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secretory granules of the duodenal enterochromaffin cells of the cat. 1979222959
catabolite inactivation of gluconeogenic enzymes in mutants of yeast deficient in proteinase b.strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae bearing nonsense mutations in the structural gene for proteinase b (ec have been examined for the ability to make the transition from growth on acetate to growth on glucose and for the ability to inactivate three glucoeogenic enzymes during the transition because proteinase b has been proposed by others to be responsible for the inactivation of the three enzymes during the growth transition. the mutant strains make the growth transition normally. cat ...1979228302
biochemical characterization of lysosomes in unfertilized eggs of xenopus laevis.relations between lysosomes and yolk platelets of amphibian eggs have been suggested. this work demonstrates the presence of acid hydrolases in oocytes induced to ovulate in vitro. about 40% of the acid hydrolases are found in a sedimentable fraction, and, in accordance with the lysosomal concept, they display structural latency. biochemical data did not indicate any association between lysosomal enzymes and yolk platelets. the mechanism of yolk resorption is discussed and it is suggested that t ...1979228752
cultures from rat brain hemispheres enriched in oligodendrocyte-like cells. 1979228801
membrane changes during growth of tetrahymena in the presence of ethanol.after a brief lag period for acclimation, tetrahymena pyriformis, strain nt-1, is capable of growing in culture medium containing high levels of ethanol. when grown in a medium having 1.6% ethanol, the membrane phospholipid composition was significantly different from that of control cells. the principal changes included a reduction in hexadecenoic acids (16 : 1 and 16 : 2) from 23% to 5% and an increase in linoleic acid (18 : 2) from 14% to 25% similar but less pronounced changes were observed ...1979105757
sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa envelope mutants to alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chlorides.a series of stepwise polymyxin-resistant envelope mutants of pseudomonas aeruginosa was used to test the activity of a homologous series (c10-c18) of alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chlorides. a sterilization kinetics procedure in deionized water was devised to avoid amounts quaternary compound above the critical micelle concentration. in all cases, there was a linear relationship between the logarithm of the rate of change of the colony count with time and the logarithm of the homolog concentration ...1979106105
betamethasone and the rhesus fetus: multisystemic this controlled study of betamethasone administration to pregnant rhesus monkeys, using dosages per gram of fetal body weight similar to those reported in several human clinical studies, the most significant fetal pulmonary changes observed were increases in maximum lung volumes. the fact that comparable increases in peak volumes were demonstrated on saline filling supports our contention that these changes are related primarily to lung structural alterations rather than surfactant effects. a ...1979106730
ultrastructural localisation of lipopolysaccharide-binding sites with peroxidase-conjugated lipopolysaccharides.the localisation of lipopolysaccharide-binding sites on erythrocytes with peroxidase-coupled lps is described. lps was isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum (fus mc-8) by phenol-water extraction. the lps was coupled to horseradish peroxidase by the two-step method of avrameas and ternynck (1971). the biological and serological activities of the conjugated lps were compared with those of the native material. peroxidase could be coupled to lps without significant loss of endotoxic or serological a ...1979107240
extravasation of albumin in tissues of normal and septic baboons and sheep. 1979107367
properties of the bacillus subtilis spore coat.about 70% of the protein in isolated bacillus subtilis spore coats was solubilized by treatment with a combination of reducing and denaturing agents at alkaline ph. the residue, consisting primarily of protein, was insoluble in a variety of reagents. the soluble proteins were resolved into at least seven bands by sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis. about one-half of the total was four proteins of 8,000 to 12,000 daltons. these were relatively tyrosine rich, and one was a glycoprotein. th ...1979108242
turnover of protein-bound lipoic acid. 1979108509
organ culture model for the study of hvh-ii infections in carcinoma of the experimental model is described whereby human and monkey cervical tissues may be maintained as organ cultures for 21 and 40 days, respectively. inclusion of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in the culture medium prolongs the survival time of tissues considerably. the sequential cytologic changes associated with herpesvirus hominis type ii (hvh-ii) infection are reported. these changes are considered in relation to the possible causal role of hvh-ii infection in cervical carcinogenesis.1979108642
[prevention of sequelae after transcutaneous radiotherapy for epitheliomas of the oral cavity (author's transl)].close cooperation between the radiotherapist, surgeon, and patient is necessary in order to prevent sequelae following transcutaneous radiotherapy for epitheliomas of the oral cavity. the most effective therapeutic results combined with a minimum of sequelae are obtained by the use of a good irradiation technique, close supervision, careful treatment of any oral or dental affection, prescribing simple medications only, and stopping the use of tobacco and alcohol.1979111344
haemagglutination inhibition and aggregation of fusobacterium nucleatum by human salivary mucinous glycoproteins. 1979120169
methionine transport in pseudomonas aeruginosa.a high-affinity (km = 2.7 x 10(-7) m) energy-requiring methionine-transport system has been characterized in rm 46 and rm 48, two different pao methionine auxotrophs of pseudomonas aeruginosa. after 8 s of transport 40--60% of the methionine label in the alcohol extract appears in s-adenosyl-l-methionine (sam) with the remaining activity in free methionine. methionine transport required a high degree of structural specificity for transport. stimulation of transport occurred by addition of glucos ...1979120222
health effects of the gas-aerosol complex. report to special committee on health and ecological effects of increased coal utilization.combustion products derived from the burning of coal are definitely capable of producing adverse human health effects. no single component of the combustion product mixture is solely responsible. rather, effects are due to a group of compounds, both gases and aerosols, in the effluents of stationary source combustion processes. although incompletely defined, the individual components of the gas-aerosol complex appear to be capable of interacting both in terms of atmospheric chemistry and health ...1979120252
human complement activation by lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides oralis, fusobacterium nucleatum, and veillonella parvula.the properties of different lipopolysaccharide (lps) preparations to induce c3 conversion in human serum was studied by means of crossed immunoelectrophoresis. c3 conversion by the alternative pathway was evaluated after calcium depletion, and lipid a-dependent activation was measured by means of inhibition with polymyxin b sulfate. lps from bacteroides oralis converted co mainly via the alternative pathway, whereas lps from fusobacterium nucleatum and veillonella parvula const pronounced lipid ...1979121108
serologic reactions of oral gram negative anaerobic bacilli.serological reactions were performed using hyperimmune rabbit antisera and antigenic preparations of leptotrichia buccalis, fusobacterium fusiforme, and fusobacterium polymorphum. all tests indicated that there was serologic cross reactivity between the two fusobacterium species. no cross reactivity could be detected between the fusobacterium species and l. buccalis. the findings suggest that f. fusiform and f. polymorphum are similar in their immunogenicity, and that the grouping of these two o ...1979105024
cea-like antigens in different histologic types of human lung carcinoma.comparative studies on the presence and immunological reactivity of cea and cea-like antigens in lung and digestive tract cancers were performed. specific goat and rabbit anti-cea immune sera were used. immunofluorescence studies revealed in histologically different types of the lung carcinomas the presence of the cross reacting antigen with classical cea. absorption procedures, and double diffusion tests have shown the existence of two at least antigenic determinants in cea molecule: 1. the det ...197989630
distribution of myosin isoenzymes among skeletal muscle fiber types.using an immunocytochemical approach, we have demonstrated a preferential distribution of myosin isoenzymes with respect to the pattern of fiber types in skeletal muscles of the rat. in an earlier study, we had shown that fluorescein-labeled antibody against "white" myosin from the chicken pectoralis stained all the white, intermediate and about half the red fibers of the rat diaphragm, a fast-twitch muscle (gauthier and lowey, 1977). we have now extended this study to include antibodies prepare ...197990047
effects of arachidonic acid and its metabolites on antigen-induced histamine release from human basophils in vitro. 197990097
polyribonucleotide inhibition of ribonucleic acid directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase of mouse mammary tumor (type b) virus and simian sarcoma (type c) virus. 197990331
the elephant man. 197990342
the expression of a human b-lymphocyte antigen and surface membrane immunoglobulin by lymphoid cells from patients with lymphocytic lymphoma, multiple myeloma and benign monoclonal gammapathy. 197990449
the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test reconsidered.the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test for the detection of human reaginic antibodies was reinvestigated. when the mast cells were incubated with human reaginic serum at concentrations exceeding approximately 3%, a massive, non-specific histamine release occurred, irrespective of the presence or absence of allergen. at tolerated serum concentrations (below 3%), the allergen concentration did not influence the release process. we conclude that the indirect rat mast cell test is not applica ...197990655
antigen-specific suppressor factors produced by t cell hybridomas for delayed-type hypersensitivity.this study describes the generation of t hybridoma lines which secret factors specifically suppressing delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) to sheep red blood cells (srbc). akr strain-derived t lymphoma bw 5147 cells were fused with spleen cells from mice primed with srbc and containing antigen-specific t suppressor cells for dth. supernants from the derived hybridomas were tested for suppression of either expression of induction of dth to srbc. six lines produced specific suppressor activity for ...197991526
application of human erythrocytes to a radioimmune assay of immune complexes in serum. 197991576
epithelioid sarcoma: ultrastructural observation of lymphoid cell-induced lysis of tumor cells.epithelioid sarcoma of the palm of 7 months' duration was observed in a 30-year-old man. six months after wide surgical excision there was no evidence of recurrence or metastasis. by light microscopic examination the tumor showed typical nodular arrangement of malignant cells, with necrosis of these cells in the centers of the nodules. patchy lymphocytic infiltrates were observed at the peripheries of the nodules and also extended in places between the tumor cells. other types of inflammatory ce ...197992147
intracellular distribution of dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa in pigment cells with minimal pigment formation.the hypothesis that only melanosomal catecholic amino acids contribute to melanin formation was tested by studying adult bovine eyes in which pigment synthesis is considered to be low or absent. dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa were investigated in different cell fractions of the choroid and retinal pigment epithelium of cattle. most of the dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa was found in the cytoplasm and very little in the large granule fraction. the presence of cysteinyldopa in the adult eye is evidence of ...197992151
membrane-bound mitochondrial dna: isolation, transcription and protein composition.mitochondrial membrane-bound dna complex from bovine heart mitochondria lysed in the presence of triton x-100 was isolated by differential centrifugation. the yield of "nucleoid" is about 30 microgram protein/mg mitochondrial protein. it contains about 3-5 microgram dna/mg protein and varying amounts of rna. the heart mitochondrial nucleoid actively synthesizes rna. the nucleoid fraction contains about sixteen different proteins as evidenced by urea-sds gel electrophoresis and about twenty-one p ...197992288
post-burn changes in basic biochemical indices in rat liver tissue. 197992875
o-antigenic cross-reactivity in fusobacterium nucleatum.lipopolysaccharides (lps) of the same chemotype isolated from seven strains of fusobacterium nucleatum were examined by indirect haemagglutination and inhibition of haemagglutination in unabsorbed and absorbed antisera. four common major antigenic specificities were detected, and two of the lps examined contained antigenic specificities not shared with any of the other lps. in addition, a few weak cross-reactions were observed, also with some lps of other chemotypes.197994236
effect of 6-hydroxydopamine on baroreceptor-heart rate and nasopharyngeal reflexes of the rabbit. 197994399
mechanism of binding of mouse interferon to controlled pore glass.many proteins bind to controlled pore glass; they are either acid elutable or alkali elutable. mouse interferon is an acid-elutable protein. since poly(l-lysine) and, to some extent, poly(l-arginine) are also eluted from controlled pore glass under acidic conditions, one may postulate that mouse interferon binds to controlled pore glass via some of the protein's epsilon-amino groups (of lysine) and/or guanidinium groups (of arginine) and the beads' silanol (hydroxyl groups). the necessity of lys ...197994835
analysis of anti-sperm sera for t/t locus-specific objective antiglobulin radioimmunoassay for the analysis of anti-spermatozoa antisera has been used to characterize more than 30 alloantisera. each of these antisera was raised against spermatozoa from mice carrying t/t regin mutations. whilst all of the antisera had considerable activity for mouse spermatozoa, none of them was found to contain antibodies specific for t/t region gene products. a detailed analysis of a single serum revealed that its activity is for antigens which are non-polym ...197995255
immunochemical characterization of the plasmin-antiplasmin system. basis for the specific detection of the plasmin-antiplasmin complex by latex agglutination assays. 197985679
anaerobic pulmonary infections.the main cause of anaerobic pulmonary infections is aspiration of saliva, upper airway secretions or gastric content. predisposing conditions include prominent dental disease, chronic upper respiratory tract infections and reduced consciousness. fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides melaninogenicus and anaerobic gram-positive cocci are the most frequently encountered organisms. the clinical presentations are lung abscess, lung gangrene and empyema, which all tend to take a slow and indolent cours ...197937594
sugar inhibition of oral fusobacterium nucleatum haemagglutination and cell binding. 197944185
cross-reaction between the mycelial galactomannas of three hormodendrum strains and the mannans of two candida albicans strains of different serotypes, a and b.cross-reactivity between galactomannans of three representative hormodendrum strains, h. pedrosoi ifo 6071, h. compactum ifo 6726, and h. dermatitidis ifo 6421, and the mannans of two candida strains, c. albicans nih a-207 (serotype a) and c. albicans nih b-792 (serotype b), were investigated by means of agar-gel double diffusion, quantitative preciptin reaction, and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis. the following results were obtained. (i) antisera to whole cells of three hormodendrum strains were ...197984792
the allergenic structure of allergen m from cod. iii. studies on the antigenicity of long-sequence peptides.fragments tm 1 (75 amino acid residues) and tm 2 (38 amino acid residues), and 3 other polypeptides (range 16-25 amino acid residues) of allergen m from cod were shown to be active in rabbit igg-mediated reactions. the same peptides were previously found to possess reactivity in ige-mediated reactions, thus suggesting a structural relationship between their antigenic and allergenic determinants.197984803
localization of nors in chromosomes of mouse cell lines by a combined 33258-hoechst and ag-staining technique. 197984805
mutagenicity in urine of nurses handling cytostatic drugs. 197987722
prostaglandin e1-induced latent epileptogenic foci.suprafusion of 125 microliter 6% kcl solution over the visual cortex of rabbits 2-24 h after they suffered a prostaglandin (pg) e1-induced epileptic seizure was found to cause a recurrence of seizure activity. the initial seizure was induced by the cortical suprafusion of pge1 over the left visual cortex of pg transport inhibitor-pretreated rabbits. control animals that were not pretreated with pg transport inhibitors (bromcresol green or probenecid), or received suprafusion of saline or pgf2 al ...197988324
resistant vibrio cholerae el tor in tanzania. 197988577
subcellular effects of some anesthetic agents on rat myocardium.the effects of ether, chloroform, and halothane on calcium accumulation and atpase activity of rat heart microsomes and mitochondria as well as on myofibrillar atpase activity were investigated. chloroform and halothane depressed microsomal and mitochondrial calcium uptake and binding in a parallel fashion. ether decreased microsomal calcium binding and mitochondrial calcium uptake to varying degrees, while mitochondrial calcium binding was slightly enhanced. whereas ether had no effect, chlorof ...1979154965
the bacteriology of perimandibular space infections.the bacteriology of 21 perimandibular clised-space infections was studied prospectively using optimal bacteriological techniques to collect, transport, and process specimens. there was an average of six microbial species per specimen, including approximately four anaerobes and two aerobes. the predominant aerobes were alpha-hemolytic and non-hemolytic streptococci; the predominant anaerobes were peptostreptococci, bacteroides melaninogenicus, and fusobacterium nucleatum. these findings indicate ...1979286029
a study of the bacteria associated with advancing periodontitis in man.samples of apical plaque were taken by means of an anaerobic gas-flushed syringe from 21 sites in eight patients. the samples were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated and incubated in an atmosphere of 80% n2, 10% h2 and 10% co2 for 7-21 days. all colonies on plates containing 20-50 isolates were picked, repeatedly restreaked, characterized and identified where possible by a probabilistic computer identification program. the sites were divided into four groups on the basis of clinical fea ...1979294457
surface ultrastructure of some oral bacteria.adhesion of streptococcus sanguis, fusobacterium nucleatum and an actinomyces sp. to enamel and epon and their interspecies cohesion was studied with scanning and transmission electron microscopy. for adhesion studies enamel or epon was coated with salivary macromolecules and then cells of s. sanguis and in some experiments also with f. nucleatum or actinomyces sp. cells of s. sanguis were seen scattered over the surface of a thin "pellicle" that was heavily stained, and f. nucleatum and actinom ...1979296564
identification of new cell surface markers in man: the problem of immunogenicity. 1979313101
clindamycin in treatment of aspiration pneumonia in children.twenty-eight patients with anaerobic pleuropulmonary infections were treated with clindamycin alone or clindamycin with gentamicin. sixteen of the patients presented with pneumonitis, nine with necrotizing pneumonia, and three with lung abscesses. the average length of treatment was 13.8 days, and the duration of temperature after initiation of therapy was 3.1 days. the predominant isolates were anaerobic gram-positive cocci (23 isolates), bacteroides melaninogenicus (14), bacteroides fragilis ( ...1979380459
rearrangements of genetic material in escherichia coli as observed on the bacteriophage p1 plasmid. 1979385224
synthesis and properties of fluorescent nucleotide substrates for dna-dependent rna polymerases.a new class of fluorescent nucleotide analogs which contain the fluorophore 1-aminonaphthalene-5-sulfonate attached via a gamma-phosphoamidate bond has been synthesized. both the purine and pyrimidine analogs have fluorescence emission maxima at 460 nm. cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond produces change in both the absorption and fluorescence emission spectra. the fluorescence of the pyrimidine analogs is quenched; cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond of the utp analog produces abo ...1979387781
human plasma angiotensinogen: a review of purification procedures.the current status of the purification and characterization of human angiotensinogen is reviewed. one problem encountered in the past has been the copurification of a protein with similar porperties. this protein has tentatively been designated alanine-protein. an efficient separation of angiotensinogen and alanine-protein was obtained on a zinc chelate column. alanine-protein has been purified and its amino acid and carbohydrate composition determined. the cooh-terminal amino acid and the nh2-t ...1979390363
lung compliance and lung morphology following artificial ventilation in the premature and full-term rabbit neonate.rabbit neonates delivered on day 27--30 of gestation were subjected to intermittent positive pressure ventilation (ippv) for 60 min. tidal volume was standardized to 10 ml/kg, and the insufflation pressure required to maintain this tidal volume was recorded. the quasistatic compliance of the lung-thorax system, corrected for variations in body weight, was significantly lower in animals delivered on day 27--28 than in those delivered on day 29--30. immature animals with low lung-thorax complianc ...1979394314
[the molecular biology of aging -- 15: structure and function of the genetic apparatus in aging. ii. synthesis and metabolism of rna].with aging in different organs there are similar or tissue specific changes of the ribonucleic acids in respect of the quantity, the spectrum of different rna species and the metabolism of rna. among these processes the template function of the chromatin and the behaviour of the rna polymerases are important influencing factors. in aging the sensitivity of the rna synthesis against hormonal stimulation is decreased in the most cases. a survey about the results of many in vivo and in vitro experi ...1979395770
action of purine nucleosides on the release of intracellular enzymes from rat lymphocytes.rat lymphocytes incubated under hypoxic conditions in vitro show a time-dependent release of intracellular enzymes. as reported previously, enzyme release (lactate dehydrogenase) is decreased by metabolite, notably atp and glucose, that contribute towards lymphocyte energy metabolism. the action of purine nucleosides in relation to enzyme release was investigated. inosine was shown to decrease significantly lactate dehydrogenase release, whereas adenosine exerted a supportive action only at conc ...1979421353
site specific endonuclease from fusobacterium nucleatum.four different isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum (a,c,d and e) contain restriction endonucleases of differing specificity. whilst many of the endonucleases are isochizomers of known enzymes, two novel activities are fnu dii which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-cgct-3'/3'-gcgc-5' and fnu ei which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-gatc-3'/3'-ctag-5' irrespective of the extent of methylation of the adenine residues.1979424284
a restriction enzyme from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h which recognizes gcngc.a site-specific restriction endonuclease fnu4h i isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h recognizes the dna nucleotide sequence 5'g c n g c-3'/3'-c g n c g-5' and cleaves as indicated by the arrows.1979424288
immunochemical studies of partially hydrolyzed lipopolysaccharide from fusobacterium nucleatum fev1.fusobacterium nucleatum fev1 lipopolysaccharide was split by hydrolysis with 1% acetic acid into acid-soluble polysaccharide and lipid a. gel filtration of the polysaccharide on bio-gel p-60 gave a high-molecular-weight fraction eluted with the void volume, and a fraction eluted at 2.4 x vo. the high-molecular-weight fraction contained l-glycero-d-manno-heptose in relatively large amounts, glucose, glucosamine, an unknown amino compound and small amounts of (or no) d-glycero-d-manno-heptose. pho ...1979436847
bacterial colonization, tracheobronchitis, and pneumonia following tracheostomy and long-term intubation in pediatric patients.serial tracheal cultures for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were obtained from 27 pediatric patients during one year of follow-up. the patients had required tracheostomy and prolonged intubation for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months (average, 7 1/2 months). cultures of tracheal aspirates yielded 1,508 isolates of pathogenic aerobic (969 isolates) and anaerobic (539 isolates) bacteria. the most frequent aerobic isolates were streptococcus pneumoniae and staphylococcus aureus. the predominant an ...1979477429
chlamydial genital infections: a growing problem. 1979478491
survival of anaerobic bacteria in common laboratory diluents.the survival of six species of anaerobic bacteria was studied in simple or commercially available diluents. bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium nucleatum showed excellent survival in all diluents including distilled water. fusobacterium mortiferum survived well in all diluents except water and water supplemented with 0.1% gelatain. clostridium perfringens survived best in phosphate-buffered saline with gelatin. peptococcus asaccharolyticus required gelatin added to the basic diluent, and stre ...1979479359
[combined experimental exposure to subsonics and a superhigh frequency electromagnetic field]. 1979499821
demonstration of lanthionine as a natural constituent of the peptidoglycan of fusobacterium nucleatum.peptidoglycan was purified from the oral bacterium fusobacterium nucleatum strain fev 1, using boiling sodium dodecyl sulfate and pronase. the composition of this peptidoglycan was found to be similar to that of other gram-negative bacteria, except that it lacked diaminopimelic acid. lanthionine, the monosulfur analog of diaminopimelic acid, was identified as the diaminodicarboxylic acid of this peptidoglycan. it is assumed that lanthionine replaced diaminopimelic acid. thus, the peptidoglycan o ...1979500186
[functional state of the liver during acute exposure to fozalon and despirol]. 1979516618
capnocytophaga: new genus of gram-negative gliding bacteria. iii. physiological characterization.sixty-eight strains of capnophilic fusiform gram-negative rods from the human oral cavity were subjected to extensive physiologic characterization, tested for susceptibility to various antibiotics, and the mol-percent guanine plus cytosine of each isolate determined. the characteristics of the isolates were compared with 10 fresh and 2 stock isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum. the isolates clearly differed from the fusobacterium species on the basis of mol-percent guanine plus cytosine, end pro ...1979518236
medium for selective isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from human periodontal pockets.a selective medium, cve agar, was developed for the isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from subgingival plaque of periodontally diseased patients. the medium contained 1.0% trypticase (bbl microbiology systems), 0.5% yeast extract, 0.5% nacl, 0.2% glucose, 0.02% l-tryptophan, 1.5% agar, and 5% defibrinated whole sheep blood. erythromycin and crystal violet were added as the selective inhibitory agents at concentrations of 4 and 5 micrograms/ml, respectively. the medium permitted almost total r ...1979521483
the effects of dopamine on neurones in the nucleus tractus solitarii and on the central control of blood pressure in the rat [proceedings]. 1979529063
nucleic acid and protein metabolism in the pancreas, spleen, thymus, lung, cardiac and skeletal muscle and lens of undernourished female rats. 1979533871
macrophage-alloantibody-target cell interactions. iii. stripping of antibody-coated cells by human macrophages. 1979535188
comparison of the metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine in rats and mice.the excretion, distribution, and metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine (tda) have been compared in rats and mice. the elimination of tda metabolites into urine was faster and more complete in mice than in rats. however, the feces of rats accounted for a greater percentage of the dose in rats than in mice. the distribution of metabolites in tissues were considerably lower in mice than in rats. the major urinary metabolites observed in the rat were 4-acetylamino-2-aminotoluene, 2,4-diacetylaminotoluene ...1979547012
neutrophil chemotaxis induced by anaerobic bacteria isolated from necrotic dental pulps.anaerobic bacteria belonging to the species bacteroides melaninogenicus, bacteroides asaccharolyticus, fusobacterium nucleatum, peptostreptococcus anaerobius and eubacterium alactolyticum, isolated from necrotic dental pulps, were tested for their capacity to induce neutrophil leukocyte chemotaxis. generation of chemotactic factors in serum by whole bacterial cells and chemotaxis induced by bacterial extracts were studied in vitro by the boyden technique. subcutaneously implanted wound chambers ...19806103573
induction of epstein-barr virus antigens in human lymphoblastoid p3hr-1 cells with culture fluid of fusobacterium nucleatum.epstein-barr virus-associated early antigen and viral capsid antigen were efficiently induced in human lymphoblastoid p3hr-1 cells with culture fluid of fusobacterium nucleatum, a member of the indigenous microbial flora of the human host. this finding may suggest a new approach to assess the possible role of the "cofactor(s)" in the etiology of epstein-barr virus-related diseases.19806258779
immune response in rats against lipopolysaccharides of fusobacterium nucleatum and bacteroides oralis administered in the root canal.lipopolysaccharides (lps) prepared from one strain of fusobacterium nucleatum and one strain of bacteroides oralis were examined for immunological responses in rats. the lps were applied to the pulp chamber of the two mandibular incisors. using the plaque forming cell (pfc) method both antigens showed a rapid igm response in the spleen, and a slower one in the submandibular lymph nodes. in comparison with the igm response, the igg response was somewhat slower and weaker for lps of bacteroides, w ...19806929559
agglutination of human erythrocytes by fusobacterium nucleatum: factors influencing hemagglutination and some characteristics of the agglutinin.various aspects of agglutination of human erythrocytes by fusobacterium nucleatum were examined. titration experiments done in buffered saline at ph 6 to 10 showed the same agglutination endpoint. the presence of high concentrations of nacl in reaction mixtures did not alter titers, but kcl in concentrations of 0.5 to 3.6 m increased titers twofold. the agglutinin was inactivated by heat, acid, alkali, 5% formalin, and the proteolytic enzyme subtilopeptidase a and therefore appeared to be a prot ...19806995428
susceptibility of bacteroides fragilis, bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, and fusobacteria in antibacterial agents.the minimum inhibitory concentrations of 45 antimicrobial agents were established by the agar dilution method for 37 strains of bacteroidaceae: bacteroides fragilis (18 strains), b. thetaiotaomicron (8 strains), fusobacterium nucleatum (6 strains), and fusobacterium spp. (5 strains). the fusobacteria tested showed good susceptibility to beta-lactam-antibiotics, tetracyclines, lincomycins, and nitroimidazole compounds. bacteria of the b. fragilis group were resistant to most of the penicillins an ...19807194067
characterization of the adherence properties of streptococcus salivarius.the adherence and aggregation properties of 46 human oral streptococcus salivarius isolates were examined. a total of 41% of the isolates aggregated with whole human saliva, 50% aggregated with human erythrocytes, and 85% adhered to human buccal epithelial cells. strains that aggregated with saliva and erythrocytes usually reacted with streptococcus group k typing serum whereas the non-hemagglutinating strains did not. k+ strains also adhered more strongly to human buccal epithelial cells than k ...19807216420
modulation of immunoreactivity to periodontal disease-associated microorganisms during pregnancy.the lymphocyte blastogenic response to a panel of antigens and mitogens was assessed in a group of 20 women throughout their pregnancy. in addition, a group of five nonpregnant women was monitored simultaneously to identify variations in response to the same stimulants. the stimulants included orally associated bacterial antigens (streptococcus sanguis, actinomyces viscosus, bacteroides asaccharolyticus, bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. intermedius, bacteroides [capnocytophaga] ochraceus, and ...19807399691
aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology of cervical adenitis in children.needle aspirates from 53 inflamed cervical lymph glands were studies for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and mycobacteria. bacterial growth was achieved in 45 patients (85%). sixty-six bacterial isolates were recovered, averaging 1.5 isolates per specimen (0.8 aerobes and 0.7 anaerobes), with as many as 4 isolates in some specimens. aerobic organisms alone were recovered in 27 aspirates (60%) of the 45 culture-positive aspirates, anaerobic bacteria alone in 8 (18%), and mixed aerobic and anaerobi ...19807408372
surface vs core-tonsillar aerobic and anaerobic flora in recurrent tonsillitis.specimens from both the surface and the core of tonsils from 23 children with recurrent tonsillitis were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. mixed aerobic and anaerobic flora were obtained from all patients. the predominant anaerobic isolates were bacteroides sp, fusobacterium nucleatum, anaerobic gram-positive cocci, and eubacterium sp. the predominant aerobic isolates were alpha-hemolytic streptococci, staphylococcus aureus, beta-hemolytic streptococci, and haemophilus sp. beta- ...19807411827
anaerobic and aerobic bacteriology of decubitus ulcers in children.forty-two children with decubitus ulcers were studied using aerobic and anaerobic techniques. anaerobic bacteria were isolated in 21 (50%) of the patients, five times as the only isolates and 16 times mixed with aerobes. aerobes only were present in 20 (48%) of the patients. there were a total of 83 isolates, 46 aerobes and 37 anaerobes, with an average of two species per specimen (1.1 aerobes and 0.9 anaerobes). the predominant anaerobic isolates were gram-positive cocci (17), bacteroides fragi ...19807436139
asbestos contamination in united states schools from use of asbestos surfacing materials. 1980294211
sexuality and head and neck cancer. 1980551009
[duplication with silicones]. 1981350655
results from a multicentre trial of metoprolol and a study of hypertensive patients with chronic obstructive lung disease.ninety-nine patients took part in a multicentre, long-term study of metoprolol in the treatment of hypertension. significant reductions in blood pressure and heart rate were achieved by the use of metoprolol alone, or in combination with other antihypertensive agents. side effects were similar to those seen with other beta-adrenergic blocking agents, except that bronchospasm and cold extremities were rarely encountered. results of monitoring for the abnormal eye symptoms and antinuclear factor t ...1981351350
an internal deletion mutant of a myosin heavy chain in caenorhabditis elegans.unc-54 i is the structural gene for a myosin heavy chain present in a major fraction of the total myosin of caenorhabditis elegans. the allele e675, which possesses a normal amount of myosin but fails to assemble thick filaments, has been shown previously to contain a novel heavy chain of molecular weight 2 x 10(5), shorter by 10(4) than the wild-type (n2) unc-54 gene product. the structural alteration of the e675 heavy chain is an internal deletion of 10(4) molecular weight near the cooh termin ...1981271956
animal model for anaerobic lung abscess.there are no satisfactory animal models for the study of anaerobic lung abscess. aspiration of food, gastric mucin, or hydrochloric acid, or any combination of these, along with oropharyngeal bacteria, is commonly believed to cause aspiration pneumonia and lung abscess. in the animal model described, none of the adjuvants was effective in producing anaerobic lung abscesses. anaerobic bacteria derived from dental scrapings of a healthy adult (peptococcus morbillorum, fusobacterium nucleatum, euba ...19817216463
aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora of burns in children.aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora of burn sites in 180 children were monitored. specimens were obtained twice a week; each patient had between one and 21 cultures taken (mean 2.4). a total of 392 specimens were collected over 2 years, of which 319 were positive. aerobic bacteria alone were present in 225 specimens (71%) and anaerobic bacteria alone were present in 26 (8%). mixed aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were present in 68 burn specimens (21%). a total of 580 isolates (448 aerobes and 1 ...19817218398
inflammatory exostosis and abscessation associated with fusobacterium nucleatum in a rabbit. 19817265908
fatty acids of fusobacterium species: taxonomic implications.fatty acids of fusobacterium species were examined by gas-liquid chromatography. fusobacterium nucleatum, f. necrophorum, f. mortiferum, f. gonidiaformans and f. varium showed similar patterns, characterized by the presence of 3-hydroxytetradecanoate, n-tetradecanoate, hexadecenoate, n-hexadeconoate, ocadecenoate, n-octadecanoate and a component having the properties of octadecadienoate. fusobacterium nucleatum contained 3-hydroxyhexadecanoate as a distinctive character. simpler fatty acid patte ...19817320695
the role of anaerobic bacteria in the pathogenesis of urinary tract infections.because of the rarity of anaerobic infections of the urinary tract and the difficulty of establishing these organisms as pathogens, anaerobic culture is not included as part of routine urine bacteriological examination. pyuria was found during examination of a 41-year-old man with a chronic renal allograft rejection reaction. aerobic urine cultures failed to yield any pathogens. urine cytology demonstrated intracellular organisms that proved to be fusobacterium nucleatum on anaerobic culture. th ...19817321142
gas-containing brain abscess due to fusobacterium nucleatum.gas-containing brain abscesses are rarely seen. recently, in a 28-year-old man, such an abscess ruptured into the lateral ventricle but was treated successfully. fusobacterium nucleatum, an anaerobic bacillus, was cultured from the pus obtained.19817330760
comparison of marion's anaerobic culture/set-a and the baltimore biological laboratory gaspak anaerobic system in the cultivation and recovery of bacteria from human dental plaque.marion's anerobic culture/set-a (bio-bag a) and the baltimore biological laboratory (bbl) gaspak anaerobic system were evaluated for their efficiency in the cultivation and recovery of anaerobes and capnophilic organisms from human dental plaque samples. both culture systems were relatively efficient in supporting the growth of pure culture of various bacterial species recently isolated from the human dental plaques. when the dental plaque samples were cultured the organisms commonly found were ...19817020896
gram-negative anaerobic bacilli: their role in infection and patterns of susceptibility to antimicrobial agents. ii. little-known fusobacterium species and miscellaneous genera.twenty infrequently reported species of gram-negative anaerobic bacilli other than fusobacterium nucleatum, fusobacterium necrophorum, and members of the genus bacteroides were studied with regard to their role in infection and their susceptibility to antimicrobial agents. in addition, the literature regarding the recovery of these organisms from both the normal flora and infections of humans was reviewed. during a six-year period at the wadsworth clinical anaerobic bacteriology research laborat ...19817025153
enzymatic characterization of some oral and nonoral gram-negative bacteria with the api zym system.the api zym system (analytab products, plainview, n.y.), containing 19 chromogenic substrates, was utilized semiquantitatively to detect extracellular acid and alkaline phosphatases, aminopeptidases, proteases, esterase-lipase, phosphoamidase, and glycosidases in 128 oral and nonoral isolates of black-pigmented bacteroides, actinobacillus, haemophilus aphrophilus, capnocytophaga, fusobacterium nucleatum, wolinella recta, and veillonella parvula. in the black-pigmented bacteroides group of organi ...19817026598
the maintenance of b-cell and t-cell function in frozen and stored human lymphocytes.the objective of this study was to identify and test a convenient means for long-term storage of lymphocytes taken from clinically characterized patients without losing b- or t-cell function. accordingly, peripheral blood lymphocytes were frozen and stored, and portions of each sample were subsequently assayed for t-cell blastogenic response and b-cell jerne plaquing at various time intervals after freezing. a comparison of the cell counts of fresh and frozen cultures indicated that cell were re ...19817037827
microbial surface interactions: reduction of the haemagglutination activity of the oral bacterium fusobacterium nucleatum by absorption with streptococcus and bacteroides.oral strains of fusobacterium nucleatum showed haemagglutination (ha) of sheep red blood cells and attachment of ha-active f. nucleatum fragments to other microorganisms allowed a means of studying microbial surface interactions. ha-active sonicated fragments (sf) prepared from f. nucleatum were mixed with whole cell suspensions of 48 bacterial strains and, after incubation, the whole cells were separated from the non-absorbed fragments by differential centrifugation. attachment of f. nucleatum ...19817041865
attachment of serum non-antibody glycoproteins to the fusobacterium nucleatum found in periodontal disease. 19816950701
polyclonal b-cell activation induced by extracts of gram-negative bacteria isolated from periodontally diseased sites.the objective of this research was to determine whether gram-negative bacteria frequently isolated from periodontally diseased sites contained polyclonal b-cell activators. polyclonal b-cell activation, which results in nonspecific activation of multiple b-cell clones was analyzed by a hemolysis-in-gel assay designed to detect a broad range of antibody specificities. extracts from numerous bacterial strains, including bacteroides gingivalis, bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. melaninogenicus, b. ...19816975240
the predominant cultivable dental plaque flora of beagle dogs with periodontitis.the predominant cultivable dental plaque flora was studied in 10 adult female beagle dogs with advanced periodontitis. supragingival and subgingival plaque from a maxillary third premolar (p3) was removed and cultured anaerobically on various growth media and all colonies were subcultured and partially characterized. histopathological specimens of the plaque sampling sites showed significant loss of connective tissue attachment. spirochetes were found in all samples. anaerobic gram-negative orga ...19816941977
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