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gliding motility and actinomycin d sensitivity of fusobacterium nucleatum and other gram-negative rods.six strains of gram-negative anaerobic fusiform rods (fusobacterium and bacteroides spp.), isolated from deep subgingival locations in humans, were examined for (i) gliding motility in slide cultures, (iii) cell densities on nutrient agar surfaces, and (iii) sensitivity to actinomycin d. known gliding (fbt) and nonmotile (nm) strains of myxococcus xanthus served as controls for the gliding and cell density experiments. in the present study, three strains of gram-negative fusiforms from the oral ...1977332633
sciatica and the intervertebral disk. an experimental study: m.j. smyth and v.j. wright. j. bone joint surg. 40a: 1401, 1958. 2004343965
comparison of 0.1% halcinonide with 0.05% betamethasone dipropionate in the treatment of acute and chronic dermatoses.a 4-week, bilateral, controlled study was carried out in 53 patients with various acute and chronic dermatoses to compare the effectiveness of 0.1% halcinonide in a water-miscible base, applied once daily, with 0.05% betamethasone dipropionate cream applied twice daily. patients' response to treatment was assessed at the end of each week. halcinonide proved to be equally as effective as betamethasone dipropionate in most and superior in some patients with psoriasis, lichen chronicus simplex, and ...2004343993
unsustained multiplication of treponema pallidum (nichols virulent strain) in vitro in the presence of oxygen.treponema pallidum (nichols virulent strain) was incubated with or without oxygen using a modified medium supplemented with reduced glutathione and a variety of nutrients (prnf10-b). two- to fourfold increases in treponemal numbers were observed in cultures without mammalian cells within 96 h of incubation under 5 to 6% oxygen. treponemal motility and multiplication were maintained more satisfactorily in cultures that were diluted and transferred daily, using an equal volume of fresh medium. tre ...1978344209
treatment with a single daily dose of gentamicin in urinary tract infection in relation to the site of infection.twenty-three patients with various types of recurrent urinary tract infection were treated with a single daily dose of 160 mg gentamicin for eight to nine days. the treatment eliminated bacteriuria in 19 patients. evaluation of the therapeutical results according to the site of infection showed elimination of bacteriuria in all patients with lower urinary tract infection. thus a single daily dose of gentamicin can be recommended in recurrent lower urinary tract infection, and also in upper urina ...2004344226
cell-mediated immunity in neonatal calves: delayed-type hypersensitivity and lymphocyte blastogenesis following immunization with a mycobacterial immunopotentiating glycolipid and tuberculoproteins of mycobacterium bovis. 1978347995
[endocrine function of the salivary glands].the concept of the incretory activity of the parotid and submandibular salivary glands stems from numerous clinical and experimental data indicating a close association between them, sex and pancreatic glands and the pituitary. the paper presents the data on the mechanism of action of the salivary glands hormone, parotine. the participation of the salivary glands, especially at early stages of body formation, in the processes of mineralization of bones and teeth, and in proliferation of the elas ...1978348164
[duplication with silicones]. 1981350655
nucleotide sequence of the promoter--operator region of the tryptophan operon of salmonella typhimurium. 1978351192
results from a multicentre trial of metoprolol and a study of hypertensive patients with chronic obstructive lung disease.ninety-nine patients took part in a multicentre, long-term study of metoprolol in the treatment of hypertension. significant reductions in blood pressure and heart rate were achieved by the use of metoprolol alone, or in combination with other antihypertensive agents. side effects were similar to those seen with other beta-adrenergic blocking agents, except that bronchospasm and cold extremities were rarely encountered. results of monitoring for the abnormal eye symptoms and antinuclear factor t ...1981351350
the bacteriology of cavitating pulmonary infections and empysema. studies of transtracheal aspirates and pleural fluid.a prospective study of bacteriology in 14 cases of cavitating pulmonary infections and empyema is reported. bacteriologic results were based on transtracheal aspirates or pleural fluid. appropriate anaerobic bacteriologic methods were employed. anaerobic bacteria were recovered in 11 patients (79%); they were the only pathogens isolated in 6 patients. the predominant species were fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides melaninogenicus, bacteroides fragilis and peptostreptococcus. aerobic bacteria w ...1978352421
[in memoriam friedrich pfeiffer, d.v.m. hannover]. 1979352662
[filipp vasil'evich ovsiannikov (1827-1906). on the 150th anniversary of his birth]. 2004355992
neonatal death: reflections for physicians. 2004355994
crawford williamson long: pioneer in anaesthesia. 2004356009
the reverend donald fraser. 2004356847
[radiation therapy and the immune response of oncological patients]. 2004362108
maturation of b lymphocytes. i. concurrent appearance of increasing ig, ia, and mitogen responsiveness. 1994368238
effects of storage in an anaerobic transport system on bacteria in known polymicrobial mixtures and in clinical anaerobic transport system (ats) which provides for catalytic removal of oxygen was evaluated by using in vitro-prepared polymicrobial mixtures of logphase bacteria and clinical specimens. inoculated swabs were stored at room temperature in (i) aerobic, (ii) anaerobic glove box, and (iii) ats environments, and bacteria were quantitated after 2, 24, 48, and 72 h. bacteria in a three-part mixture of bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, and escherichia coli and in a five-part mix ...1978370142
odontophilately. 2004375143
the antenatal use of betamethasone in the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome: a controlled double-blind hundred forty-six pregnant women were enrolled in a prospective double-blind study to assess the effectiveness and side-effects of antenatal administration of betamethasone in the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome (rds) in potentially premature infants. on admission to the study, the women were given, at random, either 12 mg of betamethasone or placebo. the same dose was repeated 24 hours later and then weekly up to 34 weeks of gestation. gestational age of the infants ranged from ...2004375172
famous nurses: dame muriel powell. 2004375205
clindamycin in treatment of aspiration pneumonia in children.twenty-eight patients with anaerobic pleuropulmonary infections were treated with clindamycin alone or clindamycin with gentamicin. sixteen of the patients presented with pneumonitis, nine with necrotizing pneumonia, and three with lung abscesses. the average length of treatment was 13.8 days, and the duration of temperature after initiation of therapy was 3.1 days. the predominant isolates were anaerobic gram-positive cocci (23 isolates), bacteroides melaninogenicus (14), bacteroides fragilis ( ...1979380459
rearrangements of genetic material in escherichia coli as observed on the bacteriophage p1 plasmid. 1979385224
creatine kinase isoenzyme bb in serum of patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis and with kidney transplant.the activity of creatine kinase isoenzyme bb (ck-bb) was determined in serum of healthy adults and in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis and with kidney transplant. in the healthy adults examined, an activity of 0.56 +/- 0.16 u/l (mean +/- sd) was found. the arithmetic mean of ck-bb activity in patients with renal insufficiency under hemodialysis was 1.42 +/- 0.87 u/l and differed from that of the healthy group. the ck-bb activity in patients with kidney transplant was not different fr ...2004387410
synthesis and properties of fluorescent nucleotide substrates for dna-dependent rna polymerases.a new class of fluorescent nucleotide analogs which contain the fluorophore 1-aminonaphthalene-5-sulfonate attached via a gamma-phosphoamidate bond has been synthesized. both the purine and pyrimidine analogs have fluorescence emission maxima at 460 nm. cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond produces change in both the absorption and fluorescence emission spectra. the fluorescence of the pyrimidine analogs is quenched; cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond of the utp analog produces abo ...1979387781
malignancies on the external ear: methods of ablation and reconstruction of defects. 2004387840
looking back. nursing in diseases of the kidneys; by dr. f. w. hall. august 1908. 2004390275
human plasma angiotensinogen: a review of purification procedures.the current status of the purification and characterization of human angiotensinogen is reviewed. one problem encountered in the past has been the copurification of a protein with similar porperties. this protein has tentatively been designated alanine-protein. an efficient separation of angiotensinogen and alanine-protein was obtained on a zinc chelate column. alanine-protein has been purified and its amino acid and carbohydrate composition determined. the cooh-terminal amino acid and the nh2-t ...1979390363
lung compliance and lung morphology following artificial ventilation in the premature and full-term rabbit neonate.rabbit neonates delivered on day 27--30 of gestation were subjected to intermittent positive pressure ventilation (ippv) for 60 min. tidal volume was standardized to 10 ml/kg, and the insufflation pressure required to maintain this tidal volume was recorded. the quasistatic compliance of the lung-thorax system, corrected for variations in body weight, was significantly lower in animals delivered on day 27--28 than in those delivered on day 29--30. immature animals with low lung-thorax complianc ...1979394314
[the molecular biology of aging -- 15: structure and function of the genetic apparatus in aging. ii. synthesis and metabolism of rna].with aging in different organs there are similar or tissue specific changes of the ribonucleic acids in respect of the quantity, the spectrum of different rna species and the metabolism of rna. among these processes the template function of the chromatin and the behaviour of the rna polymerases are important influencing factors. in aging the sensitivity of the rna synthesis against hormonal stimulation is decreased in the most cases. a survey about the results of many in vivo and in vitro experi ...1979395770
[low-molecular weight nuclear rna's]. 2004395786
[development of modern anesthesia, current trends and prospectives]. 2004397461
hemagglutinating activity of fusobacterium nucleatum.gingival isolates of oral fusobacterium nucleatum strains (gram-negative anaerobic fusiform bacilli) have shown the characteristic ability to hemagglutinate a variety of erythrocytes (rbc) of human and animal origin. other members of the genus tested (f. necrophorus, f. varium, and f. mortiferum) displayed little if any ability to hemagglutinate rbc. the hemagglutination (ha) activity could be observed in the f. nucleatum strains with the whole cells and in most instances with sonicated preparat ...1977401771
aging and the visceral musculature of the adult fruitfly: an ultrastructural investigation. 2003403646
marijuana: pro and con. 2003403763
[the effect of dietary lactose on the ileal absorption of sodium taurocholate in rats].when rats were fed a lactose containing diet, both the absorption rate of sodium taurocholate at the level of ileum and the contents of bile acids of the small intestine were increased. on the contrary, feeding of lactose did not modify the daily fecal excretion of bile acids. it therefore appears that dietary lactose increases the intestinal pool of bile acids by increasing their ileal absorption rate and that this effect of lactose is not subordinated to a modification of bile acid synthesis.1977404060
thyrotrophin releasing hormone-induced growth hormone and prolactin release: physiological studies in intact rats and in hypophysectomized rats bearing an ectopic pituitary determine how the sensitivity of the ectopic anterior pituitary gland to the gh-releasing effect of thyrotrophin releasing hormone (trh) might be affected by the time lapse from transplantation, trh (0-15 and 0-6 microng) was injected i.v. into hypophysectomized (hypox)-transplanted rats under urethane anaesthesia 1,3,8,15,30 and 60 days after transplantation, and plasma samples were taken 5 and 10 min later. baseline gh values gradually decreased with time from about 16-0 ng/ml (1 day) to ab ...1977404376
effects of intravenous infusion of trh on plasma tsh and prolactin concentrations in rats. 1977404643
33. the orthopedic treatment of patients with apallic syndrome. 1978414076
energy/protein index: iii. correlation with a biochemical parameter which reflects protein nutritional establish the usefulness of the energy/protein index, a study was made to assess its correlation with a biochemical parameter able to detect marginal forms of protein-energy malnutrition such as the non-essential/essential aminoacid ratio. a simple linear regression model was proposed and tested in a sample of ninety-seven malnourished children, by means of analysis of variance. the model was satisfactory. a highly significant (p less than 0.001) correlation coefficient of r = 0.552 was found ...1979414514
analysis of the shoulder in brachiating spider monkeys. 1978414626
double inferior vena cava or iliac vein occlusion? a diagnostic problem in radionuclide venograms.radionuclide venography in two patients with suspected deep venous disease revealed double channel drainage with cross-pelvic collateral circulation. contrast inferior venacavograms revealed that one patient had persistent right and left supracardinal veins (double inferior vena cava) and the other had iliac vein occlusion with ascending lumbar collateral circulation. the similarity of radionuclide venographic findings in these two patients emphasizes the importance of contrast venacavography in ...2004415563
hodgkin's disease 1972-1977. 2004419343
splenomegaly with carcinoma of the colon and rectum.scans of the liver and spleen were reviewed for patients with carcinoma of the large intestine. the patients were divided into groups, depending upon the size of the liver and spleen. those with enlarged spleens tended to have an increased survival time compared with those without splenomegaly. it is postulated that splenomegaly is a good predictor of survival when used with the dukes' classification and that the increased size of the spleen is on an immunologic basis.2004419445
[benign and malignant tumors of the thyroid gland. diagnosis and therapy in general practice]. 2004419811
action of purine nucleosides on the release of intracellular enzymes from rat lymphocytes.rat lymphocytes incubated under hypoxic conditions in vitro show a time-dependent release of intracellular enzymes. as reported previously, enzyme release (lactate dehydrogenase) is decreased by metabolite, notably atp and glucose, that contribute towards lymphocyte energy metabolism. the action of purine nucleosides in relation to enzyme release was investigated. inosine was shown to decrease significantly lactate dehydrogenase release, whereas adenosine exerted a supportive action only at conc ...1979421353
aortopulmonary window or aortopulmonary communication?two patients had a vessel-like aortopulmonary "window" which could be ligated without the institution of cardiopulmonary bypass. while embryologically and functionally these communications are identical to the classic aortopulmonary "window," it is suggested that the term "aortopulmonary communication" is more appropriate.2004421590
site specific endonuclease from fusobacterium nucleatum.four different isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum (a,c,d and e) contain restriction endonucleases of differing specificity. whilst many of the endonucleases are isochizomers of known enzymes, two novel activities are fnu dii which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-cgct-3'/3'-gcgc-5' and fnu ei which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-gatc-3'/3'-ctag-5' irrespective of the extent of methylation of the adenine residues.1979424284
a restriction enzyme from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h which recognizes gcngc.a site-specific restriction endonuclease fnu4h i isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h recognizes the dna nucleotide sequence 5'g c n g c-3'/3'-c g n c g-5' and cleaves as indicated by the arrows.1979424288
[contribution of the section medical pedagogy to the improvement of quality and effectiveness of health care]. 2004425577
volatile nitrosamine contamination of laboratory animal diets. 2004427818
[international day of the child]. 2004427841
[fluor concentration in the blood-serum, in the liquor amnii and in the urine of pregnant women (author's transl)]. 2004427893
studies comparing the metabolic clearance rate of 11 beta,17,21-trihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,20-dione (prednisolone) after oral 17,21-dihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,11,20-trione and intravenous prednisolone.the mcr of prednisolone (11 beta,17,21-trihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,20-dione) and the absorption of prednisone (17,21-dihydroxypregn 1,4-diene-3,11,20-trione) were studied in five normal subjects and four patients. plasma and urinary prednisolone were measured by a competitive radioassay. the mcr was determined after iv administration of 30 mg nonisotopic prednisolone using one-compartment (mcr1) and two-compartment (mcr2) analyses. these values were compared with the mcr determined after oral ad ...1976429520
in vivo metabolism of progestins. v. the effect of protocol design on the estimated metabolic clearance rate and volume of distribution of medroxyprogesterone acetate in women.the metabolism of the synthetic progestin, [3h]medroxyprogesterone acetate (mpa), was studied in women using a single injection technique. computer-implemented analysis was used to calculate the mcr (mcrmpa) and volume of distribution (vompa) from the steroid disappearance curve. the value of an objective curve-fitting technique was demonstrated. the effect of protocol design (number and frequency of samples) on these metabolic parameters was evaluated. the estimation of vompa was most sensitive ...1976429526
effects of inhibitors in lumen on pah and urate transport by isolated renal tubules.effects of the presence of unlabeled p-aminohippurate (pah) or urate, probenecid, and phenol red in the lumen on labeled pah or urate transport by isolated, perfused snake (thamnophis spp.) proximal renal tubules were studied. net secretion of labeled urate and luminal membrane permeability to urate were unaffected by the presence of unlabeled urate (up to 0.1 mm) or probenecid (up to 1.0 mm) in lumen only. the data are compatible with movement of urate from cells to lumen during urate secretion ...2004434212
immunochemical studies of partially hydrolyzed lipopolysaccharide from fusobacterium nucleatum fev1.fusobacterium nucleatum fev1 lipopolysaccharide was split by hydrolysis with 1% acetic acid into acid-soluble polysaccharide and lipid a. gel filtration of the polysaccharide on bio-gel p-60 gave a high-molecular-weight fraction eluted with the void volume, and a fraction eluted at 2.4 x vo. the high-molecular-weight fraction contained l-glycero-d-manno-heptose in relatively large amounts, glucose, glucosamine, an unknown amino compound and small amounts of (or no) d-glycero-d-manno-heptose. pho ...1979436847
the effects of dihydrotachysterol therapy on the measurement of plasma 1,25-(oh)2-vitamin d in humans.anephric patients have undetectable plasma concentrations of 1,25-(oh)2-d, but when anephric patients are treated with dht2 (hytakerol), their plasma contains a substance that is co-purified with and displaces authentic 3h-1,25(oh)2-d3 from its intestinal cytoplasmic receptor. the concentration of this substance in the plasma of anephric patients taking dht2 is proportional to the administered daily dose of dht2 per kilogram body weight. when dht2 therapy is discontinued, the substance disappear ...2004438604
[thickness of the ventricular walls in transposition of the great arteries. surgical and diagnostic implications]. 2004441489
isolation of maltopentaose from corn syrup by chromatography on granulated hydroxylapatite. 2004443535
grey-scale ultrasonic characteristics of carcinoma of the pancreas.fifty-five sonograms were performed on 25 cases of surgically and histologically proven carcinoma of the pancreas. the sonographic appearances of the tumour were determined. a diffuse echogenic pattern with irregular margin was the most common appearance. displacement and indentation of the inferior vena cava and superior mesenteric vessels, greatly assist in localizing the tumour to the pancreas. a reliable prediction of tumour size and resectability cannot be determined by sonography alone. so ...2004444820
[course of alcoholic predelirium during treatment with piracetam: results of serial psychometric tests (author's transl)].thirty-six male alcoholics in a mild predelirial state were studied with a series of psychometric tests (reaction time to light and sound, reaction to multiple sequential stimuli, apprehension and tachistoscopic appreciation test, achievement and concentration test analogous to the pauli test). the degree of psychometrically determined abnormalities pointed to serious cerebral lesions even in the mild predelirial stage and exceeded the expectations gained from clinical impression. the disorders ...2004446321
evaluation and prognosis in nonorganic failure to thrive.the 70 children with failure to thrive (ftt) admitted to our hospital over the last five years were reviewed. after extensive evaluations, only 16% received a diagnosis of an organic disorder. in the nonorganic group, 45% of ftt was secondary to improper feeding and 52% was secondary to environmental deprivation. thirty percent of the children were discharged without a diagnosis. although there were some important differences between the groups, extensive laboratory data were of little value. fo ...2004451654
all saying the same thing. 2004470683
inducibility of metallothionein biosynthesis in cultured normal and menkes kinky hair disease fibroblasts: effects of copper and cadmium.metallothionein biosynthesis is not induced by extracellular copper in menkes kinky hair disease (mkhd) or in normal cultured fibroblasts under the conditions of these experiments. in the presence of copper, mkhd fibroblasts also incorporated less cysteine than did normal fibroblasts. extracellular cadmium greatly enhanced the uptake of cysteine in both normal and mkhd cultures. by the technique of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, it was demonstrated that metallothionein is induced by cadmium ...2004471576
bacterial colonization, tracheobronchitis, and pneumonia following tracheostomy and long-term intubation in pediatric patients.serial tracheal cultures for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were obtained from 27 pediatric patients during one year of follow-up. the patients had required tracheostomy and prolonged intubation for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months (average, 7 1/2 months). cultures of tracheal aspirates yielded 1,508 isolates of pathogenic aerobic (969 isolates) and anaerobic (539 isolates) bacteria. the most frequent aerobic isolates were streptococcus pneumoniae and staphylococcus aureus. the predominant an ...1979477429
chlamydial genital infections: a growing problem. 1979478491
prophylactic infusion therapy in hemophilia. 2004478502
survival of anaerobic bacteria in common laboratory diluents.the survival of six species of anaerobic bacteria was studied in simple or commercially available diluents. bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium nucleatum showed excellent survival in all diluents including distilled water. fusobacterium mortiferum survived well in all diluents except water and water supplemented with 0.1% gelatain. clostridium perfringens survived best in phosphate-buffered saline with gelatin. peptococcus asaccharolyticus required gelatin added to the basic diluent, and stre ...1979479359
transducer--adapted benedict roth spirometer for small animals [proceedings]. 2004497611
[combined experimental exposure to subsonics and a superhigh frequency electromagnetic field]. 1979499821
demonstration of lanthionine as a natural constituent of the peptidoglycan of fusobacterium nucleatum.peptidoglycan was purified from the oral bacterium fusobacterium nucleatum strain fev 1, using boiling sodium dodecyl sulfate and pronase. the composition of this peptidoglycan was found to be similar to that of other gram-negative bacteria, except that it lacked diaminopimelic acid. lanthionine, the monosulfur analog of diaminopimelic acid, was identified as the diaminodicarboxylic acid of this peptidoglycan. it is assumed that lanthionine replaced diaminopimelic acid. thus, the peptidoglycan o ...1979500186
pre-operative irradiation of t3-carcinoma in bilharzial bladder: a comparison between hyperfractionation and conventional fractionation. 1996500410
effects of sex role and an audience on approaching a snake by mildly fearful subjects. 2004514777
an elective, survey course for undergraduates: "introduction to toxicology". 2004516366
[effect of the alimentary factor on certain indices of the functional state of the pancreas in young peptic ulcer patients and atrophic gastritis patients].the activity of amylase, lipase and trypsin was increased and that of the trypsin inhibitor decreased in the blood serum of young peptic ulcer patients as compared with healthy persons. the antiulcerous dietetics normalized significantly the parameters studied. similar highly pronounced shifts in the activity of the blood pancreatic enzymes were revealed in atrophic gastritis patients. hyperamilasuria and clinical symptoms of pancreatitis were not observed both in the peptic patients, and in the ...2004516599
[functional state of the liver during acute exposure to fozalon and despirol]. 1979516618
word-processing equipment for hospital pharmacy applications.experiences with the use of three word-processing machines in the pharmacy departments of two hospitals are reported. criteria used in evaluating the equipment included keyboard design, disc storage capabilities, software practicality, print format options and security of data. the applications studied were label production, storage of personnel information, scheduling of repetitive tasks, and composition of drug bulletins and procedure manuals. the wang system 10a was the least useful. the lani ...2004517539
external factors influencing blood gas analysis: quality control revisited. 2004517557
christ-siemens-touraine syndrome--a clinical and genetic analysis of a large brazilian kindred: i. affected females.a total of 27 women of a brazilian kindred are described as having one or more signs of the christ-siemens-touraine syndrome. the history and physical examination were supplemented by four sweat tests and dermatolglyphic analysis. it is suggested that this syndrome has two forms -- a major form (in males) and a minor one (in females). two signs verified in some of our patients (mosaic patchy distribution of body hair and radial deviation of distal phalanges of index fingers) seem to be here desc ...2004517571
capnocytophaga: new genus of gram-negative gliding bacteria. iii. physiological characterization.sixty-eight strains of capnophilic fusiform gram-negative rods from the human oral cavity were subjected to extensive physiologic characterization, tested for susceptibility to various antibiotics, and the mol-percent guanine plus cytosine of each isolate determined. the characteristics of the isolates were compared with 10 fresh and 2 stock isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum. the isolates clearly differed from the fusobacterium species on the basis of mol-percent guanine plus cytosine, end pro ...1979518236
medium for selective isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from human periodontal pockets.a selective medium, cve agar, was developed for the isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from subgingival plaque of periodontally diseased patients. the medium contained 1.0% trypticase (bbl microbiology systems), 0.5% yeast extract, 0.5% nacl, 0.2% glucose, 0.02% l-tryptophan, 1.5% agar, and 5% defibrinated whole sheep blood. erythromycin and crystal violet were added as the selective inhibitory agents at concentrations of 4 and 5 micrograms/ml, respectively. the medium permitted almost total r ...1979521483
fallacies of medially wedged heel for valgus foot. 2004521647
erythrocyte sedimentation rate and plasma fibrinogen in animals. 2004522104
[treatment of patients with myocardial infarction]. 2004524839
introduction to the treatment of lumbar disc disorders. 2004524907
prognistic relevance of radiation induced immune suppression in breast carcinoma.the extent of radiation induced immune suppression was analysed in 100 patients with carcinoma of the breast. the relative changes of lymphocyte counts and stimulations by pha and ppd were similar in patients who differed with regard to age, size of tumour and its malignancy grade or axillary node condition. moreover, no difference in the degree of radiation induced immune suppression existed between patients who developed recurrent disease and those who remained free of disease during a follow- ...2004525447
the fate of aflatoxin in naturally contaminated corn during the ethanol fermentation.corn naturally contaminated with aflatoxin was used as a substrate in the ethanol fermentation. distribution of toxin in several process and recovery fractions was identified. although little degradation of the mycotoxin occurred during fermentation, no toxin appeared in the distilled alcohol. as accumulation of toxin in spent grains represents a potential problem in use of the material as animal feed, several decontamination procedures were tested. sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, sodium h ...1990526887
the effects of dopamine on neurones in the nucleus tractus solitarii and on the central control of blood pressure in the rat [proceedings]. 1979529063
[how does one calculate the activity of a radiodiagnostic service?]. 2004529236
nucleic acid and protein metabolism in the pancreas, spleen, thymus, lung, cardiac and skeletal muscle and lens of undernourished female rats. 1979533871
physiological response patterns during "intake" and "rejection" tasks.two 2-min tasks, one requiring outer-directed attention (intake task), the other a mental arithmetic task (rejection task) were presented to 20 subjects. according to lacey the distinguishing feature of the response to intake tasks are cardiac deceleration and blood pressure decreases. none of these responses was obtained. some variables, however, were only affected by one of the tasks; the intake task led to a decreased hand (skin) blood flow and an increased hand vascular resistance, whereas a ...2004534671
cutaneous po2: value of analysis of the tracings in neonatal cardiorespiratory pathology. 2004534724
salivary 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone in congenital adrenal hyperplasia. 2004535169
macrophage-alloantibody-target cell interactions. iii. stripping of antibody-coated cells by human macrophages. 1979535188
a rational approach to the treatment of patellofemoral pain.chondromalacia of the patella should be considered a separate entity and not the necessary precursor of osteoarthrosis. it is rarely associated with significant discomfort. isolated softening, fibrillation of the central medial facet, and a diagnosis of chondromalacia of the patella should be limited, in our view, to isolated fibrillation occurring in the central medial facet and is probably asymptomatic. symptomatic patellar pain can be treated by realignment if the patella is malaligned, by la ...2004535212
[surgical treatment of cancer of the digestive tract]. 2004535678
molecular orbital studies on lipids: conformation of glycerol trivalerate by the pcilo method. 2004535925
[electric stimulation in psychiatry. myths and realities]. 2005538855
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