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excellence in leadership through organizational development. 20123412664
influence of increasing concentrations of ethanol on food and water intake, body weight, and wheel-running of male sprague-dawley rats.male sprague-dawley rats were used to study the influence of increasing concentrations of ethanol on wheel-running, food and water intake and body weight. animals were housed individually in screen-bottom cages (n = 12) or in activity wheel cages (n = 12). half the animals in each activity condition received an ethanol-free liquid diet, and the remainder received liquid diet in which the concentration of ethanol was increased by 5% of energy intake per week to a maximum of 35%, at the expense of ...19883413194
cardiac anomalies in williams-beuren syndrome.we have described some of the cardiological findings in 66 patients with williams-beuren syndrome and analysed the two dimensional cross sectional echocardiograms in 61 of them in comparison with normal controls. supravalvar aortic narrowing was shown in all patients examined echocardiographically and may be a useful diagnostic sign. we documented a 7.8% incidence of systemic hypertension, a 15% clinical and echocardiographic incidence of mitral valve prolapse, and a 11.6% incidence of bicuspid ...20113415298
a hyperthermic syndrome in two subjects with acute hydrocephalus.although intracranial hypertension may cause autonomic disturbances, as well as alterations in the regulation of body temperature, an acute hyperthermic syndrome with autonomic disturbance as a consequence of hydrocephalus has not been described previously. two subjects presented with such a syndrome, with each of several episodes of acute shunt failure and hydrocephalus. with correction of the hydrocephalus, the autonomic disturbances and fever immediately cleared. observations from human and e ...19883415522
[pharmacological correction of experimental alcoholic embryopathy].in the experiments on the progeny of ethanol-exposed rats it was shown that consumption of 15% alcohol instead of water during pregnancy resulted in the worsening of shuttlebox avoidance learning and decrease in succinate dehydrogenase activity in the visual and sensorimotor cortex. these data are indicative of cerebral hypoxia during embryogenesis. the injection of synthetic opioid peptide dalargin during critical periods of development (at the end of embryogenesis and early ontogeny) prevented ...19883416055
influence of coenzyme q10 on doxorubicin uptake and metabolism by mouse myocardial cells in culture. 19883416371
how accurate are your ige determinations? 20123416462
major bowel and diaphragmatic injuries associated with blunt spleen or liver rupture.the incidence of major bowel and diaphragm injuries occurring in association with blunt spleen and liver ruptures in adults was studied. of 142 patients with splenic injuries, five had major bowel injuries and 12 had diaphragmatic ruptures. of 102 patients with blunt hepatic injury, 13 had either bowel or diaphragm ruptures or both. six bowel and diaphragm injuries occurred in 42 patients with blunt ruptures of both the liver and spleen. anatomically minor spleen injuries were associated with a ...20123418757
fibrous hamartoma of infancy masquerading as a rhabdomyosarcoma of the spermatic cord.fibrous hamartoma of infancy is an uncommon nonmalignant fibroproliferative tumor found predominantly in the upper torso within the first 2 years of life. we report a case of fibrous hamartoma of infancy, which presented as a rapidly growing scrotal mass clinically indistinguishable from a rhabdomyosarcoma of the spermatic cord. the clinical characteristics of this neoplasm as well as management are discussed.20123418802
quantification and characterization of enkephalins in the upper part of the cat digestive tract and the coeliac ganglia.the [met]enkephalin, [leu]enkephalin and [met]enkephalin-arg-gly-leu contents of the upper part of the digestive tract (lower oesophageal sphincter, fundus, antrum, pylorus, duodenum, ileum) and coeliac ganglia of the cat were determined and identified. the enkephalin content of all the structures studied, expressed in femtomole/mg of wet tissue, was found to range from 83 to 446 with [met]enkephalin; 19 to 63 with [leu]enkephalin; 2.5 to 13 with [met]enkephalin-arg-gly-leu. in the muscular and ...19883419585
understanding the adolescent patient. 20123421853
common genetic pools between human populations.a further inquiry on modern human origins, based on common genetic pool surveys of rigorously selected population samples and highly informative immunological polymorphisms, provides new evidence of an occidental-oriental population split as the origin of human gene pool divergences. the most likely ancestral genetic profile is discussed in the context of the debate raised by preliminary dna restriction fragment length polymorphism studies, which contradict the conclusions drawn from classical b ...19883422217
new attachment formation following controlled tissue regeneration using biodegradable membranes.the present study evaluated the potential for reestablishment of connective tissue attachment after exclusion of the gingival connective tissue and epithelium during healing after periodontal surgery in a dog model. buccal mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated in all four premolar regions in two dogs. the buccal bone was reduced to approximately 25% of its original level on 24 roots. before the elevated flaps were replaced and sutured, membranes were adjusted to cover the exposed root surfaces. on ...19883422287
an in vitro model to study bacterial invasion of periodontal periodontal disease, the abilities of bacteria to adhere to and degrade in vivo basement membranes should be considered as two of the rate-limiting steps for the potential active or passive invasion of gingival connective tissues. to study these mechanisms in greater detail, we used the pf hr-9 basement-membrane-like matrix to establish an in vitro model of bacterial invasion and degradation. three gram-negative anaerobic periodontopathic organisms, bacteroides gingivalis, fusobacterium nucle ...19883422291
culture shock: the chinese connection. 20123423655
[surgical treatment of primary chronic pancreatitis].surgical methods of treatment of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis must be chosen with special reference to the state of the duct and parenchyma of the pancreas. treatment of alcoholic patients should be performed with the participation of psychiatrists.20123424549
a decade of lower extremity venous trauma: patency and outcome.eighty-two patients with infrailiac venous injuries were reviewed. veins were repaired in 75 patients and ligated in 7 patients. clinical outcome could be correlated with anatomic patency for 41 patients who had postoperative venograms. sixty-three percent of the repairs proved to be patent. simple repairs were successful more often than complex ones. site of injury and perioperative therapeutic adjuncts did not affect results. eleven limbs were amputated, none solely because of venous injury. e ...20123425803
[roentgenographic photocopying of images of objects in forensic medicine]. 20123433324
cryoglobulinemic neuropathy. a light and electron microscopic study. 20123434354
the development of heart and brain function in low-birth-weight infants fed with taurine-supplemented formula. 20123434417
childhood trauma and the creative product. a look at the early lives and later works of poe, wharton, magritte, hitchcock, and bergman. 20123438385
initiation of blood coagulation at artificial surfaces. 20123439730
tumor necrosis factor is partly responsible for the differentiation of mouse myeloid leukemia cells.when mouse myeloid leukemia m1 cells were incubated with 0.1% tns(serum containing tumor necrosis factor, tnf), they were induced to differentiate into macrophage-like cells within 14 h. the stability of the differentiation activity to heat treatment was very similar to that of the cytotoxicity of tnf for l929 cells. the differentiation activity could not be separated from the tnf activity by sequential chromatography procedures using deae-sephadex and sephacryl s-200 or by isoelectric focusing. ...19873440028
[use of the pedicled transverse preputial flap in the surgery of hypospadias. apropos of 100 cases].from august 1984 to july 1986, we performed 185 urethroplasties for hypospadias repair. 100 children underwent single stage correction with the transverse preputial island flap technique. the ages ranged from 8 months to 16 years with an average of 3 years. it was not the first operation for 10 children: 2 underwent staged operative procedures to perineal hypospadias reconstruction, 6 had previous hypospadias surgery by one or several other techniques. the follow-up interval ranges from 3 to 26 ...20123442926
[subchronic oral toxicity test of dicofol (1,1-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-2,2,2-trichloroethanol) as the basis for the design of a long-term carcinogenicity study in b6c3f1 mice]. 20113449167
infectious and sexually transmitted diseases: implications for dental public health.the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) has stimulated renewed attention toward infectious diseases and dental public health. currently, aids is defined as individuals with kaposi's sarcoma and/or pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and/or other life-threatening opportunistic infections (e.g., specific forms of tuberculosis or meningitis, candidal esophagitis), and associated immunosuppression that cannot be accounted for by another disease process and/or medications. as of january 1986, the ai ...19863457189
[continuing education in switzerland]. 20123457451
dentinal hypersensitivity, part ii: treatment of sensitive dentin. 20123458559
desulfuration of cysteine and methionine by fusobacterium nucleatum.fusobacterium nucleatum is a gram-negative anaerobic rod-shaped bacterium frequently isolated from human dental plaque. it is capable of the desulfuration of cysteine and methionine, resulting in the formation of sulfide and thiol volatiles, respectively. intact cells, as well as cell-free extracts produced by french pressure cell lysis of f. nucleatum, hydrolyzed radiolabeled cysteine to produce sulfide, pyruvic acid, and ammonia. the hydrolysis products of radiolabeled methionine were a volati ...19863458742
amalgam-related chronic ulceration of oral mucosa. 20123459495
the use of ca-50 radioimmunoassay in differentiating benign and malignant pancreatic disease. 20123459510
[cefmetazole in 2 daily doses in the treatment of bacterial infections]. 20123460140
frequency distributions of periodontal attachment loss. clinical and microbiological features.the present investigation attempted to determine if the pattern of past periodontal destruction could be concisely summarized, and related to other clinical and microbiological parameters. 61 subjects between the ages of 12 and 61 years with destructive periodontal disease were evaluated at 6 sites per tooth for redness, plaque, suppuration, bleeding on probing, pocket depth, and attachment level. the frequency distribution of baseline attachment level measurements was computed for each individu ...19863462210
let's come out of the closet. 20123463344
[behavior of oxygen pressure in muscle (po2) in healthy subjects and in patients with intermittent claudication following standardized foot ergometric exercise]. 20123464140
[speech disorders following maxillectomy and its recovery through prosthetic treatment]. 20123465815
the guanine and cytosine content of genomic dna and bacterial evolution.the genomic guanine and cytosine (g + c) content of eubacteria is related to their phylogeny. the g + c content of various parts of the genome (protein genes, stable rna genes, and spacers) reveals a positive linear correlation with the g + c content of their genomic dna. however, the plotted correlation slopes differ among various parts of the genome or among the first, second, and third positions of the codons depending on their functional importance. facts suggest that biased mutation pressur ...20123467347
[odontoma as a cause of retention of permanent teeth]. 20123467914
design of dental equipment for remote rural and field the context of providing dental services, remote areas may be defined as those with overall low population densities; or isolated areas of low population density within more populous regions; or areas of high population density remote from dental services. the provision of equipment for remote areas is not simply a matter of extending the supply of conventional operatories to these regions. the particular needs of a region must be assessed first with equipment and instruments being selected t ...20123468078
ethology in animal quarters.this contribution will be concerned with the interaction between environment, adaptability optimization and behaviour. animal laboratory experiments demand repeated measurements under identical environmental conditions. this is a prerequisite for the conventional statistical methodology used in order to clarify causal relationships involved in various biological functions. the understanding of biological functions is a necessary fundament for knowledge to prevent illness and to achieve a palliat ...19863469882
sexual harassment. prevention and legal aspects. 20103471572
are you introducing posterior composites to your patients? 20113471591
radiology in the management of impacted teeth.radiographic examination is of principal importance in the diagnosis and management of impacted teeth. the examination has several purposes: verification, analysis of anatomy, inclinations, relation to adjacent structures etc., and assessment of complications. fundamental radiographic methods are projections at right angles, horizontally or vertically angulated views, and stereoscopy. a detailed interpretation in three dimensions is essential for proper diagnosis and prognosis as well as for pla ...20123473038
certain bacterial species and morphotypes in localized juvenile periodontitis and in matched controls.subgingival microflora in localized juvenile periodontitis (ljp) was examined by culture of certain bacterial species and by direct dark-field microscopy in affected and unaffected periodontal pockets of 11 patients and in their age- and sex-matched controls. only actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (a.a.) correlated to periodontal destruction and occurred most frequently at the affected ljp sites. a.a., bacteroides intermedius and fusobacterium nucleatum were isolated in proportions greater th ...19873473219
the 1985 new jersey physician manpower supply. 20123474560
a clinical, demographic and microbiologic study of anug patients in an urban dental school.35 anug patients were examined and compared clinically and demographically. plaque removed from ulcerated sites in 20 patients was cultured using quantitative anaerobic procedures and examined by electron and darkfield microscopy. patients were classified as having anug when presenting with ulceration and necrosis of interproximal papillae, pain and bleeding. the clinical symptoms of fetid odor, pseudomembrane formation, lymphadenopathy and elevated body temperature were present in 97%, 85%, 61% ...19873476504
effect of periodontal therapy on specific antibody responses to suspected periodontopathogens.the effects of clinically successful periodontal therapy were studied in juvenile periodontitis (jp) and rapidly progressive periodontitis (rp) patients and compared with periodontally healthy subjects (hs). serum samples were obtained in 35 hs prior to the study and in 12 of these subjects 3-4 years later. serum samples were obtained from 50 jp patients initially, 9 subjects immediately following surgical therapy and 29 of these subjects 3-4 years later. rp patients provided 46 initial serum sa ...19873476519
structural determinants of activity of chlorhexidine and alkyl bisbiguanides against the human oral flora.we assayed chlorhexidine and a series of its analogues, in which the chlorophenyl terminal substituents were replaced with alkyl chains, for their in vitro antimicrobial activity against the gram-negative and gram-positive oral bacteria. changes in antimicrobial activity were correlated with changes in agent structure for identification of structural criteria which may be important in the optimization of agent activity. chlorhexidine showed substantial antimicrobial activity against the gram-neg ...19873476581
4 beta-pdbu contracts parenchymal strip and synergizes with raised cytosolic calcium.the effect of various concentrations of 4 beta-phorbol dibutyrate, (4-beta pdbu) phorbol myristate acetate (pma), and 4 beta-phorbol didecanoate (4 beta-pdd) were studied on the guinea-pig parenchymal strip. the order of potency, 4 beta-pdbu greater than pma greater than 4 beta-pdd, was the inverse of their lipid solubility. 4 beta-pdbu, 10(-9)-10(-4) m, caused a powerful, slow, sustained contraction starting within 2-3 min and reaching maximum in approximately 45 min, the maximum being 170% of ...19873478200
acute myeloid leukemia. 20123480583
[two busulfan-resistant cases of cml (chronic myelogenous leukemia) with good response to alpha-interferon treatment]. 20103481405
igg subclass antibodies in response to house dust mite immunotherapy.the data obtained so far indicate that house dust mite immunotherapy stimulates an igg antibody response that is predominantly of igg4 subclass. early in the course, however, a rise in igg1 antibodies can be detected, but as treatment goes on igg4 becomes more prominent. the association between the development of igg4 antibodies and objectively measured clinical improvements resulting from immunotherapy, strongly suggests that igg4 antibodies might exert a blocking effect on ige-mediated immedia ...20123481430
[fractures of the crowns of teeth and their treatment]. 20123482746
hemangioma of the head and neck. 20123484323
chronic and acute effects of solvents on central nervous system functions in floorlayers.floorlayers and age matched carpenters with long (greater than or equal to 20 years) and short (5-10 years) occupational experience were compared with respect to chronic and acute neuropsychiatric, neuropsychological, and general health effects as related to different types of solvent exposure. an increased prevalence of neuropsychiatric illness occurred among floorlayers with long occupational experience, possibly caused by high levels of exposure which were present until the 1970s. the disease ...20123484970
distribution of alpha-amylase activity in selected broiler an examination of broiler alpha-amylase, significant variation in the serum enzyme activity level was noted, adult levels were lower than those of young chicks. analysis of alpha-amylase activity in various body fluids and tissues of 11-day and 7-week-old broilers indicated that the liver cannot be considered a source of alpha-amylase, although there was activity in both liver tissue and bile of 10 units/g wet weight and 35 units/100 ml, respectively. fluid from the oral cavity had low levels ...19863486408
[abnormal visuovestibular interaction in congenital jerky nystagmus]. 20123486553
[transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (tens) in obstetrics].labour pains have been influenced by tens (electrodes placed at th10 to l2) in 78 women (control group comprising 46 women) during delivery. no electrostimulation of the sacral segments was carried through. the two groups were comparable well because of similarities in their age, the babies' size at birth and equal conditions during delivery. the first tens effect observed was a marked reduction of duration of labour with no increase in pathological cardiotocographic findings. with tens applied, ...20123487901
mucosal induction of systemic t cell tolerance by fusobacterium nucleatum.the present study was undertaken to determine if mucosal presentation of the periodontopathic bacterium fusobacterium nucleatum could induce systemic tolerance. two separate protocols of mucosal priming were carried out. in the first, mice were gastrically intubated on 2 consecutive days; this was repeated 5 days later. in the second protocol, mice were similarly primed but received another priming dose after a further 7 days. positive control mice were similarly primed with sheep red blood cell ...19863488389
oral acyclovir in the treatment of acute herpes zoster ophthalmicus.seventy-one nonimmunocompromised patients with herpes zoster ophthalmicus, presenting within seven days of onset of characteristic skin eruption, were enrolled in a prospective, longitudinal, randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled trial with oral acyclovir. in a previous interim report we noted more prompt resolution of dermatomal signs and symptoms with acyclovir treatment. there was also a reduction of viral shedding in acyclovir-treated patients coupled with a trend to greater rate of ...20123488532
extensive proliferation of mature connective-tissue type mast cells in vitro.there are two phenotypically distinct subpopulations of mast cells in rodents: connective tissue-type mast cells (ctmc) and mucosal mast cells (mmc). these populations differ in their location, cell size, staining characteristics, ultrastructure, mediator content and t-cell dependency. several investigators recently reported a further subclass of mast cells which arise when normal mouse haematopoietic cells are cultured with interleukin-3 (il-3); il-3 is an activity similar or identical to mast- ...19863491321
factors affecting antimicrobial susceptibility of fusobacterium species.fifteen clinical isolates of fusobacterium species were studied to determine their quality of growth on five agar media, their susceptibility to penicillin, cephalothin, cefoxitin, and cefotaxime, the inoculum effect, and the presence of l forms and beta-lactamase. wilkins-chalgren agar supported confluent growth best, but fusobacterium nucleatum exhibited poor growth on all agar media. most isolates exhibited poor reproducibility of mic results with repeated agar dilution testing. however, most ...19873494743
[use of desmopressin in the treatment of mild forms of hemophilia a and von willebrand's disease]. 20123494893
reduced cerebral blood flow in high altitude climbers.cerebral blood flow (cbf) was studied by 133xe inhalation dynamic single photon emission computer tomography in 8 members of a climbing expedition to the himalayas. with one exception they had all previously climbed at high altitudes. all stayed above 6,500 m for approximately 3 weeks, and 5 reached the summit of mt. everest. cbf was measured in oslo before, immediately after, and one year after the completion of the expedition. measurements were made at rest and following the injection of 1 g a ...20123495864
use of midazolam infusion for sedation following cardiac surgery. 20123496814
study of the growth factors for the mammary gland: epidermal growth factor and mesenchyme-derived growth factor.the physiological importance of egf in the development of the mouse mammary gland during pregnancy and in spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis has been documented by a series of experimental results presented herein. in our study, we have taken a variety of experimental approaches including radioimmunoassay of egf in the submandibular gland and plasma, mammary gland organ/cell culture, egf receptor assay, sialoadenectomy and treatment with egf and egf antibodies to assess the role of egf in the mam ...19873498710
cell immunity of patients with lung cancer and other lung diseases. ii. analysis of interleukin-2 production. 20123498711
intrathoracic mycotic aneurysm detected by indium-111 labelled autologous neutrophils with single photon emission computed tomography. 19873499001
activity of a partially purified human bcgf on murine assays for b-cell stimulatory factors. i. bcgf ii-like activity of human further characterize a human b-cell growth factor (bcgf) produced by phytohemagglutinin (pha) p-stimulated peripheral blood t cells, a partially purified preparation of this material was tested in a number of murine assays for b-cell stimulatory factors (bsf). human bcgf lacked murine bsf-1 activity as assessed via the induction of polyclonal proliferation of anti-igm-stimulated murine b cells; however, this material consistently augmented the proliferative response of murine b cells to anti- ...19873499989
effect of treatment with 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine/mptp/on mouse substantia nigra in vitro. fluorescence and electron microscopic examination. 19873501590
a penicillinase-producing fusobacterium nucleatum strain isolated from blood culture. 19873501981
failures to confirm the spatial-frequency hypothesis: fatal blow or healthy complication. 20123502907
comparative gene mapping: a valuable new tool for mammalian developmental studies.technological advances in the 1970s encouraged the mapping of homologous gene loci in different mammalian species, including mouse and man. one hundred eighty-five homologous loci have now been mapped in these two species. conservation of linkage is sufficient to identify substantial segments of the two genomes that have been left intact since their divergence from a common ancestor. the recognition of these conserved segments allows experimental manipulation of mouse chromosomes or chromosomal ...19873502975
[adherence of fusobacterium nucleatum to human cells]. 19873505564
a retrospective study of 1,073 cases of intraocular lens implantation. 20123507910
developmental toxicity guidelines critique. 20123508456
circulating concentrations of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism.vitamin d metabolism was studied in 65 patients with surgically proven primary hyperparathyroidism. the mean concentration of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 was 51.7 +/- 34 pg/ml (mean +/- sd) and was not significantly different from normal. renal function was normal in 60 of these patients and in this group circulating 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 was below the lower limit of normal in three and elevated in 17; it was related to the serum concentrations of amino-terminal parathyroid hormone, but was inde ...20123508721
dna reactivity and in vitro cytotoxicity of the novel antitumor agent 1,5,2,4-dioxadithiepane-2,2,4,4-tetraoxide (nsc-348948) in human embryo cells.1,5,2,4-dioxadithiepane-2,2,4,4-tetraoxide (cyclic-soso) is structurally a novel synthetic compound but may functionally act as an alkylating agent. the effects of cyclic-soso on dna were studied in imr-90 and va-13 human embryo cells by means of dna alkaline elution analysis. in contrast to a number of bifunctional alkylating agents, cyclic-soso produced no dna-dna interstrand cross-links in either cell line, even at concentration which produced a greater than 3 log cell kill. at equimolar conc ...19863509975
proceedings from a workshop symposium of the 14th international congress of chemotherapy. kyoto, japan, june 23-28, 1985. 20123510504
a borrelia-specific monoclonal antibody binds to a flagellar immunofluorescence assays monoclonal antibody h9724 recognized eight species of the spirochetal genus borrelia but not representatives of the genera treponema, leptospira, and spirochaeta. we examined the reactivity of h9724 against subcellular components of borrelia hermsii, an agent of relapsing fever, and b. burgdorferi, the cause of lyme disease. h9724 bound to isolated periplasmic flagella of the two borreliae. in western blots the antibody reacted with the predominant protein in flagell ...19863516878
a new nematode, yatinema japonicum gen. et sp. n. (heligmonellidae: nematoda), from voles, eothenomys smithi thomas and e. niigatae (anderson). 20123517440
[nosocomial infections caused by klebsiella pneumoniae in a neonatal unit and a unit for low-birth-weight infants]. 19863518962
attachment level changes in destructive periodontal diseases.the present communication attempts to summarize some of the features of attachment loss which are of interest to the clinician and the statistician analyzing data from clinical trials. these include the measurements employed to detect changes in attachment level, the nature of the destructive disease process and the effects of therapy on the attachment level measurements. although there are several difficulties associated with the attachment level measurement, at the present time it appears to b ...19863522651
naproxen reduces idiopathic but not fibromyoma-induced compare the effect of naproxen on idiopathic and myoma-induced menorrhagia, 11 women with myomatosus uterus and 14 women with idiopathic menorrhagia (menstrual blood loss greater than 80 ml) were treated in a double-blind trial with placebo or naproxen during four consecutive menstruations. placebo had no effect on menstrual blood loss. naproxen (500 to 1000 mg daily for five days) reduced menstrual blood loss by 35.7% in women with idiopathic menorrhagia, but it had no consistent effect on m ...20053523328
[monoclonal antibodies to the antigens of human hela tumor cells].a panel of 6 hybridomas "xejima" producing monoclonal antibodies specific to hela cells is prepared. monoclonal antibodies do not bind to antigens of human diploid fibroblasts, human continuous b- and t-lymphocytes and animal cell lines. the specificity of monoclonal antibodies to cellular antigens of 5 hela-like cell lines and 6 human tumour cells lines, not contaminated with hela cells, is determined. antibody containing ascitic fluid and culture media of hybridomas xejima-3, -12, -13, and -22 ...19863526672
[monoclonal antibodies to the antigens of human hela tumor cells].a panel of 6 hybridomas "xejima" producing monoclonal antibodies specific to hela cells is prepared. monoclonal antibodies do not bind to antigens of human diploid fibroblasts, human continuous b- and t-lymphocytes and animal cell lines. the specificity of monoclonal antibodies to cellular antigens of 5 hela-like cell lines and 6 human tumour cells lines, not contaminated with hela cells, is determined. antibody containing ascitic fluid and culture media of hybridomas xejima-3, -12, -13, and -22 ...19863526672
[training dental technicians. 30. control baseplate]. 20123527777
jerzy choróbski. 20123532386
role of physical fitness training in the fibrositis/fibromyalgia syndrome.cardiovascular fitness training has been suggested as a treatment for the fibrositis/fibromyalgia syndrome. thirty-four patients with fibrositis/fibromyalgia who met smythe's original criteria were randomly assigned to enter either a cardiovascular fitness training program or a program consisting only of flexibility exercises. patients met in supervised groups three times weekly for a 20-week observation period. the cardiovascular fitness group underwent gradual heart rate-elevated training usin ...20123532784
[liver function tests: icg plasma clearance test]. 20123534352
[a case of focal fatty infiltration of the liver]. 20123534369
[sensitivity of anaerobes to 8 antibiotics].we studied the susceptibility of 282 obligate anaerobes to 8 antibiotics. the strains were isolated from clinical specimens taken during 1983 and 1984. minimal inhibitory concentrations (mics) were determined using a microplate method for 245 strains and agar dilution for 33 bacteroides asaccharolyticus strains. tested strains were as follows: 85 bacteroides fragilis, 71 clostridium, 19 fusobacterium nucleatum, 35 peptostreptococcus, 39 bacteroides oralis and bacteroides bivius and 33 bacteroide ...19863534760
systematic approach to diagnosis and coding of pediatric cardiac disease.a new system for coding congenital heart defects and related problems was developed to facilitate the computerized storage and retrieval of detailed diagnostic information. the system is based on the segmental approach to diagnosis with comprehensive tables indicating all possible mutually exclusive intersegmental alignments and connections. diagnostic entities rather than nomenclature are the subjects of the codes. this system represents the best effort to date to develop an all-inclusive, prec ...19953534806
[origin, course and recession of an infectious disease, melioidosis, in temperate countries]. 19863535711
induction of bacterial mutations by aminopyrazoles, compounds which cause mammary cancer in aminopyrazole pd 71627 (5-amino-1,3-dimethyl-1h-pyrazol-4-yl) (2-fluorophenyl)methanone, and two amide derivatives, pd 108298, n-[4-(2-fluorobenzoyl)-1,3-dimethyl-1h-pyrazol-5-yl]-2- ([3-(2-methyl-1- piperidinyl)-propyl]amino) acetamide-(z)-2-butanedioate (1:2), and pd 109394, 2-(diethylamino)-n-[4-(2- fluorobenzoyl)-1,3-dimethyl-1h-pyrazol-5-yl]acetamide hydrochloride, proposed neuroleptic drugs, were found to elicit mammary adenocarcinomas in male rats after 13 weeks of treatment. these com ...19863536141
[the relation between cross-section and length of a straight retention arm and the magnitude of acting forces and the depth of the undercut surface]. 20123538198
[the relation between cross-section and length of a straight retention arm and the magnitude of acting forces and the depth of the undercut surface]. 20123538198
changing patterns in rehabilitative care. 20123539092
immunohistochemical study of the distribution of vasotocin reacting neurons in avian diencephalon.vasotocin (vt)- and neurophysin (nph)-containing neurons were immunocytochemically demonstrated in the diencephalon of the japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica), domestic fowl (gallus gallus), and pekin duck (anas platyrhynchos). in these three avian species, the immunoreactive cells are similarly distributed into three different diencephalic regions: lateral (l), periventricular (p), and dorsal diencephalic (dd). a different number of cell clusters can be easily identified in each region ...19863540108
immunohistochemical study of the distribution of vasotocin reacting neurons in avian diencephalon.vasotocin (vt)- and neurophysin (nph)-containing neurons were immunocytochemically demonstrated in the diencephalon of the japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica), domestic fowl (gallus gallus), and pekin duck (anas platyrhynchos). in these three avian species, the immunoreactive cells are similarly distributed into three different diencephalic regions: lateral (l), periventricular (p), and dorsal diencephalic (dd). a different number of cell clusters can be easily identified in each region ...19863540108
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