estrogen replacement therapy and menopause. 20123440374
study concerning the relation between the level of csf lactic acid and the clinical, eeg and rheoencephalographic data in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease. 20154758237
study concerning the relation between the level of csf lactic acid and the clinical, eeg and rheoencephalographic data in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease. 20154758237
appraisal of teachers in the faculty of veterinary science, university of 1988, the faculty of veterinary science, university of liverpool, introduced a system of teacher appraisal, following the report of a faculty working party. the system is designed to provide information which will help the personal development of teaching skills, and also to provide the information required by the university for promoting a lecturer to senior lecturer. it incorporates opinions from students, collected formally by means of questionnaires, and from personal peers chosen by the ...20051287953
aerosol ventilation scintigraphy in the evaluation of bronchopleural fistula: a case report and literature review.radioaerosol scanning is simple to perform and is widely used in conjunction with perfusion imaging to detect pulmonary emboli. it may also be a valuable tool for the early diagnosis of postpneumonectomy bronchopleural fistula. the authors present an illustrative case in which radioactive aerosol imaging was used to confirm a bronchopleural fistula secondary to pneumonectomy for squamous cell carcinoma.20071913391
development of spermatozoa in the rhea.we have examined the ultrastructural changes that take place during spermiogenesis in the rhea. spermatozoa are characterized by a curved head and a midpiece. a thin rod extends from the anterior tip of the spermatozoon through the center of the nucleus. a 3-mu-long distal centriole occupies the entire midpiece. the principal piece is characterized by a small fibrous sheath and tiny dense fibers that are only observed in the region of the principal piece, which is immediately behind the annulus. ...20102923278
[a sliding compressive screw for synthesis of the femur neck]. 20113176799
physiology of alpine skiing.physiological profiles of elite alpine skiers reveal the importance of muscular strength, anaerobic power, anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance, coordination, agility, balance, and flexibility. on-hill snow training and dryland training programmes should focus on the elevation of these fitness components. physical characteristics of elite skiers reveal an average height and body mass. today, successful skiers are taller and heavier than their predecessors. slalom skiers tend to be leaner than ...20113067309
the effect of abdominal surgery on the serum concentration of the tumour-associated antigen ca 125.the ca 125 assay is used to monitor the course of disease in women with adenocarcinoma of the genital tract. we measured serum ca 125 levels longitudinally in three different groups of patients who had normal serum ca 125 levels (less than or equal to 16 u/ml) before extensive intraperitoneal abdominal surgery (group 1, second-look laparotomy in 28 women with ovarian cancer; group 2, radical hysterectomy in 42 patients with cervical cancer; group 3, 13 men and one woman who had aortic surgery fo ...20072223686
the effect of abdominal surgery on the serum concentration of the tumour-associated antigen ca 125.the ca 125 assay is used to monitor the course of disease in women with adenocarcinoma of the genital tract. we measured serum ca 125 levels longitudinally in three different groups of patients who had normal serum ca 125 levels (less than or equal to 16 u/ml) before extensive intraperitoneal abdominal surgery (group 1, second-look laparotomy in 28 women with ovarian cancer; group 2, radical hysterectomy in 42 patients with cervical cancer; group 3, 13 men and one woman who had aortic surgery fo ...20072223686
[surgery in an african hospital]. 200059009
value of dundee coronary risk-disk. 20061392968
granulopoiesis in tadpoles of rana esculenta. ultrastructural observations on the morphology and development of heterophil and basophil granules.the morphology and development of heterophil and basophil granules from the trunk kidneys of rana esculenta tadpoles were studied at the electron microscopic level. cells of the heterophils series contain granules displaying either spheroid profiles with homogeneous content (type a), or elongate profiles with a crystalloid interior (type b). type a granules apparently originate directly from golgi-derived vesicles, which, gaining slightly in size and density, transform into the mature granules. ...20082606765
[biochemistry of glycoconjugates in the studies of cancer metastasis]. 20113295999
[biochemistry of glycoconjugates in the studies of cancer metastasis]. 20113295999
coordinated delivery of clinical care: the "re-integration" of the medical group practice.this paper suggests that for medical knowledge to be effective, it must be reliably translated into a series of synchronized activities, both clinical and operational. the goal of medical information science must be not only to identify the best course of care, but also through the use of systems for the ordering, scheduling, and deployment of staff and resources to assure that the planned course of care is reliably and efficiently delivered in actual practice settings. we present a brief histor ...20061482950
long-chain (z)-9-alkenes are "psychedelics" to houseflies with regard to visually stimulated sex attraction and aggregation.three different tests on houseflies (musca domestica l.) revealed that both pheromone-free pseudoflies and male partner flies exhibit in the presence of mixtures of long-chain (z)-9-alkenes or pure (z)-9-tricosene enhanced releasing effects for two optical cues, which stimulate male houseflies to mating strikes and houseflies of both sexes to aggregation.19541269604
in vitro neutrophil function and lysosomal enzyme levels in patients with sepsis. 19561216240
transesophageal echocardiography to detect atrial clots in candidates for percutaneous transseptal mitral balloon valvuloplasty.left atrial thrombi are common in patients with mitral stenosis. when percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty is performed on such patients, there is a potential risk of thrombus dislodgment and embolization. in this study conventional transthoracic echocardiography and transesophageal echocardiography were performed for percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty on 19 consecutive candidates (6 men, 13 women, 23 to 81 years old). in five patients (26%), transesophageal echocardiography revealed ...19592229782
melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy. an ophthalmic appearance.fullness developed in the left side of a 5-month-old male infant's face in the region of the zygoma. an incisional biopsy specimen showed the mass to be a melanotic neuroectodermal tumor, and radical excision was performed. there has been no recurrence of the tumor one year later. tumors of this type occur in the face, particularly in the maxilla, and have only rarely been reported around the orbit.1962220942
[pulmonary blastoma. (personal case)].the authors give a detailed description of one case of pulmonary blastoma recently come to their observation. then, after a review of pertinent literature, they discuss the more interesting aspects of this pulmonary pathology, namely its rarity, uncertain histogenesis, difficult diagnosis, and above all baffling prognosis. they conclude with an appeal for further contributions on this interesting subject, in the hope of understanding it better through the study of an adequate number of cases.1962549750
transvaginal sonography in early pregnancy. 19632106242
a quantitative determination of free radicals and strand breaks in pure and radiosensitized dna.the yields of free radicals and of single strand breaks were studied quantitatively after gamma-irradiation at 77 k of solid calf thymus dna without and with incorporated misonidazole. at 77 k the rate of formation of the free radicals (the nature of which had been previously elucidated in oriented dna samples) was found to be 1.7 x 10 (-12) and 2.4 x 10 (-12) per rad per dalton for dna without and with misonidazole, respectively. the corresponding yield of single strand breaks in samples thawed ...1964277257
[civil defense and its importance in the uniform system of civil defense training of czechoslovak citizens]. 19641058055
[varicocele and male sterility]. 19651206792
[auto-immune interstitial cystitis]. 19651206791
treatment of mandibular cherubism.a case of cherubism of the mandible with an atypical history and with the onset of the facial deformity delayed until after puberty has been reported. the patient was treated during a relatively inactive stage, which followed a year of rather active growth. the distinct facial deformities were treated by a combination of curettage and recontouring, which resulted in an improved facial appearance and elimination of the fibro-osseous lesions of the mandible.1965277660
chondroectodermal dysplasia (ellis-van creveld syndrome): report of two cases.our two patients with chondroectodermal dysplasia had most of the classic manifestations of the syndrome. the simultaneous occurrence of partial anodontia and embedded supernumerary and second premolars in the mandible in one patient was interesting. the inverted impaction of the left maxillary lateral incisor is also a unique finding. the median fissure on the tongue may be an associated developmental anomaly of the syndrome.1965277659
disseminated south american blastomycosis (paracoccidioidomycosis): report of case.the 11th case of south american blastomycosis occurring in the united states has been reported. therapy with amphotericin b and sulfisoxazole has been discussed.1965277658
[evaluation of a program for the secondary prevention of alcoholism. prognostic implications (author's transl)]. 1965550239
[clinical evaluation of streptokinase + acetaminophen in dentistry]. 1965315574
[rapid computer-assisted radioisotope dynamic diagnosis (author's transl)]. 1967315060
[severe hypercalcemia due to voluntary and dissimulated vitamine d2 poisoning]. 19671086572
diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease.a sample of 54 patients with diabetes mellitus were subjects to detailed assessment of periodontal disease levels using standard indices. in order to determine whether the severity of periodontal disease was related to the severity of diabets mellitus, a series of parameters of the diabetes mellitus population was simultaneously studied. there were no significant relationships between the levels of periodontal disease and the duration of diabetes, the type of treatment and the frequency of syste ...1967276596
[immunogenetic studies on etiology of liver disease --hla and chronic hepatitis (author's transl)]. 1968547639
supervisor overseas: nurses pay. union affiliation for rcn? 1968252211
[let's talk about working conditions of nurses: of working environments]. 1969249819
autoimmunity. 20164959504
[new public health nurses school; strengthening of the norwegian nursing college]. 1974245829
different 3' end regions strongly influence the level of gene expression in plant cells.we have investigated the functional role of a 3' end region on the expression of a reporter gene in plant cells. in stably transformed plants, expression of the reporter gene without a plant gene 3' end is variable and depends on the fortuitous presence of polyadenylation signals in the downstream sequences. when the reporter gene is flanked by pbr322 dna, 3'-processing and polyadenylation occurs at (a) cryptic site(s) within these vector sequences. using a transient gene expression system, we p ...20072562510
purine n-oxides. lxii. 2,4-dioxopyrido(2,3-d)pyrimidine n-oxides. 19701185329
direct dehydrogenation of aporphine alkaloids. 19701185328
planning and administrative perspectives on adequate minimum personal health services.public resistance to equal distribution of medical care resources is supported by a union of usually contradictory forces--sophisticated science and superstitious credulity. in a field saturated with ethical imperatives and professional ambiguities, definitions of need become political weapons. improvement in health policy will involve political doctrine, reorganization of knowledge, and more leverage in state and local government.1971247195
[acariasis]. 1971247141
review of the evidence linking alcohol consumption with liver disease and atherosclerotic disease. 1971389028
effect of condensation techniques on marginal adaptation of high-copper amalgam. 1972366119
acquisition of icu data: concepts and the issue of data overload is a problem in critical care today, it is of utmost importance to improve acquisition, storage, integration, and presentation of medical data, which appears only feasible with the help of bedside computers. the data originates from four major sources: (1) the bedside medical devices, (2) the local area network (lan) of the icu, (3) the hospital information system (his) and (4) manual input. all sources differ markedly in quality and quantity of data and in the dema ...19721484274
postoperative analgesia using a computerised infusion of alfentanil following aortic bifurcation graft surgery.a psion microcomputer controlled infusion system for alfentanil was assessed for the provision of post-operative analgesia in 14 patients who had undergone aortic bifurcation graft surgery. the system employed a pharmacokinetic model working in real time to deliver any selected target plasma concentration of alfentanil. the alfentanil infusion system was used for a mean time of 39 hours and for 96% of this time, patients were scored as having no pain or only mild pain. severe pain was recorded f ...19721484271
helping patients to help themselves. 1. patients with stroke. 1972247459
primary crohn's disease of the appendix: report of 14 cases and review of the literature.fourteen patients with primary crohn's disease of the appendix have been seen in a 12 year period. these patients represent 12.8% of the total number undergoing surgical resection because of crohn's disease. twenty-three cases of appendiceal crohn's disease have been previously reported in the literature. a correct preoperative diagnosis is rarely made; the usual diagnosis is that of acute appendicitis or appendiceal abscess. the removed appendix in twelve of our 14 cases had marked thickening o ...1972426564
[indication on the use of bur 957 "end cutting". evaluation and suggestion]. 1973285424
results of orbital ultrasonography in 200 clinical cases. 19731177891
mao activity and eeg sleep in primary depression.platelet monoamine oxidase (mao) activity and electroencephalographic (eeg) sleep measures were examined in 56 drug-free hospitalized patients with primary depression as defined by the research diagnostic criteria. the group included 35 females and 21 males with a mean age of 42.6 +/- 1.4 years. platelet mao and eeg sleep data were compared for the group as a whole and separately for the unipolar, bipolar, male, and female subgroups. no significant relationships could be demonstrated for the ent ...1976233158
[humoral immunity indices in children suffering from gastroduodenitis]. 1977432056
a new, highly sensitive and specific assay for chymotrypsin.1. a simple, highly sensitive, specific fluorometric method for the determination of chymotrypsin is described. 2. the new substrate utilized in this assay, n-glutaryl-glycyl-glycyl-l-phenylalanine beta-naphthylamide (ggpna), is readily soluble in water, stable and highly specific for chymotrypsin. it is not degraded by a large excess of carboxypeptidase b, elastase, thrombin or plasmin and is virtually resistant to trypsin. 3. ggpna is extremely sensitive to the action of chymotrypsin and permi ...1977235387
[clinico-laboratory observations of patients with brucellosis]. 19781186061
comparison of cholesterol egress from cultured cells enriched with cholesterol ester after exposure to cationized ldl or to ldl and chloroquine. 1978222329
treatment of dehiscent canals in an edentulous mandible. 19781091944
wire-guided endoscope passage. 19781473685
[oxyphedrine: its positive inotropic action in normal subjects and in patients with myocardial infarct]. 19791161166
[family and marital therapy. ii. theory and practice]. 1979243303
phosphatidyl choline: donor of 18-carbon unsaturated fatty acids for glycerolipid biosynthesis.kinetics of radiocarbon inforporation into the phyosphatidyl choline of pumpkin leaf fed 1(-14)c-acetate at low light intensity were strongly suggestive of lipid bound fatty acids acting as substrates for desaturase enzymes. after pulse labeling in direct sunlight with the same precursor, phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl glycerol contained up to 90% of total glycerolipid radiocarbon at the shortest sampling times. subsequent loss of radiocarbon from phyosphatidyl choline and a corresponding ...19791186446
a laser spectrofluorimeter for studies of cultured cells on the growth surface. 1979218475
the role of hormones in the etiology of breast and endometrial cancer.despite many years of extensive investigation, there has been neither a clear-cut pattern of hormonal production nor milieu found in women with breast cancer. estrogen replacement therapy for menopause does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer and one study indicated that estrogen users have a lower incidence of breast cancer than that observed in untreated women. some studies have shown that the mortality rate from breast cancer is lower in estrogen-treated postmenopausal women. ...1980294115
[accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. selected problems of medical assessment of someone's fitness to be a driver]. 19801161596
ultrastructure of rectum epithelium in isopoda (crustacea). 19811163151
[excision of a gigantic glomus jugulare tumor after preoperative embolization]. 1981216069
[10 suggestions in hyposensitization]. 19811162675
kinetic investigations of the autoxidation of adrenalin.generation rates of superoxide anions (o2-) by autoxidizing adrenalin at ph 9.5 were determined in solutions containing either superoxide dismutase (0.85 m-1 s-1) or hydroxylamine (0.0185 m-1 s-1) as competitive scavengers. the rate constants of o2- with adrenalin and hydroxylamine were calculated for neutral and alkaline solutions. the respective values were for adrenalin: 5.6 x 10(4) m-1 s-1, ph 7.8; 7.0 x 10(3) m-1 s-1, ph 9.5--and for hydroxylamine 5.9 x 10(4) m-1 s-1, ph 7.8; 3.4 x 10(4) m- ...1981217185
adrenocortical function, electrolyte metabolism, and blood pressure during prolonged adrenocorticotropin infusion in juvenile hypertension.the effect of a continuous 5-day acth infusion (40 u/24 h) on adrenocorticoid function, electrolyte metabolism, and blood pressure was investigated in eight normotensive children and eight patients with hypertension of unknown origin. there was a continuous rise of plasma cortisol and deoxycorticosterone in all patients. plasma aldosterone rose transiently in the normotensive and the hypertensive group. a transient kaliuresis and a continuous fall in serum k+ were observed in all patients. acth ...1982221530
effects of the intravenous administration of calcium on nephrogenous cyclic amp: use as a parathyroid suppression test.the question of parathyroid autonomy in primary hyperparathyroidism has been the subject of conflicting immunoassay data. we studied the effects of calcium infusion (12 mg/kg/3h) and calcium injection (3 mg/kg/10 min) on peripheral plasma parathyroid hormone (ipth) determined with a multivalent antiserum and on the excretion of nephrogenous cyclic amp in normal subjects and in 7 patients with primary hyperparathyroidism who displayed only mild, intermittent hypercalcemia. in control subjects, ca ...1982221521
glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g-6-pd) deficiency in the newborn. 19821158512
[chronic peritoneal dialysis]. 19821158281
d-ala2, deltazphe4-methionine enkephalin amide, a dehydropeptide hormone. 1982216357
what causes atherosclerosis? 1982216608
studies on etiology of essential hypertension. hemodynamics, water-sodium balance and response to pressor substances during long-term sodium restriction and after spontaneous blood pressure, tpri, pv, ecfv, nae, pra and a pressor response to na and at was measured before and after 1) sodium restriction and 2) spontaneous blood pressure fall (spontaneous fall) in the patients with essential hypertension and the following results were obtained. 1) ci did not change during sodium restriction and increased after spontaneous fall. tpri was reduced and the degree of this reduction was positively correlated with that of blood pressure reduction under these two conditions. 2) sodium res ...19831152191
impact of a retention program for disadvantaged medical students upon the medical school community. 19831152008
the cape town obstetric flying squad.the number and nature of the calls received by the cape town flying squad service during 1972 are compared with those received from 1954 to 1960. a threefold increase in the total number of calls received per year is related to a fall from 74% to 30% in calls connected with postpartum complications. reasons for these changes are suggested.19831154169
state monitoring and control of fluoridation. 19831066003
[radiotherapy of carcinoma of the nasopharynz: clinical results (author's transl)].a series of 64 patients with malignant tumours of the nasopharynx treated by cobalt irradiation is analyzed. the crude 5-year survival rate for the entire epithelial group was 32%; 55% for n- group, 25% for n+. treatment methods avoiding complications are discussed.1983217394
aspartate-taurine imbalance in dominantly inherited olivopontocerebellar atrophy.amino acids were measured in autopsied brain from two patients who died with a dominantly inherited form of olivopontocerebellar atrophy. neuropathologic changes found in the brain of these patients suggested a loss of cerebellar climbing fibers. the contents of aspartic acid, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and homocarnosine were reduced in the cerebellar cortex and the dentate nucleus, while taurine content was markedly elevated in the same brain regions. these findings are compatible with the possib ...1984557761
[unusual evolution of 2 tympano-jugular chemodectomas]. 1984215700
autogenous marrow-cancellous bone grafting in a patient with hand-schüller-christian disease. 1984344843
[significance of computed tomography in therapeutic diagnosis of brain tumors (author's transl)].because of its noninvasive property of direct imaging of the size and shape of the lesion, ct scan is significant not only for the diagnosis of the brain tumors, but also for the assessment of its chronological and/or therapeutic change in size. contrary to the conventional cerebral angiography and contrast encephalography, ct scan is feasible to detect the tumor repeatedly at short intervals. from march 1976 to october 1977, 197 cases of brain tumors were examined by ct, 6 tumors (1 pineal tumo ...1985215926
[a case of macrodontia (author's transl)]. 1985397436
[hepatocellular carcinoma simulating an acute abdomen]. 1985214828
creativity in the life and work of karl menninger, m.d.. interview by paul w. pruyser. 1986387142
pulp protection in restorative procedures. 19861075483
preliminary experience with 15 (s) 15-methyl prostaglandin f2 alpha for midtrimester abortion.twenty-six women received intramuscular or intra-amniotic 15 (s) 15-methyl prostaglandin f2 alpha to induce midtrimester abortion. the median initial injection-abortion interval was 10 hours and 25 minutes. the advantages of intramuscular analogue are somnolence and reduced discomfort during labor. disadvantages include severe gastrointestinal toxicity in the majority of patients and symptoms of acute respiratory distress in two patients.19861146878
spectroscopic studies on invertebrate myosins and light chains. 1986215199
effectiveness of the nitroblue tetrazolium test in demonstrating reduced bactericidal activity of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in schistosomal hepatosplenomegaly and ascites.the nitroblue tetrazolium (nbt) test was carried out on blood from ten normal individuals and 20 schistosomal patients, ten of whom had hepatosplenomegaly and ten hepatosplenomegaly and ascites. the test revealed defective neutrophils in patients who had hepatosplenomegaly accompained by ascites. the phagocytic and bactericidal effects from five of each of the two groups of patients; results substantiated tose obtained by the nbt screening test. the nbt screening test thus proved useful in detec ...19861146763
[senior citizen-movement; self help organization of the older generation]. 1986214634
hereditary fructose intolerance: a difficult diagnosis in the adult. 1987213970
the effects of reserpine on hypothalamo-pituitary adrenocortical function. 1987212345
[baked porcelain]. 1988280109
[dental caries and abrasion in a series of egyptian predynastic skulls]. 1988279475
radioimmunological determination of free (diffusible) cortisol in an equilibrium dialysis system. 1989210267
[studies on retention after chewing fluoride tablets, part 1. residual fluoride amount and rate]. 1989297708
hypertension during pregnancy, with and without specific hypotensive treatment. i. perinatal factors and neonatal a prospective study, women who were hypertensive before the 28th wk of gestation were randomly allocated into two groups: those who received specific hypotensive therapy (ht) and those who did not (hu). the outcome was compared with a random sample of the hospital population (s) ascertained after delivery. in both hypertensive groups there was a higher incidence of clinical signs of possible fetal distress and instrumental delivery. although there was no difference between the groups in the d ...1990551921
radiation methods in agriculture.on the basis of fundamental investigations in radiobiology, numerous methods of using ionizing radiations in agricultural practice have been proposed. the current status of the problem, on the basis of basic, semi-production and industrial-scale tests of the suggested methods, is described. we conclude that there is now a satisfactory, economically viable radiation-biology technology. for wide introduction of this technology into agricultural practice, governmental decisions concerning the produ ...1990551821
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