rapid analysis of the central nervous system stimulants, amphetamines, via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: rapid acylation in the presence of a mercury catalyst.a simple, direct, instantaneous, and quantitative acetylating procedure for amphetamines has been developed. the method uses trifluoroacetic anhydride in the presence of mercuric trifluoroacetate as a catalyst. the product was characterized by a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system. the salient features of this technique are: (a) rapidity of analysis; (b) no previous cleanup to remove adulterants; and (c) detection of amphetamines at the picomole level. we have routinely applied this tech ...20051149413
[attitudes to prophylaxis viewed in a seminar for dental students]. 20051064006
cholelithiasis in patients treated with a very-low-calorie hundred seventy-nine obese patients (mean body mass index = 36.3) were retrospectively evaluated for the development of cholelithiasis associated with the use of a 2530-kj/d (605-kcal) very-low-calorie diet (vlcd). nine percent of patients had preexisting gallstones and 11% of patients developed gallstones either during or within 6 mo of completing the diet. six percent had subsequent cholecystectomy. ursodeoxycholic acid administered to one patient resulted in spontaneous stone dissolution ...20061615894
rubella. winter outbreak in the australian capital territory (act). 20061622773
cyclic changes in amphibian egg microvilli occur during the division cycle: implication of mpf.the microvilli (mv) of pleurodeles (amphibian) eggs were examined following fertilization and compared with those of artificially activated eggs and enucleated eggs using scanning and transmission electron microscopy. the mv pattern in fertilized eggs was found to undergo a cyclic transformation during the course of the first few division cycles. similar changes also occurred in the mv of artificially activated eggs and enucleated eggs. the reorganization of the mv was sensitive to cycloheximide ...20061769344
maternal hydration increases amniotic fluid index.although adequate amniotic fluid (af) volume is considered an important aspect of fetal well-being, the etiology of decreased af volume is not well understood. a randomized blinded trial was designed to examine our hypothesis that maternal hydration would increase the af index in women with low af indexes. women seen in our testing centers were randomized into control or hydration groups. the control group was instructed to drink their normal amount of fluid; the hydration group was instructed t ...20061945215
maternal hydration increases amniotic fluid index.although adequate amniotic fluid (af) volume is considered an important aspect of fetal well-being, the etiology of decreased af volume is not well understood. a randomized blinded trial was designed to examine our hypothesis that maternal hydration would increase the af index in women with low af indexes. women seen in our testing centers were randomized into control or hydration groups. the control group was instructed to drink their normal amount of fluid; the hydration group was instructed t ...20061945215
a portuguese/brazilian study of expressed emotion.expressed emotion is a measure of family interaction, widely used in studies around the world to predict relapse in severe psychiatric disorders. the instrument was originally developed in london. it depends on subtle vocal nuances emerging in the course of the camberwell family interview (cfi). the extent to which these can be picked up in different languages and different cultures is an interesting question. this paper presents the results of a study of ee from brazil. the two raters achieved ...20061557678
[moderate deficiency of factor xii associated with postoperative deep venous thrombosis].the interrelationship between factor xii deficiency (hageman trait) and thrombosis is well known. a case of moderate factor xii deficiency (activity, 30%) associated to deep vein thrombosis, which occurred in the popliteal region of the left lower limb after abdominal surgery, is reported. the deficit was found in 4 family members of the three generations studied, and all of them showed a close interrelationship between factor xii activity and kallikrein levels. prolonged aptt was found in 3 of ...20062756451
non-hodgkin's lymphoma: a histopathologic and immunohistochemical study of 79 cases.recently immunophenotyping has become a valuable tool in the diagnostic workup of malignant lymphoma. we classified 79 consecutive cases of non-hodgkin's lymphoma experienced at our hospital during the last two years according to the working formulation and immunologically using mt1, uchl1 and mb2 monoclonal antibodies. the results of this study are as follows: 1) four cases (5.1%) were low grade, 54 cases (68.4%) were intermediate grade, and 21 cases (23.3%) were high grade. the most common sub ...20062219970
long-term effects of exercise training and hyperalimentation in adult cystic fibrosis patients with severe pulmonary dysfunction. 20061428393
[doppler examination as an indication for surgical delivery. a case report].pathological alterations in foetoplacental circulation can lead to zero flow or even to reverse flow in the diastole. in these cases, a high fetal risk can be expected. based on our doppler measurements, we recommend by zero flow in the umbilical artery or foetal aorta, that the childbirth could be postponed under an observant attitude using intensive controls (ctg, foetal movements), but pregnancy has to be terminated immediately by caesarean section at the first sign of reverse flow.20062197168
injury severity: better data through direct physician entry of anatomic injuries?the authors compared the injury diagnoses and injury severity scores (isss) generated by three data-collection and -coding methods, and examined the times needed and costs associated with the methods. one method involved direct electronic entry of injury data by a physician in the admitting area. codes, severity scores, and times and costs varied significantly with the different methods, thus suggesting a need for further study of the derivation of injury severity codes.20071770847
the effects of oral contraceptives on well-being and sexuality.the extent to which the high discontinuation rate for oral contraceptives is due to adverse effects of mood, well-being and sexuality is explored, taking into account early studies on high dose combined and sequential pills, recent studies on low-dose combined and triphasics, experimental design factors, effects of ocs on free androgen levels, psychosocial factors and reasons for choosing or stopping pills, effects on depressive illness, premenstrual syndrome, sexuality, and possible mechanisms ...20072075004
a nonexponential, nonlogarithmic pharmacokinetic dosing method for gentamicin. 20071914430
clinical validation of a second-generation fructosamine assay.the serum fructosamine assay, used to monitor short-term clinical glycemic control, reportedly has several technical drawbacks. however, technical improvements have resulted in a new second-generation assay of fructosamine. we evaluated this second-generation assay (from roche diagnostics) in 529 nondiabetic and diabetic patients and found a highly significant correlation with results of the first-generation assay (r = 0.91, p less than 0.001). use of the second-generation assay with samples fro ...20071855298
leao's spreading depression in the hippocampus. 20083259786
regulation of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate levels in neurospora crassa.both wild type and cr-1 mutant (adenylate cyclase and cyclic amp-deficient) strains of neurospora crassa contain fructose 2,6-bisphosphate at levels of 27 nmol/g dry tissue weight. this level decreases by about 50% in both strains upon depriving the cells of carbon or nitrogen sources for 3 h. an increase in cyclic amp levels produced by addition of lysine to nitrogen-starved cells produced no increase in fructose 2,6-bisphosphate levels. both strains respond to short-term addition of salicylate ...20083040112
influence of dna length on spermine-induced condensation. importance of the bending and stiffening of dna.using dna restriction fragments of 258 to 4362 base-pairs, we have investigated the influence of the dna length on the condensation process induced by spermine, with the aid of electric dichroism measurements. the 258- and 436 bp fragments condensed into rod-like particles, while the fragments of 748 bp or more condensed into torus-shaped particles. our results suggest that a dna molecule longer than the circumference of the toroids observed previously (680 bp) is required to serve as a nucleus ...20083040099
once upon a synapse: a drug education simulation in three acts. 20082516518
bronchial provocation testing. 20082758363
comprehensive functional assessment of the elderly.the addition of function assessment in a formalized way into the primary care delivery for elderly patients can be viewed as an extension of the traditional concerns of primary care physicians when asking patients how they are doing. functional assessment strategies simply provide a format for doing this in a reproducible, recordable, and reliable fashion. although the complexity of functional assessment instruments can be intimidating to clinicians, the principles behind instruments of function ...20082664834
decline in the prevalence of childhood deafness in the jewish population of jerusalem: ethnic and genetic aspects.a longitudinal study was performed on 147 jewish children with bilaterally sensorineural hearing loss of moderately severe to profound degree, born in jerusalem during the eighteen years 1968-85. the prevalence rate of these children declined during the years 1977-85, and at the same time the rate of consanguinity of their parents decreased; this decline was more evident in the genetic group among children with non-ashkenazi ethnic origin. no such decline was found among the ashkenazi children a ...20082230571
prevalence of chronic periodontal disease using probing depth as a diagnostic test.the prevalence of chronic periodontal disease was investigated using the occurrence of diseased pocket sites as the diagnostic criterion. the study group comprised 250 dentally aware subjects aged 21-60 years, with a high number of teeth remaining in all age groups. the % of sites with a probing depth of greater than or equal to 4 mm was 16% for the total sample. most diseased sites (69%) were in the 4-mm class, with only 4% at depths greater than or equal to 7 mm. 82% on the subjects had 1 or m ...20092794094
stimulation of glucose-6-phosphatase activity in minced muscle autografts on frog gastrocnemius. 20092820871
stimulation of glucose-6-phosphatase activity in minced muscle autografts on frog gastrocnemius. 20092820871
plagiarism: justice not seen to be done? 20092797158
immunocytochemical demonstration of neuropeptides in the fish-gill parasite, diclidophora merlangi (monogenoidea).using the indirect immunofluorescence technique, immunoreactivity (ir) to three mammalian and one invertebrate regulatory peptide has been demonstrated in the nervous system of the monogenean gill parasite diclidophora merlangi. ir to pancreatic polypeptide (pp), peptide tyrosine tyrosine (pyy) and fmrfamide was evident throughout central and peripheral nervous tissues, whereas vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (vip)-ir was confined to a portion of the longitudinal ventral nerve cords. staining ...20092759771
the effect of betablockers with and without isa on tonographic outflow facility.the response of two ophthalmic betablockers, timolol (without isa) and pindolol (with marked isa), on iop and tonographic outflow facility was investigated in a single-blind clinical study on 20 patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension. in two treatment groups, ten patients each, in a randomized order iop and tonographic outflow facility measurements were performed before and 2 hrs after drug application. timolol reduced iop by 6.8 mm hg and pindolol eye drops by 4.5 mm hg. both topically a ...20092663749
dynamic interaction between a drosophila transcription factor and rna polymerase ii.we have purified factor 5, a drosophila rna polymerase ii transcription factor. factor 5 was found to be required for accurate initiation of transcription from specific promoters and also had a dramatic effect on the elongation properties of rna polymerase ii. kinetic studies suggested that factor 5 stimulates the elongation rate of rna polymerase ii on a dc-tailed, double-stranded template by reducing the time spent at the numerous pause sites encountered by the polymerase. the factor was found ...20092725511
obesity.over the past 20 years, obesity has represented a significant focus of research conducted in clinical research centers (crcs) in the united states. this review will focus on the progress in our understanding of the disease that crc-based research has produced; therefore, the reference list is not exhaustive and consists primarily of crc-based research. obesity is defined as an excess of body fat as measured by triceps skinfold thickness. the time of onset of obesity is an important factor; for e ...20092681326
[carcinoma with low malignant potential (borderline tumor) of the ovary: immunomorphology and clinical aspects].four of 28 patients with borderline tumors of the ovary died of intercurrent disease. twenty-four are alive without clinical evidence of disease, despite the fact that six of them were stage iii; joined with the invasive carcinomas they would distort the survival rates. the development of monoclonal antibodies specific to borderline tumors could improve the value of immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis of borderline tumors. our results show that the rates of expression of ca 125, ca 19-9, and c ...20092679431
the molecular genetics of self-incompatibility in brassica. 20092694928
mitochondrial dna mutations and neuromuscular disease.mitochondrial dna mutations have been identified in patients with certain neuromuscular diseases. point mutations have been associated with maternally inherited diseases, while deletions have been identified in some 'spontaneous' cases.20092652392
in vivo muscle magnetic resonance spectroscopy in a family with mitochondrial cytopathy: a defect in fat vivo proton and phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) studies were performed at 1.5 t on two patients (siblings) diagnosed as having a mitochondrial cytopathy. the clinical diagnosis was based on a complete battery of biochemical tests, electron microscopy and modified gomori trichrome stain studies of muscle. proton spectra from the gastrocnemius muscle were recorded using the stimulated echo acquisition mode (steam) and the phosphorus spectra were obtained using the depth-resolve ...20092716480
[value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia in children]. 20103075749
differences in the chromatographic and mass spectral properties of 3,3',5,5'-tetrachlorodiphenoquinone and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.tetrachlorodiphenoquinones have the same exact mass and elemental composition as the toxic environmental contaminant 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. however, analysis of 3,3'-5,5'-tetrachlorodiphenoquinone showed a pronounced tendency toward chemical reduction in the mass spectrometer to the quinol compound, producing a molecular ion two mass units higher than 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. distinct differences were also apparent between the mass spectral fragmentation patterns of 3,3 ...20102937479
bladder emptying assessment in stroke patients.the bladder-emptying status of 85 stroke patients admitted to a comprehensive rehabilitation center was evaluated by postvoid residual (pvr) sequential catheterizations. those patients with incomplete bladder emptying were assessed by scheduled pvrs throughout their hospitalization. incomplete bladder emptying occurred initially in 48 of the 85 patients and was sustained in 28. of this group, 22 were able to void voluntarily and 15 were continent. the incomplete emptying group also demonstrated ...20102916918
[value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia in children]. 20103075749
aortic reconstruction vs extra-anatomic bypass and angioplasty. thoughts on evolving a protocol for hundred forty-eight patients were evaluated for inflow revascularization and stratified by age, vascular anatomy, medical history, and cardiac functional class into aortic reconstruction (ar), extra-anatomic bypass (eab), or iliac angioplasty based on a protocol that restricted ar to good-risk patients and liberalized indications for eab. fifty-five patients underwent ar with a 1.8% mortality, 1.8% myocardial infarction and 12% morbidity, and cumulative life-table patency of 94% at two years ...20102945536
[pathology of the craniocervical junction as shown by magnetic resonance tomography. 68 cases].in cases of a suspected lesion at the level of the cranio-cervical junction, mr should be considered as the imaging technique of choice. tumours, inflammation and degenerative processes can be reliably demonstrated and diagnosed. administration of contrast media, for example, gadolinium-dtpa, is necessary in selected cases only. comparing "examination time" of x-ray myelography and high resolution x-ray ct with mr, one can well tolerate the long "acquisition" of mr images.20103020636
fine needle aspiration cytology of clinically suspected local recurrences in breast cancer. 20102916364
[a thyroid nodule presenting diagnostic difficulty]. 20102876465
managing acute intussusception. 20102863466
[physical exertion of agricultural workers with reference to work in private farms--consequences for occupational health services].in terms of social-insurance legislation, the small-scale private work of cooperative agricultural and horticultural workers has the same status as their cooperative-farm work. therefore, it must be included in occupational-hygiene analyses for the evaluation of the physical work load. continuous heart-rate measurements were carried out in 64 people-workers operating can-to-can or pipeline milking facilities, agricultural-machinery mechanics, female horticultural workers and tractor or harvester ...20102815884
[hemodynamics in the early postoperative period after thoracotomy and lung resection].to evaluate how necessary and helpful invasive hemodynamic measurements after thoracic surgery are we studied 25 patients after pneumonectomies (n = 5), lobectomies and bilobectomies (n = 10), partial lobectomies (n = 6) and thoracotomies without lung resection (n = 4). measurements were taken between half an hour and eighteen hours after closure of the rib cage using a preoperatively introduced swan-ganz-catheter. pulmonary resistance was elevated in 12 out of 17 cases. 6 out of 25 patients had ...20113232137
ideals and reality in actual regulatory experience. 20113238057
hemolytic disease of the newborn caused by anti-lan, anti-jka, and anti-c. 20113101246
specimen collection and handling. 20113127719
clinical carpal scaphoid injuries. 20113133034
flumazenil (anexate) in severe intoxication with carbamazepine (tegretol).in addition to the benzodiazepine antagonism we report, as a first observation, the effect of flumazenil on carbamazepine intoxication, where a mechanism other than benzodiazepine receptor antagonism must be supposed.20113133214
serum diamine oxidase in the neonate.serum diamine oxidase (dao) activities were measured in 9 pregnant women and in 33 neonates during the 1st week of life. the radiometric method was used. very high values were found in the mothers (mean +/- se: 720 +/- 143 pmol ml-1 h-1). neonates showed significantly elevated values (mean +/- se: 178 +/- 54 pmol ml-1 h-1) on the 1st postnatal day when compared to the 7th day values (mean +/- se: 27 +/- 5.7 pmol ml-1 h-1). serial determinations showed a progressive decline from day 1 to day 7 af ...20113091095
regulation of glucose storage in obesity and diabetes: metabolic aspects. 20113069399
carcinoid tumor of the biliary system. case report and literature of a 62-year-old black male, with a complaint of low back pain for three months, revealed a mass in the porta hepatis, narrowing of the common hepatic duct, and dilated intrahepatic bile ducts. a 3 x 4-cm tumor in the common hepatic duct was excised and biliary continuity restored by hepaticojejunostomy. the excised mass was a carcinoid tumor with no evidence of secretory activity. the patient is well 24.5 months after treatment. the literature on carcinoid tumors of the biliary tract is ...20123595390
carcinoid tumor of the biliary system. case report and literature of a 62-year-old black male, with a complaint of low back pain for three months, revealed a mass in the porta hepatis, narrowing of the common hepatic duct, and dilated intrahepatic bile ducts. a 3 x 4-cm tumor in the common hepatic duct was excised and biliary continuity restored by hepaticojejunostomy. the excised mass was a carcinoid tumor with no evidence of secretory activity. the patient is well 24.5 months after treatment. the literature on carcinoid tumors of the biliary tract is ...20123595390
endemic goitre in finland and changes during 30 years of iodine prophylaxis.endemic goitre of moderate severity was mainly found in the east of finland still in the 1950s but the whole country was moderately iodine deficient. the daily iodine intake determined both from food consumption and from the urinary excretion in population samples was 50-70 micrograms being lower in the east. the main iodine sources were milk products, about 50% of the daily intake being derived from these. iodized salt was available but its use was very low and the iodine content insufficient s ...20123486110
[aids from the viewpoint of the anesthesiologist]. 20123436200
on dust, disability, and death. 20123490199
an internal marketing office evaluation. 20123465421
the role of computed tomography in the evaluation of cemento-osseous lesions.the role of computed tomography (ct) and ct numbers in the evaluation of fibro-osseous and cementum-containing lesions is discussed. the computed tomographic findings in a case of cemento-ossifying fibroma involving the maxilla and maxillary sinus are presented.20123462642
value judgements in health visiting. 20123372258
thoracolumbar "burst" fractures treated conservatively: a long-term follow-up.this report addresses the long-term results of nonoperative treatment for fractures of the thoracolumbar spine. forty-two patients meeting specified inclusion criteria were contacted and completed questionnaires. in all cases, nonoperative treatment was the only treatment received. the average time from injury to follow-up was 20.2 years (range, 11 to 55 years). the average age at follow-up was 43 years (range, 28 to 70 years). there were 31 men and 11 women in this series. seventy-one percent o ...20123381135
[use of adaptation to the conditions of medium-height mountains as a means of secondary prevention of ischemic heart disease]. 20124036046
transhiatal blunt esophagectomy.the operation of transhiatal esophagectomy has been revived in recent years, and several series have reported upon some of the advantages of this procedure over esophagectomy by way of a thoracotomy. because part of the technique involves a "blind" dissection, it is important that the surgeon is completely familiar with the anatomic relations of the esophagus. a careful anatomic review of these relations was undertaken and important anatomic landmarks have been highlighted with the aid of anatom ...20123375966
complications of liquid nitrogen cryosurgery for verrucae over bony prominences.liquid nitrogen cryosurgery is the most frequently used surgical treatment for verrucae. its success rate is high and complications are rare. however, liquid nitrogen should be used with great care over bony prominences where skin and subcutaneous tissues are thin. we present 3 patients in whom the treatment of simple warts over bony prominences by liquid nitrogen resulted in full-thickness loss of skin. in 2 of them, extensor tendons of fingers were exposed and had to be covered with flaps. we ...20123273024
oral abnormalities in the ellis-van creveld syndrome: case report. 20123272958
[morphologic analysis of endoprosthesis materials with scanning electron microscopy].the biomaterials used in endoprosthesis are subject to great dynamic and tribologic stress which they are not always able to withstand. wear and fatigue fractures may ensue. the sem is a valuable tool for controlling quality and determining the nature of faults in the material. examination of the surfaces of a fatigue fracture usually reveals the cause of the fracture. the presence of manufacturing faults shows that the producer's quality control (the non-destructive-method) was not always suffi ...20123433910
retained interdental papilla procedure for maintaining anterior esthetics. 20133855738
measurement of urine n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase with a centrifugal analyzer. 20133829408
social factors and professional attitudes as determinants of the frequency of small surgical procedures among children in concerning histories of adenoidectomy (ad), tonsillectomy (t) and appendectomy (ap) were collected from the escorts (mainly mothers) of 2296 children 3-12 years-old. the children were admitted as outpatients at the first department of paediatrics of the university of athens or the polyclinic of the children's welfare center of pikpa in pireaus, during the last six months of 1983. among children with median age of about six years, 12 percent had already had at least one operation (ad, t or a ...20133811607
the "revolution' in australian retirement income policy. 20133623147
n-substituted 1-cyanobenz[f]isoindole: evaluation of fluorescence efficiencies of a new fluorogenic label for primary amines and amino acids. 20133592222
[changes in lumph node structure after lymphography]. 20144325145
cardiovascular effects and acid-base and blood gas changes during laparoscopy. 20144266615
muscular dystrophy with a familial aminoaciduria of unusual pattern. 20144157779
the hydrostatic mechanism of papilledema. 20144175982
immunological differentiation of three types of haemophilia and identification of some female carriers. 20144097598
fiber composition and morphometry of the quadriceps femoris muscle in athletes and non-athletic individuals after knee injury. 20144068681
[changes in lumph node structure after lymphography]. 20144325145
[adenolymphoma of the parotid gland]. 20144325113
[adenolymphoma of the parotid gland]. 20144325113
[effects of a rhinospray charge on the bronchial system]. 20154660213
[mechanisms of disorders of external respiratory function in patients with rheumatic heart lesions]. 20154642626
editorial. 20154717167
editorial. 20154717167
quantitative determinations of phenylephrine and phenylpropanolamine hydrochlorides in combination. 20154705688
quantitative determinations of phenylephrine and phenylpropanolamine hydrochlorides in combination. 20154705688
investigation of vitamin a nutrition in pregnant british asians and their infants.plasma retinol and retinol-binding protein (rbp) concentrations were lower in 23 south london asian women of indo-pakistani origin than in 21 non-asian controls during pregnancy (p less than 0.01 and p less than 0.05 respectively). cord blood concentrations of retinol and rbp were the same in asians and non-asians. plasma retinol concentration decreased with increasing gestation (p less than 0.01), but rbp concentration did not alter. retinyl palmitate, 8000 i.u. daily from 30 weeks gestation to ...20143957710
[comparative results of the treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers with low-energy laser and hyperbaric oxygenation].in 90 patients with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, the times required for the healing of ulcerous defects were studied and compared after local irradiation with low-energy (infrared) laser and hyperbaric oxygenation. analysis of the data obtained attests to the similar (in terms of the times of the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers) clinical efficacy of the methods under comparison. this makes it possible to regard hyperbaric oxygenation and the local use of infrared laser as the ...20144002135
preclinical pedodontics as predictor of clinical pedodontic performance. 20144261625
[perception of rotating targets. ii. effect of their size]. 20154447733
observation on erythema nodosum. 20154393509
formal vocational experience for pre-dental students. 20154521031
[therapeutic effects of l-dopa and trihexyphenidyl in parkinson's disease--an examination by a double blind method]. 20164937721
psychiatric case register conference, 1965. 20164958253
[new public health nurses school; strengthening of the norwegian nursing college]. 1974245829
semi-in-vivo? 20164930481
[rheumatic fever--a forgotten disease?]. 20123431216
autoimmunity. 20164959504
estrogen replacement therapy and menopause. 20123440374
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