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[clinical effects of hyperthermia in patients with carcinoma of the esophagus--a multi-institutional cooperative study]. 20133782986
[the delta virus: the cuckoo's egg in the nest of hepatitis b virus]. 19863785445
sleep and comfort after caesarean compare postoperative well-being after general and epidural anaesthesia, 58 women undergoing caesarean section were divided into a general anaesthetic group receiving intramuscular opioid postoperatively (26), and an epidural group receiving morphine via the epidural route (32). the epidural group required less analgesia (p less than 0.01 at 0.5 and 8 hours, p less than 0.001 at 4 hours). there was no difference in the use of oral analgesics. at 1, 4 and 24 hours after delivery more patients ...20123789374
sem studies of acellular glomerular basement membrane in human diabetic glomerulopathy.previous transmission electron microscopic studies have demonstrated glomerular basement membrane (gbm) thickening and mesangial matrix (mm) expansion in chronic stages of diabetes. it is difficult, however, to achieve an appreciation of gbm surface features and distribution of mm in planar views. in the current study, autopsy human renal cortical tissue from patients with end-stage diabetic nephropathy were minced and rendered acellular with detergents prior to fixation, cryofracture, and prepa ...19863789417
microenvironment of the enzyme-bound nadh is different in lobster and pig muscle glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase microcrystals.two possible consequences of crystal lattice formation were studied with glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenases isolated from lobster (palinurus vulgaris) and pig muscle: changes in the microenvironment of the nadh-binding site as detected by fluorescence polarization, and differences in the maximal activities of the microcrystalline enzymes as compared to those in solution. in solution practically no difference was found between the polarization values of the enzyme-nadh and the catalytic in ...19863789735
hemodialysis or hemofiltration--the patients' view. 20123790267
hemodialysis or hemofiltration--the patients' view. 20123790267
marital status and cardiovascular risk: the minnesota heart survey and the minnesota heart health program.the relationship between marital status and cardiovascular risk was examined among 7,849 midwestern men and women in a community-based study. separated/divorced persons report the highest rates of hospitalization for heart attack/stroke. married and widowed persons report lower and intermediate rates, respectively, of such hospitalization. never-married persons report hospitalization as low or lower than those of married persons. analysis of specific risk characteristics suggests that different ...20133797391
survival of erythroid burst-forming units and erythroid colony-forming units in canine bone marrow cells exposed in vitro to 1 mev neutron radiation or x rays.conditioned media (cm) from allogeneic stimulated cultures of light density cells (less than 1.08 g/cm3) from the peripheral blood of normal dogs were used to stimulate the growth of erythroid burst-forming units (bfu-e) in bone marrow from normal dogs. maximum numbers of bfu-e were obtained when 5% (vol/vol) 3 x cm and 2 u/ml erythropoietin were added to plasma clot cultures of bone marrow cells. in addition, the radiation sensitivity (d0 value) was determined for cfu-e and for bfu-e in bone ma ...19863797639
didemnin b--an immunosuppressive cyclic peptide that stimulates murine hemagglutinating antibody responses and induces leukocytosis in vivo.didemnin b (db) is a cyclic peptide with potent immunosuppressive activity in vitro and in the murine graft-versus-host-reaction (gvhr), the only measure of in vivo immunity tested in our prior studies. because continued production of mature leukocytes by bone marrow and an intact antibody response are crucial to defense against infection in immunosuppressed patients, we have evaluated the effects of db on these processes as well. anti-sheep red blood cell (srbc) hemagglutinating antibody (hab) ...19873798555
[neuroblastoma; biology and prognostic factors].recently accumulated data on the biology of the tumors of neuroblastoma group are reviewed. histopathological classification system developed by shimada et al, elevated levels of serum neuron-specific enolase and ferritin, and gene abnormalities including partial deletion of the short arm of chromosome #1 and n-myc gene amplification are discussed as well as their prognostic significance. also, the current activities of ccsg (childrens cancer study group) neuroblastoma studies are briefly report ...19873800408
ehlers-danlos syndrome. a variant characterized by the deficiency of pro alpha 2 chain of type i procollagen.the clinical findings and biochemical studies are described for a 30-year-old man with ehlers-danlos syndrome. type analysis of collagen produced by cultured fibroblasts revealed the lack of a detectable pro alpha 2 chain of type i procollagen. the intracellular degradation rate of newly synthesized collagen was higher than that of normal cells, resulting in the reduction of net collagen production. clinical manifestations characterized by cardiovascular abnormalities due to decreased collagen d ...19873800425
[optico-structural machine analysis of the nuclear chromatin and cytoplasmic sh-groups of epitheliocytes of the oral mucosa of healthy subjects and in peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum].by means of optico-structural machine analysis, epitheliocytes of mucous membrane of the oral walls have been studied in 21 healthy persons and in 30 persons suffering from ulcerous disease of the stomach and duodenum. changes in densitometric parameters of epitheliocytic nuclei at the ulcerous disease demonstrate increasing amount of heterochromatin and, hence, increasing degree of cell differentiation. changes in contents and distribution of sh-groups in cell cytoplasm indicate that keratin is ...20133800670
late results of silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse.twenty-one patients were reviewed five to 12 years after silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse. sixteen patients (76 percent) were continent with control of prolapse and two patients (9 percent) suffered only from occasional prolapse or incontinence. rebanding for silicone cutout or fracture was required in four patients and a second rebanding operation was needed in two. silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse stands the test of time and might be recommended for more w ...20133803126
[therapy of enchondroma with a plaster implant--renaissance of a treatment principle].the treatment of tuberculous osteitis, osteomyelitis or bone tumors by filling the cavity with plaster of paris implants after complete removal of the focus or tumor tissue by curettage is a method, nearly 100 years old, practised successfully again and again but little noted. finally richter et al. gave an account of 25 cases of tuberculous osteitis, osteomyelitis and bone tumors treated by this method. we have practised this method since 1984 in the treatment of enchondroma. careful scraping-o ...20133804046
failure of low-cost audits with feedback to reduce laboratory test utilization. 20133807449
neurobiology. glia and the blood-brain barrier. 20133808015
[rare neoplastic and common pathologies of the thyroid].observation of three cases of rare thyroid pathology (medullary carcinoma, thyroid lymphoma, de quervain's subacute thyroiditis) triggers a discussion of the need to take due account of such rare pathologies in preoperative differential diagnosis in order to avoid giving the wrong treatment. the fact that extemporary histological examination is no help in such situations is also discussed.20133808388
[the use of occupational law in solving problems at obstetric-gynecologic facilities]. 20133811411
is pregnancy a risk factor in the causation of rheumatoid arthritis? 20133813667
likelihood ratio vs a multivariate model. 20133813825
coronary artery variation in a native iraqi population.the variation and distribution of the coronary arteries were studied in 119 hearts of individuals, 4 fetal months to 40 years old, who died from noncardiovascular causes. all individuals included in this study were natives of the mosul area of northern iraq. the coronary arteries were examined by injection-corrosion and unaided dissection. almost all (90%) of the anomalies observed were in the right coronary artery. nine hearts (8% of total sample) possessed ectopic ostia in the right coronary s ...20123815505
coronary artery variation in a native iraqi population.the variation and distribution of the coronary arteries were studied in 119 hearts of individuals, 4 fetal months to 40 years old, who died from noncardiovascular causes. all individuals included in this study were natives of the mosul area of northern iraq. the coronary arteries were examined by injection-corrosion and unaided dissection. almost all (90%) of the anomalies observed were in the right coronary artery. nine hearts (8% of total sample) possessed ectopic ostia in the right coronary s ...20123815505
coordination of mural elements and myofilaments during arteriolar constriction.arterioles undergo major morphological changes during vasoconstriction. we used transmission electron microscopy to study wall morphology in both dilated and constricted microvessels to understand the cellular basis of these changes. the relation between the orientation and density of myofilaments and the distribution of dense bodies was analyzed with respect to the level of microvessel tone. the data show a strong correlation between the degree of arteriolar constriction and both the orientatio ...20093815757
sample contamination by test strips. 20103815807
case presentation and discussion. premature rupture of fetal membranes. 20133815933
hemangioblastoma of the cerebellum--an immunocytochemical study.immunocytochemical studies using a new antibody against endothelial cells and commercially available antibodies against glial fibrillary acidic protein (gfap) and s-100 protein were performed on 10 cerebellar hemangioblastomas in order to clarify the controversy over the origin of stromal cells. neither cytoplasmic immunoreactivity for endothelial cell markers nor for anti-gfap and anti-s-100 protein was found in these cells. endothelial cell markers reacted positively only with neoplastic capil ...20133815934
a fluid-phase routine method for the detection of insulin-anti-insulin complexes.a fast routine method has been devised to measure circulating insulin-anti-insulin complexes. the principle lies in the calculation of the difference between the insulin binding capacity of the free antibody and that of the total amount of insulin antibody. the ph of 1 aliquot of serum was lowered to 3 by adding glycine-hcl buffer. free insulin was removed by charcoal precipitation and the ph was again neutralized by the simple addition of naoh; the final dilution of serum was 1/5. radiolabelled ...20133816046
head-space gas-liquid chromatographic analysis for presumptive identification of bacteria in blood cultures.a total of 445 strains of common aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were analyzed for their volatile microbial metabolites by head-space gas-liquid chromatography. the bacteria were incubated for 24 or 48 h in blood-containing trypticase soy or lombard-dowell glucose broth before being analyzed by automatic head-space injection. from the chromatographic pattern obtained, the majority of klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter cloacae, serratia marcescens, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, morgan ...19863816354
[pathomorphology of femur head "cysts" with advanced degenerative-deforming changes]. 20103816379
[fertilization of human oocytes in vitro and embryo transplantation]. 19863817215
the recognition of new infant health paradigms in developing countries. 20133818000
production of monoclonal antibodies that recognize specific and cross-reactive antigens of fusobacterium nucleatum.monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against the cell surface antigens of fusobacterium nucleatum 263 were obtained by fusion of murine myeloma cells (p3-nsi/1-ag4-1) with the splenocytes of balb/c mice immunized with whole cells of f. nucleatum 263. screening was performed using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) against the immunizing strain, f. nucleatum 263. further selection was done using a bacterial panel consisting of bacteroides, actinomyces, streptococcus, fusobacterium, and escheric ...19873818097
[comparative study of spinal and general anesthesia in arthroplastic substitution of the hip]. 20133823529
patient recall systems. 20133824240
[hypertensive angiopathy of the brain].cerebral vessels were studied by light microscopy in 20 autopsies after hemorrhagic stroke from arterial hypertension. primary (acute), secondary (reparative) changes, as well as changes reflecting compensatory-adaptive processes, were found in the intracerebral and superficial arteries of the brain. the whole complex of these vascular changes was defined as hypertonic angiopathy. the usage of such terms as "angiopathy" and "combined angiopathy" were discussed. criteria of morphologic diagnosis ...20133827621
[biological profile of the 1st 4 hours of a thrombolytic treatment combining urokinase with lysyl-plasminogen].the authors study the biological variations which accompany an oral, thrombolytic treatment in which urokinase and lysyl-plasminogen are combined. fibrinogen, the products of degradation of fibrinogen or fibrin, plasminogen and rapid alpha 2 antiplasmin are studied as a function of time. two dimensional electrophoreses were carried out at precisely determined times. the combination of the two therapeutic agents causes the appearance of plasmin in the circulation, but it is neutralised by its rap ...20133832977
effect on wool growth of thyroxine replacement in thyroidectomized merino rams.the effect on wool growth of thyroidectomy with subsequent thyroxine replacement at subnormal and supranormal levels has been investigated in merino rams fed a restricted basal diet. thyroidectomy without thyroxine replacement caused a greater than 60% reduction in wool growth. provision of 30% of normal plasma thyroxine concentrations was sufficient to return wool growth to normal. similarly, complete replacement of plasma thyroxine levels gave normal wool growth while increasing thyroxine conc ...19853834890
heckler v. chaney: judicial and administrative regulation of capital punishment by lethal punishment by lethal injection, which was expected to be the most safe and effective of available methods, can produce unusually cruel and inhuman death. in heckler v. chaney, inmates sentenced to death by lethal injection, as well as members of both the medical and legal communities, challenged the food and drug administration's (fda) refusal to regulate certain drugs used for capital punishment by lethal injection. by declining to review the fda's nonenforcement decision, the supreme c ...20103836576
[the lung in cardiopathies]. 20133836616
amino acid patterns in the plasma and ascitic fluid of cirrhotic patients.amino acid levels were measured in the plasma and ascitic fluid of 13 alcoholic patients with liver cirrhosis and of 14 normal controls. the plasma aromatic amino acids of the alcoholic patients were not statistically different from those of the control subjects, whereas the levels of branched-chain amino acids were reduced (p less than 0.05). the values for the ratio of the muscle/liver metabolized amino acids (valine + isoleucine + leucine)/(phenylalanine + tyrosine + methionine) were statisti ...20133836704
shigellosis in children--prevalence of subgroups and antibiotic resistance. 19853836974
inheritance of the human salivary proline-rich proteins: a reinterpretation in terms of six loci forming two subfamilies.dna studies suggest that six loci control the synthesis of human salivary proline-rich proteins (prps). genes at two of these loci (proposed names, prh1 and prh2) contain regions that strongly hybridize to a probe made from a cdna in which sites for the restriction enzyme haeiii occur repeatedly; they code for the acidic prps. genes at the remaining four loci (prb1, prb2, prb3, and prb4) contain regions that strongly hybridize to a probe with repeated bstn1 sites; they probably code for the basi ...19853840016
the availability of reproductive health services from u.s. private on the provision of seven types of reproductive health care were collected from private physicians in four specialties: general/family practitioners (gp/fps), general surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists and urologists. all ob-gyns, and eight in 10 gp/fps, provide the pill, iud or diaphragm. over nine in 10 ob-gyns provide infertility and obstetric care and prenatal genetic screening; but only one-third or fewer of gp/fps do so. ob-gyns and urologists are far more likely to perform steriliz ...20133842655
sex education and the adolescent. perspectives from a sex educator. 20133843483
[patients without vocalizing function. on assistance of alaryngeal patients from the postoperative period to the time of social rehabilitation]. 20133845289
levels of cognitive functioning: evaluation of interrater reliability.this study examined the reliability of the levels of cognitive functioning scale, an observational tool used to assess head-injured patients. twenty-two undergraduate and ten graduate students viewed videotapes of four patients at various levels and rated each using the scale. findings indicate a high percent agreement of subjects with each other for the four patient examples and with the correct level (p less than .001). these results suggest that this assessment tool may be useful in planning ...20113845962
[outline of the university education on the air: a new type of education for the era of life-long education]. 20133846685
aluminum bone disease. (a case study). 20133848476
what have we learned from hiroshima? 20133849008
[rheumatoid arthritis]. 20123854147
lack of relationship between in vitro cell measurements and response to busulfan in chronic myelocytic leukemia.twenty-three patients with chronic-phase cml have been treated with intermittent courses of busulfan to determine if the duration of unmaintained remission becomes progressively shorter with successive courses of therapy and to determine whether there was a relationship between cluster and colony formation, suicide index of cfuc, labeling index, percentage of cells in s-phase (as determined by cytofluorographic dna histogram analysis), in vitro sensitivity of the cfuc to busulfan, and response t ...20133855599
effects of a fusobacterium nucleatum extract on immunoregulation in mice.the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of an extract of fusobacterium nucleatum on humoral and cell-mediated immunity and phagocyte functions in mice. the extract was obtained from the heat-inactivated supernatant of sonicated f. nucleatum. mouse splenocytes were cultured with sheep red blood cells (srbc), and antibody formation was assayed by counting the plaque-forming cells (pfc). after c3h mouse skin was grafted onto the balb/c mouse, cytotoxicity of balb/c mouse splenocytes to ...19853855894
taking the mystery out of the commission on dental accreditation. 20133856302
[estradiol hormone receptors in human gingiva: preliminary results]. 19853858256
asthma and viral infections. 20133858730
survival analysis of periodontal sites before and after periodontal therapy.periodontal diseases appear to progress with bursts of destructive activity at individual sites. one effect of treatment might be to diminish the frequency of such bursts. survival analysis was employed to seek such effects on the periodontal sites of 16 individuals with prior evidence of destructive periodontal disease. the subjects were monitored at bi-monthly intervals and actively breaking down sites were detected using attachment level measurements and the tolerance method of analysis. when ...19853860518
the tongue. 2. developmental anomalies and coated tongue. 20133861431
dental syndromes in medical genetics. 20133861432
loss of substance of dental composite restorations. 20133861433
gram negative species associated with active destructive periodontal lesions.apical subgingival plaque samples were taken from 19 subjects exhibiting active destructive periodontal disease. the predominant cultivable gram negative species from 50 active sites were compared to 69 inactive sites of comparable pocket depth and attachment level loss. active disease sites were chosen which showed a significant loss of attachment within a two-month interval. proportions of gram negative rods were higher in active periodontal disease sites than in inactive sites. species which ...19853863838
[bacterial endotoxin from fusobacterium nucleatum--particularly the role of endotoxin in periodontal diseases]. 19853864881
adhesion of anaerobic gram-negative bacteria to mucosal surfaces.fusobacterium nucleatum and black-pigmented bacteroides species adhere to red blood cells and crevicular epithelium. the attachment of the bacteroides, but not f. nucleatum, is associated with the presence of fimbriae-like structures on the bacterial surface. such structures have been observed also in unencapsulated bacteroides fragilis able to adhere to human red cells and cheek epithelium. encapsulated b. fragilis adheres to porcine brush borders, but the number of adhering cells per brush bor ...19853865351
intramembrane particle distribution on the plasma membrane of ruffle-ended and smooth ended maturation ameloblasts of the rat incisors.plasma membrane structure and intramembrane particle (imp) distribution in ruffle-ended (ra) and smooth-ended (sa) maturation ameloblasts were investigated by means of freeze-fracture replication of the rat incisor enamel organ. on the plasma membranes of both the lateral and distal cell surfaces, mean values of imps per 1 micron2 obtained from the sas were lower than that from the ras. this does not exclude the ameloblast modulation phenomenon but rather supports a radical shift of functional a ...19853865928
[frequency distribution of periodontal surgery in a periodontal clinic during the past 9 years]. 20133866791
comparison of the effectiveness of two topical anesthetics and a placebo in reducing injection pain. 20133867659
short-chain collagen genes and their expression in cartilage. 19853868942
reaction of human sera from juvenile periodontitis, rapidly progressive periodontitis, and adult periodontitis patients with selected periodontopathogens.the levels of serum antibody reactive to selected periodontopathogens were determined in 182 clinically characterized patients: 35 healthy control, 50 juvenile periodontitis, 42 adult periodontitis and 55 rapidly progressive periodontitis. reactive antibody levels were determined using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with whole cell preparations of bacteroides gingivalis, capnocytophaga (bacteroides) ochraceus, fusobacterium nucleatum and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (y-4) serving a ...19853869650
radiographic findings in pulmonary hypertension from unresolved embolism.pulmonary artery hypertension with chronic pulmonary embolism is an uncommon entity that is potentially treatable with pulmonary embolectomy. although the classic radiographic features have been described, several recent investigators report a significant percentage of these patients with normal chest radiographs. in a series of 22 patients, no normal radiographs were seen. findings included cardiomegaly (86.4%) with right-sided enlargement (68.4%), right descending pulmonary artery enlargement ...20133872021
pulmonary sarcoidosis: pathogenesis, staging and therapy. 20133872268
pulmonary sarcoidosis: pathogenesis, staging and therapy. 20133872268
cellulitis associated with dermatophyte infection in the vein-donor-leg of a coronary artery bypass patient. 20123873016
[an attenuation correction method of single photon emission computed tomography using gamma ray transmission ct]. 20133874309
purification and properties of a novel beta-lactamase from fusobacterium nucleatum.a strain of fusobacterium nucleatum which produced high levels of beta-lactamase was isolated. the specific activity of the unpurified beta-lactamase was 7.8 u/mg of protein. by sephacryl s-300 and s-200 column passage and chromatofocusing, the enzyme was purified 450-fold. sodium dodecyl sulfate-gradient gel electrophoresis revealed a single band. the enzyme hydrolyzed phenoxymethylpenicillin, benzylpenicillin, and ampicillin more rapidly than carbenicillin and piperacillin. cephaloridine, cefa ...19853875311
early rheumatoid-like synovial lesions in rabbits drinking cow's milk. i. joint pathology.rheumatoid-like lesions developed in 9 of 25 (36%) old english rabbits drinking cow's milk for 12 weeks. the incidence of lesions in male and female animals was similar. the majority of rabbits drinking cow's milk developed increased numbers of nucleated cells and raised percentages of t lymphocytes in their synovial fluids, compared to control rabbits. the cell counts and t cell percentages correlated with the severity of the histological lesions. no evidence of glomerulonephritis was observed ...19853876289
characterization of a new beta-lactamase from fusobacterium nucleatum by substrate profiles and chromatofocusing beta-lactamase-producing fusobacterium nucleatum strains were isolated from patients with recurrent tonsillitis. the isolates were highly resistant to phenoxymethylpenicillin, benzylpenicillin, ampicillin, piperacillin and cloxacillin. they were all sensitive to cefaclor, cephaloridine, cefotaxime, cefoxitin, latamoxef (moxalactam) and imipenem. penicillinase activity was found intracellularly after 20 h incubation. specific activity of the unpurified penicillinase varied among the strains ...19853876327
absence of hepatic molybdenum cofactor. an inborn error of metabolism associated with lens dislocation.there are many causes of lens dislocation in man. amongst these are two inborn errors of sulfur amino acid metabolism, viz., homocystinuria and sulfite oxidase deficiency. to date nine patients have been found in whom a combined deficiency of sulfite oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase was observed. this inherited disease is due to a defective synthesis of molybdenum cofactor, an essential component for the assembly of both enzymes. the main clinical symptoms of these patients were: facial dysmor ...19853877898
beta-lactamases in anaerobic bacteria.the known mechanisms of beta-lactam resistance in anaerobic bacteria involve production of beta-lactamases, alteration of penicillin-binding proteins and blocked penetration of beta-lactams through the outer membranes. the most important factor in beta-lactam resistance is production of beta-lactamase. beta-lactamases in various bacteroides, fusobacterium and clostridium species have been described. beta-lactam resistance in bacteroides fragilis is most commonly mediated by beta-lactamase produc ...19853877980
geographic variation of resistance to organophosphates, propoxur and ddt in the southern house mosquito, culex quinquefasciatis, in california.a survey of resistance in larvae of culex quinquefasciatus conducted at three widely separated geographical areas of california, namely coachella valley, southeast los angeles and northern san joaquin valley, revealed high resistance to temephos and lower resistance to chlorpyrifos, methyl parathion and malathion at all locations. likewise resistance to ddt was high in all areas despite its withdrawal from use since 1970. there was no obvious tolerance to propoxur. tests for the presence of este ...20133880246
sonography of the normal and abnormal intact lumbar spinal canal. 20133880985
sonography of the normal and abnormal intact lumbar spinal canal. 20133880985
multiple defects in the renin-angiotensin system in alloxan-diabetic kidney.a defect in the renin-angiotensin system has been shown in diabetic patients and experimental animals, in particular with nephropathy or autonomic neuropathy. the mechanism for this low plasma renin activity (pra) is poorly understood. in order to clarify this defect, the renin-angiotensin system was studied in alloxan-induced diabetic and age-match control mice. in diabetic animals, kidney renin activity (kra) was significantly lower than that of the controls, while plasma renin substrate (prs) ...20123881775
the structure, function and evolution of cytochromes. 20133881803
na-ca exchange in cardiac tissues.our awareness of the importance of na-ca exchange in cardiac muscle has progressed from early observations of na-ca antagonism in the activation of contractile force. this was followed by demonstrations of actual na-ca ion countertransport across cell membranes and later functional studies in which manipulation of intracellular and extracellular na and ca concentrations has permitted a better characterization of the exchange process and its contribution to contractile force. the recent developme ...20133881811
removal of marrow t cells with okt3-okt11 monoclonal antibodies and complement to prevent acute graft-versus-host disease. a pilot study in ten patients.we studied the feasibility of t cell depletion of bone marrow for transplantation in preventing acute graft-versus-host disease gvhd in patients having a high risk of acute gvhd. we report our preliminary clinical experience of the ex-vivo treatment of allogeneic marrow using a pan-t monoclonal antibody combination (okt3-okt11) plus baby rabbit complement. ten patients received allografts from hla-identical sibling donors. all patients had malignant hematological disease with poor prognosis (6 a ...19853881852
optimization of ultrasonic transducers.the so-called klm-model for ultrasonic transducers is employed to optimize transducer design. some new performance characteristics are defined which change monotonically with design parameters. these characteristics are based on the area of the envelope of the echo waveform produced by the transducer and of the corresponding amplitude spectrum. the efficiency of the transducer is defined by the round trip energy factor. the performance characteristics are used in a composite performance measure, ...20133881869
child health status and risk factors. 20133882631
a newly recognized cause of travelers' diarrhea: enteroadherent escherichia coli.adherence to hep-2 tissue culture cells has been proposed as a virulence characteristic of enteropathogenic escherichia coli (epec). a preliminary study revealed that e. coli that adhered to hep-2 cells, but did not produce conventional enterotoxins and did not belong to recognized epec serogroups, could be isolated from adults from the united states who acquired diarrhea in mexico. the purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of these enteroadherent e. coli (eaec) in 188 travelers ...19853882849
[a simple culture method for the bacteriological identification of bacillus larvae on columbia blood-slant agar]. 19853883984
[a simple culture method for the bacteriological identification of bacillus larvae on columbia blood-slant agar]. 19853883984
a specular reflection arising from the ventricular wall: a potential pitfall in the diagnosis of germinal matrix hemorrhage.reflection artifacts may complicate the diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage in preterm neonates. a linear focus of bright echoes in the region of the germinal matrix at or anterior to the caudothalamic grooves, often seen on parasagittal scans, may be mistaken for a germinal matrix hemorrhage but is actually a reflection of the ultrasound beam at the wall of the lateral ventricle. cranial sonograms of 100 preterm infants were retrospectively analyzed and categorized with regard to presence and ...20133884829
zden─Ľk kunc. 20143885448
a procedure for light and electron microscopic intracellular immunolocalization of collagen and fibronectin in rat liver.experimental conditions have been designed that permit both extracellular and intracellular immunolocalization of various collagen types and fibronectin in rat liver. the procedure involves paraformaldehyde fixation by perfusion of the organ, use of saponin as a membrane permeabilizing agent, and visualization of the matrix components by indirect immunoperoxidase. intracellular demonstration of collagens was particularly sensitive to the composition of the fixative and the duration of fixation. ...19853886779
[rare forms of yersinia infections in adults]. 19853887018
establishment of mics of moxalactam for control and reference anaerobic organisms in agar dilution and microdilution techniques.the mics of moxalactam were determined for eight national committee for clinical laboratory standards control and reference strains and for fusobacterium nucleatum atcc 10953 by agar and microdilution techniques. the recommended mic for the control strain bacteroides fragilis in both agar and microdilution tests is 0.5 micrograms/ml. recommended mics for bacteroides thetaiotaomicron atcc 29741 and clostridium perfringens atcc 13124 by agar dilution are 8 and 0.063 micrograms/ml, respectively. th ...19853888103
anatomical basis of intervertebral disc puncture with chemonucleolysis.transparietal puncture of the lumbar intervertebral discs is done to achieve enzymatic nucleolysis. this technique requires firm understanding of the morphology and topography of the anatomical structures traversed by the needle as well as those to be avoided. vertebral disc puncture with chemonucleolysis has been done by the author for four years. the aim of this study was to identify the parameters allowing facilitation of this procedure, thereby leading to a decreased x-ray exposure. to achie ...20123888235
b/t cell ratio of rabbit peripheral blood lymphocytes. influence of separation technique on results.spontaneous in vitro t cell rosette formation at room temperature leading to enrichment of b cells has been reported. we tested 10 individual new zealand white rabbits sequentially, separating the lymphocytes either at room temperature or at 37 degrees c. t cells are lost constantly at room temperature but to a lesser extent at 37 degrees c. the determination of the yield of lymphocytes after ficoll separation gives the best control for the accuracy of the results. if lymphocytes are separated a ...19853889161
[occurrence of circulating autoantibodies in porphyria cutanea tarda]. 20133891435
late corneal grafting in congenitally opaque corneas. 20133894096
clinical experience with the use of charcoal haemoperfusion: is prostacyclin required?twenty patients have undergone a total of 47 charcoal haemoperfusions without the use of prostacyclin. a fall in platelet numbers and evidence of platelet activation have been found during haemoperfusion but few clinical complications have been observed. therefore, we believe that the clinical value of the addition of prostacyclin during charcoal haemoperfusion has not been proven. nevertheless, its apparent protective effect on platelet numbers and activation indicates that further controlled t ...20113894813
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