[current status of chemotherapy in malignant head and neck neoplasms (proceedings)]. 197984806
safety of hepatitis-b vaccines containing intact 20 nm particles. 197985121
expression in escherichia coli of chemically synthesized genes for human insulin.synthetic genes for human insulin a and b chains were cloned separately in plasmid pbr322. the cloned synthetic genes were then fused to an escherichia coli beta-galactosidase gene to provide efficient transcription and translation and a stable precursor protein. the insulin peptides were cleaved from beta-galactosidase, detected by radioimmunoassay, and purified. complete purification of the a chain and partial purification of the b chain were achieved. these products were mixed, reduced, and r ...197985300
[separation of the biosynthesis products of a mutant strain of actinomyces chrysomallus var. carotenoides and the identification of actinomycin antibiotics].an orange antibiotically active substance isolated from the mycelium of a mutant strain of actinomyces chrysomallus var. carotenoides was identified as a mixture of actinomycins according to its light absorption spectra, circular dichroism spectra, ir spectra and chromatographic comparison with the standard samples. a scheme for successive extraction of the biologically active substances from the mycelium resulting in isolation of a fraction enriched with antibiotic substances and a fraction enr ...197985432
morphometric investigations on endocrine glands. v. changes in the testes of wistar rats after application of chlormadinone acetate and norethisterone growth inhibiting tests of rat testes the tubular diameter and, somewhat less sensitive, the nuclear volume of the leydig cell follow the weight changes. chlormadinone acetate shows antigonadotropic activity only at high doses and a dose-dependent antiandrogenic activity. the dose-weight curve under norethisterone acetate has a minimum at 4.2 mg/rat/14 days; higher doses seem to be accompanied by androgenic efficiency.197985556
effects of antiprostatic agents on 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone binding to rat hypophyseal and hypothalamic cytosol macromolecules.the binding of 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone to the hypophyseal and hypothalamic cytosol macromolecules prepared from castrated male rats was observed. the effects of antiprostatic agents on 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone binding to both hypophyseal and hypothalamic cytosol macromolecules was examined. cyproterone acetate and chlormadionone acetate showed the significant inhibiting effects on 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone binding to 7-8 s macromolecules of cytosol from both hypophysis and hypothalamus. sc ...197986441
specificity of human lymphocytes primed against allogeneic cells in vitro. ii. discrimination and cross-reactivity in repeated priming.when studying the specificity of human lymphocytes primed in vitro against hla-d determinants on allogeneic cells, it was found that specific restimulation of the primed cells 10 days after the first priming did not influence their discriminatory power compared to cells primed only once. likewise, priming to one hla-d determinant and repeated priming against another hla-d determinant did not change the discrimination for the first priming antigen. neither was there any increased relative reactiv ...197987030
guinea pig transfer factor: restriction of macrophage migration inhibitory activity to extraordinary dilution confirmed with demonstration of diminished potency of stored preparations. 197988292
detection of adenovirus by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a solid-phase direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed for the detection of adenovirus antigen in extracts of infected cells by using antihexon serum. results with simulated clinical specimens consisting of normal nasal wash specimens seeded with varying concentrations of adenovirus type 5 showed that antigen could be detected in extracts of hep-2 cell cultures inoculated with 10(2.5) 50% tissue culture infective doses (tcid50) and 10(1.5) tcid50 after 2 and 4 days of incub ...197988457
characterization of functional fc-receptor material from human lymphoblastoid cell lines. ii. serologic and cellular analysis. 197988475
use of antibodies for studying the sidedness of membrane components. 197988659
prolonged survival of corneal allografts in rabbits treated with cyclosporin a. 197990771
giant group a marker chromosome in three human lymphoblastoid cell strains from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 197895929
ultrastructural localization of calcium around the membrane of the surface connected system in the human platelet.the localization of calcium in the membrane system of human platelets was determined by ultrahistochemical methods equipped with an electron probe x-ray microanalyzer. after potassium oxalate-glutaraldehyde treatment large amounts of electron opaque precipitates were observed around the membrane of the surface connected system. electron probe x-ray microanalysis clearly defined that the precipitates were composed of calcium oxalate. the localization of calcium on the membrane of the surface conn ...197896043
the relative biological effectiveness of pions in the acute response of human skin. 197796068
[the effects of testosterone and estradiol on the activity of lysosomal enzymes in rat liver and kidneys].in in vitro tests with lysosomes isolated from the liver and kidneys of castrated rats of both sexes the action of testosterone and beta-estradiol in concentrations of 3.76.10(-4)m on the activity of beta-glucosidase, beta-galactosidase and acid phosphatase was investigated. testosterone is shown to reduce the total and free activity of the membrane-bound enzymes and to increase the release from the matrix lysosomes. estradiol proved less active than is testosteron. the renal lysosomes in vitro ...197897095
an improved electrophoretic method for identifying antibiotics with special reference to animal tissues and animal feeding stuffs. 197897257
fatigue-induced damage in glutaraldehyde-preserved heart valve tissue.glutaraldehyde-preserved porcine mitral leaflet tissue has been subjected to extended accelerated fatigue loading in ringer's solution containing 0.15% glutaraldehyde. five tissue test pieces were subjected to cyclic tensile stresses of 50 and 200 gm. per square millimeter and to 300 million to 800 million accumulated fatigue cycles. tissue disruption occurred in each of the fatigued test pieces. tensile loading, apart from reducing the acuteness of the collagen waveform and thereby decreasing t ...197898672
[immuno-electro-diffusion on cellulose acetate membrane for serological testing in human malaria (author's transl)].an immuno-electro-diffusion assay for human malaria, using cellulose acetate gel, is described. more than 3500 sera have been tested by this method, which proved very useful for epidemiology since 400 sera a day can be tested by one person, with simple equipment. its sensitivity compared well to the ifa test, although the antibodies revealed are quite different. a constnat precipitin line appeared, against 56 degrees c labile antigens, in sera of subjects infected by p. falciparum, and up to 8 o ...197898748
one-carbon metabolism in methanogenic bacteria: analysis of short-term fixation products of 14co2 and 14ch3oh incorporated into whole cells.methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum, m. ruminantium, and methanosarcina barkeri were labeled with 14co2 (14co2 + h14co3- + 14co32-) for from 2 to 45 s. radioactivity was recovered in coenzyme m derivatives, alanine, aspartate, glutamate, and several unidentified compounds. the properties of one important structurally unidentified intermediate (yellow fluorescent compound) displayed uv absorbance maxima at ph 1 of 290 and 335 nm, no absorbance in the visible region, and a fluorescence maximum at ...1978101522
transfer of 2,4,5,2',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl and 2,2-bis-(p-chlorophenyl),1,1,1-trichloroethane (p,p'-ddt) from maternal to newborn and suckling rats.pregnant rats were given a small dose of 14c-2,4,5,2',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl (hcb) and 3h-ddt intraperitoneally. the transfer of hcb and ddt through the placenta and milk was then investigated. transfer through the placenta was 2.7 and 1.5% (respectively) of the initial doses; transfer through milk was 39.2 and 21.5%. hcb is obviously more transferable than ddt through the placenta and milk, the ratio of the amount of hcb transferred through milk to the amount transferred through the placenta ...1978104695
effects of chronic epileptic foci on control of pyramidal tract neurons in monkeys.five macaca mulatta monkeys were operantly conditioned to control the firing patterns of single precentral pyramidal tract neurons. the accuracy with which the monkeys could control normal ptns from within the focus was significantly poorer than ptns from contralateral, homotopic cortex. in comparison to nonepileptic monkeys, there was no significant difference in the accuracy with which ptns from cortex contralateral to interictal foci were controlled. by contrast, comparison of the time necess ...1978104868
specificity and biological distribution of coenzyme m (2-mercaptoethanesulfonic acid).the specificity of the growth requirement of methanobacterium ruminantium strain m1 for a new coenzyme, 2-mercaptoethanesulfonic acid (hs--com), was examined. a variety of derivatives, analogs, and potential biosynthetic precursors of coenzyme m were tested; only a restricted range of thioether, thioester, and thiocarbonate derivatives of the cofactor were found to replace the hs--com requirement. bromoethanesulfonic acid (brch2ch2so3-), a halogenated analog of hs--com, potently inhibited the gr ...1979104960
transfer of plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance from streptococci to lactobacilli.the transmissible plasmid pambeta1, which codes for erythromycin and lincomycin resistance, was conjugally transferred from a lancefield group f streptococcus to a strain of streptococcus avium. both organisms served as pambeta1 donors for three strains of lactobacillus casei. introduction of pambeta1 into one of the l. casei strains caused the organism to lose its native 6.7 x 10(6)-dalton plasmid. loss of the native plasmid produced no alterations in the organism's growth characteristics or fe ...1979104973
experimental nasopharyngitis and pneumonia caused by chlamydia trachomatis in infant baboons: histopathologic comparison with a case in a human infant.three infant male baboons were inoculated with a strain of chlamydia trachomatis isolated from a human infant with pneumonitis. one baboon, inoculated by intratracheal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal seeding, had rales, radiographic evidence of pneumonia, persistent nasopharyngeal c. trachomatis infection, and a four-fold rise in titer of antibody. at sacrifice 24 days after inoculation, nasopharynx, trachea, airways, and lung yielded c. trachomatis, and epithelial inclusions were seen by lig ...1979108341
on the life cycle of theileria velifera (uilenberg, 1964) in the gut and the haemolymph of the tick vector amblyomma variegatum (fabriciu, 1794).the development of theileria velifera in the gut and the haemolymph of the tick vector amblyomma variegatum is described. between days three and eight after repletion various sexual stages are present in the gut of the nymphs. zygotes were detected in the gut on day 14, while undifferentiated kinetes first appeared on day 15. in the haemolymph, differentiated kinetes were observed from day 16 after repletion onwards. zygotes and kinetes were also found after the moult, in the adult tick, for a p ...1979120627
ultrastructural aspects of cardiac lymphatic capillaries in experimental cardiac hypertrophy. 1975124810
trna gene clusters in escherichia coli dna. 1975127650
retinal neovascularization: the sleeping dog of the eye. 1975127778
effect of drugs influencing central serotonergic mechanisms on haloperidol-induced catalepsy.pretreatment with quipazine, a serotonin agonist, and clomipramine, a selective serotonin neuronal uptake blocker, was found to potentiate the cataleptic effect of haloperidol in a dose-dependent manner in rats. pretreatment with methysergide, a serotonin antagonist, reduced the cataleptic effect of haloperidol. the results indicate that the cataleptic effect of neuroleptics depends on the balance between the dopaminergic and serotonergic systems, and that the serotonergic system exerts an inhib ...1979108749
observations on epizootiology and distribution of elaeophora schneideri in montana ruminants.seventy-four moose, 111 elk, 20 mule deer, 8 white-tailed deer, 26 prong-horn antelope, 42 domestic sheep and 3 bighorn sheep from montana or northwestern wyoming were examined post-mortem for evidence of elaeophora schneideri infection in 1973-74. fifteen percent of the mule deer and four percent of the moose were positive for adult arterial worms. this constitutes the first report of e. schneideri in mule deer in montana. no gross signs of blindness or other neurologic disorder were evident in ...1975127848
3'-terminal nucleotide sequence of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4.the sequence of the 3'-terminal 91 nucleotides of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4, the messenger for the viral coat protein, has been elucidated. a fragment containing the 3' terminus of the rna was obtained by mild digestion with rnase t1. the primary structure of the fragment was deduced by labeling it in vitro at its 5' terminus and application of rna sequencing techniques. the sequence is completely extracistronic and is believed to contain the binding sites for the viral coat protein and replica ...1979108677
inhibitory effects of mersalyl and of antibodies directed against smooth-muscle myosin on a calcium adenosine triphosphatase of the plasma membrane from mouse liver cells. 1976130830
[immunocytological study of the gonadotrophic and thyrotrophic cells of the rat adenohypophysis].on paraffin or semi-thin sections various anti-lh or anti-tsh sera stain indifferently all the thyrotrophs and the gonadotrophs. inversely anti-beta-tsh, anti-beta-lh or anti-beta-fsh purified sera permit the discrimination of these two cell populations. the constancy of fixation of the anti-beta-lh and anti-beta-fsh sera on all the gonadotrophs gives evidence of their ability to produce both fsh and lh. however in a few female rats the central gonadotrophs are stained more weakly by anti-beta-f ...1977145301
binding of the ca2+,mg2+-activated adenosine triphosphatase of escherichia coli to phospholipid vesicles.incubation of the ca2+,mg2+-activated adenosine triphosphatase of escherichia coli with phospholipid vesicles resulted in binding of the enzyme to the lipid. binding was observed with vesicles of soybean phospholipid (asolectin), phosphatidyglycerol, phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, and cardiolpin. binding was not affected by alterations in ph in the range of ph 6.5 to 8.5, by ionic strength, or by the presence of mg2+. loss of the delta subunit from the enzyme had no effect on binding. ...1978149587
[morphological changes in the digestive organs during prolonged space flight on the kosmos-782 biosatellite].a reduction in the content of neutral mucopolysaccharides in mucous cells of the neck, a slight decrease in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and nad-diaphorase in parietal cells, a decrease in the dna synthesis rate, and an increase in the area of mitochondria and cristae were detected in the gastric mucosa of rats which were in a long-term space flight. in the small intestine, an increase in the activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and leucine aminopeptidase were found. morpholo ...1978152100
estrogenic properties of 3,9-dihydroxy-7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene in rats.previously, the 3,9-dihydroxy derivative of benz[a]-anthracene was shown to be weakly estrogenic. the availability of the related diol of the mammary carcinogen dimethylbenz[a]-anthracene, i.e., 3,9-dihydroxy-7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (3,9-diohdmba), prompted a similar study of its estrogenic properties. the competitive binding studies of 3,9-diohdmba with 17beta-estradiol in the uterine cytosol of immature sd rats gave a ka of 1.7 x 10(8) m-1. 17beta-estradiol (10(-9) m) binding to the 8s ...1979108445
[intravenous cholangiography in hyperbilirubinaemia (author's transl)].the effect of bilirubin on biliary and renal excretion of methylglucamine-iodipamide at an infusion rate of 1.3, 2.6 and 5.2 mu mol/min/kg was studied by intravenous injection into five dogs with normal liver functions and chronic duodenal fistulas. unconjugated bilirubin administered in a dose of 0.1 mu mol/min/kg reduced biliary iodipamide excretion and concentration significantly, but did not affect renal contrast material excretion. this indicates that the unsatisficatory radiological result ...1979153309
rapid serotyping of groups a, b, and c meningococci by rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis and co-agglutination.rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis (r-lie) with antigen containing intermediate gel, and co-agglutination utilising protein a-containing staphylococci coated with specific antibodies, were adapted for serotyping the prototypes of group b meningococci. both were found to have the same specificity as agar gel double diffusion (agdd) but they were more sensitive and more rapid than agdd. r-lie required, like agdd, the extraction of relatively large quantities of bacteria, while the co-agglutination ...1979108320
purification and characterization of smooth and rough lipopolysaccharides from brucella an attempt to obtain pure and well characterized smooth lipopolysaccharide (s-lps) and rough lipopolysaccharide (r-lps), smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus were extracted by two different modifications of the phenol-water method. s-lps was obtained in the phenol phase, and r-lps was obtained in the aqueous phase. further purification was accomplished by treatment with enzymes, detergents, nai as a chaotropic agent to separate non-covalently bound contaminants, and by gel filtration. ...1979108257
electron microscopic study of bacillus subtilis protoplast fusion.when protoplasts derived from sporulating cells of bacillus subtilis were fused by exposure to polyethylene glycol (peg) and fixed immediately thereafter, protoplasts with two enclosed prespores could be seen by electron microscope. the number of fusion events was greatly increased, and multiply fused protoplasts appeared, when the peg-treated suspension was diluted in hypertonic broth and reincubated before fixation. this post-peg incubation effect is taken to indicate a fusion mechanism of two ...1979108247
sex specific oestrogen binding in the middle hypothalamus of rats. 1975179802
transport of retinol from the blood to the retina: involvement of high molecular weight lipoproteins as intracellular carriers. 1976179832
malignant transformation-linked imbalance: decreased xanthine oxidase activity in hepatomas.xanthine oxidase was decreased 2- to 10-fold in all examined rat hepatomas irrespective of the malignancy; growth rate and degrees of histological differentiation of the neoplasms. the affinity to substrate (km=6-8 mum) and the ph optimum (8.0) of the liver and hepatoma enzymes were the same. the reprogramming of gene expression, as manifested in the decreased activity of this key purine metabolizing enzyme, appears to be specific to neoplastic transformation. since glutamine prpp amidotransfera ...1975179860
effects of deprivation on the visual cortex of cat and monkey. 1978108232
structural studies and physical maps for the herpes simplex virus genome. 1977193820
a model of biliary pancreatic reflux.a primate model for the study of biliary pancreatic reflux under relatively physiological conditions is described. cannulas were inserted into the gallbladder and the common bile duct of rhesus monkeys, and a pedicled segment of small bowel was used to create a pancreaticocutaneous fistula after resection of the spleen and pancreatic tail. following recovery, hypaque was instilled into the gallbladder with maintenance of common duct pressure within a normal range. the pancreatic duct was visuali ...1979105415
the presence of disulfide-linked gp70-p15(e) complexes in akr murine leukemia virus. 1977201090
delayed-type skin hypersensitivity reaction (dth) to thomsen-friedenreich (t) antigen as diagnostic test for human breast intradermal (i.d.) injection of human erythrocyte t antigen in the upper outer arm contralateral to any breast lesion elicits a delayed tuberculin-type hypersensitivity reaction (dth) in breast carcinoma patients. it is necessary to inject simultaneously but separately the same quantity of mn antigen (about 6--8 cm apart), from which the t antigen has been prepared, since particularly patients with stage i breast carcinoma (internatl. nomenclature) and those with benign breast disease may si ...1979228112
guinea pig immunoglobulin light chain isotypes. i. separation of kappa and lambda chains and the identification of three isotypes of the lambda chain constant homology region.the separation of intact kappa chain and two fragments comprising lambda (lambda) chain from immunoglobulin light chain pools isolated from strain 13 guinea pigs is achieved by cyanogen bromide digestion and gel filtration before and after reductive clevage of disulfide bonds. the smaller lambda chain fragment derives from the original carboxyl-terminus of lambda chain. the partial sequence of component tryptic and thermolytic peptides of this thirty-nine residue fragment allowed its complete se ...1978103729
failure of indicator bacteria to reflect the occurrence of enteroviruses in marine waters.the results of several studies conducted along the upper texas gulf coast, where a substantial amount of quantitative virological data were collected, are compared to bacteriological indicators and other environmental factors on a statistical basis. variables common to all these studies were anlayzed by multivariate regression. although multivariate analysis indicated that the number of viruses detected in water was related to rainfall, salinity, and total coliforms in the water, the amount of v ...1979228561
marek's disease lymphoma of chicken and its causative herpesvirus. 1979228727
hygiene of operating theatre cleaning equipment. 197898202
induction of arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase and udp glucuronosyl transferase by pcb in hepatic cell cultures.the purpose of the investigation was to derive a hepatic cell line to be used in induction studies of drug metabolizing enzymes. two pure cell lines were isolated from primary liver cell cultures, one with an epithelial-like appearance, the other with a fibroblast-like appearance. the specific activities of arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase (ahh) and udp glucuronosyl transferase (udpgt) were greater in hepatocyte cultures than in primary cultures or in fibroblast cultures. pcb enhanced the activity of ...197898133
[aspects of the biochemistry of the urine in a newborn infant with "typical" valinuria and the effect of ingestion of valine on amino acid transport at the level of the brain in animals]. 197897690
diffusion-controlled reactions on spherical surfaces. application to bacteriophage tail fiber attachment.we have explored the kinetic implications of a model that may account for the acceleration of tail fiber (f) attachment to baseplates (b) by whiskers (w) on bacteriophage t4. the model assumes that a w-f complex is formed initially, and that the tethered fiber then undergoes rotational diffusion until a b-f encounter takes place. in the absence of whiskers, b-f complexes must form unassisted. formation of a w-f intermediate will accelerate f attachment to b if (a) the bimolecular rate constant f ...1979262439
comparative morphologic and histochemical study on the habenular nuclei in some species of mammals of the family muridae. 1978308917
influenza virus infection in newborn rats: a possible marker of attenuation for man.the growth of parent influenza viruses a/england/939/69 and a/pr/8/34, and clones 6, 7, and 64c, derived by recombination, was studied in newborn rats. using an inoculum of 10(4.0) eid50, influenza virus a/england/939/69 produced the highest titres of virus in rat turbinates at 48 hours after inoculation; clones 6 and 7 and a/pr/8/34 grew to lower titres; and clone 64c grew to the lowest titre. these differences were less apparent when 10(2.0) eid50 of virus was used as an inoculum, and rats wer ...1978308996
absence of increasing incidence of meningitis caused by haemophilus influenza type epidemiologic survey of meningitis caused by haemophilus influenzae type b in children aged zero to four years during an 11-year period (january 1965-december 1975) was conducted in the baltimore, maryland, metropolitan area to examine recent trends in the incidence of this disease. cases of h. influenzae meningitis were identified at all 19 hospitals in the city and county of baltimore and all 41 hospitals in the surrounding area. the population at risk (age, zero to four years) was estimate ...1979317292
intestinal apoproteins during fat compare the roles of apolipoprotein (apo) a-i, b, and e (or arginine-rich apoprotein, arp) in the intracellular production of intestinal chylomicrons (and/or vldl), these apoproteins were localized in rat intestinal mucosa by the light microscope method of indirect immunofluorescence. in addition, tissue levels of apoa-i and apob were measured during fat absorption by radioimmunoassay. antisera were produced using apoa-i isolated from rat plasma high density lipoprotein, and apob and arp from ...1978350901
alteration in local and systemic immune capacity after exposure to bursts of co. 1979387409
quantitative estimation of leishmanial antibody titers by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the response to immunization against leishmania braziliensis in rabbits was followed by measurement of antibody by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), passive hemagglutination, complement fixation, and countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis. passive hemagglutination and complement-fixation titers were interpreted according to standard methods, whereas elisa exact titers were derived by the equation y = a-b log x, which describes the straight line that results when absorbances are plotted ag ...1979387886
effects of ccnu on hematopoiesis in rats.the effect of orally administered ccnu on proliferating and cytokinetically "resting" bone marrow cells was studied in rats. the resting bone marrow cells were selectively labeled with 3h-thymidine by the "complete 3h-thymidine labeling method." the results show a reduction in the number of absolute bone marrow cells to about 40% of the original value in 3 days. regeneration was completed only after 22 days. no difference was found in the destructive or the regenerative pattern of cfu-c, myelopo ...1979427820
some observations on the effects of magnesium on the isolated perfused rat mesentery [proceedings]. 1979529150
[the so-called "rejuvenating agents" from the viewpoint of experimental gerontology]. 1979538944
[adaptation of lipase and phospholipase a activities in pancreas and pancreatic juice in rats with diets rich in triglycerides and phospholipids].lipid rich diets containing about 20% of triglycerides or phospholipids given to rats during 2 months were observed to increase lipase and phospholipase a2 activities in pancrease and pancreatic juice. the phospholipase and lipase activities are higher, respectively, on the phospholipid and triglyceride diet. lower effects are observed after a 7-day administration of diet containing 40% of total lipid.197896963
[increase in the immune response in old mice with immunologic insufficiency]. 19751081214
amylase levels in the tissues and body fluids of the domestic cat (felis catus).1. the amylase activities of serum, liver, pancreas, submaxillary and parotid glands, saliva, duodenum, colon, lung, heart, spleen, kidney and skeletal muscle of the domestic cat, were determined. 2. as in most mammals, the highest amylase content was found in the pancreas. levels in saliva and salivary glands were very low. 3. amylase activities of the serum, liver and pancreas have an optimum ph 7.0-7.5. 4. amylases of serum, liver and pancreas were inactivated by removal of chloride and these ...197995689
[mechanism of the therapeutic action of alpha 2-macroglobulin on the hematopoietic system in the irradiated organism]. 197988747
the influenza virus: antigenic composition and immune response.the architecture and chemical composition of the influenza virus particle is described with particular reference to the protein constituents and their genetic control. the dominant role in infection of the surface proteins - haemagglutinins and neuraminidases - acting as antigens and undergoing variation in time known as antigenic drift and shift is explained. the immuno-diffusion technique has illuminated the interrelationships of the haemagglutinins of influenza a viruses recovered over long p ...197988726
genetic mapping of the murine gene and 14 related sequences encoding chromosomal protein hmg-14.the high-mobility-group chromosomal protein hmg-14 preferentially binds to nucleosomal core particles of mammalian chromatin and may modulate the chromatin configuration of transcriptionally active genes. the human gene for hmg-14 has been localized to the down syndrome region of chromosome (chr) 21 and may be involved in the etiology of this syndrome. here we show, by means of genetic linkage analysis of interspecific and intersubspecific backcross mice, that the murine functional gene, hmg14, ...19921360278
binding studies with antibodies having phosphorylcholine specificity and fragments derived from their homologous streptococcus pneumoniae type 27 capsular polysaccharide.the capsular polysaccharide from streptococcus pneumoniae type 27 (s-27) has been fragmented into oligosaccharides by controlled degradations. binding of these derived small ligands with heterogeneous rabbit anti-s-27 antibody of selected phosphorylcholine affinity indicates that a major immunodeterminant of s-27 is the phosphorylcholine moiety, but that these anti-pc. antibodies are also capable of binding to the polysaccharide backbone from which the p.c. has been removed.197987460
treatment of mammalian ova for the demonstration of nucleoprotein structures. 197986485
sequence of the gene encoding the mitochondrial capsule selenoprotein of mouse sperm: identification of three in-phase tga selenocysteine codons.the mitochondrial selenoprotein is a major structural protein of the keratinous mitochondrial capsule in mammalian sperm, a structure that functions in shaping mitochondria into the helical sheath surrounding the flagellum. a cdna clone (kleene et al., 1990) was isolated previously encoding a protein whose predicted size and amino acid content of > 20% cysteine and proline closely resembled a selenoprotein in the bull mitochondrial capsule. the sequences of additional cdnas and genomic dna repor ...19921418626
[mechanisms of the potentiating and blocking effects of the sera from tumor patients in the leukocyte migration inhibition reaction model].in the model of the reaction of human blood leucocyte migration inhibition the in vitro study was conducted on some mechanisms of blocking and enhancement effects of the serum in 54 tumor patients. both effects were shown to be specific to an antigen. the enhancement effect could render a nonspecific action on intact cells in the presence of the corresponding antigen. this effect is thermolabile and may occur due to the interaction with cells. the blocking effect is thermostabile and may be real ...197985367
effect of quantity and quality of igg antibodies on blocking of allergenic histamine release in a study of the protective role of igg antibodies in allergen injection therapy, serum antibodies to timothy grass allergens were raised in rabbits and tested for inhibition of histamine release from basophils of grass pollen-sensitive human subjects. rabbit sera were not inhibitory until late in the immune response when large amounts of relatively low affinity igg antibodies were detected by primary binding. inhibition of histamine release by late sera required preincubation of allergen and a ...197984798
islet beta-cell regeneration and reg this paper, we show that the reg gene is expressed in experimentally induced regenerating or hyperplastic islets. we have previously reported that ectopic expression of the reg gene occurs in some human colonic and rectal tumors, suggesting that enhanced reg expression may be related to the proliferative state of tumor cells. reg protein has also been shown to have significant sequence homology with plant and animal lectins, a class of compounds that has been shown to be a growth promoter. at ...19921449083
characterization of disulfide-linked heterodimers containing apolipoprotein d in human plasma lipoproteins.human plasma apolipoprotein (apo) d is a glycoprotein with an apparent molecular weight of 29,000 m(r). it is present, mainly, in high density lipoproteins (hdl) and very high density lipoproteins (vhdl). western blot analysis of hdl and vhdl using rabbit antibodies to human apod revealed major immunoreactive bands at 29,000 and 38,000 m(r), with minor bands ranging from 50,000 to and 80,000 m(r). only the 29,000 m(r) band corresponding to apod remained when the electrophoresis was conducted und ...19921479288
factors affecting the incidence and anti-salmonella activity of the anaerobic caecal flora of the young chick.thirty-two different types of anaerobic bacteria isolated from chickens have been tested for anti-salmonella activity in vitro. under the conditions of the test only bacteroides hypermegas and a bifidobacterium sp. were shown to inhibit the salmonellas and this was attributed to the production of volatile fatty acids (vfa's) coupled with a low ph. when these organisms were tested in newly hatched chicks no inhibition of s. typhimurium occurred. possible explanations for this observation are cons ...197934658
identification of ehrlichia chaffeensis morulae in cerebrospinal fluid mononuclear cells.we report a case of ehrlichiosis in a 72-year-old man who developed extreme lethargy, acute renal failure requiring hemodialysis, and respiratory insufficiency requiring intubation. lumbar puncture performed on the second day of hospitalization revealed significant cellular pleocytosis. ehrlichia morulae were tentatively identified in mononuclear cells in routinely processed wright-stained cytospin preparations of cerebrospinal fluid (csf). identification was confirmed by a specific immunocytoch ...19921500537
renal sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase. optical localization and x-ray microanalysis.the distribution of sodium-potassium adenosine triposphatase (na-k-atpase) activity in kidney sections has been studied by a method based on the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate in alkaline medium containing dimethyl sulfoxide. the products at each stage in the reaction sequence have been subjected to electron probe microanalysis. the initial product was identified as a mixture of kmgpo4 and mg(po4)2, and sequential analysis demonstrated the linearity of conversion of this product to a visi ...1975127810
ehrlichia ewingii sp. nov., the etiologic agent of canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis.the 16s rrna gene was amplified, cloned, and sequenced from the blood of two dogs that were experimentally infected with the etiologic agent of canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis. the 16s rrna sequence was found to be unique when it was compared with the sequences of other members of the genus ehrlichia. the most closely related species were ehrlichia canis (98.0% related) and the human ehrlichiosis agent (ehrlichia chaffeensis) (98.1% related); all other species in the genus were found to be phyl ...19921581189
time course of cerebral blood flow and histological outcome after focal cerebral ischemia in rats.the relation between time-dependent changes in cerebral blood flow and the appearance of infarction after focal cerebral ischemia is still a matter for debate. the aim of this study was to measure perfusion after simultaneous occlusions of the left middle cerebral artery and ipsilateral common carotid artery in rats and correlate it with the timing and distribution of histological changes.19921636189
structural probing of human lutropin using antibodies raised against synthetic peptides constructed by classical and multiple antigen peptide system approaches.antibodies were elicited against a synthetic peptide which encompassed two different regions of the human lutropin beta-subunit (hlh-beta). these antibodies were raised against either the peptide which was assembled using a conventional approach and conjugated to the tetanus toxoid, or with the peptide assembled using the multiple antigen peptide system approach. automated simultaneous synthesis of the two forms of the immunizing peptide was successfully achieved. animal injected with the peptid ...19901694262
ehrlichia chaffeensis, a new species associated with human ehrlichiosis.the bacterial 16s rrna genes from blood samples of two patients with human ehrlichiosis and from an isolate recovered from one of the patients were amplified by using the polymerase chain reaction. the amplimers were then cloned and sequenced. the 16s rrna gene sequence was also determined for ehrlichia canis (two strains), e. equi, e. phagocytophila (two strains), and e. sennetsu (two strains). these sequences, along with a previously published 16s rrna gene sequence of e. risticii, were compar ...19911757557
flaujeac trait. deficiency of human plasma kininogen.flaujeac trait plasma resembled hageman trait or fletcher trait, in that the intrinsic coagulation pathway, plasma fibinolytic pathway, kinin-forming system, permeability factor of dilution (pf/dil) phenomenon were abnormal. the defect in each assay was reconstituted by afactor separable from hageman factor or fletcher factor. this substance was an alpha-globulin with an approximate mol wt of 170,000. flaujeac plasma did not release a kinin upon incubation with kallikrein and was deficient in to ...1975127805
the nature of the protein moieties of cartilage proteoglycans of pig and ox.proteoglycans extracted with 4m-guanidinium chloride from pig laryngeal cartilage and bovine nasal septum were purified by density-gradient centrifugation in cscl under 'associative' followed by 'dissociative' conditions [hascall & sajdera (1969) j. biol. chem. 244, 2384-2396]. proteoglycans were then digested exhaustively with testicular hyaluronidase, which removed about 80% of the chondroitin sulphate. the hyaluronidase was purified until no proteolytic activity was detectable under the condi ...1975128355
altered coupling states between calcium transport and (ca2+, mg2+)-atpase in the as-30d ascites hepatocarcinoma plasma membrane.plasma membrane fractions from normal, regenerating liver and the as-30d ascites hepatocarcinoma exhibited a high degree of enrichment when a set of plasma membrane enzyme markers were studied in comparison to the ones associated to the mitochondrial and cytosolic compartments. while the (ca2+, mg2+)-atpase observed for the plasma membrane fraction isolated from normal liver showed an activity of 1.2 mumoles/mg/min, the regenerating liver and the as-30d plasma membrane fractions presented a much ...19911828860
actin mediated release of atp from a myosin-atp complex.the apparent second-order rate constant, ka-2, of actin binding to a myosin-atp state (m*.atp) and releasing atp to the medium has been determined by two methods. the first was the measurement of the amount of atp released when actin was added to the intermediate state, m*.atp; the second was the measurement of oxygen exchange between atp and hoh. a quantitative treatment of atp in equilibrium hoh exchange is given to allow extraction of elementary rate constants from the data. agreement betwee ...1978153149
(3h)-estradiol binding by chick liver nuclear extracts: mechanism of increase in binding following estradiol injection.specific high affinity binding of [3h]-estradiol by 0.5 m kcl extracts of chick liver nuclei is substantially increased by estradiol injection of the immature chick. the effect is observed shortly after estradiol injection, while the estradiol-induced production of serum phosphoproteins (vitellogenic response) is not detectable until about 24 hr. cycloheximide given 90 min before estradiol inhibits the increase in nuclear binding for 12-15 hr. at 24-48 hr the levels of nuclear binding are simila ...1975173044
proceedings: is noradrenaline the motor transmitter in the mouse vas deferens? 1976175153
[morphological and enzymatic studies of the supratumoral distended colonic loop in colorectal cancers (therapeutic aspects)].the authors carried out experimental and clinical studies in an attempt to explain the causes leading to anastomotic dehiscences, a major complication of exeresis surgery of the left colon and of the rectum. in this view they have performed in dogs incomplete stenoses at the level of the sigmoid and also made parallel studies of the morphological and histochemical changes occuring in the supra-stenosis colon wall, with those of the supra-tumoral colon wall found in human colo-rectal carcinomas, ...1975175406
isolation and localization of rna fractions able to transfer tumor-specific delayed hypersensitivity in vitro.rna fractions were prepared by sucrose density gradient centrifugation from hot-cold phenol, rna-rich extracts of lymphoid tissues from strain 2 guinea pigs hyperimmunized to line 1 or line 10 tumors. each rna fraction was assessed for its ability to convert nonsensitized strain 2 peritoneal exudate cells to a state of specific sensitivity for line 1- or line 10-solubilized tumor antigens. an rna fraction residing between the 4 s and 18 s peaks, designated as fraction "b", transferred line 10 or ...1976187327
[study of cytoplasmic rna in tissues of the rat, regenerating liver and in liver of rats with hepatoma pc-1].cytoplasmic rna of the rat regenerating liver and liver of rats with hepatoma pc-1 is separated into five fractions on the column of kieselgur with methylated albumin (mak). studies in the nucleotide composition showed that certain fractions of cytoplasm rna are ribosomal and messenger rna. the highest amount of radioactive precursor is incorporated into messenger rna of the rat regenerating liver and liver of the rats with hepatoma pc-1 which is eluated from the column by 0.2% solution of sodiu ...1977201068
plasma and urinary levels of carnitine in different experimental models of hyperammonemia and the effect of sodium benzoate treatment.the effect of hyperammonemia on plasma and urinary levels of carnitine was studied in different groups of +/y (normal) and spf/y (chronically hyperammonemic) mice. experimental models of acute and subacute hyperammonemia were prepared in +/y and spf/y mice by the use of ammonium acetate ip injections and arginine-free diets, respectively. in acute hyperammonemia, the plasma levels of both free and acylcarnitines increased significantly whereas acyl/free carnitine ratio was decreased, indicating ...19902346672
non-specific interactions of crp from e. coli with native and denatured dnas: control of binding by camp and cgmp and by cation concentration.the cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate receptor protein of escherichia coli (crp) binds cooperatively to single- and double-stranded dna. binding data could be fitted to the model of mcghee and von hippel (1) and show that neither strandedness of dna, nor the effectors camp and cgmp or the ionic strength (kcl) do change appreciably the cooperativity parameter omega (omega approximately or equal to 100), and site size of dna. instead, distinctly different slopes were observed for the linear dec ...1979228253
is androgen-dependent aromatase activity sexually differentiated in the rat and dove preoptic area?aromatase activity is higher in the male than in the female anterior hypothalamic-preoptic area (poa) in both the avian and the rodent adult brain. this sex difference is abolished after castration of the male and restored by androgen treatment. gonadectomy has no effect on poa aromatase in the female. the aim of this study was to find out whether sex dimorphism in adult poa aromatase is only due to a sex difference in circulating gonadal hormones or dependent upon sexual differentiation of the ...19902394992
isolation and partial biochemical characterization of the brush border plasma membrane from the cestode, hymenolepis diminuta. 1979229204
effect of chloroquine on epstein-barr virus expression. 1979229421
properties of mammalian nuclear-envelope nucleoside triphosphatase.the nucleoside triphosphatase activities of the nuclear envelopes from rat liver, pig liver and simian-virus-40-transformed mouse-embryo 3t3 cells were shown to exhibit similar parperties. all three preparations hydrolyse atp, 2'-datp, 3'-datp, gtp, ctp and utp in the presence of mg2+, ca2+, mn2+ and co2+ with a ph optimum of 8.0, are sensitive to inhibition by mercurials, arsenicals, quercetin, proflavin and adenosine 5'-[gamma-thio]triphosphate and are partially inactivated by exposure to high ...1979229821
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