catabolite inactivation of gluconeogenic enzymes in mutants of yeast deficient in proteinase b.strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae bearing nonsense mutations in the structural gene for proteinase b (ec have been examined for the ability to make the transition from growth on acetate to growth on glucose and for the ability to inactivate three glucoeogenic enzymes during the transition because proteinase b has been proposed by others to be responsible for the inactivation of the three enzymes during the growth transition. the mutant strains make the growth transition normally. cat ...1979228302
biochemical characterization of lysosomes in unfertilized eggs of xenopus laevis.relations between lysosomes and yolk platelets of amphibian eggs have been suggested. this work demonstrates the presence of acid hydrolases in oocytes induced to ovulate in vitro. about 40% of the acid hydrolases are found in a sedimentable fraction, and, in accordance with the lysosomal concept, they display structural latency. biochemical data did not indicate any association between lysosomal enzymes and yolk platelets. the mechanism of yolk resorption is discussed and it is suggested that t ...1979228752
cultures from rat brain hemispheres enriched in oligodendrocyte-like cells. 1979228801
survival of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria on cotton swabs in three transport systems.the capacity of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to survive on cotton swabs placed into a dry gassed-out co2-filled tube (dgt), dry sterile aerobic tube (dat), and a tube containing a modified stuarts' transport medium (mst), was assessed. pseudomonas aeruginosa increased in numbers by 2 and 3 logs when stored in mst and dat, respectively. the viability of p. aeruginosa, although retarded when compared to msa and dat, was not adversely affected by the co2 environment in the dgt. the mst maintaine ...1975240870
the structure of the collagen fibril. 1978262321
biochemical and morphological studies of rat submandibular gland: iii. effects of testosterone treatment on proteins of granule-rickch fraction.mature adult male rats and castrated and testosterone-treated castrated adult rats were injected with pilocarpine hcl and 3-h-lysine and sacrificed sequentially over an eight-hour time period. following homogenization and differential centrifugation, three subcellular fractions from each group of animals were analyzed by gel electrophoresis and liquid scintillation. two proteins in the granule-rich fraction appeared in larger amounts on the densitometric scans and appeared to represent a larger ...1977265956
[actinomyces in dental plaque]. 1977266558
binding and release of eukaryotic initiation factor eif-2 and gtp during protein synthesis initiation.the eukaryotic initiation factor eif-2 forms a ternary complex with met-trnaf and gtp. this complex binds to the 40s ribosomal subunit in the absence of mrna and mrna binding factors. highly purified eif-2 from rabbit reticulocytes was labeled with 125i by using the bolton-hunter reagent or with [gamma-32p]atp by using the heme-regulated translational inhibitor protein kinase. the labeled eif-2 was bound, together with equimolar amounts of met-trnaf and gtp, to the 40s subunit. in the presence o ...1978272635
microbiota of gingivitis in man.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms inhabiting gingival crevices affected with a chronic gingivitis was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. samples were obtained from nine individuals 25--42 years of age. gram-positive rods make up 29.1% of the isolates and included mainly actinomyces naeslundii, actinomyces israelii, and actinomyces viscosus. streptococcus mitis and streptococcus sanguis together made up 26.8% of the cultivable organisms. peptostreptococcus avera ...1978276916
the bacteriology of perimandibular space infections.the bacteriology of 21 perimandibular clised-space infections was studied prospectively using optimal bacteriological techniques to collect, transport, and process specimens. there was an average of six microbial species per specimen, including approximately four anaerobes and two aerobes. the predominant aerobes were alpha-hemolytic and non-hemolytic streptococci; the predominant anaerobes were peptostreptococci, bacteroides melaninogenicus, and fusobacterium nucleatum. these findings indicate ...1979286029
a study of the bacteria associated with advancing periodontitis in man.samples of apical plaque were taken by means of an anaerobic gas-flushed syringe from 21 sites in eight patients. the samples were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated and incubated in an atmosphere of 80% n2, 10% h2 and 10% co2 for 7-21 days. all colonies on plates containing 20-50 isolates were picked, repeatedly restreaked, characterized and identified where possible by a probabilistic computer identification program. the sites were divided into four groups on the basis of clinical fea ...1979294457
surface ultrastructure of some oral bacteria.adhesion of streptococcus sanguis, fusobacterium nucleatum and an actinomyces sp. to enamel and epon and their interspecies cohesion was studied with scanning and transmission electron microscopy. for adhesion studies enamel or epon was coated with salivary macromolecules and then cells of s. sanguis and in some experiments also with f. nucleatum or actinomyces sp. cells of s. sanguis were seen scattered over the surface of a thin "pellicle" that was heavily stained, and f. nucleatum and actinom ...1979296564
identification of new cell surface markers in man: the problem of immunogenicity. 1979313101
the predominant cultivable microflora of advanced periodontitis.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms harbored in the base of deep periodontal pockets of eight patients aged 34-48 years was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. from a total of 475 isolates, 425 (89.5%) were obligate anaerobes, 356(74.9%) were gram-negative, and 441(92.8%) were categorized as rods. bacteroides melaninogenicus and fusobacterium nucleatum constituted the majority of the isolates in seven samples, but their mutual proportions differed considerably bet ...1977320648
inhibition of leukocyte migration by the agarose plate technique. application to antigen from candida albicans and fusobacterium nucleatum.leukocyte migration inhibition by antigen from candida albicans and fusobacterium nucleatum was studied in man by means of the direct leukocyte migration agarose technique (lmat). antigens were prepared by prolonged ultrasonication and were added to the leukocyte cultures in the original as well as in the concentrated solutions. significant inhibition of migration with a 10-fold concentrated solution of candida antigen was demonstrated in subjects showing apositive intracutaneous reaction to can ...1977320806
escape from antibody-mediated immune suppression in vitro by delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction.anti-sheep erythrocyte antiserum suppressed the in vitro immune response of swine spleen cells to sheep erythrocytes. inhibition of the in vitro anti-sheep erythrocyte response was also observed in neonatal spleen cells, which were obtained from piglets recently fed colostrum. addition of purified protein derivative (ppd) to spleen cell cultures prepared from animals previously sensitized to mycobacterium bovis reversed the immunosuppression caused by passive antibody. passive antibody regulatio ...1977321357
the germicidal effect of the open air in different parts of the netherlands.using the microthread technique the survival of escherichia coli mre 162 in open air was measured in different parts of the netherlands. the presence of bactericidal compounds (open air factor = oaf) could be demonstrated on several days and quantitated in relative units of oaf concentration. in the absence of ozone the oaf concentration was always low. in the presence of ozone the oaf concentration was dependent on wind direction. at the selected microthread exposure sites air from areas with h ...1977321676
gliding motility and actinomycin d sensitivity of fusobacterium nucleatum and other gram-negative rods.six strains of gram-negative anaerobic fusiform rods (fusobacterium and bacteroides spp.), isolated from deep subgingival locations in humans, were examined for (i) gliding motility in slide cultures, (iii) cell densities on nutrient agar surfaces, and (iii) sensitivity to actinomycin d. known gliding (fbt) and nonmotile (nm) strains of myxococcus xanthus served as controls for the gliding and cell density experiments. in the present study, three strains of gram-negative fusiforms from the oral ...1977332633
unsustained multiplication of treponema pallidum (nichols virulent strain) in vitro in the presence of oxygen.treponema pallidum (nichols virulent strain) was incubated with or without oxygen using a modified medium supplemented with reduced glutathione and a variety of nutrients (prnf10-b). two- to fourfold increases in treponemal numbers were observed in cultures without mammalian cells within 96 h of incubation under 5 to 6% oxygen. treponemal motility and multiplication were maintained more satisfactorily in cultures that were diluted and transferred daily, using an equal volume of fresh medium. tre ...1978344209
cell-mediated immunity in neonatal calves: delayed-type hypersensitivity and lymphocyte blastogenesis following immunization with a mycobacterial immunopotentiating glycolipid and tuberculoproteins of mycobacterium bovis. 1978347995
[endocrine function of the salivary glands].the concept of the incretory activity of the parotid and submandibular salivary glands stems from numerous clinical and experimental data indicating a close association between them, sex and pancreatic glands and the pituitary. the paper presents the data on the mechanism of action of the salivary glands hormone, parotine. the participation of the salivary glands, especially at early stages of body formation, in the processes of mineralization of bones and teeth, and in proliferation of the elas ...1978348164
nucleotide sequence of the promoter--operator region of the tryptophan operon of salmonella typhimurium. 1978351192
the bacteriology of cavitating pulmonary infections and empysema. studies of transtracheal aspirates and pleural fluid.a prospective study of bacteriology in 14 cases of cavitating pulmonary infections and empyema is reported. bacteriologic results were based on transtracheal aspirates or pleural fluid. appropriate anaerobic bacteriologic methods were employed. anaerobic bacteria were recovered in 11 patients (79%); they were the only pathogens isolated in 6 patients. the predominant species were fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides melaninogenicus, bacteroides fragilis and peptostreptococcus. aerobic bacteria w ...1978352421
effects of storage in an anaerobic transport system on bacteria in known polymicrobial mixtures and in clinical anaerobic transport system (ats) which provides for catalytic removal of oxygen was evaluated by using in vitro-prepared polymicrobial mixtures of logphase bacteria and clinical specimens. inoculated swabs were stored at room temperature in (i) aerobic, (ii) anaerobic glove box, and (iii) ats environments, and bacteria were quantitated after 2, 24, 48, and 72 h. bacteria in a three-part mixture of bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococcus anaerobius, and escherichia coli and in a five-part mix ...1978370142
clindamycin in treatment of aspiration pneumonia in children.twenty-eight patients with anaerobic pleuropulmonary infections were treated with clindamycin alone or clindamycin with gentamicin. sixteen of the patients presented with pneumonitis, nine with necrotizing pneumonia, and three with lung abscesses. the average length of treatment was 13.8 days, and the duration of temperature after initiation of therapy was 3.1 days. the predominant isolates were anaerobic gram-positive cocci (23 isolates), bacteroides melaninogenicus (14), bacteroides fragilis ( ...1979380459
rearrangements of genetic material in escherichia coli as observed on the bacteriophage p1 plasmid. 1979385224
synthesis and properties of fluorescent nucleotide substrates for dna-dependent rna polymerases.a new class of fluorescent nucleotide analogs which contain the fluorophore 1-aminonaphthalene-5-sulfonate attached via a gamma-phosphoamidate bond has been synthesized. both the purine and pyrimidine analogs have fluorescence emission maxima at 460 nm. cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond produces change in both the absorption and fluorescence emission spectra. the fluorescence of the pyrimidine analogs is quenched; cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond of the utp analog produces abo ...1979387781
human plasma angiotensinogen: a review of purification procedures.the current status of the purification and characterization of human angiotensinogen is reviewed. one problem encountered in the past has been the copurification of a protein with similar porperties. this protein has tentatively been designated alanine-protein. an efficient separation of angiotensinogen and alanine-protein was obtained on a zinc chelate column. alanine-protein has been purified and its amino acid and carbohydrate composition determined. the cooh-terminal amino acid and the nh2-t ...1979390363
lung compliance and lung morphology following artificial ventilation in the premature and full-term rabbit neonate.rabbit neonates delivered on day 27--30 of gestation were subjected to intermittent positive pressure ventilation (ippv) for 60 min. tidal volume was standardized to 10 ml/kg, and the insufflation pressure required to maintain this tidal volume was recorded. the quasistatic compliance of the lung-thorax system, corrected for variations in body weight, was significantly lower in animals delivered on day 27--28 than in those delivered on day 29--30. immature animals with low lung-thorax complianc ...1979394314
[the molecular biology of aging -- 15: structure and function of the genetic apparatus in aging. ii. synthesis and metabolism of rna].with aging in different organs there are similar or tissue specific changes of the ribonucleic acids in respect of the quantity, the spectrum of different rna species and the metabolism of rna. among these processes the template function of the chromatin and the behaviour of the rna polymerases are important influencing factors. in aging the sensitivity of the rna synthesis against hormonal stimulation is decreased in the most cases. a survey about the results of many in vivo and in vitro experi ...1979395770
hemagglutinating activity of fusobacterium nucleatum.gingival isolates of oral fusobacterium nucleatum strains (gram-negative anaerobic fusiform bacilli) have shown the characteristic ability to hemagglutinate a variety of erythrocytes (rbc) of human and animal origin. other members of the genus tested (f. necrophorus, f. varium, and f. mortiferum) displayed little if any ability to hemagglutinate rbc. the hemagglutination (ha) activity could be observed in the f. nucleatum strains with the whole cells and in most instances with sonicated preparat ...1977401771
[the effect of dietary lactose on the ileal absorption of sodium taurocholate in rats].when rats were fed a lactose containing diet, both the absorption rate of sodium taurocholate at the level of ileum and the contents of bile acids of the small intestine were increased. on the contrary, feeding of lactose did not modify the daily fecal excretion of bile acids. it therefore appears that dietary lactose increases the intestinal pool of bile acids by increasing their ileal absorption rate and that this effect of lactose is not subordinated to a modification of bile acid synthesis.1977404060
thyrotrophin releasing hormone-induced growth hormone and prolactin release: physiological studies in intact rats and in hypophysectomized rats bearing an ectopic pituitary determine how the sensitivity of the ectopic anterior pituitary gland to the gh-releasing effect of thyrotrophin releasing hormone (trh) might be affected by the time lapse from transplantation, trh (0-15 and 0-6 microng) was injected i.v. into hypophysectomized (hypox)-transplanted rats under urethane anaesthesia 1,3,8,15,30 and 60 days after transplantation, and plasma samples were taken 5 and 10 min later. baseline gh values gradually decreased with time from about 16-0 ng/ml (1 day) to ab ...1977404376
effects of intravenous infusion of trh on plasma tsh and prolactin concentrations in rats. 1977404643
analysis of the shoulder in brachiating spider monkeys. 1978414626
action of purine nucleosides on the release of intracellular enzymes from rat lymphocytes.rat lymphocytes incubated under hypoxic conditions in vitro show a time-dependent release of intracellular enzymes. as reported previously, enzyme release (lactate dehydrogenase) is decreased by metabolite, notably atp and glucose, that contribute towards lymphocyte energy metabolism. the action of purine nucleosides in relation to enzyme release was investigated. inosine was shown to decrease significantly lactate dehydrogenase release, whereas adenosine exerted a supportive action only at conc ...1979421353
site specific endonuclease from fusobacterium nucleatum.four different isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum (a,c,d and e) contain restriction endonucleases of differing specificity. whilst many of the endonucleases are isochizomers of known enzymes, two novel activities are fnu dii which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-cgct-3'/3'-gcgc-5' and fnu ei which recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-gatc-3'/3'-ctag-5' irrespective of the extent of methylation of the adenine residues.1979424284
a restriction enzyme from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h which recognizes gcngc.a site-specific restriction endonuclease fnu4h i isolated from fusobacterium nucleatum 4h recognizes the dna nucleotide sequence 5'g c n g c-3'/3'-c g n c g-5' and cleaves as indicated by the arrows.1979424288
immunochemical studies of partially hydrolyzed lipopolysaccharide from fusobacterium nucleatum fev1.fusobacterium nucleatum fev1 lipopolysaccharide was split by hydrolysis with 1% acetic acid into acid-soluble polysaccharide and lipid a. gel filtration of the polysaccharide on bio-gel p-60 gave a high-molecular-weight fraction eluted with the void volume, and a fraction eluted at 2.4 x vo. the high-molecular-weight fraction contained l-glycero-d-manno-heptose in relatively large amounts, glucose, glucosamine, an unknown amino compound and small amounts of (or no) d-glycero-d-manno-heptose. pho ...1979436847
bacterial colonization, tracheobronchitis, and pneumonia following tracheostomy and long-term intubation in pediatric patients.serial tracheal cultures for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were obtained from 27 pediatric patients during one year of follow-up. the patients had required tracheostomy and prolonged intubation for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months (average, 7 1/2 months). cultures of tracheal aspirates yielded 1,508 isolates of pathogenic aerobic (969 isolates) and anaerobic (539 isolates) bacteria. the most frequent aerobic isolates were streptococcus pneumoniae and staphylococcus aureus. the predominant an ...1979477429
chlamydial genital infections: a growing problem. 1979478491
survival of anaerobic bacteria in common laboratory diluents.the survival of six species of anaerobic bacteria was studied in simple or commercially available diluents. bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium nucleatum showed excellent survival in all diluents including distilled water. fusobacterium mortiferum survived well in all diluents except water and water supplemented with 0.1% gelatain. clostridium perfringens survived best in phosphate-buffered saline with gelatin. peptococcus asaccharolyticus required gelatin added to the basic diluent, and stre ...1979479359
[combined experimental exposure to subsonics and a superhigh frequency electromagnetic field]. 1979499821
demonstration of lanthionine as a natural constituent of the peptidoglycan of fusobacterium nucleatum.peptidoglycan was purified from the oral bacterium fusobacterium nucleatum strain fev 1, using boiling sodium dodecyl sulfate and pronase. the composition of this peptidoglycan was found to be similar to that of other gram-negative bacteria, except that it lacked diaminopimelic acid. lanthionine, the monosulfur analog of diaminopimelic acid, was identified as the diaminodicarboxylic acid of this peptidoglycan. it is assumed that lanthionine replaced diaminopimelic acid. thus, the peptidoglycan o ...1979500186
[functional state of the liver during acute exposure to fozalon and despirol]. 1979516618
capnocytophaga: new genus of gram-negative gliding bacteria. iii. physiological characterization.sixty-eight strains of capnophilic fusiform gram-negative rods from the human oral cavity were subjected to extensive physiologic characterization, tested for susceptibility to various antibiotics, and the mol-percent guanine plus cytosine of each isolate determined. the characteristics of the isolates were compared with 10 fresh and 2 stock isolates of fusobacterium nucleatum. the isolates clearly differed from the fusobacterium species on the basis of mol-percent guanine plus cytosine, end pro ...1979518236
medium for selective isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from human periodontal pockets.a selective medium, cve agar, was developed for the isolation of fusobacterium nucleatum from subgingival plaque of periodontally diseased patients. the medium contained 1.0% trypticase (bbl microbiology systems), 0.5% yeast extract, 0.5% nacl, 0.2% glucose, 0.02% l-tryptophan, 1.5% agar, and 5% defibrinated whole sheep blood. erythromycin and crystal violet were added as the selective inhibitory agents at concentrations of 4 and 5 micrograms/ml, respectively. the medium permitted almost total r ...1979521483
the effects of dopamine on neurones in the nucleus tractus solitarii and on the central control of blood pressure in the rat [proceedings]. 1979529063
nucleic acid and protein metabolism in the pancreas, spleen, thymus, lung, cardiac and skeletal muscle and lens of undernourished female rats. 1979533871
macrophage-alloantibody-target cell interactions. iii. stripping of antibody-coated cells by human macrophages. 1979535188
comparison of the metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine in rats and mice.the excretion, distribution, and metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine (tda) have been compared in rats and mice. the elimination of tda metabolites into urine was faster and more complete in mice than in rats. however, the feces of rats accounted for a greater percentage of the dose in rats than in mice. the distribution of metabolites in tissues were considerably lower in mice than in rats. the major urinary metabolites observed in the rat were 4-acetylamino-2-aminotoluene, 2,4-diacetylaminotoluene ...1979547012
lethality for mice and chick embryos, pyrogenicity in rabbits and ability to gelate lysate from amoebocytes of limulus polyphemus by lipopolysaccharides from bacteroides, fusobacterium and veillonella.phenol-water extracted lipopolysaccharides (lps) from veillonella, fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides fragilis and bacteroides melaninogenicus were lethal for mice and 11-days-old chick embryos, pyrogenic in rabbits, and gelated limulus amoebocyte lysate. mouse lethality was considerably enhanced by actinomycin-d. in all test systems the endotoxin activity of veillonella and fusocbacterium lps was comparable to that of lps from salmonella enteritidis, which was included as a reference endotoxi ...1977564596
susceptibility to erythromycin of anaerobes of the genera bacteroides, fusobacterium, sphaerophorus, veillonella, clostridium, corynebacterium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus.the minimal inhibitory concentrations (mic) of erythromycin were determined by broth dilution tests for 313 anaerobic strains, most of which were clinical isolates. all the gram-positive anaerobes tested (84 peptococcaceae, including 21 peptostreptococcus anaerobius and 15 peptococcus variabilis; 65 corynebacterium acnes and 29 clostridium strains, including 13 c. perfringens) were sensitive (mic values 0.012 through 3.12 microgram erythromycin/ml); so were 111 cultures of gram-negative anaerobe ...1977580038
compact liquid nitrogen storage system yielding high recoveries of gram-negative anaerobes.a simple and compact system suitable for the preservation of fragile gram negative anaerobes and other bacteria in liquid n2 has been developed. polypropylene straws used as specimen containers can be used easily within glove bags of anaerobic chambers, and their small size greatly increases the number of cultures which can be stored. ancillary equipment and methods developed are described. the overall system was tested, using streptococcus mutans, fusobacterium nucleatum, and selenomonas sputig ...1978623475
immunoelectron microscopic localization of lipopolysaccharides in the cell wall of bacteroides oralis and fusobacterium nucleatum.lipopolysaccharides (lps) have been extracted and purified from two anaerobic gram-negative bacteria: bacteroides oralis and tfusobacterium nucleatum. chemical analysis of the preparations showed a great proportion of neutral sugars, mainly glucose, in lps of b. oralis. in rabbits, lps of b. oralis induced both immunoglobulin m and g antibodies in contrast to lps of f. nucleatum, to which only immunoglobulin m antibodies were produced. an immunohistochemical method with horseradish peroxidase-la ...1978624589
[lung abscess due to fusobacterium nucleatum (author's transl)].a patient with epilepsy, 45 years of age, developed a lung abscess due to fusobacterium nucleatum which was successfully treated with intravenous lincomycin. quantitative anaerobic cultures of washed sputum proved to be useful in detecting the causative organism.1978650887
chemotypes of fusobacterium nucleatum lipopolysaccharides.lipopolysaccharides (lps) were isolated from 20 strains of fusobacterium nucleatum and examined by paper chromatography, gas liquid chromatography and colorimetric methods for the presence of neutral sugars, amino sugars and 2-keto-3-dexoxy-octonate (kdo). the lps had in common glucosamine, l-glycero-d-manno-heptose, glucose and kdo. the kdo content was low. galatose, rhamnose and d-glycero-d-manno-heptose were found in some strains. based on the sugar composition of the lps, the f. nucleatum st ...1978665242
in vitro activity of tiamulin (81.723 hfu), a new pleuromulin derivative, against clinically significant anaerobes.the susceptibility of more than 40 strains of gram-negative and gram-positive anaerobes to tiamulin (sandoz 81.723 hfu), a new pleuromulin (pleuromutilin) derivative, was determined by broth dilution and agar dilution tests. the influences of density of the inoculum upon mics was studied by a specially designed pour plate-technique. bacteroides fragilis, b. vulgatus, b. splanchnicus, b. oralis, b. asaccharolyticus, b. melaninogenicus, fusobacterium fusiforme (f. nucleatum), sphaerophorus necroph ...1978690009
a modified plate holding system for anaerobic cultures.a modified plate holding system for anaerobes has been developed which: 1) effectively reduces the volume of oxygen-free gas required, 2) promotes earlier bacterial growth, and 3) monitors the anaerobic atmosphere of the holding vessel and the rate of gas flow. cultures of bacteroides fragilis, clostridium perfringens, c. septicum, fusobacterium nucleatum, peptococcus sp. and propionibacterium sp. were evaluated for optimal growth. all cultures grew as well as or better when preincubated in the ...1976782243
effect of sonic treatment on pure cultures and aggregates of bacteria.pure cultures of a variety of bacteria were treated with ultrasonic energy using a sonic probe. fractions of organisms killed at different sonic energies were calculated, and streptococcus mutans was 600 times more resistant than fusobacterium nucleatum, the most sensitive organism tested. the effects of sonic treatment on aggregates of bacteria were examined, and the results were interpreted as a model of the events that probably occur during the sonic dispersion of dental plaque.1976819454
chemical structure of the lipid a component of lipopolysaccharides from fusobacterium nucleatum.the lipid a component of lipopolysaccharides from fusobacterium nucleatum fev 1 consists of beta-1',6-linked d-glucosamine disaccharides, which carry two phosphate groups: one in glycosidic and one in ester linkage. the amino groups of the glucosamine disaccharides are substituted by d-3-hydroxyhexadecanoic acid. the hydroxyl groups of the disaccharide backbone are acylated by tetradecanoic, hexadecanoic, and d-3-hydroxytetradecanoic acids. part of the ester-bound d-3-hydroxytetradecanoic acid i ...1977830651
[in vitro susceptibility of bacteroidaceae to cefoxitin and cephalothin (author's transl)].the activity of the new cephamycin c derivatives cefoxitin against 102 clinical isolates of bacteroidaceae (95 bacteroides strains and 7 fusobacterium-sphaerophorus cultures) was determined by tube dilution and standardized agar diffusion tests and compared to that of cephalothin. cefoxitin was more active than cephalothin against 56 bacteroides fragilis strains, 19 bacteroides thetaiota-omicron strains and two bacteroides splanchnicus strains. the difference seemed less pronounced with five bac ...1977856727
hepatic necrobacillosis. report of a case resembling metastatic tumor.a 47-year-old man had multiple pyogenic liver abscesses from which the anaerobic bacteria fusobacterium nucleatum and peptostreptococcus were isolated. the clinical course, diagnostic evaluation, and appearance of the lesions at surgery suggested metastatic tumor. histologically, the lesions consisted of necrotic liver tissue surrounded by zones of acute and chronic inflammation and fibrous connective tissue closely resembling the lesions of hepatic necrobacillosis attributable to f necrophorum. ...1977869652
effect of repeated bloodletting on the incidence of 2,7-faa-induced rat leukemia.the oral administration of n,n'-2,7-fuorenylenebisacetamide (2,7-faa) induced leukemia, especially mature granulocytic leukemia, in rats. 2,7-faa was administered to the rats of the wistar strain and a small amount of bloodletting was repeated for a long period. the incidence of leukemia and mature granulocytic leukemia became elevated by bloodletting. the induction of mature granulocytic leukemia might be increased by the promotion of granulopoiesis which had been suppressed by 2,7-faa.19761068628
[the nature of nuclear enlargement in urethane and isoprotenol-stimulated salivary glands (author's transl)]. 19751073694
osteogenesis imperfecta congenita and tarda: a temporal bone report.the temporal bone report of an operated case of osteogenesis imperfecta tarda is presented. histological examination confirmed the presence of bilateral fixation of the footplate by otosclerosis as the cause of the conductive hearing loss. fragility of bony septae in the mastoid and of the stapedial crura were observed. sensorineural impairment in later years with a reduction in neural elements in the cochlea appear related to the extent and activity of the otosclerotic foci. additional temporal ...19751079440
polymorphism of human color vision.the genetic polymorphism of human color vision is examined within the framework of a photopigment replacement model. an analysis of the x-linked recessive dichromacies and anomalous trichromacies indicates that one source of variability of normal color perception may be the inclusion of several distinct phenotypes in what is usually described as normal color vision. this analysis also reveals the cause of the dominance hierarchy at the protan and deutan loci, the perceptual effects of dosage com ...19761087832
antiinflammatory beta-arylamidoacrylic acids.a series of 34 beta-arylamidoacrylic acids was prepared and examined for antiinflammatory activity. these compounds are vinylogous carbamic acids, and several displayed activity equal to phenylbutazone in the rat pleural effusion model. highest activity was associated with structures bearing halogen and cyano substituents. amides were inactive.19751151961
effects of crude and pure cholera toxin on prostaglandin.investigations were made into the effects of crude and pure preparations of cholera toxin on the release of prostaglandin-like substances (pls) from rabbit ileum. perfusion of ileal loops in vivo with buffer containing crude toxin was followed by a release of pls into the perfusate, in amounts up to 37.5 ng/30 min (pge2 equivalents). in contrast, no detectable pls was released when ileal loops were perfused with pure toxin. similarly, pieces of ileum opened longitudinally released pls in amounts ...19751153796
dietary fats and properties of endoplasmic reticulum: i. dietary lipid induced changes in composition of microsomal membranes in liver and gastroduodenal mucosa of rat.rats were fed for four weeks with different lipid diets to determine the effects on the endoplasmic reticulum membranes of the liver and on the postmitochondrial supernatant fraction of the gastroduodenal mucosa. the diets contained cholesterol, cacao butter, olive oil, and these in combination. the results showed that dietary lipids were able to modify the composition of the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum and, to a lesser extent, that of postmitochondrial fraction of gastroduodenal mucosa. cacao ...19751160521
a pulse fluorometry study of lipoamide dehydrogenase. evidence for non-equivalent fad centers.the time dependence of the fluorescence of tryptophanyl and flavin residues in lipoamide dehydrogenase has been investigated with single-photon decay spectroscopy. when the two fad molecules in the enzyme were directly excited the decay could only be analyzed in a sum of two exponentials with equal amplitudes. this phenomenon was observed at 4 degrees c (tau-1 = 0.8 ns, tau-2 = 4.7 ns) and at 20 degrees c (tau-1 = 0.8 ns, tau-2 = 3.4 ns) irrespective of the emission and excitation wavelengths. t ...19751168573
endogenous prostaglandin release contributes directly to coronary artery in vitro coronary artery preparation of beef heart was found to synthesize and release continuously large amounts of a prostaglandin of the e type. inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis with aspirin, indomethacin, or eicosa-5,8,11,14-tetraynoic acid induced a sustained contraction of the coronary artery, and pretreatment with indomethacin diminished markedly the output of prostaglandin into the bathing medium. it appears that prostaglandin e1, generated from within the vessel wall itself, may ...19751175084
neurochemical correlates of alloxan diabetes: brain aminotransferase heterogeneity in the rat. 19751196005
a vector model of disease for teaching and diagnosis. 19751196157
[effect of x-rays on human adult skin explants]. 19751233920
[studies on the use of wheat rich in crude proteins in the feeding of broilers. 2. carcass yields and carcass composition].studies were made to investigate whether the the substitution of maize for high-protein wheat fed in combination with different protein in fattening rations to broilers would influence the carcass yields and chemical carcass composition of broilers. the described dietary regime was not found to have a significant influence on the different criteria of carcass composition (roaster carcass, flesh, abdominal fat, total proportion of utilizable parts) with the exception of the relative proportion of ...19751233971
[studies on the protein and amino acid metabolism of laying hens using 15n labeled casein. 15n concentration in the intestinal content and intestinal tissue in relation to the time of the last 15n administration].four laying hens with anus praeternaturalis were fed 15n casein for a period of 6 experimental days. each experimental bird thus received a 15n excess (15n') of 154.44 mg. 11.54 mg of 15n' were found in lysine 3.99 mg in histidine and 9.58 mg in arginine. 2 hens were slaughtered 48 hours after the last 15n dose; another 2 were sacrificed after 144 hrs. in this investigation the n content of the intestinal contents and in the proteins of the small and large intestine were determined. the average ...19751233975
[case of d/e translocation 45, xx, 13--, 18--, t(18q+, 13--)]. 19751234109
the efficiency of aquocobalamine as an antidote in cyanide poisoning when given alone or combined with sodium thiosulfate.the antidotal activities of aquocobalamineacetates and sodium thiosulfate were tested in guinea pigs and cats. the animals were attached to artificial respirators throughout the experiment and were poisoned with a continuous infusion of sodium cyanide solution (4.1 mumol/kg.min nacn). the rate of action of each antidote was determined from the time taken for the hcn exhalation to drop below the level of 100 nmol/kg.min in quinea pigs, and to values below 25 nmol/kg.min in cats; the detoxifying c ...19751242295
the detection of antibodies in human and animal filariases by counterimmunoelectrophoresis with dirofilaria immitis antigens.counterimmunoelectrophoresis revealed the presence of precipitin antibody in all of 6 dogs and the 1 cat infected with dirofilaria immitis and in the serum of 17 of 24 individuals living in a setting of hyperendemic subperiodic bancroftian filariasis. antigens used in the test were prepared from microfilariae and adult male d. immitis. some humans and animals had antibodies to both antigens while others had antibodies against microfilariae or adult worms only. the presence of soluble circulating ...19761262695
attenuated, streptomycin-dependent salmonella typhi oral vaccine: potential deleterious effects of lyophilization.four studies were done with streptomycin-dependent salmonella typhi as an oral, attenuated vaccine. studies 1 and 3 employed freshly harvested vaccine, whereas studies 2 and 4 involved lyophilized vaccine. five to eight doses (3 x 10(10)-10(11) organisms/dose) were given; oral streptomycin (1.0 g) was administered concomitantly in studies 2 and 3, with only two of the doses of vaccine in study 1, and was not given in study 4. no adverse reactions were encountered in 179 vaccinated men, and 94% o ...19761262709
hyperbaric oxygen exposures for intrahepatic abscesses produced in mice by nonsporeforming anaerobic bacteria.hyperbaric oxygen exposures were evaluated for treatment of progressive liver abscesses produced by intraperitoneal injection of combined cultures of fusobacterium necrophorum plus either bacteroides fragilis subsp. fragilis or fusobacterium nucleatum in a mouse model. infected control and hyperbaric oxygen-exposed mice were autopsied 5 or 6 weeks after inoculation of bacteria and were assigned numerical pathology scores according to the number and size of abscesses present. seventeen daily 3-h ...19761267430
rosamicin: in vitro activity against anaerobes and comparison with erythromycin.the in vitro activity of rosamicin was determined against 231 strains of anaerobic bacteria and compared with the activity of erythromycin against the same strains. rosamicin and erythromycin had similar activity against strains of peptostreptococcus and gram-positive nonsporeforming bacilli. rosamicin was somewhat more active against strains of peptococcus, clostridium, and gram-negative anaerobes. all strains of bacteroides fragilis tested were inhibited by 4 mug of rosamicin or less per ml, w ...19761267432
[test of degranulation of basophils and mast cells for detection of allergic diseases (literature survey)]. 19761274295
absolute configuration of 3-hydroxy fatty acids present in lipopolysaccharides from various bacterial groups.the absolute configuration of 3-hydroxy fatty acids has been studied, which are present in the lipopolysaccharides of the following bacteria: phodopseudomonas gelatinosa, rh. viridis, rhodospirillum tenue, chromobacterium violaceum, pseudomonas aeruginosa, bordetella pertussis, vibrio metchnikovii, vibrio cholerae, salmonella spp., escherichia coli, shigella flexneri, proteus mirabilis, yersinia enterocolitica and fusobacterium nucleatum. the 3-hydroxy acids were liberated by strong alkaline hyd ...19761278168
dofetilide, a novel class iii antiarrhythmic agent.dofetilide is a potent and selective class iii antiarrhythmic agent that is under development for the treatment of re-entrant tachyarrhythmias (ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation, atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter, and paraoxysmal supraventricular tachycardia). in animal studies, dofetilide selectively inhibits the rapid component of the time-dependent outward potassium current (ikr) and therefore increases the effective refractory period and action potential duration without affe ...19921279316
development and characterization of porphyromonas gingivalis-specific rat t-cell clones.porphyromonas gingivalis has been implicated as a major pathogen in periodontitis. to determine the role of t cells in the regulation of this disease, a method was developed for the generation and characterization of rat t-cell clones with antigen specificity to p. gingivalis whole cells. the clones studied so far demonstrated a t-helper (th) phenotype w3/13+, w3/25+, ox8- and ox22-. these t-cell clones proliferated in vitro in response to p. gingivalis, but not to other bacteria (prevotella int ...19921281976
regeneration of an adult peripheral nerve preparation in culture.the methods used to maintain the vagus nerve from the adult rat in culture and how regeneration is studied in this preparation are described. a hypothesis is presented on the triggering of the cell body reaction. it is suggested that this reaction is initiated by proteins synthesized in nonneuronal cells at the site of a nerve lesion. these proteins, referred to as regenerins, reach the nerve cell body by retrograde axonal transport, where they initiate the regeneration process.19921282333
[treatment and monitoring of primary hypothyroidism].treatment of primary hypothyroidism requires a long-term hormonal therapy with levothyroxine which restores a normal tsh value. in a series of 192 patients followed up for at least 3 years we tried to evaluate the variability of maintenance dosage and to analyse the factors predictive of replacement dosage. the l-t4 dosage varied from one individual to the other, from 0.6 to 3.2 micrograms/kg. the mean maintenance dosage (118 +/- 38 micrograms/day) was similar in men and women weight for weight, ...19921287777
myocardial protection by retrograde cardioplegic perfusion in the presence of acute coronary artery obstruction. an experimental investigate retrograde delivery of cardioplegic solutions as a means of enhancing myocardial protection in the presence of coronary artery occlusion, a two-part experimental model was devised. in part 1 (in vitro) the possibility of retroperfusing the entire myocardium during acute occlusion of the left anterior descending artery (lad) was assessed. in part 2 (in vivo) acute lad occlusion was performed in dogs, and during 2 hours of aortic cross-clamping crystalline cardioplegic solution was ...19921287835
soft-tissue management through effective patient subgingival bacterial control. 19921291435
expression and release of neuroregulators during development: monoamines and neuropeptides.the turnover of catecholamines (ca) was determined in the adrenal medulla and brain of rat fetuses and pups. in general we found a considerable increase soon after birth. the expression of mrna for ca-synthesizing enzymes was also considerably enhanced in the adrenals shortly after birth. furthermore, we demonstrated increased expression of neuropeptides after birth, increased synthesis of mrna encoding for neuropeptide y in the adrenals 24 h after birth; and considerable activation of the subst ...19921306802
hypoxic-ischemic damage in the neonatal brain: excitatory amino acids.perinatal brain damage is a major clinical problem. recent studies suggest that excitatory amino acids (eaas) may be important for the development of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in the newborn. experimental work demonstrates that the immature brain is hypersensitive to the toxic effects eaa ('excitotoxicity'), hypoxic-ischemia is accompanied by an extracellular overflow of eaas and hypoxic-ischemic brain damage is reduced by eaa receptor antagonists. clinical investigations demonstrate the pre ...19921306803
the effect of 3 mouthrinses on plaque and gingivitis development.the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of 3 mouthrinses, listerine antiseptic (thymol), peridex (chlorhexidine), perimed (povidone iodine and hydrogen peroxide), and a placebo (water) on the development of dental plaque and gingivitis, when used as the only oral hygiene procedure for 14 days. 71 subjects were entered into a randomized, double-blind study. at the baseline examination, papillary bleeding score (pbs), and plaque index (pi) were registered, after which subjects received su ...19921310096
microbiology of healthy and diseased periodontal sites in poorly controlled insulin dependent diabetics.a group of poorly-controlled insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (iddm) patients were examined in a cross-sectional design for total microbial levels, microbial incidence, and the percent levels of selected periodontal microorganisms. these organisms were selected on the basis of prior reports that associated them with either periodontal disease or health. one periodontally-healthy and one periodontally-diseased site were examined in each iddm patient. increased levels of the periodontal pathoge ...19921315389
use of adeno-associated virus as a general transduction vector for mammalian cells. 19921316261
analyzing phenotypic correlations in studies with selected lines. 19921317160
the use of dna probes to examine the distribution of subgingival species in subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction.the present investigation examined the distribution of 14 subgingival species at a total of 2299 sites in 90 subjects with different levels of periodontal destruction. subgingival plaque samples taken from the mesial aspect of each tooth were anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated on non selective media. after anaerobic incubation, colonies were lifted to nylon filters and specific species detected using digoxygenin-labeled whole chromosomal dna probes. the mean total viable count for all s ...19921318331
new monoclonal antibodies for the detection of immediate early antigens of cytomegalovirus.two new monoclonal antibodies, cie-1 and cie-2, were developed for the rapid detection of human cytomegalovirus (hcmv) infection. they were found to be reactive with immediate early protein of hcmv in the nuclei of infected fibroblasts, as early as 3 hours post-infection. by radioimmunoprecipitation, cie-1 was found to react with a protein with an apparent molecular weight of 70,000, whereas cie-2 precipitated 2 proteins of 70,000 and 72,000 daltons, respectively. both monoclonal antibodies reco ...19921319172
subgingival temperature (iii). relation to microbial counts.the present investigation examined the relationship of selected bacterial species and subgingival temperature. 35 subjects were measured at 6 sites per tooth for clinical parameters and subgingival temperature. measurements were repeated for 21 subjects at 2 month intervals providing a total of 66 subjects visits. at each visit, subgingival plaque samples were taken from the mesial aspect of each tooth and anaerobically dispersed, diluted and plated on non-selective media. after anaerobic incuba ...19921321846
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