123569099
a new development in uvb phototherapy of psoriasis.we have compared the therapeutic effectiveness of a new uvb fluorescent sunlamp, the philips tl-01 lamp, which emits a narrow peak around 311-312 nm, with the currently used philips tl-12 lamp, in 10 patients with psoriasis. we also compared the tumour inducing capacity of the two lamps in hairless mice. the therapeutic effect of the tl-01 lamp was superior to that of the tl-12 lamp in nine of the 10 patients. in the mice, the median tumour induction time was significantly longer in animals expo ...20123408653
endometrial carcinoma. clinical and pathological correlations with survival and surgical treatment.from 1978 to 1985 a total of 151 patients were treated for endometrial carcinoma. of these, 25 patients underwent extrafascial abdominal hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy, 25 were treated according to wertheim procedure and pelvic lymphadenectomy and 32 underwent intrafascial abdominal hysterectomy; 62 women underwent vaginal surgery, 7 of whom according to shauta. a correlation between the degree of myometrial invasion, histological grading, hystological type and stage of the tumor showed ...20123391200
a note on computing the chi-square noncentrality parameter for power analyses. 20123365192
the effect of progressive relaxation on valsalva response in healthy adults.the purpose of the study was to determine if the tensing portion of progressive relaxation initiates the valsalva response in order to establish the safety of the procedure for acutely ill cardiovascular patients. sixty healthy adult volunteers performed fist, chest, and abdominal tensing and relaxation while their heart rate was continuously monitored. occurrence of the valsalva response was determined by dividing peak tachycardia during tensing by maximum bradycardia during releasing the tensi ...20123296020
the new funding formula: will researchers still have time for research? 20133815206
lymphatic distribution of an anti-tumor agent in postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric cancer: fat-emulsified preparation of 1-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)-5-fluorouracil in 8 postoperative patients with gastric cancer the effectiveness of fat emulsification of tegafur as a means of improving the drug distribution in the lymphatic tissue was studied. a water-in-oil type of emulsion of tegafur (ft-w/o) and an oil-in-water type of emulsion of tegafur (ft-o/w) were orally administered. a fistula in the thoracic duct, prepared in advance, was used to collect lymph. the concentrations of tegafur and 5-fu were compared in simultaneously obtained specimens of lymph and ...20133937835
[hormonal activity of the hypophysis-gonadal system in male hamadryas baboons in relationship to their hierarchical position].hierarchic status-dependent hormonal activity of pituitary-gonadal system was studied in an isolated group of hamadryas baboons. testosterone level was higher in dominating males. the level of sex hormone was higher in aged animals with great muscle mass. no correlation was observed between hierarchic status of hamadryas baboon males and the blood level of luteinizing hormone.20133955222
pseudofractures of the cervical vertebral body.a lucency traversing obliquely across the inferior-posterior aspect of cervical vertebral bodies may be a normal variant due to osteophytes of the uncinate processes or transverse processes with a resultant mach band phenomenon. this could be misinterpreted as a fracture of the vertebral body in a patient with a history of cervical injury. a review of normal lateral cervical vertebral films obtained on patients with no traumatic history showed this phenomenon to occur in 27% of adults. it was no ...20133726567
autoradiography of alpha- and beta-emitters using a charged-particle imaging system.a newly developed charged-particle imaging system was applied to rapid measurements of the distribution of alpha- and beta-emitters. the imaging system consists of a zns(ag) screen, two tapered fibers, an image intensifier, and a polaroid film. the image obtained with the system shows very good quality, namely, a spatial resolution of more than 6 line pairs (lp)/mm and a distortion of less than 2.5%. as the system is capable of detecting each alpha-particle separately, the distribution of alpha- ...20133685457
impact of six years exposure to icds scheme on psycho-social development. 20133666943
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