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effect of ovariectomy and estradiol on lh patterns in ewes. 19734748489
effect of bee venom on experimental arthritis. 19734751783
effect of bee venom on experimental arthritis. 19734751783
intramuscularly administered krypton clathrate kr 85. measurement of acute changes in regional blood flow. 19734751835
effect of mutual interaction of scopolamine and its antidote physostigmine upon formation of free ammonia in experiment in vitro. 19734752653
effect of mutual interaction of scopolamine and its antidote physostigmine upon formation of free ammonia in experiment in vitro. 19734752653
histochemical demonstration of rat liver glycogen phosphorylase activity with iron (fe++). 19734768895
distribution and urinary excretion of 3h-inulin in the dog. 19734768984
[effect of biligrafin forte on fat storage in the liver]. 19734770608
an early effect of l-asparaginase on normal mouse erythroblasts. 19734771362
[effect of prostaglandin a1 on renal blood flow, secretion of renin and sodium excretion in dogs]. 19734783443
[mechanism of the action of anabolic steroid preparations in experimental tuberculosis]. 19734784043
[isolation of vital hepatocytes for immunologic in vitro studies]. 19734790325
effect of cyproterone acetate on genital organs of male rats treated during fetal and neonatal period. 19734792272
[study of the regulation of cardiac norepinephrine biosynthesis in the rat]. 19734794734
proceedings: 205. electrical longitudinal dissociation of the his bundle. 19734799392
[placental permeability for erythromycin ascorbinate in animals previously sensitized with homologous placental protein]. 19734802732
[the effect of cocarboxylase on lymphocyte metabolism in newborn rats with experimental asphyxia]. 19734804642
molasses as an energy source for cattle. 19734571851
hydroxylamine derivatives as potential inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis. 19734577983
specificity of heterologous antisera to components solubilized from rat thymocyte membranes. 19734589167
the effect of some molecules and ions on gastric function in the milk-fed calf.1. the abomasum of the milk-fed calf has been examined using an adaptation of the serial test meal method devised by hunt & spurrell (1951). the emptying process, acid secretion and pepsin secretion were studied.2. using serial test meals of simple solutions instilled into the abomasum via a cannula, our investigation leaves no doubt that the osmolarity of the abomasal contents significantly modifies the rate of abomasal emptying.3. hypotonic and isotonic solutions of sodium chloride and sodium ...19734568911
transport of glucose and amino acids in human jejunum during asiatic cholera. 19734570130
h chain fragment and monoclonal iga in a lymphoproliferative disorder. 19734629971
keratoconjunctivitis sicca. 19734599197
the linkage relationship of the cytoplasmic drug-resistance factors in saccharomyces cerevisiae. 19744594012
use of tunable, pulsed dye laser for quantitative fluorescence in syphilis serology (fta-abs test).a pulsed dye laser was used as an excitation source in a fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (fta-abs) test. a high precision in quantitative fluorescence was obtained with this high-power excitation source coupled to an electronic detection system and a storage oscilloscope by standardization of fluorescence evaluation and through elimination of human error. one 0.4-mus pulse exposure was sufficient to record fluorescence intensity data on the oscilloscope. absence of fading of fluoresce ...19744598221
oxidative phosphorylation and proton translocation in membrane vesicles prepared from escherichia coli. 19744598441
two pathways of glutamate fermentation by anaerobic bacteria.two pathways are involved in the fermentation of glutamate to acetate, butyrate, carbon dioxide, and ammonia-the methylaspartate and the hydroxyglutarate pathways which are used by clostridium tetanomorphum and peptococcus aerogenes, respectively. although these pathways give rise to the same products, they are easily distinguished by different labeling patterns of the butyrate when [4-(14)c]glutamate is used as substrate. schmidt degradation of the radioactive butyrate from c. tetanomorphum yie ...19744813895
significance of microvascular changes in development of stress ulcer. 19744829129
cardiac and pulmonary effects of high doses of cyclophosphamide and isophosphamide. 19744833912
[comparison of perfusion and standard methods of disintegration of sheep kidney tissues]. 19744838534
[letter: influencing of the nelson-test by drugs]. 19744849085
cytotoxic effects of vanadium on rabbit alveolar macrophages in vitro. 19744851253
regional intrarenal perfusion in man: an assessment with the scintillation camera. 19744854064
suppressor cells in the rabbit appendix. 19744547314
kallikrein and kallikrein inhibitor in rats. 19744549598
[pathway of the grasp, posture and pulse frequency of the dental assistant]. 19744524506
isolation of penicillin and streptomycin resistant strains of moraxella osloensis. 19744527859
[effect of hydrocortisone acetate on nutrition, hard tissue and dental caries in rats (author's transl)]. 19744530468
the mechanism of end product inhibition of serine biosynthesis. iv. subunit structure of phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase and steady state kinetic studies of phosphoglycerate oxidation. 19744361732
studies on the lysosomes of l132 cells infected with either rhinovirus type 2 or poliovirus type 1. 19744362408
enzymatic synthesis of 32p-labeled coenzyme a. 19744363442
a fast method of analysis of the 5' terminal nucleotides of deoxyribooligonucleotides. 19744365237
characterization of late polyoma mrna.polyoma-infected mouse kidney cell cultures were labeled with [(3)h]uridine for 3 h late in the lytic cycle (26 to 29 h after infection) and rna was extracted from cytoplasm and nuclei and from isolated polyribosomes. sedimentation velocity analysis in sucrose gradients showed that polyoma-specific "giant" and 26s rnas are present exclusively in the nucleus. rna associated with cytoplasmic polyribosomes was analyzed by sedimentation in aqueous sucrose density gradients and dimethylsulfoxide sucr ...19744367901
purification of a ribonuclease inhibitor from novikoff hepatoma supernatant fraction. 19744370304
intra-axonal transport and degeneration of adrenergic nerve terminals after axotomy with long and short nerve stump. 19744372495
observations on the kidneys and urine of the wild norway rat, rattus norvegicus. 19744375334
[the metabolism of a new 5-nitroimidazole derivative, my 40.20 by the rat]. 19744376600
the direct determination of cytolytic antibody titer and specificity. 19744408372
the direct determination of cytolytic antibody titer and specificity. 19744408372
the conjugation of phenol, benzoic acid, 1-naphthylacetic acid and sulphadimethoxine in the lion, civet and genet. 19744418427
the conjugation of phenol, benzoic acid, 1-naphthylacetic acid and sulphadimethoxine in the lion, civet and genet. 19744418427
letter: canine hip dysplasia problem. 19744419853
thrombocytopenia in experimental babesiosis. 19744422079
amino acid sequence of a peptide containing the active cysteine residue of histidine ammonia-lyase.1. oxidized (polymerized) histidine ammonia-lyase from pseudomonas testosteroni was activated with dithiothreitol and the reduced disulphide-linked cysteine residues of the native enzyme were carboxymethylated with iodo[(14)c]acetate. 2. the activity of the carboxymethylated enzyme was similar to that of the polymerized form and approx. 15% of that of the fully reduced form. 3. a tryptic digest of the [(14)c]carboxymethylated enzyme contained only one radioactive peptide. 4. the amino acid seque ...19744422650
a regulator protein for the length determination of bacteriophage lambda tail. 19744437177
causes of death and a new concept in total artificial heart. 19744439143
an outbreak of ulcerative dermatitis in pigs. 19744439621
some aspects of the epidemiology of equine grass sickness. 19744439627
study of the ultimobranchial body of the chicken embryo in tissue culture. 19744464769
[changes in some enzyme activities of the rat heart, liver and kidney after administration of 5-ht. i]. 19744464911
trichophyton simii infection. 19744466011
[light and electron microscopic investigations of acrosome abnormalities in human spermatids and spermatozoa]. 19744469548
vinyl chloride carcinogenesis: current results and perspectives. 19744477887
indirect wallerian degeneration in intramedullary root fibers of the kitten hypoglossal nerve light and electron microscopical observations on silver impregnated sections. 19744135839
[immunobiology of burkitt's lymphoma and human leukemias]. 19744136196
histochemical studies in stomatal apparatus of phaseolus mungo linn. 3. localization of ascorbic acid and peroxidase and their functional significance. 19744136200
letter: penicillinase production by haemophilus influenzae. 19744136969
fetuin as a trypsin inhibitor. 19744139931
enzymic and immunochemical properties of lysozyme--viii. modification of two carboxyl groups and their role in the antigenic reactivity. 19744142452
proceedings: effect of serotonin on water intake and renin-angiotensin system in rats. 19744152366
evolution in action. 19744206474
the behavioral repertoire of the squirrel monkey (saimiri). 19744214739
effect of nitroglycerin and papaverine on coronary flow in man. 19744276050
[the nature of nuclear enlargement in urethane and isoprotenol-stimulated salivary glands (author's transl)]. 19751073694
osteogenesis imperfecta congenita and tarda: a temporal bone report.the temporal bone report of an operated case of osteogenesis imperfecta tarda is presented. histological examination confirmed the presence of bilateral fixation of the footplate by otosclerosis as the cause of the conductive hearing loss. fragility of bony septae in the mastoid and of the stapedial crura were observed. sensorineural impairment in later years with a reduction in neural elements in the cochlea appear related to the extent and activity of the otosclerotic foci. additional temporal ...19751079440
neurotoxicity of acrylamide and its analogues and effects of these analogues and other agents on acrylamide neuropathy.n-hydroxymethylacrylamide, n-methylacrylamide, and n,n-diethylacrylamide produce peripheral neuropathy in rats. seven other compounds related to acrylamide do not produce neuropathy. rats given one of the three neurotoxic compounds are more susceptible to acrylamide. a regime for testing acrylamide analogues for neuro-toxicity is suggested. ddt, phenobarbitone, or high dietary concentrations of vitamin a or e have no effect on the development of acrylamide neuropathy in rats. acrylamide produces ...1975164879
induction of autophagic vacuoles in peritoneal cells. 1975165296
letter: petechiae: due to adenovirus type 7 infection or to acetylsalicylic acid therapy? 1975165451
letter: light induced change in rod outer segment membrane fluidity. 1975165628
veterinary aspects of salmonid fish farming: husbandry diseases.most disease problems affecting farmed salmonid fish are either caused or exacerbated by bad husbandry and poor environmental conditions. the aspects of water quality and nutrition which are significant in causing husbandry problems are considered. the clinical aspects of these diseases are decribed in terms of the life cycle of salmonids, and methods of prevention are discussed.1975168680
structural studies on two adenovirus 2-sv40 hybrids containing the entire sv40 genome. 1975169085
an outbreak of infectious bursal disease (ibd) of chickens in nigeria. 1975175539
steroid production by quartered and capsular rat adrenal gland in response to haemorrhage.60 min after rapid bleeding (1.5--2.0 per cent of b. w.) both aldosterone and corticosterone production rate by quartered rat adrenals were found to be elevated. however, no difference was observed in the rate of aldosterone and corticosterone production by capsular adrenals of sham operated and hypovolaemic rats. corticosterone production rate by decapsulated adrenals was much more higher after haemorrhage than in the control group. the same alterations could be observed incubating adrenal tiss ...1975179800
antiinflammatory beta-arylamidoacrylic acids.a series of 34 beta-arylamidoacrylic acids was prepared and examined for antiinflammatory activity. these compounds are vinylogous carbamic acids, and several displayed activity equal to phenylbutazone in the rat pleural effusion model. highest activity was associated with structures bearing halogen and cyano substituents. amides were inactive.19751151961
effects of crude and pure cholera toxin on prostaglandin.investigations were made into the effects of crude and pure preparations of cholera toxin on the release of prostaglandin-like substances (pls) from rabbit ileum. perfusion of ileal loops in vivo with buffer containing crude toxin was followed by a release of pls into the perfusate, in amounts up to 37.5 ng/30 min (pge2 equivalents). in contrast, no detectable pls was released when ileal loops were perfused with pure toxin. similarly, pieces of ileum opened longitudinally released pls in amounts ...19751153796
dietary fats and properties of endoplasmic reticulum: i. dietary lipid induced changes in composition of microsomal membranes in liver and gastroduodenal mucosa of rat.rats were fed for four weeks with different lipid diets to determine the effects on the endoplasmic reticulum membranes of the liver and on the postmitochondrial supernatant fraction of the gastroduodenal mucosa. the diets contained cholesterol, cacao butter, olive oil, and these in combination. the results showed that dietary lipids were able to modify the composition of the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum and, to a lesser extent, that of postmitochondrial fraction of gastroduodenal mucosa. cacao ...19751160521
a pulse fluorometry study of lipoamide dehydrogenase. evidence for non-equivalent fad centers.the time dependence of the fluorescence of tryptophanyl and flavin residues in lipoamide dehydrogenase has been investigated with single-photon decay spectroscopy. when the two fad molecules in the enzyme were directly excited the decay could only be analyzed in a sum of two exponentials with equal amplitudes. this phenomenon was observed at 4 degrees c (tau-1 = 0.8 ns, tau-2 = 4.7 ns) and at 20 degrees c (tau-1 = 0.8 ns, tau-2 = 3.4 ns) irrespective of the emission and excitation wavelengths. t ...19751168573
endogenous prostaglandin release contributes directly to coronary artery in vitro coronary artery preparation of beef heart was found to synthesize and release continuously large amounts of a prostaglandin of the e type. inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis with aspirin, indomethacin, or eicosa-5,8,11,14-tetraynoic acid induced a sustained contraction of the coronary artery, and pretreatment with indomethacin diminished markedly the output of prostaglandin into the bathing medium. it appears that prostaglandin e1, generated from within the vessel wall itself, may ...19751175084
neurochemical correlates of alloxan diabetes: brain aminotransferase heterogeneity in the rat. 19751196005
a vector model of disease for teaching and diagnosis. 19751196157
[effect of x-rays on human adult skin explants]. 19751233920
[studies on the use of wheat rich in crude proteins in the feeding of broilers. 2. carcass yields and carcass composition].studies were made to investigate whether the the substitution of maize for high-protein wheat fed in combination with different protein in fattening rations to broilers would influence the carcass yields and chemical carcass composition of broilers. the described dietary regime was not found to have a significant influence on the different criteria of carcass composition (roaster carcass, flesh, abdominal fat, total proportion of utilizable parts) with the exception of the relative proportion of ...19751233971
[studies on the protein and amino acid metabolism of laying hens using 15n labeled casein. 15n concentration in the intestinal content and intestinal tissue in relation to the time of the last 15n administration].four laying hens with anus praeternaturalis were fed 15n casein for a period of 6 experimental days. each experimental bird thus received a 15n excess (15n') of 154.44 mg. 11.54 mg of 15n' were found in lysine 3.99 mg in histidine and 9.58 mg in arginine. 2 hens were slaughtered 48 hours after the last 15n dose; another 2 were sacrificed after 144 hrs. in this investigation the n content of the intestinal contents and in the proteins of the small and large intestine were determined. the average ...19751233975
[case of d/e translocation 45, xx, 13--, 18--, t(18q+, 13--)]. 19751234109
the efficiency of aquocobalamine as an antidote in cyanide poisoning when given alone or combined with sodium thiosulfate.the antidotal activities of aquocobalamineacetates and sodium thiosulfate were tested in guinea pigs and cats. the animals were attached to artificial respirators throughout the experiment and were poisoned with a continuous infusion of sodium cyanide solution (4.1 mumol/kg.min nacn). the rate of action of each antidote was determined from the time taken for the hcn exhalation to drop below the level of 100 nmol/kg.min in quinea pigs, and to values below 25 nmol/kg.min in cats; the detoxifying c ...19751242295
structural studies of heparitin sulfates.heparitin sulfate fractions with a large range in sulfate content were subjected to degradation by flavobacterium heparinase and by nitrous acid. the products obtained were fractionated by chromatography, characterized, and used to arrive at tentative structures for these complex polysaccharides. the heparitin sulfate chains examined appear to be composed of: 1. uninterrupted blocks of n-acetylglucosamine containing disaccharides; 2. larger blocks with a molecular weight range of 5000 to 6000 wh ...1975123778
external velour dacron grafts in renal artery reconstruction.aortorenal interposition grafts were performed in dogs using a new external velour knitted dacron graft. encapsulation and endothelialization of these grafts occurs as early as two weeks postoperatively. complete healing is seen by six weeks, and the cellular lining of these grafts appears to be continuous with, and histologically similar to, the endothelium of contiguous arteries. the healed nonthrombogenic characteristics of this graft material represents a considerable improvement over graft ...1975124104
rate and time of dna synthesis of individual chinese hamster cells.the duration of dna synthesis of a diploid cell line of chinese hamster fibroblasts was determined in a comparative study by the flm technique, and also by a new technique for measuring the rate of dna synthesis of individual cells. these methods produced comparable results when applied during exponential growth of the cells. the rate of dna synthesis was measured by means of quantitative autoradiography following a short-term incubation of the cells with 5 x 10(-6) m fudr and 10(-5) m 14c-tdr. ...1975126804
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