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a study of bacillus necrophorus obtained from cows. 193016559461
chronic ulcerative colitis: a summary of evidence implicating bacterium necrophorum as an etiologic agent. 194117857900
a systematic study of fusobacterium and necrobacterium (i. e. actinomyces necrophorus, nekrosebacillus bang) as to their biological relationships and proposal of a new and adequate name for the latter. 194521021824
human necrobacillosis; with report of death in a sailor. 194620993486
single injection specific treatment for foot rot in cattle. 194620996648
the etiology of calf diphtheria. 194621013312
a case of puerperal septicaemia due to fusiformis necrophorus. 194720258503
bacteroides funduliformis (fusiformis necrophorus). 194720266373
isolation and maintenance of an l 1-like culture from fusiformis necrophorus (syn. bact. funduliforme, bacteroides funduliformis). 194718910323
sodium sulfamethazine in treatment of actinomyces necrophorus infections of the bovine foot. 194818891528
segmental ileitis; possibly caused by bacterium necrophorum. 195015402802
[a new fusiform bacillus, fusiformis hemolyticus n. sp. responsible for a natural infection of rabbits]. 195213125019
cerebral abscesses in a heifer due to actinomyces necrophorus. 195613278287
[selective medium for the isolation of sphaerophorus necrophorus on the surface]. 196113970253
constancy of deoxyribonucleic acid base composition in the transition of sphaerophorus necrophorus from bacilli to large bodies. 196414240971
structural studies of human immunoglobulins. differences in the primary structure of heavy chains of normal and pathologic g, a, m immunoglobulins. 19654159529
the effect of high-energy proton irradiation on the cardiovascular system of the rhesus monkey. 19664957419
[fundamentals of congenital metabolic anomaly--with special reference to experimental phenylketonuria]. 19674966221
the lac operator is dna. 19674873589
the lac operator is dna. 19674873589
[sensitivity to radiomimetics and chemical mutagens of escherichia coli strains of group k 12, possessing different abilities to repair radiation damage]. 19674876361
the pathogenic synergy of fusiformis necrophorus and corynebacterium pyogenes. i. influence of the leucocidal exotoxin of f. necrophorus. 19674865628
the pathogenic synergy of fusiformis necrophorus and corynebacterium pyogenes. ii. the response of f. necrophorus to a filterable product of c. pyogenes. 19674865629
antibiotic susceptibility patterns as aids in classification and characterization of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli.patterns of susceptibility of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli to antibiotics have been found to be distinctive and of significant help in classification and identification. five major groups of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli have been defined on the basis of morphological and biochemical criteria. antibiotic sensitivity patterns conform to these groupings and provide additional taxonomic criteria. the bacteroides fragilis group is resistant to penicillin g, whereas the other groups are generall ...19674293666
isolation of sphaerophorus necrophorus from bovine liver abscesses. 196716349772
an 15n nmr study of adenine-uracil base pair in a non-aqueous solvent.[1,3,7,9,10-15n]-2',3',5'-tri-o-acetyl adenosine (a) and its 8-d and 8-br derivatives (ad and abr) were prepared from 95% 15n enriched adenosine obtained from microbial fermentation. the chemical shifts and nuclear overhauser effects of 15n resonances were measured as a function of the concentration of the mixed 1-cyclohexyluracil. the limiting shift of each 15n resonance was calculated and the structure of the a-u dimer was estimated. from the shifts of 15n-1 and 15n-7 signals it is determined ...1967547245
[spontaneous intracerebral hematoma during acute promyelocytic leukemia]. 1967276845
[comparison of media with antibacterial preparations in the bacteriological diagnosis of dysentery]. 19684184658
infective bulbar necrosis (heel-abscess) of sheep, a mixed infection with fusiformis necrophorus and corynebacterium pyogenes. 19684870831
experimental suppression of allograft rejection: background and application. 19684873843
experimental suppression of allograft rejection: background and application. 19684873843
[resistance tests on "necrobacterium necrophorum thjötta 1945" (sphaerophorus necrophorus)]. 19685745722
growth of bacteroidaceae in stirred fermentors.the conditions for increasing bacterial yields in cultures of bacteroidaceae by the use of stirred fermentors and ph control were investigated by means of three representative species: sphaerophorus necrophorus, bacteroides fragilis, and b. melaninogenicus. a medium containing tryptone, yeast extract, and glucose or sucrose was used. horse serum had to be added to obtain substantial growth of b. melaninogenicus. the optimal ph for growth rate and yield was 7.0 to 7.2. lysis of the bacteria occur ...19694896882
kinetic studies on a brain microsomal adenosine triphosphatase. ii. potassium-dependent phosphatase activity. 19694241304
moss-ill--a possible hypocalcaemia of hill ewes. 19694306077
depression of centrum medianum complex response by rostral thalamic lesion. 19704313185
magnesium deficiency and distribution of blood in the rat. 19704908844
effect of bile and desoxycholate on gram-negative anaerobic bacteria.the bile tests for characterizing gram-negative anaerobic bacilli were reevaluated in prereduced anaerobically sterilized peptone-yeast-glucose broth, in thioglycollate broth, and on blood agar plates. blood agar plates were unsatisfactory. the combination of 20% bile with 0.1% desoxycholate inhibited fusobacterium, bacteroides melaninogenicus, and b. oralis and sometimes sphaerophorus necrophorus, but not b. fragilis or other sphaerophorus species studied. ten per cent bile with 0.05% desoxycho ...19704922082
intestinal strangulation in rats monocontaminated with sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19705413447
toxic, allergenic and immunogenic factors of fusiformis necrophorus. 19705449973
rumenitis containing fusiformis necrophorus organisms found in a calf reared on an early weaning feeding system. 19705463256
evidence for branching in sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19705506096
preparation and chemical characteristics of endotoxic lipopolysaccharide from three strains of sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19714997133
application of immunofluorescence to studies on the ecology of sphaerophorus necrophorus.sphaerophorus necrophorus (bovine liver abscess isolates) antiserum was fractionated and labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate. the fluorescent-antibody (fa) conjugate proved to be species-specific and facilitated the detection of s. necrophorus cells in liver abscesses, viscera, and ruminal contents of cattle. brightly fluorescing s. necrophorus cells were observed in experimentally inoculated soil incubated anaerobically at 37 and 4 c for 8 and 10 months, respectively. when incubated under m ...19714930035
formation of proteolytic activity in continuous culture of sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19714933449
streptomyces sp. producing litmocidin. 19714933936
[observations concerning 7 strains of saphaerophorus necrophorus, sphaerophorus funduliformis, and sphaerophorus pseudonecrophorus species]. 19714939845
genetic complementation between escherichia coli rna polymerase mutants. 19714946184
obesity following disturbance of the ventromedial hypothalamus: a comparison of lesions, lateral cuts, and anterior cuts. 19714948242
isolation of sphaerophorus necrophorus from bovine hepatic abscesses in british columbia.the purpose of this study was to determine the predominant microflora in hepatic abscesses of cattle slaughtered in british columbia. samples of approximately 400 livers were examined by direct smear and culture. sphaerophorus necrophorus was present in 97% of the 431 abscesses and in 67% it was present in pure culture. in 30% it was present in combination with other organisms such as coryne-bacterium and streptococcus.19714253458
action of an n-acetylmuramidase from a limax amoeba on the murein of proteus mirabilis. 19714256271
[comparative study of the convulsion provoking activity of actinomycin d and methionine sulfoximine injected into the cerebrospinal fluid of dogs]. 19714262072
[lung infiltrates, degeneration of muscles in the extremities and development of hypertension in a young man]. 19714400782
[empyema of the pleura caused by the anerobe, non-spore-producing bacteria species sphaerophorus necrophorus]. 19714323168
18-hydroxy-deoxycorticosterone in human hypertension. 19714327960
tumor production in squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) by rous sarcoma virus. 19714329233
[the replicative complexes of sendai virus]. 19714332921
sphaerophorus necrophorus. a study of 23 strains. 19714109880
a serological study of strains belonging to sphaerophorus necrophorus, sph. varius, and sph. freundii. 19724628422
streptococcal pharyngeal infection carrier rates in schoolchildren in shiraz. 19724636101
preliminary characterization of the 5 -dihydrotestosterone binding protein in the epididymal cytosol fraction. in vivo studies. 19724678201
a selective medium for the isolation of sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19724562968
fluorescent antibody technique for identifying isolates of sphaerophorus necrophorus of bovine hepatic abscess origin. 19724562969
a circular dichroism study of microtubule protein. 19725028102
trichostrongylus colubriformis: age resistance in the rabbit, oryctolagus cuniculus. 19725057030
effect of amphetamine and chlorpromazine on maternal behaviour of rats. 19725066096
[blood pressure telemetry in man using the microcatheter method]. 19725081732
a comparative study of 55 sphaerophorus strains. differentiation of 3 species: sphaerophorus necrophorus, sph, varius, and sph. freundii. 19725083607
immunochemical investigations of sphaerophorus pseudonecrophorus strains. 19725086984
enhancement of asparaginase-induced regression of the 6c3hed lymphosarcoma by protein-free diet. 19734574058
strain specific immunity to plasmodium berghei: a new genetic marker. 19734579579
bacteroidaceae in thromboembolic disease: effects of cell wall components on blood coagulation in vivo and in vitro.the effects of bacteroides sp., fusobacterium mortiferum, bacteroides fragilis, and sphaerophorus necrophorus on various parameters of blood coagulation in vivo and in vitro were determined and compared to the coagulation effects of escherichia coli and salmonella minnesota, wild type and r595. intravenous injection of washed cells, culture filtrate, lipopolysaccharide, or lipid a of the anaerobic gram-negative microorganisms into mice resulted in acceleration of coagulation. lipopolysaccharide ...19734594118
interaction of liver plasma membranes and gtp with gtp hydrolysis. 19734712199
replication of human endothelial cells in culture.investigative studies dealing with the properties and functions of endothelial cells have been hampered because there has been little or no success in the isolation, growth, and passage of individual cells in large numbers. we have developed a system whereby pure cultures of endothelial cells derived from umbilical veins can be subcultured for at least five serial passages. many facets of endothelial function and interaction can be evaluated with the use of this new adaptive system of isolation ...19734718112
amino acid and peptide requirement of fusiformis necrophorus.uptake of individual amino acids and peptides by fusiformis necrophorus was studied in growing cultures and resting cell suspensions. the cells were able to incorporate 16 of 17 (14)c-labeled amino acids into cell protein, the exception being proline. proline could neither be formed by the cells from any of the other tested amino acids nor be synthesized from glucose or serine when these were used as energy sources. the addition of di- and tripeptides, the octapeptides vasopressin and oxytocin, ...19734745417
assessment of various adjuvants in sphaerophorus necrophorus toxoids. 19734756812
the toxicity of the molluscicides metaldehyde and methiocarb to dogs. 19734772564
changes in serum gonadotrophin levels, and in protein levels and in-vivo incorporation of (35s)methionine into protein of discrete brain areas and the anterior pituitary of the rat during the oestrous cycle. 19734795507
[the induction of liver cirrhosis in rats by simultaneous administration of carbon tetrachloride and phenobarbitone (author's transl)]. 19734518152
a satisfactory medium and technique for the mass cultivation of sphaerophorus necrophorus. 19734121315
uses of banding techniques for the identification of human diseases of cytogenetic origin. 19734131094
striatal tyrosine hydroxylases with high and low affinity for tyrosine: implications for the multiple-pool concept of catecholamines. 19734148015
host defense mechanisms against herpes simplex virus. i. control of infection in vitro by senstized spleen cells and antibody.sensitized mouse spleen cells decrease the spread of herpes simplex virus infection in cell culture lines derived from human and murine tissues. these washed, sensitized cells act alone and additively in combination with antibody to diminish the ability of single virus-infected cells to spread infection to contiguous cells. this control of infection is not species specific, unlike interferon, and appears to be distinct from the effect of antibody. lymphotoxin was not detected in this lymphocyte- ...19734351970
activity of foot-and-mouth disease virus rna-dependent rna polymerase in vitro: inhibition by polyamines and poly(amino acid)s. 19734354232
activity of foot-and-mouth disease virus rna-dependent rna polymerase in vitro: inhibition by polyamines and poly(amino acid)s. 19734354232
corneal collagenases: evidence for zinc metalloenzymes. 19734356811
community health activities need shared. 1973246419
metabolic regulation of steroidogenesis in adrenocortical carcinoma cells of rat. effect of adrenocorticotropin and adenosine cyclic 3',5'-monophosphate on the incorporation of (20s)-20-hydroxy(7 alpha-3h)cholesterol into deoxycorticosterone and corticosterone. 19744362943
immunopathogenicity and oncogenicity of murine leukemia viruses. i. induction of immunologic disease and lymphoma in (balb-c times nzb)f1 mice by scripps leukemia virus.this report clearly demonstrates that a systemic lupus erythematosus (sle)-like syndrome and lymphoma can be induced in immunologically normal (balb/c x nzb)f(1) mice by infection of neonates with a murine leukemia virus (mulv) (scripps leukemia virus [slv] 60a) isolated from nzb lymphoblasts. slv 60a was titered in vitro (xc test) and administered to newborn and adult (balb/c x nzb)f(1) mice over six log(10) dilutions. propagation of mulv in the newborn recipients was indicated by greatly eleva ...19744372290
serological investigations on endotoxins isolated from sphaerophorus funduliformis (syn. fusobacterium necrophorum) strains. 19744217645
comparative immunochemical studies on the endotoxins of two fusobacterium necrophorum strains. 19744217646
polysaccharide accumulation in fusiformis necrophorus. 19744530608
letter: more about vitamin c. 19744431377
isolation of sphaerophorus necrophorus from bovine liver abscesses in the sudan. 19744460324
cultivation and maintenance of sphaerophorus necrophorus. i. an anaerobic medium for aerobic incubation.out of 185 media formulated and studied for the growth of sphaerophorus necrophorus, ten were selected for intensive investigation. their ability to promote growth was compared photometrically. medium 156 made up of brewer's thioglycollate broth, yeast extract, l-cystine, and ascorbic acid, was found to yield a very heavy growth. the viability of s. necrophorus was maintained indefinitely by weekly subcultures. when not subcultured, all isolates remained viable for fifteen weeks and some isolate ...19744272964
results of a preliminary trial with sphaerophorus necrophorus toxoids to control liver abscesses in feedlot cattle.a preliminary field experiment was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of alum precipitated toxoids of sphaerophorus necrophorus prepared from sonicated whole cells and cell fractions to reduce the incidence of bovine abscesses. a total of 108 calves were divided into five groups and treated as follows: i. uninoculated control, ii. adjuvant inoculated control, iii. 15.5 mg protein of sonicated (fragmented cells) toxoid, iv. 10.5 mg protein of cytoplasmic toxoid. v. 15.5 mg protein of cytoplasmic ...19744277634
membrane-bound adenosinetriphosphatase of escherichia coli. ii. physicochemical properties of the enzyme. 19744281778
[total synthesis of 19-nortestosterone analogues (author's transl)]. 19744859176
in vivo protection of fusobacterium necrophorum from penicillin by bacteroides fragilis.a mixed infection of bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium necrophorum was resistant to treatment with penicillin even though a pure f. necrophorum infection could be successfully treated with penicillin. since b. fragilis alone did not produce infection, these results indicate that b. fragilis can protect f. necrophorum from penicillin in vivo. the extent of protection afforded by a strain of b. fragilis was related to its level of resistance to penicillin. only a few cells of b. fragilis were ...19751041218
the microbiological and parasitological colonisation of specified-pathogen-free mice maintained in a conventional animal house.2 groups of 44 specified-pathogen-free (spf) mice, caged in groups of 4, were housed at weaning either in isolation in a building housing conventionally-reared animals, or in contact with those animals. 4 mice from each group were examined for microbiological flora and 4 for parasites at intervals for up to 90 days after transfer. proscribed bacteria were isolated from the "in contact' group after 42 days and endoparasites were observed by 16 days and thereafter. no proscribed bacteria were isol ...1975124799
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