[induction of estrus and ovulation in prepuberal young pigs by treatment with gonadotropin]. 197898941
the roles of endothelium, platelets, and smooth muscle cells in intimal healing.the continual remodeling of the artery wall significantly narrows the lumen. it contributes to the development of atherosclerotic plaque through the incorporation of lipid into the arterial intima. the steps in the repair of arterial intima include platelet accumulation followed by leukocyte attachment to denuded areas, smooth muscle migration from the media, deposition of extracellular connective tissue components, and endothelial progression seem related to re-endothelialization, platelets, th ...197898967
microradiographic demonstration of pyelolymphatic backflow in the porcine kidney.pyelolymphatic backflow occurs when intrapelvic pressure rises acutely. although peripelvic and hilar lymphatics have occasionally been demonstrated during intravenous urography and retrograde pyelography, the patterns of intrarenal microlymphatic filling have not previously been studied radiographically in multipapillary kidneys. microradiography was performed after retrograde ureteral injections of barium sulfate suspension in recently excised pig kidneys. contrast filled the ducts of bellini ...197898998
jaundice and breast-feeding among alaskan eskimo newborns.the course, incidence, and severity of neonatal jaundice was studied in 95 alaskan eskimo infants. breast-fed infants had higher bilirubin concentrations than bottle-fed babies. both groups experienced high bilirubin levels, similar to those previously reported in navajo and oriental infants but greater than those observed in whites and blacks. a marked capacity to inhibit hepatic glucuronyl transferase was observed in breast-milk specimens but only partly accounted for the bilirubin differences ...197899026
antibodies against chlamydia of lymphogranuloma-venereum type in crohn's disease.antibodies against chlamydia of lymphogranuloma-venereum type were detected by the micro-immunofluorescence technique in 38 (69%) of 55 patients with crohn's disease. weak positive reactions were seen in only 2 or 21 patients with other gastrointestinal disorders and 1 of 50 healthy blood-donors.197983465
[leg ulcer caused by a monkey's bite].35 days following a monkey's bite, the ulcer observed showed total necrosis associated with spotted zones of necrosis due to the deep penetration of the animal's teeth. it was treated like a regular ulcer and healed within seven weeks without complications. one should keep in mind that such ulcers involve infectious episodes due to the transmission of a pathogenic human-type flora through a septic orodental milieu: pathogenic cocci; pasteurella, shigella, salmonella; polio viruses or microbial a ...197899755
controlled trial of 6-month and 8-month regimens in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. first report.four short-course antituberculosis regimens allocated at random were studied; (1) streptomycin, isoniazid, and rifampin given daily for 6 months; (2) these 3 drugs plus pyrazinamide given daily for 2 months, followed by twice-weekly administration of streptomycin, isoniazid, and pyrazinamide; (3) a regimen that differed from regimen 2 only in that ethambutol replaced pyrazinamide, and (4) streptomycin plus isoniazid plus rifampin plus pyrazinamide given 3 times per week for 4 months, followed by ...1978100029
effects of entrapment in liposomes on the distribution, degradation and effectiveness of methotrexate in vivo. 1978100041
[clebopride, a new orthopramide with potent and selective central antidopaminergic properties]. 1978100059
trifluridine in resistant human herpetic keratitis.patients with active dendritic herpetic keratitis that was unresponsive to topical idoxuridine or vidarabine therapy were treated topically with a 1% solution of trifluridine. the dendritic ulcers healed in an average time of 6.1 days. all patients tolerated the drug well except for one patient in whom a reversible crystalline epithelial keratitis developed.1978100084
a kinetic study of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase from the photosynthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum.the activation kinetics of purified rhodospirillum rubrum ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase were analysed. the equilibrium constant for activation by co(2) was 600 micron and that for activation by mg2+ was 90 micron, and the second-order activation constant for the reaction of co(2) with inactive enzyme (k+1) was 0.25 x 10(-3)min-1 . micron-1. the latter value was considerably lower than the k+1 for higher-plant enzyme (7 x 10(-3)-10 x 10(-3)min-1 . micron-1). 6-phosphogluconate had little effe ...1978100101
the distribution of hydrolytic enzyme activities in human fibroblast cultures and their intercellular transfer. 1978100108
control of cell multiplication: preparation and immunological comparison of inhibitory factors in the homogenate and perfusate of the adult rat liver.the control of organ cell multiplication by a negative feed-back mechanism implies that factors of the inhibitory mechanism are present in the blood and are produced by the target organ itself. we have examined the inhibitors which are present in the cytosol of adult rat liver as well as in efferent fluid from an isolated perfused organ. these two materials yielded predominantly protein molecules having in common a molecular weight of approximately 80 000 daltons and an isoelectric point between ...1978100149
chlamydia trachomatis: a cause of an infantile pneumonia syndrome. 1978101061
delayed hypersensitivity to chlamydia trachomatis: cause of chronic prostatitis. 197993221
cell-mediated immune responses in owl monkeys (aotus trivirgatus) with trachoma to soluble antigens of chlamydia trachomatis.the first temporal study of the cell-mediated immune responses (cmi) following ocular infections with chlamydia trachomatis is presented. we examined the cmi of owl monkeys infected with trachoma to soluble antigens of c. trachomatis by leucocyte migration inhibition (lif) and delayed hypersensitivity skin testing. delayed hypersensitivity of a systemic nature developed after a local eye infection in owl monkeys; clearance of inclusions from conjunctival cells coincided with the onset of this re ...1978101327
rifampicin plus nalidixic acid: a rational combination for the treatment of urinary infection. 1978101503
the effects of metiamide and h1 receptor blocking agents on anaphylactic response in guinea-pigs.the effects of metiamide and of four h1 receptor blocking agents (mepyramine, promethazine, clemastine and ketotifene) on anaphylactic reaction were studied in the guinea-pig. the h1 blockers conferred partial protection which shows that with the experimental protocol utilized (challenge injection with high doses of antigen), histamine plays a lesser role than other mediators released or synthesized. metiamide (30.0 mg/kg i.v.) noticeably enhanced the increase in pulmonary resistance observed du ...197994763
in vivo regulation of glycolysis and characterization of sugar: phosphotransferase systems in streptococcus lactis.two novel procedures have been used to regulate, in vivo, the formation of phosphoenolpyruvate (pep) from glycolysis in streptococcus lactis ml3. in the first procedure, glucose metabolism was specifically inhibited by p-chloromercuribenzoate. autoradiographic and enzymatic analyses showed that the cells contained glucose 6-phosphate, fructose 6-phosphate, fructose-1,6-diphosphate, and triose phosphates. dithiothreitol reversed the p-chloromercuribenzoate inhibition, and these intermediates were ...1978101523
early detection of chlamydial inclusions combining the use of cycloheximide-treated mccoy cells and immunofluorescence staining.detection of chlamydia trachomatis inclusions only 21 h after a specimen reaches the laboratory has been achieved by the combined use of cycloheximide-treated mccoy cells and immunofluorescence staining. moreover, cells exposed to cycloheximide were more sensitive for detecting chlamydial inclusions than those pretreated by irradiation, since larger numbers of inclusions were found in the former cells. the application of this rapid and sensitive method allows a diagnosis of chlamydial infection ...197771306
effect of nitroglycerin on peripheral blood flow distribution and venous return. 1978101653
studies on virus-inhibiting substances of bacterial origin. ii. inhibition of animal virus plaque formation by culture filtrates of lactic acid bacteria. 1978101716
the effect of precursors, products, and product analogs of prostaglandin cyclooxygenase upon iris sphincter muscle. 1978101727
[physiological and biochemical characteristics of bacillus subtilis variants that form amylase].physiologo-biochemical properties of four bacillus subtilis variants r-623 (r, s, p and m) were studied; the variants were isolated by inoculation of the cell population. all the four variants were shown to belong to the studied species and to possess common and specific properties. they differed in 11 characters: the size of cells and spores, the ability to hydrolyse starch, the mode of growth on specific media, the spectrum of antibiotic action, etc. three variants (r, s and p) produced alpha ...1978101745
[clinical mycology]. 1978101791
[meningitis or intracerebral hemorrhage?]. 1978101813
[unspecific chronic "prostato-urethritis"]. 1978101828
quantitative structure-activity relationships in the 2,4,5-ring substituted phenylisopropylamines.the potency of a series of 2,4,5-ring substituted phenylisopropylamines was examined using the rabbit hyperthermia assay. an excellent correlation (r = 0.99) was found between the rabbit hyperthermic and human psychotomimetic potencies. in the hyperthermic model, the 4-x-substituted-2,5-dimethoxyphenylisopropylamines were found to be one to two orders of magnitude more potent than the 2-x- or 5-x-substituted positional isomers (x = -h, -ch3, -sch3, -br). conformational perturbations induced by s ...1978101881
mitomycin antibiotics. synthesis of 7-methoxy-1-(n-pyrrolidino)mitosene and its methiodide.7-methoxy-1-(n-pyrrolidino)mitosene and its methiodide were synthesized. the latter compound was a potential bifunctional alkylating agent because of its two good leaving groups appropriately situated with respect to the indoloquinone chromophore. however, it was inactive in bacteriophage induction and p388 murine leukemia assays. both compounds showed antibacterial activity in culture, and the former compound was very weakly active in inducing lysogenic bacteriophage.197896254
[significance of serum digoxin concentration and its influencing factors].in recent years it has become possible by means of a radioimmunoassay to measure digoxin concentration in the serum of digitalized patients. with this method it could be shown that the resorption of digoxin is decreased by partial resection of the samll intestines, by malabsorption syndromes, after ingestion of neomycin, colestyramine and antacids. in renal insufficiency, however, the elimination half-life period of digoxin is increased conspiciously (from about 35 hours up to about 120 hours). ...197661153
[meningoencephalitis as an evolutive conplication of hodgkin's disease]. 197896497
immunoprecipitation of specific polysomes using staphylococcus aureus: purification of the immunoglobulin k chain messenger rna from the mouse myeloma mpc11. 1978103574
restricted posterior parietal lesions in the rhesus monkey and performance on visuospatial tasks.monkeys with lesions restricted to the inferior parietal lobule or the banks and depths of the superior temporal sulcus were tested on a route-following task. these areas are considered on neuroanatomical grounds to be homologous to parts of the human posterior parietal cortex, where lesions produce profound spatial disorientation. the operated monkeys were impaired on the route task, thus confirming at the behavioural level the anatomical predictions of comparability between parietal cortex in ...1979103604
oligosaccharides and polysaccharides specifically utilizable by bifidobacteria. 1978103638
[permanent cell culture of a pancreatic carcinoma induced by immunological effect. comparison of the evolution of secretory specificity and oncogenic power in two homologous strains: in vitro (147-8) and in vivo (7-4)].a permanent epithelial cell strain, named 147-8, was established in vitro from a pancreatic carcinoma immunologically induced in a mouse. the cells remain isolated and grow actively in suspension: after more than 3 years of life, the doubling time is 14 hrs. some cells synthetized insulin during the first two months. later on, the cells contain low but significant levels of amylase and lipase, even during the second year, thus showing some pancreatic specificity. the oncogenic property of this s ...197897004
chlamydia trachomatis cervicitis in gynecologic outpatients.symptoms suggestive of a lower genital tract infection (lgti) are common complaints in women who consult gynecologists. sexually transmitted microorganisms, such as chlamydia trachomatis. neisseria gonorrhoeae, and trichomonas vaginalis, are responsible for a substantial proportion of lgti. this study was performed to establish the frequency of lgti caused by c trachomatis in women attending a gynecologic outpatient clinic. of 170 women with lgti, 32.9% harbored one or more of these organisms: c ...1978104212
clinical and experimental aspects of the anti-mammary carinogenic activity of estriol.intermittent implantation of 600--1,300 microgram estriol subcutaneously beginning 48 h before oral administration of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene or procarbazine prevents development of 80--90% of carcinomas of the breast occurring during the natural life span of the intact female sprague-dawley rat. some estriol precursors were less inhibitory of breast cancer development among 23 other estrogens and androgens, progestins and glucocorticoids tested. more frequent or lower estriol doses than ...197797100
inhibition by ammonium ion of germination of unactivated spores of bacillus cereus t induced by l-alanine and inosine.studies were carried out on the inhibitory effect of nh4+ on germination of spores of bacillus cereus t induced by l-alanine and inosine. kinetic analysis showed that nh4+ inhibited the germination competitively. its inhibitory effect was greater when the unactivated spores had been preincubated with l-alanine. nh4+ did not inhibit the response of unactivated spores to l-alanine during preincubation. these results suggest that l-alanine sensitizes the spores to the inhibitory effect of nh4+.197897499
on the appearance of bacillus subtilis intracellular serine protease in the cell membrane and culture medium. comparison of the enzyme and other bacillus subtilis serine proteases.while about 80% of the cell-bound intracellular serine protease of bacillus subtilis a-50 have been recovered in the soluble fraction upon disruption of cells, the rest of the enzyme was found to be associated with the membrane fraction. soluble cytoplasmic intracellular serine protease, as well as membrane-bound serine protease liberated by non-ionic detergent treatment, have been isolated in a pure state and shown to be identical. the same protease might also be found extracellularly, due pres ...1978104693
in vitro testosterone synthesis by testicular tissue of old mouse: the metabolism of 3beta-hydroxy-5-ene steroids. 197718359
quantitative determination of trinitroglycerin in human plasma.we developed a simplified method for quantitative measurement of trinitroglycerin in human plasma using hexane extraction and analysis by gas-liquid chromatography with electron-capture detection. this assay was linear from 0.5-60 ng/ml. sensitivity and reproducibility were +/- 0.5 ng/ml. we used this assay to evaluate the pharmacodynamics of trinitroglycerin in 14 patients. maximum plasma levels were similar with trinitroglycerin given by constant intravenous infusion (1.6 +/- 0.4 ng/ml (sem)), ...1979104804
effect of indomethacin on salt and water homeostasis.the effects of indomethacin-induced prostaglandin inhibition on sodium and chloride homeostasis in normal man were assessed. seven normal subjects were on a 150-meq sodium diet for 3 days prior to receiving indomethacin or no drug. indomethacin decreased fractional excretions of sodium and chloride without affecting fractional excretion of potassium, creatinine clearance, or percent fractional reabsorption of free water. cumulative sodium excretion at 8 hr fell from 49.8 +/- 7.2 to 16.1 +/- 4.8 ...1979104818
a computer program for wiener filtering of evoked potential data.we have developed a computer program for wiener filtering of evoked potential data. the basic algorithm involves computation of the difference berween the power spectrum of the sweep sum and the sum of power spectra of individual sweeps. power spectra are computed by means of the discrete fourier transform. the program is now being run on a lsi-11 computer in a neurophysiology research laboratory to analyze somatic evoked potential data from monkeys.1979104821
a study of the lesions of dental caries by the periodic acid schiff's (pas) method. 1978104834
prostaglandin production by rhesus monkey corpora lutea in vitro. 1979104891
is bacillus subtilis atcc 6633 a beta-lactamase producer? 1978104947
effectiveness of gentamicin and carbenicillin in a rat model against infections with pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant to gentamicin or gentamicin and carbenicillin. 1979104952
purification and characterization of urinary choriogonadotropin from patients with hydatidiform mole.human choriogonadotropin was isolated from urine of patients with hydatidiform mole by acid and salt precipitation, immunoaffinity, and deae-sephadex chromatography. polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis, and nh2-terminal amino acid analysis showed that the product obtained is essentially homogeneous. this choriogonadotropin was found to resemble the choriogonadotropin from urine of normal pregnant women in amino acid composition but to differ from it in havi ...1979105001
bullous pemphigoid antigen. ii. isolation from the urine of a patient.this report concerns the isolation of bullous pemphigoid antigen from the nondialyzable urinary components of a patient with the disease. the isolation was accomplished by ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration. pemphigoid antigen was found to be a basic glycoprotein that on sds gel electrophoresis showed two major bands, one in the 18,000 m. w. region and the second with a m. w. of 74,000. between these two bands, two additional bands appeared; one of 35,000 daltons and the other of 68, ...1979105049
[cimetidine]. 1978105226
acute leukemia following prolonged cytotoxic agent therapy.1. nine patients in whom acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia (anll) developed following prolonged alkylating agent therapy are described. five of the patients received no radiotherapy. the conditions treated were: hodgkin's disease (four patients), primary amyloidosis, primary macroglobulinemia, malignant lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and carcinoma of the tonsil. 2. prior to the advent of chemotherapy, this complication was not observed in large series of patients with lymphoproliferative disorders a ...1979105227
tryptophan genes in rhizobium--their organization and their transfer to other bacterial genera.r. leguminosarum trp alleles mapped by r68.45-mediated recombination were located in three distinct chromosomal regions. we isolated three derivatives of r68.45 that carried different trp genes of r. meliloti. each of the plasmids suppressed all of the r. leguminosarum trp alleles in a particular region. the r-primes were transferred to strains of p. aeruginosa carrying mutations in different trp genes. the plasmid paj24ji suppressed trpa, b and f mutants, paj73ji suppressed trpc and d and paj88 ...1978105238
[a new concept of the pathogenesis of medial dysplasia (author's transl)].a unifying concept may be set out briefly in the following manner: injurious agents (such as abnormal hemodynamic and/or metabolic conditions--"risk factors for the vessel wall") leads to the transformation of contractile (k) smooth muscle cells into the metabolically more active or "modified" (m) variety leads to an increase in the number of intracellular and extracellular lysosomes (matrix lysosomes) leads to medial dysplasia. the vague concept of a "vessel wall weakness" as the cause of aneur ...1979105260
[cefaclor and its pathogen reducing effect in experimental acute pyelonephritis]. 1979105286
arrested proliferation of radial glial cells during midgestation in rhesus monkey. 1979105294
effects of systemically applied gaba agonists and antagonists on wave-spike ecog activity in rat. 1979105306
response to thyrotrophin-releasing hormone in atrial dysrhythmias.seventy-eight clinically euthyroid patients with atrial dysrhythmias, either established or paroxysmal, and sixty-three patients in sinus rhythm with coronary disease were screened for hyperthyroidism using thyroid function tests including the thyroid-stimulating hormone (tsh) response to thyrotrophin-releasing hormone (trh). all had normal levels of serum thyroxine (t4) apart from three with dysrhythmias who were found to have hyperthyroidism. twenty per cent of patients with atrial dysrhythmia ...1978105350
complement and coagulation: causative considerations in contrast catastrophies.earlier studies suggest that adverse reactions to injected radiographic contrast media are idiosyncratic. in an attempt to gain a better understanding of pathophysiologic events underlying these reactions, rabbit models injected with lethal dose ranges of a cholangiographic contrast material were studied. these animals showed activation of both the complement and coagulation systems. externally applied heat potentiated complement consumption and increased mortality. depleting complement componen ...1979105577
therapeutic effect of topical antibiotic on untreated eye in experimental keratitis.we studied the systemic absorption ot topical tobramycin and amikacin in experimental pseudomonas keratitis in guinea pigs. after giving two drops of tobramycin 40 mg/ml every 30 minutes for 24 hours to both infected eyes (the corneal epithelium having removed) the mean serum concentration was 1.5 mcg/ml. treatment of one of the infected eyes with the same strength of tobramycin or amikacin drops did not alter the number of viable bacteria in contralateral eyes treated with saline. tobramycin 40 ...1978105787
[effect of blockade or stimulation of the reticuloendothelial system on the blood clearance kinetics of the anticholinesterase insecticide carbaryl in the rat].the blood clearances of 14c-carbaryl and colloïdal carbon were studied in rats with reticuloendothelial system (res) inhibited or activated, and in control rats. a correlation was established between the blood clearance kinetics of carbon particles and carbaryl; such data support the concept of the contribution of the res in the disappearance of carbaryl from the circulation.1978105821
lability in the responses of cells in the auditory cortex of squirrel monkeys to species-specific vocalizations.the activity of 28 cells located mainly in the secondary auditory cortex (a ii) of awake squirrel-monkeys, was extracellularly recorded for periods of up to 6 h. seven different species-specific vocalizations, which were repeatedly presented to the monkey, were used as auditory stimuli. twenty-six cells responded, at least once, to one or more vocalizations; 22 cells revealed some change in their response (pattern or strength) to at least one vocalization ("change in response"). twenty-one cells ...1979105920
isolation and characterization of the hydrogenase activity from the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium spirulina maxima. 1979105936
morphological and cytochemical study of chlamydia with edta regressive technique and gautier staining in ultrathin frozen sections of infected cell cultures: a comparison with embedded material.the cryo-ultramicrotomy technique was applied to study the ultrastructure of chlamydia using two strains: one of c. psittaci and one of c. trachomatis. it clearly appeared that in both strains reticulate bodies show a high degree of plasticity, contrasting with the rigid spherical appearance of elementary bodies. ultrastructural cytochemical study shows dna fibrils dispersed throughout the cytoplasm in reticulate bodies whereas dna is condensed in a nucleoid in elementary and intermediate bodies ...1978106752
discontinuous variation in hepatic uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase toward androsterone in wistar rats. a regulatory factor for in vivo metabolism of androsterone. 1979106857
[modeling of determinant and dependent foci of epileptic activity in the rat cerebral cortex].foci of increased excitability were created in acute experiments on rats by means of weak strychnine solutions working at independent regimens. the hyperactive excitability focus induced by means of concentrated strychnine solutions played the role of a determinant structure. the importance of the latter is in the fact that it determines the activity character of other epileptogenic foci, enhances their convulsive activity, unites them into a single functional complex and determines the behaviou ...1979106910
androgen metabolism in the rhesus monkey.a mixture of 3h-testosteron (t) and 14c-4-androstene-3, 17-dione (a) was injected intravenously into 2 (i and ii) rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta). a third monkey (iii) was injected with 3h-t only. urine and bile samples were collected at intervals for 6 hours following the injection. the excretion, conjugation and aglycone metabolites of the steroids injected were studied using these samples. of the injected dose, animal i (male) excreted 32% 3h and 23% 14c in the bile and 30% 3h and 21% 14c in ...197897807
non-specific agglutination of corynebacterium ovis by precolostral and young lamb agglutination reaction, relatively coarse compared to that obtained with immune sera, was observed when corynebacterium ovis cells were incubated with lamb sera collected before and after ingesting colostrum. the reaction did not appear to involve immunoglobulin since it was not affected by treatment of precolostral lamb serum with rivanol, mercaptoethanol or rabbit antisheep serum. igm was detected in only three of 10 precolostral samples with agglutinating activity and immunofluorescence st ...1978107549
the viability of cryopreserved aegyptianella pullorum carpano, 1928 in the vector argas (persicargas) walkerae kaiser and hoogstraal, 1969. 1979107668
constant and flickering light stimulations produce similar effects on rna content in visual male rats were illuminated for 2 h with a constant or flickering light of 40 lx intensity; frequency of flickering was 2 hz. by means of two-wave-length visible cytospectrophotometry of gallocyanin-stained sections, it was shown that the light stimulation resulted in a marked rna accumulation in retina ganglion neurons and in the neurons of all the cell layers of visual cortex (with the only exception of the layer vi). in the cells of perineuronal glia, a decrease of the rna content per ce ...1978107713
experimental acute salpingitis in grivet monkeys provoked by chlamydia trachomatis.chlamydia trachomatis is a common cause of sexually transmitted diseases. recently it has been shown that chlamydiae are also responsible for complications to such lower genital tract infections. in this study, isolates of c. trachomatis from the fallopian tubes of patients with acute salpingitis were inoculated direct into the fallopian tubes of two, and through the cervical canal into the uterine cavity of one grivet monkey. the experimental infections resulted in a self-limited acute salpingi ...1979107723
studies on composites of collagen and a synthetic polymer. second report - mode of reaction of a laminar composite with living tissue, and results of long-term implantation.we have been studying composites of synthetic polymers and proctase-treated bovine collagen (telopeptide-poor collagen). in a previous paper, it is described that one of our composites appears to have a high tissue affinity, because it was found under a scanning electron microscope, well bonding the living tissue 6 weeks after implantation in the rabbit subcutaneous tissue. in the present study, the composites were also implanted in the subcutaneous tissue in rabbits to observe the mode of its b ...1978107979
benign presentation of tuberculous meningitis. 1979107992
[phospholipid antigens acquired by the young forms of schistosoma mansoni].immunofluorescence studies provide evidence of cardiolipin fixation at the schistosomulum's surface, following incubation with liposomes (cardiolipin-lecithin or cardiolipin-lecithin added with cholesterol). fixation occurs at 37 degrees c as well as at 0 degree c whether proteins were present or not. several washes do not remove cardiolipin fixation.1979108030
biochemical and clinical effects of ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate in calcium nephrolithiasis.1. the short- and longer-term effects of ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate (ehdp), an inhibitor of crystal growth and potential preventive agent against urinary tract stones in man, have been studied. 2. measurement of urinary excretion of ehdp was used to define the best dosage regimen. when 4.4 mmol of ehdp mmol of ehdp was given in four divided doses the murinary concentration of ehdp achieved was high enough (10-5 mol/1) to inhibit the crystallization of calcium crystals throughout the day. ...1978108043
131i-6-iodocholesterol, an agent for imaging the adrenal gland. 1979108055
variations in the soluble alpha-crystallin proteins from human cataractous lenses.human cataractous lenses from subjects aged 20-91 years were extracted in tris/glycine buffer and fractionated on sephadex g-75 column. four fractions, f1, f2, f3 and f4 identified as alpha-, beta1-, beta2- and gamma-crystallin were obtained. gel electrophoresis of alpha-crystallin in polyacrylamide containing 6m urea revealed changes in polypeptide composition, colouration; variation in band pattern and mean mobility. the relative mobilities of the protein bands were used to calculate coefficie ...197897955
demonstration of human apolipoprotien a in isolated mucosal cells from small intestine and isolated hepatocytes.isolated mucosal cells from the human jejunum and stomach, cryostat sections from the jejunum, isolated parenchymal liver cells and lymphocytes were investigated for the presence of apolipoprotien a (apoa). antisera against purified human apoa-i and apoa-ii were raised in rabbits and conjugated with fluorescein-isothiocyanate (fitc). mucosal cells from jejunum and stomach were isolated with pronase from tissue obtained from operated patients. apoa-i and apoa-ii could be demonstrated in isolated ...1979108182
immunoglobulin biosynthesis in mouse thymus cells. the expression of alpha and mu chains in balb/c, c57bl and intercrossed hybrid mice. 1978108198
estimation of the intravascular half-lives of normal rhesus monkey igg, iga and igm.rhesus monkey igg, iga and igm were purified from pooled normal serum and labelled with 125i. four monkeys were injected intravenously with approximately 50 microgram of each purified immunoglobulin containing between 25 muci and 50 muci of 125i. iodination was approximately 1 atom per 14 molecules of igg and iga and per 2.5 molecules of igm. samples of serum were taken for up to 22 days after injection and radioactivity compared with that in a sample taken within 30 min of injection. sucrose de ...1979108203
staphylococcus aureus opsonization mediated via the classical and alternative complement pathways. a kinetic study using mgegta chelated serum and human sera deficient in igg and complement factors c1s and c2.staphylococcus aureus opsonization was studied kinetically by: (1) determination of the uptake of [3h]-thymidine labelled bacteria by human pmn's; (2) fluorescent anti-c3 and anti-igg staining of opsonized bacteria; and (3) measuring bacterial complement consumption. maximum opsonization in normal serum occurred within 5 min of incubation. about 80% of staphylococci were then taken up by pmn's, and igg and c3b could be detected on the bacterial surface. in the absence of a functional classical c ...1979108204
rapid serotyping of groups a, b, and c meningococci by rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis and co-agglutination.rocket-line immunoelectrophoresis (r-lie) with antigen containing intermediate gel, and co-agglutination utilising protein a-containing staphylococci coated with specific antibodies, were adapted for serotyping the prototypes of group b meningococci. both were found to have the same specificity as agar gel double diffusion (agdd) but they were more sensitive and more rapid than agdd. r-lie required, like agdd, the extraction of relatively large quantities of bacteria, while the co-agglutination ...1979108320
experimental nasopharyngitis and pneumonia caused by chlamydia trachomatis in infant baboons: histopathologic comparison with a case in a human infant.three infant male baboons were inoculated with a strain of chlamydia trachomatis isolated from a human infant with pneumonitis. one baboon, inoculated by intratracheal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal seeding, had rales, radiographic evidence of pneumonia, persistent nasopharyngeal c. trachomatis infection, and a four-fold rise in titer of antibody. at sacrifice 24 days after inoculation, nasopharynx, trachea, airways, and lung yielded c. trachomatis, and epithelial inclusions were seen by lig ...1979108341
a bacillus subtilis mutant requiring dipicolinic acid for the development of heat-resistant spores.a bacillus subtilis mutant is described which forms heat-resistant spores only in the presence of external dipicolinic acid (dpa). the mutation, dpa-1, is localized in a new sporulation locus, linked to pyra. the dpa-1 strain is unable to synthesize dpa but can incorporate external dpa. the amount of dpa incorporated, the frequency of heat-resistant spores and their degree of resistance are all dependent on the concentration of external dpa. spores of dpa- 1 strains exhibit normal resistance to ...1979108357
analysis of macrophage surface receptors. i. binding of alpha-macroglobulin . protease complexes to rabbit alveolar macrophages. 197988449
[comparative anatomy of the motor system of vertebrates]. 1979108433
["banal" virus infections. what should be done?]. 1979108538
penicillinase-producing neisseria gonorrhoeae. new york city, 1976-1978. 1979108637
effect of milking and ambient temperature on thyrotropin concentration in serum of cattle. 1979108683
the smooth muscle cell in culture. 1979108688
piracetam facilitates retrieval but does not impair extinction of bar-pressing in rats.rats were trained on a continuously reinforced bar-press response for water reward. seven days later they were retested for retention, with or without pretest injection of the nootropic drug, piracetam. drug-treated animals had significantly shorter response latencies than saline-treated animals. the results are interpreted as a facilitation of retrieval processes after forgetting. the experiment was extended under extinction conditions and it was found that after three sessions there was a tend ...1979108722
effect of l-tryptophan on the acquisition of tolerance to ethanol-induced motor impairment and hypothermia.rats were rendered tolerant to ethanol by daily gavage of 4--5 g/kg. the degree of motor impairment on the moving belt test and of hypothermia after i.p. test doses of ethanol was measured prior to and at various times during the chronic treatment, to assess the rates of tolerance development. l-tryptophan (75 mg/kg twice daily) was administered chronically to elevate brain serotonin level. this treatment did not alter the motor impairment or hypothermia produced by the initial test doses of eth ...1979108729
enhanced responsiveness to intraventricular infusion of amphetamine following its repeated systemic administration.previous studies have demonstrated that long-term administration of d-amphetamine produces a progressive augmentation of behavior. in the present experiment, rats receiving repeated systemic injections responded to an intraventricular infusion of d-amphetamine with an augmented increase in locomotor activity. these results indicate that central mechanisms, rather than peripheral dispositional factors, subserve the enhanced behavioral response to repeated amphetamine administration.1979108743
comparison of tolerance development and dependence capacities of morphine, beta-endorphin, and [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide.the tolerance-development capacities of beta-endorphin, [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide, and morphine were compared in rats, and the dependence capacity of morphine was compared with that of the enkephalin analogue in mice. tolerance to the analgesic effect, as measured by the tail-flick test, developed somewhat more rapidly in the [d-met2, pro5]-enkephalinamide-treated group than in the others. a similar relationship was found for the dependence capacity. considering that the enkephalin analogue ...1979108745
cardiac imaging with tantalum-178.tantalum-178 is a potential tracer for the first transit studies of the heart. it has a short physical half-life (9.3 minutes) and is obtained as a generator product from its long-lived (21.3 days) parent, tungsten-178. first transit studies were performed in the monkey and dog following the intravenous injection of 20 mci (740 mbq) of tantalum-178. imaging was performed with a large field of view single crystal camera and a multicrystal camera. pulmonary dilution curves were derived for the ana ...1979108764
distribution of the hematozoa of neotropical birds.the literature pertaining to the prevalence of avian hematozoa in the neotropics, together with unpublished records from the files of the international reference centre for avian haematozoa, has been examined with respect to the distribution of parasite genera by host family and region. the blood parasites of 35555 birds of 955 species (80 families) occurring in the neotropics formed the basis for the comparisons. only 3743 (10.5%) individuals harbored one or more species of hematozoa. haemoprot ...1978108771
alcohol-induced pituitary adenolysis: how does it control intractable cancer pain?--an experimental study using tooth pulp-evoked potentials in rhesus monkeys. 1979110174
colivirus-t3-coded s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase.bacteriophage t3 induces an enzyme activity which hydrolyzes s-adenosylmethionine. this s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase is interesting, not only because of its unique activity, but also because the protein has to overcome host restriction [f. w. studier and n. r. movva (1976) j. virol. 19, 136-145]. s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase was purified to homogeneity using affinity chromatography on s-adenosylhomocysteine-sepharose. the enzyme occurs in two forms, a and b. form a consists of the viral pept ...1979110588
three types of mycolic acid from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne: implications for structure-function relationships in pathogenesis.saponification of the chloroform-soluble wax from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne led to the isolation of three classes of mycolic acid containing characteristic functional groups along the methylene backbone: type alpha (two cyclopropane rings); type beta (methoxyl, methyl, and cyclopropane); and type gamma (ketone, methyl, and cyclopropane). the structures of these acids were elucidated principally by mass spectrometry. the high mass region of the keto mycolate is presented showing the mer ...1979110779
transient in vivo protein adsorption onto polymeric biomaterials.the adsorption of albumin, gamma-globulin, and fibrinogen was measured on three ex vivo polymeric shunt surfaces [polyvinyl chloride (pvc), silastic, and segmented polyether urethane (biomer)] exposed to flowing heparinized, canine blood in vivo. small amounts of radiolabeled proteins were infused into anesthetized mongrel dogs and the deposition of radioactivity on the walls of femoral arteriovenous shunts was followed with time for two hours following initial blood-polymer contact. previously, ...197988452
antibiotic susceptibility of neisseria gonorrhoeae strains from europe and africa.the in vitro activities of 16 antimicrobial agents were tested by a plate dilution method against 268 unselected isolates of neisseria gonorrhoeae from belgium, rwanda, swaziland, and zaire. fifteen beta-lactamase-producing strains isolated in europe from various origins were also tested. there were significant regional variations in antimicrobial agent susceptibility, even among the african isolates, with the rwandan and zairean strains being most resistant. benzylpenicillin and ampicillin were ...1979111615
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