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host range and properties of the pseudomonas aeruginosa r factor r1822.r1822, a plasmid specifying multiple drug resistances, has been transferred to a variety of species representative of related and unrelated genera. the host range of the plasmid includes enterobacteriaceae, soil saprophytes, neisseria perflava, and photosynthetic bacteria. with the acquisition of drug resistance(s), these strains became sensitive to a small, ribonuclease-sensitive bacteriophage, designated prr1, isolated by enrichment from sewage.19734632321
[influence of 2-hydroxybiphenyl on carotenogenesis in rhodospseudomonas spheroides and rhodospirillum]. 19724631864
[changes in the intracytoplasmic membranes system (thylakoids) of rhodospirillum rubrum under nitrogen limitation]. 19724631858
resolution of enzymes catalyzing energy-linked transhydrogenation. iv. reconstitution of adenosine triphosphate-driven transhydrogenation in depleted chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum by the transhydrogenase factor and a soluble oligomycin-insensitive mg ++ -adenosine triphosphatase. 19734630853
photosynthetic carbon dioxide assimilation by rhodospirillum rubrum. 19734630715
comparative study of the circular dichroism spectra of reaction centers from several photosynthetic bacteria. 19734630407
[formation of non-conjugated pteridines by phototrophic bacteria in relation to growth conditions]. 19724630047
[absorption changes in spectral forms of bacteriochlorophyll in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores]. 19724629048
nucleosidetriphosphate: nucleosidediphosphate phosphotransferase (ntp-ndp kinase) of rhodospirillum rubrum: its purification and properties. 19724628908
cell-free biosynthesis of precursors of polyprenyl derivatives of p-hydroxybenzoate in mammalian and bacterial systems. 19724628618
[aspects of thymine metabolism in athiorhodaceae]. 19724628432
purification and properties of -ketoglutarate synthase from a photosynthetic bacterium. 19724628267
sulfide utilization by purple nonsulfur bacteria. 19724628180
isolation and partial characterization of p870 reaction center complex from wild type rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724627845
electron acceptors in reaction center preparations from photosynthetic bacteria. 19724627844
temperature dependence of absorption and fluorescence spectra of bacteriochlorophylls in vivo and in vitro. 19724627554
possible occurrence of a succinate-glycine cycle in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724627500
[a new bacteriochlorophyll from rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19724627398
[synthesis of volatile acids by fermentation of pyruvate and fructose in anaerobic dark cultures of rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19724627360
studies on the structure of an ornithine-containing lipid from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724627356
kinetics of the fluorescence change and p8 70 bleaching in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724627084
fluorescence of bacteriochlorophyll as related to the photochemistry of chromatophores of photosynthetic bacteria. 19724627083
regulation of ribulose-1,5-diphosphate carboxylase by 6-phospho-d-gluconate. 19724626611
[the biosynthesis of carotenoids]. 19724626283
isolation and characteristics of small, soluble photoreactive fragments of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724625825
a free interface diffusion technique for the crystallization of proteins for x-ray crystallography. 19724625692
a unified theory of bacterial motile behavior. 19724625587
lifetime of the excited state in vivo. ii. bacteriochlorophyll in photosynthetic bacteria at room temperature.lifetime of the excited state (tau) of bacteriochlorophyll (bchl) in photosynthetic bacteria, measured with a mode-locked argon laser (oscillating at 488 nm; mode locked at 56 mhz) as light source, ranged from 0.3 to 2.5 nsec. these tau values are reported with a precision of +/-0.1 nsec. the value of tau at high exciting light intensity (i) was two to three times that at low intensity. for young cultures of green bacterium chloropseudomonas ethylicum, tau ranged from 0.5 (low i) to 1.0 nsec (hi ...19724624833
[serological investigations on thylakoids of photosynthetic bacteria and blue-green algae]. 19724623872
changes in the fluorescence of atebrin and of anilino-naphthalene sulfonate reflecting two different light-induced processes in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19724623434
ribulose diphosphate carboxylase from autotrophic microorganisms.thiobacillus denitrificans was grown anaerobically with nitrate as an acceptor in both sterile and nonsterile media. ribulose diphosphate carboxylase was stable throughout the exponential growth phase and declined slowly only after cells reached the stationary phase. reversible inactivation of the carboxylase occurred in extracts as a result of bicarbonate omission. the enzyme was purified 32-fold with excellent recovery of a preparation which was 50 to 60% pure by the criterion of polyacrylamid ...19724623310
effect of ferredoxin on bacterial photophosphorylation. 19724622736
fluorescence change of auramine o bound to chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum--analysis in connection to ionic environment and ion transport. 19724622706
studies of flavin-protein interaction in flavoproteins using protein fluorescence and circular dichroism. 19724622437
characterization of a blue mutant of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724622271
[demonstration of trans isomers of phytoene and phytofluene in rhodopseudomonas spheroides, rhodospirillum rubrum and mucor hiemalis]. 19724622087
control of synthesis of reaction center bacteriochlorophyll in photosynthetic bacteria. 19724621847
protein composition of intact and fractionated membranes isolated from dark and light grown cells of a blue green mutant of rhodospirillum rubrum (bg 1 ). 19724621613
[natural electron donors in the process of nitrogen fixation]. 19744619170
natural antibodies and the intestinal flora of rodents. 19744606835
proteins of the inner membrane of escherichia coli: identification of succinate dehydrogenase by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis with sdh amber mutants.the inner or cytoplasmic membrane fraction of the cell envelope of escherichia coli was isolated by isopycnic centrifugation on sucrose gradients. the membrane proteins were analyzed by electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels (8.5%), and up to 56 bands were resolved. different preparations gave very similar patterns of proteins. succinate dehydrogenase mutants (sdh) were isolated which could not grow on succinate minimal medium, although growth on fumarate was unimpaired. t ...19744591960
distribution of purple photosynthetic bacteria in wetland and woodland habitats of central and northern minnesota.enrichment cultures for purple nonsulfur and sulfur photosynthetic bacteria were prepared from soil samples collected in central and northern minnesota. the purple nonsulfur bacteria were found in most wetland soils sampled but were uncommon in woodland and grassland soils. the ph range of the soils in which these bacteria occurred was 3.8 to 7.8, and the oxidation-reduction potential (e(h)) range was +510 to -65 mv. soils with a ph below 5.0 or an e(h) above +370 mv had few purple nonsulfur bac ...19744590487
[current status of the study of a new parasitic group of bacteria, bdellovibrio bacteriovorus]. 19724576702
membranes of photosynthetic bacteria. 19724557023
the ubiquinone homologue of the green mutant of rhodopseudomonas spheroides. 19724536950
sulfite reductase activity in extracts of various photosynthetic bacteria.extracts of representative bacterial strains from the various families of photosynthetic prokaryotes are demonstrated to possess significant levels of sulfite reductase [ec; hydrogen-sulfide: (acceptor)oxidoreductase] activity with reduced methyl viologen as electron donor, but not nadph(2). the enzyme is localized primarily in the soluble fraction of the extracts, in contrast to adenylysulfate reductase [ec; amp, sulfite: (acceptor) oxidoreductase], which is bound normally in ...19744526215
enzymic redox reactions of cytochromes c. 19724405125
ferredoxins in light- and dark-grown photosynthetic cells with special reference to rhodospirillum rubrum. 19724401426
the effect of aging resolved chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum on the capacity to reconstitute the energy-linked transhydrogenation. 19724400928
the isolation and characterization of rhodospirillum rubrum flavodoxin. 19714400790
regulation of the cytoplasmic inorganic pyrophosphatase of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19714399656
the mechanism of ammonia assimilation in nitrogen fixing bacteria. 19714399578
[the influence of culture conditions on the nad(p) content of rhodospirillum rubrum cells]. 19714399577
resolution of enzymes catalyzing energy-linked transhydrogenation. 3. preparation and properties of rhodospirillum rubrum transhydrogenase factor. 19714397854
resolution of enzymes catalyzing energy-linked transhydrogenation. ii. interaction of transhydrogenase factor with rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophore membrane. 19714397853
[formate dehydrogenase and formate hydro-lyase of chloropseudomonas ethylica]. 19714397151
effect of proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes on the electron transport particle fraction of rhodospirillum rubrum. ii. phospholipases. 19714396550
regulatory properties of an inorganic pyrophosphatase from the photosynthic bacterium rhodospirillum rhodospirillum rubrum, inorganic pyrophosphatase activity is observed in both the cytoplasmic and membrane fractions. the soluble enzyme accounts for about 80% of the total activity in crude extracts, and is the subject of this report. zn(2+) is required for both activity and stability of the enzyme, which has a molecular weight of approximately 90,000 (gel-filtration determinations). the substrate is mgp(2)o(7) (2-), and free pyrophosphate (p(2)o(7) (4-)) is a strong inhibitor. kinetic exper ...19714396317
effect of proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes on the electron transport particle fraction of rhodospirillum rubrum. i. proteases. 19704395541
multiplicity of electron transport reactions in bacterial photosynthesis. 19704394952
glutathione reductase from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694393659
[the influence of reserve material on the atp level of rhodospirillum rubrum in anaerobic dark culture]. 19694392384
studies on the respiratory system of aerobically (dark) and anaerobically (light) grown rhodospirillum rubrum. 19694392383
oxidation of reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide in rhodospirillum rubrum. 3. properties of a nadh dehydrogenase solubilized from electron transport particles. 19694391991
[the redox condition of nad (p) and of cytochrome b and c2 in relation to the po2 in various athiorodaceae]. 19684388131
[demonstration of sugar in the thylakoids of rhodospirillum rubrum and rhodopseudomonas viridis]. 19684385924
copper replacement of magnesium in the chlorophylls and bacteriochlorophyll. 19674385822
[on the regulation of tetrapyrrole synthesis in rhodospirillum rubrum]. 19664384219
energy-linked reactions in photosynthetic bacteria. ii. the energy-dependent reduction of oxidized nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate by reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19674383839
p-phenylenediamines as electron donors for photosynthetic pyridine nucleotide reduction in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19674383018
studies on an energy-lined pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase in photosynthetic bacteria. i. demonstration of the reaction in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19664381765
studies on pyridine nucleotides in photosynthetic tissue. concentrations, interconversions, and distribution. 19654378963
triplet states in photosynthesis. 19744375477
cell-free biosynthesis of polyprenyl derivatives of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in mammalian and bacterial systems. 19724374945
ligand-induced oligomerization and regulatory mechanism. 19744374339
proton magnetic resonance spectra of rhodospirillum rubrum cytochrome c2.nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of ferro- and ferricytochrome c(2) from the facultative photoheterotroph, rhodospirillum rubrum, obtained with a 220-mhz spectrometer, are presented. assignments to protons of various important structural groups in contact with or near the prosthetic heme group are given. these include (a) in the ferro-form, methyl, cbeta and cgamma protons of the extraplanar ligand residue, methionine 91, and methyl protons of the residue leucine 32; and (b) corresponding prot ...19744373707
energization of ntp-ndp kinase by acid-base transition leading to atp formation. 19744373442
eukaryotic cytochrome c-like properties of cytochrome c-550 (thiobacillus novellus). 19744373290
flash photolysis-electron spin resonance study of the effect of o-phenanthroline and temperature on the decay time of the esr signal b1 in reaction-center preparations and chromatophores of mutant and wild strains of rhodopseudomonas spheroides and rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744373063
studies on esr spectra of chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744372239
cytochrome c-552 and cytochrome c-554 derived from nitrosomonas europaea. purification, properties, and their function in hydroxylamine oxidation. 19744372235
energy-linked reactions in photosynthetic bacteria. ix. pi-ppi exchange in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744371026
destabilization of membranes with chaotropic ions. 19744370616
reaction center bacteriochlorophyll triplet states: redox potential dependence and kinetics. 19744370313
a spin-label study of the photosynthetic bacterium, rhodospirillum rubrum; reduction and regeneration of nitroxide spin-labels. 19744369732
p430, a possible primary electron acceptor in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744369098
conformation changes in cytochrome c2 from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744368530
kinetics of the photo-induced epr signal in whole-cell rhodospirillum rubrum: effects of light intensity, dark adaptation, temperature, and microwave power. 19744365442
logical analysis of the mechanism of protein folding ii. the nucleation process. 19744364589
role of photophosphorylation coupling factor in energy conversion by depleted chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19744362685
electron and proton transport in rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19734360811
absorption changes of carotenoids and bacteriochlorophyll in energized chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19734360256
the structure of ferrocytochrome c at 2.45 a resolution. 19734358609
structural bases for function in cytochromes c. an interpretation of comparative x-ray and biochemical data. 19734356258
recurrence of the cytochrome fold in a nitrate-respiring bacterium. 19734355597
formation and decomposition of pyrophosphate related to bacterial photophosphorylation. 19734353266
spin-state correlations in near infrared spectroscopy of cytochrome c'.characteristic absorption spectra in the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared regions are correlated with spin state in ferriheme proteins. weak, diffuse bands in the near infrared exhibit maxima at about 1000-1100 nm (high spin) and at about 1450-1750 nm (low spin). in these and earlier studies such correlations have been established for several ferriheme proteins, but less extensively than in the more well-known cases of soret and visible band maxima. we have strengthened the correlation in ...19734352658
energy-dependent changes in membranes of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores as measured by 8-anilino-naphthalene-1-sulfonic acid. 19724351437
photochemical systems of rhodospirillum rubrum. light-induced reactions and biological functions of c-type cytochromes in relation to p-870. 19734351207
the structure of oxidized cytochrome c 2 of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19734350650
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