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[monitoring and treatment of diabetic retinopathy]. 20113769825
[propellent-suction pumps of the lower limbs]. 20113232857
microvascular control of capillary pressure during increases in local arterial and venous pressure.the extent to which capillary hydrostatic pressure might be protected from increases in local arterial and venous pressure was examined in the wing microcirculation of unanesthetized pallid bats (antrozous pallidus). arterial inflow and venous outflow pressures to the wing were elevated using a box technique to increase pressure around the body of the animal in steps of 12 mmhg between 0 and +60 mmhg for 3-min periods. during this time, hydrostatic pressure, diameter, and red cell velocity in si ...20113354702
the pars flaccida as a possible vestigial remnant. 20113246232
the pars flaccida as a possible vestigial remnant. 20113246232
[high-frequency jet ventilation therapy of 5 patients with adult respiratory distress syndrome]. 20113197164
introduction to clinical medicine: a decade of experience. 20123457466
interobserver reliability and perceptual ratings: more than meets the ear.the purpose of this study was to examine the reliability of ratings of perceptual characteristics for 10 ataxic dysarthric subjects. the influence of the occurrence of "deviant" speech parameters on the calculation of reliability coefficients was also explored. results indicated that overall interobserver agreement levels for minimally trained judges compared favorably to reliability coefficients reported in previous studies. furthermore, levels of overall agreement were above levels of agreemen ...20123352250
aids and compassion.friedland, a physician, explores what he believes are the three reasons why there has been a lack of compassion toward aids patients. he identifies fear of transmission, views of the social worth of individuals (particularly homosexuals and drug users), and the nature of plagues in our minds and history as the underlying causes for the lack of compassion in our treatment of persons with aids. friedland responds to this problem by suggesting ways in which a compassionate response to the aids epid ...20123367458
ovarian pregnancy--a case report.this article describes a case of ovarian pregnancy without the presence of an iud. the patient, a 33-year old indian woman para 4, presented with right iliac fossa pain and 8 weeks of amenorrhea. there was no history of contraceptive use. the initial diagnosis was twisted ovarian cyst; however, ultrasonography revealed an enlarged uterus with a gestational sac. at laparotomy, a right solid ovarian mass was found anterior to the uterus and adherent to the uterus, bladder, and the rectosigmoid jun ...20133833157
the short and long term effect of a-v motivation, motivation by dentist and by dental hygienist. 20134187193
fenfluramine overdosage. 20134187201
medical services in community mental health programs. 20133758960
partial arthroscopic meniscectomy versus total open hundred sixteen patients who had undergone partial arthroscopic meniscectomy were reviewed in a short-term follow-up study (mean follow-up: 16 months). their results were compared with those of a group of 402 patients who had been treated previously by conventional open meniscectomy in the same hospital. average age in the arthroscopic group was 40 years, in the open group 34. average sick leave was 4 weeks in the arthroscopic group, 10 weeks in the arthrotomy group. in the endoscopic group, ...20133754733
[acute leukemia in fanconi's anemia. report of a patient and review of the literature].a case is reported of a 7 years old boy with fanconi's anemia (fa). the aplastic anemia has been treated with androgens. six years after the confirmation of the diagnosis fa a (pre-)leukemia occurred. because of the known complications of cytostatics in fa and the bad prognosis, the leukemia has not been treated. the boy died 4 months later. an overview of the literature shows 31 patients with acute non-lymphocytic leukemia in fa, of which the clinical course, chromosomal investigations and ther ...20133590139
the role of host lymphocytes and host macrophages in antitumor reactions after injection of sensitized lymphocytes and tumor target cells into naive mice.dba/2 mice were immunized i.p. against syngeneic sl2 lymphosarcoma cells. at various days after the last immunization peritoneal and spleen lymphocytes were collected. the lymphocyte suspensions were enriched for t-cells by nylon wool filtration. the peritoneal t-cells from immunized mice (a) expressed direct specific antitumor cytotoxicity in vitro, (b) induced macrophage cytotoxicity in vitro, and (c) exerted tumor neutralization measured in a winn-type assay. spleen t-cells from these immuniz ...20133536093
[combined internal medicine-surgical treatment of malignant tumors--from the viewpoint of the internal medicine oncologist]. 20133811510
[cytotoxic effect of sensitized lymphocytes on antigen content of target cells]. 20144109375
[arsenic-iron balneotherapy in anxiety syndromes. controlled clinical study at the levico thermal baths].a comparative clinical study was conducted in order to assess the efficacy of arsenic-iron bath treatment in subjects suffering from endogenous reactive anxiety syndromes with somatisation. the study group of 76 subjects included 50 given the classic arsenic-iron bath treatment for two weeks and 26 untreated controls. zung and crown self-assessment rating scales amplified with items of socioepidemiological interest were completed by all subjects on entry, immediately after treatment and a mean 4 ...20143911116
fever following orthopedic operations in hundred fifty-three orthopedic operations in 129 children were analyzed for the significance of postoperative fever (pof) as a predictive factor for possible complications. in 72% of the operations, a temperature of greater than 37 degrees c was recorded. in 63 operations (41%), the temperature was greater than 38 degrees c. sixteen children had positive clinical signs that might explain the fever, and all of them had a temperature of greater than 38 degrees c. duration of operation of great ...20143958164
fibrinolytic split products (fsp) and ethanol gelation test in preoperative evaluation of patients with prostatic disease. 20144137666
maturation of auditory brainstem potentials in neonates and infants.auditory brainstem evoked potentials (abp) were recorded in 59 healthy neonates and infants whose age ranged from 3 days to 18 months (6 age groups). latencies of individual waves and the interpeak latencies (ipl) of i-iii, iii-v and i-v were analysed. a different maturational pattern was observed in the pontomedullary and the pontomesencephalic segments of the brainstem. latencies of all waves except wave i were longer in male than in female babies. establishment of normative data related to th ...20144030233
changes in height of the alveolar process in edentulous segments. ii. a longitudinal clinical and radiographic study over 5 years of full upper denture patients with residual lower anteriors. 20144897565
consent to retain consultant. 20144408177
consent to retain consultant. 20144408177
contact lenses. 20144159821
in memoriam of prof. gustavo sanvenero-rosselli. 20144139858
influence of stimulus-response translations on response programming: examining the relationship of arm, direction, and extent of movement. 20143953307
[decapitation caused by bad safety belts]. 20144248400
[assistance for the thalassemic child in a child care center].problems associated with running a new thalassaemic child care center are described. in addition to well documented treatment problems, the search for new diagnostic approaches and psychological support for the rest of the family are also important factors.20143974933
[breeding ability of the stallion depending on bacteriological findings]. 20143993276
[kidney transplantation at the university of lyon. surgical aspects]. 20143911105
[continuous precordial murmur caused by an inapparent cruveilhier-baumgarten syndrome: bedside diagnosis]. 20143911102
an unusual case of esophagitis. 20154768214
[hospital research today "small cookies" in a global perspective]. 20155023244
confrontation technique applied to delirium and confusional states. 20154391314
evaluation of agar-gel double diffusion for the diagnosis of adenovirus infection.agar-gel double diffusion was compared to the laboratory branch complement fixation test. the efficacy of the agar-gel double diffusion test for the semiquantitation of group-specific adenovirus antibody and its usefulness as a serodiagnostic aid for the evaluation of adenovirus infection was determined.20154352008
[treatment of hypsarrhythmia]. 20154344671
the hospital chaplain--a member of the emergency department team. 20154443643
vaginal hysterectomy for sterilization.vaginal hysterectomy for sterilization was performed on 115 patients. the heaney technique was used by nine gynecologists, using lidocaine and adrenaline. the average age of patients was 32.2 years and average parity 3.2. significant unsuspected pathology was found after surgery in 21 patients. one postoperative death occurred due to a brain stem infarction. complications after hospitalization were vaginal cuff bleeding and urinary tract infection. lowered morbidity of patients on oral contracep ...20155023260
[unusual form of diabetic osteopathy: painless fracture of the calcaneus with inflammation of the soft tissues]. 20154440400
serial studies of the renal clearance of urate and inulin during pregnancy and after the puerperium in normal women. 20154448039
modification and control of rate of speaking by stutterers. 20154420465
[the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris using tar-containing sea water baths]. 20164767419
studies of impedance in cardiac tissue using sucrose gap and computer techniques. ii. circuit simulation of passive electrical properties and cell-to-cell transmission.the impedance measured in a strip of heart tissue from the moth hyalophora cecropia is fitted by circuit models of several configurations. the circuits include: (a) a single r-c circuit (b) a double r-c circuit (c) terminated transmission lines, and (d) a pattern of cells with cell-to-cell transmission paths. the last of these is found to give the best fit. calculation of the model impedances and optimization of element values are performed by a computer. the possibility that the mechanism of ce ...20164813160
diazoxide therapy in the syndrome of beckwith-weidemann-coombs. 20164717592
[pulmonary tuberculosis case finding]. 20164950637
[walter f. lever on his 60th birthday]. 20164917562
microencapsulation of a waxy solid: wall thickness and surface appearance studies. 20164813256
[photochemiluminescence of tryptophan-containing peptides and proteins during photooxidation. i. kinetic regularities of chemiluminescence, peptide decomposition and formation of a series of products in glycyl-tryptophan solutions]. 20164751858
letter: false interpretation of fetal heart monitoring. 20164749790
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