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increased risk of endometrial carcinoma among users of conjugated estrogens.the possibility that the use of conjugated estrogens increases the risk of endometrial carcinoma was investigated in patients and a twofold age-matched control series from the same population. conjugated estrogens (principally sodium estrone sulfate) use was recorded for 57 per cent of 94 patients with endometrial carcinoma, and for 15 per cent of controls. the corresponding point estimate of the (instantaneous) risk ratio was 7.6 with a one-sided 95 per cent lower confidence limit of 4.7. the r ...1990171569
longitudinal sleep patterns during pubertal growth: four-year follow up.there were little or no indications of differences in sleep outcomes between the sexes. results indicate a disturbance of sleep on initial laboratory nights relative to later nights. the results reported here clearly document the persistence of these effects from year to year. for the most part, sleep characteristics during the 4 years immediately after onset of puberty appear to represent a typical phase in the gradual patterns of changes across all ages. total sleep time decreased markedly fro ...1990171619
abdominal ultrasonography in pediatrics. 1990171943
recent concepts in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. 1996172882
device for the removal of oxygen from gas streams. 1996173923
a phase iii study in lung carcinoma comparing hexamethyl-melamine (nsc 13875) to dibromodulcitol (nsc 104800) 1,2.a phase iii study was designed comparing the effectiveness of hexamethyl-melamine (nsc 13875) to dibromodulcitol (nsc 104800) in lung carcinoma. 250 of the 316 patients entered on the study were stratified into groups according to stage of disease and cell type. the results showsed hexamethylmelamine to be more effective in patients with squamous cell carcinoma and slightly superior to dibromodulcitol in patients with anaplastic/undifferentiated cell carcinoma, whereas dibromodulcitol proved to ...1996174041
study on the photochemical reaction of hcn and its polymer products relating to primary chemical evolution.the photochemical reaction of hcn at 184.9 nm is studied in the gas phase. (cn)2, h2, ch4, nh3, n2h4, c2h6, and ch3nh2 are identified as gas phase products, and a reaction mechanism is proposed. hcn polymers are also obtained as solid reaction products, and their structure is investigated by infrared spectorscopy, uv-visible spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and amino acid analysis. the process and nature of the formation of the polymers are discussed.1996174044
an outbreak of infectious bursal disease (ibd) of chickens in nigeria. 1975175539
competitive protein binding radioassay of plasma and urinary unconjugated order to establish a more reliable profile of the function of the adrenal cortex, a study has been made of this simultaneous estimation of plasma and urinary unconjugated cortisol by competitive protein binding (cpb) radioassay. both plasma and urinary cortisol were measured by cpb radioassay after solvent extraction. normal ranges were found for plasma and urinary cortisol. the samples obtained in the morning (8:00 am) established a normal plasma cortisol range of 9.0-21.6 mug% with a mean o ...1985176291
steroid production by quartered and capsular rat adrenal gland in response to haemorrhage.60 min after rapid bleeding (1.5--2.0 per cent of b. w.) both aldosterone and corticosterone production rate by quartered rat adrenals were found to be elevated. however, no difference was observed in the rate of aldosterone and corticosterone production by capsular adrenals of sham operated and hypovolaemic rats. corticosterone production rate by decapsulated adrenals was much more higher after haemorrhage than in the control group. the same alterations could be observed incubating adrenal tiss ...1975179800
cushing's syndrome or obesity. bilateral adrenal hyperplasia in a boy 10 years of age.a rare case of the cushing syndrome, due to bilateral adrenal hyperplasia is described. because of generalized obesity, normal height, normal bone age and family history of obesity, a boy 10 years of age had at first been misdiagnosed as simple obesity. a reduction in height velocity, advancement of bone age and development of precocious pseudopuberty led to a more detailed biochemical investigation and to the correct diagnosis. the clinical picture can be misleading in the differential diagnosi ...2003179822
effect of a topical interferon inducer on rhinovirus infections in volunteers.six controlled trials of a topical interferon inducer, n',n'-diotadecyl-n',n'-bis-(2-hydroxyethyl) propanediamine (cp 20961), against rhinovirus infection in volunteers were reviewed. controls were the drug vehicle (which consisted of a mixture of polysorbate-80 in gylcerol and saline), saline only, and oral lactose. multiple doses of the inducer given before challenge in any of three regimens reduced the symptomatic response to viral infection. treatment with three doses of drug the day before ...1985180192
genital herpetic infection in men and women: clinical course and effect of topical application of adenine arabinoside.sixty-three episodes of genital herpetic infection in 55 men and 45 episodes in 42 women were randomly assigned to topical treatment with 3% adenine arabinoside, topical treatment with placebo ointment, or no therapy. in addition, 10 episodes in women who were not randomly assigned to therapy were evaluated and followed. clinical evaluation and viral cultures were done on day 3, day 8, and weekly thereafter until the lesions had healed. the natural clinical course of genital herpetic infection w ...1976180196
a mobile calcified amputated appendix epiploica. 1982182021
effectiveness of orally administered bordetella pertussis vaccine in mice.oral administration of killed bordetella pertussis organisms to mice results in increased resistance to an intracerebral infection with virulent b. pertussis cells. the rate of survival is dependent on the dose of antigen. but besides specific systemic immunity, which is persistent over a long period, also transient non-specific resistance is increased. these effects are evidently induced without penetration of bacterial substances into the circulation.1976182602
inflammatory cells in solid murine neoplasms. i. tumor disaggregation and identification of constituent inflammatory cells.mechanical and enzymatic methods of disaggregating tumors were studied with the goals of (1) minimizing cell losses while (2) maintaining functional and surface membrane markers needed to objectively identify inflammatory cells (ic)1 in resultant suspensions. application of the principles and methods described makes accurate estimation of the percentage of each ic type present in neoplasms possible for the first time. compared to purely mechanical means of disaggregating tumors, all enzyme mixtu ...1976182647
the effect of hypoxia on collagen synthesis in cultured 3t6 fibroblasts and its relationship to the mode of action of ascorbate.when exposed to low oxygen tension, in the absence of added ascorbic acid 3t6 mouse fibroblast cultures in late log phase respond by increased lactate production and increased hydroxylation of proline in nascent collagen, which is paralleled by an increase in prolyl hydroxylase activity. after 6 h recovery from the anoxic stimulus, however, cultures still yield more prolyl hydroxylase than controls, but the effect on hydroxylation of nascent collagen has disappeared. these observations help to d ...1976183826
study of the properties of different strains of avian encephalomyelitis virus. 1976187531
plasma camp and renin in diabetics during insulin induced hypoglycemia. 2002187538
[principles of personnel management]. 1993187861
regulation of norepinephrine release from cardiac sympathetic fibers in the dog by presynaptic alpha- and beta-receptors.the effect of phenoxybenzamine (pba), desmethylimipramine (dmi), clonidine (clnd), sotalol (stl), and isoproterenol (ispr) on the release of endogenous norepinephrine (ne) from the heart on right cardioaccelerator nerve stimulation was studied in anesthetized dogs. under control conditions, the catecholamine levels in coronary sinus blood increased linearly with increasing frequencies of stimulation up to 10 hz and did not increase further at 30 hz. the release of ne was markedly enhanced after ...1977193655
using hospital staff to provide aftercare: kudos and criticism. 2003193775
adenovirus of ring-necked pheasants: purification and partial characterization of marble spleen disease virus.a method for purification of marble spleen disease virus (msdv) from the spleens of infected turkeys and pheasants is described. it combines chloroform or fluorocarbon extraction with subsequent purification by centrifugation on a cushion of cesium chloride (cscl). further purification of msdv was accomplished with a cscl equilibrium density gradient. a viral buoyant density of approximately 1.32 to 1.33 g/cm3 was determined. negative-stain electron microscopy revealed that virus isopycnically b ...1977193796
on the mode of action of clonidine: relationship between effects on behaviour and cyclic nucleotide content in mouse brain. 1977196226
isotopic and angiographic determination of cerebral blood flow. a correlation in patients with cerebral cerebral angiography has been performed on five patients who were demonstrated to have a cerebral circulatory deficit by the bedside isotope flow determination. in all five instances cerebral angiography confirmed the results of the isotope examination.1991207087
comparison of interferon action in interferon resistant and sensitive l1210 cells.translation inhibition, leu-trna aminoacylation and double-stranded rna and atp dependent phosphorylation were examined in interferon-treated and control cell-free lysates of leukaemic mouse l 1210 r and l 1210 s cells. no differences were observed between the respective interferon-treated and control cell-free extracts, except for the presence of an enhanced 67k dalton phosphoprotein fraction in interferon-treated l 1210 s cell-free extracts. in non-responding cell-free lysates, the lack of sti ...1978212514
purification and properties of hydrogenase from clostridium pasteurianum. 1978213683
pathogenesis of infectious mononucleosis, burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a unified scheme. 1978221392
comparison of immune responses and viral markers in herpesviruses-associated carcinomas: a review. 1978221405
secretory granules of the duodenal enterochromaffin cells of the cat. 1979222959
presynaptic receptor systems on cardiac sympathetic nerves. 2003222983
catabolite inactivation of gluconeogenic enzymes in mutants of yeast deficient in proteinase b.strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae bearing nonsense mutations in the structural gene for proteinase b (ec have been examined for the ability to make the transition from growth on acetate to growth on glucose and for the ability to inactivate three glucoeogenic enzymes during the transition because proteinase b has been proposed by others to be responsible for the inactivation of the three enzymes during the growth transition. the mutant strains make the growth transition normally. cat ...1979228302
biochemical characterization of lysosomes in unfertilized eggs of xenopus laevis.relations between lysosomes and yolk platelets of amphibian eggs have been suggested. this work demonstrates the presence of acid hydrolases in oocytes induced to ovulate in vitro. about 40% of the acid hydrolases are found in a sedimentable fraction, and, in accordance with the lysosomal concept, they display structural latency. biochemical data did not indicate any association between lysosomal enzymes and yolk platelets. the mechanism of yolk resorption is discussed and it is suggested that t ...1979228752
cultures from rat brain hemispheres enriched in oligodendrocyte-like cells. 1979228801
plasma and urine cyclic guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate in disseminated cancer.plasma and 24-h urinary adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) and guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic gmp) were measured by radioimmunoassay in 12 normal subjects, 33 patients with six types of non-neoplastic disease (cholelithiasis, peptic ulcer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, regional ileitis, and cirrhosis), and 34 patients with five types of disseminated neoplastic disease (acute myelocytic leukemia; hodgkin's disease; and metastatic cancer of the lung, colon, and breast). in p ...1997229752
accreditation: team surveys provide greater depth. 1977234887
survival of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria on cotton swabs in three transport systems.the capacity of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to survive on cotton swabs placed into a dry gassed-out co2-filled tube (dgt), dry sterile aerobic tube (dat), and a tube containing a modified stuarts' transport medium (mst), was assessed. pseudomonas aeruginosa increased in numbers by 2 and 3 logs when stored in mst and dat, respectively. the viability of p. aeruginosa, although retarded when compared to msa and dat, was not adversely affected by the co2 environment in the dgt. the mst maintaine ...1975240870
accountability. 1978242782
acute brain trauma. 1991245244
[introduction of legal precedents in nursing accidents. 11. accidents caused by intramuscular injections]. 2003253811
project breakthrough: an evaluation of selected goals. 1992258193
[the district nurse in the diabetes home care service in the province of limburg]. 1988259376
[operating assistant or operating room assistant (tvz, 17 july 1979)]. 1988259381
[information processing for nursing. 4. nursing information and nursing records]. 1988259818
australian nursing. 1989259844
the ohio nursing situation: a report commissioned by the ona board of directors. 1987259967
[children's conditions in the hospital. children's matters are matter of our essential future resources]. 1987260409
breastfeeding protocol. 1989260789
divorce and its effects on any given case, the developmental stage of the child, the parental attitude, the financial situation, the custody battle, the visitation policies, the interactions between parents prior to and after divorce and the openness with which the subject is approached will interact to produce some effect, positive or negative, on the child. the question is, as professionals, what can we do to reduce the negative effects for this population at risk? it is comforting to note that the suffering caused b ...1989260790
address given at a diploma ceremony at boksburg-benoni hospital on 20 june 1979. patient-response to hospitalisation. 1986260906
care study of an eighteen year old girl with tuberculous meningitis. 1985261305
[home surveillance of the premature infant]. 1985261362
[the current status of the nursing profession]. 1984261412
reflections on being in nursing for twenty years. 1985261499
[a new case of entomophthoromycosis discovered in the united cameroon republic]. 1985261929
the rate of diffusion of urea to the c.s.f. in diabetics. 2003262251
[behavior of plasma catecholamines in relation to pressure changes induced with hemodialysis or ultrafiltration]. 2003262276
the structure of the collagen fibril. 1978262321
isolated azygos continuation of the inferior vena cava. 2003262529
[computers applied to dietetics]. 2003262700
[double primary carcinomas of the esophagus and stomach: a pathological study of 9 cases (author's transl)]. 1993262814
[experience in echography in the early differential diagnosis of tubal pregnancy]. 1994262991
planning and evaluation: the roles of the public and voluntary sectors. 1984263260
[neurological status and psychomotor development of children with phenylketonuria treated early].low phenylalanine diet treatment in children with phenylketonuria (pku) started sufficiently early prevents mental retardation. but the question whether the treatment prevents all c n s damage is still open. this problem was evaluated on the basis of longitudinal neurological and psychological studies of 118 pku children in whom treatment was started before the 6-th week of life. as a comparative group 90 children with untreated or late treated pku were investigated. a detailed analysis of the r ...1984263530
gilles de la tourette's syndrome: clinical, genetic, psychologic, and biochemical aspects in 21 selected families.eighty-one patients and relatives with tourette's syndrome, members of 21 selected families, participated in a 1-day clinic. in 12 of the 13 jewish families and six of the eight non-jewish families, there were multiple members with motor and vocal tics by observation or history. males predominated among those with persistent symptoms, but among those with spontaneous clearing, females predominated. twelve propositi had troublesome sexual and aggressive impulses, differing only quantitatively fro ...1983264605
president's message. 1983264849
biochemical and morphological studies of rat submandibular gland: iii. effects of testosterone treatment on proteins of granule-rickch fraction.mature adult male rats and castrated and testosterone-treated castrated adult rats were injected with pilocarpine hcl and 3-h-lysine and sacrificed sequentially over an eight-hour time period. following homogenization and differential centrifugation, three subcellular fractions from each group of animals were analyzed by gel electrophoresis and liquid scintillation. two proteins in the granule-rich fraction appeared in larger amounts on the densitometric scans and appeared to represent a larger ...1977265956
[actinomyces in dental plaque]. 1977266558
mail order merchandise and you, the dentist. council on dental materials and devices. 1985268380
inhibition of cytokinesis in friend leukemia cells by membrane mobility agents.treatment of a line of friend leukemia cells with a dispersion of the membrane mobility agent, a2c, yields cells that undergo successive nuclear divisions without cytokinesis, resulting eventually in cells with as many as 30 nuclei. neither the dna replication rate of the cells nor the generation time is different after treatment; in addition, the multiple nuclei divide synchronously, and the chromosome number corresponds to the number of nuclei in the cell. inhibition of cytokinesis is not obse ...1986268639
the false negative smear: an instrumental error? 1990269598
the influence of the bony pelvis in persistent occiput posterior position.roentgenologic pelvimetry has been performed in 68 consecutive cases of occiput posterior position. the results point to an influence from a transverse narrowing of the pelvis or a tendency towards large dimensions. in many cases, however, no clear correlation to pelvic dimensions is found. a significant difference exists in the rate of obstetrical complications between nulliparous and parous women. the reasons for this and for the persistent op position are discussed.1990269635
[the role of salivary immunoglobulins in dental caries]. 1991270178
an internal deletion mutant of a myosin heavy chain in caenorhabditis elegans.unc-54 i is the structural gene for a myosin heavy chain present in a major fraction of the total myosin of caenorhabditis elegans. the allele e675, which possesses a normal amount of myosin but fails to assemble thick filaments, has been shown previously to contain a novel heavy chain of molecular weight 2 x 10(5), shorter by 10(4) than the wild-type (n2) unc-54 gene product. the structural alteration of the e675 heavy chain is an internal deletion of 10(4) molecular weight near the cooh termin ...1981271956
analysis of treatment in childhood leukemia. iv. the critical association between dose fractionation and immunosuppression induced by cranial irradiation.the degree of long term lymphopenia induced by cranial irradiation is shown to be dependent upon the number of fractions into which the standard cranial dose of 2400 rads is divided. the mean lymphocyte count of patients three months after receiving this dose in five fractions was 1.84 x 10(9)/1; in twelve fractions it was 1.12 x 10(9)/1 and in twenty fractions it was 0.64 x 10(9)/1. an explanation for this finding is offered which is based upon marked radiosensitivity of certain lymphocytes and ...1982272224
binding and release of eukaryotic initiation factor eif-2 and gtp during protein synthesis initiation.the eukaryotic initiation factor eif-2 forms a ternary complex with met-trnaf and gtp. this complex binds to the 40s ribosomal subunit in the absence of mrna and mrna binding factors. highly purified eif-2 from rabbit reticulocytes was labeled with 125i by using the bolton-hunter reagent or with [gamma-32p]atp by using the heme-regulated translational inhibitor protein kinase. the labeled eif-2 was bound, together with equimolar amounts of met-trnaf and gtp, to the 40s subunit. in the presence o ...1978272635
[association of breast cancer and chronic myelogenous leukemia]. 1983272707
treatment of the incompletely formed tooth. 1979275360
microbiota of gingivitis in man.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms inhabiting gingival crevices affected with a chronic gingivitis was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. samples were obtained from nine individuals 25--42 years of age. gram-positive rods make up 29.1% of the isolates and included mainly actinomyces naeslundii, actinomyces israelii, and actinomyces viscosus. streptococcus mitis and streptococcus sanguis together made up 26.8% of the cultivable organisms. peptostreptococcus avera ...1978276916
the bacteriology of perimandibular space infections.the bacteriology of 21 perimandibular clised-space infections was studied prospectively using optimal bacteriological techniques to collect, transport, and process specimens. there was an average of six microbial species per specimen, including approximately four anaerobes and two aerobes. the predominant aerobes were alpha-hemolytic and non-hemolytic streptococci; the predominant anaerobes were peptostreptococci, bacteroides melaninogenicus, and fusobacterium nucleatum. these findings indicate ...1979286029
[eosinophilic leukosis]. 2003290268
asbestos contamination in united states schools from use of asbestos surfacing materials. 1980294211
a study of the bacteria associated with advancing periodontitis in man.samples of apical plaque were taken by means of an anaerobic gas-flushed syringe from 21 sites in eight patients. the samples were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated and incubated in an atmosphere of 80% n2, 10% h2 and 10% co2 for 7-21 days. all colonies on plates containing 20-50 isolates were picked, repeatedly restreaked, characterized and identified where possible by a probabilistic computer identification program. the sites were divided into four groups on the basis of clinical fea ...1979294457
surface ultrastructure of some oral bacteria.adhesion of streptococcus sanguis, fusobacterium nucleatum and an actinomyces sp. to enamel and epon and their interspecies cohesion was studied with scanning and transmission electron microscopy. for adhesion studies enamel or epon was coated with salivary macromolecules and then cells of s. sanguis and in some experiments also with f. nucleatum or actinomyces sp. cells of s. sanguis were seen scattered over the surface of a thin "pellicle" that was heavily stained, and f. nucleatum and actinom ...1979296564
[scleroderma in plaques. immunological and visceral disturbances (author's transl)]. 2004305741
[angiography and emergency embolisation of digestive haemorrhages (author's transl)]. 2003308945
thy-1 antigenicity is associated with glycolipids of brain and thymocytes. 2003308963
[diagnostik significance of cell membrane markers in childhood all (author's transl)].acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all) in childhood is not a homogeneous disease. by membrane phenotyping 6 groups of all in 66 children could be differentiated: group i (38%) common all (anti-call+. group ii (32%) common all with t cell marker in addition (anti-call+, anti-t+). group iii (14%) t. cell all with e-rosette marker (anti t+, e+). group iv (9%) t cell all without e-rosette marker (anti t+, e-). group v (6%) undifferentiated all (anti-call-, anti-t). group vi (1%) b cell typ (smig+). 19 o ...2003309025
note on the oscillations of collapsible tubes. 2003309045
identification of new cell surface markers in man: the problem of immunogenicity. 1979313101
hemorrhage due to retrograde prolapse of stomach. an endoscopic diagnosis.a case of recurrent hemorrhage due to localized gastric mucosal congestion from retrograde prolapse during severe retching is described. historically, this condition may mimic the "mallory-weiss syndrome" and endoscopically, this lesion may be mistaken for "gastritis". this rarely recognized condition may be an explanation for some cases of cryptic hematemesis.1989313151
the predominant cultivable microflora of advanced periodontitis.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms harbored in the base of deep periodontal pockets of eight patients aged 34-48 years was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. from a total of 475 isolates, 425 (89.5%) were obligate anaerobes, 356(74.9%) were gram-negative, and 441(92.8%) were categorized as rods. bacteroides melaninogenicus and fusobacterium nucleatum constituted the majority of the isolates in seven samples, but their mutual proportions differed considerably bet ...1977320648
inhibition of leukocyte migration by the agarose plate technique. application to antigen from candida albicans and fusobacterium nucleatum.leukocyte migration inhibition by antigen from candida albicans and fusobacterium nucleatum was studied in man by means of the direct leukocyte migration agarose technique (lmat). antigens were prepared by prolonged ultrasonication and were added to the leukocyte cultures in the original as well as in the concentrated solutions. significant inhibition of migration with a 10-fold concentrated solution of candida antigen was demonstrated in subjects showing apositive intracutaneous reaction to can ...1977320806
escape from antibody-mediated immune suppression in vitro by delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction.anti-sheep erythrocyte antiserum suppressed the in vitro immune response of swine spleen cells to sheep erythrocytes. inhibition of the in vitro anti-sheep erythrocyte response was also observed in neonatal spleen cells, which were obtained from piglets recently fed colostrum. addition of purified protein derivative (ppd) to spleen cell cultures prepared from animals previously sensitized to mycobacterium bovis reversed the immunosuppression caused by passive antibody. passive antibody regulatio ...1977321357
the germicidal effect of the open air in different parts of the netherlands.using the microthread technique the survival of escherichia coli mre 162 in open air was measured in different parts of the netherlands. the presence of bactericidal compounds (open air factor = oaf) could be demonstrated on several days and quantitated in relative units of oaf concentration. in the absence of ozone the oaf concentration was always low. in the presence of ozone the oaf concentration was dependent on wind direction. at the selected microthread exposure sites air from areas with h ...1977321676
[the surgical treatment of hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux]. 2003326645
[autodermal plasty in 3-a stage burns]. 1979327669
[use of skin of convalescents in treatment of wounds of patients with emaciation caused by burns]. 1979327670
[in the memory of john c. belisario 1900-1976]. 2003328453
psycho-social aspects of recovery from coronary heart disease: a review. 2003329420
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