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[effect of infusion solutions and anabolic steroids in parenteral protein rehabilitation]. 20144201861
[on the so-called hepatoprotective drugs. ii. the so-called hepatoprotective drugs in the treatment of liver diseases]. 20144177978
intermittent vs sustained steroid therapy. 20144393954
starch as a functional component of food systems.starch and other carbohydrates of d-glucose series bind sodium ions but don't bind calcium ones. the affinity of beta-glucosides to sodium ions is much stronger than the affinity of d-glucose and of alpha-glucosides. some other interrelations between the components of starch-containing food systems are briefly discussed.20144079973
hormone structure and biological activity. biochemical studies of three pituitary hormones. 20144285003
angiotensinase activity in pregnant and nonpregnant women. 20144290332
a rose by any other name... 20144229963
further assessment of the venous-compression test in hyperparathyroidism. 20144194942
identification and partial characterization of inositol: nad+ epimerase and inosose: nad(p)h reductase from the fat body of the american cockroach, periplaneta americana l. 20144149348
[radiosensitivity of clonogenic granulocytic macrophage cell precursors in the bone marrow and spleen of tumor-bearing mice].clonogenic granulocytic macrophagal cells-precursors (cfu-dc) of bone marrow and spleen of intact c57bl/6 mice and those inoculated subcutaneously with llc tumor cells do not substantially differ in their radiosensitivity; the concentration of cfu-dc in the spleen markedly varies as tumor grows. the values of do and extrapolation number n for cfu-dc of the bone marrow are 0.9-1.4 and 1.5-3.0 gy, and of the spleen, 0.8-1.6 and 1.0-2.6 gy, respectively.20144080992
abnormal architecture of the ventricles in hearts with an overriding aortic valve and a perimembranous ventricular septal defect ("eisenmenger vsd").among 111 hearts with so-called "isolated" ventricular septal defect, 18 specimens were found to have a subaortic perimembranous defect with an overriding aortic valve but without pulmonary stenosis. the ventricular architecture was characterized by several abnormalities. a constant finding was the wide right ventricular outflow tract. the outlet septum had its normal continuity with the septomarginal trabecula, but its parietal extension was located relatively far anteriorly. part of the aortic ...20144055151
malnutrition and tissue injury. 20144052162
common-sense models of health and disease. 20144022067
a quantitative comparison of the faecal microflora of baboons fed a natural diet or a synthetic diet complete or deficient in pyridoxine or riboflavin. 20144201829
[review of the principal dental implants used in quebec]. 20133543082
telephone psychotherapy with adolescents. 20133618925
[rare neoplastic and common pathologies of the thyroid].observation of three cases of rare thyroid pathology (medullary carcinoma, thyroid lymphoma, de quervain's subacute thyroiditis) triggers a discussion of the need to take due account of such rare pathologies in preoperative differential diagnosis in order to avoid giving the wrong treatment. the fact that extemporary histological examination is no help in such situations is also discussed.20133808388
[an attenuation correction method of single photon emission computed tomography using gamma ray transmission ct]. 20133874309
sex education and the adolescent. perspectives from a sex educator. 20133843483
survival guilt and the afro-american of achievement.success is not without psychological pain for many individuals, and is known to be particularly burdensome for many afro-americans. untoward responses get in the way of ongoing success and dilute their wishes/efforts to make meaningful contributions to others who are struggling to climb another rung in the "achievement ladder." health professionals must remain alert to these problems, and work toward developing and providing effective intervention services-both for guilty achievers and for those ...20133968712
complications following strabismus surgery. 20133908359
[calcareous tendinitis of the long peroneal tendon]. 20133750292
mental health, belief deficit compensation, and paranormal beliefs.the present study examined the relationship between religious and nonreligious paranormal beliefs and mental health, as well as the possibility that nonreligious subjects compensate for a lack of identification with traditional religion by increased nonreligious paranormal beliefs. subjects were 80 undergraduates categorized as religious or nonreligious on the basis of scores on the traditional religion subscale of the paranormal belief scale. religious subjects had significantly higher total pa ...20133681767
[characteristics of the course of acute leukemia in middle and old age]. 20133617648
[pulmonary embolism]. 20133634443
primary prevention behaviors: the female-headed, one-parent family.the purpose of this study was to describe the primary prevention behaviors of 59 female-headed, one-parent families and the barriers which deter their practice. two interviews, a health diary, and a card sort were used for data collection. descriptive statistics and content analysis were used to analyze the qualitative data. nutrition was the behavior the families felt was most important for maintaining health. time was the major barrier to primary prevention practices. a relationship was found ...20133636944
[optico-structural machine analysis of the nuclear chromatin and cytoplasmic sh-groups of epitheliocytes of the oral mucosa of healthy subjects and in peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum].by means of optico-structural machine analysis, epitheliocytes of mucous membrane of the oral walls have been studied in 21 healthy persons and in 30 persons suffering from ulcerous disease of the stomach and duodenum. changes in densitometric parameters of epitheliocytic nuclei at the ulcerous disease demonstrate increasing amount of heterochromatin and, hence, increasing degree of cell differentiation. changes in contents and distribution of sh-groups in cell cytoplasm indicate that keratin is ...20133800670
primitive neuroectodermal tumors including the medulloblastoma: glial differentiation signaled by immunoreactivity for gfap is restricted to the pure desmoplastic medulloblastoma ("arachnoidal sarcoma of the cerebellum").immunoreactivity of tumor cells for glial fibrillary acidic protein (gfap) is usually regarded as sign of astrocytic histogenesis and/or differentiation. the present study aimed at a systematic evaluation of the significance of gfap-containing cells in primitive neuroectodermal tumors (pnets) with special reference to the controversial entity of desmoplastic medulloblastoma (so-called "circumscribed arachnoidal sarcoma of the cerebellum"). fifty-three pnets, including 17 pure desmoplastic medull ...20133978900
pulmonary sarcoidosis: pathogenesis, staging and therapy. 20133872268
pulmonary sarcoidosis: pathogenesis, staging and therapy. 20133872268
chylothorax on technetium-99m antimony sulfide colloid scan. 20133772512
hemangioblastoma of the cerebellum--an immunocytochemical study.immunocytochemical studies using a new antibody against endothelial cells and commercially available antibodies against glial fibrillary acidic protein (gfap) and s-100 protein were performed on 10 cerebellar hemangioblastomas in order to clarify the controversy over the origin of stromal cells. neither cytoplasmic immunoreactivity for endothelial cell markers nor for anti-gfap and anti-s-100 protein was found in these cells. endothelial cell markers reacted positively only with neoplastic capil ...20133815934
case presentation and discussion. premature rupture of fetal membranes. 20133815933
[remote results of the treatment of hemophilic contractures of the knee joint in children]. 20133750634
1984 survey of genetic toxicology testing in industry, government and academic laboratories.compiled results of the 1984 genetic toxicology association's survey representing a total of 72 responses from governmental, contract, industrial, or academic institutions regarding the status of 32 recognized genetic toxicology assays, were as follows: most frequently performed on a routine or occasional basis: ames (76% of all respondents routinely or occasionally perform the assay); in vitro cytogenetics (59%); in vivo bone marrow cytogenetics (56%); in vitro sister chromatid exchange (56%); ...20133722714
a mathematical model of continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration predicts performance. 20133675960
equipment leasing: a question of economics. 20133666746
morphologic indices of progression in prostatic carcinoma. 20133658993
[the nurse's role in a day hospital for the aged]. 20133639599
polyneuropathy caused by unknown universal intracellular deposits-paraamyloidosis? clinical, light microscopic and electron microscopic study. 20134351195
[studies on the chemical constituents of saussurea involucrata]. 20133577789
changes in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in women receiving oral contraceptives. comparison between treated and untreated women in a longitudinal determine the changes that occur in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in women receiving oral contraceptives, 23 women were studied before and at regular intervals after starting therapy with oral contraceptives. in 15 women, blood samples were drawn for analysis after 1, 3, 6, and 12 months of contraceptive usage. in 8 other women repeated analyses were performed during 2 tablet cycles. this group's data were compared to an untreated group. the women received a variety of oral contraceptive ...20134180662
effects of different insulin administration modalities on vitamin d metabolism of insulin-dependent diabetic patients. 20133551545
offspring-parent genotypic regression: how linear is it?linearity of offspring-parent regression is investigated for quantitative characters with dominance. this is done by fitting a second-order regression equation in orthogonal bivariate polynomials to the offspring's genotypic value and evaluating the significance of nonlinear terms in the equation. three genetic models are considered.20133719063
[comparative study of spinal and general anesthesia in arthroplastic substitution of the hip]. 20133823529
[introduction of the nursing assignment system and pos: a trial to approach the philosophy of pos]. 20133645075
treatment of "20th-century disease". 20133955478
treatment of "20th-century disease". 20133955478
self-assessment for managers of health care. how can i be a better manager? 20133604457
between- vs. within-family analyses of the correlation of height and intelligence. 20133686064
unendurable illness. 20133647982
aluminum bone disease. (a case study). 20133848476
function of transient channels in central nervous system. 20133692424
marital status and cardiovascular risk: the minnesota heart survey and the minnesota heart health program.the relationship between marital status and cardiovascular risk was examined among 7,849 midwestern men and women in a community-based study. separated/divorced persons report the highest rates of hospitalization for heart attack/stroke. married and widowed persons report lower and intermediate rates, respectively, of such hospitalization. never-married persons report hospitalization as low or lower than those of married persons. analysis of specific risk characteristics suggests that different ...20133797391
[therapy of enchondroma with a plaster implant--renaissance of a treatment principle].the treatment of tuberculous osteitis, osteomyelitis or bone tumors by filling the cavity with plaster of paris implants after complete removal of the focus or tumor tissue by curettage is a method, nearly 100 years old, practised successfully again and again but little noted. finally richter et al. gave an account of 25 cases of tuberculous osteitis, osteomyelitis and bone tumors treated by this method. we have practised this method since 1984 in the treatment of enchondroma. careful scraping-o ...20133804046
[vision tests in kindergartens]. 20134228444
late results of silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse.twenty-one patients were reviewed five to 12 years after silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse. sixteen patients (76 percent) were continent with control of prolapse and two patients (9 percent) suffered only from occasional prolapse or incontinence. rebanding for silicone cutout or fracture was required in four patients and a second rebanding operation was needed in two. silicone rubber perianal suture for rectal prolapse stands the test of time and might be recommended for more w ...20133803126
what have we learned from hiroshima? 20133849008
pain changes among men from before to after drinking: effects of expectancy set and dose manipulations with alcohol and tonic as mediated by prior experience with an experiment that manipulated the set that one would consume (or not consume) an alcoholic beverage, pain reduction occurred among men (n = 52) told that they had consumed alcohol if they reported customarily drinking in large amounts or drinking in order to attain positive emotional states. when the men's belief that they had or had not consumed alcohol was taken into account, the propensity to drink for social-celebratory and personal-deficiency reasons was also associated with pain reduct ...20133771021
movement deficits caused by hyperexcitable stretch reflexes in spastic humans.spastic patients were instructed to make accurate, rapid ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion movements over different distances to a target. ankle position and surface electromyograms (emgs) from tibialis anterior (ta) and soleus (sol) muscles were recorded. in 3 of 8 spastic patients tested, dorsiflexion evoked velocity-dependent activation of the antagonist (sol) muscle which impeded the movement to the extent that the limb unintentionally reversed movement direction. we propose that this ac ...20133779370
[neurotoxicity of modern cephalosporins]. 20133943473
[neurotoxicity of modern cephalosporins]. 20133943473
patterns of mortality among plumbers and pipefitters.a proportionate mortality ratio (pmr) study was undertaken of 7,121 members and retirees of the united association of plumbers and pipefitters in california who died in 1960-79. the pmr for all malignant neoplasms was 1.24, with a major contribution from lung cancers (pmr = 1.41). lung cancer pmrs were consistently elevated, through the 20-year study period, across the pipe trades and within different birth cohorts. sixteen mesothelioma deaths occurred, suggesting asbestos as a risk factor. pmrs ...20133740068
[head and neck tumors. usefulness of aspiration biopsy]. 20133775709
treatment of idiopathic hypercalciuria with indapamide.twenty-six patients with idiopathic hypercalciuria (urine calcium level greater than 300 mg/24 h [7.5 mmol/d]) were treated with indapamide (a nonthiazide diuretic), 2.5 mg/d for 3 consecutive months. a mean decrease in urine calcium levels of 52% was noted (p less than 0.05). when therapy with indapamide was stopped, the calcium levels returned to pretherapy values. the effect of indapamide on urine calcium levels was similar to that of hydrochlorothiazide in 10 patients who were receiving the ...20133719496
taxonomy i. 20133692526
[prevalence of intestinal parasites among ethiopian immigrants]. 20133692377
letter: muscle blood-flow and physiotherapy. 20134131201
exceptions to the right to refuse treatment. 20133646017
searching for parasites in stool: once is usually enough. 20133651940
ventricular interdependence and the transient response of the left ventricle to inspiration: a model study.a mathematical model of the circulation was developed and used to study the transient variations in ventricular volumes with inspiration. the contributions of increased left ventricular afterload, ventricular interdependence, and reduced pulmonary venous flow to the initial decrease in left ventricular stroke volume were examined. heart rate was kept constant. right ventricular end diastolic volume increased rapidly, but transiently, with inspiration. ventricular interdependence affected left ve ...20133652107
predicting hospital readmission of elderly cardiac patients.sixty hospitalized elderly cardiac patients were tested using the geriatric functional rating scale (gfrs) and were followed four months postdischarge. significant relationships were found between gfrs scores and readmission status. these data substantiate the potential usefulness of gfrs as a predictive instrument to identify those high-risk hospitalized elderly cardiac patients who need social-health services in the posthospital recovery period.20133623308
nutritional epidemiology and national surveys. 20133559756
[reconstructive plastic surgery of the humeral condyles following removal of endoprostheses of the elbow versus arthrodesis].the condyles of the elbow are of utmost importance for the stability of this joint. this is particularly evident in cases where elbow prostheses had to be removed because of loosening or infection and where the condyles had been deliberately resected at the primary operation. in order to obtain a functional elbow with sufficient stability and mobility after removal of the prostheses, we can reconstruct the condyles by means of a large autologous bone graft, which we take from the midpart of the ...20133658417
geographic variation of resistance to organophosphates, propoxur and ddt in the southern house mosquito, culex quinquefasciatis, in california.a survey of resistance in larvae of culex quinquefasciatus conducted at three widely separated geographical areas of california, namely coachella valley, southeast los angeles and northern san joaquin valley, revealed high resistance to temephos and lower resistance to chlorpyrifos, methyl parathion and malathion at all locations. likewise resistance to ddt was high in all areas despite its withdrawal from use since 1970. there was no obvious tolerance to propoxur. tests for the presence of este ...20133880246
platelet-mediated bleeding caused by broad-spectrum hundred fifty-six hospitalized adult patients treated with ticarcillin, piperacillin, mezlocillin, or cefotaxime (control) were prospectively observed for determination of frequencies of platelet dysfunction and bleeding. increases in bleeding times (greater than or equal to 5 min above pretreatment values) occurred in 73% of patients receiving ticarcillin, 43% receiving piperacillin, 25% receiving mezlocillin, and 17% receiving cefotaxime (p less than .0001); chemotherapy, thrombocytopenia, ...20133572037
failure of low-cost audits with feedback to reduce laboratory test utilization. 20133807449
amino acid patterns in the plasma and ascitic fluid of cirrhotic patients.amino acid levels were measured in the plasma and ascitic fluid of 13 alcoholic patients with liver cirrhosis and of 14 normal controls. the plasma aromatic amino acids of the alcoholic patients were not statistically different from those of the control subjects, whereas the levels of branched-chain amino acids were reduced (p less than 0.05). the values for the ratio of the muscle/liver metabolized amino acids (valine + isoleucine + leucine)/(phenylalanine + tyrosine + methionine) were statisti ...20133836704
radiographic findings in pulmonary hypertension from unresolved embolism.pulmonary artery hypertension with chronic pulmonary embolism is an uncommon entity that is potentially treatable with pulmonary embolectomy. although the classic radiographic features have been described, several recent investigators report a significant percentage of these patients with normal chest radiographs. in a series of 22 patients, no normal radiographs were seen. findings included cardiomegaly (86.4%) with right-sided enlargement (68.4%), right descending pulmonary artery enlargement ...20133872021
the availability of reproductive health services from u.s. private on the provision of seven types of reproductive health care were collected from private physicians in four specialties: general/family practitioners (gp/fps), general surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists and urologists. all ob-gyns, and eight in 10 gp/fps, provide the pill, iud or diaphragm. over nine in 10 ob-gyns provide infertility and obstetric care and prenatal genetic screening; but only one-third or fewer of gp/fps do so. ob-gyns and urologists are far more likely to perform steriliz ...20133842655
the recognition of new infant health paradigms in developing countries. 20133818000
study of the carcinogenic mechanism for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons--extended bay region theory and its quantitative model.with the help of results on the metabolism and the carcinogenic activities of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pah), the comprehensive metabolic process in vivo is discussed. it is thought that the carcinogenic activity exhibited by a pah is determined by the competition between the carcinogenesis and detoxification in which it participates. it is suggested that the essential agent of carcinogenesis should be, as a rule, the highest delocalization energy (beta unit) of the carbonium ion at the ...20133967327
a departmental policy addressing chemical substance abuse.substance abuse is a major socioeconomic problem. however, the ready availability of potent narcotic and sedative drugs probably constitutes a unique risk for anesthesiologists. until recently, few anesthesia departments were prepared to recognize or safely manage afflicted colleagues. because we felt it important to educate our staff and residents and to have a response mechanism established prior to the advent of a substance abuse problem, a departmental committee was formed to develop a subst ...20133767040
peak oxygen uptake in arm ergometry: effects of testing protocol.the purpose of this investigation was to determine if a new proposed arm ergometer protocol was advantageous in eliciting higher peak oxygen uptake (peak vo2) when compared with two protocols currently referred to in the literature. ten male subjects were tested on three different exercise protocols; a discontinuous test (dt), a continuous test (ct) and a new proposed jump-max test (jmt). the ct began at a work rate of 33 watts (w) (40 rpm) with the power output (po) being increased 16 w every 3 ...20133697598
contributions by nurse practitioners in primary care to prevention and management of illness. 20133646494
preoperative magnetic resonance imaging of vena caval tumor thrombi: experience with 5 cases.magnetic resonance scans were performed preoperatively in 5 patients who underwent surgical removal of renal or adrenal tumors with direct extension of the tumor into the vena cava. of the patients 4 had renal cell carcinoma and 1 had adrenocortical carcinoma. magnetic resonance imaging staged correctly the level of vena caval tumor thrombus involvement in 4 patients and missed the presence of right atrial tumor extension in 1. this noninvasive imaging modality can be used instead of contrast ve ...20133669172
1987 lasker award recipients announced. 20133625977
measurement of the alpha 2 component of a novel oncodevelopmental antigen by a rapid electroimmunoassay.a method was required for the quantification of a novel oncodevelopmental antigen which increases in the serum of pregnant women as well as patients with ovarian cancer. the native antigen is composed of two components having alpha 2 and beta electrophoretic mobilities. an assay method, involving electroimmunodiffusion according to laurell, was developed for the measurement of the alpha 2 component of the antigen. the method is sufficiently sensitive to determine significant differences in the l ...20133668256
airborne and surface residues of permethrin after high- and low-volume applications in greenhouses.thermal pulse, jet, mechanical aerosol and conventional hydraulic sprays containing permethrin were made in commercial greenhouses. greenhouse air was sampled for permethrin residues after application, and permethrin deposition on glass plates was measured for each application method. highest airborne residues were found after thermal pulse-jet applications, and lowest after hydraulic sprays. most airborne residues were detected within 4 hr of application. surface residues were highest after hyd ...20133584836
[disorders of motor function: abnormal behavior in alzheimer disease--analysis of high-level mental function]. 20133553667
[clinical aspects and diagnosis of acoustic neurinomas].the application of microsurgical techniques for the removal of acoustic neuromas has evidenced greatly improved postoperative results. therefore the early detection of an acoustic neuroma is a special need for every neurologist. the development of new electrophysiological and radiological procedures now allows a far better approach in the diagnosis of acoustic neuromas. brain stem auditory evoked potentials as well as acoustic reflex testing have shown to be rather sensitive tools in the diagnos ...20134029869
[clinical aspects and diagnosis of acoustic neurinomas].the application of microsurgical techniques for the removal of acoustic neuromas has evidenced greatly improved postoperative results. therefore the early detection of an acoustic neuroma is a special need for every neurologist. the development of new electrophysiological and radiological procedures now allows a far better approach in the diagnosis of acoustic neuromas. brain stem auditory evoked potentials as well as acoustic reflex testing have shown to be rather sensitive tools in the diagnos ...20134029869
taking the mystery out of the commission on dental accreditation. 20133856302
thin level iv malignant melanoma. a subset in which level is the major prognostic indicator.a small proportion of "thin" malignant melanomas will metastasize and cause death. to assess the role of discordance between the major indicators of tumor depth (thickness and level) as a possible explanation for this phenomenon, prognosis by level has been examined in 255 cases, with tumors ranging in thickness from 0.6 to 1.1 mm. this is the range of thickness at which levels ii, iii, and iv overlap. the 5-year survival rate of patients with level iv tumors in this thickness range (59.35%) was ...20134015217
fourth international workshop on bone and soft tissue densitometry using computed tomography. fontevraud, france, may 29-june 1, 1984. 20133989065
bringing hearing to the profoundly deaf: a research report. 20133753949
the long-term effects of a token economy on safety performance in open-pit mining.a token economy that used trading stamps as tokens was instituted at two dangerous open-pit mines. employees earned stamps for working without lost-time injuries, for being in work groups in which all other workers had no lost-time injuries, for not being involved in equipment-damaging accidents, for making adopted safety suggestions, and for unusual behavior which prevented an injury or accident. they lost stamp awards if they or other workers in their group were injured, caused equipment damag ...20133667473
[long-term nasotracheal intubation as a measure to prevent the development of aspiration pneumonia in laryngo-pharyngeal chemical burns in childhood]. 20133737331
improving the donor site of the radial forearm flap.since its introduction (yang et al., 1981; song et al., 1982), the radial forearm flap has proved to be one of the safest and most versatile free flaps. however, the donor defect is significant and an otherwise excellent result is often impaired by a poor graft take over the exposed flexor carpi radialis tendon, even when great care has been taken to preserve its paratenon. this results in delayed healing, with frequent dressing changes, and often produces an area that is later prone to breakdow ...20134052711
genetic toxicology in industry: perspectives and initiatives. 20133960894
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