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acupuncture: its neurophysiological basis: an anaesthetist's foreword. 197829773
anaerobic pulmonary infections.the main cause of anaerobic pulmonary infections is aspiration of saliva, upper airway secretions or gastric content. predisposing conditions include prominent dental disease, chronic upper respiratory tract infections and reduced consciousness. fusobacterium nucleatum, bacteroides melaninogenicus and anaerobic gram-positive cocci are the most frequently encountered organisms. the clinical presentations are lung abscess, lung gangrene and empyema, which all tend to take a slow and indolent cours ...197937594
sugar inhibition of oral fusobacterium nucleatum haemagglutination and cell binding. 197944185
the effect of mixed phosphatidylcholine liposomes on beef heart cytochrome c oxidase [proceedings]. 197884573
cross-reaction between the mycelial galactomannas of three hormodendrum strains and the mannans of two candida albicans strains of different serotypes, a and b.cross-reactivity between galactomannans of three representative hormodendrum strains, h. pedrosoi ifo 6071, h. compactum ifo 6726, and h. dermatitidis ifo 6421, and the mannans of two candida strains, c. albicans nih a-207 (serotype a) and c. albicans nih b-792 (serotype b), were investigated by means of agar-gel double diffusion, quantitative preciptin reaction, and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis. the following results were obtained. (i) antisera to whole cells of three hormodendrum strains were ...197984792
the allergenic structure of allergen m from cod. iii. studies on the antigenicity of long-sequence peptides.fragments tm 1 (75 amino acid residues) and tm 2 (38 amino acid residues), and 3 other polypeptides (range 16-25 amino acid residues) of allergen m from cod were shown to be active in rabbit igg-mediated reactions. the same peptides were previously found to possess reactivity in ige-mediated reactions, thus suggesting a structural relationship between their antigenic and allergenic determinants.197984803
localization of nors in chromosomes of mouse cell lines by a combined 33258-hoechst and ag-staining technique. 197984805
solid phase indirect radioimmunoassays for the rapid diagnosis of sindbis virus antigen.indirect radioimmunoassays have been developed for the rapid detection of sindbis virus. dilutions of sindbis virus from tissue culture fluids have been immobilized and allowed to react with rabbit anti-sindbis virus antibodies. the bound antibodies were assayed either by 125i-labelled anti-rabbit igg-antibodies or alternatively by addition of human complement and 125i-labelled anti-human c1q antibodies or 125i-labelled protein a.197884855
diagnostic value of biochemical analysis of pleural effusions. carcinoembryonic antigen and beta 2 microglobulin.pleural effusions from 105 patients with malignant and nonmalignant diseases were examined for tumor cells, content of cea, beta2 microglobulin, ceruloplasmin, alpha2 macroglobulin, orosomucoid, lysozyme, and hexosaminidase. only cea and beta2 microglobulin determinations were of diagnostic value. cea concentrations greater than 11 ng/ml were found only in malignant effusions. beta 2 microglobulin values were increased in pleural effusions due to lymphoma or immune diseases. measurement of cea a ...199985412
immunochemical characterization of the plasmin-antiplasmin system. basis for the specific detection of the plasmin-antiplasmin complex by latex agglutination assays. 197985679
[intratypical antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains circulating in mali by means of cross-adsorbed sera].the intratypic antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains isolated from sick or healthy children in mali in 1975-1976 was performed. the method is based on the use of cross-adsorbed sera in the neutralization tests in which the virus is titrated by the plaque procedure or by the cytopathic effect. all the examined strains of serologic types i, ii, and iii were distinguished by the antigenic structure from the vaccine strains and were classified as "wild". quantitative differences in the ant ...197886237
an investigation into the antigen-specificity of transfer factor in its stimulatory action on lymphocyte transformation.dialysable transfer factor (tf) was prepared from the buffy-coat cells of donors with known cell-mediated reactivity to tuberculin (ppd), streptococcal protein (sksd) and diphtheria toxoid (dt). the effect of such preparations on the transformation by these antigens of lymphocytes from tuberculin-negative donors was investigated. transformation was determined as incorporation of tritiated thymidine. the concentrations of sksd and dt were adjusted for different lymphocyte donors so as to give, in ...200086502
tissue cea in premalignant epithelial lesions and epidermoid carcinoma of the uterine cervix: prognostic significance.carcinoembryonic antigen (cea) was studied by the indirect triple-bridge immunoperoxidase method in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens from 191 patients with premalignant epithelial lesions or epidermoid carcinoma of the uterine cervix treated 12 years ago. the frequency of tissue cea positivity was found to increase with advancing clinical disease in the following manner: mild dysplasia, 25%; severe dysplasia, 37%; carcinoma in situ, 60%; invasive carcinoma stage i, 60%; stage ii ...200086522
the results of prostatectomy: a symptomatic and urodynamic analysis of 152 patients.there were 152 patients with prostatism investigated by inflow cystometry and pressure flow analysis of micturition before and after elective prostatectomy. many symptoms attributed to obstruction were found to be owing to bladder instability, which was demonstrated in 60 per cent of the patients. the symptomatic improvement postoperatively was accompanied by a decrease in the incidence of instability to 25 per cent. the repeat urodynamic studies and symptom analysis demonstrated a surgical succ ...200086617
progression of diabetic nephropathy.although deterioration of renal function in diabetic nephropathy varies considerably from one diabetic to another, its rate is constant in individuals. for each patient there is a linear relation between period (months) which elapses from the time serum creatinine becomes greater than 200 mumol/l and the inverse the inverse of the serum-creatinine. the observation is of practical importance in predicting the time at which end-stage renal failure will develop, so that treatment can be planned in ...200086831
mutagenicity in urine of nurses handling cytostatic drugs. 197987722
surgical wound sepsis. 200187737
new consultant contract. 200187861
the hazards of anesthesia and surgery in bleomycin-treated patients. 200188070
clinical significance of biologic markers: memorial hospital experience. 200188073
individual mice recognize the complex nature of h-2 antigens; unexpected reactions (anti-kk) in anti-balb/c-h-2d sera produced in the balb/c-h-2db mutant. 200188092
[the antibacterial action on dental plaque of antibiotics used in dentistry. 2. in vitro experiments on streptococcus mutans, staphylococcus aureus and fusobacterium nucleatum (author's transl)]. 197788239
igd myeloma protein with "unreactive" light chain determinants.serum from a patient with multiple myeloma showed a monoclonal protein, classified by immunoelectrophoresis as igd. immunofixation electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis failed to demonstrate a precipitation reaction between the paraprotein and antisera to immunoglobulin light chains. the light chains of the monoclonal protein, immunologically inaccessible in the intact molecule, reacted with anti-lambda chain antisera only after reduction and alkylation of the paraprotein. moreover, interpre ...200188283
prostaglandin e1-induced latent epileptogenic foci.suprafusion of 125 microliter 6% kcl solution over the visual cortex of rabbits 2-24 h after they suffered a prostaglandin (pg) e1-induced epileptic seizure was found to cause a recurrence of seizure activity. the initial seizure was induced by the cortical suprafusion of pge1 over the left visual cortex of pg transport inhibitor-pretreated rabbits. control animals that were not pretreated with pg transport inhibitors (bromcresol green or probenecid), or received suprafusion of saline or pgf2 al ...197988324
effects of h-reflex conditioning upon the contralateral alpha motoneuron pool.h-reflex recovery curves have been elicited by subliminal conditioning stimuli applied to the ipsilateral and contralateral posterior tibial nerves in 10 healthy female subjects. in both types of recovery curve there was clear evidence of a period of facilitation in the ipsilateral soleus motoneuron pool 75-250 msec after the conditioning stimulus. these results indicate the bilateral nature of the facilitation and show it to be most probably produced by stimulus-evoked inputs as opposed to twit ...200188332
extramedullary haematopoiesis in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.extramedullary hematopoiesis was detected in routine sections of spleen and liver from two patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (ttp). in patients with other types of hemolytic anemia and in normal persons, extramedullary hematopoiesis was not found in spleen or liver. the results of this study raise the possibility that ttp may fit within the myeloproliferative category, perhaps representing an acute variant of di-guglielmo syndrome.200188388
electroimmunoassay of factor ix in patients with liver damage and vitamin k unresponsive coagulation disorder.factor ix antigen and activity were assayed in a group of patients with liver disease and in a group of patients in coumarin therapy. in patients with liver disease there was a similar decrease in activity and antigen. on the other hand factor ix activity is decreased in coumarin treatment with factor ix antigen remaining normal. factor ix electrophoretic mobility in liver disease is normal.200188391
resistant vibrio cholerae el tor in tanzania. 197988577
fatal leishmaniasis in renal-transport patient. 199988649
[post-extrasystolic and post-pacing potentiation. ii. study by means of systolic time intervals in man]. 197888948
demonstration of the existence of small local circuit neurons in the golgi-stained primate substantia nigra. 200189001
new screening test for colorectal cancer developed in canada. 199989207
[determination of serum immunoglobulin level in patients with immunologic deficiency by thermistography]. 199989257
preoperative haemoglobin as predictor of outcome of diabetic amputations.simple factors which may serve as predictors of the success or failure of amputations in the feet were examined in 59 consecutive diabetics. age, sex, method of diabetic control, smoling, presence of neuropathy or peripheral pulses, preoperative blood-urea, and temperature did not correlate with success of amuptations. the average preoperative white-cell count and blood-sugar were higher in the failure group (p less than 0.01 and p less than 0.05 respectively), but there was considerable overlap ...199989280
plasma 1,25(oh)2 vitamin d concentrations in nutritional osteomalacia. 199989299
effect on bone of withdrawal of oestrogen therapy. 199989300
hermann zondek. 199989329
deaths of infants after triple vaccine. 199989408
vitiligo patterns simulating autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.several variants of generalised vitiligo can be recognised by their cutaneous distribution. in some, certain anatomical regions--e.g., hands--are predominantly affected while the cutaneous depigmentation in other variants shows a similar anatomical distribution to that of the internal structures affected in some of the autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. five patients have been seen, and three described by others, with vitiligo affecting skin of eyelids and lower front of neck, reminiscent of the ...199989452
continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion or subcutaneous insulin injections. 199989550
beta-lactamase inhibitors--a novel approach. 199989565
cea-like antigens in different histologic types of human lung carcinoma.comparative studies on the presence and immunological reactivity of cea and cea-like antigens in lung and digestive tract cancers were performed. specific goat and rabbit anti-cea immune sera were used. immunofluorescence studies revealed in histologically different types of the lung carcinomas the presence of the cross reacting antigen with classical cea. absorption procedures, and double diffusion tests have shown the existence of two at least antigenic determinants in cea molecule: 1. the det ...197989630
distribution of myosin isoenzymes among skeletal muscle fiber types.using an immunocytochemical approach, we have demonstrated a preferential distribution of myosin isoenzymes with respect to the pattern of fiber types in skeletal muscles of the rat. in an earlier study, we had shown that fluorescein-labeled antibody against "white" myosin from the chicken pectoralis stained all the white, intermediate and about half the red fibers of the rat diaphragm, a fast-twitch muscle (gauthier and lowey, 1977). we have now extended this study to include antibodies prepare ...197990047
effects of arachidonic acid and its metabolites on antigen-induced histamine release from human basophils in vitro. 197990097
axonal transport of a brain-specific protein in the optic fibres of octopus vulgaris. 200090124
the effect of rectal examination on serum acid phosphatase. 200090146
[machine method of applying a sorbent layer to chromatographic plates]. 200090206
fetal heart-rate monitoring. 200190290
polyribonucleotide inhibition of ribonucleic acid directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase of mouse mammary tumor (type b) virus and simian sarcoma (type c) virus. 197990331
the elephant man. 197990342
the expression of a human b-lymphocyte antigen and surface membrane immunoglobulin by lymphoid cells from patients with lymphocytic lymphoma, multiple myeloma and benign monoclonal gammapathy. 197990449
the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test reconsidered.the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test for the detection of human reaginic antibodies was reinvestigated. when the mast cells were incubated with human reaginic serum at concentrations exceeding approximately 3%, a massive, non-specific histamine release occurred, irrespective of the presence or absence of allergen. at tolerated serum concentrations (below 3%), the allergen concentration did not influence the release process. we conclude that the indirect rat mast cell test is not applica ...197990655
if i had 2500 million pounds to spend on cancer. 200190809
hexacarbon neuropathy. 199991030
antigen-specific suppressor factors produced by t cell hybridomas for delayed-type hypersensitivity.this study describes the generation of t hybridoma lines which secret factors specifically suppressing delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) to sheep red blood cells (srbc). akr strain-derived t lymphoma bw 5147 cells were fused with spleen cells from mice primed with srbc and containing antigen-specific t suppressor cells for dth. supernants from the derived hybridomas were tested for suppression of either expression of induction of dth to srbc. six lines produced specific suppressor activity for ...197991526
application of human erythrocytes to a radioimmune assay of immune complexes in serum. 197991576
ballot in scotland on proposed consultant contract. 199991768
clomipramine and clonazepam in cataplexy. 200091833
epithelioid sarcoma: ultrastructural observation of lymphoid cell-induced lysis of tumor cells.epithelioid sarcoma of the palm of 7 months' duration was observed in a 30-year-old man. six months after wide surgical excision there was no evidence of recurrence or metastasis. by light microscopic examination the tumor showed typical nodular arrangement of malignant cells, with necrosis of these cells in the centers of the nodules. patchy lymphocytic infiltrates were observed at the peripheries of the nodules and also extended in places between the tumor cells. other types of inflammatory ce ...197992147
intracellular distribution of dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa in pigment cells with minimal pigment formation.the hypothesis that only melanosomal catecholic amino acids contribute to melanin formation was tested by studying adult bovine eyes in which pigment synthesis is considered to be low or absent. dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa were investigated in different cell fractions of the choroid and retinal pigment epithelium of cattle. most of the dopa and 5-s-cysteinyldopa was found in the cytoplasm and very little in the large granule fraction. the presence of cysteinyldopa in the adult eye is evidence of ...197992151
membrane-bound mitochondrial dna: isolation, transcription and protein composition.mitochondrial membrane-bound dna complex from bovine heart mitochondria lysed in the presence of triton x-100 was isolated by differential centrifugation. the yield of "nucleoid" is about 30 microgram protein/mg mitochondrial protein. it contains about 3-5 microgram dna/mg protein and varying amounts of rna. the heart mitochondrial nucleoid actively synthesizes rna. the nucleoid fraction contains about sixteen different proteins as evidenced by urea-sds gel electrophoresis and about twenty-one p ...197992288
haemodialysis in schizophrenia. 200192733
post-burn changes in basic biochemical indices in rat liver tissue. 197992875
peripheral and central 5-hydroxytryptamine in trisomy 21. 199993675
o-antigenic cross-reactivity in fusobacterium nucleatum.lipopolysaccharides (lps) of the same chemotype isolated from seven strains of fusobacterium nucleatum were examined by indirect haemagglutination and inhibition of haemagglutination in unabsorbed and absorbed antisera. four common major antigenic specificities were detected, and two of the lps examined contained antigenic specificities not shared with any of the other lps. in addition, a few weak cross-reactions were observed, also with some lps of other chemotypes.197994236
effect of 6-hydroxydopamine on baroreceptor-heart rate and nasopharyngeal reflexes of the rabbit. 197994399
mechanism of binding of mouse interferon to controlled pore glass.many proteins bind to controlled pore glass; they are either acid elutable or alkali elutable. mouse interferon is an acid-elutable protein. since poly(l-lysine) and, to some extent, poly(l-arginine) are also eluted from controlled pore glass under acidic conditions, one may postulate that mouse interferon binds to controlled pore glass via some of the protein's epsilon-amino groups (of lysine) and/or guanidinium groups (of arginine) and the beads' silanol (hydroxyl groups). the necessity of lys ...197994835
analysis of anti-sperm sera for t/t locus-specific objective antiglobulin radioimmunoassay for the analysis of anti-spermatozoa antisera has been used to characterize more than 30 alloantisera. each of these antisera was raised against spermatozoa from mice carrying t/t regin mutations. whilst all of the antisera had considerable activity for mouse spermatozoa, none of them was found to contain antibodies specific for t/t region gene products. a detailed analysis of a single serum revealed that its activity is for antigens which are non-polym ...197995255
the results of randomised and other clinical trials of fast neutrons from the medical research council cyclotron, london. 200196057
bacillus subtilis 168 genetic transformation mediated by outgrowing spores: necessity for cell contact.transforming activity released in sequential genetic order during the first synchronous cycle of dna replication during outgrowth of spores of bacillus subtilis 168 was investigated. a transformation assay was used consisting of outgrowing spores as dna donors and multiply marked competent cells as recipients. dna synthesis inhibitors known to stop dna release were used during and subsequent to dna transfer to recipient cells. the released dna sedimented with the outgrowing cells after low-speed ...197896105
an evaluation of surgical and conservative treatment of fractures of the ankle in 200 patients.the longterm results of surgical and conservative treatment in two almost identical groups of patients with fractures of the ankle have been analyzed. the results were better after conservative treatment; delayed operation and repeated manipulations were found to be the main reason for the poorer postoperative results, especially in elderly osteoporotic patients. the damage consequent to repeated manipulations, the difficulties resulting from delaying operation, and the advantages of early open ...199996272
multiple astrocytoma of spinal cord in von-recklinghausen's disease. a case report. 199996357
[pathogenesis of pancreatitis (author's transl)]. 199996436
polarized light retinal photography of a monkey eye. 197896590
effect of oophorectomy on estrogen receptors in rat mammary tumors induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz (a)anthracene. 197796813
frankly speaking: economics: nursing's friend or foe? 199996934
cell communication, cell union, and initiation of meiosis in ciliate conjugation. 199997053
[suprachiasmatic nucleus, an hypothalamic regulation center of vital rhythmic functions]. 197897067
malabsorption syndrome in ibadan. 199997069
regulation of the rate of beta-galactosidase synthese by the bgs and bgt loci in the mouse.we have developed an assay for the in vivo rate of beta-galactosidase synthesis in mouse tissues to assess the mechanism by which the bgs and bgt loci regulate activity levels of this enzyme. genetically determined differences in liver and kidney beta-galactosidase content reflect equivalent differences in specific rates of enzyme synthesis. we conclude that bgs and bgt regulate beta-galactosidase activity by controlling the rate of synthesis of the beta-galactosidase molecule.197897289
multiple ophthalmic anomalies and digital hypoplasia.multiple congenital eye and hand anomalies occurred in a young female born to normal but consanguineous parents. both eyes were microphthalmic with severe corneal, iris lens pathology. ultrasonography revealed multiple echos from the vitreous. the ocular findings are suggestive of retinal dysplasia. a skeletal dysplasia, presenting as distal phalangeal hypoplasia, was found in both hands. there was no history of intrauterine exposure to drugs. this appears to be a unique association of congenita ...200097363
[intracellular oxygen and the radiosensitization of cells of the blue-green alaga, anacystis nidulans].the photosynthetic system of the blue-green alga anacystis nidulans was inactivated by 30% at a dose of 100 krad of gamma irradiation in n2. if the cells were irradiated in n2+2% co2 in the light, their radiation sensitivity was increased with an oxygen enhancement ratio of 2.0. neither light nor co2 taken separately affected radiosensitization of the cells which increased almost to the same extent as under aerobic conditions in the presence of both light and co2. the intracellular oxygen of the ...197897503
heroin epidemiology and the demand for heroin. 200097547
what is right with american medicine. 200097798
manometric study of the lower oesophageal sphincter in adult nigerians in relation to the rarity of hiatus hernia and symptomatic gastro-oesophageal reflux. 200197947
analysis of 1089 cases of head injury.1089 patients treated for head injuries at the unversity of nigeria teaching hospital, enugu, are analysed. seventy-two percent of them were males. the age group 20-30 years was most vulnerable, accounting for 32% of the total. road traffic accidents were responsible for a staggering 80% of the total. most of the children in this group were pedestrians hit by vehicles on the roads. about 42% of the head injuries were complicated, but the incidence of intracranial haematoma was only 1.3%. the mor ...200197952
pleural herniation in respiratory distress syndrome. 200198029
effect of low temperature on growth, viability, and synthesis of mycolic acids of mycobacterium tuberculosis strain h37ra.cultures of mycobacterium tuberculosis strain h37ra were grownto early logarithmic phase at 37 degrees c and were incubated at 16 degrees, 20 degrees, and 25 degrees c. the decrease in this ability was more rapid at 20 degrees c than at 16 degrees c. low-temperature incubation caused decreases in the ratios of mycolic acids and monounsaturated c16-19 fatty acids relative to the total of fatty acids synthesized. it also caused an increase in the ratio of saturated c24-26 fatty acids relative to ...197898081
trh-like immunoreactivity in urine, serum and extrahypothalamic brain: non-identity with synthetic pyroglu-hist-pro-nh2 (trh).trh-like immunoreactive substances obtained from several areas of rat brain and from human serum and urine were chromatographically separated by tlc and the resulting immunoreactive 'elution profiles' compared with that obtained for pyroglu-hist-pro-nh2 (trh). for hypothalamus and septal-preoptic samples trh was present, but represented less than 100% of the immunoreactive substances. for cortex, amygdala, brain stem, serum and urine, no trh was detectable in the immunoreactive substances from t ...197898209
external separation, internal ligation and injection in circumferential mixed hemorrhoids. analysis of 202 cases. 200198305
quantitative electron microscopic studies of the changes in rat hepatocytes following halothane induced anaesthesia. 197798410
[clinical, parasitological and serological investigations in sarcosporidiosis (sarcocystis suihominis) of man (author's transl)].eight medical students ate for a test raw meat from a pig experimentally infected with sporocysts of sarcocystis suihominis. the meat had been officially controlled before and was found free of trichinella and qualified for consumption. 6 to 24 hours after the meal all persons suffered from acute clinical symptoms, above all diarrhoea and vomiting, coldness and sweating which decreased, however, within 12 to 24 hours. clinical-chemical investigations made during this time suggested an acute infe ...197898426
angiolithiasis in the parotid gland.angiolithiasis in salivary glands is a very rare finding, and the knowledge of the morphology and histogenesis of these stone formations is therefore limited. six small angioliths from the left parotid gland of a 19-year-old girl were examined histologically, microradiographically and diffractometrically. the angiolithiasis developed from a regressed hemangioma which had been observed since the patient was 3--4 years old. the angioliths, which were encapsulated, exhibited in some areas diffuse l ...200198457
induction of hard tissue into pulpless open-apex teeth using collagen-calcium phosphate gel. 200198608
parietal association cortex in the primate: sensory mechanisms and behavioral modulations. 200198614
freedom, the will-o'-the-wisp. 197898690
posttraumatic epilepsy and acute intermittent porphyria: effects of phenytoin, carbamazepine, and clonazepam.a patient with uncontrolled posttraumatic epilepsy and acute intermittent prophyria was subjected to successive therapeutic trials with phenytoin, carbamazepine, and clonazepam, while eating an adequate diet. both phenytoin and carbamazepine treatments caused significant increases in porphobilinogen excretion and appeared to induce acute porphyric attacks. in contrast, treatment with clonazepam under rigid dietary control for 10 days caused no increase in porphilbinogen excretion. during the sub ...200198734
clinical significance of precipitating anti-rifampicin antibodies. 200198841
quantitation of particles in the freeze-fractured nuclear membrane after renal ischemia.changes in the number and sizes of membrane-associated particles have been quantitated in the protoplasmic (p) and exoplasmic (e) fracture faces of the outer membrane of nuclei isolated from the inner cortex following renal ischemia and reflow in the rat. no changes were observed in the inner nuclear membrane. after 20-min ischemia, the number of particles in both fracture faces decreased. with reflow, the total number of particles decreased after both 20- and 60-min ischemia. the partition coef ...197898907
hairy cell leukemia: a clinical, immunological and ultrastructural study. new data for the origin of the hairy patients presenting with the characteristic clinical and laboratory findings of hcl were investigated mainly in order to find the origin of the hc with histochemical, electron microscopic and immunologic techniques. the results we obtained are somewhat contradictory, as in the recent literature, if the hc's are to the considered as being exclusively of lymphocytic or monocytic origin. the data however indicate that hcl is not of one cell type but two. one of these cells has characteristics ...199898909
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