fusobacterium necrophorum sepsis with cerebral infarction.we have described the case of a 23-month-old female child in whom fusobacterium sepsis progressed to cerebral infarction despite therapy with intravenous chloramphenicol and ampicillin. some clinical improvement was noted upon addition of metronidazole to the treatment regimen. the child survived, but has severe neurologic sequelae. physicians should suspect anaerobic infection in children who have signs of severe neurologic infection and in whom cultures are negative for aerobes. in selected ca ...19892762886
observations on the treatment of necrobacillosis in wallabies.clinical experience of 73 cases of necrobacillosis in red-necked wallabies (macropus rufogriseus) over a 6-year period is reviewed. diagnostic methods and the medical and surgical treatment options are detailed. it is suggested that survival curves are necessary to assess the outcome of treatment.19892775989
betalactam antibiotics interfere with eukaryotic dna-replication by inhibiting dna polymerase alpha.betalactam antibiotics (bla) are the most widely used antibacterial drugs in practical medicine. recent experiments suggested that bla, especially after "aging" in aqueous solutions, have an inhibitory effect on the growth of a variety of cultured human cells by interfering with dna synthesis (neftel et al. cell biol. toxicol. 2, 513-521, 1986). our initial observation that the replicative dna polymerase alpha might be the target of the action of betalactam compounds (hübscher et al. cell biol t ...19872827125
pharmacokinetic and in vivo studies with azithromycin (cp-62,993), a new macrolide with an extended half-life and excellent tissue distribution.azithromycin (cp-62,993), a new acid-stable 15-membered-ring macrolide, was well absorbed following oral administration in mice, rats, dogs, and cynomolgus monkeys. this compound exhibited a uniformly long elimination half-life and was distributed exceptionally well into all tissues. this extravascular penetration of azithromycin was demonstrated by tissue/plasma area-under-the-curve ratios ranging from 13.6 to 137 compared with ratios for erythromycin of 3.1 to 11.6. the significance of these p ...19872830841
ecology of colorado tick fever. 19882849373
antiviral chemoprophylaxis for cytomegalovirus infection. 19882849602
the role of fusobacterium necrophorum and bacteroides melaninogenicus in the aetiology of interdigital necrobacillosis in cattle.when cultures of known pathogenic strains of fusobacterium necrophorum, isolated either from cattle or sheep were injected through the interdigital skin of cattle typical lesions of interdigital necrobacillosis were produced. the inclusion of bacteroides melaninogenicus in the inoculum did not appear to contribute to the development of lesions.19852859848
infectious oral necrosis (cancrum oris) in nigerian children: a review.the devastating orofacial gangrenous disease known as cancrum oris (noma) is still commonly seen in underprivileged nigerian children. these children are usually victims of such stressors as chronic malnutrition, numerous endemic communicable diseases and severe adverse physical conditions which may lead to depletion of their adaptive resources or produce physiological maladaptation to additional stressors. measles is the most common infection preceding the development of noma in nigerian childr ...19852861938
"in vivo" and "in vitro" antagonism exerted by two anaerobic strains against strains of clostridium perfringens. 19852862639
peroxisomal oxidases and suggestions for the mechanism of action of insulin and other hormones. 19852863924
pathogenicity of a non-hemagglutinating mutant strain of fusobacterium necrophorum biovar a in mice. 19862874255
haploid expression of the rooster protamine mrna in the postmeiotic stages of spermatogenesis.cdna clones were prepared from poly(a)+ mrna isolated from a population enriched in postmeiotic rooster testes spermatogenic cells. a series of clones was sequenced at random and two partial sequences corresponding to the c-terminal coding and 3' untranslated region of the chicken protamine mrna were obtained. the deduced amino acid sequence of this c-terminal coding region corresponds to the sequence previously described at the protein level for the chicken protamine, galline [nakano, m., tobit ...19882892748
efficacy of amoxicillin trihydrate for the treatment of experimentally induced foot rot in cattle.twenty holstein heifers were intradermally inoculated in the interdigital skin with a suspension containing fusobacterium necrophorum and bacteroides melaninogenicus to induce acute foot rot. lesions, lameness, and swelling were evaluated during the study, using a subjective scoring system. rectal temperature, species and number of bacteria isolated, and change in body weight were monitored throughout the study. ten heifers (treated) were given amoxicillin trihydrate (10 mg/kg of body weight, im ...19872893570
adherence of fusobacterium necrophorum biovar a and b strains to erythrocytes and tissue culture cells.fusobacterium necrophorum biovar a and biovar b were examined for haemagglutinability and ability to adhere to cells. six biovar a strains agglutinated tannic-acid-treated chicken erythrocytes (1/32-1/64), as well as untreated chicken erythrocytes (1/16-1/64). they adhered well to mdbk and fl cells. haemagglutination by them was not inhibited with d-mannose. in six biovar b strains, the haemagglutination titre was low for chicken erythrocytes and showed no increase for tannic-acid-treated chicke ...19882902869
sequence heterogeneity of human liver arginase cdnas and restriction fragment length polymorphism of the gene locus. 19882905013
isolation of a corncob (coaggregation) receptor polypeptide from fusobacterium nucleatum.corncobs, which are distinct morphological units formed by the ordered coaggregation of a filamentous microorganism and streptococci, can be made in vitro by using oral strains of fusobacterium nucleatum and streptococcus sanguis. previous studies have shown that strains of f. nucleatum contain one of at least two different types of corncob receptor. the objective of this study was to isolate the receptor from f. nucleatum atcc 10953 as the first step in the elucidation of the molecular basis of ...19892912893
ischaemic mouse thigh model for evaluation of pathogenicity of non-clostridial anaerobes.a mouse thigh model has been devised in which the growing culture of non-clostridial anaerobe in the ischaemic tissue produces inflammatory swelling and death. the swelling of the right thigh served as an index of pathogenicity of the test strain in comparison to the negatively reacting left thigh which received injection of the control strain of bifidobacterium infantis. actinomyces naeslundii exceptionally caused death in all animals within 24 h. mortality and thigh swelling were pronounced (g ...19892914729
[a case from practice (127). patient: mrs. m. s., born 1952, housewife]. 19892919255
a pyrolysis mass spectrometry study of fusobacteria.strains of fusobacteria (143) were examined by pyrolysis mass spectrometry (py-ms) with a horizon instruments pyms 200x. fusobacterium necrogenes, f. necrophorum, f. nucleatum, f. mortiferum, f. varium, f. gonidiaformans, f. naviforme, f. russii and leptotrichia buccalis were discriminated. strains of fusobacteria isolated from tropical ulcers, although similar to f. mortiferum in conventional tests, were discriminated from each of these species in py-ms. identification of 416 spectra to species ...19892926794
plasma prolidase activity as a possible diagnostic index of chronic hepatic abscess in cattle.the usefulness of prolidase as a biochemical parameter to represent the chronic state of hepatic abscess was discussed in eight cattle experimentally inoculated with fusobacterium necrophorum and 18 spontaneously affected cattle. blood was daily collected to measure the plasma prolidase activity and sialic acid level from the experimental cattle for 90 days after inoculation. in three out of four cattle affected with hepatic abscess, prolidase activity began to rise about 40 days after inoculati ...19892927037
the relationship between fusobacterium species and other flora in mixed infection.mixed infections with three fusobacterium species and seven other bacterial species were studied in a subcutaneous abscess model in mice. fifteen fusobacterium isolates (eight f. nucleatum, four f. necrophorum, and three f. varium) and one isolate each of bacteroides fragilis, b. asaccharolyticus, staphylococcus aureus, group a beta-haemolytic streptococcus, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and pseudomonas aeruginosa were studied. electronmicrographs showed the presence of a thin mucopoly ...19862936888
[immunity transferred by maternal milk to the premature infant]. 19872952950
[insulin of man and human insulins. medical and economic aspects in 1987]. 19882966364
oestrus phases of the syrian hamster. 19882976222
kinetic properties and essential amino acids of the 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate synthase-phosphatase from pig skeletal muscle.histidine, arginine and lysine residues are essential for the multifunctional 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate synthase-phosphatase purified from pig skeletal muscle. the synthase, phosphatase and phosphoglycerate mutase activities of the enzyme are concurrently lost upon treatment with diethylpyrocarbonate, phenylglyoxal and trinitrobenzenesulfonate. the phosphatase activity shows hyperbolic kinetics. in contrast, the synthase activity shows a nonhyperbolic pattern which fits to a second-degree polynomi ...19863015216
kinetic properties and essential amino acids of the 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate synthase-phosphatase from pig skeletal muscle.histidine, arginine and lysine residues are essential for the multifunctional 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate synthase-phosphatase purified from pig skeletal muscle. the synthase, phosphatase and phosphoglycerate mutase activities of the enzyme are concurrently lost upon treatment with diethylpyrocarbonate, phenylglyoxal and trinitrobenzenesulfonate. the phosphatase activity shows hyperbolic kinetics. in contrast, the synthase activity shows a nonhyperbolic pattern which fits to a second-degree polynomi ...19863015216
dmso induces reactivation of cytomegalovirus in vitro from spleens of latently infected mice. brief report.reactivation of murine cytomegalovirus in spleen explant cultures from latently infected cd 1 mice was studied. a significant increase in the incidence of reactivation was observed when 200 mm dmso was included in the culture medium. virus could also be reactivated from the bone marrow of some mice.19873030239
lester r. dragstedt 1893-1975. chronic ulcerative colitis. a summary of evidence implicating bacterium necrophorum as an etiologic agent.lester dragstedt was born in anaconda, montana, the son of swedish immigrant parents. his entire college and professional education took place at the university of chicago, where he received a b.s. degree in 1915, a master's degree in physiology in 1916, a ph.d. in physiology in 1920, and the m.d. degree (from rush) in 1921. his first academic appointment was as a physiologist at the state university of iowa. in 1925 dragstedt was recruited by dallas b. phemister to help design the new universit ...19883042305
the synergistic effect of low-dose cyclosporine and fluocinolone acetonide on the survival of rat allogeneic skin grafts.both csa and topical fa can prolong the survival of skin allografts under the proper conditions. this study was performed to determine if there is a synergistic effect between these two compounds. buf (rt1b) rat split-thickness skin grafts were transplanted onto the backs of lew (rt1l) rats. the mst for the control group was 9.89 +/- 0.35 days. in rats given oral csa, 2.5 or 5 mg/kg, daily from the second day of grafting, the mst was 16.0 +/- 1.9 and 13.6 +/- 0.4 days (blood csa levels were 166 ...19883051553
shwartzman reaction in the brain induced by fractions of fusobacterium necrophorum and escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide in rabbits.multifocal fibrin thrombosis and suppurative meningitis in the central nervous system was induced by intracerebral inoculation with a cytoplasmic or supernatant fraction of fusobacterium necrophorum followed by intravenous inoculation with escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide endotoxin in rabbits. formation of fibrin thrombosis was reduced by heparin administration. single intracerebral inoculation with the cytoplasmic or supernatant fraction caused suppurative meningitis. nervous lesions were of ...19883063063
regional localization of cd18, the beta-subunit of the cell surface adhesion molecule lfa-1, on human chromosome 21 by in situ hybridization.the gene coding for the beta-subunit of the cell surface adhesion glycoprotein lfa-1 has been localized to the tip of the long arm of chromosome 21 at 21q22.1-qter.19883073708
partial characterization of leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum.leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum was produced in the diffusate of a dialysis culture. it was free from deoxyribonuclease, fibrinolysin, gelatinase, haemolysin, lipase, caseinase and endotoxin. the leukocidin had a molecular weight between 10,000 and 5,000 as estimated by membrane partition chromatography. it formed precipitin lines with anti-leukocidin-serum in double immunodiffusion tests. mouse peritoneal cells were characteristically damaged by the leukocidin, as revealed by scanning ...19863090802
is the serum amyloid a protein in acute phase plasma high density lipoprotein the precursor of aa amyloid fibrils?serum amyloid a protein (saa), an apolipoprotein of high density lipoprotein (hdl), is generally considered to be the precursor of aa protein, which forms the fibrils in reactive systemic amyloidosis in man and animals. this view is based on amino acid sequence identity between aa and the amino-terminal portion of saa. however, in extensive and well-controlled studies of experimentally induced murine aa amyloidosis, we were unable to demonstrate a direct precursor-product relationship between sa ...19863105937
bilateral deep space neck abscesses complicating infectious mononucleosis. 19873112687
[primary leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary artery. apropos of a case].a case of leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary artery in a 64-year old man without previous cardiovascular disease is reported. the clinical picture, which comprised episodes of paroxysmal dyspnoea associated with acute cor pulmonale, suggested pulmonary embolism. radioisotope perfusion study and pulmonary angiography seemed to confirm this diagnosis, but no improvement was obtained with a prolonged thrombolytic treatment. the presence of a median mass at ct led to exploratory thoracotomy and to the ...19873122693
transfusion transmitted non-a, non-b hepatitis.non-a, non-b of hepatitis (nanbh) may occur following blood transfusions or administration of blood products. the causative agent(s) is still not identified and the symptoms are usually mild. the only indication of infection may be increased serum alanine transferase levels. the incidence of posttransfusion nanbh has been reported as high as 4-12% in the us (average 7%) while in sweden it is according to recent studies on the average 2%. an estimated 2-3% of swedish blood donors are probably car ...19883147565
disseminated intravascular coagulation with fusobacterium necrophorum septicaemia.a 23 year old woman died within six hours of admission from acute disseminated intravascular coagulation. fusobacterium necrophorum, a gram negative anaerobic organism, was isolated as a single pathogen from the blood cultures. this association has not previously been reported.19883174529
bacterial sepsis with fusobacterium species. 19883178389
[changes in high density lipoprotein and its subclasses in the plasma of cholesterol-fed rabbits]. 19883229337
production of mouse monoclonal antibodies for the analysis of idiotypes in serum of patients with chronic lymphatic this report a simple procedure for the production of murine monoclonal antibodies (moab) against the idiotype of malignant b cells is described. mice were immunized with lymphoid cells from patients with b-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (b-cll). after fusion of the spleen cells, hybridoma supernatants were screened for anti-idiotypic moab in elisa with immunoglobulins obtained from tumour-cell lysates, xenohybridomas and patients' sera. the anti-idiotypic moab were used to study tumour ce ...19883257881
serine proteinase inhibitor from lymphocytic leukemia cells. properties and copurification with dna.a trypsin inhibitor was isolated from mouse lymphocytic leukemia l 1210 cells by ammonium sulphate precipitation and preparative isoelectric focusing. a 39-fold purification was attained. the inhibitor is a protein since its activity is destroyed by pronase and it binds to insolubilized trypsin. two main forms of the inhibitor were found of ph 4.8 and 5.3. the inhibitor is copurified with dna, although neither dnase ii nor rnase a change its activity.19883258833
effects of leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum on bovine peripheral leukocytes in vitro.partially purified leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum damaged bovine peripheral leukocytes as demonstrated by trypan blue staining. granulocytes were most and t-lymphocytes least sensitive to the leukocidin. heating for 30 min at 60 degrees c completely inactivated the leukocidin. the cytotoxicity of the leukocidin could be neutralized by homologous anti-leukocidin. scanning electron microscopy of the exposed cells revealed an apparent destruction of the cell membranes, loss of the microv ...19883264983
immunobiological properties of lipopolysaccharides isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum and f. necrophorum.lipopolysaccharides (lpss) were isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum atcc 10953 and f. necrophorum atcc 25286 by the hot phenol/water procedure. f. nucleatum lps was composed of 16% (w/w) carbohydrate, 10% (w/w) hexosamine and 40% (w/w) fatty acid, while f. necrophorum lps was composed of 26% (w/w) carbohydrate, 12% (w/w) hexosamine and 28% (w/w) fatty acid. these lps preparations induced mitogenic responses in spleen cells of balb/c, balb/c (nu/nu) and c3h/hen mice, and these responses were su ...19883265430
hepatic abscesses in a child caused by fusobacterium necrophorum. 19883288950
suppurative thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular vein: report of three cases and review of the pediatric literature. 19883293000
the effects of escherichia coli endotoxin as a trigger for hepatic infection of rabbits with fusobacterium evaluate the effects of endotoxin in hepatic infection with fusobacterium necrophorum, rabbits were given several combinations of f. necrophorum and escherichia coli endotoxin. severe hepatic necrosis with multiplication of f. necrophorum was induced by inoculation of endotoxin via the bile duct and following inoculation of both endotoxin and f. necrophorum. inoculation with f. necrophorum alone, preceded by inoculation of endotoxin via the bile duct, also induced hepatic necrosis, whereas ra ...19873298332
ultrasonogram of hepatic abscess in cattle inoculated with fusobacterium necrophorum. 19873306079
the man behind the eponym. paul langerhans. life and work. part iv: publications. 19873307477
[medico-genetic studies of human provisional organs]. 19873318529
studies on sickled erythrocytes provide evidence that the asymmetric distribution of phosphatidylserine in the red cell membrane is maintained by both atp-dependent translocation and interaction with membrane skeletal order to study factors which are involved in maintenance of phosphatidylserine (ps) asymmetry within the human red cell membrane, we measured the effect of atp-depletion and of membrane skeleton/lipid bilayer uncoupling induced by sickling on the distribution of ps within the membrane bilayer of sickle cells. trace amounts of radiolabeled ps were introduced into the outer membrane leaflet of both fresh and atp-depleted reversibly sickled cells (rscs), using a non-specific lipid transfer prote ...19883337804
cytotoxic effects of a leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum on bovine hepatic cells.cytotoxic effects of a leukocidin from fusobacterium necrophorum were demonstrated on bovine hepatic cells. the cytotoxic response was dose-dependent and could be inhibited by homologous antiserum. scanning electron microscopy revealed damaged hepatic cell surface. these findings indicated a pathogenic role of the leukocidin in f. necrophorum infections.19883340060
epidural abscess associated with spondylolysis. a case report. 19883346271
synergistic effects of fusobacterium necrophorum lipopolysaccharide, cytoplasmic, and culture supernatant fractions on induction of acute hepatic necrosis in rabbits.synergistic effects of toxic fractions of fusobacterium necrophorum were examined for evaluation of the role of the toxin in inducing liver abscesses in rabbits. cytoplasmic and culture supernatant fractions of f necrophorum had preparative activity for the shwartzman reaction, and lipopolysaccharide of f necrophorum had preparative and provocative activities for the reaction. all 3 fractions were hepatotoxic. inoculation into the bile duct with each fraction followed by intravenous inoculation ...19883354958
bacteriologic and histologic studies of hepatic abscesses in cattle.twenty-eight abscessed livers were collected from feedlot cattle at an abattoir; specimens were obtained from 49 abscesses for bacteriologic culture and for histologic examination. cultural procedures included techniques to enumerate and isolate facultative and obligate anaerobic bacteria. anaerobic bacteria were isolated from all 49 abscesses, whereas facultative bacteria were isolated from only 22. mean bacterial counts for anaerobic and facultative bacteria were 3 x 10(8) and 8 x 10(8) bacter ...19883354968
biophysical mechanisms of argon laser-assisted vascular anastomoses. 19883365989
[toxicity of prometryne in the lactation period in rats]. 19883369200
septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in a bovine digit: a mixed infection of actinomyces pyogenes and fusobacterium necrophorum.a 4-year-old beefmaster cow was examined for a left hind leg lateral claw lameness due to septic arthritis of the distal interphalangeal joint and associated osteomyelitis of the second and third phalanges. actinomyces pyogenes and fusobacterium necrophorum, which have been demonstrated previously to act synergistically in ovine heel abscesses, were isolated from the affected digit. a claw amputation was performed because of the advanced destructive nature of the lesion.19883402217
pharmacokinetics of oxytetracycline in clinical cases in the red-necked wallaby (macropus rufogriseus).oxytetracycline, administered at 40 mg kg-1 by intravenous injection, was used as part of the treatment of three female red-necked wallabies, macropus rufogriseus, with suspected fusobacterium necrophorum infections. the plasma concentrations of this drug in blood samples collected at intervals up to 24 hours after administration were measured using a biological assay. the pattern of decline in plasma oxytetracycline concentration with time was consistent with a two-compartment model. the half-l ...19883406529
[necrobacillosis. fusobacterium necrophorum septicemia]. 19873445381
studies on bacterial synergism in mice infected with bacteroides intermedius and fusobacterium necrophorum.this study was undertaken to characterize the kinetics of possible bacterial synergy using a mouse model of mixed intraabdominal infection with bacteroides intermedius and fusobacterium necrophorum. female cd-1 mice were injected intraperitoneally with b. intermedius, f. necrophorum or mixtures of both organisms. generalized septic peritonitis developed within 24 hr, with abscess formation occurring after one to two wk in survivors with the mixed infection. involvement of the reticuloendothelial ...19873449614
necrobacillary bronchopneumonia in a steer.a one and one-half year old steer killed in a slaughterhouse had necrobacillary fibrinous bronchopneumonia with abscessation. histologically, there were variably sized areas of coagulation necrosis in the lungs, thrombosis of pulmonary lymphatics, and fibrin deposits in the bronchioli and adjacent alveoli. fusobacterium necrophorum in pure culture was isolated from the lung.19873453275
[post-angina septicemia caused by fusobacterium necrophorum in a 7-year-old child].a fusobacterium necrophorum septicemia due to a neglected peritonsillar abscess is reported in a 7 year-old boy with no significant past medical history. osteo-articulary, hepatic and pleuro-pulmonary septic localizations, with an otherwise favourable outcome left severe orthopedic sequelae in the right hip. this resembles the post-peritonsillar abscess septicemia described by lemierre in 1936 which was due to an anaerobic bacillus (fusobacterium). the reappearance of this pathology should lead ...19863468889
anaerobic bacterial endophthalmitis in the rabbit.anaerobic bacterial endophthalmitis was studied in rabbits following intravitreal injection of live fusobacterium necrophorum. clinical response, bacterial recovery, and histopathology were studied. an inoculum of approximately 50 organisms produced endophthalmitis in 59% of injected eyes, while 1000 or more organisms produced endophthalmitis in 100% of injected eyes. the course and severity of disease seemed to be independent of the concentration of bacteria above a minimal inoculum size. affec ...19863484472
measurement of picogram quantities of rat ige from in vitro culture supernatants of b lymphocytes in experimental helminth infections.a double-antibody liquid-phase radioimmunoassay was used to measure picogram quantities of rat ige. the sensitivity of this method (approximately 10 pg/ml) allowed the determination of the production of ige in in vitro culture supernatants of b lymphocytes of infected animals.19863488274
the intraocular environment and experimental anaerobic bacterial endophthalmitis.anaerobic bacteria are prevalent in conjunctival flora but have not been adequately investigated as possible causes of endophthalmitis. the mean oxidation-reduction potential (eh) of the rabbit vitreous was found to be +25.1 mv, well within the limiting eh value of many anaerobes. there was an oxygen pressure gradient in the vitreous ranging from 2.1 mm hg immediately posterior to the lens to approximately 20 mm hg adjacent to the medullary ray. endophthalmitis was produced with pure cultures of ...19873499883
interleukin-1 augments the interleukin-2-dependent generation of natural killer cells from bone marrow precursors.we have studied the possible role of interleukin-1 (il-1) on the interleukin-2 (il-2) dependent development of mouse natural killer (nk) cells from primitive bone marrow (bm) precursors. results indicate that both il-1 alpha and il-1 beta (1-10 u/ml) are able to stimulate the generation of nk cells from 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) resistant bm progenitors. these precursor cells are asialogm1-, thy-1+, lyt-1- and lyt-2-. effector cells generated by culturing with il-2 (40 u/ml) and il-1 (5 u/ml) are th ...19873502358
the adverse effect of dilution on the infectivity of fusobacterium necrophorum culture.dilution had an adverse effect on the infectivity of 24 h cultures of a strain of fusobacterium necrophorum, which became apparent at or near the minimum lethal dose. thus in mice inoculated subcutaneously the mortality produced by 0.01 ml of undiluted culture was almost invariably greater than that produced by 0.1 ml of a 1 in 10 dilution. the explanation appeared to lie in the increased physical separation of bacterial cells that was the inevitable consequence of dilution.19863517155
studies on the purification of the leucocidin of fusobacterium necrophorum and its neutralization by specific antisera.leucocidin from several strains of fusobacterium necrophorum was partially purified by gel filtration on fractogel hw55 (f), the majority of the activity being present in the 50 ml of filtrate collected after 1.1 void volumes had passed through the column (termed fraction 1, or #1). the material also contained lipopolysaccharide in 12.5% sds-page gels run under reducing conditions, but the protein did not migrate into 7.5% page gels run under non-reducing conditions. rabbit and bovine antisera t ...19863523962
effects of dietary linoleic acid on blood pressure and renal function in subtotally nephrectomized rats.the effect of a high linoleic acid diet on blood pressure, renal function, and urinary prostaglandin excretion was studied in rats with decreased renal mass. subtotally nephrectomized (5/6 nephrectomy) male rats received either a 15% linoleic acid (high linoleic acid, hla) diet containing 20% safflower oil or a 0.28% linoleic acid (low linoleic acid, lla) diet containing 20% coconut oil. sham-operated rats were also placed on either hla or lla diet. the subtotal nephrectomized rats developed sim ...19863532127
the volume of distribution of ceftazidime and albumin in normal, immature and infected bone.the penetration of ceftazidime into bone was determined by measuring the volume of distribution of 14c-ceftazidime in infected and non-infected bone of adult mongrel dogs. the volume of distribution in non-infected cortical bone was 0.114 +/- 0.011 l/kg (mean +/- s.e.m.) and increased significantly in non-infected immature callus to 0.484 +/- 0.13 l/kg (p less than 0.05). in the presence of infection, the volume of distribution in non-infected cortical bone was 0.144 +/- 0.05 l/kg, and significa ...19863533887
overproduction of the cyclic amp receptor protein of escherichia coli and expression of the engineered c-terminal dna-binding domain.overproduction of the cyclic amp receptor protein (crp) from escherichia coli, up to 25% of the soluble cell protein, has been achieved in an inducible host-vector system under transcriptional control of the lambda promoter pl. this system is ideally suited for large scale production and purification of crp. in addition, a structural gene for the dna-binding domain of crp has been constructed. to this end the nucleotide sequence coding for the c-terminus was fused to the sequence coding for the ...19863539103
bacteriology of caudal vena caval thrombosis in slaughter cattle. 19873551314
[proliferative activity of experimental brain tumors].the method of autoradiography was used to study the parameters of the cell cycle and the intensity of proliferative processes in three transplantable rat brain tumors differing in the duration of the latent period and sensitivity to chemotherapy. the tumors were found to be similar in the duration of the cell cycle and its phases, the mean values of the label index and growth fraction, and were characterized by the irregularity of the proliferative processes within the tumor; the label index was ...19873564792
serum sialic acid levels in cattle inoculated with fusobacterium necrophorum. 19873626245
laryngeal cancer, aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase inducibility and smoking. a follow-up 58 cases with laryngeal cancer (10 supraglottic and 48 glottic), aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (ahh) inducibility and smoking habits were studied. all but 2 were smokers and most of them heavy tobacco consumers. the ahh levels were divided into high, intermediate and low groups and were compared to a large healthy control material also divided into the aforementioned groups. a highly significant overrepresentation of patients with a high ahh level (p less than 0.0005) as well as a significant ...19873627733
midwives' journal. 19873645627
antitumor activity of pleural cavity macrophages and its regulation by pleural cavity lymphocytes in patients with lung cancer.antitumor activities of pleural cavity macrophages (pcm) and pleural cavity lymphocytes (pcl) in lung cancer patients were examined. the effect of coculture supernatants of pcl and autologous tumor cells on the cytostatic activity of macrophages was also examined. cytostatic activity of pcm was not affected by an advance of metastasis to regional lymph nodes or increase of tumor size and difference of histological type. however, the cytostatic activity of pcm was markedly augmented when pleural ...19873652051
the effect of corneal contact lenses on the oxygen tension in the anterior chamber of the rabbit eye.the oxygen tension in the aqueous humor in the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes was measured continuously with a polarographic electrode. the normal oxygen tension in the anterior chamber was 23 +/- 2 mm hg (mean +/- sd, n = 4). a contact lens was then placed on the cornea for at least 10 min and the drop in oxygen tension recorded. a hard polymethylmethacrylate lens reduced the oxygen tension by 16 +/- 4 mm hg, and a larger hydroxyethylmethacrylate soft lens (soflens) decreased oxygen tension by ...19873654146
synthesis and assembly of membrane skeletal proteins in mammalian red cell precursors.the synthesis of membrane skeletal proteins in avian nucleated red cells has been the subject of extensive investigation, whereas little is known about skeletal protein synthesis in bone marrow erythroblasts and peripheral blood reticulocytes in mammals. to address this question, we have isolated nucleated red cell precursors and reticulocytes from spleens and from the peripheral blood, respectively, of rats with phenylhydrazine-induced hemolytic anemia and pulse-labeled them with [35s]methionin ...19873654760
[tobacco smoke: the most harmful substance for human beings in our environmental air?]. 19873691329
enhancement of bacteroides intermedius growth by fusobacterium necrophorum.previous work from this laboratory has demonstrated the persistence of bacteroides intermedius in the livers of mice receiving an intraperitoneal inoculum of b. intermedius and fusobacterium necrophorum. this study was undertaken to determine whether f. necrophorum enhanced the in vitro growth of b. intermedius. tryptose phosphate broth did not support the growth of b. intermedius alone, but the bacterium did survive in a tryptose phosphate broth culture of f. necrophorum. b. intermedius culture ...19863700605
dna probes for identification of clinically important bacteroides species.conventional procedures for identifying gram-negative anaerobes such as bacteroides spp. are cumbersome and time-consuming. a simpler approach would be to use dna probes to identify these organisms. since many different species of gram-negative anaerobes are isolated from clinical specimens, the most useful dna probes would be probes that identify a few clinically significant groups of anaerobes. to obtain such probes, we cloned hindiii-digested chromosomal dna from various bacteroides species a ...19863700617
compulsive attentive behavior after lesion of the ventral striatum in the cat: a behavioral and electrophysiological study.bilateral lesions of the nucleus accumbens in cat elicited the following changes: preservation in tests requiring focused attention, with difficulty to shift to other targets; paucity of movements, animals displaying moderate hypokinesia and loss of reaction to changes in the environment. these symptoms were accompanied by a significant increase in the amount of beta rhythms, an activity that has been shown to be concomitant with the development of focused attentive behavior. the observed behavi ...19863709743
oral toxicity of carbon tetrachloride: acute, subacute, and subchronic studies in rats.this investigation was conducted to characterize the acute, subacute, and subchronic toxic potency of ingested carbon tetrachloride (ccl4). in the first acute and subacute toxicity study, male sprague-dawley rats of 300-350 g were gavaged with 0, 20, 40, or 80 mg ccl4/kg once daily for 5 consecutive days, rested for 2 days, and dosed once daily for 4 additional days. rats of 200-250 g were gavaged with 0, 20, 80, or 160 mg ccl4/kg according to the same dosage regimen in the second acute and suba ...19863710021
bvd virus infection and embryo transfer. 19863716157
hepatic lesions in cattle caused by experimental infection of fusobacterium necrophorum. 19863735882
stability of hemagglutinating and hemolytic activities in fusobacterium necrophorum biovar a strains. 19863735890
susceptibility of wallabies to fusobacterium necrophorum.wallabies (macropus rufogriseus) were not appreciably more susceptible than rabbits or mice to fusobacterium necrophorum, a fact established by the subcutaneous injection of a series of graded doses into animals of each species. the strikingly frequent occurrence of necrobacillosis in captive macropods is therefore not due to a uniquely high susceptibility. a vaccine containing inactivated f necrophorum culture emulsified with freund's complete adjuvant failed to increase the resistance of walla ...19863739178
biochemical characterization of the leukotoxins of three bovine strains of fusobacterium necrophorum.the biochemical characteristics of the leukotoxins of 3 bovine isolates of fusobacterium necrophorum which represent biotypes a, ab, and b were compared. two methods were used for the production of the leukotoxins: medium m-1 continuous dialysis sac cultures and brain-heart infusion agar plate cultures. the supernatant cultural fluids were fractionated sequentially by membrane-partition chromatography, using ultrafilters with approximate molecular weight (mol wt) exclusion limits of 100,000, 10, ...19863740611
studies into immunisation of cattle against interdigital necrobacillosis.calves were immunised with fractions of fusobacterium necrophorum incorporated in mineral oil adjuvant and then each foot was experimentally exposed to interdigital necrobacillosis (foot abscess) by subcutaneous injection of homologous organisms through the interdigital skin. the number of cells from an 18 h liquid culture that might be expected to cause 50% of the feet of control calves to develop marked swellings following subcutaneous injection was shown to be approximately 2.2 x 10(8) cells. ...19863741272
meningitis caused by fusobacterium necrophorum. 19863743560
experimental anaerobic liver abscess: observations on treatment.various treatment modalities for solitary anaerobic liver abscesses were evaluated in a recently-described rabbit model. in the first phase of the experiment, 35 rabbits with liver abscesses induced with bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium necrophorum were randomized into four groups: surgical drainage alone, drainage plus clindamycin 150 mg im 8-hourly, clindamycin alone, and untreated controls. serum clindamycin concentrations in rabbits were similar to those achieved in humans. the surviva ...19863747743
action of surfactants on porcine heart malate dehydrogenase isoenzymes and a simple method for the differential assay of these isoenzymes.the cationic surfactant, cetyl (hexadecyl) trimethylammonium bromide (ctab), completely inactivates porcine heart cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase (l-malate:nad+ oxidoreductase, ec at concentrations (of surfactant) which do not affect the activity of the mitochondrial isoenzyme. these concentrations are close to, or higher than, the critical micelle concentration of ctab. an increase in the ionic strength of the medium significantly retards the ctab-induced inactivation of the cytoplas ...19863768404
[differences in the concentration of erythrocytes and the hematocrit value in the blood in relation to the location of the vessels and the intensity of the blood flow].the experiments in adult rabbits revealed that in the blood flowing in cerebral veins the red cell concentration and hematocrit are much greater than in the veins of hind legs of the same animals. in blood samples taken from the heart these values are higher than in those taken from the hind leg, but usually lower than in blood samples taken from the brain. under conditions of reduced cerebral blood flow (ischemia) the red cell concentration and hematocrit in the brain vessels decrease significa ...19863768498
generation of immunity against fusobacterium necrophorum in mice inoculated with extracts containing leucocidin.the capacity of extracts from toxigenic and non-toxigenic ruminant strains of fusobacterium necrophorum to protect against challenge with homologous and heterologous bacteria was examined in mice. the numbers of f. necrophorum which were infective or lethal for mice increased 5- to 8-fold in animals which had been previously inoculated with complete freund's adjuvant (fca). although preparations containing lipopolysaccharide (lps) and outer membrane proteins (omp) from several strains gave prote ...19863776094
serological response of mice to fusobacterium necrophorum.mice immunised with killed or living fusobacterium necrophorum, by five different regimens, almost invariably failed to produce antibodies demonstrable by a passive haemagglutination test. an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), however, usually demonstrated a serum antibody response. this suggested that f necrophorum was not in fact immunosuppressive in mice--a possibility that had been entertained to explain the great difficulty in protecting mice immunologically against challenge with f ...19863809735
adherence of fusobacterium necrophorum to bovine ruminal cells.the adherence of fusobacterium necrophorum to the surface of bovine ruminal epithelial cells was paralleled by the organism's haemagglutinating ability. treatment of the bacterial cells with haemagglutinin antiserum caused a reduction in the degree of attachment. the purified haemagglutinin became bound to the membranes of ruminal epithelial cells but lost its adherence when pre-incubated with haemagglutinin antiserum. these findings suggest that the adherence of f. necrophorum to the membrane o ...19873820273
neurotoxicity of intrathecal local anesthetics in rabbits.the authors developed a new method of intrathecal local anesthetic injection in rabbits in order to study the relationship between anesthetic concentration and impaired neurologic function. they found that none of the local anesthetics studied produced persistent neurologic damage in concentrations used clinically. however, lidocaine and tetracaine can be prepared in high concentrations (far exceeding those clinically used) that will produce extensive irreversible neurologic injury and histologi ...19853839985
[a simple culture method for the bacteriological identification of bacillus larvae on columbia blood-slant agar]. 19853883984
[a simple culture method for the bacteriological identification of bacillus larvae on columbia blood-slant agar]. 19853883984
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