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the effect of corneal contact lenses on the oxygen tension in the anterior chamber of the rabbit eye.the oxygen tension in the aqueous humor in the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes was measured continuously with a polarographic electrode. the normal oxygen tension in the anterior chamber was 23 +/- 2 mm hg (mean +/- sd, n = 4). a contact lens was then placed on the cornea for at least 10 min and the drop in oxygen tension recorded. a hard polymethylmethacrylate lens reduced the oxygen tension by 16 +/- 4 mm hg, and a larger hydroxyethylmethacrylate soft lens (soflens) decreased oxygen tension by ...19873654146
catecholamines metabolism in infantile autism: a controlled study of 22 autistic a group of 22 autistic children aged 5 to 16 years and a group of normal controls matched for age and sex, catecholamines metabolism was investigated in plasma, platelets, and urine. this investigation was part of a research project in which several biological parameters (including serotonin) were explored simultaneously in the same children. in the autistic group, epinephrine and norepinephrine were significantly elevated in plasma, while epinephrin, norepinephrine, and dopamine were signifi ...20133654486
synthesis and assembly of membrane skeletal proteins in mammalian red cell precursors.the synthesis of membrane skeletal proteins in avian nucleated red cells has been the subject of extensive investigation, whereas little is known about skeletal protein synthesis in bone marrow erythroblasts and peripheral blood reticulocytes in mammals. to address this question, we have isolated nucleated red cell precursors and reticulocytes from spleens and from the peripheral blood, respectively, of rats with phenylhydrazine-induced hemolytic anemia and pulse-labeled them with [35s]methionin ...19873654760
chemical composition and immunobiological activities of sodium dodecyl sulphate extracts from the cell envelopes of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, bacteroides gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum.the chemical composition and immunobiological activities in vivo and in vitro of sodium dodecyl sulphate extracts (sds-se) derived from periodontopathic bacteria (three strains of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, two strains of bacteroides gingivalis, and one strain of fusobacterium nucleatum) were investigated. the main components of sds-se were protein and lipid, with negligible amounts of peptidoglycan and lipopolysaccharide. immunopotentiating activity was detected in both delayed-type ...19873655733
[reconstructive plastic surgery of the humeral condyles following removal of endoprostheses of the elbow versus arthrodesis].the condyles of the elbow are of utmost importance for the stability of this joint. this is particularly evident in cases where elbow prostheses had to be removed because of loosening or infection and where the condyles had been deliberately resected at the primary operation. in order to obtain a functional elbow with sufficient stability and mobility after removal of the prostheses, we can reconstruct the condyles by means of a large autologous bone graft, which we take from the midpart of the ...20133658417
morphologic indices of progression in prostatic carcinoma. 20133658993
on display. technical innovations and innovators, imaging-related services and educational literature at rsna '87. radiological society of north america. 20133659347
health, drinking-water, and sanitation in rural areas. 20133664057
cystic intracerebellar epidermoids with rim enhancement. a case report.a case of two infected cystic epidermoids of the right cerebellar hemisphere is reported. one of the cysts showed peripheral contrast enhancement on ct. relevant literature regarding the pathogenesis and ct diagnosis is reviewed.20103665295
on the direction of the diffusional electric field in a mucous layer.a simple model of the mucous layer is used to illustrate the complex relationship of the diffusional electric field direction in the layer and parameters of the latter. it is shown that the field direction may depend not only on the ratios of mobile microion diffusivities but also on the characteristics of the layer (carboxylic group concentration and dissociation constant). the electric field direction is also shown to vary across the layer under appropriate conditions. the results are used to ...20133666428
equipment leasing: a question of economics. 20133666746
attachment of oral bacteria to a basement-membrane-like matrix and to purified matrix proteins.the purpose of this study was to investigate the adherence of oral bacteria to an in vitro basement-membrane-like matrix and to selected individual macromolecular constituents of this matrix. radiolabeled bacteria were incubated with basement-membrane-like matrices isolated from pf hr-9 cells. bacteroides gingivalis 33277, fusobacterium nucleatum fn-2, and actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans ga3(a) bound to the matrix in the range of 44 to 70%, considerably higher than the ranges of a. actinomy ...19873666961
the long-term effects of a token economy on safety performance in open-pit mining.a token economy that used trading stamps as tokens was instituted at two dangerous open-pit mines. employees earned stamps for working without lost-time injuries, for being in work groups in which all other workers had no lost-time injuries, for not being involved in equipment-damaging accidents, for making adopted safety suggestions, and for unusual behavior which prevented an injury or accident. they lost stamp awards if they or other workers in their group were injured, caused equipment damag ...20133667473
measurement of the alpha 2 component of a novel oncodevelopmental antigen by a rapid electroimmunoassay.a method was required for the quantification of a novel oncodevelopmental antigen which increases in the serum of pregnant women as well as patients with ovarian cancer. the native antigen is composed of two components having alpha 2 and beta electrophoretic mobilities. an assay method, involving electroimmunodiffusion according to laurell, was developed for the measurement of the alpha 2 component of the antigen. the method is sufficiently sensitive to determine significant differences in the l ...20133668256
preoperative magnetic resonance imaging of vena caval tumor thrombi: experience with 5 cases.magnetic resonance scans were performed preoperatively in 5 patients who underwent surgical removal of renal or adrenal tumors with direct extension of the tumor into the vena cava. of the patients 4 had renal cell carcinoma and 1 had adrenocortical carcinoma. magnetic resonance imaging staged correctly the level of vena caval tumor thrombus involvement in 4 patients and missed the presence of right atrial tumor extension in 1. this noninvasive imaging modality can be used instead of contrast ve ...20133669172
general case simulation instruction and the establishment and maintenance of work performance.this study was conducted to determine whether general case simulation instruction on selected job task sequences and teaching examples, which sampled the range of stimulus/response variation encountered in two community jobs, resulted in the generalized performance of specific community job requirements by four young adults with severe handicaps. a multiple baseline across subjects and behaviors design was used to assess subject performance in simulation instruction, on concurrent and subsequent ...20133671820
[housing and health of farm animals].data on the relationship between housing systems and health in farm animals are relatively scarce. in dairy cattle and poultry, for which special housing systems are dominant in the netherlands, no important new figures are available. in veal calves, the group housing system is being investigated. preliminary results indicate that there are many problems in the first 6 to 8 weeks. more research has been done on pigs. it is now clear that the floor system is important not only with respect to leg ...19873672468
enrichment of subgingival microflora on human serum leading to accumulation of bacteroides species, peptostreptococci and fusobacteria.this study was undertaken to identify ecological factors that favour opportunistic pathogenic species in the subgingival microflora. in a first approach, human serum as a substitute for gingival exudate, was used for batch-wise enrichment of subgingival plaque. the microflora resulting after 5-6 enrichment steps consisted of black-pigmented and non-black-pigmented bacteroides species, peptostreptococcus micros and fusobacterium nucleatum as the main organisms. it is noted that the same group of ...19873674857
pulmonary involvement in giant cell arteritis.while clinically suspected in some cases, pulmonary lesions in giant cell arteritis have rarely been described pathologically. we report the findings at autopsy in an elderly woman with typical giant cell arteritis. in addition to inflammation of temporal and other major systemic vessels, large- and medium-sized pulmonary arteries showed focal necrosis as well as medial granulomatous inflammation. these findings, as well as a review of previous clinical and pathologic reports, emphasize that the ...20133675156
a mathematical model of continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration predicts performance. 20133675960
cysticercosis presenting as a solitary dominant breast mass. 20123679193
cysticercosis presenting as a solitary dominant breast mass. 20123679193
hemagglutinating activity of lipopolysaccharides from subgingival plaque bacteria.lipopolysaccharide (lps) preparations from the bacteroides species b. endodontalis, b. intermedius, b. denticola, and b. melaninogenicus and from fusobacterium nucleatum, haemophilus actinomycetemcomitans, capnocytophaga gingivalis, and eikenella corrodens directly agglutinated erythrocytes of some kinds of animals. lpss from the bacteroides species b. gingivalis, b. asaccharolyticus, b. corporis, and b. loescheii and from capnocytophaga ochracea did not possess any hemagglutinating activity. pr ...19873679548
mental health, belief deficit compensation, and paranormal beliefs.the present study examined the relationship between religious and nonreligious paranormal beliefs and mental health, as well as the possibility that nonreligious subjects compensate for a lack of identification with traditional religion by increased nonreligious paranormal beliefs. subjects were 80 undergraduates categorized as religious or nonreligious on the basis of scores on the traditional religion subscale of the paranormal belief scale. religious subjects had significantly higher total pa ...20133681767
[changes in the professional practice of midwifery. 27. separation of the midwifery association from the nursing organization]. 20123682311
between- vs. within-family analyses of the correlation of height and intelligence. 20133686064
practolol inhibits human skin fibroblast cell mat hydroxyproline accumulation.despite being poorly absorbed practolol (n-4-2-hydroxy-3-(1-methyl-ethyl)-amino propoxy phenyl acetamine) inhibited the accumulation of cell mat hydroxyproline, a measure of collagen synthesis, by human skin fibroblasts (dt2ph) in vitro, (id50 0.8 x 10(-3) m). the degree of inhibition was dependent on the concentration of practolol used and the incubation time. neither preinitiation of collagen synthesis nor omitting ascorbic acid from the incubation medium modified this inhibitory action. in co ...19873687592
electronic device for the detection of breaches in asepsis during surgical procedures. 20133690231
[prevalence of intestinal parasites among ethiopian immigrants]. 20133692377
function of transient channels in central nervous system. 20133692424
taxonomy i. 20133692526
peak oxygen uptake in arm ergometry: effects of testing protocol.the purpose of this investigation was to determine if a new proposed arm ergometer protocol was advantageous in eliciting higher peak oxygen uptake (peak vo2) when compared with two protocols currently referred to in the literature. ten male subjects were tested on three different exercise protocols; a discontinuous test (dt), a continuous test (ct) and a new proposed jump-max test (jmt). the ct began at a work rate of 33 watts (w) (40 rpm) with the power output (po) being increased 16 w every 3 ...20133697598
dna probes for identification of clinically important bacteroides species.conventional procedures for identifying gram-negative anaerobes such as bacteroides spp. are cumbersome and time-consuming. a simpler approach would be to use dna probes to identify these organisms. since many different species of gram-negative anaerobes are isolated from clinical specimens, the most useful dna probes would be probes that identify a few clinically significant groups of anaerobes. to obtain such probes, we cloned hindiii-digested chromosomal dna from various bacteroides species a ...19863700617
levodopa pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in fluctuating parkinsonian patients.we investigated levodopa intravenous infusion rates, plasma concentrations, and clinical responses in 23 parkinsonian patients with a fluctuating response to the drug. there was a linear relationship between rate of levodopa infusion and plasma concentration when carbidopa was coadministered. minimum-therapeutically effective plasma concentrations of levodopa ranged from 3 to 12 nmol/ml. the duration, but not the magnitude, of clinical response was linearly related to plasma concentrations. the ...20133703280
assessing the role of social network interventions with an inner-city population.this study assesses an experimental network intervention program conducted in a single-room-occupancy hotel. the relatively low percentage of successful interventions indicated that such procedures must be used cautiously but may be valuable if attention is paid to the types of problems and their immediacy, client characteristics, client education, and the building of trust.20133706506
[lithotripsy by ultrashort pulsation. experimental study in renal lithiasis in the dog].a lithotriptor delivering ultrashort shockwaves and designed for use under ultrasonographic guidance has recently been developed. immersion in water is unnecessary. the device was experimented in renal lithiasis in dogs. twenty-two animals were treated. in seven, who served as controls, the safety of shots delivered in particular to the lungs, liver, bones and kidneys was demonstrated. furthermore, no cardiac rhythm disorders were recorded. a human stone was implanted in 15 animals. the stone wa ...19863707073
local tolerance evaluation of intramuscular drug preparations. 19863709769
sensitization with fusobacterium nucleatum targets antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity to mammalian cells.incubation of mammalian tumor cells with either soluble of insoluble fractions (10 to 100 micrograms/ml) of fusobacterium nucleatum sensitizes them to the destructive activity of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) effector cells in the presence of anti-f. nucleatum antisera. all three types of adcc effector cells are capable of destroying f. nucleatum-sensitized target cells with varying degrees of effectiveness (lymphocytes much greater than monocytes greater than neutrophils). hyp ...19863710577
family practitioner committee records--a neglected resource. 1. an information service for general practitioners based on claims for held by a london family practitioner committee for the purpose of paying general practitioners' capitation and item of service fees were analysed every quarter for one year to provide an information service for general practices in the area. each practice received a quarterly printout showing the age structure of its patient population, the numbers of new registrations and removals and data about items of service. these were expressed as rates which could be compared with those of the area ...20123712346
hyponatremia, convulsions, respiratory arrest, and permanent brain damage after elective surgery in healthy women.severe hyponatremia developed after elective surgery in 15 previously healthy women who subsequently either died or had permanent brain damage. the mean age was 41 years (range, 22 to 66), and the preoperative serum sodium level was 138 mmol per liter. all the patients recovered from anesthesia, but about 49 hours after surgery, when the average plasma sodium level was 108 mmol per liter, grand mal seizures, followed by respiratory arrest requiring intubation, developed in all 15. at that time, ...20133713746
bvd virus infection and embryo transfer. 19863716157
offspring-parent genotypic regression: how linear is it?linearity of offspring-parent regression is investigated for quantitative characters with dominance. this is done by fitting a second-order regression equation in orthogonal bivariate polynomials to the offspring's genotypic value and evaluating the significance of nonlinear terms in the equation. three genetic models are considered.20133719063
treatment of idiopathic hypercalciuria with indapamide.twenty-six patients with idiopathic hypercalciuria (urine calcium level greater than 300 mg/24 h [7.5 mmol/d]) were treated with indapamide (a nonthiazide diuretic), 2.5 mg/d for 3 consecutive months. a mean decrease in urine calcium levels of 52% was noted (p less than 0.05). when therapy with indapamide was stopped, the calcium levels returned to pretherapy values. the effect of indapamide on urine calcium levels was similar to that of hydrochlorothiazide in 10 patients who were receiving the ...20133719496
absence of role of endothelium in the response of isolated porcine coronary arteries to acetylcholine.isolated precontracted arteries of various vascular beds relax in response to acetylcholine only if the endothelium is present. one explanation for this is that this drug stimulates the endothelial cells to release a vasodilator substance that in turn relaxes the underlying smooth muscle. to determine whether this mechanism is concerned also in the acetylcholine contraction of isolated porcine coronary arteries transverse strips of the extramural part of the left circumflex artery were used for ...19863719611
[multifocal hydatid cysts in children].from 1981 to 1983, 112 children have been operated on for hydatidosis, 26 of them presented multifocal hydatid cysts. in half cases the lung was affected, in association with an abdominal affect. in 6 cases it was a bilateral pulmonary localisation. the check-up is essentially with two exams: thoracal radiology, front and side view; and abdominal echography. the hydatic serology confirms the parasitic origin. 40 surgical operations have been necessary for 21 children carried 171 hydatid cysts. t ...20133719886
combined active and passive immunotherapy in honeybee-sting allergy.five honeybee sting-allergic patients in whom bee venom immunotherapy (vit) had previously been stopped because of repeated allergic side effects (se) were resubmitted to bee vit after pretreatment with beekeeper gammaglobulin. the tolerated bee venom dose was increased five to 800 times after this passive immunotherapy, and the maintenance dose of 100 micrograms of honeybee venom (bv) was reached in all patients after 6 to 15 days of a rush hyposensitization. the igg response to bv was not supp ...20133722631
1984 survey of genetic toxicology testing in industry, government and academic laboratories.compiled results of the 1984 genetic toxicology association's survey representing a total of 72 responses from governmental, contract, industrial, or academic institutions regarding the status of 32 recognized genetic toxicology assays, were as follows: most frequently performed on a routine or occasional basis: ames (76% of all respondents routinely or occasionally perform the assay); in vitro cytogenetics (59%); in vivo bone marrow cytogenetics (56%); in vitro sister chromatid exchange (56%); ...20133722714
[intracranial aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage in children and adolescents].42 cases concerning symptomatic intracranial circulation aneurysms and spontaneous sah have been observed by the authors during the period 1965-1984; 37 of them were treated from 1970 on. this group represents 2.6% in the number of patients treated for sah during the above mentioned period in the series of pavia and verona neurosurgery. in 7 cases angiography did not evidence any malformation responsible for the hemorrhage. these cases have been defined as "sine materia" sah. in 33 cases was doc ...20113725140
advances in cancer control: health care financing and research. proceedings of the association of community cancer centers 11th national meeting. oncology: surviving the 80's--a combined meeting of the association of community cancer centers/association of american cancer institutes. washington, d.c., march 13-17, 1985. 20133725788
[incidence of anemia in first-time blood donors]. 20093726715
a prospective randomized study of moxalactam versus gentamicin and clindamycin in penetrating abdominal trauma.we conducted a randomized, prospective study of moxalactam versus gentamicin plus clindamycin in 42 patients with penetrating abdominal trauma. patients were randomized to receive intravenously either 2 grams of moxalactam every 12 hours or 80 milligrams of gentamicin every eight hours and 600 milligrams of clindamycin every six hours. antibiotics were administered preoperatively and continued for a minimum of five days if hollow viscus injury occurred. for those without hollow viscus injury, on ...20103726718
[risks of postcoital contraception using a d-norgestrel-ethinyl estradiol combination]. 20133726780
dietary protein, enhancement of n-nitrosomethylurea-induced mammary carcinogenesis, and their effect on hormone regulation in rats.the effect of supplemental dietary protein (casein) fed with high fat diets was investigated using the n-nitrosomethylurea-induced mammary tumor model. isocaloric diets containing casein and corn oil at 19 and 15% (normal protein-high fat) or 33 and 15% (high protein-high fat) were fed ad libitum to sprague-dawley mother rats. female offspring continued on the diet. food consumption and growth curves were similar over the entire growth period. n-nitrosomethylurea (50 mg/kg body weight) or saline ...19863731097
3,3',5'-triiodothyronine inhibits iodothyronine-5'-deiodinating activity induced by 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine at equimolar concentrations in cultured fetal mouse investigate the rt3 effect on iodothyronine-5'-deiodinating activity (i-5'-da) in cultured fetal mouse liver, liver on the 19th day of gestation, in which little or no i-5'-da was detected and, therefore, rt3 was very stable, was cultured in medium containing thyroid hormone-depleted fetal calf serum supplemented with cortisol, insulin, and various concentrations of iodothyronines. after 4-15 days of culture, i-5'-da in the homogenate was assessed by the amount of iodide released from outer r ...19863732155
problem patients in a psychiatric inpatient setting. an explorative study.a total of 26 psychiatric inpatients (5.8% of all admissions) in an intensive treatment unit were identified as problem patients by nursing personnel. reasons for such identification were behavioral pathology of the patient, difficulties of the staff in the relationship with the patient, and insufficient therapeutic progress, and the use of inappropriate therapeutic methods. compared with a control group, the problem patients were psychotics or personality disorders. they presented more behavior ...20123732342
demonstration of 20k growth hormone in human plasma by gel electrophoretic-immunostaining-autoradiographic assay (geisaa).a variant of human growth hormone (hgh), in which 15 amino acids are missing (commonly referred to as 20k-hgh in contrast to the traditional form which is referred to as 22k-hgh), is known to exist in human pituitary glands. however, lack of a method to measure it in blood has hindered investigations of its physiopathology. we have applied a newly-developed technique called geisaa for its detection in small volumes of human plasma. the method is based upon the lower mr of the variant and its abi ...19863732988
the ionization behavior of bile acids in different aqueous environments.the ionization behavior of cholic acid, deoxycholic acid, and chenodeoxycholic acid in a variety of physiologically important molecular environments was studied using 13c nmr spectroscopy. the apparent pka of the carboxyl group was determined from titration curves obtained from the dependence of the carboxyl carbon chemical shift on ph. using 90% 13c isotopic substitution of the carboxyl carbon, a complete titration curve was obtained for cholate at a concentration below its critical micelle con ...19863734630
[long-term nasotracheal intubation as a measure to prevent the development of aspiration pneumonia in laryngo-pharyngeal chemical burns in childhood]. 20133737331
[personal experience with the total hip prosthesis]. 20013739284
patterns of mortality among plumbers and pipefitters.a proportionate mortality ratio (pmr) study was undertaken of 7,121 members and retirees of the united association of plumbers and pipefitters in california who died in 1960-79. the pmr for all malignant neoplasms was 1.24, with a major contribution from lung cancers (pmr = 1.41). lung cancer pmrs were consistently elevated, through the 20-year study period, across the pipe trades and within different birth cohorts. sixteen mesothelioma deaths occurred, suggesting asbestos as a risk factor. pmrs ...20133740068
nitrogen conversion factors for the proteinaceous content of gums permitted as food additives.nitrogen conversion factors for gum arabic (acacia senegal (l.) willd.), gum tragacanth (asiatic astragalus spp.), gum karaya (sterculia spp.), guar gum (cyamopsis spp.), locust bean (carob) gum (ceratonia spp.), tara gum (caesalpinia spp.), and xanthan gum (xanthomonas campestris) have been calculated from data for the amino acid compositions of their proteinaceous components. the factors derived differ from the arbitrary values (5.7 or 6.25) at present specified by international regulatory aut ...19863743832
[pathogenesis of the iridocorneal endothelial syndrome]. 20133744237
concentration-dependence of halothane metabolism in rabbits. 19863744878
biochemistry of maternal milk in early lactation.the analysis of more than 550 human milk samples showed that triglycerides (accounting for 96-99 per cent of the total lipids) increased from 2 to 3.5 g/100 ml mainly during the first week postpartum and remained constant thereafter. in contrast, both cholesterol and vitamin e concentrations decreased from 35 to 20 mg/100 ml and from 1.7 to 0.30 mg/100 ml, respectively. the phospholipids remained constant (40 mg/100 ml). the fatty acid composition of total lipids showed remarkable changes. mid-c ...19863744886
metastatic disease of the spine. 20133745256
[limitations of conventional mechanical ventilation in the treatment of acute respiratory failure]. 20133747112
[regional differences in gastric cancer mortality and eating habits of people].one year (continuous 2 days for 12 months) food surveys were held at 5 areas, with different gastric cancer risks, in akita and iwate prefectures. each food items was counted down the frequency of intake for one year and food index (fi, intake frequency of certain food item or food group/number of meals x 100) was calculated and coefficient of correlations with standardized mortality rates (smrs) of all causes, cancer of all sites and stomach cancer were also calculated. significant negative cor ...20133747143
death behind bars: an 11-year survey of prisoner deaths in south australia. 20123747765
diplostomum spathaceum (rud. 1819): effects of physical factors on the infection of rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri) by cercariae.the relationship between infection rates of rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri) by diplostomum spathaceum and cercarial concentration, water flow rate and temperature were investigated by means of controlled infections within a flume. a linear relationship was obtained between cercarial concentration and mean abundance of metacercariae/fish. a biphasic relationship occurred between flow rate and abundance of metacercariae. within the confines of the flume, it was possible to control the infection ra ...19863748615
[calcareous tendinitis of the long peroneal tendon]. 20133750292
[remote results of the treatment of hemophilic contractures of the knee joint in children]. 20133750634
[procedure for the biological testing of substances in the guinea pig subcutaneous test. i. the results of an improved semiquantitative assessment of the histological criteria].different materials were implanted into the subcutaneous connective tissue of guinea pigs to evaluate biotolerance by means of the tissue response. the investigations were carried out with reference materials and newly developed implant materials in short-term studies and in case control studies. the semiquantitative valuation standards lead mostly only to informing statements in the sense of a compatibility degree. alternative assertions are possible when comparing very different materials.19863751202
low indoor temperatures and morbidity in the elderly.low ambient temperatures are particularly harmful to the elderly and in the winter in the uk temperatures in some dwellings may fall to 6 degrees c. the world health organization recommends a minimal indoor temperature of 18 degrees c and a 2-3 degrees c warmer minimal temperature for rooms occupied by sedentary elderly, young children and the handicapped. below 16 degrees c, resistance to respiratory infections may be diminished. both low and high relative humidities promote respiratory illness ...20133751747
bringing hearing to the profoundly deaf: a research report. 20133753949
hypercalcaemia in hodgkin's disease. 20133754677
spinal and supraspinal mechanisms for morphine-pentobarbital antinociceptive interaction in relation to cardiac acceleration response in rat experiments, morphine-pentobarbital antinociceptive interaction affecting cardiac acceleration in response to somatic noxious stimulation was analyzed with the use of intrathecal and intracerebroventricular injections of morphine. cardiac acceleration response was induced by tail compression, and heart rate was monitored by electrocardiogram. pentobarbital, in a subanesthetic intravenous dose, antagonized the antinociceptive effect of morphine in relation to cardiac acceleration response ...19863754702
epidemiologic studies on possible health effects of intake of pyrolyzates of foods, with reference to mortality among japanese seventh-day elucidate the effect of intake of mutagenic and/or carcinogenic pyrolysis products of proteins and amino acids on carcinogenesis in man, we have undertaken two epidemiologic cohort studies: one concerning the possible association of broiled fish consumption with cancer and the other concerning the cancer mortality among japanese seventh-day adventists. the main findings of these studies are described.19863757950
[effects of ambroxol on pulmonary surfactant--analysis of the fatty acid composition of phosphatidylcholine in the sputum and normal respiratory tract fluid in rabbits].the mechanism of action of secretagogic expectorants (ex., ambroxol) has not been clarified. recently, attention has been directed to the relationship of their action to pulmonary surfactants. in the present study, the fatty acid (fa) composition of phosphatidylcholine (pc), which is the main physiological surfactant, was investigated using sputum, respiratory tract fluid, mucin-like substance, lung washings and lung tissue of rabbits. effects of ambroxol (20 mg/kg, i.s.) on several parameters s ...19863758876
progesterone receptor synthesis and degradation in mcf-7 human breast cancer cells as studied by dense amino acid incorporation. evidence for a non-hormone binding receptor precursor.we have used the technique of density labeling of proteins by biosynthetic incorporation of 2h, 13c, 15n (dense) amino acids to study the synthesis and degradation rates of the progesterone receptor in mcf-7 human breast cancer cells. in cells grown in the absence of progestin, sucrose gradient shift analyses reveal that it takes 17 h for the normal density progesterone receptor levels to be reduced to half the initial value, whereas in the presence of 10 nm of the synthetic progestin [3h]r5020, ...19863759961
outer membrane proteins of fusobacterium nucleatum fev1.outer membrane enriched material from six strains of fusobacterium nucleatum was analysed by sds-page. the protein profiles of all the strains were dominated by proteins with molecular masses of about 40 kda, and a very high degree of homology in relation to apparent molecular masses was observed. in all strains except fev1, one of the most dominant proteins exhibited heat modifiable properties, having an apparent molecular mass of about 38 kda and 42 kda when heated in sds at 50 and 100 degrees ...19863760817
salt intake, intracellular cations, and hypertension. 20133760913
clinical, pathogenetic, and laboratory features of capnocytophaga infections.granulocytopenia and oral mucosal defects have been reported to be important predisposing factors to recently recognized cases of capnocytophaga septicemia. the authors call attention to an apparent preponderance of these cases in the pediatric age group and emphasize laboratory features which they have found helpful in the diagnosis of capnocytophaga infections. thirteen patients with capnocytophaga infections were seen during a seven-year period. seven of these patients had capnocytophaga bact ...19863766465
frequencies of complex diseases in hybrid populations.diseases of complex etiology demonstrate considerable variation in their frequencies in different ethnic populations. noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (niddm), rheumatoid arthritis, and several cardiovascular diseases constitute examples of such disorders. in genetic studies involving hybrid populations of known ancestry, it is of interest to compare and correlate disease prevalence with the admixture proportion, the latter estimated from a number of polymorphic genetic markers. theoretica ...20113766715
frequencies of complex diseases in hybrid populations.diseases of complex etiology demonstrate considerable variation in their frequencies in different ethnic populations. noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (niddm), rheumatoid arthritis, and several cardiovascular diseases constitute examples of such disorders. in genetic studies involving hybrid populations of known ancestry, it is of interest to compare and correlate disease prevalence with the admixture proportion, the latter estimated from a number of polymorphic genetic markers. theoretica ...20113766715
a departmental policy addressing chemical substance abuse.substance abuse is a major socioeconomic problem. however, the ready availability of potent narcotic and sedative drugs probably constitutes a unique risk for anesthesiologists. until recently, few anesthesia departments were prepared to recognize or safely manage afflicted colleagues. because we felt it important to educate our staff and residents and to have a response mechanism established prior to the advent of a substance abuse problem, a departmental committee was formed to develop a subst ...20133767040
action of surfactants on porcine heart malate dehydrogenase isoenzymes and a simple method for the differential assay of these isoenzymes.the cationic surfactant, cetyl (hexadecyl) trimethylammonium bromide (ctab), completely inactivates porcine heart cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase (l-malate:nad+ oxidoreductase, ec at concentrations (of surfactant) which do not affect the activity of the mitochondrial isoenzyme. these concentrations are close to, or higher than, the critical micelle concentration of ctab. an increase in the ionic strength of the medium significantly retards the ctab-induced inactivation of the cytoplas ...19863768404
acute hypokalemic effect of gossypol.clinical trials had demonstrated that chronic ingestion of gossypol induced infertility in males. hypokalemia of various severities were reported in volunteers taking gossypol. the purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of acute gossypol infusion into alkalotic rats. plasma potassium concentration decreased from 4.08 to 2.87 mm after gossypol infusion with minimal change in urinary potassium excretion. the hypokalemic effect of gossypol was also observed in nephretomized rats. some ...19863768796
nuclear morphometry as an important prognostic factor in stage i renal cell carcinoma.although 60% of stage i renal carcinoma patients die from tumor within 5 years postoperatively, a considerable percentage survive that period. nuclear grading can help to predict the outcome, but many of the patients are grade 2, and the prognosis of this subclass is uncertain. therefore, nuclear morphometry was carried out in 41 patients with stage i renal cell carcinoma. of these, 24 died within 5 years and 17 have survived that period. using a mean nuclear area of 32 micron 2 as the decision ...20123768843
the international scope of asthma. new orleans, october 29, 1985. 20133769597
the practice of pharmacy in england.the practice of pharmacy in england is described. community pharmacies have a contract with the department of health and social security to fill national health service prescriptions. a large proportion of the general public obtain their prescriptions free. funding for the health service comes from taxes and automatic contributions from employers and employees. aspects of hospital pharmacy practice and salaries are discussed, e.g., a junior pharmacist may expect to earn between $9000 and $12,000 ...20103769776
[possibilities and limits of the study of tumor markers in the after-care of patients with ovarian cancer]. 20133770529
pain changes among men from before to after drinking: effects of expectancy set and dose manipulations with alcohol and tonic as mediated by prior experience with an experiment that manipulated the set that one would consume (or not consume) an alcoholic beverage, pain reduction occurred among men (n = 52) told that they had consumed alcohol if they reported customarily drinking in large amounts or drinking in order to attain positive emotional states. when the men's belief that they had or had not consumed alcohol was taken into account, the propensity to drink for social-celebratory and personal-deficiency reasons was also associated with pain reduct ...20133771021
malignant melanoma arising intradermally in a small congenital nevus of an adult.the occurrence of a malignant melanoma in a small congenital nevus is a rare event. a malignant melanoma arising intradermally in a small congenital nevus in an adult has not been previously reported. the clinical implications and known information about the prognosis of intradermal malignant melanomas are discussed.20133771902
chylothorax on technetium-99m antimony sulfide colloid scan. 20133772512
acute yersinia infections in man increase intestinal permeability for low-molecular weight polyethylene glycols (peg 400).the passive intestinal permeability of patients with acute diarrhoea was investigated with a liquid meal of oral rehydration fluid containing differently sized, low-molecular weight polyethylene glycols (peg 400). the recovery of test molecules was measured in 6 h specimens of urine. the subjects suffered from acute infections caused by yersinia bacteria accompanied by joint pains. they were investigated during the infection and at least 3-4 weeks later when they had recovered clinically. it was ...19863775268
acute yersinia infections in man increase intestinal permeability for low-molecular weight polyethylene glycols (peg 400).the passive intestinal permeability of patients with acute diarrhoea was investigated with a liquid meal of oral rehydration fluid containing differently sized, low-molecular weight polyethylene glycols (peg 400). the recovery of test molecules was measured in 6 h specimens of urine. the subjects suffered from acute infections caused by yersinia bacteria accompanied by joint pains. they were investigated during the infection and at least 3-4 weeks later when they had recovered clinically. it was ...19863775268
[head and neck tumors. usefulness of aspiration biopsy]. 20133775709
movement deficits caused by hyperexcitable stretch reflexes in spastic humans.spastic patients were instructed to make accurate, rapid ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion movements over different distances to a target. ankle position and surface electromyograms (emgs) from tibialis anterior (ta) and soleus (sol) muscles were recorded. in 3 of 8 spastic patients tested, dorsiflexion evoked velocity-dependent activation of the antagonist (sol) muscle which impeded the movement to the extent that the limb unintentionally reversed movement direction. we propose that this ac ...20133779370
prognosis of alcoholic cirrhosis in the presence and absence of alcoholic hepatitis.liver biopsy specimens (178 percutaneous and 39 transjugular) were assessed from 217 consecutive patients with alcoholic liver disease, 77 noncirrhotics and 140 cirrhotics, whose cases were followed for 5 yr. cirrhotic patients were categorized into two groups, with and without "hepatitis" using a criteria to define "hepatitis" that included only degrees of inflammation, necrosis, and mallory bodies that had a prognostic weight in terms of mortality in 1 yr. this classification resulted in a sha ...20133781189
[changes in the structure of pulmonary blood vessels and bronchi in progressive bronchial stenosis]. 19863781307
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