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[relation of various species of photosynthesizing bacteria to molecular oxygen]. 19695396578
[action of synthetic cytokinins on growth and pigment formation of rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19695406059
effect of oligomycin on nadh oxidation and its coupled phosphorylation with the particulate fraction from dark aerobically grown rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694317718
on the binding of mammalian cytochrome c in nadh- and succinate-cytochrome c-reductase from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694318272
oxidation of reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide in rhodospirillum rubrum. 3. properties of a nadh dehydrogenase solubilized from electron transport particles. 19694391991
studies on the respiratory system of aerobically (dark) and anaerobically (light) grown rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694392383
[the influence of reserve material on the atp level of rhodospirillum rubrum in anaerobic dark culture]. 19694392384
glutathione reductase from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694393659
energy-linked reactions in photosynthetic bacteria. v. relation of the light-induced proton uptake to photophosphorylation in r. rubrum chromatophores.the kinetics of photophosphorylation have been studied in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. no evidence for a time or intensity lag in photophosphorylation was found. an intensity lag could be induced with the uncoupling agent, m-chlorocarbonyl cyanide phenylhydrazone or, in some cases, by aging of the chromatophores. in chloroplasts, the occurrence of a time and intensity lag in phosphorylation has been correlated with the formation of a proton gradient and quoted as evidence that a proton ...19695257139
on ultrastructures in rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa and rhodospirillum tenue. 19695310456
sucrose-gradient centrifugation of chromatophorous material from athiorhodaceae. 19695310457
observations on distribution of nadh oxidase in particles from dark-grown and light-grown rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694304836
energy-linked reactions in photosynthetic bacteria. 3. further studies on energy-linked nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide reduction by rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19694304986
the incorporation of p-hydroxybenzoate and isopentenyl pyrophosphate into polyprenylphenol precursors of ubiquinone by broken cell preparations of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694305154
energy conversion-linked changes of carotenoid absorbance in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19694305167
inhibitors of photophosphorylation and photoreduction by chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694305607
a soluble factor related to the energy-linked transhydrogenase reaction of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19694305916
quantum yield for the photoproduced electron paramagnetic resonance signal in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694306637
nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide photoreduction in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19694306849
the biosynthesis of terpenoid quinones. 19694308944
reversed energy conversion reactions of bacterial photophosphorylation. 19694309363
comparative decay characteristics of the light generated free radical in chromatophores and chloroplasts. 19694310365
two reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenases from the photosynthetic bacterium, rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694310827
ctothiorhodospira halophila: a new species ofthe genus ectothiorhodospira. 19694192367
[the bacteriochlorophyll content and protein composition of thylakoids of rhodospirillum rubrum during morphogenesis of the photosynthetic apparatus]. 19694194589
partial resolution of energy-linked reactions in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 196911946959
dissociation-produced loss of regulatory control of homoserine dehydrogenase of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196911946964
the occurrence of hydroxy-derivatives of phytoene and phytofluene in diphenylamine-inhibited cultures of rhodospirillum rubrum. 197011947408
formation of glyoxylate from alpha-hydroxyglutarate by rhodospirillum rubrum. 197011947489
isolation of a "basic membrane" fraction enriched in an ornithine-containing lipid, from a blue-green mutant of rhodospirillum rubrum. 197011945444
light- and chemically-induced oxidation-reduction reactions in chromatophore fractions of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704313523
comparative kinetic behavior of the photoinduced epr signal observed in whole cells and cell free preparations of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704314057
cytochrome c redox potentials as a function of the energy state in chromatophores. 19704314125
5-amino-4-hydroxyvaleric acid: a new intermediate in 5-aminolevulinate metabolism of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704314573
effects of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphoric acid on certain light-induced reactions and on atpase activity of isolated chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704314762
anomalous cleavage of aspartyl-proline peptide bonds during amino acid sequence determinations. 19704100801
spectrophotometric studies of the mechanism of photosynthesis. 19704146947
multiplicity of electron transport reactions in bacterial photosynthesis. 19704394952
effect of proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes on the electron transport particle fraction of rhodospirillum rubrum. i. proteases. 19704395541
variations of nadh oxidase activity and bacteriochlorophyll contents during membrane differentiation in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704319691
action of sodium dodecyl sulfate on electron transport enzymes of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704320241
differences in sensitivity to valinomycin and nonactin of various photophosphorylating and photoreducing systems of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatpohores. 19704320754
on the relationship of the energy-linked transhydrogenase to energy-linked nad+ reduction in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704320756
quantitative dissolution of the membrane and preparation of photoreceptor subunits from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704321367
regulation of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in bacteria. a comparison of citrate synthases from different bacteria. 19704321544
conversion of biomembrane-produced energy into electric form. 3. chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704322294
light-induced reduction of pyridine nucleotide and its relation to light-induced electron transport in whole cells of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19704323515
k+-independent effects of valinomycin in photosynthetic systems. 19704274115
alternative pathways of spirilloxanthin biosynthesis in rhodospirillum rubrum.detailed studies of the properties of carotenoids isolated from diphenylamine-inhibited cultures of rhodospirillum rubrum have revealed a number of novel structures that indicate new features of carotenoid biosynthesis in the photosynthetic bacteria. both neurosporene and 7,8,11,12-tetrahydrolycopene undergo hydration, methylation and dehydrogenation to yield spheroidene and 11',12'-dihydrospheroidene respectively; all the intermediates in these pathways have been identified. these pathways repr ...19705411421
a novel sequence for phytoene dehydrogenation in rhodospirillum rubrum.differences between the absorption spectra of zeta-carotene (7,8,7',8'-tetrahydrolycopene) and the corresponding conjugated heptaene from diphenylamine-inhibited cultures of rhodospirillum rubrum have been rationalized by the identification of the latter compound as the unsymmetrical isomer, 7,8,11,12-tetrahydrolycopene. the structures of the other conjugated polyene hydrocarbons, phytoene, phytofluene and neurosporene, have been confirmed and a novel pathway for the dehydrogenation of phytoene ...19705411431
the sizes of the photosynthetic energy-transducing units in purple bacteria determined by single flash yield, titration by antibiotics and carotenoid absorption band shift. 19705412035
isolation and characterization of the membranes from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19705414301
purification and properties of porphobilinogen deaminase from wheat germ. 19705417615
effect of ammonium salts, amines and antibiotics on proton uptake and photophosphorylation in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19705420967
bacteriochlorophyll, fatty-acid, and protein synthesis in relation to thylakoid formation in mutant strains of rhodospirillum rubrum.mutant strains of rhodospirillum rubrum are isolated which are blocked in different stages of pigment synthesis. in these strains the morphogenesis of thylakoids and the pigment production are investigated. concerning bacteriochlorophyll synthesis two groups of mutants are separable. the members of the first group synthesize bacteriochlorophyll. some of these mutants excrete bacteriopheophytin. the strains of the second group are not able to synthesize bacteriochlorophyll. members of both groups ...19705438041
[the effect of light intensity and oxygen pressure on the differentiation of membranes in rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19705441383
isolation and chemical properties of two c-type cytochromes of rhodospirillum molischianum. 19705442167
comparative study of physicochemical properties of two c-type cytochromes of rhodospirillum molischianum. 19705442168
optical rotatory dispersion of some c' and cc' cytochromes. 19705442284
[oxidative phosphorylation by membrane fragments from rhodopseudomonas capsulata]. 19705444288
two different pigments capable of light-induced absorbance change at near infra-red region in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19705452762
the function of ubiquinone-10 both in the electron transport system and in the energy conservation system of chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19705453049
studies with triton x-100 treated electron transport particles from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19705457239
the distribution of nadh oxidase in the membrane system of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19705482259
metabolism of d-alanine in rhodospirillum rubrum and its bacilliform mutants. 19705483168
uncoupling and charge transfer in bacterial chromatophores. 19705484051
[the production of particle-bound bacteriochlorophyll precursors by the mutant f9 of rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19705484313
[the aggregation system of forms of bacterial pigments]. 19705490992
[effect of oxygen concentration on the growth and survival of photosynthesizing bacteria]. 19705493346
biological nitrogen fixation. 19704985009
the evolution of photosynthesis. 19704985766
homoserine dehydrogenase of rhodospirillum rubrum. ii. purification and characterization of the enzyme. 19704919489
[the influence of oxygen pressure and light intensity on the atp level of athiorhodaceae]. 19704921935
bacterial cytochromes. ii. functional aspects. 19704927136
the biosynthesis of terpenoid quinones. 19705002740
mutants of rhodospirrillum rubrum obtained after long-term anaerobic, dark growth.rhodospirillum rubrum s(1) cells were grown for more than 100 generations under strict anaerobic, dark conditions in liquid medium with sodium pyruvate. during this time, growth became nonpigmented. when cells were streaked onto the surface of solid growth medium in anaerobic bottles and placed in the dark, a few light-red colonies developed, but the majority was nonpigmented. mutants were obtained from colonies selected on the basis of pigmentation and bacteriochlorophyll a content. the growth, ...19715003179
studies in valine biosynthesis. ix. the enzymes in photosynthetic and autotrophic bacteria. 19715003668
high-energy electrons in bacteria. 19715005814
carotenoids of purple nonsulfur bacteria. composition and biosynthesis of the carotenoids of some strains of rhodopseudomonas acidophila, rhodospirillum tenue, and rhodocyclus purpureus. 19714932469
isolation and counting of athiorhodaceae with membrane filters.the number, type, and distribution of athiorhodaceae in two central pennsylvania artificial lakes were investigated with an anaerobic modification of the membrane filter technique.19714943277
fractionation of rapidly-labelled nucleic acids from rhodospirillum rubrum using polylysine kieselguhr column chromatography. 19715094219
[photoinduced ph changes in rhodospirillum rubrum cells and chromatophores]. 19715095962
investigation of photosynthetic cytochromes c by high resolution nmr spectroscopy. 19715103331
molecular weights of some cytochromes cc'. 19715103659
vitamin b12 dependent glutamate mutase activity in photosynthetic bacteria. 19715103927
a multivariate statistical method for comparing protein amino acid compositions: studies of muscle actins and proteins derived from membranes and microtubular organelles. 19715105327
the association and activities of pteridines in photosynthetic systems. 19715118424
vibrio mutants of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19715125626
carotenoid composition in the genus ectothiorhodospira pelsh. 19715126867
[conjugated pteridines of the photosynthesizing bacteria rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19715130750
sequence and structure homologies in bacterial and mammalian-type cytochromes. 19714995941
metabolism of poly- -hydroxybutyrate: effect of mild alkaline extraction on native poly- -hydroxybutyrate granules.mild alkaline extraction of native poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate (phb) granules results in the solubilization of a protein fraction. both the solubilized protein fraction and the extracted granules are essentially devoid of phb synthetase activity unless recombined. the protein fraction has been separated by chromatography into two components (a-i and a-ii). a-i but not a-ii can be recombined with extracted granules to give rise to phb synthetase activity. extracted granules no longer require pretre ...19715001870
anomalous energy transfer behaviour of light absorbed by bacteriochlorophyll in several photosynthetic bacteria. 19715002474
disproportionation of i,5 -diphenylcarbazone. a new reaction catalysed by photosystem i. 19715002475
phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent fructose phosphorylation in photosynthetic bacteria. 19715002684
interrelationship of nitrogen fixation, hydrogen evolution and photoreduction in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19715540219
regulation of photoreduction in rhodospirillum rubrum by ammonia. 19715540220
[the effect of some detergents on thylakoids of rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19715540222
substrate and light dependent fixation of molecular nitrogen in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19715540223
homoserine dehydrogenase of rhodospirillum rubrum. conformational changes in the presence of substrates and modifiers. 19715543965
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