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rediscovering wormwood: qinghaosu for malaria. 20061347342
endotoxin antibody for sepsis in infants. 20061347362
structure of holo-chaperonin studied with electron microscopy. oligomeric cpn10 on top of two layers of cpn60 rings with two stripes each.a structural model of holo-chaperonin, known as a protein-folding control protein comprising 60 kda (cpn60) and 10 kda polypeptides (cpn10), is proposed based on the electron microscopic images of holo-chaperonin from thermus thermophilus and cpn60 from paracoccus denitrificans. isolated paracoccus cpn60 shows very similar images to those of escherichia coli tetradecameric cpn60, a seven-membered ring in the top view and a rectangular shape with four stripes in the side view. however, a small nu ...19921347504
recommendations on the use of ultrasound and doppler technology in clinical obstetrics and gynecology. figo study group on the assessment of new technology. 20051351013
detubularization-induced contractile response change of the ileum following ileocystoplasty.we reported previously that following ileocystoplasty the structure and pharmacologic response of the implanted ileum changes towards that of the bladder. specifically, the relaxation response to alpha adrenergic (methoxamine) and purinergic (atp) stimulation reverses to a contractile response one month after the ileal segment is surgically made part of the urinary bladder. the present study was designed to investigate possible signals for this change and also to determine whether bladder respon ...19921351953
tissue engineering. keystone symposia on molecular and cellular biology. april 3-10, 1992. abstracts. 20061351964
immunoglobulins in milk from cows immunized with oral strains of actinomyces, prevotella, porphyromonas, and fusobacterium.immunization of pregnant cows with bacteria leads to the presence of high concentrations of specific antibodies in colostrum and milk. a total of 14 cows was immunized with single strains of heat-killed oral bacteria or pools of strains of actinomyces, porphyromonas, prevotella, and fusobacterium. two cows were treated with adjuvant alone. the mean percentages of igg1, igg2, igm, and iga in all of the milks were 83.8, 3.8, 9.3, and 3.1, respectively. elisa and whole cell agglutination assays dem ...19921354674
cd45ra and cd45ro positive cd4 cells in human peripheral blood and periodontal disease tissue before and after stimulation with periodontopathic bacteria.flow cytometric analysis was used to examine naive and primed or memory cd4 cells extracted from periodontal lesions compared with cells from peripheral blood of healthy subjects before and after stimulation with the periodontopathic bacteria, porphyromonas gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum. in peripheral blood, approximately 60% and 40% of cd4 cells were cd45ro+ and cd45ra+ respectively at day 0. phytohaemagglutinin (pha) induced cd45ro expression on almost 100% of cd4 cells. however, p. g ...19921356262
different responses in b cells induced by porphyromonas gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum.a phenotypic study had shown that gingival b cells respond differently to two periodontopathic bacteria, porphyromonas gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum. further investigation now shows a reduction in the percentage of ki-67 + t cells in cultures of gingival and peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with p. gingivalis for 3 and 6 days, respectively, but no suppression of ki-67 expression in b cells in response to either p. gingivalis or f. nucleatum. depletion studies of cultures of ...19921359860
comparative studies on the mode of action of proctolin and phorbol-12,13-dibutyrate in their ability to contract the locust mandibular closer muscle.the role of proctolin has been further investigated in the locust (locusta migratoria) mandibular closer muscles. radioactive calcium uptake measurements were made using protease-dissociated muscle cells. both the phorbol ester, phorbol-12,13-dibutyrate, and proctolin produce tonic contractions which are associated with the influx of extracellular calcium. the thresholds for proctolin and the phorbol ester to contract the muscle were 1-10 nm and 10-100nm, respectively, while their respective thr ...20061360273
sensitization of oral bacteria to killing by low-power laser radiation.twenty-seven compounds were screened for their ability to sensitize streptococcus sanguis to killing by light from a 7.3-mw helium/neon (hene) laser. bacteria were mixed with various concentrations of the test compounds, spread over the surfaces of agar plates, and then exposed to light from the hene laser for various time periods. the plates were then incubated and examined for zones of inhibition. those compounds found to be effective photosensitizers were then tested against porphyromonas gin ...19921369193
characterization of guanosine diphospho-d-mannose dehydrogenase from pseudomonas aeruginosa. structural analysis by limited proteolysis.alginate is believed to be a major virulence factor in the pathogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. guanosine diphospho-d-mannose dehydrogenase (gdpmannose dehydrogenase, ec is a key enzyme in the alginate biosynthetic pathway which catalyzes the oxidation of guanosine diphospho-d-mannose (gdp-d-mannose) to gdp-d-mannuronic acid. in this paper, we report the structural analysis of gmd by limited proteolysis using three different ...19921370473
myeloid and erythroid progenitor cells from normal bone marrow adhere to collagen type of the mechanisms by which normal hematopoietic progenitor cells remain localized within the bone marrow microenvironment is likely to involve adhesion of these cells to extracellular matrix (ecm) proteins. for example, there is evidence that uncommitted, hla-dr-negative progenitor cells and committed erythroid precursors (bfu-e) bind to fibronectin. however, fibronectin is not known to mediate binding of committed myeloid (granulocyte-macrophage) progenitors, raising the possibility that ot ...20041370640
expression of schwann cell and peripheral t-cell activation epitopes in hereditary motor and sensory evaluate possible immune-mediated mechanisms in hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (hmsn-i, charcot-marie-tooth syndrome), we examined class ii major histocompatibility complex antigen expression (mhc-ii, hla-dr) in schwann cells and peripheral lymphocyte t-cell (ta1, cd26) activation in five unrelated adults with hmsn-i. evidence of increased activation expression was found in both compartments but the pattern did not suggest a general state of hyperimmunity or appear related to clinica ...20041370667
regulation of annexin i in adipogenesis: camp-independent action of methylisobutylxanthine.the differentiation of 3t3-l1 fibroblasts to adipocytes can be accelerated by the addition of 1-methyl-3-isobutylxanthine (mix), insulin, and dexamethasone to the culture medium. during differentiation, we have demonstrated that the level of both annexin i mrna and protein decreases. the half-times for this reduction were 2 h and 10 h for annexin i mrna and protein, respectively. of the added agents in the differentiation medium, only mix caused a decline in annexin i expression in 3t3-l1 fibrob ...20051370745
dinucleotide (ca/gt) repeat polymorphism in intron 17b of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (cftr) gene.we describe a polymorphic microsatellite (ivs17bca) in intron 17b of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (cftr) gene. it consists of an 11 to 20 ca/gt dinucleotide repeat, located 424 bp from exon 17b.19921370810
cocaine/polydrug use in pregnancy: two-year follow-up.the impact of cocaine on pregnancy and neonatal outcome has been well documented over the past few years, but little information regarding long-term outcome of the passively exposed infants has been available. in the present study, the 2-year growth and developmental outcome for three groups of infants is presented: group 1 infants exposed to cocaine and usually marijuana and/or alcohol (n = 106), group 2 infants exposed to marijuana and/or alcohol but no cocaine (n = 45), and group 3 infants ex ...20051370867
biochemical and functional characterization of the leucocyte tyrosine phosphatase cd45 (cd45ro, 180 kd) from human neutrophils. in vivo upregulation of cd45ro plasma membrane expression on patients undergoing haemodialysis.the biochemical and functional characterization, and the regulation of plasma membrane expression of the leucocyte tyrosine phosphatase cd45, have been investigated in neutrophils from healthy donors and patients undergoing haemodialysis. cd45 proteins of 180 kd and 130-150 kd were precipitated from neutrophils from both healthy subjects and haemodialysed patients. prolonged storing, as well as trypsin treatment of samples containing the 180-kd cd45 protein, generated the 130-150-kd polypeptides ...19921370931
the establishment of human t cell lines reactive with specific periodontal bacteria.human t cell lines (tcls) were obtained by stimulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) with the 2 periodontopathic bacteria, porphyromonas gingivalis fdc-381 and fusobacterium nucleatum fdc-263. after the first round of stimulation and rest, the cells responded specifically to the bacteria originally used to establish each line. throughout the culture period, the responsiveness of each of the tcls to their specific bacteria increased. phenotypic analysis of the tcls revealed hetero ...19921383912
ec directives on medical devices. 20061392944
the molecular genetics of schizophrenia. 20061393109
[lemierre's syndrome with splenic abscesses].a week after onset of a pharyngo-tonsillitis a previously healthy 23-year-old man developed high fever (41.4 degrees c), leukocytosis (12,200/microliters) with marked shift to the left, thrombocytopenia (86,000/microliters) and increased transaminases (got 83 u/l, gpt 113 u/l). chest x-ray film suggested intrapulmonary abscesses with left-sided pleural effusion. the suspected diagnosis of "post-tonsillitis" septicaemia (lemierre's syndrome) was confirmed by demonstrating anaerobic, fusiform, gra ...19921396137
identification of proteases from periodontopathogenic bacteria as activators of latent human neutrophil and fibroblast-type interstitial collagenases.activation of latent human fibroblast-type and neutrophil interstitial procollagenases as well as degradation of native type i collagen by supra- and subgingival dental plaque extracts, an 80-kda trypsinlike protease from porphyromas gingivalis (atcc 33277), a 95-kda chymotrypsinlike protease from treponema denticola (atcc 29522), and selected bacterial species commonly isolated in periodontitis was studied. the bacteria included were prevotella intermedia (atcc 25261), prevotella buccae (es 57) ...19921398963
longitudinal monitoring of humoral antibody in subjects with destructive periodontal diseases.fifty-one subjects (16-61 years old) with evidence of prior destructive periodontal disease were monitored clinically and immunologically at bi-monthly intervals for up to 5 yr. periodontal disease activity, determined as new attachment loss, was detected in 33 of these subjects. only 4 of 51 subjects failed to show an elevated serum antibody level to any of the 18 subgingival species tested. the antibody level threshold established for periodontally healthy subjects was exceeded most often in d ...19921403580
study of acute intraoperative suprachoroidal hemorrhage.acute intraoperative suprachoroidal hemorrhage or effusion (aish) was studied in a prospective manner over the past three years. in a general cataract surgery population of 2,523 patient eyes, 15 (0.6%) experienced an aish. results of a specific surgical management technique are presented. surgical control of the aish consisted of immediate closure of the incision and application of pressure directly to the eye. this tamponades the effusion or hemorrhage, which allows coagulation and completion ...20061403754
experimentally induced infection by oral anaerobic microorganisms in a mouse model.a mouse model was developed to study the abscessogenic potential of pure and mixed cultures of oral anaerobes associated with infections of endodontic origin. maximum subcutaneous lesions were seen on their backs between 3 and 14 d after inoculation. strains of fusobacterium nucleatum, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, and veillonella parvula were pathogenic in pure culture. a mixed culture of f. nucleatum with either porphyromonas gingivalis or prevotella intermedia was significantly more pathogen ...19921408362
2-hydroxyglutaryl-coa dehydratase from fusobacterium nucleatum (subsp. nucleatum): an iron-sulfur flavoprotein.anaerobically prepared cell-free extracts from fusobacterium nucleatum contain 2-hydroxyglutaryl-coa dehydratase with a specific activity of 20 nkat mg-1. the enzyme was purified 24-fold to a specific activity of 480 nkat mg-1 by anion exchange chromatography, gel filtration and chromatography on blue-sepharose. the activity of the purified enzyme was strictly dependent on the reductant ti(iii)citrate and stimulated 25-fold by 0.15 mm atp and 5 mm mgcl2. atp is hydrolysed to adp during incubatio ...19921417419
facial paralysis reconstruction with gore-tex soft-tissue procedure perfectly restores a face paralyzed by surgical ablation of the facial nerve. although dynamic reconstructive procedures are preferred for treating patients with complete facial paralysis, various conditions contraindicate their use, making static suspension of the paralyzed face a reasonable surgical alternative. expanded polytef soft-tissue patch (polytetrafluoroethylene; gore-tex soft-tissue patch, gore-tex, w. l. gore & assoc inc., flagstaff, ariz) was used to help correct midfa ...20061418899
mannitol does not affect energy metabolism in forebrain ischemia.mannitol has a beneficial effect on ischemic injury following a short-duration forebrain ischemic insult in rats. using the same animal model, we attempted to show that this effect of mannitol could be traced (via an improvement in cerebral blood flow) to a tempering of the collapse in the high-energy phosphates that occurs during the insult. a 10 min ischemic insult was induced by bilateral carotid artery occlusion followed by a reduction of the blood pressure to 50 mmhg through removal of bloo ...19921421096
mandatory testing? 20061426457
pedigree analysis of children with phonology disorders.this study examined 87 pedigrees of individuals with histories of preschool phonology disorders. results confirmed previous reports that speech and language disorders aggregate in families, with a higher incidence of males affected than females. significantly more family members with dyslexia and learning disabilities, but not stuttering or hearing impairment, were found in pedigrees of individuals with phonology disorders than in pedigrees of nondisabled individuals. probands with and without a ...20061431544
thrombocytopenia and the neglected megakaryocyte. 20061435936
complement activation by lipopolysaccharides purified from gram-negative bacteria isolated from infected root canals.the purpose of the present study was to investigate the complement activation by lipopolysaccharides purified from porphyromonas (bacteroides) endodontalis, veillonella parvula, and fusobacterium nucleatum isolated from infected root canals. the rate of consumption of the c3t component of the complement increased remarkably when lipopolysaccharides of more than 10 micrograms were added.19921437068
comparison of the effects of galactose and glucose on the ph responses of human dental plaque, salivary sediment and pure cultures of oral bacteria.comparisons made in dental plaque in vivo demonstrated that galactose produces a significantly smaller decrease in ph than does glucose. in vitro studies with plaque, salivary sediment and pure cultures of oral bacteria done in the absence of intraoral factors such as flowing saliva confirmed this lesser acidogenicity of galactose. pure culture showed that most of the bacteria tested produce a moderate to large decrease with glucose but only a few do so with galactose; most produced a moderate t ...19921444892
"raynaud's disease" in migraineurs: one entity or two?two cases are reported of patients who were diagnosed as having both migraine and raynaud's disease. because they were able to achieve effective control of both headaches and extremity temperature after undergoing a comprehensive approach--utilizing medication, biofeedback, and psychotherapy--it is suggested that both conditions are manifestations of the same disorder. it is recommended that a first step in approaching concurrent diagnoses of this type involve combined treatment as is often used ...20061446993
a comparative study of randomly amplified polymorphic dna analysis and conventional phage typing for epidemiological studies of listeria monocytogenes isolates.the analysis of rapd profiles generated by pcr with a single 10-mer, hlwl74, was compared to bacteriophage susceptibility data for epidemiological typing of listeria monocytogenes strains. a total of 104 l. monocytogenes strains was screened, all from serogroup 1 or serotype 4b. of these, 53 had been isolated during 6 different listeriosis outbreaks. the remaining 51 strains were chosen randomly from our collection. a total of 38 rapd types were observed, although each epidemic group of strains ...19921448626
[pathology of myxoid mitral valve degeneration: literature review and personal results].mitral prolapse is a parachute-like protrusion of the value into the left atrium. almost always a myxoid degeneration of the valve is the base of such a prolapse. myxoid degeneration is understood as dissolution of the collagenous fibrous layer and its replacement by acid glucosaminoglycans. an alteration of collagen is suspected as primary defect in this sometimes also inherited disorder. the electron microscope reveals fragmentation of collagen fibrils and elastic fibers and, within the myxoid ...20061448633
[long-term follow-up after thyroidectomy: incidence of recurrent goiter and functional results].we analyzed the postoperative longterm results after strumectomy for sporadic goiter in 26 patients. the follow-up time was 25.1 +/- 14.7 (7-58) years (x +/- sd, extremes). actual goiter recurrence without need for surgery was observed and sonographically confirmed in 3 patients, and 1 patient without actual recurrence had had a second strumectomy for goiter recurrence in the past. hence the overall frequency of goiter recurrence in this study is 15% (4/26 patients). the patients with a present ...20061448680
immunohistochemical localization of gangliosides in enu-induced rat glioma.biochemical studies have indicated that the structurally simple gangliosides, including gd3 and gm3, are major glycolipid components of glioma tissues. in order to clarify the localization of the gangliosides in ethylnitrosourea-induced rat glioma, an immunohistochemical study was performed using antibodies against gm1, gm3, and gd3. the results obtained in normal fetus, newborn, and adult rat brain, and also in human glioma, were compared. in fetal and newborn rat brain, gd3 was present mainly ...19921449052
an unrecognized etiology for pyogenic hepatic abscesses in normal hosts: dental disease.cryptogenic pyogenic hepatic abscesses are a diagnosis of exclusion. we have identified two patients with severe dental disease at the time of the diagnosis of their liver abscess. in both cases, oral flora was cultured from the abscess. unlike a previous report, both patients were immunocompetent. when compared with a group of patients with liver abscesses and diverticulitis, two differences were found. in contrast to the single abscesses seen in 10 of 10 patients with diverticulitis, the patie ...19921449134
cellular fatty acids in fusobacterium species as a tool for identification.identification of fusobacteria from clinical specimens currently requires analysis of metabolic end products by gas-liquid chromatography in addition to certain biochemical and enzymatic tests because of the relative biochemical inactivity of these bacteria. even the finding of pointed, thin gram-negative cells on gram-stained slides can no longer be relied on for identification of fusobacterium nucleatum, since at least four other species of fusobacteria have been seen to exhibit similar morpho ...19921452706
inheritance of tomaculous neuropathy. 19971456749
phenolic constituents in erythrina x bidwilli and their activity against oral microbial organisms.five flavonoid compounds, including two new isoflavanones, were isolated from the root bark of erythrina x bidwilli. their structures were determined to be 2,10-di(gamma,gamma-dimethylallyl)-3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan (erythrabyssin ii), 6,8-di(gamma,gamma-dimethylallyl)-7,2',4'-trihydroxyisoflavanone (bidwillon a), 8-gamma,gamma-dimethylallyl-2',4'-dihydroxy-[6",6"-di-methylpyrano - (2",3":7,6)]isoflavanone (bidwillon b), 8-gamma,gamma-dimethylallyl-7,4'-dihydroxyisoflavone (8-gamma,gamma-dimethy ...19921464104
clonal dental pulp cells (rdp4-1, rpc-c2a) synthesize and secrete osteopontin (spp1, 2ar).dental pulp cells play an important role in maintaining dental mineralized tissue throughout life. supplementary mineralization such as reparative dentin and pulp stone frequently occurs after primary dentin formation. dental pulp cells are thought to be closely associated with such mineralization. we found that clonal rat dental pulp cells, rdp4-1 and rpc-c2a, produce and secrete osteopontin, but do not synthesize phosphophoryn which is a major noncollagenous protein found in dentin. the dental ...19921472061
doppler investigation of uteroplacental blood flow resistance in the second trimester: a screening study for pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation. 20061472202
rat sertoli and spermatogenic cells express a similar gene, and its product is antigenically related to an outer dense fiber-associated protein.we have previously reported that a heterodimeric protein secreted by rat sertoli cells is antigenically related to a protein associated with outer dense fibers of the sperm tail. therefore, we have explored the possibility that sertoli and spermatogenic cells express a similar gene encoding a homologous protein. a sertoli cell heterodimeric protein cdna probe recognizes specific mrna in pachytene and round spermatids fractionated by centrifugal elutriation; however, this specific mrna was less p ...19921472368
milk--a better drink? relationships with total serum cholesterol in a cross-sectional survey. the nordland health study.cross-sectional studies have not consistently shown a positive association between milk drinking and serum cholesterol. we studied this relationship in a cohort of 7506 men and women aged 40-42 years in the county of nordland in northern norway (72% of all subjects in the age-bracket living in the county). we found a positive relationship between the percentage of fat in the milk and total serum cholesterol, but no positive relationship between whole fat milk consumption (number of glasses per d ...20061475646
hiv education and health education in the united states: a national survey of local school district policies and determine the extent to which hiv education and health education policies and practices are required by school districts in the united states, a national probability sample of public school districts was surveyed by mail in 1990. of 2,150 districts selected, 78.1% responded. hiv education was required by 66.9% of districts. of these, the percentage requiring hiv education increased by grade level from 29.7% in kindergarten to 82.3% in 7th grade, then declined to 37.3% by 12th grade. districts ...19921479838
[pneumococcus-induced septicemia in normal and splenectomized rabbits].a new rabbit model to study the consequences of splenectomy in host resistance to induced pneumococcal septicaemia is presented. a simple, fast, non-invasive and complication-free technique of bacterial inoculation into the rabbit airways, using transcutaneous cannulation of the trachea, is also described. sixteen normal and 24 splenectomised animals were used. the optimal dose of pneumonococcus (serotype b, type iii) was found to be 1 x 10(7) organisms. the above dose of bacteria given transtra ...19921479858
susceptibility of anaerobic microorganisms to hypothiocyanite produced by lactoperoxidase.the susceptibility of capnocytophaga ochracea, eikenella corrodens, eubacterium yurii, fusobacterium nucleatum, peptostreptococcus micros, prevotella intermedia, selenomonas sputigena, wolinella recta to hypothiocyanite (oscn-) produced by the lactoperoxidase system was tested. results showed a decrease of bacterial survival rate after oscn- exposure, with an intra- and inter-species variability from 0 to 95% for c. ochracea, 34-100% for e. corrodens, 0-83% for e. yurii, 1-15% for f. nucleatum, ...19921481764
expression of small heat shock proteins by the third-stage larva of brugia pahangi.changes in proteins synthesised by the infective third-stage larvae (l3) of the filarial nematode brugia pahangi were examined with respect to the temperature shift encountered by the parasite as it migrates from insect to mammal, and the presence of serum in the culture medium. while the synthesis of a number of polypeptides is regulated by the temperature shift of the l3 from 28 degrees c to 37 degrees c in vitro, there is no evidence that serum has any significant effect on protein synthesis. ...19921484547
nerve sheath myxoma: an immunohistochemical study of a case. 20061489420
associations between microbial species in dental root canal infections.the existence of commensal or antagonistic relationships between microorganisms in the root canals of teeth with apical periodontitis was investigated. samples were taken from 65 infected human root canals and were analysed according to species, frequency of occurrence and proportion of the total isolated flora. the most frequent species were fusobacterium nucleatum, prevotella intermedia, peptostreptococcus micros, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, eubacterium alactolyticum, eubacterium lentum and ...19921494447
relationship between oral gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in saliva of the mother and the colonization of her edentulous infant.various gram-negative anaerobic bacterial species can be detected in the oral flora of edentulous infants. however, knowledge of the initial infection source is still scarce. thirty caucasian mothers (mean age 30 years) and their edentulous infants (mean age 3 months) were examined for the possible similarity of the oral gram-negative anaerobic flora. paraffin-stimulated saliva was collected from the mothers. a pooled swab sample from mucosal surfaces and unstimulated saliva were collected from ...19921494450
coaggregation studies of the eubacterium species.eubacterium species are gram-positive anaerobic rods that are frequently isolated from subgingival plaque of periodontal pockets. five eubacterium species were tested for their ability to coaggregate with 33 oral bacterial strains. using visual and turbidimetric assays, coaggregation was observed among eubacterium brachy, eubacterium nodatum, eubacterium alactolyticum and eubacterium limosum strains only when tested with fusobacterium nucleatum strains; eubacterium saburreum displayed only weak ...19921494452
characterization of shared antigens of fusobacterium nucleatum and fusobacterium necrophorum.fusobacterium nucleatum and fusobacterium necrophorum are gram-negative, non-spore-forming anaerobic rods, frequently isolated from the normal flora and diseased lesions of the human oral cavity, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts. f. necrophorum is also known to be an animal pathogen. studies were undertaken with rabbit anti-f. nucleatum sera and with human adult periodontitis (ap) sera that demonstrated the sharing of antigens between the two species. immunodiffusion and immunoelectroph ...19921494453
the breakdown and utilization of peptides by strains of fusobacterium has been claimed that most strains of fusobacterium nucleatum require peptides rather than free amino acids for growth. in contrast, we have shown that, under continuous culture conditions, all strains tested grow in a chemically defined medium (cdm). the purposes of this study were to determine whether resting cells of f. nucleatum could attack unsubstituted peptides and whether growing cells could utilize a peptide fraction prepared from a commercial peptone. resting cells cleaved all 19 pe ...19921494454
golden hamster embryonic genome activation occurs at the two-cell stage: correlation with major developmental changes.the earliest time of onset of embryonic genome activation in golden hamsters was investigated. the inhibition of transcription by alpha-amanitin (11 micrograms/ml) in cultured embryos resulted in a total arrest of development of early 2-cell embryos (26 hr post-egg activation); under similar conditions, immediate cleavage divisions of 1-, late 2-, 4-, and 8-cell embryos were not affected. electrophoretic analysis of [35s]methionine-labeled embryonic proteins showed that alpha-amanitin treatment ...19921497872
primary culture of human fallopian tube epithelial cells and co-culture of early mouse pre-embryos.we have established a monolayer culture system for human fallopian tube epithelial cells. the cells were isolated from tubes using collagenase digestion, and were cultured in ham's f-10 supplemented with 15% fetal calf serum. the epithelial cells derived from culture were characterized using immunocytochemical staining and electron microscopy. these cells were stained with antikeratin and anti-epithelial membrane antigen, but showed no staining after treatment with antivimentin. electron microsc ...19921497873
[botryomycosis caused by fusobacteria].in the anglo-american literature botrymycosis is described as a chronic cutaneous granulomatous reaction to bacterial infection, containing granules resembling the sulphur granules seen in actinomycosis. the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects are discussed with reference to a recently observed patient. fusobacterium nucleatum was isolated as the bacterial cause of the pathologic disorder.19921506205
ruptured splenic abscess secondary to infectious mononucleosis.a 24-year-old woman with a recent diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis presented with fever and left upper quadrant pain. abdominal computed tomography revealed a splenic abscess that at laparotomy was found to have ruptured. this case illustrates a rare cause of splenic abscess and a rare complication of infectious mononucleosis.19921514735
carbohydrate specificity of the receptor sites of mistletoe toxic lectin-i.the carbohydrate specificity of mistletoe toxic lectin-i (ml-i) was studied by haemagglutination-inhibition assay. the results indicated that ml-i has a broad range of affinity for gal alpha,beta linked sequences. the galabiose (e, gal alpha 1----4gal) sequence, a receptor of the uropathogenic e. coli ligand, was one of the best disaccharide inhibitors tested. the lectin also exhibits affinity for lac(gal beta 1----4glc), t(gal beta 1----3galnac), i/ii(gal beta 1----3/4glcnac) and b(gal alpha 1- ...20061525184
the effect of cyclosporin and lipopolysaccharide on fibroblasts: implications for cyclosporin-induced gingival overgrowth.drug-induced gingival overgrowth is an adverse side effect associated principally with 3 different types of drugs; specifically the antiepileptic phenytoin, the calcium channel antagonist nifedipine, and the immunosuppressant cyclosporin. the present study has analyzed the effect of cyclosporin and lipopolysaccharide on fibroblasts from 3 different sources: 1) normal healthy human gingiva (nhgf); 2) overgrown gingiva from 2 patients taking cyclosporin (chgf); and 3) human fetal lung (wi-38). fib ...19921527683
the early colonization of gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in edentulous infants.the occurrence of oral gram-negative anaerobes was examined in 30 edentulous infants (mean age 3 months, range 1-7 months). one pooled swab sample from mucosal surfaces (cheeks, palate, tongue) and one saliva sample was taken from each infant. the samples were cultured aerobically and anaerobically using non-selective and selective media. prevotella (bacteroides) melaninogenica was the most frequently isolated anaerobe, found in 70% of the infants. the other common anaerobes were fusobacterium n ...19921528621
serum igg reactive with oral anaerobic microorganisms associated with infections of endodontic origin.numerous species of bacteria have been implicated with infections of endodontic origin. the purpose of this study was to compare the levels of serum igg antibodies reactive with a panel of 10 oral anaerobic microorganisms implicated in infections of endodontic origin. serum samples were collected from 4 patient groups that included healthy patients without endodontic or periodontal disease, patients with chronic adult periodontal disease, patients with endodontic disease and patients with combin ...19921528630
comparative mitogenicity and polyclonal b cell activation capacity of eight oral or nonoral bacterial lipopolysaccharides in cultures of spleen cells from athymic (nu/nu-balb/c) and thymic (balb/c) mice.optimal stimulatory doses of purified phenol-water extracted lipopolysaccharides (lps) from 5 selected strains of 3 putative periodontopathogens (fusobacterium nucleatum, prevotella intermedia, and veillonella), 3 strains of 2 nonoral bacterial species (bacteroides fragilis and salmonella enteritidis), and pokeweed mitogen (pwm) induced significantly higher maximum mitogenic responses and polyclonal ig production in cultures of unfractionated spleen cells from nu/nu-balb/c (nude) than from balb/ ...19921528635
a non-lectin-like mechanism by which fusobacterium nucleatum 10953 adheres to and activates human lymphocytes.most (approximately 80%) strains of fusobacterium nucleatum adhere to human erythrocytes in a lectin-like manner that is strongly inhibited by n-acetyl-d-galactosamine (galnac). in this study, we investigated the capacity of f. nucleatum 10953, a strain that is weakly inhibited by galnac, to adhere to and activate human lymphocytes in vitro. experiments using [3h]-labeled bacteria and scanning electron microscopy clearly showed that 10953 adhered to lymphocytes and that adherence was blocked by ...19921528636
isolation and properties of the capnocytophaga ochracea bacteriocin.a bacteriocin from a subgingival plaque isolate of capnocytophaga ochracea was purified and characterized. it was isolated from cell extract and had a molecular weight of 100,000. streptococcus sanguis, streptococcus mitis, streptococcus mutans and propionibacterium acnes were susceptible to the bacteriocin.19921528638
polymorphism in the rd (d6s45) gene.the rd (d6s45) gene in the class iii region of the hla major histocompatibility complex encodes a protein normally containing 24 consecutive basic-acidic dipeptide repeats. we determined the frequency of variations in the number of repeats by use of the polymerase chain reaction. of 107 subjects 7 (3.3%) carried genes encoding 22 or 23 repeats. there was no difference in the frequency of such polymorphisms between normal individuals and those with systemic lupus erythematosus, a disease associat ...19921534063
superoxide dismutase and catalase in an experimental model of multiple organ failure.multiple organ failure (mof) can be induced by sterile intraperitoneal injection of zymosan in the rat. this results in a typical triphasic illness with maximal clinical signs at days 2 and 12. in this model, superoxide production and lipid peroxidation closely correlate with the triphasic clinical illness. in the present experiment we studied the effect of albumin conjugated superoxide dismutase (sod) and catalase (cat) on lipid peroxidation and organ damage in the acute phase (days 1 and 2). l ...19921538604
regulations for implementing the clinical laboratory improvement amendments of 1988: a 1988, congress passed the clinical laboratory improvement amendments (clia), which set standards to improve the quality of clinical laboratory testing in all laboratories in the nation that conduct testing on human specimens for health assessment or for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease. this report summarizes the final regulations for implementing clia and provides an overview of each section, specifying laboratory standards and requirements.19921538689
nih's first strategic plan debated. 20061538737
thiol and aspartyl proteolytic activities in secretory vesicles of bovine pituitary.thiol and aspartyl proteolytic activities in isolated secretory vesicles of neural (nl) and intermediate (il) lobes of bovine pituitary were characterized with heterologous enkephalin and tachykinin precursor substrates, 35s-(met)-preproenkephalin and 35s-(met)-beta-preprotachykinin. il and nl secretory vesicles contained thiol-dependent proteolytic activity that cleaved the enkephalin precursor with a ph optimum of 4.5; this activity resembled a novel "prohormone thiol protease' previously puri ...19921550554
serial doxycycline and metronidazole in prevention of recurrent periodontitis in high-risk patients.the efficacy of metronidazole and doxycycline in preventing recurrent periodontitis was studied in 23 patients. after treatment in the previous 7 months with either bimonthly scaling and 3 weeks of systemic doxycycline (11 subjects) or scaling and placebo (12 subjects), patients were monitored for recurrent periodontitis and were scaled every 2 months. when either a periodontal abscess or greater than 2 mm loss of gingival attachment was observed, metronidazole was administered (250 mg every 8 h ...19921552469
synergistic degradation of bovine serum albumin by mutans streptococci and other dental plaque bacteria.mutans streptococci (streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus) exhibited low levels of proteolytic activity against the model protein substrate, fitc-labelled bovine serum albumin, when incubated alone. inclusion of other members of the dental plaque microflora in the assay usually resulted in marked increases in the degree of proteolysis and a high level of synergy. interactions between mutans streptococci and either streptococcus oralis or fusobacterium nucleatum gave rise to the greate ...19921555762
messenger rna sorting in enterocytes. co-localization with encoded proteins.this study describes the intracellular compartmentalization of three different mrnas in the polarized rat fetal enterocyte. they encode proteins that are known to be localized within different regions of the epithelial cell namely (i) the apical, membrane-bound glycoprotein, lactase-phlorizin hydrolase (lactase), (ii) the mitochondrially localized enzyme, carbamoylphosphate synthetase (cps), and (iii) the cytoplasmically localized enzyme, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (pepck). these mrnas ar ...19921563519
[fecal incontinence. epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment]. 20061563608
somatic reversion/suppression in duchenne muscular dystrophy (dmd): evidence supporting a frame-restoring mechanism in rare dystrophin-positive fibers.many duchenne muscular dystrophy (dmd) patients are known to have rare staining dystrophin-positive fibers, termed "revertants." the precise etiology of these rare fibers is unknown. the most likely explanation, however, is somatic mosaicism or somatic reversion/suppression. immunocytochemistry was performed on serial sections from deleted and nondeleted patients, with a panel of antibodies--9219, 1377, 9218, and dys-2--that span dystrophin. both familial and nonfamilial patients possessed rever ...20061570844
fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. fusiforme subsp. nov. and fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. animalis subsp. nov. as additional subspecies within fusobacterium nucleatum.using a variety of physiological, biochemical, and molecular systematic analyses, we have shown previously that there are four groups within the species fusobacterium nucleatum. two of these groups of strains correspond to the recently proposed taxa f. nucleatum subsp. nucleatum and f. nucleatum subsp. polymorphum. in this paper we show that the two remaining groups are distinct and formally propose that they should be recognized as f. nucleatum subsp. fusiforme (type strain, nctc 11326) and f. ...19921581188
neonatal nurse practitioners--a view from perfidious albion? 20061586193
polymerase chain reaction analysis of renin in rat aortic smooth muscle.controversy exists whether vascular smooth muscle cells in vivo synthesize renin, thereby providing a critical component of the hypothesized vascular renin-angiotensin system. to examine this question, we enzymatically isolated and pooled the medial layer of thoracic aortas from sprague-dawley rats that were either untreated or enalapril treated for 3 days, isolated messenger rna (mrna), and performed northern blot analysis with rat complementary dna (cdna) probes for renin, cathepsin d, and cat ...19921592470
polymerase chain reaction analysis of renin in rat aortic smooth muscle.controversy exists whether vascular smooth muscle cells in vivo synthesize renin, thereby providing a critical component of the hypothesized vascular renin-angiotensin system. to examine this question, we enzymatically isolated and pooled the medial layer of thoracic aortas from sprague-dawley rats that were either untreated or enalapril treated for 3 days, isolated messenger rna (mrna), and performed northern blot analysis with rat complementary dna (cdna) probes for renin, cathepsin d, and cat ...19921592470
transforming growth factor beta induces myoblast differentiation in the presence of mitogens.transforming growth factor beta 1 (tgf-beta 1) added to l6e9 rat skeletal myoblasts in mitogen-rich medium induces a rapid decrease in c-myc expression and delays progression through the g1 phase of the cell cycle. this growth inhibitory response is followed by cell commitment to terminal differentiation with elevated expression of myogenin muscle determination genes, induction of muscle-specific proteins, and formation of multinucleated myotubes. these results suggest that tgf-beta 1 may act as ...19921594628
iron, transferrin, and haptoglobin levels after a single bout of exercise in men.twelve, healthy male university student volunteers, between the ages of 20 and 23, were studied. all subjects were considered normal after cardiopulmonary and electrocardiographic examination. the maximal aerobic capacity (vo2 max) of each subject was determined. the exercise programmes were performed on a mechanically braked monark cycle ergometer. the subjects were required to perform the three tests, one per week. each subject had a catheter inserted in an antecubital vein and blood samples w ...20061594669
analysis of the incubation period for measles in the epidemic in greenland in 1951 using a variance components model.this paper presents a model for analysing the incubation period of highly infectious diseases in populations where almost all susceptibles become infected during an epidemic. the model leads to a simple method for estimating the variance of the duration of the incubation period without any distributional assumptions. further, the influence of covariates on the duration of the incubation period can be analysed. data from the epidemic of measles in greenland in 1951 are analysed and it is found th ...20061594801
[transverse myelitis and optic neuromyelitis in children. apropos of 3 case reports].we report on three children with acute transverse myelitis. one of them also had optic neuritis. in connection with these three cases, we discuss etiology, diagnosis and outcome of transverse myelitis in childhood and possible involvement of the optic nerve. our observations show the variability of spinal cord deficit and the fact that there can be a good prognosis, despite severe initial neurological deficits and massive elevation of basic myelin protein in children with atm.20061594852
[perversions in 1991]. 20061594857
temporary pacemakers. 20061594873
fusobacterium nucleatum bacteraemia with multiple liver abscesses in an hiv-i antibody positive man with igg2 deficiency.liver abscess formation due to fusobacterium nucleatum is rare. we describe an hiv-i antibody positive man, with normal surrogate markers of cell-mediated immunity, who presented with f. nucleatum bacteraemia and liver abscess formation. he was found to have igg2 subclass deficiency. this case illustrates the clinical importance of altered b-cell function in patients who are at an early stage of hiv disease.19921602152
[polymorphonuclear leukocyte-mediated effects on human oral keratinocytes by periodontopathic bacterial extracts].in order to investigate the polymorphonuclear leukocyte-mediated oral keratinocyte injury, the author established a method to culture keratinocytes (scc9 and gingival keratinocytes) and subjected to the cell detachment assay by polymorphonuclear leukocytes and/or bacterial ultrasonic extracts from actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans y4, bacteroides forsythus omz 408, fusobacterium nucleatum atcc 10953, capnocytophaga sputigena 4 and eikenella corrodens 1073. the bacterial extracts alone caused ...19921607829
[hypertension detection and follow-up program(hdfp)]. 20061635190
[cornea bank: an increase in the number of transplantations is possible]. 20061636297
genetically induced inner ear degeneration. a structural and functional study.the jerker mouse mutant has an autosomal recessive mutation, which in homozygotes results in early postnatal degeneration of the sensory epithelia in both the cochlea and vestibulum. an age-related consecutive functional and morphological analysis of the cochlea has been performed in homozygote (je/je) and heterozygote (je/+) jerker mice. cochlear function was determined with auditory brainstem response (abr) technique. heterozygotes were regularly tested to a final age of 12 months. with increa ...19921636414
otolaryngologic manifestations of child abuse.currently, awareness is growing of child abuse in the medical and lay communities. to familiarize otolaryngologists with the head and neck findings in abused children, we retrospectively analyzed 85 patients admitted to an inner-city hospital with the diagnosis of abuse or neglect. forty-eight children (56%) had abnormalities within the head and neck region. excluding coincidental findings, 31 children (36%) had findings that could be directly linked to physical abuse or neglect. the face was th ...20061637540
quantitative analysis of the epstein-barr virus-inducing properties of short-chain fatty acids present in the culture fluids of oral bacteria.the culture fluids of various anaerobic bacteria induced the synthesis of early antigens (ea) in epstein-barr virus (ebv) carrying lymphoblastoid cells. the culture fluids of corynebacterium butyricum and fusobacterium nucleatum were the effective inducer on ea. the inducing activity was, to some extent, dependent on their n-butyric acid content, but appeared to be regulated by yet unidentified materials.19911652240
subgingival microflora of advanced periodontitis in the dominican republic.a study of the predominant subgingival microflora was carried out in 24 periodontitis patients, 18 to 60 years of age, in santo domingo, dominican republic. paper point sampling, transport in vmga iii, and conventional microbiological techniques were utilized. direct microscopic examination revealed that cocci and nonmotile organisms made up 85% of the total organisms and spirochetes as little as 3%. nonselective culturing showed gram-negative organisms to constitute 53% of total isolates. fusob ...19911658290
relation of baseline microbial parameters to future periodontal attachment loss.the relationship between the level of subgingival species at baseline and subsequent attachment loss in a subject was examined. 38 subjects (14-71 years) with prior evidence of periodontal destruction were monitored 2x for pocket depth and attachment level at 6 sites per tooth at baseline and 2 months. a subject was considered to exhibit new attachment loss if 1 or more sites increased 3 mm or more in attachment level in 2 months. subgingival plaque samples were taken at the baseline visit from ...19911661304
systemic antibody responses to oral microorganisms in the cynomolgus monkey: development of methodology and longitudinal responses during ligature-induced disease.systemic antibody responses to oral microorganisms were studied during ligature-induced periodontal disease in a non-human primate (nhp) model. methodology was developed using elisa techniques to assess total igg and igm levels in the serum from the nhp. in addition, an elisa was developed utilizing affinity-purified anti-human isotype reagents to detect nhp serum antibody responses to porphyromonas gingivalis, actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, prevotella intermedia and fusobacterium nucleat ...19911665573
phenotypic analysis of b-cells extracted from human periodontal disease tissue.b-cells extracted from periodontal disease tissue were analyzed for the presence of activation markers using a range of monoclonal antibodies. in adult periodontitis (ap), 6% of b-cells expressed the il-2 receptor (cd25) compared with 1-2% in peripheral blood and healthy or marginal gingivitis (h/mg) gingival b-cells. there was also an increase in the mean percentage of igd-positive b-cells and a decrease in cd21 and cd22 expression. in both ap and h/mg lesions, 20-22% of the b-cells expressed c ...19911668249
proceedings of the 3rd north sea conference on periodontology. maastricht, the netherlands, 16-19 may 1990. 20061679767
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