demonstration of human apolipoprotien a in isolated mucosal cells from small intestine and isolated hepatocytes.isolated mucosal cells from the human jejunum and stomach, cryostat sections from the jejunum, isolated parenchymal liver cells and lymphocytes were investigated for the presence of apolipoprotien a (apoa). antisera against purified human apoa-i and apoa-ii were raised in rabbits and conjugated with fluorescein-isothiocyanate (fitc). mucosal cells from jejunum and stomach were isolated with pronase from tissue obtained from operated patients. apoa-i and apoa-ii could be demonstrated in isolated ...1979108182
immunoglobulin biosynthesis in mouse thymus cells. the expression of alpha and mu chains in balb/c, c57bl and intercrossed hybrid mice. 1978108198
estimation of the intravascular half-lives of normal rhesus monkey igg, iga and igm.rhesus monkey igg, iga and igm were purified from pooled normal serum and labelled with 125i. four monkeys were injected intravenously with approximately 50 microgram of each purified immunoglobulin containing between 25 muci and 50 muci of 125i. iodination was approximately 1 atom per 14 molecules of igg and iga and per 2.5 molecules of igm. samples of serum were taken for up to 22 days after injection and radioactivity compared with that in a sample taken within 30 min of injection. sucrose de ...1979108203
staphylococcus aureus opsonization mediated via the classical and alternative complement pathways. a kinetic study using mgegta chelated serum and human sera deficient in igg and complement factors c1s and c2.staphylococcus aureus opsonization was studied kinetically by: (1) determination of the uptake of [3h]-thymidine labelled bacteria by human pmn's; (2) fluorescent anti-c3 and anti-igg staining of opsonized bacteria; and (3) measuring bacterial complement consumption. maximum opsonization in normal serum occurred within 5 min of incubation. about 80% of staphylococci were then taken up by pmn's, and igg and c3b could be detected on the bacterial surface. in the absence of a functional classical c ...1979108204
rapid serotyping of groups a, b, and c meningococci by rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis and co-agglutination.rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis (r-lie) with antigen containing intermediate gel, and co-agglutination utilising protein a-containing staphylococci coated with specific antibodies, were adapted for serotyping the prototypes of group b meningococci. both were found to have the same specificity as agar gel double diffusion (agdd) but they were more sensitive and more rapid than agdd. r-lie required, like agdd, the extraction of relatively large quantities of bacteria, while the co-agglutination ...1979108320
experimental nasopharyngitis and pneumonia caused by chlamydia trachomatis in infant baboons: histopathologic comparison with a case in a human infant.three infant male baboons were inoculated with a strain of chlamydia trachomatis isolated from a human infant with pneumonitis. one baboon, inoculated by intratracheal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal seeding, had rales, radiographic evidence of pneumonia, persistent nasopharyngeal c. trachomatis infection, and a four-fold rise in titer of antibody. at sacrifice 24 days after inoculation, nasopharynx, trachea, airways, and lung yielded c. trachomatis, and epithelial inclusions were seen by lig ...1979108341
a bacillus subtilis mutant requiring dipicolinic acid for the development of heat-resistant spores.a bacillus subtilis mutant is described which forms heat-resistant spores only in the presence of external dipicolinic acid (dpa). the mutation, dpa-1, is localized in a new sporulation locus, linked to pyra. the dpa-1 strain is unable to synthesize dpa but can incorporate external dpa. the amount of dpa incorporated, the frequency of heat-resistant spores and their degree of resistance are all dependent on the concentration of external dpa. spores of dpa- 1 strains exhibit normal resistance to ...1979108357
characteristics of the internal anal sphincter and the rectum of the vervet monkey.1. the physiology of the internal anal sphincter of the vervet monkey was investigated. 2. strips of sphincter in vitro contracted to noradrenaline and adrenaline; adrenoceptors were mainly alpha-excitatory. strips of rectal circular muscle relaxed to noradrenaline and contained both inhibitory alpha- and beta-adrenoceptors. 3. all strips contracted to acetylcholine. after hyoscine or atropine, high doses of acetylcholine relaxed all strips by stimulating intramural inhibitory neurones as relaxa ...1979108393
[comparative anatomy of the motor system of vertebrates]. 1979108433
["banal" virus infections. what should be done?]. 1979108538
penicillinase-producing neisseria gonorrhoeae. new york city, 1976-1978. 1979108637
effect of milking and ambient temperature on thyrotropin concentration in serum of cattle. 1979108683
the smooth muscle cell in culture. 1979108688
piracetam facilitates retrieval but does not impair extinction of bar-pressing in rats.rats were trained on a continuously reinforced bar-press response for water reward. seven days later they were retested for retention, with or without pretest injection of the nootropic drug, piracetam. drug-treated animals had significantly shorter response latencies than saline-treated animals. the results are interpreted as a facilitation of retrieval processes after forgetting. the experiment was extended under extinction conditions and it was found that after three sessions there was a tend ...1979108722
effect of l-tryptophan on the acquisition of tolerance to ethanol-induced motor impairment and hypothermia.rats were rendered tolerant to ethanol by daily gavage of 4--5 g/kg. the degree of motor impairment on the moving belt test and of hypothermia after i.p. test doses of ethanol was measured prior to and at various times during the chronic treatment, to assess the rates of tolerance development. l-tryptophan (75 mg/kg twice daily) was administered chronically to elevate brain serotonin level. this treatment did not alter the motor impairment or hypothermia produced by the initial test doses of eth ...1979108729
enhanced responsiveness to intraventricular infusion of amphetamine following its repeated systemic administration.previous studies have demonstrated that long-term administration of d-amphetamine produces a progressive augmentation of behavior. in the present experiment, rats receiving repeated systemic injections responded to an intraventricular infusion of d-amphetamine with an augmented increase in locomotor activity. these results indicate that central mechanisms, rather than peripheral dispositional factors, subserve the enhanced behavioral response to repeated amphetamine administration.1979108743
comparison of tolerance development and dependence capacities of morphine, beta-endorphin, and [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide.the tolerance-development capacities of beta-endorphin, [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide, and morphine were compared in rats, and the dependence capacity of morphine was compared with that of the enkephalin analogue in mice. tolerance to the analgesic effect, as measured by the tail-flick test, developed somewhat more rapidly in the [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide-treated group than in the others. a similar relationship was found for the dependence capacity. considering that the enkephalin analogue ...1979108745
cardiac imaging with tantalum-178.tantalum-178 is a potential tracer for the first transit studies of the heart. it has a short physical half-life (9.3 minutes) and is obtained as a generator product from its long-lived (21.3 days) parent, tungsten-178. first transit studies were performed in the monkey and dog following the intravenous injection of 20 mci (740 mbq) of tantalum-178. imaging was performed with a large field of view single crystal camera and a multicrystal camera. pulmonary dilution curves were derived for the ana ...1979108764
distribution of the hematozoa of neotropical birds.the literature pertaining to the prevalence of avian hematozoa in the neotropics, together with unpublished records from the files of the international reference centre for avian haematozoa, has been examined with respect to the distribution of parasite genera by host family and region. the blood parasites of 35555 birds of 955 species (80 families) occurring in the neotropics formed the basis for the comparisons. only 3743 (10.5%) individuals harbored one or more species of hematozoa. haemoprot ...1978108771
alcohol-induced pituitary adenolysis: how does it control intractable cancer pain?--an experimental study using tooth pulp-evoked potentials in rhesus monkeys. 1979110174
colivirus-t3-coded s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase.bacteriophage t3 induces an enzyme activity which hydrolyzes s-adenosylmethionine. this s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase is interesting, not only because of its unique activity, but also because the protein has to overcome host restriction [f. w. studier and n. r. movva (1976) j. virol. 19, 136-145]. s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase was purified to homogeneity using affinity chromatography on s-adenosylhomocysteine-sepharose. the enzyme occurs in two forms, a and b. form a consists of the viral pept ...1979110588
three types of mycolic acid from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne: implications for structure-function relationships in pathogenesis.saponification of the chloroform-soluble wax from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne led to the isolation of three classes of mycolic acid containing characteristic functional groups along the methylene backbone: type alpha (two cyclopropane rings); type beta (methoxyl, methyl, and cyclopropane); and type gamma (ketone, methyl, and cyclopropane). the structures of these acids were elucidated principally by mass spectrometry. the high mass region of the keto mycolate is presented showing the mer ...1979110779
gap-filling repair synthesis induced by ultraviolet light in a bacillus subtilis uvr- mutant.deoxyribonucleic acid repair synthesis was studied in one wild-type and two mutant strains of bacillus subtilis that are defective in excision of pyrimidine dimers. the cells were irradiated with ultraviolet light, and 6-(p-hydroxyphenyl-azo)-uracil was used to block replicative synthesis, allowing only repair synthesis. one of the mutations (uvs-42) resulted in a severe inhibition of incision, dimer excision, and repair synthesis. in contrast, the other mutant (uvr-1) slowly incised and excised ...1979110780
antibiotic susceptibility of neisseria gonorrhoeae strains from europe and africa.the in vitro activities of 16 antimicrobial agents were tested by a plate dilution method against 268 unselected isolates of neisseria gonorrhoeae from belgium, rwanda, swaziland, and zaire. fifteen beta-lactamase-producing strains isolated in europe from various origins were also tested. there were significant regional variations in antimicrobial agent susceptibility, even among the african isolates, with the rwandan and zairean strains being most resistant. benzylpenicillin and ampicillin were ...1979111615
chlamydia trachomatis in acute a study to evaluate the possible role of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae in acute salpingitis, 26% of 106 patients with severe symptoms had positive culture results for c. trachomatis; 43% of the 72 patients from whom paired sera were obtained had either positive culture results for or seroconversion in the single antigen immunofluorescence test to c. trachomatis. twenty-six per cent of patients harboured n. gohorrhoeae and 14% had gonococcal complement-fixing antibody titres ...1979111767
[a vector system designed to allow excretion of a protein encoded by a cloned gene].we describe a method which should allow construction of bacterial strains able to export a given protein through the cytoplasmic membrane. the principle is to fuse the structural gene of the protein to the proximal part of gene lamb, the structural gene of the lambda receptor, an outer membrane protein of e. coli k-12.1979111853
pharmacokinetics in the interpretation of chronic toxicity tests: the last-in, first-out phenomenon. 1979112717
the isolation and properties of a second glycoprotein (lgp-ii) from the articular lubricating fraction from bovine synovial fluid.a high-molecular-weight glycoprotein (lgp-i) was shown [swann, sotman, dixon & brooks (1977) biochem. j. 161, 473--485] to be the major constituent in the articular lubricating fraction from bovine synovial fluid. in addition to the lgp-i component, a second glycoprotein (lgp-ii) was also present. after fractionation of bovine synovial fluid by sequential sedimentation in cscl density gradients, the lgp-i and lgp-ii components were separated by gel-permeation chromatography. the lgp-ii component ...1979112997
double-blind comparison of two regimens in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis. seven-day vs 21-day course of triple tetracyclinc (deteclo).in a double-blind comparison of two regimens of triple tetracycline (deteclo, lederle) in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis, 68 (88.6%) of 70 patients treated with one tablet twice for 21 days and seen four weeks after starting therapy had satisfactory results. this was significantly better than the findings among the 73 patients treated with one tablet twice daily for seven days and followed for four weeks, among whom only 47 (64.4%) had satisfactory results. results were also better fo ...1979114198
nitroblue tetrazolium (nbt) reduction by bacteria. some properties of the reaction and its possible use.all the s. albus, e. coli and p. aeruginosa strains examined reduced nitroblue tetrazolium (nbt) to dark blue formazan. the amount of formazan produced was proportional to the number of bacteria. under the same growth conditions, an equal number of bacteria of various strains produced different amounts of formazan. however, there were statistically verified differences in the nbt-reduction between the three species examined. the nbt-reduction took place in all phases of growth but was most inten ...1979115226
putreanine in developing monkey brain: relation to polyamines. 1979115966
restriction cleavage map of sp01 dna: general location of early, middle, and late genes.a detailed restriction endonuclease map for the genome of bacillus subtilis phage sp01 is presented. sites of cleavage for the restriction enzymes bglii, ecori, haeiii, and sali were determined. this physical map showed that sp01 dna was 140 kilobases in length and contained a repeated sequence of 12.4 kilobases at its termini. combined with previously published information, we were also able to identify the general locations of genes expressed at early, middle, or late times in the phage lytic ...1979116010
the etiology of acute pelvic inflammatory disease. 1979116376
[animal experiments on the biomechanical vibration behaviour of the bulbus (author's transl)].mechanical vibration may have a detrimental effect on visual performance. this particularly seems to be the case if the natural frequency of the bulbus is excited. experiments with animals were made with the aim of calculating the biomechanic transmission of vibration between the cranium and bulbus. postmortem experiments using pig crania have shown that in vivo application of the method of sewing miniature accelerometers onto the cornea may be possible. our experiments with monkeys gave typical ...1979116566
single-dose minocycline in the treatment of gonococcal urethritis. clinical efficacy in relation to bacterial resistance and its effects on associated chlamydia trachomatis infections.seventy-two men with gonococcal urethritis were given a single 300-mg dose of minocycline. the failure rate was 13% and the trial was terminated at an early stage. failure was correlated with increased resistance of neisseria gonorrhoeae to minocycline. the activity of penicillin, spectinomycin, erythromycin, tetracycline, sulphamethoxazole, cefuroxime, cefotaxime, rosamicin, thiamphenicol, and piperacillin against n. gonorrhoeae were examined in vitro. with the exception of spectinomycin, paral ...1979116707
staphylococcus saprophyticus in the aetiology of nongonococcal urethritis.the occurrence of staphylococcus saprophyticus, chlamydia trachomatis, and neisseria gonorrhoeae in urethral specimens of 252 men attending a venereal disease clinic was studied. when using a selective broth medium containing novobiocin and nalidixic acid, staph. saprophyticus was isolated from 20.8% of 178 men with symptoms of urethritis and from 14.9% of 74 men without such symptoms. staph. saprophyticus was found significantly less often in controls (7.1% of 56) than in the men with symptoms ...1979116708
paired stimulation of the frontal eye fields and the euperior colliculus of the rhesus monkey. 1979116715
mineralization of the enamel of ovine permanent central incisor teeth using microhardness and histological techniques. 1979116728
study of the anti-tumor effect of polypeptide pineal extract.bovine pineal polypeptide extract (ppe) exerted an anti-tumor effect on mouse-transplantable tumors: mammary cancer (rsm), squamous cell cervical carcinoma (scc), hepatoma-22a and lympholeukemia lio-1, and had no effect on harding-passey melanoma and leukemia l-1210. it was shown that ppe possessed the ability to decrease the incidence of dmba-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in rats. the daily administration of 0.5 mg ppe prolonged the life span of rats by 25% and failed to influence spontaneous ...1979117414
accidental contamination of diagnostic cultures of mycobacteria and phage identification of the contaminating strain.phage typing of mycobacteria is a new technique not yet widely used for classification and intraspecies differentiation. systematic long-term studies organized by the who have succeeded, using a battery of 11 different mycobacterial phages, in dividing m. tuberculosis into 3 different phage sub-groups, preliminarily labelled as a, b and c. a special case of phage-typing is presented which enabled identification of a virulent mycobacterial strain causing accidental contamination of diagnostic myc ...1979117577
capnocytophaga: new genus of gram-negative gliding bacteria. iv. dna base composition and sequence homology. 1979117782
experimental infection of the genital tract of female grivet monkeys by mycoplasma hominis: effects of different routes of a previous study we produced acute salpingitis and parametritis in grivet monkeys by inoculation of mycoplasma hominis directly into the uterine tubes. with the purpose of examining in the same animal model the effect of more natural routes of infection, six female grivet monkeys were inoculated, two by two, with m. hominis by the following methods: (experiment a) into the uterine cavity through the cervical canal; (experiment b) into the uterine cavity by the same route, but after ligature o ...1979118928
acute epididymitis: etiology and therapy.fifty patients with acute epididymitis were evaluated prospectively by history, examination, and microbiologic studies, including cultures for aerobes, anaerobes, n. gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis, and ureaplasma urealyticum. e. coli was the predominant pathogen isolated from the urine of men over 35 years old and c. trachomatis and n. gonnorrheae were the predominant pathogens isolated from the urethra of men under 35. the etiologic role of e. coli and c. trachomatis was confirmed by isolat ...1979119499
male reproductive tract sequelae of gonococcal and nongonococcal urethritis.gonorrhea is the most frequent bacterial infection as well as the most frequently reported venereal disease. nongonococcal urethritis has approximately the same incidence as acute gonorrhea in cases reported by many venereal disease clinics. the relative epidemiology of the two diseases, as well as their acute and chronic manifestations in the male genital tract (urethritis, prostatitis, and epididymitis), will be briefly discussed. resultant obstructions of the lower genitourinary tract of poss ...1979119500
chromosomal mutations causing resistance to tetracycline in bacillus subtilis.we have isolated, after ethylmethanesulfonate mutagenesis, several chromosomal mutations causing resistance to tetracycline in bacillus subtilis. these mutations fall into two classics, teta and tetb. 30 s ribosomal protein s10 shows an altered mobility on two-dimensional acrylamide gels in cells bearing the former type of mutation. ribosomes from these cells show elevated levels of resistance to tetracycline in vitro as measured by polyuridine dependent polyphenylalanine synthesis. the teta loc ...1979119896
[analysis of suppurative pneumonia on the basis of our materials]. 1979119951
[spontaneous pneumothorax associated to active pulmonary tuberculosis].this paper reviewed 8 cases of spontaneous pneumothorax, associated to pulmonary tuberculosis during a period of time of two years at the a.l.m. general hospital of toluca, mex. the diagnosis was confirmed by clinical picture, radiology and bacteriology studies. six males and two females proceding of the low class; farmers all of them. their age ranged between 18 and 35 years. two of the patients showed cavitary lesions, five had difusse fibrosis of the lung. we analized the clinical manifestati ...1978119959
failure of hyperalimentation to enhance survival in malnourished rats with e. coli-hemoglobin adjuvant peritonitis. 1979120032
comparison of effects of pentobarbital and ethanol on the neuronal activity in the posterior parietal association cortex.the problem of this study was whether the effects produced by alcohol in the posterior parietal association cortex are specific to this drug or shared by other centrally acting depressant drugs such as barbiturates. the effect of graded doses of pentobarbital on multineuronal impulse activity was recorded with transdural microelectrode technique in 30 expts. in brodmann's area 7 of five stump-tailed monkeys (macaca speciosa). the results were compared with those from 32 expts. performed with alc ...1979120109
14c-most-probable-number method for enumeration of active heterotrophic microorganisms in natural waters.a most-probable-number method using 14c-labeled substrates is described for the enumeration of aquatic populations of heterotrophic microorganisms. natural populations of microorganisms are inoculated into dilution replicates prepared from the natural water from which the organisms originated. the natural water is supplemented with a 14c-labeled compound added so as to approximate a true environmental concentration. 14co2 evolved by individual replicates is trapped in naoh and counted by liquid ...1979120133
pesticide and pcb residues in the upper snake river ecosystem, southeastern idaho, following the collapse of the teton dam 1976.the teton dam in southeastern idaho collapsed on june 5, 1976. the resulting flood damaged a large area and caused the release of toxicants into the snake river. a pesticide recovery team in a helicopter worked the flooded area for three weeks and collected 1,104 containers, about 35% of which contained toxicants. it was estimated that less than 60% of the lost pesticide containers were recovered. this paper addresses the results of a one-time sampling effort designed to determine the magnitude ...1979120135
mechanisms of intrahepatic cholestasis. 1979120557
experimental trachoma. 1979120577
effect of cyproterone acetate (ca) on growth and endocrine function in precocious puberty.16 girls with precocious puberty have been studied. following low dosage cyproterone acetate (ca) therapy (mean daily dosage 65 mg/m2bsa) a beneficial effect on growth and skeletal maturation was observed. during high dosage therapy (150 mg/m2 per day) endocrinological studies were performed in 10 of these patients. there was no significant difference in hgh levels (insulin- and arginine-test), t3 and tsh values (trh-test) between patients and controls, t4 concentration was significantly increas ...1979120672
comparison of two methods of preparing enzyme-antibody conjugates: application of these conjugates for enzyme immunoassay. 1979120684
[identification of a virus similar to hepatitis b virus in non-a non-b hepatitis].hepatitis b virus-like particles (including dane particles) with dna polymerase activity but negative for hbs ag have been identified in non-a, non-b hepatitis sera positive for hc ag. although specifically associated with the particles, hc ag is not a surface antigen of the hepatitis c virus identified here for the first time. the relationship of this agent with hbv seems obvious, and deserves further study.1979120782
[vitamin d and reproduction in wistar rats].females have received from weaning a semi-synthetic diet (0,35% ca; 0,32% p; 0,03% mg), with or without vitamin d (+/- d). fertility of these females was not changed. at weaning, the young from mothers--d had lower weight, calcemia and phosphatemia, but the ash content of the femur was the same as for young from mothers + d. young rats from mothers +/- d were given the diet with or without vitamin d. 19 days after weaning, the diet of the mother (+/- d) appears to be the principal factor for gr ...1979120790
[chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae in acute salpingitis]. 1979120804
doubled fourth-day colorectal anastomotic strength with complete retention of intestinal mature wound collagen and accelerated deposition following immediate full enteral nutrition. 1978122623
does phospholipase c stimulate thymide kinase activity of rat liver extracts prepared after partial hepatectomy.our purpose was to determine whether phospholipase c stimulated thymidine kinase activity of regenerating rat liver. we determined effects of phospholipase c upon tmp formation by rat liver extracts prepared at 0, 12, 24, 36 and 48 hr following partial hepatectomy. data were obtained which supported these conclusions: (a) commercial preparations of phospholipase c contained nucleoside phosphotransferase activity; (b) phospholipase c exerted no appreciable stimulatory influence upon thymidine kin ...1975124059
traumatic hyphema and iridocyclitis in the horse.traumatic iridocyclitis and hyphema in the horse usually follow blunt blows to the orbit and eye. the condition is characterized by miosis, ocular hypotony, ciliary flush, swelling of the iris, and hemorrhage with excessive fibrin in the anterior chamber which permits from 2 to 6 weeks. vigorous treatment with mydriatics, topical and systemic corticosteroids is recommended. possible complications include anterior and posterior synechiae, cataracts, and fibropupillary membranes.1975124815
variable nature of cartilage proteoglycans.cartilage proteoglycan aggregates are separated from collagen and other non-proteoglycan protein by preparative rate zonal sedimentation under associative conditions. dissociative rate zonal sedimentation produces sedimented proteoglycan of lower protein content with a corresponding increase in the amount of less sedimentable protein-rich proteoglycan. an extensive number of sequential rate zonal sedimentations discloses that the proceess of disaggregation involves the separation of proteoglycan ...1975126234
measles infection of human mononuclear cells. i. acute infection of peripheral blood lymphocytes and monocytes.a study of the susceptibility of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to measles virus infection and replication is reported. resting lymphocytes obtained from adults showed very low levels of infection and virus replication while lymphocytes activated by plant mitogens or allogenic lymphocytes supported mononuclear cells obtained from the umbilical cord of healthy neonates were more susceptible to measles virus infection than those of adults; however, activated cord lymphocytes supported vi ...1975126271
physical state and biological activity of lipopolysaccharides. toxicity and immunogenicity of the lipid a component.bacterial lipopolysaccharides are negatively charged macromolecules due to the presence of phosphate, pyrophosphate and carboxyl groups. when isolated from bacteria, they are obtained in salt form with metal cations and basic amines. removal of these ionically bound substances by electrodialysis leads to acidic lipopolysaccharides which on neutralizing with different bases, preparations are obtained which show distinct differences in their physico-chemical properties and in their biological acti ...1975126555
demonstration of a mg-atpase and a na,k-atpase from the arteria carotis communis of the sheep.besides the mg-atpase, a na,k-atpase can be demonstrated in different fractions of smooth muscles of the a. carotis communis of the sheep. the highest activity of mg-atpase is observed in the heavy microsomal fraction. the ca-ion may act as a complete substitute for the mg-ion in the mg-atpase. the proportion of na,k-atpase is between 10 and 40%, depending on the preparative conditions used in the individual fractions. fractionated salt treatment (libr, kc1, kbr) improved the assay of na,k-atpas ...1975126627
[optical microscopic study of the effect of the hypothalamic hormone t.r.h. on certain cell types of rat anterior hypophysis].a cytological and optical microscopic study of the anterior lobe of hypohysis in the wistar adult rat 10, 30 or 60 minutes after intravenous injection of 50 mug of synthetic trh discloses modifications of thyrotropic cells and prolactin cells. it's possible to recognize a quick degranulation of the prolactin cells (with a maximum at the 10th minute) and a slower degranulation of the thyrotropic cells (perceptible at the 10th minute and very pronounced at the 60th minute). the somatrotopic cells ...1975126765
[effect of a beryllium complex on growth of pseudomonas fluorescens (types r and s). i. influence on the lag phase].the toxicity of beryllium for pseudomonas fluorescens is studied with the aid of an anionic complex of the element which is stable in peptone medium at ph 6 during the period of investigation. the toxic effect is characterized by an increase in the lag phase which is proportional to the square of the beryllium concentration. further, a process of progressive adaptation is observed when the concentration of the beryllium complex is gradually increased.1975126778
amino-acid sequence of the cyanogen-bromide fragment from human plasminogen that forms the linkage between the plasmin chains.the complete amino acid sequence of a cyanogen bromide fragment (122 residues) obtained from plasminogen is described. this fragment forms the overlap between heavy (a) and light (b) chains of human plasmin. the particular arginyl-valyl bond cleaved in the second step of the activation process is shown to be arg98-val99 in this fragment. this site is not very similar to the one in the nh2-terminal part of the molecule (arg68-met69). remarkable homologies with the 'triple loops' ('kringle structu ...1975126863
elementary particles in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes.elementary spherical particles similar to those described in the mitochondria are found in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes. the particles are characterized by electron microscopy of sections and preparations negatively stained with phosphotungstic acid or with the atpase histochemical reaction product. the particles exhibit adenosine triphosphatase activity and have a mushroom-like shape with a sphere about 85-90 angstrom in diameter attached to inner face of the inner nuclear me ...1975126876
quantitative aspects of ouabain binding to human erythrocyte and cardiac membranes.1. [3h]ouabain binding to human erythrocyte membranes is a time- and temperature-dependent process. the association of ouabain to the membrane-bound receptor follows second-order kinetics, while the dissociation is a monomolecular reaction. an association rate constant of 4-6 x 10(4) m-1 sec-1 and a dissociation rate constant of 1-4 x 10(-4) sec-1 were measured at 37 degrees c. the dissociation constant calculated from these data agrees with that determined from equilibrium binding experiments. ...1975127037
calcium uptake and atpase activity of microsomes from heterotopically transplanted rabbit heart.heterotopic cardiac transplantation was performed in rabbits. the calcium uptake and atpase activities of microsomal fraction were studied in three groups (group i, normal controls; group ii, early transplants; group iii, late transplants) during severe rejection as characterized histologically and electrocardiographically. group iii showed a significant decrease in calcium uptake but no difference in atpase activity compared with groups i or ii. the results demonstrate that in the rejecting tra ...1975127353
proceedings: the effect of sulphinpyrazone on the thrombocytopenia occurring in the arthus reaction. 1975127637
effect of lincomycin and spectinomycin on swine dysentery. 1975127771
retinal neovascularization: the sleeping dog of the eye. 1975127778
characterization of age-associated kidney disease in wistar rats.kidney disease was studied patho-histologically, electron microscopically and immunologically in wistar rats ranging in age from 2 weeks to 24 months. glomerular lesions characterized by adhesion of podocyte foot processes were first detected at 3 months of age. the kidney lesions became more pronounced with age, as manifested by an increase of mesangial matrix, basement membrane thickening, crescent formation and hyalinization of glomeruli, and tubular degeneration. evidence for the deposition ...1975127895
studies on the effects of alloxan and streptozotocin induced diabetes on lipid metabolism in the isolated perfused rat lung. 1975127912
[analysis of a "movement epilepsy" bearing a rolandic focus in a monkey].several observations in man as well as in animals have stressed the importance of specific afferents in triggering some focal cortical fits. the authors report an analysis of the role of various afferents on the activity of a precentral focus in the monkey. the chronic focus was created on one adult female monkey by subpial injection of alumina cream in the motor area of the left foot. typical seizures were clonic and local. the most striking feature was that movement or, more generally, proprio ...1975127950
[mg 2+, ca 2+-atpase of skeletal muscle nuclei in normal rabbits and in rabbits with experimental muscular dystrophy].the total atpase activity of the rabbit skeletal muscle nuclei was established to be a sum of activities of two atpases--mg2+ and mg2+, ca2+-atpases. the latter composes 50% of total atpase activity for skeletal muscles nuclei of the normal rabbits and 30% for skeletal muscles nuclei of the rabbits with muscular dystrophy. mg+, ca2+-atpase of the skeletal muscle nuclei is activated by calcium ions within a range of 10(-6)--10(-4) m and is inhibited with its concentration of 0.5-10(-3) m and high ...1975128861
radiation effects on testes : evidences for (na+ + k+) stimulated atpase in germinal and non-germinal cells of testis of rat. 1975130340
pharmacological experiments as a basis for the administration of digoxin in the is shown that the concentration of ouabain necessary for 50 per cent inhibition of the na+k activated membrane atpase of red cells is similar in man and horse. this is taken to indicate that the two species have similar sensitivity towards cardiac glycosides in general. in five adult healthy horses plasma digoxin concentration was measured with a radioimmunoassay technique after a single intravenous injection of 1 mg/100 kg body weight digoxin. the half time of elimination was 23 h and the ap ...1976130670
prevention of vascular complications of diabetes by pancreatic islet transplantation.isolated pancreatic islets from wistar-lewis rats were transplanted into the liver of diabetic allogeneic recipients to assess ability to prevent diabetic renal and ophthalmic complications. at nine months, the diabetic animals without transplants showed significant increase in pas-positive material in the renal glomerular mesangium and thickening of glomerular arterioles as compared with normal nondiabetic animals. new vessel formation was also significant in the retina and retinal capillary di ...1976130850
a search for mycoplasmas and chlamydiae in acne mycoplasmas and no chlamydiae were found in cultures of 75 uninflamed comedones, 72 papulopustular lesions, and 7 cystic lesions from 14 subjects with acne. chlamydial serologic tests were negative for 11 subjects and showed antibodies in 3 subjects to 3 different antigenic types of trachoma agent. these results are viewed as substantial evidence against the possibility that either mycoplasmas or chlamydiae play an important part in the pathogenesis of acne.1976133192
[possibilities of correcting some metabolic disorders in experimental endotoxic shock by treatment with a combination of alpha-lipoic acid and epsilon aminocaproic acid].alpha-lipoic acid associated with xi-aminocaproic acid proves to have a protector effect in the posttreatment of endotoxinic shock in rabbits, produced by the administration of e. coli o111, in doses of 1.5 mg/kg body weight. this effect was observed when administered early in the stage of energy privation, and was manifested by a longer survival, diminution of lactacidemia and protection of labile phosphate reserves.1976133444
[research on the inhibitors of cell proliferation of the "chalone" type in the rat liver at the cancer institute of montreal]. 1976134483
fractionated precipitation of acid macropolyanions by dialysis, a simple method for the estimation of dna in complex biological samples.after efficient extraction by para-aminosalicylate, chopping, grinding and eventual sonication, the macropolyanions are transformed into their cetyltrimethylammonium salts. these have differing solubilities, strongly depending on ionic strength. the cationic detergent-macropolyanionic salts are solubilized by high salt concentration. salt is then dialysed out, rendering the polyanions highly insoluble in a sequential fashion. the insolubilized components are determined quantitatively by monitori ...1976134556
vagal afferents essential for abdominal muscle activity during lung inflation in cats.maintained inflation of the lung evokes abdominal muscle activity in anesthetized cats only if the vagus nerves are intact, indicating the importance of vagal receptors. the location of these receptors was determined in 14 anesthetized cats by comparing prevagotomy inflation responses of the abdominal muscles and diaphragm to the responses obtained after section of the thoracic vagi at one of three different levels. the abdominal muscle and diaphragm responses to maintained lung inflation persis ...1976134985
the specificity of anti-actin serum.the immunogenicity of smooth muscle actin is increased by ageing at 4 degrees for at least a week. rabbits lacking natural smooth muscle antibodies were injected with 1 mg of aged purified actin in adjuvant. fourteen out of thirty-six rabbits produced serum antibodies which precipitated with actin solution, but not with smooth muscle tropomyosin, myosin, light or heavy meromyosin or with other unidentified non-actin proteins in crude extracts. analysis of crude actin extract before and after pre ...1976135724
evidence for immune complexes involving anti-lymphocyte antibodies associated with hypocomplementaemia in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (cll).unmeasurable total haemolytic complement (c) was observed in serum of a patient with untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and recurrent non-hereditary angioedema. analysis of c components immunochemically demonstrated a marked reduction of c1q and c1s inhibitor, undetectable c1r, c1s and an elevated b. haemolytic c1, c4 and c2 were less than 5 percent of normal, functional c1s inhibitor was absent. cryoglobulin and c1q precipitins were present in the serum. of special interest was the presenc ...1976136325
fibroblast dna synthesis activation in sponge induced granulation tissue. the effect of antineutrophil serum and cyclophosphamide.dna synthesis in rat and rabbit polyvinyl sponge induced granulation tissue has been studied using thymidine (methyl-3h). synthesis was determined by measurement of thymidine incorporation into cold trichloroacetic acid insoluble material and by autoradiography. granulation tissue was removed and immediately incubated in vitro in the presence of thymidine (methyl-3h) for three hours. the label was incorporated into the nuclei of fibroblasts and, to a lesser extent, of endothelial cells. the labe ...1976136330
the uses of degradative enzymes as tools for identification and structural analysis of glycosaminoglycans. 1977137129
studies of the histochemistry, ultrastructure, motor innervation, and regeneration of mammalian intrafusal muscle fibres. 1976137430
mechanical properties of cardiac muscle from spontaneously hypertensive rats: accentuated aftercontractions. 1977139613
[epidemiological analysis of occurrence of human tapeworms in the slovak socialist republic in 1971-1974 (author's transl)]. 1977140015
recovery of preimplantation blastocysts in the squirrel monkey by a laparoscopic technique.a laparoscopic uterine flushing technique has been developed for the recovery of preimplantation embryos from the squirrel monkey. fourteen adult female squirrel monkeys were induced to ovulate with 4 or 5 days' treatment with follicle-stimulating hormone (1 mg) followed by human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) (500 iu). natural mating with a fertile male or artificial insemination was performed near the time of ovulation. thirty-six hours and eleven days after hcg administration, the females were ...1977140077
replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells. ii. in vitro dna synthesis in cytoplasmic extracts. 1977140514
preparation of human immunoglobulin free of plasmin and anticomplement activities.human igg separated by cohn fractionation showed variability in the content of aggregates, plasminogen and anticomplement activity. the plasminogen was removed or markedly reduced by affinity chromatography on sepharose-lysine. anticomplement activity was reduced by chromatography of cohn fraction ii on deae-cellulose. preparations of igg obtained by chromatography of intermediates from cohn fractionation (e.g. cohn fii + fiii or fii + fiii w) on deae-cellulose were devoid of aggregates, plasmin ...1977140530
some observations on the diurnal variation of mitosis in the stratified squamous epithelium of wounded tympanic membrane.a study of mitosis in the stratified squamous epithelium of the tympanic membrane of the guinea-pig was made after wounding this organ at 09.00 h in one series of animals and at 21.00 h in a second series. it was found that the diurnal variation of mitosis was abolished by the injury. this finding corresponds with a basic requirement of the chalone-adrenaline hypothesis which is considered to be a factor in the mitotic control of epidermal cells. it was also found that the maximum number of divi ...1977143347
spectinomycin hydrochloride in the treatment of gonorrhoea: its effect on associated chlamydia trachomatis infections.sixty-three heterosexual men were successfully treated with a single injection of spectinomycin hydrochloride 2 g for urethral infections with neisseria gonorrhoeae. chlamydia trachomatis was recovered from the urethra of 11 of these men both before and after treatment. in six men, the organism was isolated after but not before treatment. no isolates were obtained from the remaining men either before or after treatment. all 17 of the men who yielded c. trachomatis developed post-gonococcal ureth ...1977144543
[changes in the electric charge of blood lymphocyte populations after secondary immunization with tetanus antitoxin in man].the electrophoretic mobility of circulating lymphocytes has been studied in normal human subjects after immunization by tetanus toxoid. the mean migration speed was shown to increase, particularly two and three days after secondary immunization. this increase appeared to be due to the elevation of percentage of t cells migrating at 1.20 and 1.35 micrometer. sec.-1v.-1 cm. (active rosettes-forming cells), with a decrease of the percentage of b cells and t lymphocytes migrating at 1.10 micrometer. ...1977145281
e. coli phosphofructokinase synthesized in vitro from a cole1 hybrid plasmid.a hybrid plasmid, plc 16-4, from the cole1-dna (e. coli) bank of clarke and carbon (1976) carrying pfka was used to program an in vitro protein synthesis system from e. coli. phosphofructokinase was the main product, as determined by enzyme assay, immunoprecipitation and gel electrophoresis. the enzyme was synthesized in vitro without added camp at a rate (enzyme/genome/h) ca. 30% the in vivo value, a higher efficiency than usually found in cell free systems. the plasmic molecular weight is ca. ...1977145390
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