campylobacter jejuni post-transfusional septicaemia. 197991012
cell-free synthesis and segregation of beta 2-microglobulin.beta2-microglobulin has been synthesized in vitro by using a rabbit reticulocyte lysate system and mrna from the mouse tumor cell line el4. the molecule is synthesized as a precursor with an nh2-terminal extension of 19 amino acids: ser-x-ser-val-x-leu-val-phe-leu-val-leu-val-ser-leu-x-gly-leu-tyr-x. the processing and segregation of this peripheral membrane protein are directly comparable to those of secretory proteins and integral membrane proteins: addition of dog pancreas microsomal membrane ...197991168
casual associations of mycotoxic nephropathy. 197898963
roles of blood flow in platelet adhesion and aggregation. 197898969
atp formation from deoxyadenosine in human erythrocytes: evidence for a hitherto unidentified route involving adenine and s-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase.a novel route of atp formation has been identified using erythrocytes from patients deficient in four different enzymes associated with atp formation. it entails prior adenine production from deoxyadenosine (or adenosine) in a reaction involving s-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase. the postulated route has been demonstrated in human erythrocytes which, unlike other human cells, cannot form atp from imp. it is based on studies by others using purified s-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase preparations in ...19892785825
maternal suprachiasmatic nuclei are necessary for maternal coordination of the developing circadian system.during late fetal and early neonatal life, the maternal circadian system coordinates the timing of a circadian clock in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei (scn) to the prevailing light-dark cycle. the role of the maternal scn in the process of maternal coordination was investigated in rats. complete lesions of the maternal scn on day 7 of gestation disrupted rhythms of scn glucose utilization in fetuses and pineal n-acetyltransferase activity in 10-d-old pups. this disruption was probably d ...19863746430
family outbreak of fatal yersinia enterocolitica pharyngitis.a family outbreak of fatal yersinia enterocolitica pharyngitis is reported. two members of a family were hospitalized for pharyngitis and posed a diagnostic dilemma until cultures of throat, blood, and stool revealed y. enterocolitica. neither patient responded to erythromycin therapy. the first patient died, and her husband's life-threatening illness seemed to respond to aminoglycoside and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole therapy. y. enterocolitica should be considered as an etiologic agent in the ...19873826126
effect of swimming and treadmill exercise on plasma enzyme levels in rats. 19744438321
[biochemical effects of continuous and discontinuous muscular work (interval work)]. 20164720306
[iatrogenic radiation sickness]. 20154512267
[cytological check-up on the effectiveness of the hormonal treatment of endometriosis]. 20154729366
the effect of nitroglycerin on myocardial release of inosine, hypoxanthine and lactate during pacing-induced angina.the efficacy of nitroglycerin as an antianginal drug has been evaluated by calculation of myocardial extraction and production values of lactate and the adenosine triphosphate (atp) catabolites inosine and hypoxanthine. coronary venous and arterial blood was sampled at rest, during pacing-induced angina and 4--6 min after nitroglycerin at identical paced heart rates for enzymatic assay of inosine and hypoxanthine after separation by column chromatography and for determination of lactate. subling ...1999103536
nursing care study: carcinoma of the breast--discovered in "time". 20154490417
infiltration of the leptomeninges by systemic cancer. a clinical and pathologic study. 20154405841
[kinin system components, free kinins and proteinase inhibitors in the edematous fluids of nephrotic syndrome patients].main components of the kinin system, free kinins, total arginine esterase activity content of alpha 1-antitrypsin and alpha 2-macroglobulin fractions were estimated in various edematous fluids (transduates of different localization, pleural exudates of the inflammatory type) of patients with nephrotic syndrome of various etiology. noninflammatory edematous fluids (interstitial, abdominal and pleural transudates) were found to contain activated kallikrein and prekallikrein from blood plasma; 3-10 ...199991261
[radicular and pseudoradicular symptoms of the middle and lower cervical vertebral column (author's transl)].the differential diagnostic classification of the "shoulder-hand-syndrome" according to etiology and pathophysiological principles is of major importance. the radicular syndrome, subsumed as the shoulder-hand syndrome following a local lesion, must be exactly defined. the pseudoradicular syndrome, which frequently appears clinically in the cervical region under the guise of middle and lower cervical syndrome, has its cause in disturbed function of the vertebral joints. but it can also arise as a ...199991102
[automatic health check-up. presentation of a method of automatic diagnosis by biomedical data "weighing"]. 20164928046
clinical and statistical methodology for cooperative clinical assays of analgesics. 20164870253
the effects of phytohemagglutinin and antilymphocyte globulin in inducing immunosuppression and tolerance in mice. 20164931456
the presidents. william robert alstadt 1957-1958. 20123537055
ongoing development of the critical care information system: the collaborative approach to automating information management in an intensive care unit.point-of-care (bedside) clinical information systems can fulfill a variety of functions. included in these functions are: becoming receptacles for patient data and allowing data to be manipulated into formats that facilitate clinical decision making; functioning as sources for billing and auditing processes; interfacing to other hospital systems and bringing distant data to the bedside; and being a repository for information used in the development of hierarchical and/or relational databases. th ...20061482885
intensive care therapy for patients with hematological diseases. 20133623244
[the use of audiovisual technique in the teaching of radiology]. 20144105433
the alveolar type ii cells as a model for investigating the metabolism of surfactant phospholipids.the use of type ii pneumocytes in pure culture allows the investigator to directly define at the cellular level the metabolism of pulmonary surfactant. surfactant analysis and/or secretion has been shown to be enhanced and depressed by a variety of substances, and the main metabolic pathways of the major components have been elucidated. type ii cells are also important in maintaining the in vivo homeostasis of the pulmonary alveolus, because after lung injury they proliferate and serve as stem c ...20092742680
tumour calcification after hepatic dearterialization. 20092720339
bioaerosols: prevalence and health effects in the indoor environment.assessing the role of bioaerosols in residence-related symptoms involves (1) determining that symptoms are related to the residence by medical examination and careful questioning, (2) connecting reported symptoms with known or hypothesized effects of bioaerosols, (3) examining the residence for bioaerosol risk factors such as overcrowding/poor ventilation, inappropriate outdoor air intrusion, and dampness/standing water, (4) and finally, if no obvious risk factors are present, air sampling. air ...20072229836
improvements and simplifications of the ozonolysis-schiff staining method for plasma lipoproteins on cellulose acetate.modifications of the ozonolysis and schiff staining of plasma lipoproteins reduce 11 pre-spectrometric steps to 3. picrate denaturation of the lipoproteins and absorption spectrometry directly on the wet opaque membrane increase the sensitivity; the volume of sub-specimen needed per length of application site is reduced from 0.7 to 0.1 mul/mm. reasonably good proportionality between the total lipoprotein concentration and the spectrometric findings are obtained. two specimens were obtained at an ...200058960
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