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stimulation of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate hydrolysis by guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate. 19714327188
effects of enforced milk stasis on mammary gland epithelium, with special reference to changes in lysosomes and lysosomal enzymes. 19714330916
[the replicative complexes of sendai virus]. 19714332921
properties of the mouse embryo conditioned medium factor(s) stimulationg colony formation by mouse bone marrow cells grown in vitro. 19714333458
electron microscopy of the in vitro development of mammalian motor end plates. 19714107829
[human adiaspiromycosis due to fungus emmonsia crescens sp. n. emmons et jellison 1960]. 19714115100
new aspects of hepatitis. 19714998511
autograft sutures in fascial tissue. 19714939354
comparison of schaedler agar and trypticase soy-yeast extract agar for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria.schaedler agar (sa) and trypticase soy-yeast extract agar (tsyea), both supplemented with rabbit blood (5%, v/v) and menadione (0.5 mg/liter), were compared with respect to quantitative recovery, quality of growth, and rapidity of growth of selected anaerobic bacteria. the media were stored for 2 to 4 days prior to use in an anaerobic glove box, where all subsequent bacteriological procedures were performed. after 24 hr of incubation, colonies of clostridium cadaveris (c. capitovale), c. haemoly ...19714943275
an improved method for chromosome preparation from mouse liver. 19714945732
genetic complementation between escherichia coli rna polymerase mutants. 19714946184
obesity following disturbance of the ventromedial hypothalamus: a comparison of lesions, lateral cuts, and anterior cuts. 19714948242
[editorial]. 19714949257
salmonella immunity in mice. 19714928069
thyroxine metabolism by pineal slices. 19715093955
proteus infections in a general hospital. ii. some clinical and epidemiological characteristis. with an analysis of 71 cases of proteus bacteremia. 19715094068
chemically induced dominant-lethal mutations and cell killing mouse oocytes in the advanced stages of follicular development. 19715111494
the role of water reabsorption by the gallbladder in the mechanism of nonvisualization at cholecystography. an in vitro study of diseased human gallbladders. 19725015835
haemorrhagic shock in afibrinogenaemic dogs. 19725020743
[health standardization of the maximal permissible quantities of the pesticide antio]. 19725020897
a circular dichroism study of microtubule protein. 19725028102
lysosomes as mediators of parenchymal lesions in adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. 19725038043
anthraquinone, a new chemical oxidation product of amitriptyline. 19725046134
[eeg and microelectrode study of a cortical focus of epileptic activity]. 19725048176
recent investigations on the prosthetic group of beef plasma amine oxidase. 19725054201
effects of phenobarbital and ethionine on hepatic and pancreatic functions of protein deprived rats. 19725059371
in vitro evaluation of actinobolin as an antibiotic for the treatment of periodontal disease.actinobolin was evaluated in vitro by a paper disc-agar diffusion method for inhibitory activity against mixed microbial cultures obtained from patients with periodontal disease and against pure bacterial cultures tentatively identified as strains of bacteroides melaninogenicus, fusobacterium fusiforme, leptotrichia buccalis, and veillonella parvula. every culture tested was inhibited to some degree by actinobolin. these observations suggest that actinobolin may be effective in the treatment of ...19725059624
[therapeutic value of glutamic acid and procaine in the evolution of some metabolic changes in alloxan diabetes]. 19725075444
[isoagglutinin level in human saliva]. 19725076480
flow and composition of lymph collected from the skeletal muscle of the rabbit hind limb. 19725085348
human sexual sterilization. 19724485944
strep. sanguis, strep. mutans and strep. salivarius in saliva. prevalence and relation to caries increment and prophylactic measures. 19724507741
metabolism of procainamide in rhesus monkey and man. 19724623713
haemodynamic effects of experimental intracranial space-occupying lesions in passively-ventilated dogs and baboons. 19724626359
acute respiratory failure in the adult. 2. 19724626853
studies of cardiac allografts in syrian hamsters. 19724557240
alloimmune hemolytic plaque-forming cells: kinetics of igm and igg alloantibody releasing cells during a primary and secondary immune response of chickens. 19724558535
recall of antibody synthesis to the primary antigen following successive immunization with heterologous albumins. a two-cell theory of the original antigenic sin. 19724563348
studies on the murine leprosy bacillus. v. growth in relation to concentrations of monopotassium phosphate, sodium glutamate, and glycerol in the 1 per cent egg yolk medium, and relation to ph of the medium. 19724570386
diphtheria in iran.a study of diphtheria in iran was undertaken during the summer of 1969. diphtheria was found to be more common among the younger people and to reach its peak 3 months after the start of the school term, during the coldest period of the year. owing to the liberal use of antibiotics a number of modified clinical cases were observed. of the strains isolated, 89.7% were gravis, 1.3% intermedius and 9% mitis. phage typing of these strains showed that the mitis and intermedius strains could only be ty ...19724630604
[relationship between delayed hypersensitivity phenomena and cellular immunity in the course of experimental bilharziasis]. 19724640713
[ionic diffusion and membrane permeability across bovine lens capsule in aqueous aspartate solutions]. 19724674722
the purification of a lipoprotein lipase from bovine skim milk. 19724675638
[staphylococcal l-forms. 3. effects of serum, sodium chloride and sucrose on the growth of staphylococcal l-forms]. 19724677316
defect of cell-mediated immunity in patients with iron-deficiency anaemia. 19724117379
studies on the induction of serum hemopexin by pentobarbital and polycyclic hydrocarbons. 19724119360
unit and multi-unit electrical activities recorded from the pituitary stalk of the sheep. 19724110393
[more extensive differentiation of the dynamics of pathomorphic immunity phenomena in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis]. 19724113339
[the gas supply of hydrogen bacteria in submerged culture]. 19724196475
long-term cell culture of two differentiated cell types from the liver of larval and adult xenopus laevis. 19724336791
two components of the antidromic ipsps in the pyramidal tract cells. 19724337795
effect of alloxan diabetes, insulin & diabetogenic hormones on intestinal transport of tyrosine in rats. 19724346754
effect of alloxan diabetes, insulin & diabetogenic hormones on intestinal transport of tyrosine in rats. 19724346754
[detection of the phlebotomus subspecies, phlebotomus chinensis tanriae perfiliew in the georgian ssr]. 19724265882
inhibitory effect of halothane anaesthesia on catecholamine release from the adrenal medulla. 19734267254
effect of long term administration of tolbutamide and phenformin on the aortic glycosaminoglycans in normal rats. 19734273168
host defense mechanisms against herpes simplex virus. i. control of infection in vitro by senstized spleen cells and antibody.sensitized mouse spleen cells decrease the spread of herpes simplex virus infection in cell culture lines derived from human and murine tissues. these washed, sensitized cells act alone and additively in combination with antibody to diminish the ability of single virus-infected cells to spread infection to contiguous cells. this control of infection is not species specific, unlike interferon, and appears to be distinct from the effect of antibody. lymphotoxin was not detected in this lymphocyte- ...19734351970
in vitro effect of human lymphotoxin on microorganisms. 19734352473
the pneumonocytes in the lung of xenopus laevis. 19734352575
mechanism of activation of a cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase from bovine heart by calcium ions. identification of the protein activator as a ca2+ binding protein. 19734353626
diagnosis of mixed infections with myxovirus influenzae a equi 2 and herpes virus equi 1 among danish stud horses. 19734353840
diagnosis of mixed infections with myxovirus influenzae a equi 2 and herpes virus equi 1 among danish stud horses. 19734353840
long-term rabbit restraint--a simple method. 19734354720
electron microscopic identification of several types of endocrine cells in the bronchial epithelium of human foetuses. 19734355292
specificity of precipitating antibodies in immunological identification of antihaemophilic factor. 19734199612
a comparative study of pig and sheep-brain glutamine synthetases: tryptic peptides and thiol groups. 19734147201
striatal tyrosine hydroxylases with high and low affinity for tyrosine: implications for the multiple-pool concept of catecholamines. 19734148015
receptive fields in single cells of monkey visual cortex during visual tracking. 19734213353
distribution of an idiotypic determinant of human light chains in the immunoglobulins of normal individuals. 19734121395
letters: amino acid composition of myelin proteins recovered from polyacrylamide gels. 19734127827
induction of goitre by ptu or kcio4 in male and female rats. effect of gonadectomy. 19734128226
procollagen-a precursor form of collagen. 19734129942
introductory immunologic studies on human gastrointestinal tract tumors. 19734131722
introductory immunologic studies on human gastrointestinal tract tumors. 19734131722
[certain problems of pathogenesis, treatment and prophylaxis of pyelonephritis]. 19734133130
weak association of glucosamine-containing polymer with the acholeplasma laidlawii membrane. 19734684605
the target theory in the simulation of the mitotic inhibition due to molecular agents with a specific action. 19734689728
delayed hypersensitivity and high blood pressure in man. 19734694013
delayed hypersensitivity and high blood pressure in man. 19734694013
selenium deficiency with the duck: changes in plasma free fatty acid level from hatching to onset of gross pathology. 19734696085
human hematologic responses to 4 hr of isobaric hyperoxic exposure (100 per cent oxygen at 760 mm hg). 19734698595
[histotopography of phosphatases during the development of the rat retina and their disorders indiced by x-rays]. 19734701668
effects of early weaning on postpartum reproduction of cows. 19734704184
effects of early weaning on postpartum reproduction of cows. 19734704184
interaction of liver plasma membranes and gtp with gtp hydrolysis. 19734712199
human serum dopamine- -hydroxylase. relationship to hypertension and sympathetic activity. 19734713201
evidence that lithium induces human granulocyte proliferation: elevated serum vitamin b 12 binding capacity in vivo and granulocyte colony proliferation in vitro. 19734716059
a rapid method for the electrophoresis of chromatin proteins. 19734723239
blood group substance a prepared from human seminal plasma. 19734735040
endocrine profile of a nonsteroidal antiandrogen n-(3,5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolylmethyl)phthalimide (dimp). 19734739363
lack of effect of chronic nicotine administration on fatty acid distribution in the liver, testis, and adipose tissue of male fischer-344 rats.a comparison is made of the percentage compositions of major fatty acids in liver and testis phospholipids, liver and abdominal adipose tissue triglycerides, and liver sterol esters in male fischer-344 rats administered a physiological saline control or a "smoking" dose of nicotine (1000 micro g base/kg/day, subcutaneously) for 2 or 22 months. results indicate that there is no major trend, or significant difference, between nicotine- or saline-treated rats with respect to major fatty acid distri ...19734742562
uses of stable isotope labeling with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in research on psychoactive drugs. 19734742810
rapid isolation of total acidic proteins from chromatin of various chick tissues. 19734744328
aflatoxin and nitrogen balance in the young calf. 19734745450
[suburban biotype of dermacentor reticulatus (fabricius, 1794) (ixodoidea). preliminary study]. 19734748108
effect of ovariectomy and estradiol on lh patterns in ewes. 19734748489
effect of bee venom on experimental arthritis. 19734751783
effect of bee venom on experimental arthritis. 19734751783
intramuscularly administered krypton clathrate kr 85. measurement of acute changes in regional blood flow. 19734751835
effect of mutual interaction of scopolamine and its antidote physostigmine upon formation of free ammonia in experiment in vitro. 19734752653
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