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multiple lineage colony growth from human marrow in plasma clot diffusion chambers.marrow cells from ten healthy adult donors were cultured in plasma clot diffusion chambers implanted intraperitoneally into mice. host animals were conditioned by two injections of phenylhydrazine and 600 cgy of x-rays. cultures (5 x 10(4) cells/chamber) were continued for between 2 and 40 days and the chambers were retransplanted into new host animals every 5 days. following termination of cultures, plasma clots were stained with benzidine-hematoxylin and analyzed microscopically. erythroid, ne ...19873653298
reacquisition of classical conditioning after removal of cerebellar cortex.we trained rabbits with white noise and light conditioned stimuli and a face shock unconditioned stimulus for classical conditioning of the nictitating membrane response and then removed the ipsilateral cerebellar cortex by aspiration. larsell's hemisphere lobule vi was completely removed in 5 rabbits; the pattern of degeneration in the inferior olive matches the projections to hvi reported in experiments with horseradish peroxidase. all rabbits showed an initial abolition of conditioned respons ...19873653317
the effect of corneal contact lenses on the oxygen tension in the anterior chamber of the rabbit eye.the oxygen tension in the aqueous humor in the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes was measured continuously with a polarographic electrode. the normal oxygen tension in the anterior chamber was 23 +/- 2 mm hg (mean +/- sd, n = 4). a contact lens was then placed on the cornea for at least 10 min and the drop in oxygen tension recorded. a hard polymethylmethacrylate lens reduced the oxygen tension by 16 +/- 4 mm hg, and a larger hydroxyethylmethacrylate soft lens (soflens) decreased oxygen tension by ...19873654146
synthesis and assembly of membrane skeletal proteins in mammalian red cell precursors.the synthesis of membrane skeletal proteins in avian nucleated red cells has been the subject of extensive investigation, whereas little is known about skeletal protein synthesis in bone marrow erythroblasts and peripheral blood reticulocytes in mammals. to address this question, we have isolated nucleated red cell precursors and reticulocytes from spleens and from the peripheral blood, respectively, of rats with phenylhydrazine-induced hemolytic anemia and pulse-labeled them with [35s]methionin ...19873654760
chemical composition and immunobiological activities of sodium dodecyl sulphate extracts from the cell envelopes of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, bacteroides gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum.the chemical composition and immunobiological activities in vivo and in vitro of sodium dodecyl sulphate extracts (sds-se) derived from periodontopathic bacteria (three strains of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, two strains of bacteroides gingivalis, and one strain of fusobacterium nucleatum) were investigated. the main components of sds-se were protein and lipid, with negligible amounts of peptidoglycan and lipopolysaccharide. immunopotentiating activity was detected in both delayed-type ...19873655733
attachment of oral bacteria to a basement-membrane-like matrix and to purified matrix proteins.the purpose of this study was to investigate the adherence of oral bacteria to an in vitro basement-membrane-like matrix and to selected individual macromolecular constituents of this matrix. radiolabeled bacteria were incubated with basement-membrane-like matrices isolated from pf hr-9 cells. bacteroides gingivalis 33277, fusobacterium nucleatum fn-2, and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans ga3(a) bound to the matrix in the range of 44 to 70%, considerably higher than the ranges of a. actinomy ...19873666961
[housing and health of farm animals].data on the relationship between housing systems and health in farm animals are relatively scarce. in dairy cattle and poultry, for which special housing systems are dominant in the netherlands, no important new figures are available. in veal calves, the group housing system is being investigated. preliminary results indicate that there are many problems in the first 6 to 8 weeks. more research has been done on pigs. it is now clear that the floor system is important not only with respect to leg ...19873672468
enrichment of subgingival microflora on human serum leading to accumulation of bacteroides species, peptostreptococci and fusobacteria.this study was undertaken to identify ecological factors that favour opportunistic pathogenic species in the subgingival microflora. in a first approach, human serum as a substitute for gingival exudate, was used for batch-wise enrichment of subgingival plaque. the microflora resulting after 5-6 enrichment steps consisted of black-pigmented and non-black-pigmented bacteroides species, peptostreptococcus micros and fusobacterium nucleatum as the main organisms. it is noted that the same group of ...19873674857
hemagglutinating activity of lipopolysaccharides from subgingival plaque bacteria.lipopolysaccharide (lps) preparations from the bacteroides species b. endodontalis, b. intermedius, b. denticola, and b. melaninogenicus and from fusobacterium nucleatum, haemophilus actinomycetemcomitans, capnocytophaga gingivalis, and eikenella corrodens directly agglutinated erythrocytes of some kinds of animals. lpss from the bacteroides species b. gingivalis, b. asaccharolyticus, b. corporis, and b. loescheii and from capnocytophaga ochracea did not possess any hemagglutinating activity. pr ...19873679548
practolol inhibits human skin fibroblast cell mat hydroxyproline accumulation.despite being poorly absorbed practolol (n-4-2-hydroxy-3-(1-methyl-ethyl)-amino propoxy phenyl acetamine) inhibited the accumulation of cell mat hydroxyproline, a measure of collagen synthesis, by human skin fibroblasts (dt2ph) in vitro, (id50 0.8 x 10(-3) m). the degree of inhibition was dependent on the concentration of practolol used and the incubation time. neither preinitiation of collagen synthesis nor omitting ascorbic acid from the incubation medium modified this inhibitory action. in co ...19873687592
[experimental therapy in chinese hamsters and rats infected with larval echinococcus multilocularis by using mebendazole, albendazole and ivermectin with brief review of chemotherapy of human multilocular echinococcosis].the effects of the mebendazole, albendazole and ivermectin on secondary multilocular echinococcosis in chinese hamsters infected with intraperitoneal inoculation of protoscolices and in rats infected with transportal inoculation of protoscolices were investigated. a reduction in weight of the hydatids greater than 95% was recorded in chinese hamsters intraperitoneally injected with mebendazole suspension. oral administration of mebendazole moderately inhibited the development of the hydatids. al ...19873546045
single-dose chloroquine therapy for plasmodium falciparum in children in togo, west africa.chloroquine, in a single dose of 10 mg of base/kg, was given orally to togolese children less than 5 years of age as primary therapy for plasmodium falciparum malaria. a simplified world health organization in vivo method was used, as was a sequential analysis procedure for determining if the drug trial was a success or failure. a total of 178 children in 3 regions were treated; 174 (98%) responded successfully, which required a greater than or equal to 75% reduction in parasites by day 2 and el ...19873555135
evidence suggesting that prp is not the infectious agent in creutzfeldt-jakob has been suggested that the infectious agents of scrapie and creutzfeldt-jakob disease (cjd) are 'prions' constituted by a protease resistant glycopeptide, prp. to analyze the role of prp in cjd infectivity we re-evaluated the biochemical characteristics of infectivity. first, when the infectious agent is not aggregated, infectivity is exquisitely sensitive to proteinase k treatment, and therefore a proteinase-k-resistant molecule (e.g. prp) is unlikely to contain information essential for ag ...19873556164
ribosomal protein, histone and calmodulin mrnas are differently regulated at the translational level during oogenesis of xenopus laevis.the localization of r-protein mrna in subcellular compartments has been analysed. it was observed that the mrna for a representative r-protein (l1) is diffuse in the cytoplasm, as shown by in situ hybridization experiments and that the distribution of rp-mrna between polysomes and light mrnps changes during oogenesis. in early oogenesis this mrna is found mostly in subpolysomal fractions, whereas at the beginning of vitellogenesis (stage ii) it becomes associated with polysomes where it remains ...19873556426
factors affecting antimicrobial susceptibility of fusobacterium species.fifteen clinical isolates of fusobacterium species were studied to determine their quality of growth on five agar media, their susceptibility to penicillin, cephalothin, cefoxitin, and cefotaxime, the inoculum effect, and the presence of l forms and beta-lactamase. wilkins-chalgren agar supported confluent growth best, but fusobacterium nucleatum exhibited poor growth on all agar media. most isolates exhibited poor reproducibility of mic results with repeated agar dilution testing. however, most ...19873494743
study of the growth factors for the mammary gland: epidermal growth factor and mesenchyme-derived growth factor.the physiological importance of egf in the development of the mouse mammary gland during pregnancy and in spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis has been documented by a series of experimental results presented herein. in our study, we have taken a variety of experimental approaches including radioimmunoassay of egf in the submandibular gland and plasma, mammary gland organ/cell culture, egf receptor assay, sialoadenectomy and treatment with egf and egf antibodies to assess the role of egf in the mam ...19873498710
intrathoracic mycotic aneurysm detected by indium-111 labelled autologous neutrophils with single photon emission computed tomography. 19873499001
activity of a partially purified human bcgf on murine assays for b-cell stimulatory factors. i. bcgf ii-like activity of human further characterize a human b-cell growth factor (bcgf) produced by phytohemagglutinin (pha) p-stimulated peripheral blood t cells, a partially purified preparation of this material was tested in a number of murine assays for b-cell stimulatory factors (bsf). human bcgf lacked murine bsf-1 activity as assessed via the induction of polyclonal proliferation of anti-igm-stimulated murine b cells; however, this material consistently augmented the proliferative response of murine b cells to anti- ...19873499989
effect of treatment with 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine/mptp/on mouse substantia nigra in vitro. fluorescence and electron microscopic examination. 19873501590
a penicillinase-producing fusobacterium nucleatum strain isolated from blood culture. 19873501981
comparative gene mapping: a valuable new tool for mammalian developmental studies.technological advances in the 1970s encouraged the mapping of homologous gene loci in different mammalian species, including mouse and man. one hundred eighty-five homologous loci have now been mapped in these two species. conservation of linkage is sufficient to identify substantial segments of the two genomes that have been left intact since their divergence from a common ancestor. the recognition of these conserved segments allows experimental manipulation of mouse chromosomes or chromosomal ...19873502975
[adherence of fusobacterium nucleatum to human cells]. 19873505564
production of monoclonal antibodies that recognize specific and cross-reactive antigens of fusobacterium nucleatum.monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against the cell surface antigens of fusobacterium nucleatum 263 were obtained by fusion of murine myeloma cells (p3-nsi/1-ag4-1) with the splenocytes of balb/c mice immunized with whole cells of f. nucleatum 263. screening was performed using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) against the immunizing strain, f. nucleatum 263. further selection was done using a bacterial panel consisting of bacteroides, actinomyces, streptococcus, fusobacterium, and escheric ...19873818097
tumor necrosis factor is partly responsible for the differentiation of mouse myeloid leukemia cells.when mouse myeloid leukemia m1 cells were incubated with 0.1% tns(serum containing tumor necrosis factor, tnf), they were induced to differentiate into macrophage-like cells within 14 h. the stability of the differentiation activity to heat treatment was very similar to that of the cytotoxicity of tnf for l929 cells. the differentiation activity could not be separated from the tnf activity by sequential chromatography procedures using deae-sephadex and sephacryl s-200 or by isoelectric focusing. ...19873440028
specific responses to staphylococcus aureus in patients with hyper-ige syndrome. 19873144122
respiratory syncytial virus fusion glycoprotein: further characterization of a major epitope involved in virus neutralization.competition experiments and biological assays with a panel of 15 monoclonal antibodies confirmed the presence of at least four antigenic sites on the fusion protein of human respiratory syncytial virus, three of which were involved in virus neutralization. one antigenic site, recognized by two strongly neutralizing antibodies, was conserved after reduction and denaturation and shown by immunoblotting to be localized on the f1 fragment of the fusion protein. cleavage of this protein with staphylo ...19872446731
the challenge of malaria vaccine: trials and tribulations. 19872880172
[prospects of improving microbial larvicides and methods of control of blood sucking insects and disease vectors]. 19872883565
aids definition for africa.the positive predictive values for hiv seropositivity are compared using who and us centers for disease control (cdc) clinical case definitions of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids), for cases in rwanda, africa. it is postulated that the article by colebunders and co-workers should encourage clinicians and epidemiologists working in africa to adopt the world health organization's provisional clinical case definition for aids. although the predictive value for hiv seropositivity calculat ...19872885595
efficacy of recombinant dna plasmodium falciparum sporozoite vaccine? 19872885674
partial characterization of a peptidoglycan-protein complex from fusobacterium nucleatum fev1.a protein in the cell wall of fusobacterium nucleatum fev1 remained associated with the peptidoglycan during extraction with various detergents and organic solvents. on digestion of this peptidoglycan-protein complex (ppc) with murein hydrolases, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page) showed polypeptide bands with apparent molecular weights (mws) in the range of 3000 to 40,000. after reaction with maleic anhydride the electrophoretic mobilities of these polypeptide ...19872887084
action of anticytoskeletal compounds on in vitro cytopathic effect, phagocytosis, and adhesiveness of trichomonas vaginalis.the cytopathic effects of trichomonas vaginalis treated with inhibitory concentrations of anticytoskeletal compounds (mebendazole, griseofulvin, colchicine, taxol, and cytochalasin b) were studied in mouse clid fibroblast cultures. the evaluation, at different times, of cell numbers and morphological alterations showed that cytopathic effect was considerably reduced when protozoa were pretreated with mebendazole and griseofulvin, whereas colchicine, taxol, and cytochalasin b had less effect. fur ...19872888725
desensitization of beta-adrenoceptors following repeated injections of 2-substituted 4-phenylquinolines.the chronic effects of five 2-substituted 4-phenylquinoline derivatives on the sensitivity of the noradrenergic cyclic amp-generating system in the rat brain cortex have been determined, and compared with those of the typical and atypical antidepressants imipramine and trazodone, respectively. acute treatment (single i.p. dose of 20 mg kg-1) and sub-chronic treatment (20 mg kg-1 daily for 10 days) induced no significant desensitization of the beta-adrenoceptors. however, chronic treatment (20 mg ...19872890745
[selected aspects of acid and temperature resistance of the bovine leukosis virus]. 19872820338
the molybdenum-pterin binding protein is encoded by a multigene family in clostridium pasteurianum.there are three variants of the molybdenum-pterin binding protein (mop) encoded by three distinct genes in clostridium pasteurianum. nucleotide sequence analysis shows that the three mop genes have greater than 90% homology at the nucleotide level. upstream from the coding region of each mop gene are potential promoter consensus sequences. analysis of mop purified from cells grown under nitrogen-fixing conditions indicates all three genes are expressed. sequence analysis of the three mop genes a ...19872820842
identification of an additional sendai virus non-structural protein encoded by the p/c mrna.peptide antiserum and monoclonal antibodies have detected a previously unrecognized small non-structural protein in sendai virus-infected cells. this protein, designated x, appears to represent the c-terminal 95 amino acids of the p protein reading frame. the x protein appears to be almost as abundant as the p protein on a molar basis in vivo. no evidence of a precursor-product relationship between the x and p proteins could be found.19872821189
virological implications of the use of primates in xenotransplantation. 19872823433
virological implications of the use of primates in xenotransplantation. 19872823433
effects of tilomisole, indomethacin and levamisole on regulation of epstein barr virus-induced b cell proliferation by peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal individuals and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.when activated in autologous mixed leukocyte reactions (auto-mlr) in vitro, t cells from normal individuals produce a suppressor factor(s) which inhibits the epstein-barr virus (ebv)-induced proliferation of normal b cells. in contrast, t cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) are deficient in their ability to generate this suppressor factor in auto-mlr. addition of tilomisole (wy-18,251; 33(p-chlorophenyl)thiazolo[3,2-a]benzimidazole-2-acetic acid) to the auto-mlr (0.1-100 microgram ...19872825478
effects of tilomisole, indomethacin and levamisole on regulation of epstein barr virus-induced b cell proliferation by peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal individuals and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.when activated in autologous mixed leukocyte reactions (auto-mlr) in vitro, t cells from normal individuals produce a suppressor factor(s) which inhibits the epstein-barr virus (ebv)-induced proliferation of normal b cells. in contrast, t cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) are deficient in their ability to generate this suppressor factor in auto-mlr. addition of tilomisole (wy-18,251; 33(p-chlorophenyl)thiazolo[3,2-a]benzimidazole-2-acetic acid) to the auto-mlr (0.1-100 microgram ...19872825478
opioid receptors inhibit the adenylate cyclase in guinea pig cochleas.the effects of mu- and delta-preferring agonists on adenylate cyclase activity have been investigated in vitro in homogenates of guinea pig cochleas. morphine, leu-enkephalin, d-ala2, n-methyl-phe4, gly-ol5-enkephalin (dago) and d-ser2-leu-enkephalin-thr (dslet) each inhibited the synthesis of cyclic amp. this effect was reversed by naloxone which had a greater affinity in blocking the effect of the mu-preferring agonists (morphine, dago) than in blocking the effect of the delta-preferring agoni ...19872825909
opioid receptors inhibit the adenylate cyclase in guinea pig cochleas.the effects of mu- and delta-preferring agonists on adenylate cyclase activity have been investigated in vitro in homogenates of guinea pig cochleas. morphine, leu-enkephalin, d-ala2, n-methyl-phe4, gly-ol5-enkephalin (dago) and d-ser2-leu-enkephalin-thr (dslet) each inhibited the synthesis of cyclic amp. this effect was reversed by naloxone which had a greater affinity in blocking the effect of the mu-preferring agonists (morphine, dago) than in blocking the effect of the delta-preferring agoni ...19872825909
modulating action of cyclic amp on the expression of two sos genes in escherichia coli k-12.ultraviolet irradiation and cyclic amp treatment produce a synergistic effect on the induction of the cle1 gene (coding for bacteriocin cole1) in wild-type strains of escherichia coli. on the other hand, cyclic amp does not affect the uv-mediated induction of the reca, sfia, and umudc genes. growth in the presence of glucose or glycerol does not affect the factor of amplification of the expression of the cle1 gene in uv-irradiated cells of the wild-type strain. although, in cultures not treated ...19872825953
modulating action of cyclic amp on the expression of two sos genes in escherichia coli k-12.ultraviolet irradiation and cyclic amp treatment produce a synergistic effect on the induction of the cle1 gene (coding for bacteriocin cole1) in wild-type strains of escherichia coli. on the other hand, cyclic amp does not affect the uv-mediated induction of the reca, sfia, and umudc genes. growth in the presence of glucose or glycerol does not affect the factor of amplification of the expression of the cle1 gene in uv-irradiated cells of the wild-type strain. although, in cultures not treated ...19872825953
subcellular localization of enzymes in streptomyces aureofaciens and its alteration by benzyl thiocyanate. i. phosphatases and atp-glucokinase.mycelia of a low- and a high-production strain of streptomyces aureofaciens were converted into protoplasts and divided into five subcellular fractions in order to localize exopolyphosphatases (ec, triphosphatase (ec, inorganic diphosphatase (ec, apyrase (ec and glucokinase (ec the highest specific activity of enzymes hydrolyzing polyphosphates was found in cytoplasmic vesicles and membranes. triphosphatase was detected in the periplasmic fraction. ...19872826319
the sequence of chick alpha-actinin reveals homologies to spectrin and calmodulin.we have sequenced a cdna, isolated from a chick embryo fibroblast lambda gt11 library, that encodes all 887 amino acids of alpha-actinin. sequence from 10 different peptides from chick smooth muscle alpha-actinin was found to match that derived from the cdna. the deduced protein sequence can be divided into three distinct domains: (a) the n-terminal 240 amino acid contains a highly conserved region (compared with dictyostelium alpha-actinin) which probably represents the actin-binding domain, (b ...19872826427
differential expression of class ii (dr & dq) antigens by human gingival langerhans' cells and keratinocytes in vitro.the expression of the class ii products dr and dq on human gingival epithelium was examined using immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase staining. differential expression of class ii antigens was seen in chronic gingivitis in adults, with t6(+) dr(+) cells being more numerous than t6(+) dq(+) cells. the periodontopathic organism fusobacterium nucleatum (fn) induced dq expression on langerhans' cells (lc) during in vitro explant culture of gingival tissue. this effect was mimicked by endotoxin ( ...19872435875
possible existence of a novel amphipathic immunostimulator in the phenol-water extracts of mycobacteriaceae.the extracts having diverse immunostimulating activities were obtained as a water-phase fraction from four bacterial species representing the 4 genera (mycobacterium, nocardia, gordona, and rhodococcus) of mycobacteriaceae by the phenol-water method, which is commonly used for extraction of endotoxic lipopolysaccharides (lps) from gram-negative bacteria and amphipathic substances from gram-positives. these fractions, especially those of g. aurantiaca and r. terrae, showed strong stimulatory effe ...19872441233
conformations of intermediates in the folding of the pancreatic trypsin inhibitor.intermediates in the folding pathway of the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (pti) have been examined by 1h nuclear magnetic resonance (n.m.r.). the intermediates were trapped during the reoxidation and consequent refolding of reduced pti by alkylating free thiols; each intermediate contained different disulphide linkages. the n.m.r. spectra reveal that conformational features of the native protein are present in the intermediate containing just one of the three normal disulphide linkages (30 ...19872443711
multiple fusobacterium nucleatum liver abscesses. association with a persistent abnormality in humoral immune function.a previously healthy 29-year-old man developed multiple hepatic abscesses secondary to fusobacterium nucleatum. no underlying local disease was found. the leading portal of entry for the bacterium may have been the oral cavity; 4 days before the onset of his illness he had had extensive dental work. immunological evaluation during the illness and in late convalescence (16 weeks after onset) revealed a persistent b cell abnormality characterized by markedly depressed in vitro secretion of immunog ...19872952706
the effects of intravenous injection of alpha-human atrial natriuretic polypeptide on blood pressure, renal hemodynamics and urinary kinin excretion in anesthetized rabbits.studies were performed in anesthetized rabbits to examine the effects of alpha-human atrial natriuretic polypeptide (alpha-hanp) on blood pressure, renal hemodynamics and urinary kinin excretion. intravenous bolus injection of alpha-hanp at a dose of 5 micrograms resulted in a transient increase in renal blood flow from 26.6 +/- 2.2 to 33.7 +/- 2.2 ml/min (p less than 0.05) and a decrease in mean arterial pressure from 113 +/- 1.8 to 107 +/- 2.2 mmhg (p less than 0.01). the calculated renal vasc ...19872953089
reactive sulfhydryl groups of sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase. i. location of a group which is most reactive with n-ethylmaleimide.ca2+-transporting atpase of rabbit skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum contains several sh groups which are reactive with n-ethylmaleimide (malnet) at ph 7.0. the location of the one which is most reactive with malnet (shn, kawakita et al. j. biochem. 87, 609 (1980)) was identified on the amino acid sequence of the atpase. shn was labeled by reacting sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes with [14c] malnet to a labeling density of 1 mol/mol atpase. [14c]malnet-labeled membranes were digested with t ...19872953711
fusobacterium nucleatum-mediated immunomodulation of the in vitro secondary antibody response to tetanus toxoid and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. 19872963111
human milk-derived lactoferrin inhibits mitogen and alloantigen induced human lymphocyte proliferation.purified lactoferrin (lf), isolated from human milk, was tested for its effect on human t-lymphocyte proliferative responses to phytohemagglutinin (pha) and to alloantigens in mixed lymphocyte culture. lf inhibited proliferation in both assays in a dose-dependent manner. the suppressive effect was not due to lf mediated cytotoxicity since washing cells that had been pre-incubated with lf restored their proliferative activity. lf was most effective in suppressing the pha response when added withi ...19872963123
identification of a novel herpes simplex virus type 1-induced glycoprotein which complexes with ge and binds immunoglobulin.we detected a glycoprotein on the surface of cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1) which, in conjunction with ge, binds immunoglobulin g (igg). the novel glycoprotein, which has an apparent molecular mass of 70 kilodaltons and was provisionally named g70, was first detected in extracts of hsv-1-infected cells labeled by lactoperoxidase-catalyzed iodination and precipitated with rabbit sera or igg and protein a-sepharose. in subsequent experiments, g70 and ge were coprecipitated ...19873035221
herpes simplex virus immediate-early promoters are responsive to virus and cell trans-acting factors.the promoters for each of the immediate-early genes from herpes simplex virus type 1 were cloned and fused to a chloramphenicol acetyltransferase cassette. these chimeric genes were used as targets in a transient expression assay to determine how the immediate-early gene products icp4 and icp0 and the virion-associated stimulatory protein vmw65 affected their expression in hela and vero cells. the basal level of expression from these cassettes differed significantly depending on the extent of 5' ...19873035226
sv40-based escherichia coli shuttle vectors infectious for monkey cells.we describe sv40-based escherichia coli shuttle vectors which can be packaged as pseudovirions without excision of plasmid sequences and which can be rescued in bacteria. these vectors replicate and are transmitted as virus in monkey cos cells without requiring a helper virus. extrachromosomal vector dna isolated from infected cells can be rescued in e. coli, so that dna alterations can be easily screened. indeed, some of the constructions give rise to very stable plasmids with no detectable rea ...19873036664
source of iron in neutrophil-mediated killing of endothelial cells.recently we have shown that human neutrophils activated with phorbol ester are cytotoxic for cultured bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells in an iron-dependent manner. by using the ferric iron chelator deferoxamine mesylate, we have now investigated the source of the iron. pretreatment of neutrophils with deferoxamine mesylate affected neither their production of o2- nor their cytotoxicity for endothelial cells after addition of phorbol ester. however, similar pretreatment of endothelial ce ...19873037192
on the mechanism of antithrombotic action of flavonoids.flavonols (quercetin and rutin) and flavanes (cyanidol and meciadonol) were studied for their effect on non-enzymatic lipid peroxidation, lipoxygenase and cyclo-oxygenase activities, binding to albumin and platelet membranes. these biochemical properties of four flavonoids were compared with respect to their antithrombotic action in vivo and their efficacy at influencing the platelet-endothelium interaction in vitro. all four flavonoids inhibited the ascorbate-stimulated formation of malondialde ...19873101704
comparison of the chinese schema and the international antigenic typing system for serotyping pseudomonas aeruginosa.twelve strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa representing 12 serogroups in the serogrouping schema used in the people's republic of china were compared with serogroups in the international antigenic typing system (iats). the first eight groups originated in the people's republic of china, and group ii appears to have a new major antigen that is not found in the iats. groups i, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, and viii correspond to groups 11, 6, 9, 4, 8, 3, and 1, respectively, of the iats. groups ix, x, xi, an ...19873108310
cloning of reticulocyte lipoxygenase mrna. 19873109402
amino acid-dependent transport of sugars by fusobacterium nucleatum atcc 10953.resting cells of fusobacterium nucleatum 10953 (grown previously in a medium containing glucose) failed to accumulate glucose under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. however, the addition of glutamic acid, lysine, or histidine to anaerobic suspensions of cells caused the immediate and rapid accumulation of glucose. except for the amino acid-dependent transport of galactose and fructose (the latter being transported at approximately one-third the rate of glucose), no other sugars tested were accum ...19873114229
lysozyme-protease-inorganic monovalent anion lysis of oral bacterial strains in buffers and stimulated whole saliva.similar to streptococcus mutans, buffer suspensions of lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus plantarum, and fusobacterium nucleatum all undergo cell lysis when treated with the lysozyme-protease-inorganic monovalent anion antibacterial system. for lactobacillus species treated with lysozyme and proteases at phs of 4 and 5.3, lysis resulted when a lytic activating concentration of bicarbonate anion followed enzyme treatment. furthermore, synergistic lysis of these bacteria was noted when lysozyme-pr ...19873114343
schistosoma mansoni polypeptides immunogenic in mice vaccinated with radiation-attenuated cercariae.we compared the humoral immune response of mice protected against schistosoma mansoni by vaccination with radiation-attenuated cercariae to that of patently infected mice, and we identified antigens that elicit a greater, or unique, immune response in the vaccinated mice. these comparisons were based upon radioimmunoprecipitations and immunodepletion of [35s]methionine-labeled schistosomular and adult worm polypeptides, followed by one- and two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel analyses. the humora ...19873116082
the inhibition by valproic acid of the mitochondrial oxidation of monocarboxylic and omega-hydroxymonocarboxylic acids: possible implications for the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid.the interactions of 1-5 mm valproic acid with the hepatic fatty acid oxidation are here described. valproic acid was not substrate for hepatic peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation. its activation outside the mitochondrial matrix compartment was poor when compared to that of octanoic acid, a fatty acid containing the same number of carbones. valproic acid did not inhibit the fatty acyl-coa oxidase nor the cyanide-insensitive acyl-coa oxidation. valproic acid inhibited the mitochondrial oxidations of ...19873117781
evaluation of the 11co2 positron emission tomographic method for measuring brain ph. i. ph changes measured in states of altered pco2.the 11co2 method for measuring local brain ph with positron emission tomography (pet) has been experimentally evaluated, testing the adequacy of the kinetic model and the ability of the method to measure changes in brain ph. plasma and tissue time/activity curves measured during and following continuous inhalation of 11co2 were fit with a kinetic model that includes effects of tissue ph, blood flow, and fixation of co2 into compounds other than dissolved gas and bicarbonate ions. for each of ten ...19873121647
lactate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase of sertoli cells in rats.lactate-dehydrogenase (ldh) and malate-dehydrogenase (mdh) activities and isozyme patterns of maturing sertoli cells were investigated in cultured cells obtained from 2-5-week-old rats. both enzymes, and more strikingly ldh, increased between 2 and 3 weeks of age. ldh isozyme complement included all five isozymes and, in the more mature rats, had a shift toward the isoforms rich in subunit. these data are consistent with an increasing production of lactate/pyruvate and with a finer regulation of ...19873122678
identification of biological false positives in anti-hiv antibody tests. 19873122793
characterization of the ksga gene of escherichia coli determining kasugamycin the plasmid puc8ksga7, the coding region of the ksga gene is preceded by the lac promoter (plac) and a small open reading frame (orf). this orf of 15 codons is composed of nucleotides derived from the lacz gene, a multiple cloning site and the ksga gene itself. the reading frame begins with the atg initiation codon of lacz and ends a few nucleotides beyond the atg start codon of ksga. the ksga gene is not preceded by a shine-dalgarno (sd) signal. cells transformed with puc8ksga7 produce activ ...19873122846
cross-reactivity among legionella species and serogroups.cross-reactions of 17 members of the family legionellaceae were studied by four different serological techniques: immunofluorescence (if), slide agglutination (sa), microagglutination (ma) and immunodiffusion (id), using antigens and rabbit antisera prepared in our laboratory. results obtained corresponded closely with those described by other authors, especially for if and sa. the 17 antigens were further tested by if with a panel of sera previously diagnosed as positive for legionella. a high ...19873123264
certain bacterial species and morphotypes in localized juvenile periodontitis and in matched controls.subgingival microflora in localized juvenile periodontitis (ljp) was examined by culture of certain bacterial species and by direct dark-field microscopy in affected and unaffected periodontal pockets of 11 patients and in their age- and sex-matched controls. only actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (a.a.) correlated to periodontal destruction and occurred most frequently at the affected ljp sites. a.a., bacteroides intermedius and fusobacterium nucleatum were isolated in proportions greater th ...19873473219
a clinical, demographic and microbiologic study of anug patients in an urban dental school.35 anug patients were examined and compared clinically and demographically. plaque removed from ulcerated sites in 20 patients was cultured using quantitative anaerobic procedures and examined by electron and darkfield microscopy. patients were classified as having anug when presenting with ulceration and necrosis of interproximal papillae, pain and bleeding. the clinical symptoms of fetid odor, pseudomembrane formation, lymphadenopathy and elevated body temperature were present in 97%, 85%, 61% ...19873476504
effect of periodontal therapy on specific antibody responses to suspected periodontopathogens.the effects of clinically successful periodontal therapy were studied in juvenile periodontitis (jp) and rapidly progressive periodontitis (rp) patients and compared with periodontally healthy subjects (hs). serum samples were obtained in 35 hs prior to the study and in 12 of these subjects 3-4 years later. serum samples were obtained from 50 jp patients initially, 9 subjects immediately following surgical therapy and 29 of these subjects 3-4 years later. rp patients provided 46 initial serum sa ...19873476519
structural determinants of activity of chlorhexidine and alkyl bisbiguanides against the human oral flora.we assayed chlorhexidine and a series of its analogues, in which the chlorophenyl terminal substituents were replaced with alkyl chains, for their in vitro antimicrobial activity against the gram-negative and gram-positive oral bacteria. changes in antimicrobial activity were correlated with changes in agent structure for identification of structural criteria which may be important in the optimization of agent activity. chlorhexidine showed substantial antimicrobial activity against the gram-neg ...19873476581
4 beta-pdbu contracts parenchymal strip and synergizes with raised cytosolic calcium.the effect of various concentrations of 4 beta-phorbol dibutyrate, (4-beta pdbu) phorbol myristate acetate (pma), and 4 beta-phorbol didecanoate (4 beta-pdd) were studied on the guinea-pig parenchymal strip. the order of potency, 4 beta-pdbu greater than pma greater than 4 beta-pdd, was the inverse of their lipid solubility. 4 beta-pdbu, 10(-9)-10(-4) m, caused a powerful, slow, sustained contraction starting within 2-3 min and reaching maximum in approximately 45 min, the maximum being 170% of ...19873478200
the growth of oral bacteria on saliva.the present experiments were aimed at studying the degradation of salivary glycoproteins by the oral microflora. to this end, s. sanguis i strain ny476 and s. sanguis ii (s. mitior) strain ny581 were grown continuously in human-whole saliva. under these conditions, the strains produced a variety of cell-associated hydrolytic activities, including glycosidases, exo- and endopeptidases, and esterases. s. sanguis ii generally exhibited higher levels of enzyme activity than did s. sanguis i, in part ...19873305628
t-lymphocyte and experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis.the immunopathogenic mechanisms underlying s-antigen-induced experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (eau) were discussed with particular emphasis on the cellular immune response on the basis of the following data: 1) athymic nude rats did not develop eau unless sensitized lymphocytes obtained from heterozygous rats were transferred into the nude rats; 2) cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant selective to the t-lymphocytes, completely inhibited the cellular immune response to s-antigen as well as eau ...19873312733
bacterial adherence on replicas of sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels.a method for determining which molecules in a complex mixture of proteins can function as bacterial receptors was devised. salivary proteins were separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and transferred to nitrocellulose. bacteria that were metabolically labeled with 3h or externally labeled with 125i were incubated on the nitrocellulose replicas. after 18 h at 4 degrees c, the unbound cells were removed by repeated washing of the replicas, and the bands to which th ...19873314581
[effect of single 60co whole-body irradiation on the absolute count and degree-of-maturity distribution of reticulocytes in the rat].wistar-rats were exposed to a single 60co-gamma-total body irradiation with 1.5 gy, 3.0 gy and 4.5 gy. the trend of reticulocyte count and the reticulocyte maturation distribution were measured with an automatic analysis system over a period of 30 days. in all animals the reticulocyte count as well as the maturation distribution showed minima at the second and the twelfth day post irradiation. the duration of the minima were dose dependent. the changes of the reticulocyte count and the maturatio ...19873317952
micro in vitro test for chloroquine resistance of plasmodium falciparum: discrepancies attributable to batch variation of plates. 19873318026
abo blood groups and escherichia coli sepsis. 19873318030
pulsatile secretion of growth hormone and insulin in relation to feeding in unrestrained male wistar rats chronically implanted with intracardiac catheters, blood samples were taken every 20 min throughout the 24 h of the diurnal cycle. plasma concentrations of growth hormone (gh), insulin, and glucose were measured. the pattern of food intake was continuously monitored. the existence of 3-h pulsatile cycles of gh secretion was confirmed. in addition, short bursts of insulin secretion were observed in the middle of every second gh peak-to-peak interval. food intake a ...19873318507
[medico-genetic studies of human provisional organs]. 19873318529
biologically active luteinizing hormone (lh) in klinefelter's syndrome: response to gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) and effects of testosterone undecanoate.basal and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh)-stimulated levels of biologically active and immunoreactive lh (blh and ilh) were measured in six patients with klinefelter's syndrome (ks) (mean age 24.7 years). in the same patients the diurnal rhythm of serum testosterone (t) was investigated (morning values vs. evening values). the results were compared with those obtained in ten normal young men (mean age 29.3 years). moreover, in one patient with ks we studied the effects of testosterone unde ...19873318557
anti-candida drugs--the biochemical basis for their activity.the past years have seen a continuous effort toward the synthesis of new antifungal agents. most of them belong to the n-substituted imidazoles and triazoles. another interesting series of antifungals are the allylamines. biochemically, both the azole derivatives and the allylamines belong to the class of ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors and thus differ from the polyene macrolide antibiotics. indeed, it is now believed that the antifungal action of the polyenes, nystatin and amphotericin b, is ...19873319421
on the "culture medium for cultivation of m. leprae" published by dr. laszlo kato. 19873326905
suspected periodontopathic microorganisms and their oral habitats in young children.samples of subgingival plaque from 67 children, 5-7 years of age, were examined for the presence of certain suspected periodontal pathogenic species using the conventional technique of anaerobic sonification, dilution and spiral plating. when this technique was compared with a direct plating procedure which involved no preliminary dispersion and dilution of plaque specimens, it was found that the direct method resulted in double the frequency of children in whom black-pigmented bacteroides (bpb) ...198710870469
isofluorane inhibits early mouse embryo development in vitro development of 2-cell mouse embryos to the blastocyst stage was used to assess the toxicity of isofluorane, nitrous oxide, fentanyl, and meperidine. isofluorane at concentrations similar to those employed during human oocyte recovery for ivf significantly inhibited mouse embryo development. since the other agents were without effect, balanced anesthesia with nitrous oxide and narcotics may be preferable to isofluorane for ivf and gift.19883335266
isofluorane inhibits early mouse embryo development in vitro development of 2-cell mouse embryos to the blastocyst stage was used to assess the toxicity of isofluorane, nitrous oxide, fentanyl, and meperidine. isofluorane at concentrations similar to those employed during human oocyte recovery for ivf significantly inhibited mouse embryo development. since the other agents were without effect, balanced anesthesia with nitrous oxide and narcotics may be preferable to isofluorane for ivf and gift.19883335266
the preparation and characterization of cr(iii) and co(iii) complexes of gdp and gtp and their interactions with avian phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase.the exchange inert coordination complexes, cr(h2o)4gdp, cr(h2o)4gtp, cr(nh3)4gdp, cr(nh3)4gtp, co(nh3)4gdp, and co(nh3)4gtp have been synthesized and characterized. the lambda and delta coordination isomers of cr(h2o)4gdp, cr(nh3)4gdp, and the four cr(h2o)4gtp isomers have been separated by reverse phase hplc and characterized by their cd spectra. while the isomers of co(nh3)4gtp have not been successfully separated, 31p nmr spectroscopy reveals the presence of the lambda and delta forms. the co ...19883346664
piezoelectric polymer curvature sensor for measurement of regional curvature radius of lv evaluate regional myocardial function, we developed a curvature sensor for direct and instantaneous measurement of the regional curvature radius of the lv wall. the sensor is a bimorph of two sheets of thin piezoelectric polymer film. the relation between output voltage of the sensor and the reciprocal of the known curvature radius has been shown to be linear. in anesthetized dogs, we inserted the curvature sensor into the subepimyocardium with a specially designed introducer. special care wa ...19883364584
thermochemosensitivity: augmentation by hyperthermia of cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs against human colorectal cancers, measured by the human tumor clonogenic assay.thermochemosensitivity was examined in vitro by a human tumor clonogenic assay (htca) using specimens obtained surgically from 43 patients with colorectal cancer. we found that the percentages of patients whose cells showed higher sensitivity (greater than 70% inhibition of colony formation) to hyperthermia alone were 29.6 and 55.6% at 42 and 43 degrees c each for 1 h, respectively. similarly, percentages of patients whose cells were sensitive to drugs alone were 13.8, 24.1 and 48.3%, for cis-di ...19883368200
[sensitivity to an amoxicillin-clavulanic acid combination, of deep tonsillar flora isolated in chronic tonsillitis].deep tonsillar flora were identified in tonsils removed from 48 patients, children and adults, with chronic tonsillitis and recurrent sore throats or obstructive hypertrophy. most specimens (38/48) cultured multiple germs (2 to 5 different species) with aerobic and anaerobic gram+ and gram-forms, some being beta-lactamase producers. of the total of 135 strains isolated, 104 were aerobic and 31 anaerobic. the species of aerobic germs most frequently isolated were: apart from alpha-hemolytic strep ...19883369805
human pharmacological investigation of a human recombinant tumor necrosis factor preparation (pac-4d) a phase-i trial.15 patients aged between 24 and 66 years with 10 different malignant tumor diseases were treated with a recombinant human tumor necrosis factor preparation pac-4d in a phase-i trial. the starting dose was 10(5) u pac-4d as an intravenous short infusion. the maximally tolerable dose is around 18 x 10(5) u/m2. as the main clinical side effects were observed: fever, chills, hypertension with subsequent hypotension, lethargy, transient somnolence, headache, neurological deficiency symptoms, nausea a ...19883377652
recovery of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens in 12 years at two military hospitals.examination of 15,844 clinical specimens submitted over 12 years (1973 to 1985) to the anaerobic microbiology laboratories in two military hospitals demonstrated the recovery of anaerobic bacteria in 4,458 (28.1%) specimens. the specimens yielded 6,557 anaerobic isolates (1.47 isolates per specimen). bacteroides spp. accounted for 43% of all isolates; anaerobic gram-positive cocci, 26%; clostridium spp., 7%; and fusobacterium spp., 4%. bacteroides spp. predominated in abscesses, obstetrical and ...19883384929
induction of gene amplification by arsenic.arsenic is a well-established carcinogen in humans, but there is little evidence for its carcinogenicity in animals and it is inactive as an initiator or tumor promoter in two-stage models of carcinogenicity in mice. two arsenic salts (sodium arsenite and sodium arsenate) induced a high frequency of methotrexate-resistant 3t6 cells, which were shown to have amplified copies of the dihydrofolate reductase gene. the ability of arsenic to induce gene amplification may relate to its carcinogenic eff ...19883388020
evidence of estrogen receptors in normal human osteoblast-like seven strains of cultured normal human osteoblast-like cells, a mean of 1615 molecules of tritium-labeled 17 beta-estradiol per cell nucleus could be bound to specific nuclear sites. the nuclear binding of the labeled steroid was temperature-dependent, steroid-specific, saturable, and cell type-specific. these are characteristics of biologically active estrogen receptors. pretreatment with 10 nanomolar estradiol in vitro increased the specific nuclear binding of progesterone in four of six ce ...19883388021
the synergistic effect of cefotaxime and desacetylcefotaxime against clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria.the synergistic interaction of cefotaxime and desacetylcefotaxime against 187 clinically significant anaerobic organisms was investigated. fusobacterium nucleatum, actinomyces odontolyticus, propionibacteria, lactobacilli, peptostreptococci, streptococcus intermedius and veillonella were sensitive to cefotaxime. both eubacterium lentum and streptococcus morbillorum were resistant. the susceptibility of the clostridia varied from 0.125 to greater than 256 mg/l; only 20% of species demonstrated sy ...19883396488
microbial flora of surface versus core tonsillar cultures in recurrent tonsillitis in children.surface and 'core' tonsillar specimens were collected from 60 children, between 2 and 14 years of age, suffering from recurrent tonsillitis, in order to establish the reliability of surface tonsillar swabbing technique and to define the most frequently involved aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. from the qualitative point of view, the same mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora were obtained in both samples thus demonstrating the reliability of the surface swabbing technique. from the quantitative ...19883397235
comparative studies on the central effects of the angiotensin ii analogue (sar1 azaval3 ile8) at ii.the effects of the newly-synthesized at ii analogue (sar1 azaval3 ile8) at ii were investigated in comparison with the octapeptide at ii and the analogue saralazin (sar1 ala8) at ii, using intracerebroventricular administration, with respect to the following parameters: the level of biogenic monoamines (da, na and 5-ht) and the metabolites hva and 5-hiaa in mouse forebrain; the behaviour of the animals--cataleptogenic actions of mice, ptz convulsive--seizure threshold in mice, apomorphine stereo ...19883407412
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