chlamydial serology in infertile women by immunofluorescence.the chlamydial serum immunoglobulin g antibodies of 128 infertile women were determined by a single-antigen (l2) immunofluorescence test. the antibody titers were compared with those of female contacts of men with nonspecific urethritis and with those of "normal" pregnant women. among infertile women, 43% lacked chlamydial antibodies (titer less than or equal to 8). the corresponding proportion for contacts of men with nonspecific urethritis was 14% and that for pregnant women 71%. a very high t ...1979376359
single-antigen immunofluorescence test for chlamydial antibodies.a simple method is presented for producing large numbers of inclusions of chlamydia trachomatis serotype l2 in cell cultures on slides for immunofluorescence antibody staining. preliminary results with a total of 1,241 human sera from different groups were consistent with findings by earlier methods: 82% of chlamydia-positive men with nongonococcal urethritis had antibodies at titers of greater than or equal to 8, with a geometric mean titer (gmt) of 44.9; 68.5% of chlamydia-negative men with no ...1978359585
chlamydial infections. 1979379774
plating inhibition assay (pia): a new test for cell mediated cytotoxicity. 1979380289
rapid diagnosis of chlamydial infection of the cervix.a rapid serodiagnostic test for the presumptive diagnosis of chlamydial infection of the cervix has been developed. the method used in based on the modified micro-immunofluorescence test using pooled chlamydial antigens and the detection of different immunoglobulin classes of chlamydial antibody in sera and cervical secretions. the presence of igg chlamydial antibody at a level of 1/64, or igm antibody at a level of 1/8 or greater, or both in sera and igg or iga antibody at a level of 1/8 or mor ...1978367526
reticulate bodies as single antigen in chlamydia trachomatis serology with microimmunofluorescence.formalin-fixed, purified reticulate bodies (rb) of chlamydia trachomatis immunotype c/tw-3/ot were used as a serological test antigen in the microimmunofluorescence test. the sensitivity and specificity of the rb antigen were compared to elementary bodies (eb) used as antigens in the detection of c. trachomatis antibodies in human sera by microimmunofluorescence. rb reacted with all known c. trachomatis immunotypes with the same sensitivity as the homotypic eb. in routine serology with sera and ...1979385620
chlamydia trachomatis-induced urethritis in female partners of men with nongonococcal urethritis.the rate of isolation of chlamydia trachomatis from cervical and urethral specimens from 99 culture-positive female partners of men with nongonococcal urethritis who were attending a gynecological outpatient clinic was correlated with the clinical status of the women. the agent was recovered from both sites in 46 women, from the cervix only in 28, and from the urethra only in 25 women. urethral symptoms were reported by 38 (54%) of those with positive urethral cultures, as compared with six (21% ...1979386533
a simple method for the multiple tissue culture assay of chlamydia trachomatis. 1978368489
[preservation of the heart by a biological perfusion method]. 1979387538
synthesis and properties of fluorescent nucleotide substrates for dna-dependent rna polymerases.a new class of fluorescent nucleotide analogs which contain the fluorophore 1-aminonaphthalene-5-sulfonate attached via a gamma-phosphoamidate bond has been synthesized. both the purine and pyrimidine analogs have fluorescence emission maxima at 460 nm. cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond produces change in both the absorption and fluorescence emission spectra. the fluorescence of the pyrimidine analogs is quenched; cleavage of the alpha-beta-phosphoryl bond of the utp analog produces abo ...1979387781
detection of circulating immune complexes by using human red blood cells. 1979387898
chlamydial infections. microbiological, clinical and diagnostic aspects.the agent of trachoma, originally regarded as a virus, was described by halberstadter and von prowacek in 1907. since then, studies on chlamydiae have shown that they are procaryocytic organisms that infect eucaryocytic cells as obligate intracellular parasites. infections caused by these pathogenic agents occur in a wide range of avian and mammalian species. chlamydiae are also responsible for several diseases in man, and there is a rapidly growing awareness of their public health significance. ...1979388102
participation of brain stimulation reward substrates in memory: anatomical and biochemical evidence.on the basis of the pioneering leads provided by james olds, brain stimulation reward has been shown to be a) derived from specific anatomical locations, b) influenced by psychotropic drugs, and c) functionally related to feeding behavior and sexual activity. these results recommend the view that it is worthwhile to understand, not necessarily the curious intracranial self-stimulation behavior itself, but the physiological function of the substrate revealed by the intracranial self-stimulation ( ...1979385350
vascular prostacyclin activity during the development of experimental venous thrombosis in rats. 1979386742
formalinized chlamydia trachomatis organisms as antigen in the micro-immunofluorescence test.chlamydia trachomatis organisms grown in hela 229 cell cultures were purified and formalinized for use in the micro-immunofluorescence test. as test antigens, they were stable when stored unfrozen at 4 degrees c for a long period of time without loss of type specificity and sensitivity.1979389953
lung compliance and lung morphology following artificial ventilation in the premature and full-term rabbit neonate.rabbit neonates delivered on day 27--30 of gestation were subjected to intermittent positive pressure ventilation (ippv) for 60 min. tidal volume was standardized to 10 ml/kg, and the insufflation pressure required to maintain this tidal volume was recorded. the quasistatic compliance of the lung-thorax system, corrected for variations in body weight, was significantly lower in animals delivered on day 27--28 than in those delivered on day 29--30. immature animals with low lung-thorax complianc ...1979394314
comparison of various mccoy cell treatment procedures used for detection of chlamydia trachomatis.mccoy cells treated in six different ways, in addition to untreated cells, were compared to determine which gave rise to the largest number of chlamydia trachomatis inclusions when tested with a laboratory-passaged strain. the same batch of cells was treated by irradiation, preinoculation exposure to cytochalasin b or 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine, and postinoculation exposure to cycloheximide, hydrocortisone, or emetine. significantly more inclusions were always found in cells which had been treated w ...1979389948
etiology, manifestations and therapy of acute epididymitis: prospective study of 50 cases.there were 50 patients with acute epididymitis who were evaluated prospectively by history, examination and microbiologic studies, including cultures for aerobes, anaerobes, neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis and ureaplasma urealyticum. escherichia coli was the predominant pathogen isolated from the urine of men more than 35 years old, while chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae were the predominant pathogens isolated from the urethra of men less than 35 years old. the etiolo ...1979379366
social organization and food resources availability in primates: a socio-bioenergetic analysis of diet and disease obtained during a field study of two species of nonhuman primates (alouatta villosa and ateles geoffroyi) living in the tikal national park in guatemala are used to suggest an answer to the question: to what extent is the existence of a particular form of social organization (group size, structure, and composition) an indication of the amount of energy in the form of food resources available to animals in a particular habitat? seven researchers working in teams spent 2,318 hours in the fiel ...1977403771
triple tetracycline (deteclo) in the treatment of chlamydial infection of the female genital tract.the efficacy of treating genital chlamydia in women using deteclo 300 mg twice daily for seven and 21 days has been studied. forty-four patients were treated for seven days and 20 for 21 days. seven days of treatment was as effective in eliminating chlamydia trachomatis from the female genital tract as 21 days. the reproducibility of the technique of isolation of c. trachomatis was assessed by delaying treatment in 10 patients for up to 156 days and find c. trachomatis still present.1977403996
nongonococcal urethritis and related oculogenital infections. 1977404642
chlamydia trachomatis--recent knowledge of genital tract-to-eye infections. 1979396914
human plasma angiotensinogen: a review of purification procedures.the current status of the purification and characterization of human angiotensinogen is reviewed. one problem encountered in the past has been the copurification of a protein with similar porperties. this protein has tentatively been designated alanine-protein. an efficient separation of angiotensinogen and alanine-protein was obtained on a zinc chelate column. alanine-protein has been purified and its amino acid and carbohydrate composition determined. the cooh-terminal amino acid and the nh2-t ...1979390363
urethritis in white men--a microbiological appraisal.the incidence of infections with neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis and mycoplasmas has been assessed in white men with urethritis who were attending a johannesburg clinic for sexually transmitted diseases. infection with n. gonorrhoeae was demonstrated in 54% of 212 patients with urethritis. c. trachomatis was isolated from 37% of patients with non-gonococcal urethritis, and from 25% with proven gonococcal infection. although t-mycoplasmas were isolated significantly more often from p ...1977406683
failure of serology in diagnosing chlamydial infections of the female genital tract.chlamydia trachomatis was recoved from 20% (36/180) of women attending a venereal disease clinic. all infected women had chlamydial antibodies in their serum and cervical secretions. however, the background rates of chlamydial antibody in chlamydia-negative women were very high. measurement of antibodies in serum (complement fixation or immunoglobulin g [igg] and igm by microimmunofluorescence) or cervical secretion (igg, igm, iga or secretory iga classes) did not result in predictive values of ...1979397220
diagnosis and treatment of acute salpingitis.acute salpingitis is one of the most common acute gynecologic diseases and occurs in approximately 750,000 women each year in the united states. use of laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis of acute salpingitis has shown that the signs and symptoms classically ascribed to this disease are not specific to it. fever, leukocytosis, elevated esr and adnexal masses or swelling are not necessary to make a diagnosis of acute salpingitis. lower abdominal pain and adnexal tenderness are the most consisten ...1977406388
is it gonorrhea...or "non-specific" urethritis? 1977406495
studies of the squirel monkey, saimiri sciureus, genome. ii. c-band characterization and dna replication patterns.cytological analysis of a squirrel monkey indicates a considerable degree of chromosomal polymorphism. dna synthetic patterns reveal late synthesis in chromosomal segments that are c-band negative and asynchrony in dna replication between homologs. location of a satellite dna with a cscl neutral buoyant density of 4.691 g/ml was mainly in the noncentromeric constitutive heterochromatin.1977408102
acute pelvic inflammatory disease. 1977412258
interrelationship of chlamydia trachomatis and other pathogens in the female genital tract.the isolation of neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis, trichomonas vaginalis, and candida albicans in the female genital tract was studied in 1323 patients attending a venereal disease clinic. disruption of the cell monolayers use for the isolation of c. trachomatis was significantly associated with the presence of t. vaginalis; this effect was markedly reduced by the addition of vancomycin to gentamicin and amphotericin b in the transport and growth media. the only significant positive ...1977412875
photooxidation reactions of diphenylcarbazide and their dcmu-sensitivity in thylakoids of the blue-green alga oscillatoria chalybea.thylakoids of oscillatoria chalybea are able to split water. the hill reaction of these thylakoids is sensitive to dcmu. diphenylcarbazide can substitute for water as the electron donor to photosystem ii with these fully functioning thylakoids. however, the diphenylcarbazide photooxidation is completely insensitive to 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-n-n'-dimethyl urea (dcmu) at high diphenylcarbazide concentrations. in with tris-treated oscillatoria thylakoids the water splitting capacity is lost and dip ...1977414682
comparison of synchronization of primate circadian rhythms by light and food.several circadian rhythms in squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) entrained by two different agents were studied to compare their mode of coupling with the environmental zeitgebers. synchronization was accomplished either by light-dark cycles consisting of 12 h of 600 lx followed by 12 h of less than 1 lx (ld 12:12), or by eat-fast cycles in which the animals could eat for 3 h and then had to fast for the remaining 21 h each day (ef 3:21). the rhythms of drinking, colonic temperature, and urinary ...1978415621
[limulus test in diagnosis of acute meningitis (author's transl)].we tried to evaluate the utility of the limulus test in the diagnosis of acute meningitis. the study was made in 60 patients divided in three groups: group a, formed by 37 children affected by purulent meningitis of known etiology; group b, formed by 10 children affected by purulent meningitis of unknown etiology; group c, formed by 13 children with viral meningitis. the results were compared with a control group (group d), of 10 healthy children. the results correlated with the etiology, the cu ...1977415650
sexually transmitted diseases. the present situation in sweden.overall in sweden, variable trends are noted in the number of cases of gonorrhea reported between 1950 and 1976. among teenagers, a marked decrease was noted between 1971 and 1974. education and information activities as well as improved treatment may in part be responsible for the decrease. changing sexual habits, e.g., decreased incidence of multiple partners, may also be responsible. the ratio of men to women with infections has decreased from 1.7:1 in 1961 to 1.1:1 in 1976. however, mos ...1978416873
human cell-mediated immune responses to chlamydial antigens.a reproducible method was developed to determine the ability of chlamydial antigens to stimulate lymphocytes from volunteers. in tests repeated 4 to 14 times, the cells from a given volunteer gave a relatively narrow range of responses, but there were great differences in the mean response of different volunteers. in the entire group of 52 volunteers, lymphocyte stimulation was significantly associated with the presence of antibody, but in a given individual results of one test did not aid in pr ...1979422247
immunochemical studies on rabbit calcitonin.cross reaction studies using radioimmunoassays specific for human and porcine calcitonin showed that rabbit calcitonin is structurally more closely related to human than to porcine calcitonin.1979421775
correlation between the quantum yields of photodissociation and c--o stretching frequencies of carbon monoxide hemoproteins. 1979421902
a simple purification procedure for rat hepatic lipase. 1979421905
inhibitory effect of prostaglandin f2 alpha on the growth of a hormone-dependent rat mammary tumor.growth of the rat hormone-dependent mammary adenocarcinoma mtw-9 was inhibited by prostaglandin f2alpha (pgf2alpha) this inhibition of tumor growth was associated with a marked reduction in serum progesterone concentrations. the inhibitory effect of pgf2alpha on tumor growth was abolished by concomitant injections of progesterone. the growth rates of coimplanted prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor mttw-5 and plasma concentrations of prolactin and estradiol were not affected significantly by pgf2 ...1979427787
isolation of chlamydia trachomatis from different areas of conjunctiva in relation to intensity of hyperendemic trachoma in school children in southern tunisia.the simplified one-passage technique of culture in irradiated mccoy cells, in conjunction with certain other developments in technique, was used to isolate chlamydia trachomatis from specimens collected from 78 children with trachoma in douz, southern tunisia. the results show that c. trachomatis is not confined to the upper tarsal area of the conjunctiva in hyperendemic trachoma. the higher isolation rate and corresponding increase in the number of inclusions obtained from swabbings of the uppe ...1979427070
antibodies to chlamydia trachomatis in acute salpingitis.recent isolation studies have shown chlamydia trachomatis to be an important aetiological agent in acute salpingitis in women. the present serological study indicates that c. trachomatis is the probable aetiological agent in two-thirds of 143 women with pelvic inflammatory disease (pid). in general, high levels of chlamydial antibody were found in sera and fluids aspirated from the pouch of douglas and such antibody titres were shown to correlate with the severity of clinically graded tubal infl ...1979427512
ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma hominis in chlamydial and non-chlamydial nongonococcal urethritis.urethral specimens from 726 patients with nongonococcal urethritis (ngu) were examined for chlamydia trachomatis, ureaplasma urealyticum, and mycoplasma hominis. chlamydiae were isolated from 35.9% of ureaplasma-positive patients and from 36.5% of ureaplasma-negative patients. ureaplasmas were isolated from 52.5% of chlamydia-positive patients and from 53.1% of chlamydia-negative patients, an observation which contrasts with that of some workers who have suggested that ureaplasmas are significan ...1979427513
[use of a cryoultramicrotomy method for the purpose of studying chlamydial ultrastructure].the method of cryoultramicrotomy was adapted for the study of the ultrastructure of hela and mccoy cells in monolayer cultures infected with chlamydia, obligatory intracellular procaryotic parasites, the causative agents of ornithosis (strain loth) and paratrachoma (strain lb 1). the cryosections were obtained by the fixation of the monolayer with 2.5% glutaraldehyde, by the gradual infiltration of precipitated cells with sucrose (0.6--1.2--1.8--2.3 m) prior to freezing in liquid nitrogen, and b ...1979433503
[chlamydia infections of the urogenital system].during the last years chlamydiae have been increasingly recognized as an important cause of urogenital infections. this paper is concerned with the classification, microbiology, cultivation and clinical findings of chlamydiae, especially chlamydia trachomatis, as causative agents of genital tract diseases.1979428870
[isolation of chlamydia trachomatis in non-specific urethritis]. 1979437622
temperature change and neuromuscular blockade by d-tubocurarine or pancuronium in man. 1979434491
isolation of chlamydia trachomatis from eye secretion (tears).shedding of chlamydia trachomatis in the eye secretion (tears) of patients with either hyperendemic trachoma or paratrachoma was studied. the method of collection of eye secretion with cellulose sponges is proved to be simple, faster, and more practicable and yielded a higher rate of chlamydial isolation than aspiration. the chlamydial isolation rates in eye secretion in chlamydia-positive paratrachoma patients in london or trachoma patients in iran was 84 and 49% respectively. it was found that ...1979435443
arrays of hemispheric surface projections on chlamydia psittaci and chlamydia trachomatis observed by scanning electron microscopy.scanning microscopy of two strains of chlamydia psittaci and four strains of chlamydia trachomatis representative of the wide diversity in origin and behavior of members of the genus revealed patches of regular arrays of hemispheric projections on the surfaces of elementary bodies of all six strains. these distinctive and perhaps unique surface structure are probably present in all populations of chlamydiae.1979438131
purulent ocular discharge in neonates: significance of chlamydia trachomatis.we obtained cultures for bacteria and chlamydiae from 100 infants with conjunctivitis that began during the first month of life. sixty-nine infants were evaluated during well-child visits (group a); 31 were seen specifically for the ocular discharge (group b). potentially pathogenic bacteria, predominantly staphylococcus aureus, were cultured from one third of the infants in each group. chlamydia trachomatis was recovered from three infants (4%) in group a and from ten (32%) in group b. three in ...1979440875
infection with chlamydia trachomatis: involvement of multiple anatomic sites in a study of infection due to chlamydia trachomatis in infants, chlamydiae were recovered not only from the conjunctiva and respiratory tract but also from the vagina and rectum. the timing of recovery suggested that the vagina and conjunctivae are exposed to chlamydiae at birth and that pneumonia and gastrointestinal infection occur later. sampling of the rectum may be a useful procedure for the diagnosis of chlamydial disease in infants.1979438536
clinical characteristics of the afebrile pneumonia associated with chlamydia trachomatis infection in infants less than 6 months of age.respiratory tract colonization with chlamydia trachomatis commonly occurs in natally acquired chlamydial infection and is sometimes associated with a chronic, afebrile pneumonia that has relatively distinctive clinical characteristics. to further define the frequency and clinical characteristics of lower respiratory tract disease associated with c trachomatis, we grouped 56 infants aged less than 6 months with afebrile pneumonia according to nasopharyngeal shedding of chlamydia and viruses and c ...1979440806
treatment of chlamydial pneumonia of infancy.infants with untreated chlamydial pneumonia shed chlamydia trachomatis and are symptomatic for may weeks. we used sulfisoxazole, 150 mg/kg/day, or erythromycin ethyl succinate, 40 mg/kg/day, for approximately 14 days to treat 32 patients with chlamydial pneumonia of infancy, and observed them for nasopharyngeal shedding of c trachomatis and changing clinical status. all infants stopped shedding chlamydiae soon after treatment was started. after treatment, three of the 25 infants tested again bec ...1979440807
activity of oral amoxicillin, ampicillin, and oxytetracycline against infection with chlamydia trachomatis in mice.the effects in mice of oral treatment with amoxicillin, ampicillin, and oxytetracycline against an otherwise lethal intranasal infection with chlamydia trachomatis (mouse pneumonitis) were studied. when treatment was started 30 min after infection and continued once daily thereafter for a total of seven treatments, the mean protective doses of amoxicillin, ampicillin, and oxytetracycline were 9.5, greater than 50, and 31.3 mg/kg, respectively. if 14 oral treatments were given, these values were ...1979448198
chlamydia trachomatis in women: antibody in cervical secretions as a possible indicator of genital hundred eighty-five women college students were examined for genital infection with chlamydia trachomatis. this organism was isolated from nine (5%) of the 185 women. antibody was demonstrated in the genital secretions of 26 (14%) and in the serum of 70 (38%) of the women. none of the sexually inexperienced women was infected. among those sexually experienced, the prevalence of isolation of c. trachomatis and of detection of local antibodies in cervical secretions and serum antibodies to c. ...1979448189
[various mechanisms of cardiogenic shock under experimental conditions].study of the mechanisms of compensation derangement in cardiogenic shock in 70 anesthetized and nonanesthetized dogs irrespective of the type of its course showed that extracardiac shifts are of essential importance. in "fulgurating" shock, marked cardiac disorders may be aggravated by stimuli induced by hyperactive humoral and vascular (peripheral) reactions. in cardiogenic shock of a longer duration, the extracardiac mechanisms of decompensation are usually manifested by disorders of periphera ...1979459217
[structural characteristics of the mucosa of the small intestine in gnotobiote rats].histological and electron microscopic investigations of mucosal strucutre of the small intestine in gnotobiotic and conventional rats have demonstrated that mucosal index (lenear dimentions of villi/crypt dimentions ratio) is equal to 3--4 and 1.4--2.5, respectively. in gnotobiotic rats the number of mitotic figures in crypts is less, migratory-desquamative parameters of enterocytes are 5--6 days, cranio-caudal gradient of linear dimentions of villi, crypts and the number of goblet-shaped cells ...1979454194
prospective study of maternal and infantile infection with chlamydia trachomatis.we examined the prevalence of chlamydial infection in a population of pregnant women and observed their infants to determine the risk of development of ocular or respiratory infection. we examined endocervical and serum specimens from 322 pregnant women for chlamydia trachomatis and chlamydial antibody. the cultures were obtained at the first prenatal visit. six (2%) of the women were infected with c trachomatis. chlamydial antibody was present in the genital secretions of 47% and 73% of the ser ...1979471604
infections with chlamydia trachomatis. 1979471621
d-lactic acidosis in a man with the short-bowel syndrome. 1979449991
the efficacy of a potassium-rich diet compared to diuretic treatment on the renal elimination of thallium in the rat. 1979454183
chlamydia: the organism and neonatal infection. 1979478514
chlamydial infection of mothers and their 340 women, cultured prospectively during their pregnancies, the rate of infection with chlamydia trachomatis was 8.8%. the women with positive cultures tended to be younger and more often single and black than their counterparts with negative cultures. there were no statistically significant clinical differences between the two groups. eighteen children born to chlamydia culture-positive women and 16 born to negative women were followed for nine months to examine the potential effects of mate ...1979480010
infertility and cervical chlamydia trachomatis infections.of the 51 women examined for infertility, 19.6 per cent were found chl. trachomatis culture-positive. this differs, although not significantly, from the 9 per cent isolation rate among our general gynecological outpatients. the results suggest that chl. trachomatis should be considered in women with unexplained infertility.1979484224
non-specific genital infection. 1979486977
non-specific genital infection. 1979486978
deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis, cell cycle progression, and division of chlamydia-infected hela 229 cells.the fate of lymphogranuloma venereum strain chlamydia-infected hela 229 cells was examined by determining the rate of deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis and the kinetics of entry into and progression through s phase and by time-lapse cinemicrography. at an input multiplicity of 5 or less, chlamydia-infected cells showed no inhibition of host deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis or cell cycle progression. cinemicrography showed division of inclusion-containing cells, with one or both daughters receiving ...1979468381
[infantile chlamydia trachomatis pneumonia: radiographic features]. 1979485074
the need for a chlamydial culture a prospective study of unselected, female patients attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic one in eight patients would have been errouneously declared free of infection in the absence of a chlamydial culture service. chlamydia trachomatis is now accepted as a causative organism of non-specific urethritis and post-gonococcal urethritis in men and non-specific genital infection in women. thus, facilities for isolation of c. trachomatis should be an essential aid in the management of wom ...1979486248
activity of antimicrobials against chlamydia trachomatis in vitro. 1979489497
chlamydia trachomatis diseases are on the rise. 1979490867
susceptibility of chlamydia trachomatis to antibiotics in vitro and in vivo.the susceptibility of chlamydia trachomatis to antibiotics was studied in vitro and in patients with nongonococcal urethritis. the minimal inhibitory concentrations of cloxacillin, erythromycin, pivampicillin, oxytetracycline, and doxycycline, which were the most effective drugs, were 10, 0.5, 0.25, 0.1, and 0.5 microgram/ml, respectively. the clinical observations suggested that of the antibiotics studied, doxycycline, erythromycin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole were effective for treatment ...1979494040
effects of different postoperative environments on the avoidance behavior in rats with hippocampal lesions: recovery or improvement of function? 1979496795
association between raw milk and human salmonella dublin infection. 1979497741
prostaglandin release during pulmonary microembolization. the role of lung tissue and blood cells. 1979496865
synthesis of membrane glycoproteins in rat small-intestinal villus cells. effect of colchicine on the redistribution of l-[1,5,6-3h]fucose-labelled membrane glycoproteins among golgi, lateral basal and microvillus define the role of cytoplasmic microtubules in the biogenesis of plasmalemma glycoproteins of rat small-intestinal villus cells, we studied the effect of colchicine on the incorporation of l-[1,5,6-3h]fucose into golgi, lateral basal and microvillus membranes. colchicine was administered intraperitoneally before or after injection of radioactive fucose. the incorporation of radioactivity into golgi membranes was little affected by colchicine, which did not prevent the redistribution of most o ...1979496909
age-dependent changes in the response of the lamb ductus arteriosus to oxygen and ibuprofen.circular strips of ductus arteriosus from lambs of gestational age between 90 and 144 days (term 147 days) were studied in vitro at low (8--16 torr (1 torr = 133.322 pa)) and high (426--622 torr) po2. potassium- and oxygen-induced contractions increased with the gestational age and attained a maximum at term. at low po2, ibuprofen, a blocker of prostaglandin synthesis, produced a dose-dependent contraction of the ductus at all ages and enhanced the potassium-induced contraction of the immature d ...1979497895
increase of serum cholesterol in man fed a bran diet.the effects of wheat bran and other sources of dietary fibre on serum total and high density lipoprotein(hdl)-cholesterol were investigated in a group of 62 subjects, with rigid control of dietary intake. it was found that a high-fibre diet with vegetables and fruits as well as a low-fibre diet, to which isolated citrus pectin had been added to the same level as present in the vegetables and fruits diet, caused a small decrease in the concentration of serum cholesterol after 5 weeks. surprisingl ...1979497042
sex differences in serum testosterone and in exchangeable brain cell nuclear estradiol during the neonatal period in rats. 1979497862
effects of storage conditions in vitro on the assay of chick liver glycogen.1. the reproducibility of an enzymic method for assaying chick liver glycogen was found to be +/- 1.6%. 2. storage of liver at either -21 or -70 degrees c for up to 4 weeks, after freezing in liquid nitrogen, had no significant effect on glycogen concentration. however, the concentration of free glucose increased by about 50% during this time. 3. storage of liver in ice-cold saline for up to 3 h proved unsatisfactory because of a significant loss of glycogen. 4. there was no significant differen ...1979497871
a method to detect the early presence of lymphoma cells in the akr mouse. 1979498213
placental transfer of atropine at the end of a first study, 28 pregnant women received a fast intravenous injection of atropine sulphate 12.5 microgram/kg, as in a classical atropine test. fetal tachycardia resulted. the maternal venous blood concentration of atropine, determined by bioassay on guinea pig ileum, decreased rapidly in the first 3--5 min and very slowly therafter. in a second study, 45 women in labour received the same dose i.v., and at birth atropine was measured both in maternal and cord blood. placental transfer of atro ...1979499293
[the primary structure of a dimeric hemoglobin (erythrocruorin); component ctt vi of chironomus thummi thummi, diptera (author's transl)].the complete amino acid sequence of 147 residues was determined automatically for a major dimeric component (ctt vi) of the insect larva chironomus thummi thummi (diptera). the molweight was found to be 32411. all tryptic, maleylated tryptic and cyanogen bromide peptides were isolated. the handling of some large fragments was facilitated by maleylation and subsequent ion exchange chromatography. some details of the primary structure are discussed. the alignment of the amino acid sequence with th ...1979500018
cell division in yeasts. iii. the biased, asymmetric location of the septum in the fission yeast cell, schizosaccharomyces pombe. 1979499357
effect of oxipurinol and allopurinol riboside on whewellite crystallization: in vitro and in vivo observations.solubility measurements, seeded crystal growth kinetics, solution depletion adsorption studies, nucleation observations, zeta potential measurements, and measurements of in vivo intrarenal crystallization all failed to show that either oxipurinol or allopurinol riboside interacts with calcium, oxalate, or whewellite (cac2o4.h2o) at concentrations expected in therapeutic situations. we conclude that at therapeutically expected concentrations, oxipurinol and allopurinol riboside do not affect crys ...1979500322
brain adenylate cyclase activation in the jaundiced rat.adenylate cyclase responses of brain cortex and neostriatum to noradrenaline and dopamine are increased in rats with jaundice in proportion to its severity. in comparing the situation with uraemia, the relevance of phenols has to be considered.1979499399
evidence for degradation of myofibrillar proteins in lysosomes. myofibrillar proteins derivatized by intramuscular injection of n-ethylmaleimide are sequestered in lysosomes. 1979500675
the complete amino acid sequence of actins from bovine aorta, bovine heart, bovine fast skeletal muscle, and rabbit slow skeletal muscle. a protein-chemical analysis of muscle actin differentiation.complete amino acid sequences for four mammalian muscle actins are reported: bovine skeletal muscle actin, bovine cardiac actin, the major component of bovine aorta actin, and rabbit slow skeletal muscle actin. the number of different actins in a higher mammal for which full amino acid sequences are now available is therefore increased from two to five. screening of different smooth muscle tissues revealed in addition to the aorta type actin a second smooth muscle actin, which appears very simil ...1979499690
wheat germ agglutinin blockage of chlamydial attachment sites: antagonism by n-acetyl-d-glucosamine.addition of 2 to 10 micrograms of wheat germ agglutinin (wga), a lectin from triticum vulgaris specific for n-acetyl-d-glucosamine, per ml to suspensions of mouse fibroblasts (l cells) blocked the attachment of 14c-labeled chlamydia psittaci 6bc to the l-cell surface. wga and strain 6bc competed for similar sites on l cells, but once bound, one was not replaced by the other. n-acetyl-d-glucosamine, but not other monosaccharides of related structure, antagonized the blocking action of wga. lectin ...1979500195
hepatic microsomal biotransformation of 1,3,5(10),16-estratetraen-3-o1 to 16,17-epiestriol and estriol via 16 alpha,17 alpha- and 16 beta,17 beta-epoxy-1,3,5(10)-estratrien-3-ols. 1979500607
major elements in milk of the west african dwarf goats as affected by stage of lactation.tweove adult west african dwarf (fouta djallon) does, about 2 years old and weighing from 25 to 28 kg were kept for lactation studies lasting two 19-week periods. during these periods the does were hand-milked twice daily and the daily samples were bulked for each animal for subsequent analysis. the results showed that the colostrum was much richer in its content (g/kg) of na 1.44 +/- 0.17, k 3.38 +/- 0.22 and cl 4.83 +/- 0.29 than the mature milk which contained (g/kg) na 0.65 +/- 0.09, k 1.57 ...1979500883
high level of human growth hormone (hgh) in cerebrospinal fluid patients with pituitary tumors.six patients with suprasellar extension of pituitary hgh-secreting tumors showed the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) content in human growth hormone (hgh) to be very high, i.e. 164.3 +/- muu/ml (mean +/- sem) (range 8.4--413.8 muu/ml) as compared to ten patients with uncomplicated acromegaly whose values were 50-fold lower, i.e. 3.4 +/- 0.5 muu/ml (range 0.6--7.0 muu/ml), and nine patients with suprasellar extension of other pituitary tumors, showing also low levels of hgh in the csf, i.e. 2.9 +/- 0.8 ...1979504962
the amino acid sequence of goat alpha-lactalbumin. 1979507821
the pathology and pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. 1979502445
substance p release from spinal cord slices by capsaicin. 1979502756
cold acclimation in the secretory responses of the isolated exocrine pancreas of the rat.1. the secretory function of the isolated and perfused exocrine pancreas has been studied in the course of cold acclimation in rats that were fed at an ambient temperature of 1 degrees c in an artificial climatic room.2. a series of experiments was carried out in early autumn (autumn series). the sums of the outputs of protein, amylase, zymogen protease, lipase, and juice flow in samples collected for a total of 30 min during and after 5 min stimulation with different concentrations of cholecyst ...1979501617
vaginal oxytetracycline concentrations.although tetracycline preparations are widely used in departments of genitourinary medicine, or sexually transmitted diseases clinics, little is known of the concentrations of these preparations in genital secretions. for this reason a microbiological method was used for estimating oxytetracycline concentrations in vaginal secretions. these concentrations varied from 0.6 to 6.5 microgram/ml in 19 women who had had sexual contact with a man with non-specific urethritis and who were taking oxytetr ...1979509190
dealing with data: the practical use of numerical information--(13) predictable differences. 1979516358
juxtapapillary choroiditis in association with rising antichlamydial antibody.we present the case of a 21-year-old girl with a uniocular juxtapapillary choroiditis. during the course of her illness the titre of antichlamydial igg increased from 1/32 to 1/4096 against chlamydia trachomatis tric serotypes j and c, and antichlamydial igm appeared in her blood. toxoplasma dye test was positive at a level of 1/128 but no increase in the titre of antibody was detected during the course of her infection. the relevance of these findings to her ocular lesion is discussed.1979508692
gap junctions in the myometrium of pelvic-neurectomized rats with blocked parturition. 1979517444
persistent urethral leukocytosis and asymptomatic chlamydial urethritis.chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 47% of asymptomatic, sexually active men whose urethral smears contained four or more polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmn) per high-power field (hpf) one week after their sexual activity was restricted. c. trachomatis was not detected in any of 23 asymptomatic, sexually active men having less than 4 pmn/hpf in two urethral smears obtained one week apart. semiquantitation of urethral pmn in the urethral gram-stained smear is useful in the evaluation of asympt ...1979512420
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